Anticipation - The evening gets more exciting

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Jenny has a surprise for Mike
Jenny sat for a moment on Mike’s chest, enjoying the afterglow of her previous orgasms while feeling his cum drip out of her pussy onto his hairy chest. She looked back over her shoulder and could see his cock begging to be touched. She could both sense and see Mike’s desire and she smiled.

“Be a good boy and let me tie you up. I promise I will make it worth your while,” she cooed as she quickly tied his hands to the bedposts.

Her wicked mind when wild with crazy thoughts as she looked down on Mike’s sweat covered body. Wow, she thought, this evening has been amazing but she knew it was about to get better. She turned back to Mike who was admiring her glistening body, her tussled hair and her swaying breasts. Now to fill her pussy and drive Mike crazy, she thought.

Jenny got up slightly and slid down Mike’s body; he shuttered and moaned when her dripping pussy grazed the tip of his cock as she set down between Mike’s legs. She looked up at his cock, inches from her face as she smiled and began to slowly lick the underside of his throbbing cock. She continued to play and stroke his hard shaft while Mike moaned and tried to push his cock harder against her lips. Jenny had other ideas and just looked into his eyes while teasing his cock and balls.

Mike was going crazy. Why didn’t I just impale her when I had her tied down, he thought. Why did I let her go? He desperately need to cum and more importantly, he needed to cum inside her. Jenny’s tongue felt like a torch touching every nerve ending in his cock.

“Please fuck me now, Jenny,” he moaned and squirmed. “I need you so badly right now.”

Jenny knelt up and smiled at Mike.

"Do you want this?” she taunted as she caressed her swollen nipples and pussy with her hands and smiled. She licked their juices off of her finger seductively while Mike twisted and pulled on the scarves binding his arms to the bed.

“Oh God, yes,” Mike pleaded.

Jenny couldn’t stop her urges and desires any longer. She straddled Mike and guided his rigid cock towards her pussy; but she couldn’t resist teasing him one last time, as she brushed her fingers over his sensitive cock head.

"Oh my!" he cried out as she looked into his hazel eyes, his cock bobbing up and down in her hand.

Now it was Jenny’s turn to moan with pleasure as Mike’s hot rod breached her swollen, wet lips. “Oh fuck yeah, how I need you to fuck me.”

Jenny’s pussy welcomed his cock back into her tight pussy, well lubricated from their previous lovemaking, cum still dripping down her legs. She slowly impaled herself on his cock, enjoying every moment while watching his face and playing with her nipples. She already felt her orgasm rushing along her body after it had been teased and restrained for so long. She could feel bolts of electricity rushing through her body. Moaning with unbounded joy, she lowered herself completely on to his cock. Now she was riding this hard rod by just rocking her hips back and forth as Mike’s head was thrashing with pleasure.

Mike pulled at the restraints, trying to break free, he wanted so badly to embrace Jenny and get inside her even deeper. Having cum already, his cock was slower to explode but that only prolonged his joy or was it his pain? His hips pushed upward trying to get deeper inside her. The feeling of her pussy clenching down on his cock and her sexy smile was driving him over the edge. OMG, what a night, he thought, as the pressure built in his cock.

Jenny started to move faster and with more intensity. She was frankly surprised she hadn’t cum again but she was thankful for the extra long ride. Her fingers moved down to her clit, which made her shudder, and then made Mike twitch and moan. How she loved teasing him, having him inside her, of them fucking each other, the feeling was intense and so satisfying but now she needed her release.

Jenny leaned down, swaying her breasts close to Mike’s lips as he tried to reach them with his tongue, it was no use but it was driving them closer to the edge. Jenny leaned down farther and kissed him hard on the lips while moving up and down on his pulsating cock. She could feel Mike’s body tense and shake as she felt his body push up and jerk.

The motion and the feeling of his cum shooting inside of her sent her into orgasmic heaven. She started to wildly ride his cock as a cowboy rides a bull while she was moaning his name. “Yes, fuck me, Mike, fuck me,” she cried out.

