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Down and Dirty Cowboy

I want to be fucked down and dirty.

My name is Bridget, I am twenty-nine years old, and I have just wasted five years of my life on a no-account man. I worked two jobs to put his ass through law school and as soon as he passed the bar, he dumped me.

Daryl decided that the boss’s daughter would make a better trophy wife. It has been a month, I have licked my wounds, and tonight I have decided to prowl and find me a down and dirty cowboy who will rock my world, make me scream when I orgasm, and give me more than vanilla sex.

Yes, I have had enough vanilla sex and fake orgasms to last me a lifetime. I want what I have read about in those erotic stories people write on those online writing sites. The big question in my mind is are those real? I sure in the hell plan on finding out tonight.

I am heading to The Bull Rider, a country-western bar; a bar my neighbor told me is a pick-up bar. Nothing fancy, nothing upscale. As I get ready to head out, I took one more glance in the full-length mirror. I liked what I saw.

The short denim skirt that came down to mid-thigh made my legs look like they go on forever. The long-sleeve denim shirt buttoned halfway up showing off my red lacy camisole under which I am wearing a pushup strapless bra gives just a peek at my breasts. Looking at my ass, I see that it has just enough junk-in-the-trunk to make it attractive.

Overall, I am pleased with the way I look. I spritz myself one more time with my favorite perfume Lady Stetson, stuff my ID, money, and house key in the front pockets of my skirt, and go wait for the cab.

When I walk into the bar thirty minutes later I give myself time to let my eyes adjust to the smoky dimness. The band is playing Brooks & Dunn Boot Scooting Boogie and I find myself itching to get out on the dance floor. The bar is not too crowded yet but it is still early Friday evening. I make my way to the bar while surveying the area, taking note of any possible males I might want to score with that night,

As I take a seat on the bar stool my skirt rides up another couple of inches. I order a draft and when it is set in front of me, I pay the bartender. Taking a good drink, I relish in how much I have missed the taste of beer. There will be no more mixed drinks or champagne for me; that was part of the old life with Daryl.

I had just taken a drink and set the glass on the bar when I felt a hand grab mine and a deep voice say, “They are playing my favorite song, and you are dancing with me, sugar.”

I allowed him to pull me along with him to the dance floor. Once there he pulled me roughly in his arms, one hand on my back and one on my ass. I raised my head and found myself staring into a face sporting a cum-fuck-me smile and sexy baby blue eyes.

He had to have been at least six feet tall, with short dark hair and a black cowboy hat. The jeans he had on were so tightly molded to his firm ass and muscular legs they had to be painted on. The flannel shirt was unbuttoned just enough to give me a glimpse of his rock hard chest.

“Like what you see?” he whispered in my ear, “Say the word and you can see this whole body naked.”

The only drawback I could find was he was older than I was – several years older. Although he had all the criteria I was looking for in a down and dirty cowboy, I figured that at his age he would not have the stamina.

Not giving me a chance to saying anything he just pulled me closer to him and I could feel his hard-on pressing into me. Leaning down he whispered in my ear again, “My name is Clint and we are going to spend the night fucking our brains out so don’t fight it. Now, what is your name?”

I was taken aback by his bold statement and could not answer him for a minute, then said, “My name is Bridget. What makes you think we are going to do that?”

“Because when Clint wants something he gets it,” he stated matter-of-factly “and Clint wants to bury his seven inches of thick cock in every hole you have and fuck you in every position he can think of.”

Part of me wanted to pull out of his arms and slap his face but the other part of me knew that if I wanted to get down and dirty tonight, I was going to have to get used to being groped and crudely talked to. Clint slowly danced his way over to a darker part of the dance floor. With my back toward a darkened hallway, Clint’s hand slipped down and under my skirt grabbing my ass, squeezing it.

“You are either commando under that skirt or you are wearing a thong?” Clint asked. “Tell me or I will find out myself.”

“Thong,” I said softly

“And what is the color?”

“Red,” I answered

“So you ready to get out of here and go fuck?” he asked softly

“Clint, thanks for the slow dance but I came here to enjoy myself, not hook up with the first cowboy who asked me to dance,” I said

“Sure Bridget, “Clint told me. “Do whatever you want to do but no other man in this bar will ask you to fuck them,” Clint said confidently with a wicked grin on his face.

“And what makes you so damn sure?” I asked, getting a bit annoyed with his attitude. “Look, never mind answering the question because I really don’t give a damn. Thanks again for the dance but don’t bother asking me again.”

