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wrong place, wrong time

a straight man, single after 30 yrs gets drunk and goes home with another man.
I do not know how it happened. All I wanted was a quiet drink and maybe someone to talk to, let off some steam. My wife had died just over a year ago and I was feeling depressed. We were together for 30 years!

So after work I stopped into a small bar. Never been there before. I rarely drank, not use to it. Did not know it was a gay bar.

There were maybe 7 customers inside, all male. Hell I did not think anything of it. They were all mature, no youngsters there. The youngest man looked about 35, most were around 40-50. I was 53 at the time.

Sitting at the counter I ordered a beer, as I drank it a guy 2 seats down from me started making small talk,asking where I was from, what I did for a living, that sort of thing. Soon I was telling him about my wife. He was easy to talk to had a friendly manner. His name was gary. He worked construction, had his own crew.

Gary was tall, thin with white hair that was thining too. His hands were chapped from rough work, his face weathered and tanned from outdoor labor. He wore a small white mustache and his voice seemed too soft for his rough exterior.

The most interesting thing about him was his eyes, They were a dark brown, soft and kind. I felt like I could trust him.

As the time wore on he kept buying me beer. By last call he offered to take me home, I was in no condition to object. The bartender assured me my car would be safe in the parking lot. I felt bad that gary had to practically push me into his car.

I was certain I gave directions to my home, yet 20 minutes later we pulled up to a trailer. He told me this was his place and he met for me to spend the night.

I felt a chill as he told me he had a large bed we would share. Next thing I know I was outside on the grass emptying my stomach.

Gary was a prince. He led me to the bathroom where I rinsed out my mouth, took a hot shower came into the living room where gary had a small bowl of soup for me. I sat next to him on the sofa with a towel wrapped around me. Gary put a movie in for me to watch as he went to shower next. I was feeling much better, no longer drunk.

As I watched the movie I realized it was gay porn. This young man was taking a shower at a gym when two older men walked in...

When gary came back from his shower I had an obvious erection. My small towel did nothing to hide it

Garys erection was obvious too. He was naked and he stood right in front of me with his cock pointed right at my face. His dick was 7 inches and very firm.

I took ahold of it. I had forgotten how warm and rubbery a cock felt. The last time I held one not my own was at explorers camp when I was 17.

I opened my mouth, began sucking it. The taste, texture, and smell of it made a flood of memories come rushing back.

The movie forgotten he lead me into his bedroom where we spent the night with my face at his crotch. Kissing, licking, sucking on whatever part he put in my reach. I cleaned him from his navel to his tailbone and back.

I swallowed every drop of sweet salty come that came from his dick, well except for the load he dumped in my butt.

Now I am left with one question, am I gay?
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