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Cameraman Needed

Mike's first day as a cameraman is not what he expected.

After moving to Los Angeles, finding a steady job was not quite as easy as I had imagined. I found myself bouncing from one production to another as a production assistant for low budget movies, television shows, and commercials. Trust me - it sounds way more impressive than it actually is. My biggest issue was that it seemed to be a club of insiders and the idea of it ‘not being what you know, but who you know’ was more realistic than I thought possible. 

I moved out here dreaming of being a director. I knew it was a bit of a long shot, but I also knew that it would take a lot of work. I would have to start at the very bottom and prove myself to be a hard worker, while learning about the business and how things worked on a set. That meant low pay, long hours, and very little time for actually working on my own projects.

On the bright side, I was twenty-three years old, living in bright, sunny LA, and really didn’t have a lot of real responsibilities. Sure, I had the normal bills - rent, cell phone, groceries, etc. - but my car was paid for and I really only needed about $1500 per month to stay afloat. It doesn’t sounds like much but I was barely scraping by at the end of each month.

It had been two weeks since my last gig and I was getting desperate. During my daily skimming of job listings on various websites, I found one that might be of some interest. It read:  Cameraman needed for small production. Good pay. One day shoot. Minimal experience needed. Send resume to *******.

The work was outside my area of expertise, but the promise of ‘good pay’ was more than enough to take a shot. I knew how to work a camera from some visual arts classes I took in college, so at worst, I could probably fake it pretty well if they were really interested in ‘minimal experience’. So I sent my resume in and went about my day.

About four hours later, I heard my phone ding on the kitchen counter and knew that it was an email to my work account based on the distinct chime. I rushed over and opened it to see if it was about the job.

Mike, thanks for sending your resume. Looks good to me - can you come by for a meeting tomorrow around lunch time? The address is 11530 Pendleton St., Sun Valley. Make sure your afternoon is free. If we get along, I want to shoot immediately. - Hank

I couldn’t believe it. I replied right away and told Hank that I would be there at noon. I got an email back from him confirming our meeting and letting me know that he was looking forward to the next day. I was careful not to ask about pay right away. The way I saw it, if he wanted to shoot tomorrow, there was always the chance I could drive up the price at our meeting if he really wanted to get started. Telling him my price today would just mean that he could say ‘no’ and find someone else.

That night, I went to bed early so that I could get up early and be one hundred percent ready for my meeting with Hank. It seemed silly but camera guys make good money in this town and if I could make this a regular job, it would be great for the bank account. So I wanted to make the best impression I could.

Around 10:45am, I left my apartment and headed up Interstate 5. It was not that far of a drive but LA traffic can be unpredictable. I was not taking a chance on being late because of traffic. The drive didn’t take very long but I was so excited about this opportunity that each minute seemed like an hour. I finally arrived around 11:30am and just waited in my car for a while. I didn’t want to show up too early. I knew how annoying that can be.

About five minutes until noon, I walked up the front door and entered the nondescript building. There was a long hallway with a bunch of doors so I just started walking and looking for the door with Straight Cash written on it. About halfway down the hall, I found it and knocked. After a moment, the door swung open and I was greeted by a friendly face.

“Mike?” he asked.

“Yes; you must be Hank?” I replied.

“That’s me. Thanks so much for coming on short notice. My normal guy dropped out and I needed to get this shot today. My actress is only available for a few hours this afternoon so I din’t want to risk losing her for this project. Come on in, let’s chat,” he told me.

I walked into the waiting room of a normal office setting. There was some generic art on the wall and some nice looking couches along two of the walls. We walked through to an office off that room and Hank took a seat behind the desk. I sat down across from him.

“Alright, so she’s probably going to be here in about forty-five minutes so let’s talk real quick and get set up. You hungry? I got some pizza for lunch and there’s a few slices left in the break room,” he offered.

“Oh, no thank you. I’m all set. Big breakfast for me today,” I explained.

“Alright, offer stands. Anyway, I’m not going to sugar coat this. I produce adult videos,” he said with a pause, waiting for me to react.

