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You are stirring my loins

He whispered that it was perfect

You are stirring my loins

“You are the stirring in my loins” James told me on Saturday when I had paired him in the bowling club.

“It is alright until you bend over to make your bowl but then my eyes are focused on something other than how many you are going to knock down.”

I thought he was having a laugh but then I saw he wasn’t laughing, it was the look in his eyes and his volatile expression that he was thinking things that I would never have realized of him.

You see, I’d paired with James often and automatically thought he was straight and his only perception of me was as a bowls partner.

“I haven’t offended you, Pete have I. It is just something I needed to get off my chest and no problem if you want just to tell me to piss off.”

I looked at him as I paused with the next bowl, still taking in what he said, my mind a little confused, I had never been approached by another guy before, but now that I had something registered in me that created quite a thrill, and although I have had notions I could be bi-sexual that’s as far as it went.

But now it seemed the time had come in my life when I had to make decisions and accept the fact that I was apparently attractive to James.

I completed my second bowl not saying a word and James followed me with his bowl and beat me easily.

“I shall buy you a beer” he said, Perhaps we can chat in the bar?”

I agreed and in so doing I guess I was giving him the signal that I was interested. I was looking at him across the table in the bar in an entirely different way. I was attracted by him for the first time and it felt natural and good.

And when I felt his knee rub mine beneath the table I responded and I say the smile on his face broaden and it was long before he suggested we go to his pad for a ‘relaxavoo’ as he put it and I was game for that. In fact I felt a new sensation come over me in a most riveting was and it was wonderful.

This was going to be a whole new experience that I knew I was about to go into and when we got there, to his pad, it was a real welcoming place and I felt completely at ease as James said he would fix us another drink, and suggested I go and chill on this black leather very expensive settee with broad arms and plenty of cushions to match.

It was so easy to talk to James as we each sipped our drinks and we got to talking about ourselves, he told me that he had never been with a girl but there had been one or two guys which had sort of fizzled out, the short relationships suited him though, he continued but not to take that as read, because if the right guy came along he would love for a permanent relationship, and that would be so nice.

“How about you, Pete” how’s your love life been he asked openly so I told him how I had only just realised my true leaning having met him, that I had been with a few girls but somehow they never seemed right for me.

That broad smile was there again as he put his glass down and gently smoother my left thigh. It felt heavenly and again I felt comfortable and right.

“It is true what I said in the bowling club, Pete. Ever since you have been my bowling partner I have wanted you, I so love the way you sway and move when you bowl and I will be honest when I say I have many times enjoyed a stiff wank in the club loo after being aroused by you.”

I was surprised that I had that effect on someone and in a way I felt complimented, that I was able to have that effect on a guy, and as his hand worked into my crotch I had no hesitation at all in spreading my thighs, following his prompting and what followed was the most wonderful feeling I had enjoyed from any other.
“Is that nice, Pete - is that aright? You feel so nice and warm.”

I closed my eyes and nodded my approval and after a while, after lots of feeling and touching through my chino’s he began to unzip me and I felt a most glorious sensation as his fingers started working inside of my boxer shorts.

He whispered that it was perfect and I was well equipped as soon he had it all out and my balls which was electric for me, to watch him sniff and kiss me everywhere.

“I think it would be a good idea if we strip now, don’t you Pete?” he said looking extremely worked up and I returned that I thought he’d never ask.” I laughed and his immediate response, a sound open handed slap on my ass made me flinch, and yet it gave me a feeling of belonging,

From that moment on I was soon learning the thrilling fundamental’s of gay sex and the most lovely feeling was when he so wonderfully and beautifully took my cock into his mouth, stretching back my foreskin in a way that was so sensual and giving me a good long sucking with all those wonderful sounds that go with it, and I really felt the benefit of what gay sex was all about as he took time to enjoy me to the full, gently cupping my balls in his hand as he sucked.

He paused to take a long breath and looked at me with such lusty eyes, still squeezing my cock at the base and murmuring how good I tasted.

“How about you just relax now and bend over for me?”

And then I knew I was about to be initiated,

“Like this?” I said offering up my ass in a very provocative position, with one knee planted on the settee and the other on the rich red pile carpet. It was all so instinctive me thinking that if he wants my ass I need to make it easy for him and he certainly had no problem with that, lamenting that I had the most delectable and fuckable ass muttering where had I been to all his life.

I closed my eyes and waited in anticipation for his next move. I felt the teasing touch of his finger tips as if working me up to a crescendo as he rimmed me there, I heard him squeeze a tube and realised it was some lubrication and then I knew what he had planned. To that point I had not seen his credentials, but when; glancing being me I got my first sight I felt a surge in my being and knew that is what the serving would be as James really got to work lubricating my asshole and making it very supple as I heard the squelch caused by his gently protruding fingers, stretching me - I guess in preparation for that very first fuck.

But he had lots of other things in mind first as I was about to enjoy and he really went to town licking and sucking my ass with a liberal squirt of cream from a can.

OMG! It was so wonderful. I felt the true need for all that he could offer and as he progressed with the sucking and licking I turned around enough to take his big cock into my mouth, to taste the sheer pungency and earthiness of pure unadulterated stiff and pulsing cock, That gave us both the spur to adjust ourselves to enjoy a wonderful elongated serving of asshole and cock to the extreme, he smothering me with his pre-cum cock, rolling his balls over my face as he licked and sucked me beneath.

I was so very worked up and craved for his fuck, even though I knew it bound to hurt first time.

“You ready for it. Pete? ” he asked at last and I grasped his cock in a way that signalled my reply.
My head was rushing images in my mind of that cock spread and ready to enter me.

“Just moment Pete, this is special for you I know, I want to do it right, best you lean right over the arm of the settee, present that gorgeous ass high for me to get a good deep penetration.”

James was so considerate, he was going to be my very first gay fuck and I wanted just to be all ass for him in the most provocative way, I did as he said and pushed up my ass as high as I could to receive his imminent fuck.
It was strange though at first and for a moment I did ask myself what the hell was I doing but that soon went when I felt the first feel of stiff cock press up against my well stretched and lubricated hole, so warm and lovely.

James grunted again telling me I was perfection and how nice I felt there ass he started to gradually work it into me, telling me to say to help him as he grasped my buttocks for a firm plantation.
I gritted my teeth and waited for the hurt, his cock started to thrust and I heard him say it would want a little more lubrication, he took it out and soon he was fucking me again, easier now as I felt it gorgeously slip further v up me until it didn't seem to matter about the initial pain any more, the feel of the fuck was much more wonderful and I instinctively worked my ass in rhythm with his thrusts, growing and growing, faster and faster and then, it was the most beautiful moment I had ever shared with another human being, I heard his grunt like a tiger as he made his final firm thrust at which point I knew I had been well fucked and looked around and saw his ripe cock dripping, the feeling inside me as if he was still there, so good and wonderfully gratifying as he finished me if with a real stiff wank and suck and of course I did likewise and discovered the sheer pleasure of sucking fresh fucked cock, just as much as James sucked my fresh fucked asshole and we were both exhausted and gratified.

“You are a great fuck and you did wonderfully, Pate” James said afterwards patting my ass, telling me then that he would want a lot more of that.

For once I felt right with the world, it seemed like a new fresh door had been opened and at last I had found my true self, and I had a feeling it was the start of something new,

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