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Biker Chick

All she ever wanted, was to ride with her brother...

Graduation day finally arrived. It was the day of my dreams and I was really excited about having my family there: Mom and Dad, and big brother Tim. 

My brother and I had always been close but, sadly, Tim and our parents didn't get along. They didn't approve of his lifestyle, particularly his role as the leader of a biker club. But, the way I saw it, he’d worked hard to become the president of his own outfit, The Southlanders, and he was who he was. I respected that he loved his club and that the members were his brothers. I grew up with all those guys, and they were very protective of me.

When I left Mom and Dad in their seats, Tim hadn't yet turned up. He’d better come. He’d promised me that he'd be there and my day wouldn't be complete without him. 

I found my seat as the principal walked to the podium. Then I heard a loud roar and I smiled. I knew exactly what it was — or, I should say, who had arrived. It was just like Tim to make a grand entrance. And it wasn't one bike but several. The entire club had come to see their Little Sis graduate. I jumped up and turned to watch ten bikes roll in with my brother leading.

Everyone turned around to see what all the ruckus was about. Well, not everyone. My parents hid their faces, embarrassed by their so-called wayward son.

Getting off the bikes and removing their helmets, the bikers walked down the center aisle toward me. I ran to meet Tim and the guys, giving them all a hug and letting them know how glad I was that they’d come.

The principal suddenly announced from the stage, “Please, everyone, be seated.” Tim laughed, kissed me, and he and the rest of the gang found seats towards the back. The graduation was back on track but I could see that my parents were livid.

When names were called, the graduates were greeted with polite applause. But, when "Jenna Spears" was announced, I heard my brother and the bikers whistling and yelling, "Yay Jenna, yay Sis.”

I looked back and gave them the thumbs up with both hands. On my way to receiving my diploma, the guys continued to holler, getting even louder. My parents probably wanted to crawl under their seats. 

I shook the principal's hand and, walking down the aisle back to my seat, I took off my cap and threw it to my brother. He caught it and smiled broadly, triumphantly, at me. 

Back in my seat, my mind was racing. It was now time for my life to begin. 

At the end of the ceremony, my parents came to me and we took the dreaded family pictures. I wanted one with my brother and the gang and, reluctantly, Dad took the picture as Mom, scowling, looked on. Well, it was my day, and that was the picture I really wanted to mark the occasion.

Photographs taken, Mom told me where the car was parked. I said I would ride with my brother back to the house. You'd have thought I’d committed a crime. Mom threw a fit, insisting that I went with her. I stood my ground, reminding her that Tim was my brother. “You have a problem with him but you need to get over it,“ I said, adding, “I am of age, and I’m riding with Tim.”

Mom was obviously upset because I’d never spoke to her like that before or gone against her wishes. But things were changing. She needed to get used to it. I was an adult, I would be making my own decisions.

Defiantly hiking my short skirt up over my hips, I joined my brother on the back of his bike. My parents fumed and the fact that I was flashing my lacy black thong, didn't help matters. My brother handed me a helmet and we left my parents standing there as the other bikes revved up and noisily filed in behind us.

All I’d ever wanted in my life was to experience exactly what I was doing right at that moment. It had been my dream to ride with my brother with a trail of bikes following close behind. It was a proud moment. I rode with my head held high, a huge grin illuminating my face.

Back home, Tim wouldn't go in the house because of our parents and how they treated him. How could I fix that? It was all wrong, they were wrong. It was his life, his decision to make, not theirs. It wasn't like he was robbing places or doing bad things. I was ashamed of my parents. 

I wondered what they would do if they knew my secret passion…

The house was full. Several other graduates and their parents were there and my parents, as hosts, were back to being cheerful, particularly as Tim didn't stay.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time but they didn’t know Tim was at the clubhouse organizing another party for me. This one I would enjoy — once I’d revealed my secret to Tim. It was a night I planned to always remember. 

As the party wound down, I helped Mom clean the kitchen and tidy the house. After all that was done, I told my parents I was going out. They wanted me to spend the evening with them but I explained that it was my night and I was no longer a little girl. They had to relax the reins. I told them not to wait up as I planned on not being back until late. I might even spend the night with my brother. That really didn't go over well. 

I drove to my brother’s club, thinking about what I had to tell him and wondering how to explain what I wanted. I needed to be convincing and all I could do was hope he would understand. Then agree. This was the hardest thing I’d ever had to do but it was something I wanted more than anything else in my life.