I just nodded my head so as not to react to strongly one way or another. A job is a job.

“You ever see those videos where some amateur girl comes in, does an interview, and gets naked?” he asked.

“Um, sure. Like 'Girls Do Porn'?” I asked, trying to sound like I knew what he was talking about without revealing too much.

“Yeah - exactly, but fuck those guys. Those chicks are actresses. It’s fake as fuck. I find real amateurs. Girls with something to prove to their shitty ex-boyfriends or deadbeat dads. I bring them in, talk to them a bit, and have some fun,” he explained.

“Oh, that’s cool,” I said, really not knowing what to say at all.

“So anyone can use these cameras, I’m not looking for a professional. Just someone who can aim the camera at the action and not get all weird. Can you do that?” Hank asked.

“Yeah - absolutely. I’ve used cameras like those before,” I said, gesturing to the cameras on his desk.

“Great - the job pays three grand. You cool with that?” he asked.

I almost choked. Three thousand dollars? That was way more than I expected!

“Sure - that works for me,” I said, trying to play it cool.

“Okay, great. Here’s how this works. You are the second camera. I’ll be the primary camera. We will start with an interview. This camera will be on my desk getting a wide shot. You sit over there and get close ups. Make sure you capture her reactions and facial expressions. That is the gold that tells the world she is really an amateur,” he told me.

I nodded and he continued.

“Once the action heats up, you get in there with the camera; you want to get close enough to get good shots but not too close that it throws off the action. Don’t be fucking weird, okay? I get in on the action a little bit so make sure you are getting the good shot if I’m not in the position to get it myself,” he explained, making sure that I was not going to fuck this up.

“I’ve seen some of those videos so I think I can handle this pretty well,” I said, trying to ease his worries that I wouldn’t do it right.

“Great - I’m sure you’ll be good. Any questions from you? Because once we get started, we just roll. There are no second takes. We want this as real as possible.” Hank asked.

“When you say you ‘get in on the action’, what exactly does that mean? I just want to be ready.” I asked.

“Depends on the girl, to be honest. Whatever she’s up for!” he said with a big smile.

I liked Hank. He was energetic and pleasant - certainly not the type of guy I expected to be doing videos like this. We chatted a little more about some of the features on the camera and shots he wanted to be sure I was getting. For the most part, he kept me in the dark. I don’t think it was intentional. I think he was just used to guys in this business and I didn’t ask too many questions, so as not to sound like a newbie. 

I was feeling a little nervous because I really didn’t know what to expect. I had seen a few of these videos but I really was not completely comfortable with what I was going to be shooting. It’s not that I was a prude or anything - I watched porn - but there was a big difference from pulling up a video online and being two feet from the action. This was especially true when there was no script and the girl has never done this before! 

Around 1:00pm, Hank’s phone rang.

“Hello… yeah. Hey, honey. Yeah, the door is about halfway down the hall on the right. See you in a minute,” he said into the phone.

I looked at him with a look of 'so this is it?'

“Showtime, Mikey boy!” Hank said, excitedly.

Moments later, there was a knock on the outside door and Hank went out to greet the start of our show. I sat back and waited for them to come back. We had agreed that we would explain the day to her before we started shooting to avoid too much awkwardness.

“Mike, meet Paige. Paige, Mike,” he said, walking into the room with a cute brunette.

“Hi, Mike! Nice to meet you!” Paige said in a friendly tone.

She was stunning. If I had to guess, I would place her in her early twenties with long, brown hair with loose curls and deep blue eyes. She was about five-foot-four, nearly a full foot shorter than Hank. She was petite by most standards, with slim legs, a narrow waist, and perky B-cup breasts above a flat stomach. She was dressed very casually, not exactly what you would expect - just jeans and a white t-shirt.

