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Club Aqua

She would always remember the night they shared at Club Aqua
The street to Club Aqua were crowded as twenty-three year old Allie Forrester walked along the sidewalk. She had needed a night out, and her friend Jenna had agreed to go with her for some fun. The air was cool on her skin, as the breeze hit her and went through the slinky white dress she had decided to wear. As she turned the corner and saw the club a few buildings up, her cell phone rang. She dug through the small purse she had brought, pushing aside lipstick and breath mints and grabbing her cell.

"Hello," she said loudly, trying to talk over the loud house music coming from the building.

"It's me, Jenna. I can't come...." said a muffled voice on the other end.

"Jenna, Jenna? Can you hear me."

The line went dead, and Allie tossed her phone back into her purse. It was just like Jenna to back out of plans at the last minute. This was the fourth time she had left her hanging at the last minute and Allie was getting sick of it. She looked at the short line ahead of her, and decided to stay. She was not ruining another good night on the town just because she had nobody to go with. The line moved quickly, and when she got to the bouncer he placed a small blue stamp on her hand, opening the rope to allow her inside.

The music was loud, and she could feel the vibrations in her chest as she pushed through the throng of people towards the bar. The place smelled of liquor and cigarette smoke, the air stale from the large amount of people in the compact area. She pushed through the crowd, making her way to the bar. She stopped on the way, making small talk over the music with some of her classmates from the course she was taking at the college. When she got to the bar she waited for the bartender to come take her order.

"Vodka and orange juice, thanks," she told him smiling.

The bartender's eyes roamed up and down her tight body before leaving and getting her drink. After he had returned Allie made her way out onto the dance floor with her drink. She saw Lance, a boy from her school, and he asked her to dance. He pulled her close to him, his hips pushing purposefully into her and she put her arms around his neck. The music was loud and stimulating and people were bumping into each other. Allie slowly made her rounds, dancing with males around the room. She pushed into them, and in return their hands wandered her body.

After Allie had been there for a while, she decided to go to the washroom and freshen up. She was sweaty, the white dress clinging to her. The washroom was small and she went to the sink, turning it on and splashing cool water onto her face. It was refreshing, and she put her long blonde hair into a ponytail to keep it off her neck. She checked herself in the mirror and adjusted the hem of her dress. It had ridden up from the last man she had been dancing with, whether it was from his hands pulling it up or from her pushing into his groin she could only guess. She opened her purse and put on another spray of perfume and a clean coat of lipstick before leaving the room. Her thirst was getting the best of her so she ordered another vodka, and turning to go find another dance parter she ran into a tall man.

"Oh shit I am sorry," she exclaimed, trying to speak over the music.

"Allie, is that you?"

"Mark?" Allie exclaimed, throwing herself against him in a warm embrace.

Mark Halloway had been a rather popular boy she had gone to school with in her teens. He looked more or less the same, with large tanned muscles and dark brown hair. His all American looks had won him the hearts of many girls in high school, except Allies. He had constantly chased after her, his thoughts wandering as he had sat and watched her in math class. She looked just as amazing as she had in her teens. The white dress hit her curves perfectly, accentuating her perky breasts then going in and flaring back out at her hips.

"Hey Allie. What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I go to school here. I was supposed to be out with a friend, but she bailed at the last minute."

The two talked about old times, catching up on the latest information about long lost friends from school. Mark ordered them more drinks, and the more tipsy they got the more their talk turned sexual. Allie teased him about staring at her in class, and Mark complimented her on how her looks had not changed much since high school. He asked if she had been seeing anyone, and not only was he overjoyed when she said no, he felt the familiar twinge from his member when she answered. The two finished their drinks and after the countless dances Allie had turned him down for in high school , she finally accepted.

He led her onto the floor where he grabbed her hips, thrusting her ass into him. He could smell her perfume and his erection wasted no time arriving. The two teased each other, their faces close, begging the other to make a move. Allie could feel the bulge in his pants hardening as she pushed herself into him, making him sweat with anticipation. His hands were resting on the small of her back and her breasts were pressed firmly against his chest. He could smell the alcohol mixed with her perfume, and the smell was intoxicating.

