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Dirty Tricks, Chapter 8

Sex, subterfuge and politics make for strange bedfellows.

Previously in "Dirty Tricks"


While attending Alexa Grey's, the retiring mayor’s extravagant birthday party, an unknown photographer captures political opponents and electoral candidates, Heather Anderson, and Sean McCarthy, during an adulterous rendezvous. After being sent ominous instructions with photographic evidence of their indiscretion, they meet to discuss their predicament, only to have sex yet again.

During the party, Bob Anderson is seduced by Alexa. She lures him to her office and with feigned protests incites him to sodomize her while videotaping the scene.

Heather and Sean eventually agree to let only Sean’s shady campaign manager, 'Fast-Eddie' handle the blackmailer situation. Eddie hires Jesse Cortez, a professional fixer to investigate.

Later that day, after learning additional incriminating photographs had arrived at her office, Heather rushes there to intercept them before Trish, her campaign manager and Sean McCarthy's estranged sister, gets her hands on them. Unfortunately, Trish opens the mail and sees the lurid images, but decides to pretend otherwise. Instead, she allows Heather to seduce her like she did back in high school, something Trish has never forgotten.

Afterward, Heather discovers a secret surveillance camera in her campaign office and feeling shocked, informs Eddie, who then tells Jesse Cortez. While removing the camera, Jesse sends a computer virus to the unknown blackmailer, but as he leaves Heather's campaign office, an unknown assassin captures a careless Cortez who is later found dead in his car.

Having guessed that Heather is being blackmailed and assuming it was her brother doing it, Trish unscrupulously decides to teach them both a lesson. She believes the identity of the blackmailer and instructs both of them to attend a BDSM sex club. Trish and Mayor Alexa Grey are Doms who get their kicks punishing others, Trish taking care of Heather while Alexa continues to vent some steam off on an unsuspecting Sean.

After delivering Sean to the club, Eddie drives to Jesse Cortez's home to offer comfort to the grieving widow. Arriving there, Eddie witnesses the widow Cortez in a passionate embrace with Bob Anderson.


‘Time to put things in motion,’ I mused returning to my office after my visit with Jerry, my bedridden husband, at the hospital. ‘Those assholes are going to pay the price for challenging me and for Jerry’s condition. Heather and that fucking Bob Anderson, Sean pretty boy McCarthy, Fast Eddie for getting that idiot Jesse Cortez involved; they’re all going to suffer, or my name isn't Alexa Grey.’

Picking up the phone I snarled at Marge, my executive assistant, “Set up a spot for me to do a TV interview tonight.”

“Yes, ma’am. What shall I give them as the reason for the interview?”

“Tell them that I will be announcing that my reported demise as mayor of this town is way premature. I will be announcing that I will be running for office once again. Speak only to the news director and emphasize that no premature leaks of that information will take place as it would not bode well for their license renewal if I get elected. Do it sweetly as a reminder that I will help and not as a threat.”

“Will do. By the way, the police commissioner is here and would like to see you for a few minutes. Will you see him?”

“Send him in, Marge.”

I rapidly checked my makeup and undid the top two buttons of my blouse before standing up to welcome my visitor.

“Good morning, Commissioner, to what do I owe this honor?”

“Madam Mayor, thank you for your time. As you are undoubtedly aware, I serve as Police Commissioner at your pleasure. I had a visit from Fast Eddie, Sean McCarthy’s campaign manager, informing me that you would not be running for re-election.”

“Commissioner, please sit down. I have been debating with myself as to whether I would. I have decided to do so and will be announcing my intention on TV tonight,” I said, sitting in an armchair across from the Commissioner. “What was Fast Eddie’s purpose in making that statement to you?”

“He intimated that should I hear rumors about Sean McCarthy or Heather Anderson I should ignore them and that if I did so, I had nothing to worry about. He inferred that if I didn’t, and either of those two got elected, I should look for a new job.”

“Commissioner, may I call you Mike? After all, we have known each other since our high school days.”

“Why certainly, Madam Mayor.”

“Stop that, Mike. I’m still Alexa, the girl you chased after in high school,” I said, crossing my long legs and letting my skirt ride up my thigh. “Mike, it might come to your notice that Sean and Heather are more than electoral opponents.”