I said my hellos and Hank invited her to grab a seat on the small sofa across from his desk. We had since moved the seat I was sitting in so there was nothing between the couch and his desk. For the next few minutes, Hank explained how much she would be paid for her time and how he expected the day to go. There would be an interview and then some modeling if she was comfortable. He also reminded her that she was under no obligation to do anything she didn’t want to. She seemed relieved at how nice he was and appreciative of his style of work.

“Ready to get started?” he asked her.

“Yep!” Paige chirped.

We started rolling the cameras and Hank began his interview.

“Hey there, what’s your name?” he began.


“Nice to meet you, Paige. How old are you?”

“I’m twenty.”

“And are you from LA?”

“No, I just moved here. I grew up in Ohio.”

“Ohio? What brings you out west?”

“I’m in college at UC.”

“No shit - what are you studying?”

“Communication… for now. I’m still not completely sure if I want to do that.”

She was adorable on camera. I couldn’t tell if she was playing it up for us or not, but it was working. She looked great and she sounded genuine.

“So, let’s get a little deeper, shall we?” Hank asked.

“Sure! I’m an open book.” Paige replied.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Um, kind of.” 

“Kind of?! What would he say?”

“He would say that I have a boyfriend,” she said, a little embarrassed but smiling.

“Are you a virgin?”

She looked at me and then back to Hank. “No, I’m not. Is that okay?” she asked, shyly.

“Of course that’s okay! You’re young and sexy. What you do is your business, right?” Hank assured her.

“Okay, we’ll I’ve only been with like four guys. So I’m not a slut or anything!” she said. 

“Well, why don’t we do a little modeling as we finish the interview. Can you stand up and take your top off?” Hank asked.

She looked nervous for the first time. Hank sensed her hesitation and jumped back in.

“How about I throw in another hundred dollars for your top?” he offered.

She seemed to like the sound of that and stood up cautiously. As she stood, she pulled her t-shirt up over her head, leaving her standing in front of us in jeans and a lime green bra. It looked great on her tight, tanned body.

“Wow - you look great, honey!” Hank said.

“Aw, thanks,” she replied.

“Now, what is your favorite position in bed?” Hank asked.

“Um, on top? Yeah, I like being on top the most,” she said, blushing.

“Oh, so we have ourselves a little cowgirl, huh?” Hank teased.

“I guess so!” Paige said back.

“Will you take off those jeans for another hundred?” he asked.

Without responding, she just smiled and began unbuttoning her jeans. As she tugged them down over her hips, she revealed a pair of lacy green panties that matched the bra. She might have been playing coy but she knew from the start that we would be seeing the matching set!

“Oh my god - look at that little body. Paige, you are incredible!” Hank praised her.

She was smiling and seemingly loving the attention. I was doing my best to remain professional. I had never been this close to such a stunning creature in just her underwear before. 

“Why do you like cowgirl so much, Paige?” Hank probed.

“Um, I just like the way it feels, I guess?” Paige replied, a little unsure.

“Do you like big dicks?” Hank said.

Paige laughed, embarrassed. I could tell she was searching for the right answer. “Yeah, of course. Well, I think so. One of my boyfriends was pretty big and he was good in bed.” she said, blushing again.

“How big was he?” Hank pushed for more. 

I could tell that he was an expert at this. The questions got more personal as the clothes came off. It was brilliant in the way of simply upping the ante every few minutes and keeping her off balance. I’m not sure she would be talking so freely if she wasn't almost naked, and she may not be standing here in just her underwear if she didn’t just admit to loving to being on top. It was the idea of ‘well, I’ve already gone this far or said this much, what’s a little more?’

“He was probably this big,” she said, holding up her hands about six or seven inches apart.

“And he was the biggest?” Hank asked.

“Yeah,” Paige replied.

“Have you ever wanted to try a bigger penis?” 

I saw a little reluctance in her face when deciding on how to answer this one. It was that uncertainty that Hank had told me to look for. I was sure he would love this!

“I mean, yeah, kind of. I’ve had girlfriends talk about their boyfriends’ cocks before but I always thought they were exaggerating. But, yeah, I’ve wondered. I’ve always enjoyed my boyfriends though, so it’s just been a curiosity, not something I’ve really ever needed.” 

