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A little Adventure (Part 2)

Harry gets some unexpected surprises.
Harry had been left on his own in Lisa’s bedroom. On his feet, but naked, blindfolded, roped and bent over, with his cuffed wrists shackled to his ankles and a spreader bar, he was unable to move at all. A deeply satisfying sensation came from the vibrator she had left in his arse, and he was utterly contented in his subspace.

The trance was broken as Lisa came quietly back into the room. Silently she picked up the dressage whip from the bed and raising it above her head, aimed a precise swat at his left buttock.


It stung him abruptly back into reality, and then seconds later, burned into his undefended cheek.


A second one landed, harder even than the first one, and repeated the sensations on the other side.

Lisa pulled off the mask, and the sudden afternoon sunshine flooding the bedroom window made him blink; he was temporarily dazzled.

“Enough of that,” she snapped as she carefully pulled the vibrator out of his hole, and began to untie him.

“Pity that, “he remarked “I was just getting used to it”.


Three more strokes of the whip hit his still exposed rear end.

“Shut the fuck up,” barked Lisa, “Keep still and be quiet as I get you mobile again, not for long mind you.” She released the spreader bar and uncoupled the cuffs on his ankles and wrists. Harry stood up. As he did so she glared at him, and stared deep into his eyes. Aggression oozed from every pore.

“You dirty little slut, that was just to get you back in the mood so to speak. Now I am going to really sort you out, but first we must get that filthy hole of yours cleaned out properly”.

Lisa removed Harry’s wrist cuffs and put them on the bed. She attached a lead to his collar and led him out onto the landing, and then into the bathroom. It was a small place and he noticed the basin was half filled with water. In it floated a blue flask shaped object with the neck submerged. Lisa guided him towards the bath.

“Bend over, and spread your legs,” she ordered.

He complied. She spanked his arse six times. He liked that. “Thank you Mistress”, he said.

“I hope this is the right temperature,” said Lisa,”Too fucking bad if it isn’t. Pull your arse cheeks apart so I can see your hole.”

Again he obeyed, realising now what was about to happen. Lisa had filled the reservoir floating in the basin, and now inserted the pipe coming out of the neck into his anus, slowly pushing the whole length in. She squeezed the bulb in her hand. He felt the fluid filling him. It was just about the right temperature, a little coolness, but nothing more. He felt the weight of the fluid and the sensation of fullness it brought with it.

”Stand up, keep your ring closed, and shake your arse about,” she told him.

He clenched his cheeks firmly together and moved about as ordered, knowing only too well what would happen if he relaxed anything. A growing sense of urgency welled up inside, and he clamped his ring against the rising tension ever tighter in response. Seeing his, by now, acute discomfort, Lisa grinned wickedly at him, and then pushed him back down onto the open toilet seat.

“Okay, now let the world fall out of there. Wait a few minutes until it has all gone, and then call me back”

As she went out onto the landing his sphincter control gave way completely and indeed a considerable amount of mixed material came flooding out. The spasms in his rectum which came afterwards took a few moments to subside; he cleaned up, flushed the john, and then called her back.

“Bend over again, we are going to repeat that just to be sure, you will absolutely hate cleaning up after any accidents.”

Harry bent over the edge of the bath, and Lisa squirted another measure of water up there. She then pulled him around, and placed him straight back on the john. This time it was easier, and he recovered quite quickly. Then he really urgently needed to take a piss. Of course this was impossible because of the cock ring still at the base of his penis. He slipped it off and put it on the window sill, before relieving himself. When it was over Lisa led him back into the bedroom.

“Stand still,” she ordered him. Turning to face him she stared intensely into his eyes again. She said nothing; just stared fiercely. Harry stared straight back. A subtle flicker of expectation went across his face. She noticed it, but, poker faced, gave him no clue that it had been registered.