“Do you mean?”

“Yes, well… I mean, they have been fucking each other at every possible opportunity.”

“Now, that is very interesting. I know that Sean is divorced and that his estranged sister is campaign chair for Heather. It also possibly explains something involving a case my detectives are investigating.”

“What’s that?”

“A small-time crook called Jesse Cortez was murdered. It seems that Bob Anderson, Heather’s husband, has been comforting the grieving widow. That might explain why he would be in her skirts when he is married to a dish like Heather.”

“That’s interesting. Have you any clues as to who killed the poor man?”

“Not yet. We have not found the murder weapon. His cell phone is missing, and when we searched his house, we recovered his laptop. It is heavily encrypted and will take some time before we discover if it contains any clues as to what he was doing or who he was involved with.”

“Well, good luck with that. How’s your wife?”

“You haven’t heard, have you? Eileen and I divorced three months ago.”

“Oh! I’m so sorry, Mike. What happened? You two seemed so close when I would see you at receptions.”

“I don’t know, Alexa. We went on vacation to Jamaica and met some folks over there that we started to socialize with. You know, go out for drinks and dancing and such. When we got back, I felt Eileen was very distant, but put that down to back-at-home blues. Next thing I know, I get back from the Police Commissioners Convention in New York to find an empty house and a note telling me she’s leaving me. Turns out she hooked up with one of the white dudes she met in Jamaica and they are now an item.”

“So what’s happening with you? A handsome black guy like you can’t be having any difficulty replacing that cheating bitch.”

“To tell you the truth, my heart has not been into it and with all that’s happening in this town, I haven’t given it much thought. I have to say, however, that you running for re-election takes a big load off my mind.”

I uncrossed my legs and watched as his eyes flashed towards my crotch as I stood up and went to sit next to him on the sofa. I placed a hand on his arm and leaned towards him. His eyes darted towards my exposed cleavage. “I have an idea, Mike. Why don’t you come over to my place for supper and we can have a good long talk? You must be tired of restaurant food by now.”

With an effort, he pulled his eyes up to look into my eyes before saying, “I’d love that, Alexa. You’re sure it wouldn’t be an imposition?”

“Of course it wouldn’t. With Jerry in the hospital, I’d welcome some intelligent conversation. Would eight thirty be okay with you? By then I’ll be back home after I do the TV thing.”

“I’d love it.”

“Great! See you then.”

We stood and taking him by the arm, I led him out of the office.





Back at my desk, I sat there and considered the tools I had in hand to scuttle Heather and Shawn’s election bid. The videos were taken in the parking lot at my birthday party as well as those from the TiMiDi club. Those should prove adequate for the two of them. That left Bob Anderson… the miserable son of a bitch. What could I do to drive a nail in his coffin?

I reached in my purse for my throwaway cell phone and dialed a number from memory.

“It’s me. Have you finished photoshopping the videotape I sent you?

“You’re sure that the tape now shows no hint of anything except the scene of Bob Anderson raping me despite my violent objections?

“Good. Now I need that tape sent to me right now. I need it in my hands before five today.

“Wonderful! Now one last thing... do you still have the weapon you used the other night?

“You do. Good! It is time for it to be dumped. I want it placed in the trunk of a black Lexus belonging to Bob Anderson. It has to be tonight. Can I trust you to do that? You’ll make sure that it is completely cleaned and wiped of any fingerprints. Make sure that the magazine has one less bullet than it normally holds and that the bullets are also wiped. The car must have no indication that it was opened. Is that possible?

“Fine. I’ll deposit the rest of the money in that offshore account when I get confirmation the job’s been done. I’ll expect you to depart for parts unknown as agreed.”





That should take care of Bob Anderson. Framing Bob would effectively scupper Heather’s election bid, I thought. Now, what was left? Sean, with his scum campaign manager, Fast Eddie. They would need to be taken out of the running. I wonder if that tape of him being sodomized at the TiMiDi club leaked to the tabloids and to the religious leaders of the community would be sufficient. I smiled at the sight in my mind of me thrusting the strap-on right up his ass, and the way his spunk almost shot across the room.