“Can you take your bra off for me? I’ll give you another two hundred dollars,” Hank told her.

There was a slight hesitation this time, but again, she took him up on the offer and reached behind her back to release her bra. In the next moment, she was shrugging it off her shoulders and allowing us to view her tits. There was almost no need for a bra. There was no sag at all. They just stood out proudly.

“Are those natural?” Hank asked.


“Can you give them a little squeeze for the camera?” Hank asked.

“Um, okay!” Paige replied and reached up to her breasts and pushed them together with her palms before squeezing them and giving her nipples a little pinch before releasing them.

I was mesmerized by her body and her bubbly personality.

“Do you ever give your boyfriends blowjobs?” Hank asked.

For the first time, she looked really unsure if she was going to answer, but she eventually came through.

“Yes…” she admitted.

“Do you like it?” Hank followed up.

“I… I kind of do! I know that sounds weird because most girls hate it, but I kind of like giving my boyfriends that kind of pleasure. It makes me feel kind of sexy,” she said, sheepishly.

“When is the last time you sucked a dick?” Hank was getting a little more vulgar with his questioning. Again, he started slow to build trust and now was talking dirty to arouse her. Well played, Hank! Paige was really blushing now.

“Yesterday!” Paige replied, before covering her face in embarrassment.

“Yesterday?” Hank said, laughing.

“Yeah, I blew my boyfriend while we were watching a movie after dinner! Oh my god, this is so embarassing!” Paige said.

“Would you suck one now?” Hank said, going in for the kill.

“Right now?” she asked.

“Yeah, let’s say there was another five hundred dollars in it for you?” Hank offered.

“For five hundred dollars?! Yeah - I think I would,” she said.

At this point, I was no longer sure what would happen next. Hank picked up the camera off the tripod on his desk and stood up. He walked around his desk and approached Paige who was still standing in front of the couch. I stood up too so I could keep an extra camera on the action even though Hank was shooting the whole thing on his.

“Paige, I’d like for you to take out my dick.” Hank told her, sternly but very friendly.

She looked up at him, then over at me. She was making up her mind if she was actually going to do this. I saw her take a deep breath and steady herself. She was really going to do this! Her hands were trembling slightly as she reached for Hank’s belt. 

Up until this point, I was trying to decide if she was trying to seem like more of a slut than she was or less than a slut than she was. I now knew that she had been playing up her sluttiness. She was nervous to do this. I really think she was under the impression that she might take some sexy pictures after telling us how naughty she was and get a check. She certainly didn’t have to do this, but I think she felt she had talked herself into a corner.

She undid Hank’s belt and unfastened the top button on his dress pants. She then pulled down the zipper and allowed his pants to fall to his ankles. Underneath, he was wearing red boxer briefs with a sizable lump in the front. Paige was looking around nervously, her eyes going from Hank, to the bulge in his underwear, to me, and back to Hank.

“Go ahead, it won’t bite,” Hank said, laughing.

Paige crouched down into a squat so her face was level with Hank’s groin. She stretched out the waist band and pulled his boxers to mid thigh. In doing so, she revealed Hank’s soft cock underneath. The only word I could use to describe it was meaty. It was still soft but it looked pretty big even in that state. There is the old saying that guys are either grow-ers or show-ers. Hank was definitely a show-er. Paige sat there looking at it, as if she wasn’t sure what to do.giggled. 

“Go ahead, touch it. See if you can make it grow,” Hank instructed.

Paige looked very nervous. I’m sure she was telling the truth about not being a virgin, but I’m not sure she knew what she was getting herself into. With a trembling hand, she reached out and lightly grasped Hank’s shaft. She gave it a few soft tugs and felt as it grew in her hand. At this point, I felt that I needed to get a batter angle to fully capture the look on Paige’s face next to Hank’s growing cock.

I stood up from my seat in the corner and crept closer to the action. As I approached, I kept the camera focused on the look of nervous awe on Paige’s face. She was still stoking him and Hank was still growing. It was evident that he was more than just a show-er. It was evident that he was still not completely stiff, but he was already nearly seven inches long and as thick as Paige’s wrist.