As I parked my car, seeing all the bikes lined up outside the clubhouse, made my heart sing. One of the best sights ever. I hoped one day my bike would be sitting there also. Yes, that was my dream, my hope: I wanted to join my brother’s club. I wanted to be the first woman patched in. Not just someone's "old lady”. I wanted to be a regular member.

Everyone had been waiting for me. The club was decorated beautifully. A cake sat on the counter with a lot of munchies to eat. I got hugs and best wishes from the guys. I loved those guys, but I had something important on my mind and I needed to find my brother.

I was told Tim was in the office but I couldn't go in there. He was taking care of club business. I joined the group of ladies while I waited. 

I hung out there all the time and everyone knew me. I'd always been treated as Little Sis but I intended that would change on this very night. Tim always kept a close eye on me — he was almost as bad as Mom! -- but didn't treat me as a woman. To him, I was still a kid. He hadn't recognized that I’d grown up, that I wasn't his baby sister anymore. 

I also had my eye on one of the guys, but Jim and I had kept it quiet because Tim still looked at me as a little girl. That needed to change, too.

When my brother came out of his office, he walked over and gave me a big bear hug. "How long you been here, Sis?”

"Not too long. You can imagine how long it took me to get out of the house. Mom did her usual pouting."

Tim laughed. “Well, you’re here now. We’re gonna have a great time. Let's cut your cake. Everyone’s been wanting to tear into that all day."

Everyone gathered around the cake and, of course, began to sing. Good thing they didn't sing for a living! The cake was cut and handed out by the old ladies, along with a beer. 

I didn't want to ruin the party mood and so I patiently waited for the opportune time to talk with Tim about joining the club. Only guys were club members but I wanted to be the first female patched in. That meant Tim and the rest of the club would have to vote me in. I supposed the chances were slim, but I had to try. It was my dream. 

And why not? Why couldn't a woman join? We’re just as good as any guy there. Well, that’s what I’d always believed. 

I opened the few gifts the guys had bought me and, when the beer started to kick in, I decided I’d better talk to Tim before everyone became wasted and fucking their old ladies would be the only thing on their minds. 

I walked to where Tim and a few of the guys were sitting. I leaned in and whispered into his ear, asking for a few minutes alone with him. We found a quiet corner and that’s when I realized that I was really nervous, a feeling I didn’t usually have with my brother. Tim and I could talk about anything but I was very nervous about this subject. It meant that much to me.

Tim was very keen on the all-male membership but I needed him to change that policy. There was another club in the area, but it was a rival of The Southlanders and it wouldn't seem right to join them. So, I really hoped my brother wouldn't force me to take that route.

I’d saved money from part-time working while in college and I also had graduation cash gifts. In all, I had a down payment on a Harley. Although no-one knew, while I’d been away at college I’d learn to ride and had my license. I could handle a bike pretty damn well. Yes, I was very serious about this biker club business. 

I’d even gone as far as thinking that, if Tim really pushed me and wouldn’t allow my membership at any price, I could start my own club. Having hung out so much at the club since Tim started it, I’d learned a lot, and I knew some men and ladies who would join me. It wasn't what I wanted to do, but it was an option. I really loved the club life but most of all I wanted to be part of The Southlanders. There was just nothing like the love between all the guys. And what could be better than to ride beside my brother? What an honor that would be.

We sat down and I decided to get straight to the point. "Tim, you know how much I love you, and how much I love this club. I always have. I’ve spent my whole life here. I love this life.” 

I paused, took a deep breath and looked into Tim’s eyes. His expression was serious, clearly puzzled about where this conversation was leading. He didn’t have to wait long.  

“Tim, I want to be part of it. I know it’s only guys who are members, but I want to join. Not as someone's old lady, but a patched member. To wear a jacket, to represent the club. To be able to ride beside my brother. Please, Tim. I did as everyone wanted me to do. I went to college, I got the education everyone wanted. But it hasn't changed my mind. This is what I want. Please, please, Tim, you are the president, you can change the rules. Or you can at least bring it to everyone for a vote."

I blew out my cheeks, breathing noisily. There, I’d done it, said it. Now I sat quietly looking at my brother, waiting for a reply. He stared at me. 

"Please Timmy, say something."