Maybe I should have a conversation with Trish, his estranged twin sister. That bitch is a complete lesbian. I really would not mind her nibbling at my pussy and servicing me. She certainly seemed in seventh heaven doing Heather at the club. I wonder. She would be delighted if Sean was defeated. Would she help? Not to mention that if I seduced her, Heather would lose her support.

I picked up my phone and asked Marge to bring me a cup of coffee and then get the CEO of British-American Mines on the phone.

I sat back and savored my coffee when Marge came on the phone to tell me she had Mr. Dodd on the line.






“Good morning, Mr. Dodd, how are you this morning?”

“I’m fine, thank you,” the man replied. “To what do I owe this pleasure, Mrs. Mayor?”

“I’d like to talk to you about the future of British-American Mines in this town, Mr. Dodd.”

“Really! I’m surprised. I thought you would not be part of the decision-making process now that you have announced your resignation.”

“Well, Mr. Dodd, I am a woman, and it’s a woman’s prerogative to be able to change her mind. I have decided to run for re-election after all. My husband is now on the way to recovery and should be fine. That and the fact that he worked closely with you was also an incentive to rescind my decision.”

“I see. I have to tell you that I am pleased that Jerry is recovering as we certainly can use his services. I also would be more comfortable seeing you as Mayor than the others who I feel might be less enthusiastic about our projects. Is there any way I could help you to achieve your goal?”

Gotcha! I smiled and said, “Funny that you should mention it. Maybe you can. As you undoubtedly know, an electoral campaign is an expensive undertaking. Now far be it from me to solicit a contribution from British-American Mines. That would be against our campaign finance laws. However, with Jerry coming back shortly to advise you on the reefs and shoals of getting your company established here, you might consider a retainer be paid for his future services.”

“Hmm… I see. What do you feel Jerry would accept as a retainer?”

“Well, I think $500,000 would be an excellent start.”

“That much? What would happen to that money should you not get re-elected?”

“In that unlikely occurrence, I would guarantee that Jerry would still work with you to attain your goal.”

“In that case, we have a deal. I will transfer the monies to Jerry’s bank account tomorrow. It will be coming from an offshore account and not be traceable back to British-American Mines.”

“Thank you very much, Mr. Dodd. I’m very grateful.”

“Just make sure you win,” he said and hung up abruptly.






The news anchor flashed me a smile as he announced, “We have breaking news to bring to you. Mayor Alexa Grey is here to make an announcement. Mayor Grey.”

“As you may know, I had decided to not run for re-election. This was due to the situation I faced with my husband being in critical condition and the possibility that he might remain incapacitated for life. The good news is that he is well on his way to making a full recovery. As a result, I am back in the running for election as your Mayor. We are at the dawn of a new day for our city. Many exciting projects will be unveiled shortly, and with my experience, we can bring these projects to reality. I will soon announce my full platform and want you to know that you, my friends, will be in my plans. Thank you.”






I took my leave and drove back home with thoughts of how I would handle Mike tonight. The more I thought about what might happen, the more I felt my pussy get wet. As usual, adrenaline and stress made me horny, and I definitely needed stress relief. I tried to imagine what Mike’s black cock would look and taste of. It would be my first interracial experience. I wondered if the urban legend that black men were more prominent and lasted longer had an element of truth.

I raised my skirt and idly stroked my pussy through my panties while driving. Damn, I needed it. I was like a bitch in heat. By the time I got home my panties were soaked, and my pussy was begging for more.

I rushed in and called my favorite caterers to order supper. I did not think that Mike was into gourmet foods so I pondered the menu debating what he would appreciate. I settled on prime rib with baked potatoes and their accompaniments, broccoli with Hollandaise sauce and a Caesar salad. For dessert, I figured that I would be sufficient. However, I also ordered strawberries with clotted cream. Mike would decide how he wished to eat those, I thought with a smirk.

I decanted a bottle of Cabernet and left it to breathe, then I rushed up to my bedroom.

My clothes went flying off me, and I threw myself across the bed. I reached for my darling Hitachi wand which was conveniently placed under my pillow and put it at my side in anticipation of the role it would soon play.