“Give it a kiss, Paige,” Hank encouraged.

Paige, mesmerized by the cock in her hand, leaned forward and placed her lips on the tip. She gave an exaggerated kiss and giggled. She was clearly not entirely sure how to proceed from here. 

“Why don’t you try putting it in your mouth?” Hank asked.

“I don’t think it will fit! I’ve never seen one this big before!” she exclaimed.

“Oh, come on. It’s not that big,” Hank said. “It’s not even hard yet!”

“It’s not?” Paige said, shocked.

“Put it in your mouth. See how big you can make it,” Hank said.

“Um, okay!” Paige agreed.

With that she opened her mouth wide and put the golf ball sized head between her lips. Paige’s eyes went wide when she realized just how much of a struggle this was going to be. I, too, was shocked at Hank’s size. If he was being serious and it still had room to grow, it was going to destroy this girl. Paige continued pushing her face forward and forcing as much of his penis into her mouth as she could.

She finally pulled her head back and took a caught her breath. Hank was now hard as a rock and had grown to at least nine inches long, maybe longer. In addition to his length, he was unbelievably thick - like an empty paper towel roll. His cock was bobbing menacingly, sticking straight out from his body, only inches away from Paige’s face. She was staring at it in disbelief.

“Paige, there’s another $500 in this if you can make me cum,” Hank offered.

I saw her doing the math in her head and totaling up the money he had promised thus far. It seemed as though she figured that total was worth the blowjob and nodded her head. She then reached out with a little more confidence, but still not quite sure of how to attack this beast. Paige grabbed it at the base with one small hand and then placed her other hand around it just above the other. There was still a good amount of dick left for her to place her lips on. 

Using both hands and her mouth, she began working Hank’s cock as best she could. After a few moments, Paige had figured out a good rhythm and was stroking and sucking him as best she could. She was still struggling quite a bit as she had clearly never encountered a cock quite like this. But she was trying her best to get him off, stroking and twisting her hands over his shaft while sucking and drooling all over the head.

This blowjob went on for at least five minutes - much longer than I would have lasted were I in Hank’s shoes. But then again, maybe he got blowjobs like this all the time. Paige was really trying to make him cum. I could see it in her eyes. 

Holding her gently by the back of her head, Hank sat down on the couch, bringing Paige with him. The obedient young woman never even lost contact with him as she followed him to his new spot. Hank leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He was clearly loving what she was doing. The room was completely silent except for the sounds coming from Paige’s mouth - slurping and sucking. Every once and a while she would inhale deeply, like she had run out of breath, or moan softly around his cock.

“Paige, I’ll give you another thousand dollars to get up on this couch on all fours and let me fuck you from behind,” Hank said, breaking the silence.

She stopped sucking and looked up at him, then at me. The look in her eyes said this was no longer a financial decision. She had clearly gotten very turned on from blowing suck an impressive cock. Without saying a word, she hopped up on the couch and turned around so that she was on her hands and knees facing away from Hank. Hank looked at her panty-clad ass and smiled at me.

“I’ll take that as a yes, huh,” Hank said, laughing.

Hank rose up from where was sitting into a position on one knee behind Paige. He was pointing his camera down at his cock and Paige’s ass from behind so I took the opportunity to get in front of her and film her face. She was trying to look confident but I could tell she was terrified to take this cock. She even jumped a little bit when Hank placed his hand on her pussy. He was rubbing her cunt from behind, spreading her copious juices.

“Oh my god, Paige, you have such a tight little pussy. This is going to be great!” Hank said.

“Please go slow,” she begged.

As I filmed her face, I kept an eye on the action behind her. Hank was now lining up his horse cock with he tight hole. He rubbed the head up and down her slit, coating it with her wetness. Once he was satisfied with her lubrication, he held his cock tight and pushed forward with his hips. As his bulbous head popped inside her, Paige’s eyes opened wide and she opened her mouth in a silent scream.