“Oh, but I want to answer you,” Clint said. “It is because you are my woman, the one I designated I was going to fuck tonight. I did that when I walked out on the dance floor with you and danced you into the darkness to grope your ass. They all knew then and any man who comes in now will know it. Therefore, Bridget, when you get tired of being turned down come find me. And if you ask me nicely to fuck you I might not turn you over my knee,” and with that, he strolled away.

I so wanted to throw my glass of beer at him but knew that would probably land me in jail. That is one place I did not want to spend Friday night. By one o’clock in the morning, I was ready to call it quits and head home. I had danced with several cowboys but none made my thong damp like Clint did.

Even though I flirted and let it be known what I wanted not one of them took the bait. Remembering I had left my cell phone at home, I drained my third glass of beer, deciding to ask the bartender to call me a cab.

“I have a cabin for the night. Finally ready to go get fucked?” the same deep voice asked as I started to climb off the barstool.

Eyeing him up and down, I told him, “No, decided to just go home. Besides, you are too old for me. You probably don’t have the stamina to give me what I want and need anyway so you just wasted money on a cabin.”

“You are a sassy bitch and as a reward, you have earned yourself an over-the-knee old fashioned spanking sometime tonight,” Clint told me. “And for your information, I am only thirty-nine and I have enough stamina to fuck you so much you will have trouble walking when you leave.”

I thought a moment, trying to decide if a night with this arrogant sex oozing man was worth it or was my bed more inviting. Before I could decide, he grabbed my hand and started to pull me toward a dark corridor. He opened the back door and headed to the cabins on the backside of The Bull Rider. Pulling a key from his pocket, he pulled me up the steps to the first one and unlocked the door.

As I opened my mouth to scream, Clint said, “Go ahead. No help will be coming. Screaming around here is commonplace… from hard fucks to ass spankings

Suddenly I had this picture of being taken against my will and I began to wish I had never come here. Once inside, he shut the door and pushed me against it, Grabbing my wrists I found them suspended above my head as Clint leaned down and kissed me hard, his tongue ramming itself in my mouth, seeking out mine. Pushing his body against mine, he ground his cock into my stomach, making sure that I could tell his cock was hard and pussy hungry.

Clint put his hand under my skirt and smiled when he realized my thong was wet. Pushing the front part aside he shoved two fingers into my wet pussy, finger fucking me hard, so unlike Daryl who thought that was only for cocks and nothing else. My pussy muscles seemed to have a mind of their own as they clenched around his fingers.

I was feeling a stirring down there I had never felt before but I liked it. I found myself moaning into his mouth. Suddenly he stopped and stepped back, unzipping his jeans.

“Get that fucking thong off now or I will rip it off,” Clint growled as he stroked himself.

I quickly shed my thong, leaving it where it dropped. Clint pushed my skirt up to my waist and grabbed me by the ass, shoving me back against the door. He put my one leg around his waist and motioned for me to do so with the other. Legs locked around his waist he drove his cock into my pussy, holding me against the door as he fucked me hard.

“Cum bitch!” Clint yelled, “I have wanted to fuck you all night.”

He kept driving it in harder and deeper than I have ever had, setting off a change reaction of feelings from my pussy throughout my entire body. I knew from my reading that this is what an orgasm was supposed to feel like and I embraced it completely, letting it take over my entire body.

As my body began to convulse I let out a scream and grabbed Clint’s hair giving a big yank as I ravished his mouth, our tongues frantically mating. Clint gave two more hard thrusts and shot his load, setting off another orgasm for me. I just felt that as hard as I was fucked I would have a sore bruised pussy in the morning.

Very slowly, he pulled out and let my feet down to the floor. They were so shaky I was not sure they would even support me. I just sank to the floor, cum and pussy juice leaking into the carpet. Clint stood there looking down at me, a sly look on his face.

“While you are down there, clean my cock, Bridget,” he ordered waving it at me.

I looked at his cock, dripping cum and pussy juice and shuddered. I was not taking that thing in my mouth. Hell, I never even had Daryl’s cock in my mouth. Clint grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me toward him, pushing his cock against my lips but I refused to open my mouth.

“Open your mouth, clean my cock or I will stripe your ass with my belt.” Clint said “And do not even think about biting me,” as he reached for his belt buckle with his free hand.

