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What happens in Vegas

My plane landed in Las Vegas just after noon on a Thursday. I had come to town to attend a sales conference for Remax brokers and agents. A shuttle took me to my hotel which was also the site of the conference. Thursday was just for registering for the various seminars and other activities to be held all day Friday and until two on Saturday. I had a bellman take my luggage to my room while I registered for the conference and picked up my credentials and name tag.

I wanted to use this conference get away from my office and clear my head. I had been divorced for almost year. I was glad to be out of that relationship. I don't know why I even married her. Once at a bar the subject of anal sex came up. I said that I couldn't do my wife that way because she already had a stick up her ass.

I had started fucking my 22 year old secretary/recptionist shortly after my divorce was final. Beth had a dynamite body and an OK face. Nothing much to look at, not a dog-face either. The sex was passable. Occasionaly she would go down on me. She wasn't very good at it but, God bless her, she tried. I'm sorry to say that I only did her because she was handy.

Beth spent the night with me before my flight out on Thursday. She stayed over so that she could drive me to the Indianapolis airport the next monring. We spoke little as we drove the sixty plus miles up Rte 31. When we got to the airport and the luggage drop-off spot, she told me to hold on a sec.

"What is it?" I asked.

I was shocked when she said that we had to stop fucking. She went on to tell me that she was getting married in a couple weeks. She said that she would be in the office for the rest of the week and on Monday when I returned. If I wanted to let her go then, she would understand but she wanted to keep her job.

I had a lot of questions but the airport security guy wanted the car moved. I got out, took my bag from the back seat. The door was barely closed when she drove away.

Son of a bitch. She had to be planning the wedding while she was fucking me.

After registering I went to my room to unpack, shower and change clothes.
Refreshed, I returned to the lobby. It was a bit early for dinner. I looked around for something to do.

I was in a casino hotel, what else is there. I was luck enough to find a low stakes blackjack table. I took a seat and bought $100 worth of chips. I did good early. Actuallly doubling my money. Nearly two hours later my winning were gone along with my origional $100.

Time for dinner. I was just 30 and only had my small brokerage for a few years. So scanning the dining room for a familiar face was an excercise in futility, I ate alone and returned to my room. I turned on the boob tube and surfed the channels. Nothing.
Porn? What a joke. Lots of bare tits, no rock hard cocks, no pussy, nothing. I turned it off befor the movie was over.

I was bored. Down to the lobby again. I wandered around. Checked out the gift shop. Thinking that I might try the casino again, I headed in that direction when I saw a lounge and went inside. I didn't know it then, but walking through that door would change my life forever.

There were two empty seats at the bar. I took the closer one between a single man at the end of the bar and a well dressed woman who was with the guy on her other side. I ordered a diet Coke and looked up at one of the six TVs. The Pacers were playing the Knicks. I am only a casual sports fan, so even though the Pacers were playing I had little interest in the game.

The guy on my left struck up a conversation by introducing himself as Bill and put out a hand to be shook. I took his and and responded with, "Richard, here. " I learned that Bill was from the San Francisco bay area. And Bill learned that I was from south central Indiana.

We exchanged small talk. We both owned Remax brokerages. Bill had sixty agents, me just six. Both divorced. Neither had much interest in sports. We discussed the economy and it's effect on our Real Estate businesses. I liked Bill right away and enjoyed talking with him.

The classy lady and her companion left and the seat next to me was filled by a busty redhead with a lot of cleavage and even more make-up. She said that her name wa Doris and asked of our names.

"I'm Richard and this here is Bill."

"Hi Richard and Bill. Buy a girl a drink?"

"Sure." I motioned to the bartender.

With the free drink in front her she wanted to know if we wanted to party.

"What kind of party?" I asked.

She didn't need to answer. Bill nudged me with his elbow. "She a pro," he whispered.

Now, I may be from Indiana but I'm no hick. I knew what she was asking.

"No thanks, Doris. Thanks for asking," I said politely.

She took the first and last small sip from her free drink then went for the door.

Bill said, "What's the matter with you? She was offering a BJ or what ever else you wanted."

"And what would that have cost me?"

"A blowjob... 50 bucks, maybe."

"Look, I spent twice that in the casino earlier. And it took nearly two hours to drop twice that much."

"You're right, a quickie blowjob isn't worth 50 bucks. But what if the experience could be stretched out. Now, would you spend the $50? No? No. I think I get it now. You'll take a blowjob, it has to be streched out and it has to be free, right?"

"Yeah, streched out blowjob and free." I laughed. My cock started to stir a little at this talk of blowjobs.

"I got it, I've got the solution," said Bill.

"And what would your solution be?"

"I'll suck your dick," Bill said, looking me straight in the eye.

I was speechless. I didn't have the ability to say no, let alone, no thanks.

Bill pressed on. "Have you ever had sex with another man? Ever wondered what it would be like? Besides, this is Vegas. What happens in Vegas and all that. Who's to know?" From where we were sitting no one could see when he put a hand lightly on my upper thigh. He didn't leave it there long. He quickly brushed my croch then pulled his hand away as quickly as he had put it there. The desired effect was achieved. My cock began to stir again.