He sat upright, spine straight, hands on his knees. ’”Sis, you know the only women in here belong to a guy. Why do you think I would change the rules or think anyone else in the club would want to?" 

That was it. He sat looking at me, waiting, but he must have known I was serious. He certainly knew there were other outfits I could join. But he wouldn't want that. That might mean trouble for me and he couldn’t protect me in another club.

I decided to push. ”You know The Eastside would love to have me. They’d welcome me with open arms. Why not you? Come on, Tim, let me join The Southlanders. You know this is where I want to be."

"Don't threaten me with that, Jenna." Tim glared at me. "I have a club to think about and guys that have been very loyal to me. Sis, you do know if I was to let you into this club, you would have to go through the initiation. I could not stop that. There is a certain protocol you have to go through. I don't even know if the other guys would want you in here. You are Little Sis to them."

I nodded. “I know and I understand that I’m asking a lot. But this has been my dream. You had to know one day I would come to you. Look, I’ve saved for years for a payment on a bike. I’ve learned to ride a Harley and I even have my license. I’ve always wanted to ride alongside you."

The noise in the clubhouse was muted. It seemed the guys sensed something important, something serious, was being discussed. Tim and I sat in silence. I could almost see his brain in action. We both knew what it could mean for me if he allowed me to join. I would face either being beaten or fucked by each member. But I could take it; I was that serious about being a member. 

'"Jenna, I need to ask you some questions and I need you to really think about them before answering.” I nodded and he continued, “You’ve told me, you love this club, you’re ready for whatever would happen to you in order to join. But, do you realize everything for you will change if I allow this? Do you really know what you’ll go through? Not only being fucked by every man in this club but being pissed on. Maybe even beaten. Also, what about Jim?"

I was shocked when he mentioned Jim. I didn’t think Tim knew about our relationship. “Yes,” said Tim, “I know about you and Jim. He told me that you've been seeing each other. Are you ready to face what he’ll also endure from this? Are you prepared that you might lose him? Jenna, this is no game, this is serious fucking shit. I will not be able to stop anything that goes down, you know that. You’ve been around long enough, you know what goes on, least most of it. Are you ready for that?" 

Tim glared at me. "One last question, Jenna: are you ready for the way Mom and Dad will treat you? Will you be able to proudly wear your vest around them and stand up against them for this club? Jenna, can you?" 

My brother looked at me like he ‘d never looked at me before. In that moment, he was the leader of the club, not my brother.

I looked into his concerned face. I considered all the conflicting emotions I was causing by asking to be a member. I was still his sister but he would not be able to help me. He would have to stand by and not interfere with how the guys treated me. It would also be hard for the guys. They’d have to put their Little Sis feelings aside and treat me like any other applicant. I would expect nothing less from them.

"Jenna, if you become the first woman to be patched into this club, you’d carry a heavy burden. You’d have to set the standard for any other woman that someday might want to join. Are you ready for that? And, I tell you now, I’d expect no less from you than I do from any of the guys. Can you handle all of this?"

He’d thrown a lot at me but I’d truly considered most of it over the years.

”Yes, Tim, I can. I’ve thought about it for a long time. I knew one day I would ask to be part of this club, to ride beside you, to be by your side at all times. I've trained my body and my mind for this Tim. I’m ready. I don't take it lightly. As for Mom and Dad, I would be honored to wear my vest in front of them. Who knows, maybe together we can change their way of thinking. And, as far as Jim goes, if he loves me and the club, then he’ll understand my desire to be a part of The Southlanders."

Tim slowly shook his head. ”I have to bring this in front of the club. I can’t just allow you in. It has to be agreed by everyone."

"I know. And I know what I have to do, and I’m ready."

We stood and embraced. He knew I was determined and if anyone would protect this club and lifestyle, it would be me. I’d loved this club all my life. 

Tim looked at me, almost with sorrow in his eyes. I guess he was looking at me for possibly the last time as his baby sister. If the club agreed to admit Little Sis, from that moment on it would change me. What I’d endure would change me for the rest of my life. 

Those guys that had always protected me as a baby sister, would be taking advantage of my body, trying to break me down. Yet, they all knew I was strong. 

Tim turned and walked back to the crowd and promptly asked all the guys to join him in the meeting room. No hesitating now! Everyone looked at each another. They didn't know if I was in trouble or what. But they knew something was happening. 

