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Bonnie and Mel

Bonnie is my neighbor, Melanie is her sister. Together they hold great gangbangs.
I pulled my cock out of her cunt and slapped her ass cheek, barely noticing my cum sliding out of her used hole to join the pool between her knees. I motioned with my chin to one of the guys waiting and he knelt behind her where I had been. I grabbed a towel and cast a passing glance at his cock as he slipped inside her, forcing out the rest of my load with his fat cock. I heard her groan around the guy fucking her mouth and snorted a laugh as I wiped myself off. Her moan was cut off by a repulsive gagging sound as the guy pushed his cock deeper into her throat.

I worked my way through the crowd of naked men to the door and headed for the kitchen to get a bottle of water, my softening cock dangling over my spent loose ball sack. I had to negotiate around her sister, who was on her knees near the doorway, fluffing the next guys in line. I checked the numbers dangling from the wrists of the two guys she was sucking, six and eight. Mine was four. I hated being higher than two, but at least I didn't have to follow that fat cock that was inside her now! I excused myself past the blond head giving head, and the guys chuckled. I made it to the door and squeezed past a line of guys in various states of undress and arousal. The last guy wore a fifteen on his wrist and a sullen expression on his face. Been there. Last sucks. Only Wilson likes it, he usually trades his spot for whoever got the last number, but he wasn't here tonight.

I worked my way up the rest of the hallway, stopped in the bathroom to take a quick piss, then turned to the kitchen. Ross was there, his usual animated self, and he handed me a cold water casually, as though me and the other three guys weren't completely naked and hadn't just fucked his wife. He was used to it, but it was still a little odd, for me anyway. I have no idea how he dealt with this arrangement despite his having explained it a number of times. I opened the water and took a long pull, trying to imagine being married to a slut like Bonnie. But the thought lasted only a second. I hadn't really given Ross's frame of mind much thought for months now.

Sure, the first couple of times they'd asked me to participate in Bonnie and Melanie's gangbangs I'd been concerned about how he'd react. Hell, the first time Bonnie's sister couldn't even suck me hard I was so nervous. But that was months ago, I'd grown accustomed to sporting an erection in front of other guys and seeing hard and soft cocks all sound me. A regular sausage fest. And I'd gotten to know Ross pretty well over the two years since they'd moved next door. I guess I knew him as well or better than most of the guys. I'd gotten to know some of the guys, too, the regulars, anyway. Melanie's husband Todd, that was Bonnie's sister, Melanie. He was pretty cool. I'd nodded to him in the hallway but I don't think he'd noticed me. He was watching his wife sucking cock. I think he pulled number ten.

A couple of the other regulars had acknowledged me as I'd passed. I really only knew them from these events. It's not like I wanted to hang out with them. They all knew Ross too, but probably not as well as I did, living next door. But we all certainly knew Bonnie and Melanie well enough.

What a pair of sluts they were!

The girls were sexual dynamos, but not raving beauties, you know? Ordinary looking girls, not ugly by any means. Mel carried a little weight from having kids, and Bonnie was on the plain side. But there was a fire in them, a burning sexuality and hunger that was obvious when they let their guard down.

Twice a month we'd get the call, because they alternated. This was mid-month, so it was Bonnie's turn to get banged. She'd drawn a decent crowd tonight because she'd told us all she was going twice, first round pussy, second round ass. In two weeks we'd be back and Bonnie would fluff for her sister. The number of guys changed from event to event, depending on the girl’s moods and guys availability. I'd only missed a few since the first time they'd invited me.

I'd met Ross and Bonnie the day they moved in, doing the neighborly thing and introducing myself, offering to help. I went out and got a bottle of wine and stopped over the next day, and they stopped unpacking for a little while to chat. Nice couple, no kids. They'd moved to the area to be closer to her sister, but they didn't say why at first. That came later. I got to know them over those first months, inviting them over for burgers or takeout, and they did the same. They didn't seem to mind me being a third wheel, and as I was unattached at the time, we hung out a lot. Ross and I got along pretty well. And Bonnie was just flat out friendly. Very touchy, holding my arm, that kind of thing. When she started sitting in my lap I got nervous, but Ross waved it off.

After a few weeks of her being friendly and touchy she had suddenly rubbed my cock through my pants and told Ross she was going to blow me, just like that. I'd nearly choked on the beer I was drinking. Ross, he just turned his chair to get a better view. And fuck if Bonnie didn't open my pants right there in their den and start sucking my cock. And fuck if I didn't let her.

