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Back at the cottage

You lay one leg on my lap exposing the top of your thighs. Your panties are in full view. I can see
After our passionate love making in the car, we return to the cottage. The sun is still shinning as we relax in the courtyard armed with a cocktail, fruit and nibbles to eat.

I move my chair alongside yours to cuddle you, and to pet you. We have a deep affection for each other displaying the love we have between us. I kiss your ears and your neck taking little bites of your ear lobes too.

I love you. I care for you and I adore you. It is obvious by the way I kiss and cuddle you. You react with warmth returning the affection. You thrill me with your long fingernails as you softly tingle them up and down the inside of my arm. It is a pleasurable. I shiver with excitement.

I break off some grapes to hand feed them to you. Your moist mouth opens to take them in. Your smile at my serving you, shows your deep love of me. We are so happy together.

I peel a banana and put it to your lips. You lick it seductively. You run your tongue up and down its length and take most of it deep into your mouth. I slide it in and out as you close your lips firmly around it. It is a phallic symbol you enjoy. You begin to eat one end of it as I eat the other end. Our mouths meet. We explore each other's mouths with our tongues and swallow the remainder of the banana, some of it from your mouth and the rest from mine. It is a turn on we both enjoy.

You lay one leg on my lap exposing the top of your thighs. Your panties are in full view. I can see your mound scantily hidden under your near transparent, cotton undies.

You notice that my penis is beginning to swell in my pants so you softly pass the palm of your hand over the tip of this rapidly reacting dick. It seems to be bursting to escape the confines of my shorts. Without realising you instinctively open your legs and move impatiently from side to side on the deck chair. You begin to become moist. Your clit begins to become rigid. Your clit flaps harden too and part to make way for my entry. Your panties show signs of moisture near your mound.

I lift your dress to peep at your glorious mound. I slide your panties down and off. You open your legs wider to show me your love nest. You move your hips forward to give me a closer view. My dick is very impatient to get to your opening. You notice that I am wriggling in my seat, so you move your hand to my fly and slowly open it to let my dick spring to attention. It is at full size ready for action. It is glistening from pre cum and pulsating in anticipation. You cuddle it with your fist and gently move your hand up and down its full length. My legs become stiff as I stretch every muscle in them bringing my penis to an extended state. You move your hand to my testes and lightly squeeze them, which causes my member to pulsate faster.

I undo your shirt to kiss and lick your breasts. They are firm and upright swishing past my tongue as I move my mouth from one to the other. You begin to rub your hand faster and faster up and down my full length. I am at fever pitch. I peel a banana and tantalize your clit with its dull point. You open your legs wider to greet its entry. I move it slowly into you moving it in and out until most of it is deep within you. You love the feel of it slipping in and out.

I lift your legs up and further apart. With the firm banana still inside you I lean down and dart my tongue back and forth onto your clit. Your tiny penis is fully erect and you begin to blow juices down the inside of your thigh. I lick them up as I slowly remove the banana with my teeth eating it as it slides out of you. At the same time I moisten my finger in your love juices and twirl it slightly in and around your pink anus. It opens instinctively ready for my deeper penetration.

I slide my finger deep inside your anus. You feel the juices flowing from your vagina. With my other hand I kneed your clit moving my fingers back and forth over your rigid tiny pink penis. I continue to frantically lick your clit competing with my fingers while inserting my fingers in and out of your pulsating anus. You are mumbling inaudible sounds. You scream out in ecstasy.

I stand up and slip my throbbing member on the entrance of your moist anus. I lean forward and twirl my fingers around your clit. You lift your legs higher to give me full exposure to your tight wet anus. I slowly sink my pulsating dick into you. I move it in inch by inch. You scream. The pain is glorious. You are amazed at how pain can be so delightful and thrilling. I move back slightly fearing that I am hurting you. You reach out and grab my loins to bring me closer to you. I react and plant my hard member deeper in you. I move it in and out slowly increasing the pace. I am moving faster now. In and out. Back and forth. I am still fingering your clit and penetrating your vagina with fingers. I alternate between your clit and your love hole. I slip my fingers in and out and around your sensitive erroneous zones. I am moving my dick in and out at an incredible rate. You scream more loudly. Your anus is opening wider as I thrust in and out. Your juices are flowing out of your anus and your vagina. I am easily slipping my fingers and my member in and out of you.

I press even deeper into you now up higher and higher with my member deeper in your arse. Back and forth. In and out. I am beginning to cum. You are having multiple orgasms. I am cuming. My penis is blue. Its knob is throbbing. My whole penis is pulsating. Expanding. Swelling. I am about to fire cum juice deep inside your anus. I thrust my index finger faster in and out of your vagina. I can feel my finger through the thin wall separating your vagina and your anus. My finger is stimulating you and me.

I cum. You cum again. Our orgasm is more intense than ever before. We are yelling with pleasure. I am telling you that you are a great fuck. You cry out in unknown words I do not understand. I know that you are on an astral travel beyond the universe. I am with you. I continue to leak juices deep in you. Your vagina and anus are grabbing at my fingers and member simultaneously. I squirt again. You blow again. We are done!

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