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She took his heart.. and the whole nine inches.
I went there for revenge. I let him touch me for revenge. I let him come inside of me for revenge. It was all for revenge and to feel good. Ky'Zavier cheated on me and then broke up with me when I found out. He said it was too much of a sacrifice. Being with me was just too much of a sacrifice. Now, he wants me back. He's tainted by another woman's scent. As petty as it sounds, I wanted revenge. I wanted to know I got even. And Michael was just the perfect candidate to help me do so. I've always loved Michael, but I've come to terms that he just couldn't love. So the physicalites would have to do.

My mom left me her car for the night, so I drove over to his house. He invited me over and although it was never said what we're going to do, we both knew what was to be done. He was going to give me a night to remember. And I would remember it. Every time I thought of Ky with that other girl. I would think about how better Michael was at making my body respond to him. Making me wet and dripping all over his sheets.

I parked the car and got out. Michael and some boy walked over. I looked at the other guy and back at Michael with my eyebrows raised. He laughed at me.

“Ain't nobody going to run a train on you, girl. Nobody. Especially while I'm around. I'm keeping you to myself.” I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, whatever,” I said. “Who is this?”

“This is my cousin, Trey. I wanted to hang with him before I leave tomorrow.”

“Yo, what's up?” Trey asked me.

“Hm, something I hope,” I said looking at Michael, while “accidentally” brushing my hand against his hard dick. Trey didn't notice. He was too occupied with his phone call.

“Yeah, you know I love you, girl,” Trey said into the phone.

“Oh, Kylie. I forgot to mention Trey is pussy whipped,” Michael said in Trey's direction.

“Hold on, baby,” Trey said into the phone. He turned to Michael and said, “Atleast I can love people. You just fuck and leave.” Then he looked at me who was staring at the ground. “No offense, Kylie. I'm sure you're great, but don't look forward to a future with Mike. It'd be a mistake on your part.”

“Trey, it's time to go!” I heard a little girl scream. I assumed it was his sister. “Mom said c'mon!”

“Guess I gotta go. Nice meeting you Kylie,” he said as he shook my hand. He looked at Michael and waved his hand while shaking his head. “Lost ass cause,” I heard him say as he turned the corner.

“Don't listen to-” he began.

“He's right. Leave it alone. Are we going in?” I interjected. He looked at me, hesitated, then sighed.

“We gotta sneak in after my other aunt goes upstairs. We'll head in at 11:30. You know. If you wanted to, you could spend the night,” he said. I didn't have to be home until around 4 am, so I didn't have a problem with that.

“You want me to stay over?”

“I told you that you could, didn't I,” he countered.

“I just want to know if you want me to.”

“Yes. Damn.” Victory!

I looked at my watch and it said 10:57 pm. We leaned on my mom's car and talked. I teased him. Once while he was talking, I got close to him and pressed my body against him. I got really close, but he tried to pretend like I wasn't getting to him. I knew better because I could feel his big, hard dick pressed against my belly button. In the midst of him saying, “waterfall” I licked his lips over and over. As soon as my tongue touched his lip, there was this extreme electric current and I could tell he felt it too.

“Why won't you kiss me, already?” I asked exasperatedly. He chuckled.

“Ha. I got you when we go in.”


“You know,” he began. “I feel like all this sexual tension we've been having for the last few years.. I've had to go through With you, and only you, I want to come inside you. It's more than overdue.” I instantly got wet. I have this severe weakness for guys coming inside me, but I've never let it happen before. I've always wanted it, but I never trusted anyone enough. I've known Michael since I was 10. Here I am 17 and I trust him. I'm finally going to live out my fantasy.

He looked at his phone. It was 11:35. He grabbed my hand and pulled me in the direction of his house. He went in first to make sure she was upstairs, then he came outside and pulled me in. We walked down the hallway and into his room. He shut the door.

“Yo, I'm gonna take a quick shower. I've been out all day.”

“No problem. I understand,” I say. He went out and took his shower. I found something on Netflix to watch. I settled for D.L. Hughley's Reset. About 15 minutes in, Michael came back. He was trying to be funny when he said, “I'm gonna go put my clothes on in the closet.. cause you might try to maul me.” I shrugged and told him to go ahead. He went in a for a minute or two and then he came out of the closet in basketball shorts and a t-shirt. 
He came over to me and said, “You can't sleep in my bed with outside clothes on. So you're either going to have to strip or sleep on the floor.” I was feeling pretty sexy. I turned around and started grinding my ass against him. I took my shirt off and put his hands on my 36 D cup breasts. I turned back around and got really close. I slid my pants down and bent down near his huge erection. I kissed it through his basketball shorts. He groaned and pulled me up. He slammed me against the wall and kissed me. I wrapped a leg around him. He had his hand entangled in my hair and the other hand was pulling my other leg up. He held me up, kissed me, and threw me on the bed.