They filed into the meeting room and waited for Tim to call the meeting to order. I wasn't allowed in, but I sat close enough to the door to hear most of what was being said.

"Something important has come to my attention,” Tim began, “and it needs to be discussed between us all. I think it’s something that, deep down, we all knew would eventually come in front of us one day."

I could hear the tremor in Tim’s tone. I knew I was asking a lot of him. Could he let this happen to me? He’d always protected me, never let any harm come my way. Could he allow me to be ganged banged? Have cum all over me and probably pissed on? Maybe even beaten? Could he let all this happen? 

"Jenna has asked me to raise this tonight.” There was silence. I assumed Tim had paused but I strained to hear. Then I heard my brother’s strident voice, the tone of a man in charge. “Jenna would like to join the club. To be the first female member of the club. To be patched. She knows what will happen if y’all say yes." 

Tim even went on to tell them he was afraid I would join another club if I was not admitted into The Southlanders.

It all went silent again in the room. I imagined their thoughts. Did they want a woman member? And, if so, was I the right woman? I was their baby sister, could they really do this to me? Could they ignore their feelings for me and treat me as just another club member. 

For my part, if I had to go through initiation, I would much rather it be with guys that love me and care for me, rather than ones that couldn’t care less. Bruises would heal — and it wasn't like I was a virgin. I’d had my fun in college. 

Waiting for the decision to be made was awful. I was on edge, nerves jangling and sweat bubbled on my palms. Please say yes.

I heard Tim talking again. He told the guys that I’d said it would mean the world to me to do this tonight. The night of my graduation day. It was the night I'd thought about for years. Then he called for a vote. Wham! Just like that, we'd reached the critical point.

I took a deep breath, clenched my fists, and listened.

"Raise your hand if you support Jenna joining the club. Our first woman member.” 

I heard some guys say, “Yay,” and I guessed hands were going up.

Then came another voice I recognized. "I know what this means. I love her, not as a sister, but as a woman. How can I do this to her? How can I allow this to happen?" Jim asked. 

I stood and began pacing the floor. I knew what might happen to me very shortly. I thought about Jim and how he must be feeling. How would he take this? Could he let me go through this? Our love had to be strong. He’d belonged to the club for years and he knew what I wanted. How could he object now?

A few seconds later, one of the guys opened the door. "Jenna, your brother wants to see you,” he said and carried on walking, followed by the other guys. Jim stopped in front of me, but didn’t speak, just gazed at me. I didn't know what to think of his expression. Had I been accepted? Was I rejected?

I walked into the meeting room. My brother looked out of the window, his back to me. He turned slowly as I shut the door. 

"Sit down, Jenna,” he said in a low, subdued tone.

I saw pain on my brother’s face. What had happened in here?

“The vote was not unanimous,“ he said and I immediately leaped from the chair. I was shocked. I’d been convinced they’d let me in. I screamed at Tim, “It was Jimmy, wasn't it? It’s him, the fucker. He knew how badly I wanted this. Why has he done this to me? Bastard.”

“Jenna, listen to me.” Tim’s voice was harsh and I stopped ranting and looked at him. "It wasn't Jimmy. I’m not gonna tell you about the voting but I will say, it was a very hard decision for the guys. You're a sister to them. Please, try to understand. They feel opening this club up to woman would be asking for trouble. Woman love to bitch and bicker about everything and the club doesn't want that shit." 

I pointed at my brother, hand trembling in anger. ”You will be sorry. I warned you what I would do."

"Jenna, please!" Timmy yelled as I yanked the door open and stormed out into the main room.

“You'll all be sorry, you mother fuckers,” I shouted. “You claim to love me. Fuck that, fuck all of you."

I ran to my car, tears streaming down my face. How could they do this to me? All I ever wanted was to ride beside my brother. I did everything he asked me to do. School, college, the degree he wanted me to get. All for him. And all I wanted in return was to join his damn club. Fuck!

Driving home, still crying, I considered what to do next. Follow through with my threat? Join Eastsiders? I would be riding against my brother if I did. Think Jenna, don't make a rash decision. Yet, I had to show my brother I was serious…

The next morning, I left the house early. I didn't want to answer a lot of questions from my parents.

I drove to the Harley shop, something I thought I’d be doing with my brother. I was mistaken on that score but I would buy my Harley.

A really handsome guy walked up to me. "Can I help you?"