I'd glanced at Ross a couple of times during that first one, a little nervous about his wife blowing me in front of him, but he seemed to enjoy it almost as much as I did. It became a fairly regular event, and eventually they told me about their habits and her sexual appetite. She liked sucking cock and I liked getting my cock sucked, and Ross seemed to not mind. This kind of thing went on for a few months before they invited me to be part of her gangbangs.

That first time? When I couldn't get it up with all the other guys around? They came over the next day and Bonnie fucked me while Ross watched. She felt bad for me! She was all apologetic, saying she was sorry, she should have been more considerate. Ross was in the kitchen getting a beer and she just called out to him that she was going to fuck me. He yelled okay and she smiled and lifted her skirt. I was stunned, I mean, yeah, I was gonna be one of her gang bang boys the night before, but this was a little different. But she just took my pants off, sucked me hard like she’d done dozens of times before, then slid herself down on me. Ross came in and sat and watched her as she rode my cock until I came inside her. Kind of lady she is.

I remember the one time when she was working my cock he got out of his chair. I'd thought uh, oh, this was it, he's had enough. I started scrambling out of my chair when he pulled her shorts down, pulled his own down and fucked her while she sucked my cock.

We'd talked about it afterwards and they'd told me that Bonnie did a lot more than suck cock. She'd kissed me on the cheek and promised next time she'd let me fuck her. But we didn't make it to next time. I fucked her that evening, and Ross fucked her after me.

And then they'd told me about her gangbangs. Weird thing was that after all the times she'd sucked me off it felt, I dunno, natural. Expected. I wasn't shocked or anything. I'd just finished my beer and said, "oh, that's cool," or something stupid like that.

I was thinking about that as I chatted with Ross and the other naked guys in the kitchen when the guy who followed me came in. Then the jokes started, about having to follow the fat cock guy. I glanced at him. I mean seriously, with all the cocks dangling and swinging, you kind of get used to seeing other guys equipment. But his was a marvel of girth, even soft.

Ross was his gregarious self as he usually was on Bonnie's night. He'd told me, early on when I'd asked, that he really enjoyed her enjoying herself like this. In fact it was how they'd met, in college at a frat party. She'd taken on several guys, including him, with her sister, and he'd been so taken with her carefree and spirited attitude that he'd asked her out. They had dated through school, enjoying her group adventures together.

After school they'd gotten married and work took Bonnie and him away from her sister. They'd tried to maintain Bonnie's fun but she seemed to not enjoy it so much without Melanie, and their activity dwindled. Mel got married too, and had a few children. That's why they used Ross and Bonnie's house since moving closer, they had no kids.

Several other guys had finished and were crowded into the kitchen now. I did a mental count and figured there were only a few left for the first round. I figured I'd better go get myself ready. I took another water, then grabbed two extras for the ladies and headed back up the now-empty hallway. The door was open and I could see Melanie sucking the last guy’s cock. He didn't look so despondent now. She looked like she was trying to finish him off. She does love sucking cock, and she's really good at it.

The guy plowing Bonnie finished up with a howl and pulled out. Damn, her cunt was a mess! Gaping open, red and used and dripping cum. Jizz was dripping down her thighs and soaking into the sheets beneath her. The second to last guy moved in and I watched semen explode from her as he tried to fill her loose, open hole. Fuck if she didn't coo and moan like it was the first. I've never seen anyone enjoy fucking like Bonnie. I took my bottles of water and grabbed one of the empty chairs and watched. I picked one with a side view, as I had no interest in watching the guy’s ass and swinging balls. I wanted to get hard again, and seeing another guy’s junk, well, I could have stayed in the kitchen for that.

Bonnie must have seen me from the corner of her eye because she turned her head to face me. Her tits were swinging under her as she pushed back into the guy fucking her. She caught my eye, raised her eyebrows and wrinkled her nose in a gleeful expression. Then she lowered herself to one elbow and slid her free hand between her legs. She bit her lower lip and started rubbing herself, holding my gaze. Fuck, she was hot to watch. I smiled at her and she held my gaze, eyes narrowing intently until her lip slipped out as her mouth opened and her eyes flared wide open. Small sounds alternated with panting breath as she brought herself to orgasm, staring into my eyes.

My cock began rising.

Her orgasm triggered her current partner and he dumped his load silently, buried deep inside her. She grinned devilishly as he pulled out and the Last Man pulled away from Melanie and climbed on the bed with urgency that told me he was right in the edge. Melanie got up and sat next to me and I gave her a water. She thanked me and opened it and took a long pull as her other hand began stroking my semi. I grinned at her and saw her dimples from behind her water bottle. She pulled the bottle away.

