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While the wife's away the men can play...

While his girlfriend went out he had some fun with her gay friend...
I'd finished doing a long stint at work and hadn't been able to 'unload' for three days. I was very sexually frustrated! I decided I'd go round my friend Sarah's flat for a coffee with her and her boyfriend.

So I arrived at the flat, rang the bell and she buzzed me in. I walked up the stairs and through the door. I sat and chatted with Sarah about work while I smoked a roll up out the window. I couldn't help but notice her boyfriend, Mike as he was getting changed out of his work clothes.

He worked as a laborer and as it was early summer, he had a nice tan and his skin was glistening with sweat. I tried not to watch, but couldn't help getting distracted by his body. I don't think he realized I was there or he probably wouldn't have been strutting around half naked.

He came in to the front room where me and Sarah were sitting, "Alright, faggot?" he joked.

He always took the piss out of me but all in good fun. Sarah asked if I wanted coffee, which I did, so she walked into the kitchen to make some. While she was gone Mike tidied up the front room, I couldn't help but stare at his builders bum as he bent down to pick some things up of the floor.

My gaze was interrupted by Sarah coming into the room to announce that they'd run out of coffee, "I'll run to the shop and grab some" she said.

I told her not to worry but she insisted. So she picked up her purse and rushed out of the door.

"So Mike, how's work been?" I asked.

"The usual really, sweating like a pig in this weather though."

"I bet, must be hard work".

He came and sat next to me by the window to smoke a cigarette. He lit one up, and blew the smoke in my face, moving his closer to mine. He whispered through his teeth "I bet you'd love to suck my cock"

I brushed it off as one of his jokes, "Shut the fuck up" I laughed.

He then grabbed me by the chin and said "You want to lick my sweaty bollocks".

Again I told him to shut up and he let go of my face. I thought the joke was over until I looked down to see him unzipping his jeans.

He lowered them to his knees and proceeded to remove his boxer shorts, revealing a beautiful big cock. It was semi hard and about seven inches. He started to stroke it. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even think about Sarah before taking his large member in my mouth.

His smooth dick grew hard in mouth as I bobbed my head back and forth. I took his balls in my hand and played with them, and he was right. They were sweaty! He ordered me to suck his balls and I didn't hesitate. I took a sniff of them, hot and salty before sucking them into my mouth and massaging them with my tongue. He jerked off as I did this.

"Yeah suck 'em faggot" He moaned.

He took hold of my head and placed it back on to his rock hard cock and thrusted my head up and down. I nearly gagged.

He laughed at me, and said "Alright poof, try something else" He rolled over onto his front, spread his bum cheeks and shouted "EAT!"

I lunged my tongue into his hairy, sweaty crack and took a long lick front bottom to top. The pleasure I felt in doing this was immense and I suddenly realized how hard I'd become. It almost hurt as my dick rubbed against my jeans.

I continued to eat him out as I pulled my jeans down, freeing my solid dick. I started to stroke myself as I licked and licked and his sexy butt, He rolled himself over again, noticing my dick. He then decided to give me a treat.

He opened his mouth nice and wide, and took as much of me in as he could. I could tell it was his first time, although it came naturally to him. He sucked away for a while, and I have to say it was the wettest head I have ever had!

He sat up and started to jerk himself off, he told me to kneel down as he was going to come all over my face. He beat it hard and fast, I watched his balls knock up and down before seeing the thick white fountain erupt from him spilling allover my face, dribbling down to my neck.

My face was sticky and warm and I loved it! Soon after him I told him I was going to come, so he crouched down in front of me. He licked his lips before I shot my creamy, hot spunk all over his face, neck and torso.

I tried to catch my breath for a moment but I was told to lick my come off his face. I started collecting it up in my mouth, it was still hot. Once I had most of it he began kissing me, stealing the juice from my mouth as we heard the door open...

In walked Sarah.

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