My day suddenly got brighter. "Yes, I'm here to purchase a Harley,” I said, giving him a cute flirty smile.

"What would a girl like you want with a Harley? Rather big machine for a tiny thing like yourself."

Oh yeah, smart guy…”Are you gonna sell me a bike,” I said, all attitude now, “or try to get in my pants, buster?”

'Why not both?” he said, not in the least deflected. "Hi, I'm Snake. I could tell you why I’m called that, but I'll save it for later."

"I don't care why they call you snake, I just want to buy a bike. I have some business to take care of. Now, you gonna sell me a fucking bike, or do I need to call the manager?"

That took him out of his stride. ”No need to be such a bitch,” he said. “What are you looking for?"

I walked around till I found the perfect bike, one that would match my brother’s. "This one. This is the one I want."

"Little big for you,” he said again. “Are you sure you can handle it?"

I gave Snake a dirty look. "Don't let my size fool you. Test ride,” I said.

I quickly straddled the bike like I’d been riding all my life. Snake jumped on behind me — and off we sped. I went through the gears and raced down the street like I owned it. Amazingly, I saw The Southlanders riding toward me, flipped them the bird, and kept going. 

The Southlanders did a U-turn and followed me back to the store. I parked the bike and walked over to The Southlanders. “What the hell do you fuckers want?” I asked, hands on hips. “Why are you following me?”

“Hey, when we see you on a bike with a fucking Eastsider, we have questions,” said one.

"What the fuck are you doing with him?" another one yelled.

"Are y'all my fucking Daddy now? Or did big brother send you?" I asked. "You had your fucking chance. You didn't want me. Now get the fuck away from me." I spat on the ground, turned to walk away, but stopped. "By the way, what does it matter, who I ride with? Like I said, you had your fucking chance."

Looking back at the sales guy, I said, "I'll take it."

Snake led me into the shop to finish the deal. ”So, you’re the sister of The Southlanders’ president?"

"Yeah, what’s it to you? Let's get this sale done. By the way, can I leave my car here? I’d like to ride for a while and come back later to pick it up."

“Sure, Jenna,” he said and we finished up the sale. Handing me the key, he said "Here you go, be safe, but ride like you own the road. You have the bike to do it with."

Mounting my Harley, Snake came running after me. "Hey, we’re having a party at the club tonight, want to come by?" 

“They said you’re an Eastsider. Are you?"

“Yeah, I am. So, how about the party tonight? Like to drop by?"

"Sure, why not?” I said, revving my bike. “Nothing else going on."

I knew Tim would be madder than hell. But, hey, I’d tried. I wanted to join him, but he’d let other people tell him what to do. So, fuck him. He’d lost me. Maybe by going to this party, I could get my foot in the door of the Eastsiders.

I rode for a while then went home to get cleaned up. I phoned my best friend and asked her to pick up my car. Tara was shocked when she heard I’d bought a Harley. But she knew that I’d wanted to ride with my brother. 

Tara was a groupie at the club. She wasn't anyone's old lady, but she was sure trying. She really liked my brother, but Tim wasn't interested in her. So, Tara fucked anyone to stay in with the club. That’s how it worked.

After showering, I found my black lace thong and matching bra. On top, I went for my worn out tight ass jeans, boots, cut off tee shirt, and leather jacket. I tied a bandana around my head to keep my long hair from blowing in my eyes as I rode. But it could still fly on the wind. Awesome.

There’s nothing like the freedom of a ride and, heading to the Eastsiders camp, I thought about my brother and The Southlanders. What kind of trouble might this start? How much would it hurt Tim? 

I didn't care. They didn't want me, so the hell with them.

At the Eastsiders, Snake and a couple others came out to meet me. "Hey Jenna, we’ve been waiting for you. You look great.”

"Thanks, Snake,” I said, looking around.

"Come on in. Let me introduce you to everyone."

Snake held my arm and led me into the clubhouse. Several guys and some old ladies all said hello. They seemed nice and, of course, the women looked me over. That’s expected when a new female walks in. She might be interested in their man.

Snake guided me over to a guy sitting alone in a corner. Scruffy looking guy. Long brown hair, sleeve tats, leather jacket with a President patch over the left top pocket. On his right side over his pocket was his club name, Mirror. Apparently, Mirror could see everything. 