The silence and the stares went on for a couple of minutes, as she resolutely gave him no quarter. Despite the growing tension, he knew she could keep this up for a very long time, as indeed, so could he. However, that wasn’t the game, he must back down to keep everything in play. Eventually Harry made just a little flicker of diversion in his gaze. It was minimal, but she was immediately on to it.

Lisa slapped his face both ways.

“Don’t think you can control this scene from the bottom, you inadequate slut, “she thundered, glaring contemptuously at him. “A lot of better players than you have failed, I own you; every part of you, and that is what you are going to learn now.”

“I know you did that give away deliberately, just to make me think you had given me control, but, you deluded shit, you didn’t succeed in fooling me. I took you over when you first came through the door, and you can only have your life back when I allow it.”

“Yes Mistress, your slut understands perfectly,” said Harry, knowing she could see through that faux meekness as well.

“Mark it well slut; you get away with nothing here, be careful what you play for; what you get might be something unexpected,” came the reply.

Harry then knew for certain that she had something else in store; something presently beyond his ability to foresee, and probably outside his experience. She had succeeded in disturbing his equanimity. Doubt and apprehension started to niggle away at the back of his mind.

Lisa picked up the mask and hooded him again. She wanted him at a maximum disadvantage, so that she could stay on top. He felt her put some rather different cuffs on his wrists. These had a bar across the base of his fingers around which they were forcibly curled by a curved plate. The spreader bar was shackled to his ankle cuffs again. He heard the door close, but Lisa was still with him. She turned him and propelled him forwards, shuffling due to the spreader bar. Her body pushed against him, all down his back, bum, and thighs. It was sensuous and soft and deceptively re-assuring. She knew instinctively how to manipulate him.

“Hands up,” commanded Lisa.

He raised them up over his head and heard a distinct click as each cuff was secured to some kind of hook. He sensed he was being strung up against the door. Harry liked being strung up.

“Bum out,” came the next command. He pushed his buttocks backwards and felt her attach something to the spreader bar. Now he was helpless again and feeling very exposed. Lisa groped his balls, and then squeezed his penis hard rubbing it sytematically.

“Where is the ring?” she asked, “This pipe is pathetic.”

“I really needed a pee, “said Harry lamely.

“No you ungrateful shit, you did not. Or if you did, you should have asked me for permission first,” she said. He heard her pick something up off the bed.


Ten strokes of the soft leather strap she had used before came down on each of his buttocks. They were applied rhythmically, each sting arriving before the burn from the previous one had subsided. Harry’s bum became hot and red again very quickly.

“Learn your lesson slut,” remarked Lisa as she put the strap down again.

“Thank you Mistress, point taken,” he meekly replied.

There were more sounds from the bed, and he felt Lisa squeeze and pull on his left nipple. She pulled it and rolled it between her fingers and thumb so that it became erect. A clamp went on to it. Lisa screwed it up tight. At first the pain was intense, making him squirm a little. The sensations went down to his cock, making him very horny.

“Keep still slut,” barked Lisa. She put another on the right side, and that hurt just as much. After a couple of minutes the pain subsided into a not unpleasant burning sensation. He felt her clip a chain between the two clamps and then hang a weight on it. This pulled both nipples again, increasing the pain abruptly to a much higher level. He gasped, before it too fell back into a constant ache which was strangely intoxicating.

Lisa continued to torture him by applying pegs or as some say, clothes pins, first to one side of his scrotum and then the other. Each one produced a sharp painful sensation as it was applied, but then the discomfort settled back to a very pleasant burning sensation. She put about twenty or so of them on him. These actions had by now set off floods of endorphins coursing through his brain, making him feel both relaxed and calm.

“Now this cock is pathetic, “she remarked. “Look I have measured it, and you can only get to four and one half inches”.

“Actually 50% of English males have cocks that size,” said Harry, “it is normal; the French are even smaller you know”.

“Bollocks,” replied Lisa, “I see plenty that are much bigger than that.”