“Oh fuck, that’s a big dick!” she yelled.

Hank was being very careful to not give her too much too fast. Not that it was even possible - her pussy was so tight that he was having trouble even pushing a few inches inside. I kept my camera focused on her facial expressions, which we’re now a mix of pain and pleasure. I couldn’t tell if her moans were from the painful stretching or the intense orgasm building inside her little body.

Now that he had pushed about half his cock inside her, Hank slowly withdrew and pushed back in. He was fucking her incredibly slowly to allow her to adjust to his size. The look on his face was pure happiness. Capturing a girl this tight on camera was gold to him. After a minute or so, he picked up his pace, but only slightly. She was loosening up but not by much.

“Is it all the way in?” Paige asked, between deep breaths.

She was looking at me and Hank nodded at me to answer her.

“Um… not quite. That’s about half of it,” I told her, unsure if that was the answer she wanted.

“Oh no! I don’t think I can even take more than this!” she replied.

Hank pushed in a little further and another inch disappeared inside her, causing her to moan loudly. There were still about four inches left for her to take. I honestly thought it would kill her if she took the whole thing, considering how she was reacting to the first six inches of his thick cock. He continued his thrusting in and out, working her little pussy over and over.

Gently, Hank slid out of her and sat back on the couch where he was when she was sucking him off. His dick was standing up from his groin menacingly and shiny with Paige’s juices. He stroked himself to stay hand and patted his leg with the other hand, signaling her to have a seat.

“I think it’s time for you to sit on my dick,” Hank instructed her.

She turned around and straddled him.

“No, no. Reverse cowgirl. I want Mikey to get a nice shot of you taking this big cock and riding me,” He told her.

She spun around and faced me, standing over Hank on the couch. Slowly she lowered herself down onto him. When she felt his tip make contact with her pussy lips, she reached down to steady it. Holding it in place, she lowered herself onto his hard cock. Inch by inch, Hank once again disappearing inside her.

It went in easier this time, but she still stopped at the same point that her wetness ended on his dick. Again, she had the first six inches inside her but seemed to be unable to take more. She looked down to see how much was inside her and then looked up at me with a look of surprise and dread at how much was still left to go. She raised herself up and then down again, beginning a slow riding motion.

“Oh yeah, that’s it girl. Ride it. Take it all,” Hank encouraged her.

She was still going slowly but it was clear that she was trying to take more and more with each downstroke. She was moaning and groaning with each stroke, seemingly lost in a world of pleasure. Her method was working too. Slowly but surely, she was taking a few more inches of his huge cock. 

Within a few minutes, she had all but an inch inside her. She was still being cautious but her movements were becoming faster. Without warning, her body was overcome with her first orgasm of the day and she screamed.

“Oh, fuck me! I’m cumming!” Paige yelled.

As she writhed and convulsed on top of him, she lost her ability to hold herself up and let all her body weight to crash down on top of him. I watched in awe as the last bit of Hank disappeared inside her and she took him all the way to the root. Feeling that, Paige moaned loudly again and smiled big for my camera. 

Her hair was now a mess and her tits were shiny with a thin coat of sweat. She was working hard to take all of that! Paige then gyrated her hips and continued riding Hank. It was like getting all of him inside her had reinvigorated her. She looked like a sexual goddess riding that monster dick. Now that she had the thickest part of him inside her and survived, she was picking up her pace and really fucking him.

I hoped that there were no neighbors in the adjacent offices because there is no way they would not have heard Paige’s moans and screams. Gone was the scared girl. Paige was now fucking like she was born to do so. In almost no time at all, she had gone from a timid twenty-year-old to a full blown porn star.

The look on Hank’s face told me that Paige’s tight box was getting the best of him. Not wanting to blow too soon, he slapped her on the ass and told her it was time to change positions. She rose up off of him and waited for instruction. As he slipped out of her, I saw that his cock was doused in her wetness, a creamy mixture of her lubricating juices and her cum. As it left her pussy, it fell back onto his stomach and landed with a wet slap.