I started to toy with my tits. I loved kneading them as I felt my nipples grow against the palm of my hand. It felt so sensual to lie there and imagine Mike’s hands on them later tonight. Soon I was able to pinch my hardened nipples, eliciting shocks which ran through my body as I pinched and stretched them.

I felt my pussy start to get really juicy and that tingle which I so loved. My hands caressed downward until I was surrounding my pussy lips with both hands as if they were in prayer. I rubbed my lips against each other, enthralled by the sensation and by the sound of the fluids squelching within me.

I parted myself and inserted first one, then two fingers into my tight wetness. I wondered if Mike’s cock would spread me wide. I loved the feeling of being spread by a hot virile cock. My imagination went into overdrive as I stroked my tender, sensitive inner flesh.

Placing the fingers of my free hand around my clit, which now was protruding from its hood, I circled it and pinched it until I started to moan. I felt the heat rise in my body as both hands busied themselves in and around my pussy.

I placed the wand over my clit while my fingers stroked in and out. I raised one leg and slid a finger into my asshole at the same time. The vibrations of the wand and my holes being invaded by thrusting fingers soon had me writhing on the bed. I felt so close to cumming.

The vision of Mike fucking me pushed me to the edge and made the juices well up inside of me until finally, I spurted my cum all over the bed. It was explosive and delicious. I hadn’t cum that hard in ages. As I slowly regained control of my breath, I wondered if it was the thoughts of Mike or just my accumulated stress that did it.

I was just lying there savoring the sensation of wellbeing when I glanced at the clock and realized it was already seven thirty. I had to get ready. Mike would be here in an hour.

I threw the sheets which had been soaked into the hamper and put on a fresh set. I raced to the bathroom and stood under the stream of the shower and let it relax my body. After lathering myself and verifying that my Brazilian wax job did not need to be touched up, I shampooed and washed thoroughly. I made sure that both my holes were squeaky clean as I wanted them fully accessible and sweet smelling for Mike, should he choose to use them.

I carefully made up, applying my makeup very lightly so as not to appear as the painted whore of Babylon. It was important for Mike to feel he was seducing me and not vice versa. I would give him every opportunity, but he would have to make the moves.

I slipped into a cream-colored silk blouse ‘sans bra’ and a knee-high black skirt with a slit at the side. After some internal debate between going commando, I compromised on a thong that contained the barest whisper of fabric held in place by some skinny ties. I completed the look with some black silk thigh-highs and a pair of three-inch red open-toed sandals.

Looking at myself in the full-length mirror while applying a schpritz of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue to those parts most sought by men, I liked what I saw. Not bad for a fifty-year-old. My full breasts filled my blouse and showed minimal sag. My nipples tented the fabric without looking overly obscene. My legs were long and shapely while my ass looked deliciously rounded.

Satisfied, I went downstairs to wait for my guest.






The caterers came with the meal I had ordered which I promptly put in the warmer, while I set the table.

For some reason, I felt like a young girl on her first date. Was this because Mike would be my first non-Caucasian lover if I managed to get him into my bed? I had, of course, seen porn of interracial love and heard the stories of the prowess of black men. Were they true? I realized that my pussy was getting wet and starting to tingle.

As I was contemplating touching myself, the doorbell rang. Thank God, I thought with a wry smile, saved by the bell.

I opened the door, and there he stood. To my mind, he looked like a boy on his first date with a massive bouquet of roses and a nervous smile.

“Mike, please come in. Welcome to our home. Are those for me? You shouldn’t have,” I nattered like a giddy school girl. Gone was my usual poise.

I ushered him into the living room and excused myself to go and put the roses into a vase. Setting the roses on the dining room table,  “Mike what can I offer you to drink? I have a nice Cabernet to go along with the meal, I also have Scotch, Bourbon, etc.... What would you like?”

“A little Scotch would be nice.”

“How do you take it? With ice, water or neat?”

“Is that a bottle of Lagavulin?"


“It would be a sin to dilute that in any way. Straight, please.”

 Pouring his drink and a glass of wine for myself, I returned and sat next to him on the sofa.

“Alexa, I caught your announcement on TV. That is wonderful news. I’m sure Jerry would be very pleased.”

“Yes, he will, Mike. Our town is at a point where it needs stability, and I want to accomplish my vision of what it could be,” I answered before changing the subject. “How was your day? Any progress on the murder investigation?”