“Wait here,” he said.

“Don't leave. You can't just do that and leave. Finish what you started,” I said.

“Anticipation, sweetheart.”

“Man, fuck anticipation.” He laughed and left the room. I turned around and prepared to go to sleep. That would make him as mad as he just made me. I was just laying there all hot and bothered and he just gets up like he's fine. I began to lose consciousness when I heard the door opened. I was facing the window and not the door, so I don't know who's in his room.

The person slapped me on my ass and says, “Wake up.” The voice belonged to Michael. I didn't budge. He slapped my ass again, even harder and I bit down a scream.
“Guess I gotta wake you up...” He turned me on my back. I just looked at him with an 'I'm mad at you' face.

“So you were awake and you didn't answer me. Calls for punishment,” he said with darkness. He put his hand in my panties and started fingering me. I tried to move his hand, because I didn't want him to know how much he was turning me on. He stopped and moved my hands, then went back to stroking me with his fingers.

“Look how wet you are for me. You don't get that wet with anyone else, do you?” His hands made me so wet that I know his fingers are drenched. I just couldn't answer. It felt so good how they stroked me so deep. He used two fingers that went in fast and went out slow, while thumbing my clit. I tried to move his hands, so that I could regain control.

“Don't touch my hands,” he said in a domineering tone. I hesitated, but then I tried to move them again.

“What did I say? You just don't listen,” he slid three fingers in, knowing that that was too much for me.

“Don't touch me. Don't fucking touch me. Take it,” he said as he made his finders vibrate inside of me. I held my hands still until the pleasure took over. He then removed his hands and turned toward the television.

“Ugh. Why did you choose D.L. Hughley? I hate him,” he said disgustedly.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I said with heavy irritation. He couldn't just keep playing with me like that.

“Anticipation, sweetheart,” he said laughing. I got up and checked my phone. Ky called two times. I looked over at Michael who was still laughing at D.L.

“This is actually funny. Glad he finally got some new jokes,” he said, while laughing really hard.

“Yeah, whatever. You better be quiet before your aunt comes down here.” I turned back towards my phone and called Ky back.

“Hello,” Ky's deep voice said.

“You called me?”

“Yeah, I miss you. Come out and see me.”

“Um, no. Why don't you call the other girl and chill with her,” I said icily.

“Come on, baby, let that go. You still love me, right.?”

“I suppose,” I said. I didn't know if I did, but I suppose it wouldn't have hurt if I said it.

“Say it, baby.”

“Ugh.. I love y-” I stopped because Michael had me inbetween him and the wall.

“Don't say it..” Michael whispered in my other ear after he licked it. He wrapped his arms around my waist. His erection was pointed at the small of my back.

“Hello? You gonna finish,” Ky asked.

“Sorry.. I just can't,” I managed to say when Michael started kissing on my neck. My number one hotspot. Michael took the phone and hung up on him.

“You're mine, alright? You belong to me in this room. So, no calling anybody else. No texting anybody else. No thinking about anybody else. Got it?” He looked angry, but caring. Angry to get his point across, but caring.. I don't know.

“Yes,” I said, totally turned on by his possessiveness.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir.” He led me to the bed and ripped my panties off. He pulled out his 9 inch dick, which I've never been able to take, and rubbed it against my wet pussy.

“You gonna it this time, right?”


“Say, 'Yes, Daddy'.”

“Yes, Daddy.” He aimed it and pushed his wide, long dick inside of me. He groaned. He grabbed my bra and took it off. I looked down and only half of it was inside me. I felt so full already. It started throbbing and he muttered that my pussy is his.

“You ready for the rest of this dick?” I nod and he pushed the rest of it in. I almost screamed. He kissed the scream right off of my lips and pulled his wet, big, wide dick out of me and slowly moved it back in. Then, he started kissing my neck. He went down further and started tantalizing me with his mouth. His lips captured my nipple and his tongue and teeth tortured me.