He felt her pull his foreskin back and then place something cold and hard over the whole of his shaft. Next he heard a pulsating hissing sound, and whatever it was started to press into the skin around his groins at the base of his penis. Lisa was using a vacuum pump to make it bigger. The sensation it produced was quite pleasant, and he could feel his cock growing bigger. Suddenly the sucking feeling stopped, and the tube came away from his skin. Next Lisa fitted another cock ring to his now much engorged penis.

“That’s better, six inches now, how does that feel?” she asked, swatting it several times with the dressage whip.

“Fantastic, “ gasped Harry as she began to gently whip the pegs on his sac. The combined sensations were really getting to him at this stage.

“Not finished yet,“ she continued, pulling on some gloves.

That made the tension even worse. Harry heard her pulling the gloves on and then felt cool lube running down his arse crack. She pulled his buttocks apart and he felt a finger spin around the rim and then dive in. He gasped, and by involuntary reflex clamped down it. He then relaxed and gave his arse to her. His humiliation was exhilaratingly complete. Lisa slipped her finger in and out rapidly, making him moan with pleasure. A second one dived in, rhythmically stretching him open. Then a third went in. Now it was really starting to hurt a bit, but at the same time was deeply satisfying. He pushed back onto them.

“You like that, filthy slut, don’t you? Keep fucking my fingers you whore,” said Lisa picking up the dressage whip and giving Harry ten strokes in rapid succession on each buttock.

He bucked and rocked with pleasure at that. The pain from the whipping was greatly intensified by the moving fingers in his arse. Waves of intense pleasure swept through him, he pushed back into each stroke as it fell on his flesh, and against the fingers stretching his ring. He was getting perilously close to shooting off his load. A few twitches ran down his urethra, but the pre-cum had nowhere to go except backwards.

“Fuck yes,” he moaned.

“Please, Mistress, do it again ... please, please” he begged.

“No, you are enjoying that too much,” laughed Lisa wickedly, “you can’t cum until I say so, and anyway that ring will keep it in. You, of all people, must know what it is like to cum backwards. It is fucking uncomfortable so I am told, anyway it is time for you to meet my best friend.”

Lisa took her fingers out of Harry’s anus. He heard more noises from the bed, and then something smooth and round went back in there. Next he heard the same rhythmic hissing noises as vacuum pump had made. Whatever was in his arse started to grow bigger.

 'Hell', he thought, 'this is an inflatable dildo', as it grew larger, stretching and filling him.

Then it started to vibrate as well. Harry was really excited now. He pulled and strained at his bonds, moaning and pleading for release.

“Ha, Ha, you are really close now aren’t you fucking little turd,” chuckled Lisa.

To add to everything else that was stimulating him, she picked up the strap again and rained fifty strokes in perfect rhythm down onto his long suffering buttocks. The pain built steadily before he slumped over into his headspace, so high on endorphin, that he was nearly out of it. Intense sensations in the centre of his cock kept threatening to burst forth, but the ring grew ever tighter, preventing any mercy coming from his own body. He was totally dependent upon her, and she showed no sign of letting up.

Wondering desperately what would happen to bring him down again, he heard the front door of the house open. Someone came in downstairs, and closed it again. He heard the click clack of heels cross the wooden floor, and then footsteps come up the stairs.

 'What the fuck?' he wondered to himself.

“Hi Lisa, is he ready?” asked a female voice from the landing, the other side of the door.

“Yes, he is cooked up nicely, begging for it now,” replied Lisa.

Harry had come off his peak at all this, but now a large shot of adrenaline broke through his carefully maintained beta blockade. He felt a small rush of fear, and a bit of panic. He had not booked a double session, so who the hell was this out there, he wondered.

“What do you want me to do?” asked the voice.

“Get ready, and then tap on the door. I will unhook him and we can both get him into the dungeon,” said Lisa.

"Okay," came the reply.


 Grateful thanks to RoseRed and Shannon3K for their helpful comments.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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