“Not yet. So far the only person in our sights is Bob Anderson based on the fact that he is involved with Jesse Cortez’s wife. I am expecting a search warrant to be granted which will enable us to search his residence and car.”

“I feel certain Heather will not be delighted with that.”

“Excuse my language… screw Heather. I have never liked that woman.”

“So what type of woman do you like?”

“Alexa, if you were not married I can assure you that I would be after you like a bee on honey.”

“Oh, that’s sweet. You wouldn’t rather have two twenty-five-year-olds than this rundown fifty-year-old?”

His eyes scanned me from head to foot, looking at my cleavage and the tented shape of my blouse before scanning down to my exposed thigh.

“What I have found, my dear, is that women are like a fine Scotch. They are too raw when they are young. They improve with age.”

“So am I to understand that if it were not that I’m married, you would like to sip me?”

“In an instant.”

Blushing fiercely, I suggested that we adjourn to the dining room. My pussy had resumed its tingling at his words. I rose to lead the way and could almost feel his eyes follow my derrière as I swayed to the dining room.

“Sit here,” I said. “I’ll get our meal from the kitchen.”

“May I help?”

“No, just relax. I hope that you’ll like what I have for us. Is prime rib with baked potatoes and a Caesar salad good for you?”

“That sounds great. It’s been a while since I was treated to such a meal.”

As we ate, Mike kept glancing my way. I had now undone two buttons of my blouse, and I was pretty sure that whenever I leaned forward, he was getting a full view of my tits. We talked of his divorce, of Jerry’s so-called accident, just idle chit-chat.

The meal finished, I went to get dessert. Mike followed me to the kitchen, bringing some of the dirty plates.

“Alexa,” he said, “let’s cut the bullshit. In all the years I’ve known you this is the first time you have invited me socially. What the hell do you want from me?”

“Let’s go sit in the living room before I tell you. Can I get you something else to drink before we talk? I have a bottle of champagne which we could have with strawberries and cream or maybe you’d prefer a cognac?”

“How about we talk first? Then we can decide.”

I took a big breath as this was now make-or-break time.

“Okay, Mike, as I announced tonight this is going to be a tough electoral race. All the candidates are people who you and I have known for years. There are things I don’t understand such as why Sean and Heather are political opponents yet are carrying on a sexual relationship. Bob Anderson is an absolute creep, he raped me in my office just the other day.”


“Yes, he did.”

“My god, do you have proof?”

“As a matter of fact, I do. Anything taking place in my office can be videotaped, and this was.”

“Give me those tapes. I’ll take care of him.”

“Not yet, Mike, a good general conserves his ammo till it is needed, right?”

“So what do you want of me?”

“There are two things. The first is I want you to have my back as I am sure they are going to try to get to me. I need your power and influence as the commissioner to keep them in check.”

“Alexa, I serve at your pleasure, and you’ve got that. The second?”

I stayed silent for a few moments, feeling myself flush as I debated how to say it.

“Mike, I want your cock.”

His jaw dropped as if he couldn’t believe his ears. “You want what?”

“Your cock. I want to make love to you. I’ve seen you look at me all evening. I see the idea has appealed from the way your trousers are bulging. Do you want my wet married pussy?”

“What about Jerry? I thought you loved him.”

“I do. I would never leave Jerry. Jerry and I, however, found out long ago that he is not able to satisfy me. He also loves me passionately and to solve the problem he has permitted me over the years to indulge my needs with other men. If he were here, he would say ‘go for it, Mike.”


“Yes. How about it? Would you like to sip at some finely aged pussy?” I said, placing my hand on his thigh and letting it rise until I held his cock.

“You mean that? This is not just a cheap tactic to enlist me on your side? Jerry would consent to this?” he mumbled.

“Mike, would you feel more at ease if I showed you videos of my lovers, Jerry and myself cavorting in bed?”

“No need. This, however, comes right out of my fantasies about you that I have had since we were in high school.”

He turned on the sofa to face me and with surprising gentleness for such a big guy. He lifted my face and kissed my lips. His tongue twined with mine; the passion I felt was exhilarating. His fingers were fumbling with the buttons of my blouse. Soon he had me stripped to the waist.

