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An even better haircut.

It has been the longest month waiting for another haircut.
It had been the longest month of my life. Waiting for my hair to grow enough for a return trip to see Ashley had been excruciating. The day had finally arrived and I was heading there in a hurry. I arrived just as Ashley opens the shop. She smiled at me as I opened the door and strode in. 

“Welcome back Honey, come have a seat.” Ashley said, patting her chair. 

She walked back to the door and locked it. My heart skipped a beat. Ashley was stunning. Her long dark hair was falling around her face framing her ruby lips and deep green eyes. She had shiny lip gloss or one of those long lasting lipsticks because her lips were wet without her having to moisten them. She was wearing a black thigh length dress with a zipper in the front which ran from bottom to the top. She had left the zipper down a foot exposing her ample cleavage and the hint of a bright red bra. 

My dick twitched just admiring her walk back to me. She had that perfect wiggle which women use to turn men on. Ashley was smiling a mischievous, impish grin that excited me even more. 

“Do you like what you see?” she queried. 

“I love what I see very much thank you,” was my exuberant response. 

“Good! Now let the games begin,” Ashley said as she bent over and kissed me. I slid my hand between her thighs but before I could slide it up she clamped her legs shut. 

“Not yet lover, I decide what happens today.” She said barely above a whisper. 

She unbuttoned my shirt and slid a soft strong hand inside, rubbing my chest and pinching a nipple. She leaned over and claimed that nipple and sucked hard then bit me. I yelped but remained frozen in my seat. My erection was growing rapidly. She unbuckled my belt and unfastened my pants. She ran her hand up and down me through my pants looking deeply into my eyes. She unzipped my pants and reached into the waistband of my underwear and grasped me roughly. She shoved my shorts aside, releasing me from the constraints and then swallowed my dick whole. Watching those bright red lips around the base of my dick made it swell even more. 

I grabbed her face, thinking I would help but she pulled up and away from me. 

“Did I not tell you that I decide what happens today?” Ashley lectured me. 

“But I…” was all I got out before Ashley slapped me. 

“I am in control today mister,” was her stern response. 

I gulped and sat back quietly. She slowly started pulling her zipper down the front of her dress. She was moving so slowly that I wanted to reach out and grab the zipper and yank it down. I knew this would result in another slap, so I waited. Each inch exposed more of her natural beauty. She was no skinny kid. Ashley was barely 5’ tall and what I considered stocky until the dress actually was all the way open. She held it wide open revealing the red lacy bra and matching sheer boy shorts. Her bra was straining to hold her huge honey dew melon sized tits up. Ashley actually had a small waist but her huge tits and ample hips made her look stocky in her clothing. 

I reached out to touch her and she slapped my hand away. 

“You want to touch these?” Ashley asked, lifting her huge breasts with both hands. 

“Yes, very much yes please.” I pleaded 

She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Her massive tits sank to her belly from the sheer weight but not floppy, just heavy. I licked my lips, hoping to taste them soon. 

“You may touch them now,” she said. 

I almost jumped out of the chair to get to her. She slid the dress off and let her bra drop to the floor. I claimed one marvelous breast in both hands. It was heavy and hot. I ran my hands around its girth knowing both hands could not encircle it. Her areola was also huge and as I tweaked her nipple, it stood up proudly. Her nipple was as big as my thumb. I leaned forward and clamped my lips onto her nipple as I grabbed her ass with both hands. I was rewarded with a moan and another slap. This time it was on my chest. I let go of her ass and reclaimed both tits as I greedily sucked her breast. I switched to the neglected breast for a moment before Ashley pushed me back in the chair. 

She then began tugging my pants so I lifted my hips and she pulled them off with my underwear. She pushed my shirt off my shoulders then grabbed all of our clothes and headed to the shampoo room. 

“Coming?” Was all she said as she walked away. 

I quickly followed her to the back room where she pointed to one of the massage chairs. She dropped a towel on the chair and I sat facing her. She looked at me and paused a moment before saying: “OK, you can remove my panties.” 

My trembling hands grabbed the waistband of her sexy red panties and peeled them down her shapely thighs. I inhaled her aroma as my face neared her already dripping pussy. She stepped out of the panties then shoved me back in the chair. She leaned over and turned the crazy massage chair on high before she climbed onto my lap. She slid her moist lips up and down my shaft, getting it good and wet. When she was ready, she grabbed my dick and sank herself down onto it, balls deep in one quick motion. She started grinding away at me pulling my face into her chest. The crazy vibrations of the chair and her tight wet pussy were making quick work on me. 

“Kiddo, I am going to cum too quickly this way,” I managed to say through clenched teeth. 

Ashley climbed off my hardness and grabbed a bottle off her station. She squeezed a big glob onto her hands and rubbed it all over her tits. She leaned back over me and positioned my erection between those bodacious boobs. She squeezed them together around my dick and started rubbing them up and down my shaft. The sensation was amazing and the lust filled eyes sent me over the edge. I started spewing cum all over her tits. She leaned over and swallowed my cock again, swallowing each blast of my hot cum. When I finally quit cumming, Ashley scooped up all the cum from her tits and swallowed that too. 

I got up and almost threw Ashley into the massage chair. I climbed between her legs and started feasting on her oozing pussy. I licked up and down her lips, then nuzzled her clit with my nose. Ashley grabbed my head and force fed me her pussy. She was grinding into my face as she rammed my head into her. I nibbled and licked, swirling my tongue around her clit. She was moaning loudly. I slid one hand under her and crept up towards her tiny tight rosebud. I started tickling her asshole with one finger while munching away at her pussy. I reached up with the other hand and twisted each nipple, alternating back and forth. I felt my finger enter her tight ass just as she started cumming. Her anus almost squeezed my finger off. She went wild. She started oozing cum faster than I could drink it down. 

My dick, now standing at attention again, was ready for more of her wetness. I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and slid into her again. I had the perfect position to suck her tits as I pumped into her pussy. I was slamming into her over and over as I sucked her huge nipple into my mouth. I slid a finger into wet pussy to lube it up then I guided it into her tight ass. I was pounding both her ass and her pussy. 

“I’m cumming again,” Ashley shouted, as she came all over me. 

I kept pumping until I didn’t feel any more squeezing from her tight wet pussy. I dropped to my knees with her legs still on my shoulders and licked her clean. When I was done, I stood up and said, “Better get my haircut or my wife is going to wonder why I left the house so early.” 

“When I can stand again I’ll get right on that,” Ashley panted. 

I sure hope she always opens the store on Mondays. 
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