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Working the Night Shift

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Great customer service...and a welcome customer anytime
I had been working in the Adult Book/Video Store for about 2 years. One night a guy comes in and I go through my usual greetings and chit chat. It is a small family run business, and usually we only had 1 or 2 customers at a time, so personalized service was the norm.

We had racks of adult books from mild to wild, along with toys and videos. So this guy was browsing the store and eventually ended up by the magazine racks. He picked up a few and started flipping through them. I didn’t really pay attention to the particular magazines he was scanning. Since the rack goes from about eye level to the floor, he started at the top and ended up kneeling to go through the magazines on the lowest shelves, the whole time keeping up his end of the conversation as he browsed. The bottom shelf happened to hold the gay magazines, sort of down low and out of sight to not bother the ‘main stream’ customers.

As he flipped through a magazine he commented, “Wow, some nice pics in this one. I wish I was the guy in this picture.”

“Pretty hot?” I queried.

“You have to come and see it to believe it,” he replied.

I strolled over and the pic he showed me was two guys, one on his knees looking up at the other, with a hard cock in his mouth. Having time on my hands, I had gone through pretty well every magazine we had or got on a monthly basis, so seeing this pic was really nothing new. Mind you my mind got active real quick - hmmmm two of us in store, both guys, he was browsing the gay magazines....where was this going or where could it go.

“God, I wish that was me,” he said.

“Which one, on your knees or with your cock in someone’s mouth?” I asked.

“On my knees of course, with a cock pumping my mouth,” was his reply. “I love the silky smoothness of a cock sliding in my mouth and at the same time, the rigid hardness. If only there was someone here that I could suck off. My mouth is watering just thinking about cock.”

If only there was someone here. 'Hello, I have a cock,' I think. I had to make a decision here, it was 3 am, the crowds had gone. Would it hurt to lock the door and take a 15 minute coffee break? The guy was on his knees already, all but said he wanted to suck my cock right now, why else bring it up. What’s a poor store clerk to do? Hell, everyone is entitled to a break during their shift aren’t they? I really didn’t know what to do, should I go for it.

Instead we talked for a bit as he continued to flip the through the magazine. He was commenting on the various pics, expressing joy, eagerness, anticipation on the ones where it showed a hard cock pounding a mouth. The anal ones he would just make comments as if it was live and he was having his ass stuffed. 'Mmm, Oh my God, yes, fuck that ass.'

I locked the front door and put up the sign, “BACK IN 15 MINUTES” and headed back towards Andy, still kneeling on the floor with a smile on his face.

I walked towards him, rubbing my crotch; my cock had already started to grow in my pants. As I reached him I asked, “Well are you all talk or you going to do something?”

His eyes were glistening with anticipation. “Are you serious?” he asked.

“Is this serious enough?” I said as I stroked my cock through my pants and moved it towards his mouth.

He pushed my hand out his way and began to rub my cock through my jeans. “Oh yeah, this is what I wanted, a hard cock fucking my mouth.” He undid my pants and pulled them down; my cock sprang in out in front of his mouth. He dropped the magazine and started stroking my rod. His tongue flicked out and licked the tip of my stiff prick. It felt so good as he stroked my stiff cock and licked the head, using his tongue to spread the pre-cum, as he softly moaned the whole time.

I grabbed his hair and rubbed my cock over his face, pre-cum left trails across his lips, nose and cheeks. “Suck my cock, bitch. Suck it until I cum in your mouth. You wanted to be mouth fucked and I’m going to slam my cock down your throat, you cum pig.”

“God yes, fuck my mouth,” he huskily gasped, “fuck it hard.”

He opened his mouth eagerly and I slid my aching cock into his throat. Holding his head, I began to slowly push my cock all the way down, till my balls hit his chin. His mouth felt like silk caressing my rock hard cock. “You like that?” I asked. “You like a stiff hard cock pumping your throat? Keep sucking my cock, bitch.” I started with slow deep thrusts, as he worked his tongue around my swollen cock. He gasped for air as I shoved it deep and held it there, feeling his throat muscles gripping my cock. I pulled back till just the head was covered with his lips and fucked his mouth with short rapid strokes, then one or two deep ones to remind him I was in control. I was fucking him and his mouth, not he sucking me at his pleasure. He gagged and pulled back.

“Suck my cock fucking bitch, I didn’t say to stop.” I grabbed my cock and shoved it towards his mouth hard. He grabbed my ass and pulled me deep into his mouth, and started playing with his cock.

“Oh fuck, I love your cock,” he enthused, “I wish you could fuck me here and now too.”

Damn I wished the same thing. Who thought going to work could be this much fun. I mean it was an adult store, but getting your cock sucked by some customer wasn’t in the job description. I didn’t mind the extra ‘work’ though.

I let him work my cock, he sucked it and stroked my balls, running his hand around to my ass, squeezing my cheeks and pulling me deep into his mouth as he snorted for breath. Looking down, I watched my hard tool disappear between his lips, his cheeks hollow as he sucked my cock, running his lips from head down to my balls. It was so fucking hot, being blown in the store, not knowing if customers were waiting outside.

It wasn’t long till I could feel the pressure building in my balls. I started to fuck him more, driving my cock deep, pumping faster as I got closer to the edge.

He licked my cock and balls, stroking my slathered cock, saying, “God yes, cum in my mouth, I want your hot fucking load. Fill my mouth.”

I grabbed his head and violently fucked his mouth, slamming my cock down his throat, hammering his mouth with my rigid swollen dick; he gagged and gasped as I filled his mouth with cock.

Suddenly I could feel it was the point of no return and I yelled, “Fuck I’m going to cum, going to cum in your fucking mouth.”

All he could do was moan and go "Hmmm mmmmm" and my cock exploded. As I shot my load in his mouth he sucked and swallowed my cum. With each spasm I drove my cock into his mouth, as he sucked and milked every bit of cum from my balls and cock. I could feel him swallowing my cum and sucking every possible bit, none dripping past his sealed lips.

“Mmmmmmm,” he groaned as I slowly pulled my cock from his mouth. He licked the shaft and head, missing nothing.

“God that was so fucking good,” I gasped, my breathing raged from the sex.

It wasn’t long till he was a regular customer, always wanting to know when I got my break....We even arranged to meet on days off, he wanting to be fucked as well as sucking and swallowing my load. With our schedules it would be tough, but nothing is impossible.

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