I felt his hands cup my tits and knead my flesh sending twinges flashing towards my pussy. He started to pinch and tug at my nipples before lowering his mouth to them and sucking them between his lips. I felt his teeth grazing my nipple before he bit down on it, causing a pain that shot right through my body and ended up right at my clit. It was excruciatingly sensual.

I stood up. He pulled me to stand between his knees. His hand slid up my thigh and cupped my pussy. He pushed the thong aside so that I felt his fingers slide into my wet snatch. His other hand cupped my ass. His fingers soon found my tight pucker over which he ran his fingernail causing me to gasp.

“Alexa, have you ever had a black cock before?”

“No, never. I’ve always fantasized about it, but the opportunity never occurred.”

“Well, get ready. Your fantasy is about to come true.” With those words, he unzipped my dress and tore off my thong. They both pooled around my ankles as he sat gazing at my exposed body.

“Woman, you look like a Greek goddess. I can’t wait to sip that fine liqueur that is dripping out of you. Kneel in front of me and let’s get me out of these duds.”

I obediently knelt; my fingers fumbled at his shirt buttons. He shrugged out of the shirt, and I was faced with his muscular chest. There was not an ounce of fat on that body. His muscles were ripped, his stomach was flat. I almost started to drool at the sight in front of me.

He started to undo his pants, but I pushed his hand away and took over from him. I could feel his cock under my hands as I popped the button and lowered the zipper.

“Lift your butt,” I told him.

I slid the pants down his legs as well as his boxers, removed his shoes and socks and then just stayed kneeling as his massive cock confronted me.

I’m not very good at estimating size, but I instantly realized that this was the biggest and fattest cock I had ever seen. It looked positively delectable, just like a giant licorice stick. I barely could wrap my hands around it. Even with both my hands around the shaft the large uncut bulbous head was uncovered. I looked up at him as I swirled my tongue around that juicy morsel. He gave a gasp as I sucked it into my mouth and suckled on it.

I started slowly stroking his shaft as my saliva drooled on it. My hands cupped his testicles. The combined action of sucking as much of it as would fit in my mouth with the stroking soon had my mouth coated with his pre-cum. Slowly I slid more and more of his shaft into my mouth.

I finally gave up because there was no way I could fit more than a few inches in. I backed off and stood up. “Take me to bed. I want that cock filling my pussy,” I pleaded.

He stood and scooped me into his arms and asked. “Which way?”

“Up the stairs and to the end of the corridor.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him on the way up. He laid me down on the bed and stood there looking down at me.

“Do you like what you see?” I asked.

“Like it. Shit yes! More than like it. You are one beautiful sexy woman.”

“So what are you waiting for? Here I am for you to use and abuse as you wish.”

“As I wish? No holes barred?”

“No holes barred, Mike. Tonight I am all yours.”

“Well, I think I will start by sipping at that well-aged beautiful little pussy.”

He spread my legs and laid his body down between my outstretched thighs. His tongue traveled up the sensitive inner thigh alternating between licking and giving me love bites all the way up to my crotch. I felt his hot breath on my pussy, then his tongue licked on either side of my pussy lips.

He pushed my legs back till they were touching my shoulders. I lay there fully exposed to his gaze with my pussy and ass in full view.

“You look simply delicious. I am going to feast on those delicate morsels to my heart’s content.”

With that, I felt his tongue lick a wet swath from my anus across my perineum and through my pussy lips. I gave a purr of content as he did this repeatedly. Soon I was starting to moan; my pussy felt as if it was dripping with my juice.

I guess the purrs I had emitted gave him the idea and soon he was lapping at my pussy as if he were a giant cat. Well, maybe not a cat.  Perhaps a black panther. My pussy was juicing continually. He kept lapping at the rich cream it was producing.

He looked up at me with a smile, “You taste so good. I could be doing this for a long time.”

“Feel free. As I said, I’m all yours tonight. However, I want you to fill me with that glorious cock of yours and feel your cum coating my pussy.”

“Rest assured you will,” he said with a happy smile as his fingers thrust into my aching hole. I could feel them curve into me searching for my happy spot. His other hand found my clit which had reared its head seeking to be entertained. His fingers ran circles around it, teasing it but not making direct contact.

