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What Happened Last Night, Pt. IV

In which all the story threads, like the characters, start coming together
Two days later, I picked up the phone and called Tom.

‘You won’t believe what my wife said.”

“I’ll bet it was pretty choice, whatever it was,” he answered.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“Well, all she had to do was snap her fingers and you dropped me like a rock,” he said.

“You know I didn’t have a choice,” I said “I told you all along that my marriage and family
come first.”

“Yeah, but you could have called me just once, or even emailed, sent up smoke signals, anything,” he replied “I was kind of, well, hurt.”

“Look, I’m really sorry,” I told him “but when your wife finds out you’ve been fucking around on the side, and basically tells you to make your choice, and to make it for good, well, you’d better do it.”

“So why are you calling now?” he asked.

So I told him about the morning a couple of days earlier, when my wife and I had a very intense sexual encounter, the first since she found out about my outside activities. She had assumed all along that I had been seeing a woman, so when I admitted I’d been seeing a man she was too stunned at first to react.

“How did she know about us anyway?”

“She didn’t,” I said. “It was basically a lucky guess. She thought I’d been acting strangely lately, particularly in bed, what was getting me off, and she decided to confront me and see what I would say. When I didn’t immediately deny it, she knew she was right.”

“But she assumed it was a woman.”

“Until the other day, when you told her it was a man.”


“And how’d she react to that?”

“She was stunned, like I said. But she didn’t freak out as much as I expected. I’m not sure why. It’s almost as if...well, if it had been a woman, it would have been competition, I guess. But a man is not competition, at least not the same kind of competition. After the first shock, she just asked me a lot of questions.”

“What kind of questions?” Tom asked.

“Well, about what we did in bed, mostly. Did you suck me, did I suck you, did you fuck me, did I fuck you. And of course whether there was any chance I’d pick up a bug.”

“How’d she react to all that?”

“Curious, mostly. Very curious. In fact that’s why I called. She wants to watch us have sex.”

There was a long silence.

“You’re kidding me,” he said.

“Dead serious. The more I told her about having sex with you, the more interested she got. I think it, well, I think it actually turned her on a little.”

“You’re shitting me,” he said.

“No, I”m not. Like I said, we had just finished having some incredible sex, the best we’ve had in years, and by the time I finished telling her the details she got all hot again and we ended up having another major fuck.”


“Yes. And when we were done she said, ‘Why don’t you bring your friend over some night.’ So that’s why I’m calling. Tonight the kids are going to friends’ houses after dinner, so we’ll have a couple of hours alone. Why don’t you come on over?”

“I don’t know,” he said. “That’s kinda weird to me.”

“Jesus,” I said. "The two of us “straight” men spent three months having screaming gay sex together, and you think this is weird.”

He laughed at that.

“Well, all right,” he said “what time?”


“You sure about this?”

“Shit, yes,” I said “let’s try it and see what happens.”


A few minutes before eight my wife came out of the bedroom wearing the flimsiest nightgown she owned -- a light blue thing that barely hid anything underneath. You could easily make out the shape of her tits beneath the sheer cloth, and her dark nipples were plainly visible, as was the dark delta below. She sat down on the sofa facing the door, crossed her legs and lay back. Damn, she was hot.

Almost at that minute Tom knocked. I opened the door, and as soon as he stepped inside I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a big kiss. I don’t think my wife was prepared for this, because when I turned to look at her her mouth was opened wide in disbelief. But she recovered quickly and asked Tom to step closer.

He kicked off his shoes and walked over to her. If he was still unsure about this whole setup, he didn’t show it now.

“Take off your clothes,” my wife said.

Tom looked at me. I nodded, and he started undressing. When he was standing there in his underwear, his growing erection was obvious. A little moist spot showed just below the waistband.

My wife said to me, “Now you.”

I undressed, but didn’t stop at my underwear. I stood there next to Tom, our hips almost touching.

“So,” my wife said. “Let’s see what you guys can do.”

Tom hesitated, so I made the first move. Reaching over I grabbed the waistband of his underwear and slid them down. His cock sprang out, rock hard, and my wife drew a sharp breath. It was -- I think -- the first cock besides mine she’d seen since before our marriage, and her excitement was plain. She slipped one hand under the nightie and, uncrossing her legs, put the other in her crotch.

I fell to my knees. I was aching to swallow Tom’s cock, but I decided to put on a show for her first. As I stroked him slowly with one hand I carressed his balls with the other. The swollen head was not more than three inches away from my mouth, but still I held off.

After several firm strokes a big drop of precum appeared on the tip. I continued the stroking, and the drop lengthened and started dripping. Dipping my head, I caught the thin stream on my tongue. My wife made a little squealing noise, and turning my head I saw three fingers disappear in her cunt.

Now, I thought. I moved closer, licked the tip of Tom’s cock, swirled my tongue around the head. Precum was streaming out of it now, and I spread it all over his cock and balls as I continued to lick and tongue the head. I licked the shaft, moved down to his balls, licked and sucked them one by one.