Faster she pumped up and down on his shooting cock, she could already feel another stream of cum running down her leg. Her body was convulsing with pleasure and her breasts were swaying back and forth. Mike too was in a fit of pleasure and torment as he felt himself explode. He was pulling hard on the restraints wanting to be free as his mind and body were ablaze. He sucked in on Jenny’s tongue as they kissed; the feeling of her pussy squeezing down on his cock was driving him nuts.

Jenny collapsed on to Mike’s chest and nuzzled her face into his neck. She was spent, her mind and body was in a state of pure bliss. She loved lying there feeling Mike’s chest heave up and down and hearing his panting breath slowing down bit by bit. She started to drift off but then remembered her little surprise. She leaned up, kissed Mike and then got up to get something.

Mike looked up just in time to see Jenny pick up her wet panties and stockings.

“Untie me Jenny,” he pleaded.

“Not yet, my love, I am not done teasing you or thanking you for an amazing night,” she whispered.

Jenny then put her damp panties over Mike’s eyes and fashioned a blindfold out of her panties and stockings. He could smell the aroma and felt the dampness of her panties over his eyes and nose. Oh my, she smells so good he thought as his cock twitched.

“I thought you might like this,” she whispered in his ear as he felt her breast brush across his face. “I will be back in a few moments.”

Mike heard Jenny going into the bathroom and heard the shower begin to run as he dozed off.

Mike awoke to the feeling of soft lips sucking on his limp cock. “Oh baby, how long was I asleep,” he asked.

“Not long, my sexy lover,” she responded.

It was silent in the room with the exception of the sound of his cock being sucked on. He already felt his cock beginning to expand and grow in her mouth.

“Jenny, that feels so good,” he moaned with pleasure.

He felt her body between his open legs. He tried to wrap his legs around her while she continued to suck his cock back to life. Her lips felt so wonderful on his growing member. He then felt the presence of her body near his head; he could smell her growing arousal as he sensed her body getting closer. She smelled slightly different, muskier than before, was it the shower he wondered. He felt her wet pussy lips touch his lips as he began to lick and tease her pussy, She tasted different also, saltier, something was different he thought. He continued licking and sucking on her outer labia. She started to moan and grind her body against his face. He licked the length of her slit from her ass to her mound and then he suddenly stopped, mid lick. He heard a strange giggle as he realized that he just licked some pussy hair but Jenny was clean-shaven!

OMG, thought Mike as the strange woman’s body continued to push against his tongue. “Faster Mike, make my sexy surprise for you cum,” cooed Jenny.

Mike’s cock got even hard. It was now harder than it had been the whole night and also in a long while. Mike’s body thrashed some more trying to pull away from the arm restraints while Jenny continue to lick and suck on his now hard rod. Meantime, he felt hot pussy juice roll down his face as he continued to lick a strange woman’s pussy.

“Make Erika cum, Mike and we will reward you.”

“Who is Erika?” asked Mike.

“A good friend of mine that I play with sometimes,” Jenny giggled.

Mike attacked Erika’s pussy with renewed vigor. Have they, are they lovers, thought Mike as he felt Erika’s fingers on her clit. His tongue pushed deeper and faster enjoying her different taste.

“Oh yes, Mike, lick me harder,” Erika moaned.

“Suck on my pert nipples, Jenny,” Erika pleaded as she ground her pussy against Mike’s face.

Jenny straddled Mike again, his cock pushing against her mound. He could feel the heat of her pussy on his body. He tried to move his hips to enter Jenny. He could only sense where and what she was doing. The blindfold was increasing his arousal but at the same time was frustrating him. He could hear Jenny suck on Erika’s breasts. OMG, he was so horny. He needed to see what was going on and to get some release, again! His cock had never been so full.

“Oh Jenny, suck harder,” Erika begged.

“Does Erika taste good Mike? Do you like my surprise?” Jenny giggled.

“So nice to meet you, Mike. Jenny told me so much about you that I had to meet you also,” Erika giggled. “She would call out your name when she was about to cum as I licked her pussy,” she whispered with an Australian accent.

“Damn you girls, please take the blindfold off and release me,” Mike pleaded and squirmed as he felt Erika’s legs tighten around his face. She started to moan and her pussy rocked over his face and lips.