He stood and smiled as he looked at me. ‘Well well, Jenna, you grew up to be quite an eyeful."

Was I supposed to know this guy? Damn, I tried hard to place him. As I stood there, a bad feeling came over me. 

"Hey guys, come around, we have a special guest among us." He laughed.

Who is this guy? Seems he knows me.

"This here is the sister of Tim, president of The Southlanders. To what do we owe the honor of your presence here tonight?" Mirror asked.

"I bought a bike today and Snake here waited on me. He invited me to party with y'all. I thought, why not? Did I make a mistake?" I asked Mirror.

"No, no mistake. I think we’re all gonna have a good time.” He grinned at me. “Tell me, Jenna, are you interested in joining a biker's club? Quite honestly, I thought you’d join your brother’s set up. Oh wait,” he clicked thick fingers, “now I think about it… Snake told me, they didn't want you. Why was that Jenna?"

Huh-uh, I thought, trouble. Or maybe he really was interested in having me join Eastsiders. But I knew it sounded bad that my own brother didn't want me in his club.

"They don't allow female members,” I said.

"Oh well, shame. But you do realize you’ll have to go through an initiation to become part of the Eastsiders."

“Guess so. But maybe I should think about it." I was nervous now.

"No need to put off till tomorrow what can be done tonight. Right guys?”

I felt a hand pull me backward and then hands gripped my legs. I was picked up. Oh no, what was happening? What the fuck did I get myself into? Swiftly, I was carried across the room and placed on top of a pool table, my boots discarded, tee shirt ripped off and jeans drawn down my legs. I lay in nothing but thong and bra.

"This is what we call Initiation, Jenna. I'm sure you’ll enjoy yourself,” someone said as my flimsy underwear was torn off. Hands roamed over my naked body. 

A cock was put in each of my hands and another poised alongside my mouth. My thighs were pushed wide apart and I looked frantically around, trying to find the president. 

Then I saw him walk between my spread legs. “So, you want to be a team member of a biker club,” he said, grinning down at me “Well, this is the beginning. How well can you fuck, suck and jack off every guy here? After that, there'll be a big surprise for you. So, let’s get started, let’s all have a good time. Then we can decide if you’re worthy of being a member of the Eastsiders."

The cocks in my hands had grown. They were huge fucking things, so swollen I could barely fit my fingers around them. I stroked them the best I could, then a big hairy dude thrust his thick weapon in my mouth, deep into my throat until I gagged. But there was no respite. He kept thrusting and the more I choked, the more the gang laughed. 

"Take it bitch, take it all," he screamed at me. I thought he’d tear my throat but he suddenly pulled out and showered my face with his sticky cum.

As he finished, another cock was shoved in my mouth and my legs were brought up high, and a huge dude stood between them. His cock looked to be at least eight inches long. I’d never seen a fucking cock that long and his veins stood out on his enlarged shaft. It was unreal. His purple helmet, glistening with lube, looked enormous as it nudged at my opening. Without ceremony, he opened me up like a rampant bull. 

Thank god he was lubed. If not, I’m sure he would have ripped me apart. Even so, he drove hard and deep in one thrust, slamming his balls against me and totally filling my tunnel. He proceeded to pound me, sliding between my folds, making me raw inside. He was incredibly large and powerful, creating sensations I’d never felt before and I heard myself screaming, “Harder, faster, fuck me harder.”

Damn, it felt so fucking good. I loved that stranger’s monster and all the thrills and joy I was getting from his pummeling. I bucked against him, desperate to have all of him. Huge as he was, I still couldn't get enough. I wanted more.

At the same time, I had this other big cock in my mouth, fucking the hell out of my tonsils, and I was busy jacking off every cock put in my hands. Loads of cum splashed on me.

Unbelievably, in the middle of all of this, some female sat on my face. One minute I was sucking cock, the next I was eating a pussy. "Eat me, you bitch,” she hissed. “You want to bring your slutty ass in here, you make me come, bitch. Suck my clit. Make me scream.” 

Holy shit, I couldn't keep up. She grabbed my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples. She kneaded my globes and the more excited she became, the harder she squeezed. She bobbed up and down on my face and I worked my tongue overtime on her clit. The cock that had been in my mouth was now in hers. The bitch screamed that she was coming and her juice ran down my face.