By this time my whole body was shaking and quivering from the sensations, he was provoking. He took my clit between his lips and sucked on it while fingering me faster and faster. My back arched and moaning, I begged, “Make me cum. I need to cum, Mike.”

I felt his free hand cup my ass as he thrust a finger right into my anus which caused me to yelp. The combined actions of fingers and tongue on me sent me over the edge. I exploded into an orgasm even stronger than the one I had enjoyed earlier this afternoon.

He came up to lie next to my panting body, and gently massaged my tits while I caught my breath. “Pretty tits, I hope you enjoyed that? Mmm… I love those tits,” he kept on while mauling my tits and nipples.

“Liked that a lot.” I panted.

“Good,” he said while using a corner of the sheet to wipe his face.

“Come here, you adorable man. Let me help you.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and drew him to me. Using my tongue, I cleaned off all my juices which were coating his face and chin. “I just love the taste of me,” I giggled.

We ended up kissing while I felt his body against mine. I snaked my hand between us and grabbed his cock. “I think this big guy is ready to explode. What do you think?”

“He is patient, and he intends to savor the feel of that sweet tight pussy wrapping him in its embrace, Get ready to be reamed by little Mike.”

“Little? I don’t think so. My kitty is itching to make his acquaintance.”

“On your knees, woman, head down and ass up.”

I rolled over and placing a pillow under my belly, assumed the position. Mike got behind me and caressed my thighs and pinched my ass cheeks.

“So pretty. You have a beautiful ass and a very cute pucker. I think little Mike would also enjoy making its acquaintance.”

“I told you that I was all yours, but first I want to feel you deep in my pussy. I have never had a cock as big as yours fuck me. Please don’t tease. I need you now.”

His cock slid between my dripping pussy lips and rubbed at my clit as he moved forward. He parted my pussy lips, and I felt the head of his cock slowly part me. He actually stopped at that point. I think he was trying to be gentle, but gentle was the last thing I needed. I wanted all of him in me. I suddenly thrust my hips back at him, and that marvelous thick piece of meat was swallowed up my greedy needy pussy.

He groaned and held my hips while driving his cock into me. I was spread as I had never been spread before. I could feel every vein and ridge rubbing against my tender tissues. My years of Kegel exercises came into play as I milked his cock.

He now was thrusting deeper and harder than I had ever experienced. I felt his balls against my ass on every stroke and the top of his cock was pushing against my cervix, sending spasms that overtook my body right down to my toes.

He brought a hand under me and finding my clit he toyed with it, alternately pulling on it and pinching it. I was moaning and screaming into the pillow under my head. My whole body was quivering when I let go and flooded that delightful cock with my hot cum.

Mike did not stop. He kept hammering at my pussy through I don’t know how many orgasms. I heard him growl, “My turn.” He took a finger and slid it deep up my ass. I was now leak-proof as I contracted even more on his cock which was throbbing in me. His hot spurts of cum washed into me, again and again, sending me a final massive orgasm.

Panting he withdrew his finger from my ass with a pop and slowly pulled his cock out of me. I felt our combined juices gush out as I lowered my body to lie on my stomach.

I sensed his body against mine while I lay almost insensible on the bed. I must have passed out for some time as I woke suddenly and Mike was not next to me. “What the hell,” I thought, “Where's he gone?”

I started to get up when he returned holding the bottle of champagne and two flutes. “This calls for a celebration,” he said with a big grin.

“That good?”

“The best I have ever had. You are one hot lover.”

“You’re not too shabby yourself. I definitely need a rematch.”

“That, you’ll get. I intend to explore that other hole as soon as we rest a bit.”

“Mike, you’re so big. It will hurt.”

“Not after I have given it some loving preparation. I assure you that I will have your toes curling and your pussy creaming.”

We lay side by side and silently sipped our champagne. I thought about my day and all the emotions I had experienced. I was sure that Bob Anderson and Heather were now no longer an issue. The fact that her husband would be possibly arrested and of his liaison with Jesse Cortez’s wife would effectively put paid to her bid for Mayor. That left Sean McCarthy, but he was a problem I would face tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my new lover was caressing me, and that was out of this world.


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