“Mike, suck on my clit now! Oh Fuck, I CUMMMINN!” Erika cried out.

Jenny bit down hard on Erika’s nipples as Erika’s body trembled and quivered. Mike felt her juices run down his face as he desperately tried to slide his cock into Jenny’s pussy. Erika continued to moan and play with her clit as her body stiffened from her intense release.

“Wow, that was so fucking amazing,” Erika exclaimed once her orgasm let up.

Once Erika recovered from her orgasm, both Jenny and Erika slid down on each side of Mike’s body. Each had one hand playing with his cock as they slowly started kissing his body. They started at his neck and ears and worked their way down to his cock. Mike’s body was sensitive all over from all the attention as he wiggled and moaned in pleasure. They both simultaneously sucked on his nipples. The pleasure just took his breath away.

Mike’s cock was getting painful from being hard for so long. One minute, he felt pain and the next he felt the ladies sucking on his balls and cock.

“Guess who is who Mike and I will release you,” whispered Jenny. Mike had earlier felt Jenny’s large breasts against his body so he was fairly certain who was Jenny.

“This is you, Jenny,” as he stretched out his leg and wrapped it around Jenny.

Jenny pulled off the blindfold and Mike looked up and saw two sexy women kneeling on each side of him. He took a moment to look at Erika. She had medium length golden blonde hair, dancing blue eyes, an upturned nose and thin lips with a bright smile. Her breasts were smaller than Jenny’s but her nipples were large and erect. She still had on a lace red push up bra that made her breasts look larger and sexier. Her build was athletic and she had a sexy dark blonde landing strip that was damp with his and her juices. He imagined she had a tight little ass that he would love to touch.

Mike was just about to say something when Erika started stroking his cock again.

“I need to be fucked by you Mike,” she cooed.

“Released me, Jenny and I will take care of both of you,” Mike begged.

Jenny smiled and untied Mike. He quickly grabbed Jenny and kissed her hard on the lips. “You are such a naughty girl,” he smiled as he slapped her ass. Mike whispered in Jenny’s ear and she nodded and then she laid down on her back with her legs wide open. She pulled on her lips and her inner pussy and clit were exposed to all. Mike and Erika just stared as Jenny commanded Erika to eat her.

Ericka jumped at the chance while pointing her ass right at Mike, who quickly started to kiss and spank her ass. He then knelt behind her, sliding his rigid rod between her cheeks while grabbing and twisting at her nipples. Both Jenny and Erika started to moan in delight.

Erika paused from licking Jenny and dared Mike to fuck her hard. That was all Mike needed. He slipped his cock in her pussy as his body shuddered with pleasure. He looked up and could see the look of joy on Jenny’s face as Erika sucked on her succulent pussy and clit.

Mike was crazy with lust and desire. He fucked Erika hard, pushing in and out and was pushing her against Jenny’s swollen pussy lips. They all started to moan in unison as Mike drove the tempo of the group. He was amazed that he could hold on. His cock was so rigid and full of cum.

“Damn it, harder Mike, fuck me harder,” cried Erika. Mike couldn’t believe how hard this girl wanted to be fucked. He pushed harder, he slapped Erika hard and she asked for more. Oh fuck; I am so close, thought Mike.

Jenny started to cry out from her orgasm as Mike pulled out and pushed his cock into Erika’s ass.

“Oh yes, fuck my ass Mike,” Erika cried out. Mike felt Erika’s butt muscles grip down hard on his cock as Jenny continued to convulse and moan with pleasure. She felt such a feeling of intoxication and joy from another intense orgasm just as Mike yelled out her name.

“Oh Jenny, Oh Erika, I am cumin,” he screamed.

Erika pushed back hard on Mike’s cock milking him for every last drop of cum. Already she felt it run down her leg as she reached for her clit and exploded with her own amazing orgasm.


Mike awoke the next morning covered with dried sweat and cum. Jenny’s damp panties and stockings were on the floor as well as a red thong that matched Erika’s bra. The room still smelled of sex and Mike started to get hard again thinking about the prior night. Then he saw the note, next to Jenny’s panties that read, “WOW, what an evening, it was amazing, when can we do it again? Jenny.”