Finally, Mark made a move. His hands wandered towards her round ass, squeezing her through her dress. His left hand traveled to her front and between her thighs, rubbing her sex above her panties. He leaned in and began kissing her, slowly at first until their lips were locked in a passionate embrace, their tongues dancing together as they were. Breaking the kiss, Allie led him towards the back exit, unable to contain herself much longer.

The cold air hit their sweaty, sex craved bodies as they exited. The music lessened as the door shut and only a few stragglers were in the alley with them. Mark grabbed her hands, pinning them above her head. He thrust himself into her, making her whimper with pleasure. His hands quickly explored the body he had yet to taste, yet knew so well after so many years of watching her. They massaged her breasts, moving down her hips and towards her silky, wet mound. Her leg moved up, wrapping around his hip, pulling him in towards her. They never noticed the people walking through, only they existed. Their breathing was quickening as Mark's hand found its way towards her slit. Moving quickly up her dress and shoving her panties aside, he massaged her already throbbing clit, fueling the fire burning inside her.

She moaned appreciatively and moved her hands towards his shaft, grabbing it through his pants. His fingers made skillful circles on her tiny, ripe berry. He could feel her become wet, her head falling back gently against the bricks of the building. He kissed her neck, biting and nibbling her soft skin. Her hands began working on the button and zipper of his jeans, his large rod already trying to break from the fabric. His shaft was quickly in her hand, and she began to rub it back and forth.

"Shit that feels good," he moaned.

People were walking past the alley, most pointed before scurrying off. Kicking off her heels Allie knelt down, taking his semi erection in her mouth. Her lips felt amazing, going so deep a lipstick stain began forming on the elastic of his boxers. She did not neglect any of him, her hands expertly working his most intimate places. His precum leaked into her mouth as her hands reached up, her nails dragging gently down his chest. He groaned loudly, pulling her up roughly.

Pushing her back against the wall he kissed her hard, before kneeling before her. He grabbed her leg and draped it over his shoulder, exposing her wet sex for him to devour. Shoving her panties to the side, he thrust his tongue into her. His tongue was magic, licking and sucking her sensitive clit. He explored the folds of her tight cunt, before making his way down to her tight little hole, licking inside her. Her hands interlocked in his hair, pushing his tongue further into her. He felt so good and her hips pushed into him.

"Oh fuck yes," she moaned, her head falling back in ecstasy, "lick my pussy."

His tongue worked back up to her clit, making long, slow circles around it. She moaned loudly, her body shaking as a intense orgasm overtook her. He kept the pressure on her, sending her into a rolling orgasm. When he finally stopped, he set her leg back onto the ground. She turned around, bracing herself on the wall as she pushed out her ass. She could feel the head of his cock rubbing between the globes of her ass, pressing against her puckered hole. She moaned and pushed her ass towards him, the thick head of his prick entering her slowly.

"Oh shit that's tight," Mark moaned, pushing himself deeper into her.

His long shaft penetrated her ass roughly, causing her to moan out into the darkness. His hands made their way around her to twist and pull at her nipples and she moaned louder at the sensations it caused. Her clit was throbbing as he pounded into her from behind and she reached down to rub herself. Sliding out of her tight hole slowly Mark pushed her onto her knees, thrusting his hard cock into her mouth. She moaned loudly, the cold asphalt scraping her knees as she sucked him. Her tongue moved around the head of his shaft, moving slowly down to his jewels. Her tongue went farther, causing him to moan as her tongue reached his ass. Her fingers moved from her own clit and into her wet cunt, fingering herself to another orgasm.

Bringing her back up, Mark forced himself deep into her pussy this time. Her lips parted for his large shaft and she moaned as he gripped her hips tightly. His fingers left red marks that would still be there the next morning. He thrust into her fast and rough. He was grunting with every thrust, and he leant in to suck her neck. His own orgasm was building fast and he was unable to contain it. He withdrew, shooting five large jets of spunk onto her bare ass. Turning around, Allie locked him in another passionate kiss.

The two made their way back into the club, continuing to dance until early the next morning. They exchanged numbers and planned to get together again, but as life sometimes does they were taken in separate paths. Allie saw him five years later with his wife and two kids. She smiled as their eyes met, thinking back about the night they had shared at Club Aqua.

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