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Warm Mouth of a Friend

Buddies may add another dimension to their friendship.
The surprise I felt that his dick was as enormous as it was, was second only to my surprise of his willingness. I had known Jacob since we were kids, he always seemed so interested in women, seemingly talking about and chasing them at every opportunity. Now, as we lay in his bed kissing, he seemed as though he couldn't let me in his pants fast enough.

Not that I minded. I wasted little time loosening his belt and pulling his shorts down. I found a set of boxers, dampened slightly in one area with precum. I put my mouth over this area and felt his cock grow inside. I opened the front slot and he pulled his cock through it, half erect. I lathered his shaft with my tongue until it stood perfectly erect and dripping with my saliva. I pulled his boxers over his dick and slid them down the rest of the way, exposing a dark and bushy patch of pubes surrounding his dick, while he took off his shirt to reveal the rest of his tanned chiseled abdomen.

I began to kiss his stomach and work my way down his happy trail into his newly discovered bush. I began to lick through his hair and my tongue pressed against his skin. Once his pubes had been moistened, I coated the base of his cock with kisses and licks. Moving even lower still, I ventured into his hairy balls. I coated them several times with my saliva, and then took them both into my mouth while simultaneously sucking and working them over with my tongue.

Jacob moaned loudly, and his cock throbbed above me. I shifted my attention to it, a thick, cut, tan 8 inches. Still wet from my tongue's previous workout, I took his sizable head into my mouth and slurped loudly several times. I took my head lower, taking more of his thick shaft into my mouth. Deeper and deeper I went, he gently placed a hand on the back of my head as I further explored his unit. I began bobbing my head up and down and making eye contact with him as he lie on his back. Eventually, I was able to get all of his hard throbbing dick down my throat and push my nose into his pubes. I came back up for a breath and then went down again, my head buried in his crotch and my chin making contact with his balls. He held me down there with his hand, while I gagged loudly and tried to lick to the best of my abilities, while he throbbed inside of me, I could tell he was close to the edge.

Just as I was positive he was either going to cum or I was going to pass out, he pulled his penis out of my mouth. I sucked down a gulp of air as he explained, "I want you to cum before I finish." Jacob got down on the side of the bed and onto his knees as I swung my legs around and sat up, still trying to catch my breath.

There was already a severe tent in my sweatpants, so he pulled away all my layers and exposed my dick, which stood in contrast with his slightly darker member. My dick was thin and shaved, and paler than his. He gave my hairless balls a quick work over and then worked my shaft with his lips and tongue. Being that I was already worked up from servicing him, it was within a matter of minutes I knew I was ready. Just as I was about to cum, I tried to say "Jake, I'm going to-" and was cut off as he suddenly deepthroated me to the hilt. I came hard, and for longer than I ever had. Jacob stayed with his lips pressed to my base, and through my moans of ecstasy, I could hear him steadily gulping.

Without missing a drop, he withdrew from my dick, smiled at me and stood up. I got off the bed and onto my knees in front of him. "My mouth is yours to use" I said, and opened my jaw wide for an offering. He accepted my invitation by shoving his cock into my mouth and thrusting it against my cheek. He rubbed it against the inside of my mouth for a while, stretching my lips while I licked it, until he held my head straight on with his cock. He slowly pushed my face down until my nose was once again buried in his pubes and against his firm core. I slid my tongue out and licked the middle of his nuts while he held me to his junk.

He withdrew his cock slightly and thrust it back in several times, each time getting faster. He forced himself into me over and over while I began to tear up and drool down my chin. He finally pulled his dick out of my mouth and held it upwards and began to jack off. I took point and furiously sucked and licked his balls. He began to lower his cock again. I closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue with my mouth held wide. He placed his cock head on the tip of my tongue and continued to jack himself off for another thirty seconds until he exploded.

I felt my mouth fill with his warm, thick cum and then felt it on my entire face. My whole face was plastered with cum, and my mouth was filled to the brim. He rubbed his cock all over my face and before I had started to swallow my mouthful, he bent down to kiss me.

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