“Beg me to keep going,” he demanded. I couldn't get past the pain and was unable to talk. He grabbed my neck and began choking me.

“Say it!”

“Please don't stop, Daddy. Give it all to me,” I whimpered. I was vibrating and the electric current was stronger than ever. I love being dominated. I felt filled to the max and he was moaning and telling me that I'm a good girl. My breasts were bouncing. He grabbed them roughly. Everything started to happen in slow motion: his movements, my moans, D.L. Hughley's voice. I opened my eyes to see a mirror on the ceiling. I barely recognized the people.
There was a woman with a beautiful, sex-filled face. I could tell that sex made her look even better. Her hair was a little further down her peanut butter colored shoulders. Her hair was a curly and silky mess. I could tell that it had been sweated out of the straight style it was in before. Her breasts were bouncing lightly, now that the man's hands were on her hips. Her nipples were cocoa colored and hard. They perfectly complimented the rest of the breast. Her body was smooth and her stomach would tighten everytime the man's penis went inside her. She had her legs wrapped around the man's waist. The woman's hands were clenched on the sheets.

The was also the beautiful man penetrating her. His broad, muscular, and chocolate colored shoulders were flexing as he moved her body to make her more accessible. His face was the most beautiful face I had ever seen. Everything about it, but especially the facial expression. It matched the woman's. His face, neck, pecs, and six-pack glistened in sweat. They were both looking at me.

Every thing began to be normal paced, when he pulled out of me and I feel empty. I felt incomplete. I wanted him back inside me. The fact that I could actually take him made me even wetter.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Anticipation, sweetheart.”

“That's it,” I got on top of him and put it back in. It hurt again, just much as the first time. I figured that I would wait for him to get back on top and I started to climb off.

“Nahh, you're here now. You're gonna take it.” He pushed me down farther on his dick.

“No more,” I managed to get out.

“Haha, you're gonna take the rest of it. You just couldn't wait, huh?” He said as he pushed me down farther. “Now, you're gonna take it. All.” When he said all, he was at the hilt again. This wave of pleasure hit me every time he lifted me up and then he made me drop on it. I felt him in my stomach. He got up and started fucking me from the back against the wall.

“Who's pussy is this?”

“Ky.. ky,” I tried to say.

“Ky? No.” He started slamming into me, hitting my G-spot.

“Who's pussy is this? Say it's mine. Say it's MINE.” Then he filled me all the way and kept pushing.

“Who's pussy is this, huh?”

“It's yours, Daddy.” He laughed and started slamming and pounding me again. My pussy was dripping wet and I couldn't stand anymore. I felt so weak. It felt so damn good. He smacked my ass a few times before choking me again; using my neck to make me move backwards, to meet his amazing member.

“I love this dick, Daddy,” I got out in a moan. He slammed into me one more time and then pulled out. He laid on the bed and told me to ride him by myself.

I got on top and began moving slowly. I then leaned back and pulled his large dick out of me half-way and started dancing on it.

“Mmm.. damn, baby. You know how to handle this dick.” I started bouncing on it, taking the whole thing.
 I started shuddering and he said, “Let it go. Come on this dick. Now.” I came on it. Hard. All the built up tension just rained out of my pussy. My juices were all over his thighs.

“Now. Keep going,” he demanded. I could tell that me coming on him had taken a lot out of him.

“I can't move,” I said helplessly.

“Keep.. going.. right now.” I pressed my hands on his chest and started moving slowly. I heard my juices smacking against his dick. He grabbed me by my waist and started ramming into me.

“Yeah, you ready to take this cum, baby. Long.. long overdue. Fuck it's coming,” I felt his dick get even bigger inside me and he picked me up as he got up. He fucked me standing up for a minute then laid me on the bed. Pulled out of me slowly then rammed back in. Then, his big, juicy dick got bigger and started throbbing. His dick exploded and left a big load of cum inside me. I felt it's warmth hitting my womb and I came again. We just laid there trying to catch our breath.

“Hey,” he called to me.

“Yeah, I know. That was great.” I said, out of breath.

“No.. I love you, Kylie.” I was shocked. He actually said it to someone. And it was me. This lost cause has been found.

“What took you so long to say that?”

He smiled and said, “Ha. Well. I was just trying to find the right time.” I kissed him. I began tangling with his tongue. He pulled back after a while. "Are you going to say it back?" he asked while looking at me. I turned over.

"Mmm. Anticipation, sweetheart," I say as I drift off to sleep.

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