"Ten seconds, tops," she said quietly from the corner of her mouth. I snickered and sipped my water. Sure enough he lasted about eight moaning strokes before releasing a low groan and the load Melanie had built up inside him. He was still kneeling when Bonnie pulled her cunt from him and turned around. She kissed him on the cheeks, thanked him and scooted him off the bed and out of the room. Melanie stood and followed him to the door, closing it behind him. They were taking a break and allowing me to stay. Not unusual. I stood and gave Bonnie the water.

"Oh, you are too sweet, thanks, Lie." She had always called me Lie, never Lionel. But she put the water on the bedside and crooked a finger at Mel.

"About fucking time," her sister quipped, then turned to me with a grin, handing me her opened water bottle. Bonnie threw her legs off the bed and planted her feet on the floor, ass back and up and legs spread. She turned to look at me and hung her tongue from her mouth flat, then grimaced and grinned broadly. I gave her a confused look back until she lowered her face into the pool of cum on the sheets.

I stared dumbfounded, mouth open as she smeared her face in the cooling pool of semen, and then went fully hard as she emitted loud slurping sounds. And as if that wasn't enough Melanie got behind her, laid against the side of the bed and angled her head back with her mouth open as Bonnie's cunt discharged the semen from the last two guys in several fat blurts.

I stared in erotic awe at the debauched display. What a pair of sluts! Melanie made smacking yummy sounds as she drank the spillage, but it was drowned out by Bonnie's slurps. Finally Bonnie pulled her head up, laughing and looking at me.

"It was a new idea," she chuckled casually, casting eyes at Mel who was climbing to her feet. "Hers, of course."

"I didn't hear much disagreement," Melanie chided, turning to me. "I wanted the pool, but we couldn't figure out how Bonnie could get some then," she laughed. "I sucked all those cocks, I wanted to get something out of it!"

I shook my head, saw cum still dripping down Bonnie's inner thigh. I pointed, snickering. "Looks like you missed some," I offered, "maybe you should suck it out!"

"Eeww!" they both squealed.

"She's my sister!" Bonnie objected.

Melanie scrunched up her nose. "Ichh. Lesbian incest!" She cocked an eye at me. "What do think we are, perverts?" There was a pregnant pause as we all exchanged glances, then burst out laughing. Bonnie reached for her water and took a long drink, and Melanie finished hers, tossed me the empty bottle with thanks.

"Actually," Mel finished as Bonnie rehydrated, "that intermission cum eating was an afterthought. My first idea came after Bonnie said she was going two rounds." She sat on the edge of the bed in unabashed nakedness. She motioned her chin at my strutting erection, adding in a sarcastic tone, "speaking of round two!" Bonnie nearly sputtered her mouthful of water out. "I told her I couldn't suck that many cocks twice,” she continued. “My jaw starts really aching, ya know?" She rubbed a hand on the side of her face. "And no cum for all my work? Seriously?" Bonnie smacked her sister playfully. "So I came up with a compromise, like," she said.

"She's gonna lay on her back, under me. Suck the guys from there, before they fuck my ass," Bonnie explained. "We figure just the sight of it will get 'em hard, and she can suck anyone who isn't all the way there."

"And I get to have some cum for my efforts!" She turned, high-fived her sister.

"You got it, Mel," Bonnie offered as I gazed in wonder. I'd thought, after months of gang banging the two of them, that there were no surprises left in heaven or earth. I was wrong. "Whatever drips out is all yours!"

"Like a catcher instead of a fluffer!" They laughed again. I shook my head in amazement.

"Hey, Lie," Bonnie said with her chin lifted, "what number you got?"

"Four," I told her.

"Wanna jump the line?" she offered. Melanie looked around at her. "What? To try it out. We don't know how it'll work." She shrugged. "It's not like we've done it before." She turned to me. "You up for it - oh, never mind," she quipped, indicating my fleshy throbbing pole. Fuck yeah, I was up for it!

Melanie hitched her shoulders. "Yeah, good thinking. We got a few minutes still," she said, scrambling up onto the bed and laying on her back. She shuffled to the side when her bare shoulder landed on the huge wet spot. When she was in place Bonnie got on all fours, with her ass above Melanie's chin. They shuffled a little, adjusting until they thought they had the best positions. Bonnie gave me a nod and I was on the bed in a shot.

Eyes wide with anticipation I lowered my cockhead to Mel's mouth and pushed in way deep. She took the whole thing, gagging a little. I pulled out with a coating of saliva.

"Pussy first," Bonnie advised. "Get it nice and slicked." Who was I to argue? I slipped my shaft inside the swampy cum pit of her cunt. I could barely feel it, but my cock emerged coated in slime. "Okay, let’s see if we got this right."

