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Welcome Home

Staying with my friend is fun
We pulled into Joe's driveway in Yuma, AZ, after driving all the way from New York state. We were going to spend the winter in Arizona for the winter. Our friend Joe had said we could stay with him. 

He had plenty of room, since his wife had divorced him last year.

My wife was busy getting our things set up in the guest room. Joe and I were enjoying a beer together, while he was showing me his garage and the projects, he was working on.

Then he grabbed me and giving me a hug, while telling me how much he had missed my friendship.

As he was hugging me, he turned and kissed me on my lips. I never had been kissed like that by a man before.

I felt a sexy feeling as he kissed me and my cock was beginning to feel it also. I didn't stop him from kissing me and slowly his tongue slid inside of my mouth and starting working on my tongue.

I was kissing him back and was hugging him as our mouths were glued to each other.

He started pulling my shirt off. Still hugging and kissing me he moved me toward the back door of the garage that opened on to his hot tub room.

There was a carpeted area next to the hot tub. Once inside the room he locked the door and we both removed our clothes.

My cock was throbbing it was so hot and I could see Joe's cock was covered with precum. We quickly lay down on the carpet and I pulled his cock into my mouth. I had never done this before, but it felt like the thing to do and I wanted it. He was playing with my cock and it was really feeling good, then he stuck it into his mouth and starting sucking me off.

I had all of his cock in my mouth and was sucking it as fast as I could. It tasted so good.

I didn't even think about sucking his cock, as it just felt like it was something I wanted to do all along. Even though up until a few minutes earlier, I had never thought of myself sucking a guy's cock. Now that was all I wanted.

I moved my fingers into his ass and inserted a finger into his tight asshole. He pushed against my finger, so I knew he liked it very much. I pushed it all the way in and then started working another finger in also.

His fingers were working on my ass at the same time and I could feel him pushing a couple of his fingers into my ass at the same time. I had never had anyone put his or her fingers into my ass before but it sure felt good now.

At about the same time we both blew our loads into each others mouthes and what a big load he gave me. I swallowed all of it.

I could feel him swallowing all of my cum too. I pushed my cock in and out of his mouth.

We rolled over and wrapping our arms around each other in a big hug, as we kissed each other.

We were still sucking on each others mouthes with our tongues inserted lashing against the other. Oh what a wonderful feeling kissing my friend was.

After we had cleaned up and got dressed, we went into the house where my wife told me that she hoped I was too tired for sex, as she was worn out and was going to bed early. I told her okay, as I was tired too and would probably watch a little TV with Joe, before I went to bed.

When I saw she was in bed and asleep. I stripped my pants and shirt, t-shirt off and with just my shorts on, went into Joe's bedroom.

Joe was lying on the bed, bare-assed naked jacking his cock. I went over and bending over took his cock into my mouth and started sucking his cock. He tried to reach my cock, but I told him I just wanted to suck him off, so just lay there and enjoyed a blow job.

It wasn't long before he blew his load all over my face. It was so large a load, I could not swallow it all. He quickly pulled me up and licked his cum off my face and then we kissed.

I can't tell you how sexy it was to kiss him. As we kissed he jacked me off.

When I came, he moved his mouth and tongue down where he could lick all of my cum up. With the cum running down his chin from his mouth he continued kissing me and my tongue was tasting my own cum.

How nice it was to lie there in his arms with our mouthes sucking each other's tongues. His hand was on my cock rubbing it and I was jacking his cock at the same time, even though we were spent, it still felt good to have some one playing with your cock.

My wife was not going to have to worry about me fucking her too much, as now I had Joe to suck my cock. His cock would be available for me to suck.

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