Both of them were beyond words and he just stood up, gently pushed her down to the couch, and presented his wet cock to her. She took the hint and grabbed it with her right hand. Without so much as wiping it off, she took it into her mouth and sucked it hungrily. 

“Oh my, I taste so good!” she said, momentarily taking hi from her mouth.

After a few moments, Hank pushed he backwards so that she was laying on her back. She spread her legs wide, inviting him to take her again. He zoomed in on her pink, swollen pussy and commented on how good it looked. Getting on his knees between her legs, he once again lined himself up. Unlike before, he did not take his time plunging into her. In one stroke, he buried himself to the hilt.

Paige groaned loudly at the sudden invasion. Hank was pounding her now, thrusting in and out with abandon. They were both racing towards inevitable orgasms at this point. Paige was panting and moaning as she got fucked harder than she ever had or ever would again in her life. Her eyes looked like they were rolling back in her head as she lifted her hips to match the intensity of Hank’s thrusting.

Suddenly, another orgasm tore through Paige and she wrapped her arms and legs around Hank, trying to lock him into her. She screamed bloody murder as the orgasm peaked. This one was even more intense than the first and she looked like she might pass out from the intensity. Throughout the entire thirty second ordeal, Hank never slowed down. He too was reaching the point of no return.

“I’m going to cum, baby,” he hissed through clenched teeth.

“No, not inside me!” she moaned.

With that, he swiftly pulled out of her and pointed his cock at her. As quickly as she could, Paige flipped herself around and got on the floor next to Hank with her mouth open. Hank stood up off the couch over her and stroked himself rapidly. With a giant groan, he let loose and sprayed two big ropes of cum across her pretty face. The first struck her cheek and splattered up near her eye. The second hit her in the nose and dripped down onto her lips. The next couple were less forceful and landed right on her tongue. Hank kept cumming and cumming, more than I had ever seen, even in videos online. As her mouth filled up, Paige tried to swallow it, but it was too much. Some of his jizz spilled out of her mouth and down to the space between those perfect little titties. 

“Oh shit, that was fantastic!” Hank exclaimed.

Paige smiled up at his camera and blew him a kiss.

“Paige, I think Mikey did a great job today. Why don’t you go thank him for his services?” Hank said.

“What? Thank me?” I said, confused.

“Oh, I think that;s a great idea!” Paige exclaimed.

Before I could even react, she had covered the two feet between us and was grabbing at my belt. I had been hard as a rock watching the scene take place and she felt it right away.

“Oh, I think he liked what he saw, Hank!” she teased.

“Paige, you really don’t have to do…” I trailed off as she reached inside my jeans and grabbed my dick.

She ignored me and pulled the waistband of my underwear down. I was nothing compared to Hank, probably only six inches or so and nowhere near as thick, but I didn’t even care at this moment. Feeling her hand on my cock erased my ability to feel self-conscious. Wasting no time, she inhaled my dick and began stroking and sucking me as hard as she could. 

I was so aroused from watching them fuck that I knew this was going to be embarrassingly fast. From the moment her lips touched me, I felt my balls begin to tingle. I looked down and saw Paige’s gorgeous, cum-covered face sucking me off and did my best to not cum. But it was useless. In about a minute, I felt myself tense up. She felt it too and opened her mouth wide while stroking my dick with her saliva-covered hand. I exploded and my first shot went wayward, catching her directly in her eye. The next few were captured my her greedy mouth as she sucked every last drop out of me. 

As I came down from my orgasm, I was brought back to reality. Hank was laughing on the couch with his now-soft cock hanging down between his legs. Within seconds, Paige was already grabbing her clothes and pulling her panties on. She looked like a new woman, completely fucked and satisfied.

“Same time next week, Mikey,” Hank asked. “You should see the girl I have lined up for the next episode!”

Paige didn't seem to care, she was busy counting the money that Hank put on the desk while she was blowing me.

“Uh, yeah, man. Absolutely!” I replied.


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