I swallowed hard and slowly took him in my mouth, licking our mixed juices from his cock, trying not gag as he pushed himself against the back of my throat. After a few minutes, he pulled me to my feet.

“Now bitch,” Clint began “do I beat your ass or fuck your ass. Which one do I do first?”

“Fuck my ass!” I asked in surprise “There is no way that thing is going up there.”

“Oh yes, it is.” Clint told me “You see Bridget, I know your type. I make a habit out of picking up on the “you are in heat” scent women emit. It lets me know that you are looking to be fucked in every hole you have and I aim to please.”

I wanted to deny it but every word that came out of his mouth was true.

“Ever been spanked?” Clint suddenly asked, changing the subject. “Spanked until you cum?”

I could only look at him wide-eyed, as I had never been spanked. My parents did not believe in it. I could not fathom something that I knew would hurt could bring pleasure but apparently, I was about to find out. Clint dragged me by the hair over to the couch. Sitting down he patted his lap.

“I am twenty-nine years old, not two, and I am not going to be spanked,” I said firmly. “Now do you have a cell phone so you can call me a cab?”

I have a cell phone but I am not calling you a cab. I will drive you home in the morning.’

“Call me a cab NOW!” I demanded

Clint suddenly moved lightning quick and before I could react, I was across his lap. He quickly put two fingers deep in my pussy, stroking and started to finger fuck me. Just as my body started to tremble, he pulled his fingers out and smoothed down my skirt. Suddenly, Clint’s hand cracked down on my ass, causing me to screech and almost slide off his lap. My hand automatically went back to protect my ass but it was quickly grabbed by Clint and held above my waist.

He delivered four more hard smacks to my ass, and then my skirt was being pushed up. “Need to see my handy work,” Clint said as he rubbed my ass, then he began to rub my pussy, occasionally dipping a finger inside. “Getting very wet so I think some more spanks are in order because I am going to make you cum.”

Then he brought his hand down on the cheeks of my ass and upper thighs several times. “Damn you!” I screamed. “That hurts.’

It is supposed to,” Clint replied as he spanked me several more times, turning my ass a dark shade of pink.

This time he stuck his thumb in my ass and before I knew it, three fingers were shoved into my pussy. Suddenly his index finger hit a very sensitive spot that almost caused me to jump off his lap. “Oh, someone’s clit is very sensitive. I bet if I just rub it hard enough you are going to experience a hard orgasm,” and to prove his point he began to rub what he called my clit.

Within a few minutes, I could feel my juices starting to flow and my pussy started to spasm and clench itself against his fingers, my ass doing the same to his thumb. I started to twitch and shake as all my nerves seemed to be on maximum overdrive.

“That’s it Bridget, wash my hand in your pussy juices,” Clint said softly as he shoved his fingers inside as far as he could, curling them in toward his palm.

I gave a scream as my orgasm hit me hard, making me jerk and twist as the room exploded into a kaleidoscope of colors. The orgasm was so strong it gave me a momentary head rush. If not for Clint‘s hand on my waist I would have tumbled to the floor. Slowly pulling his fingers out Clint gave me a couple more har

I started to argue, but all it took for me to comply was to see Clint unbuckle his belt. I hurriedly undressed, leaving my clothes in a pile on the floor. Standing there naked Clint looked down and then back up to me smiling his approval as he pointed to the bed. While I had been stripping out of my clothes and boots, he had removed his shirt and belt. The belt was now doubled and held in his right hand. I moved farther out into the room to avoid him as I made my way to the bed but Clint grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back toward him.

“Don’t know where you think you are going but the bed is that way,” Clint told me as he turned me roughly to face the bed. “Now get your ass over there,”

Before releasing me, I felt the crack of his belt across my ass cheeks. I screamed and tried to jerk out of his grasp but he had my hair tightly in his fist. He delivered another whack to my ass with the belt and released his hold on my hair. As I scurried to the bed, I felt my pussy becoming wetter and tingly.

'He is right,' I thought to myself, 'spanking can make you cum.'

When Clint joined me in bed a few minutes later, he was sporting a huge erection, Reaching out he started to pinch and twist my nipples hard until I was moaning with pleasure, Clint made his way down my body to my pussy, As Clint started to spread my legs wider, I attempted to keep them tightly closed.

“Baby, I cannot get to that sweet pussy of yours if you keep your tights so tightly closed,” Clint told her “Now relax, open those legs, and let me taste your sweet nectar and make you cum again and again.”