Finally I took him in, all of him, deeper than I’d ever managed before, and my wife groaned. Tom put his hands on the side of my head and started fucking my face. Our of the corner of my eye I could see my wife furiously fucking herself with her hand.

A few seconds later I felt Tom’s cock swell in my mouth. Though I wanted to swallow his cum I pulled back so my wife could see him shoot. I stroked him hard, and at the third stroke a jet of cum shot out of his cock and hit me square on the chin. I lowered my head slightly so the next few jets landed on my tongue. Meanwhile my wife had come to a massive climax, almost shouting with ecstasy at the same time Tom was shooting his last jet into my mouth.

Spent, Tom lay on the floor in front of my wife, his legs spread. Grabbing a tube of lube, I squirted some onto my swollen cock. LIfting his legs and pressing them against his chest, I slipped my cock into his hole. He gasped, in both pleasure and pain, and shifted to let me in deeper. When he was ready I started fucking him with long, smooth strokes, and with each one he let out a moan.

My wife slid off the couch and knelt next to us. As Tom watched she started squeezing and pinching her nipples, and then reached for his cock. As soon as she took it in hand he started getting hard again. Meanwhile he slipped a hand between her legs and probed for her cunt.

Tom was so hot and tight and slick inside that I felt myself starting to come almost immediately. Pushing his knees toward the floor and lifting myself on my toes, I plunged in as far as I could go. He was damn near screaming in delight, and in his excitement he had damn near impaled my wife on three fingers.

With a tremendous jolt I came, pouring my juice into Tom’s quivering ass. As the aftershocks came one by one I lowered myself to him, trapping my wife’s hand between our bodies.

She waited patiently. As soon my shuddering stopped she pulled me up, creating a space between Tom’s body and mine. When it was big enough she threw a leg over Tom’s torso, grabbed his cock, put the tip of it into her cunt and slowly lowered herself until she had totally engulfed him.

“Oh, God, YESSSS,” he cried, taking her by the shoulders and pulling her close enough to lick the tips of her nipples. She lifted and lowered her hips, over and over, slowly at first, then faster and faster.

The two them were moaning, working together, and listening to them got me hot all over again. I felt Tom’s ass contract around my softened dick, and that made me start to harden again. It wasn’t easy keeping it inside him while the two of them were moving so much, but by bracing myself with my knees I managed somehow.

God, it was hot -- me fucking my buddy while he was fucking my wife.

Finally, with an unearthly shriek, my wife came -- hard. She threw her head back, squeezed and stroked her tits and ground herself on Tom’s cock. She was just passing her peak when Tom came, so violently it pushed my dick right out of his ass. I grabbed my cock and jacked it furiously, and in seconds I was spewing cum all over my wife’s back and ass.

When at last I was spent my wife had collapsed on top of Tom. He had his arms around her, stroking her back and sides; from my vantage point behind her I could see that she was still shaken by tiny tremors radiating from her crotch. I leaned in and started licking: Tom’s balls, the little bit of cock showing outside her cunt; the swollen lips, the tiny pink bud of her asshole. They both shuddered in pleasure.

Finally we disentangled ourselves. We arranged ourselves side by side on the floor, my wife in the middle, Tom and I close to her on both sides so that our dicks lay on her hip and our hands could reach her breasts and pussy.

For some minutes we stroked her gently, while she made a sound that was almost like purring. Tom and I started working together on her pussy; he would slip a finger into her pussy while I circled the throbbing little button above it, then we would switch places. Soon her breathing picked up and she started rocking her hips; her mouth fell open and she started rubbing her tits and nipples with her hands.

In a very short time she came, not in the convulsive way she had earlier, but in a long slow shaking movement that started in her calves and mounted slowly to her thighs and buttocks and finally crested with a rapid but gentle clenching of her pussy around Tom’s fingers. When it was over she was so spent that tears actually came to her eyes. I kissed them away and said, “I love you, Kristen.”

“I love you,” she said.

And then turning to Tom, she said, “And you’re welcome here any time.”


Thus began the most interesting period of my sexual life. Every Saturday night for the next several weeks, after the kids were in bed, Tom would come over for an hour or two. Kristen was absolutely wild on these nights; first she would watch one of us guys suck or fuck the other, and then Tom and I would take turns fucking her.

I was not the least bit jealous of Tom, and neither was Kristen; he added spice to our relationship in a way that nothing else could. And with Kristen’s blessing, Tom and I resumed our lunchtime sexual adventures; as long as I kept it in the family, so to speak, she didn’t mind.

Then, one night when the three of us had just gotten into bed, we heard a knock at the door.

“Who could that be?” Kristen wondered. “It’s nearly 11.”

Removing my cock from Tom’s mouth, I got my robe off the hook and went to answer the door. A few minutes later I walked back into the room, followed by a slim, smooth-skinned, extremely handsome -- and naked -- black man.

“Kristen, Tom,” I said. “This is Sean.”

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