She climbed off and another cock was instantly pushed into my mouth while the one in my right hand was exchanged for a cunt. This wild chick fed my fingers into her sopping hole and furiously rocked up and down on them. I found her G-spot and it didn’t take long for her to climax. Cum ran out of her, down my fingers, palm and wrist. I kept massaging the spot and the bitch tensed, gasped, and grasped my wrist. Suddenly, she gushed down my arm and bounced hard on my hand. Bloody hell, she wanted to come again. I continued rubbing her hot pussy until she moaned again and she’d finally had enough. She stumbled away but my hand was filled with another cock.

Hot cum was being sprayed all over me. "How's that, slut? You like our fucking cum all over you?" someone asked.

“Yes," I yelled, “I love it. Fuck me, cover me with cum. I want more…” 

All the time, I humped against the giant cock that was drilling me. I could feel his veins rubbing against my walls. It was an incredible sensation. I never imagined it was possible to be stretched like this and a succession of mini-orgasms rolled into one continual roller-coaster of a climax. I didn’t want it to end and I wouldn’t be distracted from his glorious pounding even when another cock was put in my mouth. 

"Suck it, bitch.” He slapped my face. "I said suck my cock, bitch." The more he yelled, the hotter I got. I sucked and ran my tongue around his shaft. This cock wasn't as large as the last one but it was certainly long. Like a snake, it went deep into my throat, then quickly slithered out again.

The mammoth cock guy started to thrust harder. "I'm coming, bitch," he grunted, grabbed my hips and buried one more time deep inside of me. He pulsed and throbbed, pumping out loads after loads of hot cum from his massive head. 

I was filled to overflowing, his sticky cum squelching out onto my inner thighs. My body was covered in cum, my breasts burned from being slapped, pinched and abused, and my jaw ached from all the cock I’d sucked.

In the distance, I heard someone say, “Enough, back away from her.” I wanted to see who’d spoken, but my face was soaked and I’d closed my eyes because of the cum. I felt the cocks being withdrawn from my hands and mouth. And when that supreme specimen gradually withdrew from my gaping pussy, I felt empty. Why had everyone stopped?

My legs were held and I was flipped over onto my belly. "You remember me telling you I had a surprise for you? Do you Jenna?"

"Mirror, is that you, Mirror? Yes, I remember. What you gonna do?" I asked I was worn out, on the brink of total exhaustion. My body had been completely fucked and abused. What else could he do to me?

Hands clutched my hips and pulled me onto my knees. "Put your head down on the table,” Mirror said. "Don't look up."

I did as I was told, not at all sure what was about to happen. "Bitch, I’m gonna give you the fucking of your life. Hold on tight for the ride." I felt him climb on the table and press between my legs. My ass was slapped. Hard.

"So bitch, you really thought I would let you, the pitiful Jenna, join my club when your own brother won’t let you join his. Hell no, I wouldn't let a slut like you into my club,” he said. "But I will say, you gave my guys a night to remember. Now I’m having your nice shaped ass. Spread them cheeks, bitch.” 

"Fuck you, you’re not touching my ass. That's out of bounds. Nobody takes my ass. Fuck off.” I tried to get down but hands held me on the table. 

"Stay there, slut, You're not going anywhere."

'Fuck you and fuck your fucking club," I yelled, again trying to get down. But the guys held me and, as Mirror edged toward my raised ass, I heard a loud crash followed by a gunshot.

'Get the fuck away from my sister, you fucking bastard,” Tim hollered.

Everyone let go. Jim helped me off the table and covered me with a blanket. I saw Tim swing the end of his gun and hit Mirror across his head. "You fucker. War is on, you best watch your step. You weren't messing with a club, you were messing with family. My baby sister."

"She came to me on her own free will,” said Mirror. “I didn't go looking for her."

"But you know she's off limits. Watch your back, motherfucker.”

Tim walked over and took me from Jimmy and carried me out of there. He told Jim to ride my bike back to the club and I rode with my brother.

That night at the Eastsiders was never spoken of again. 


A special meeting was called to discuss forming a female members club attached to The Southlanders. It would come under Tim's overall leadership, and I would be the president of the female club. My own club! Importantly, it would mean I’d be able to ride with my brother. And that’s all I ever wanted. 

It was proposed at the meeting that I’d train, wear my brother’s name, and be under his guidance till he and the members decided it was time for my club to open. Till then, I would remain, now and always, their Little Sis.


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