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An Ordinary Movie Date Pt. 2

Kristina finally pushes Lucas to the edge, and she pays for it
“What the hell is wrong with you?” Lucas grabbed her arm, spinning her to face him.

“I have no idea what you are talking about hun.” Kristina gave a devilish grin licking her lips a bit.

“You know exactly what I'm talking about.” Despite the fact that they just had the most amazing sex that Lucas had ever had, Kristina made everyone in the theater aware of it. “I’m pretty sure I saw my third grade teacher in there! Now she knows I just got my dick sucked while she was enjoying a night out with her grandchildren!” He tried to not laugh at what he had just said, but Kristina couldn’t hold back. She busted out laughing as she turned walking back to the car.

“Are you even listening to me? Kristina!” He grabbed her arm again “You know what?” Lucas pushed her back up against the side of the car pinning her between him and the vehicle.

“Jeesh I’m sorry baby,” She smiled unable to contain herself again. “I’m sorry she’s going to put you in time out for being such a bad boy.” She ran her fingertip up his chest feeling the bits of hard abs coming in, nibbling her lip hungrily.

“You just don’t listen do you?” He lifted her leg up roughly pushing his hand down her panties feeling her wet and wanting him. “Maybe I need to teach you a lesson.” Lucas had been finally been pushed to the edge. There was no more hiding and being a shy boy, he was a man and he was going to show Kristina how much of a man he really was. He spun her around quickly pushing her up against the side of the car.

“Oh baby, I don’t know what’s gotten into you but I love it!” Kristina squealed with delight pushing her ass out against his crotch. He pulled up her skirt exposing her amazing brown ass. He slapped it hard making her jump with a low growl, loving every bit of the new, animalistic Lucas.

“Don’t worry what’s gotten into me, just worry about what I’m going to put in you.” He quickly undid his pants pulling them down to his knees, his cock already standing at attention as the head pushed against her ass.

“That was so fucking cheesy but I don’t give a fuck, I am so horny for you. Take me baby!” Kristina moaned out grinding her ass against him, her tits press against the cold glass sending shivers down her spine and making her nipples harden.

He doesn’t take it slow and gentle hoping not to make her cry out like he did inside. This time he doesn’t hold anything back, pushing his cock deep inside her with one strong thrust.

“Ayye Papi!” Kristina cries out as her pussy is stuffed with his meat. He thrusts into her fucking her mercilessly, teaching her a lesson like he said he would. His cock gives no quarter as it fills every inch of her making her cry out only to beg for more.

“That’s right, you’re my little Latina slut aren’t you?” He grabbed a hand full of her hair pulling her head back so he could lean in and nibble her neck giving her a hickie.

“Oh god, yes, yes, I’m your little slut!” She grabbed hold of the little Subaru’s roof rack her knuckles turning white as she grips it tighter. He reaches around grabbing hold of her amazing breasts giving them both a squeeze as he continues pounding into her tight pussy.

She cannot take it any longer, the total animalistic attitude of Lucas and the fact that he was fucking her harder than ever in the middle of a parking lot, as the cool night air whipped her bare body pushed her over the edge. She began to shake crying his name begging to make her cum. When finally she bit down hard on her lip, her back arched and her pussy clenched around his cock as wave after wave of orgasm rushed through her.

Lucas felt her about to orgasm and continued pounding into her. He rubbed her clit making the orgasm crash over her. She screamed his name, her lustful voice echoing through the parking lot as she finally went limp gasping for air as the last of her orgasm passed over her.

“Holy-” She gasped for air trying to speak, “holy crap babe,” She looked back to him her eyelids heavy and her chest heaving, she was just fucked good and hard, just the way she liked it. “That was amazing baby” She tried to wiggle his cock out of him so she could turn to embrace him, but he had other plans.

“Oh, I’m not finished yet.” He pushed her back against the car and pulled out his cock rubbing it against her soaking lips before spreading her ass as his tip prodded against her little asshole.

“Oh fucking A. baby! I love when you are like this.” She wiggles her ass trying to push his cock into her ass. He grabbed her hips and moved her to the front of the car bending her over the cold metal hood, making her ass stick out more, he gives it a hard slap that could be heard through the entire parking lot.

“Shut up, you don’t get to talk unless I say. You are my fuck toy that is it.” He pushed his cock into her asshole, making her gasp. He grabbed onto her shoulders pulling her back against his cock as it slides deeper into her ass.

“Oh fuck it feels good.” She moans into the hood of the car grinding her ass against the cock trying to push it deeper. Lucas slaps her ass hard again leaving a red hand print. She yelps biting down on her lip.

“I told you not to talk!” He pushes deep into her ass reaching around and pushing his finger into her sensitive pussy. Kristina arches her back at his touch, overwhelmed with pleasure she bites her lip to keep herself from talking.

Lucas pushes his cock all the way into her ass, fucking her like never before. Kristina can’t help to cry out at every thrusts as his cock fills her asshole and his fingers hit every sensitive spot on her soaking pussy. She is in utter bliss, she knows she is about to cum yet again. She pushes back on his cock wanting him to fill her up as she cums.

Lucas cannot help but fulfill her wishes. His cock swells and he thrusts his cock completely inside her as his cum begins to pump into her ass.

“Fuck yes.” Her eyes roll to the back of her head and she tries to cry out but she no longer has her voice, pleasure fills her body and she is hit by waves of orgasm once again Lucas pushes his finger deep inside her making her juices pour out of her running down her leg as her muscles contract. Her ass tightens around his cock only making it feel so much better as he cums deep inside her. They’re shared climax passes through them, Lucas still leaning over her pressing her against the hood as they gasp for air.

“I fucking love you.” Kristina whispers, still grinding against his cock.

“I fucking love you too.” Lucas pulls out his cock as his cum drips down her ass. He helps her into the car and then climbs into the driver’s seat. The car pulls out of the parking lot with a screech and the smell of burning rubber, as they drive around to find a good spot to park knowing this date isn’t even close to over.

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