I left the bar without speaking another word. On the way to the elevator I started thinking.

Yes, I had often wondered what sex with another man would be like. I never did anything about it. Sometimes, though, I would look at an attractive man and wonder what his penis looked like.

At the elevator I pushed the up button. The door opened. I let the door close while I stood motionless. I let the door open and close one more time. I turned and headed back to the lounge. What happens in Vegas, right. When I got there Bill's seat was vacant. I looked to the bartender and pointed to the empty chair.

"Bathroom, I guess. Said he would be right back."

I sat down. I didn't have much time to rethink my decision. Bill was soon retaking his seat. "So, you're back," he said, looking straight ahead.

"Yeah, I'm back. What happens in Vegas, you know."

"Okay, here's the plan," Bill said. "I'm going up to my suite. You wait here for five minutes then take the elevator to eleven. I'll be waiting for you at the elevator lobby. If you're not there in seven minutes, I'll know that you've changed you mind."

I waited only four minutes to begin this new adventure.

When the elevator stopped at eleven Bill was waiting as promised. No words were spoken. He just turned and headed down the hallway. I followed. His suite was twice the size of my room. There was a fully stocked bar, a king-size bed, a sitting area with a love seat and two overstuffed chairs surronding a coffee table. The coffee table had been pushed up to the chairs so the only place to sit was the love seat. And the bed of course. He motioned for me to sit on the love seat. He kicked off his shoes removed his socks and suggested that I do the same. I complied.

Bill asked if I would like something to drink. He waved a bottle of Dom, I nodded. I needed something to calm my nerves. My hands were shaking and my heart was about to beat out of my chest. He handed me the flute of champagne and sat down beside me. He said that he knew that I was nervous and that I should try to relax. It was obvious that this was my first time and we were going to go slow. I didn't have to do anything that made me uncomfortable.

He took a sip of his wine and put his glass on the coffee table. He then took my glass and placed it next to his. He leaned back and put a hand on the buttons of my shirt. "Is this okay?" I nodded. He unbuttoned all of the buttons down to my belt. He then stood up and removed his own shirt. He sat back down and and tugged at my shirt. I helped him to remove my shirt. His hand went to my nipples and he gently tweaked them. Then licked them. Then sucked at them. I arched my back trying to get more of my nipples into his mouth. My hand was on the back of his head as he licked and sucked away.

When he stopped he reached for our wine. We each took a sip and put the glasses down.

He stood and took one of my hands and pulled me to my feet and led me to beside the bed and in front of a mirrored wall.

He went at my nipples again. This was something new to me and I was loving it. My cock was rock hard now. I'm not sure if it ever felt this hard before. Bill undid my belt lowered the zipper and let my trousers fall down around my ankles. My jockeys were next. With his thumbs in the waistband he pulled out and over my raging cock and down to join my pants at my ankles. As he stood up his cheek brushed the tip of my cock. There was a drop of my precum on his cheek. Then with a smile he took the glistening droplet from his cheek and put it on his tongue.

Next came his pants and underpants. We were both naked now. Bill turned me so that I could see the two naked men with rock hard cocks in the mirror. He moved behind me and began to caress my body. I felt his cock touching my ass. His fingers played with my nipples again. When he kissed the side of my neck from behind, I lay my head back and rested it on his shoulder and closed my eyes. I was in ecstasy.

Bill motioned for me to lie on the bed. He crawled onto the bed above me straddling my left leg. I wanted, so much now, for him to touch my cock. But it seemed that he was in no hurry for that. His lips were on my tits again. He moved up to my shoulder and to my neck, my ear, my cheek, my forehead. His lips paused near mine. He made a slight move to kiss them but appeared unsure if I was ready for that yet. I responded by putting a hand on the back of his head
and I pulled his lips to mine. Our lips parted and our tounges began their dance. I couldn't believe how comfortable this was all beginning to feel. Earlier when I entered the lounge did I ever think that I would be kissing another man so passionately. But here I was and I wanted more.
Bill was about to comply.

Bill shifted position. He was now between my spread legs and his lips were moving down my body. I reached down and grabbed another man's cock for the first time in my life. 

Bill stopped me. "This first time will be all about you. We can do me later, if you want."

I wanted. I reluctantly let go of his hardness. After all, I was the student here. The teacher had spoken.

Again I closed my eyes and waited. My wait was soon over when I felt warm breath on my cock. In a instant my entire member was in his mouth. First pumping up and down. Then licking the underside of my cock. I was about to cun and said so.

Bill stopped, looked up and said, "Yes. Do it. Cum in my mouth."

My cock jerked and he tooks and swallowed the first spurt my cum. He pumped and sucked faster and my cock released another spurt. Bill swallowed again. He slowed down now, still holding my cock in his mouth until he was sure that I was totally spent. He let my softening cock slide from his mouth. My new lover moved up and lay beside me. We both said thank you at exactly the same time. This brought a laugh and a kiss on the lips.

Bill retrieved our glasses and moved the wine bucket closer to the bed. We lay there naked sipping wine, talking, laughing and telling each outher our life stories.

Yes, I tasted another man's cum that evening. I'll tell you about that in another post. The student has two more nights with the teacher in Vegas.

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