I spread her cheeks and aimed my fat little head at her shining crinkle. I winked at me, pulsing tight several times. I pressed against it and applied pressure. There was a little resistance before it opened and swallowed my head. Bonnie squealed. I felt fingers on my balls and looked down at Melanie as she fondled me.

"We used olive oil, should go in easy," she advised. I nodded appreciatively at their forethought and slid my cock fully into her tight ass. Fuck, it was incredible! Bonnie groaned as I settled in deep, feeling her tight muscles grip and relax as I slid into the heated depths of her anus. I hissed a breath through gritted teeth as the sensation flooded me.

"Oh, fuck that's good," she sighed back at me, "and fourteen more where that came from!"

"Fucking hot from down here, too!" I heard Melanie chime in from underneath as she fondled my balls. "Take that cock you oversexed slut!" I looked down at her and caught her eye. She glared up at me with a wild look and opened her mouth, tongue extended and licked my balls. I was pulling back and her tongue trailed along the underside of my shaft as I slid out, then back in, deep.

"Careful, Mel," I advised as I pushed my cock into Bonnie's ass, dragging her tongue with it. "You might accidentally touch pussy!"

She wrinkled her nose and stuck out her tongue in a look that made her sexy and petulant at once. "That's incidental," she chided playfully. "It doesn't count!"

I snorted a laugh and got to what I was doing, fucking Bonnie up the ass. I'd had enough rest time, and as I started picking up my stroke pace Melanie's fingers on my balls jacked my excitement higher almost immediately. Thanking the gangbang gods for these incredible women and the opportunity they'd given me I gripped Bonnie's ass cheeks tighter, spreading her, giving myself a good look at her stretched back door taking my cock. As much as porn penetration is cool, there is nothing like seeing your own cock slipping inside a woman, feeling it as you see it. Fuck, she was taking it like a champ, too, her ass flexing on my shaft as I pulled back, resisting and opening as I pushed back inside.

Melanie was kneading my balls as they tightened. "So soon, Lionel?" I didn't look down as I felt her tongue again.

"Oh fuck," I muttered as I began slamming deep and hard inside her back door. "You two sluts are gonna push me right over the edge!" I gritted my teeth, felt the stirrings of my climax build in my groin as my legs tensed. "Fuck!"

"Fucking load me up, Lie!" Bonnie called out. "Fill my fucking asshole!"

"Come on, baby, unload those balls in there!" I felt her hands on my ass cheeks as they clenched involuntarily, preparing the explosion. "That's it, dump that nasty juicy cum in my sister’s butt, you fucker," she cheered, and as my climax crested and exploded she cooed and cheered me through my delivery. I was groaning so loud I couldn't hear her, just noted her voice coaxing me through my first initial spurts and my smaller trembling finish.

As I subsided from my heights I came back to my senses, feeling Mel stroking my emptied balls as Bonnie pulsed her muscles on my draining shaft. She wiggled her hips slowly, making yummy sounds.

"Mmm, that was nice, Lie, a nice big load of cum." She giggled. "Okay, pull out slowly, let’s see if we have this lined up right."

I leaned back and rested my weight on my feet above Melanie's head, watching my shaft extricate itself from the slicked and now open hole between her cheeks. As the head cleared the opening a rivulet of cum spilled out, creamy and clear fluid dripping from the fleshy opening before it closed. It spilled out quickly and landed on the bridge of Melanie's nose, running down the side of her face.

She squealed happily and angled her head, mouth open as Bonnie clenched and pushed and another squirt drooled out to land directly on Melanie's flat extended tongue and running into her mouth. She waited until the drip stopped and swallowed, smacking her lips.

"Couple of inches," she said, scooting towards me to adjust. "There, that should be fucking perfect!" She looked up at me, licked her lips before wiping a finger through the cock drool on her face and sucking it clean. "Very yummy, Lionel," she quipped with a playful grin. "I'd say that was a successful test run!"

"Lie, be a dear," Bonnie called, "and open the door?"

Shaking my head in disbelief, I climbed off the bed, swatted Bonnie on the ass playfully and leaned down to plant a kiss on Melanie's unmarked forehead. "Thank you, ladies, as always," I said politely but with genuine appreciation. I went to the door and opened it to see a crowd of naked men stacked in the hallway.

"Hey," the first guy in line complained, "I have number one!"

"Don't sweat it chief," I advised, glancing back at the posed duo of female flesh on the bed. "Special request from the ladies. And besides," I called back as I slipped through the crowd, avoiding casual contact with the cocks that jutted out as I passed "I think you'll forget about it when you see what they have in store for you!"

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