I quickly gave myself a talking to, telling myself to relax and enjoy everything Clint wanted to do to me, that Daryl was wrong. From what I had read this was called oral sex and it was supposed to be pleasurable even though Daryl said nothing was supposed to go in that hole but his cock. Slowly I relaxed my body, allowing Clint to spread my legs apart.

'Oral sex virgin,' he thought to himself, 'and I'm sure an anal virgin too. Well, she won’t be a virgin in any area when I am through with her.'

Spreading my pussy lips, Clint proceeded to lick me until he had me wiggling all over the bed. Only then did he begin to tongue fuck me, suck, and gently pull on my clit. Clint could feel my pussy becoming tight and quivering so he knew I was getting close. I felt him sucking harder on my clit as he inserted three fingers into my pussy. Rolling me on my side, he pulled my leg up and started to lick and tongue fuck my ass as his fingers fucked my pussy and rubbed my clit.

I felt my body tense and then my juices started to flow as my entire body started to tremble and shake as I cum hard. Flipping me on my back, Clint began to lap and suck my pussy clean. Leaving me spayed out on the bed I watched him go over to a chest of drawers in the corner of the room and take something out of a drawer. It hit me then that this was his cabin as the moonlight coming through the windows highlighted some of his things in the room.

“Is this your cabin?” I asked, “And just who in the hell are you and what do you do?”

Clint laughed and said, “Hell of a time to ask these questions, Bridget. But, yes this is my cabin but what I do and who I am will remain my secret,” he told me. “Now, let's take care of that last virgin hole you have.”

“I told you that your cock is not going up that hole. It is not meant for something that big.”

“Oh, my cock is going up that hole at the same time this vibrator is going in your pussy,” said Clint as he held up a medium thick vibrator with ribs. “Been told by the ladies I’ve fucked that it feels like one giant size cock fucking them. Now on your knees, ass in the air.”

I thought long and hard for a couple of minutes while Clint stared at me, impatience written on his face. 'Well, I wanted to get fucked down and dirty,' I thought to myself, 'and I’ve come this far not to go all the way,' as I put myself in position.

Smacking my ass, Clint said, “Relax your ass and it won’t hurt as bad,” he instructed me as he lubed a finger and slowly inserted it in my ass, then he introduced a second, and then a third, all the while he was generously lubing his cock.

Turning on the vibrator, he began to circle just inside my pussy, slowly moving it inside while fucking my ass with his three fingers. As the head of the vibrator touched my clit there was such a shot of pleasure that I almost came then. Clint pulled out his fingers and pressed the head of his cock at my anus hole pushing just the head in giving me a chance to get used to the intrusion of his cock, then pushing it in some more. He continued fucking me with the vibrator, occasionally moving to stroke my clit.

He kept inserting more and more of his cock deeper into my ass until he reached the sphincter muscle.

“This is going to hurt but then the pleasure will begin.”

Clint gave one hard push to get beyond this barrier and then he held still for me to get used to it. As he pushed through, I gave out a scream and automatically tightened the muscles there. Clint smacked my ass and began to fuck me hard with the vibrator, refocusing my sexual thoughts to the pleasures my pussy was getting.

Soon he began to pump my ass in rhythm with the vibrator and it did feel like one giant cock as the vibrator and cock were rubbing together through that thin membrane separating the two. As he got nearer his climax, Clint pumped harder and harder, using the same speed and forcefulness with the vibrator. I began to clench all the muscles pulling his cum outward, We were both breathing heavy, sweat pouring off us as he fucked me hard. I was on the edge.

Suddenly I was falling over the edge as my orgasm crashed through my body, making me scream out as I came hard, fireworks going off in my head, the vibrant colors flashing, like the one time I tried drugs during my teen years, My entire body was one big spasm as I experienced another orgasmic high. Clint gave out a primal scream as he shot several spurts of cum in my ass.

I collapsed on the bed, with the vibrator still partially in my pussy, Clint lying on my back, kissing my neck as his cock rested in my ass, slowly deflating.

“Now you have no virgin holes left,” he whispered in my ear as he slowly rolled off me.

I laid there a moment and then headed to the bathroom asking, “May I take a quick shower, Clint?”

“Help yourself. You can see the towels and whatever else you need.” He told me, “your shampoo and stuff is under the counter where you left them.”

When I came out a few minutes later, I went over and kissed Clint on the lips, crawling in bed next to him. “You make a damn good down and dirty cowboy. Thanks for fulfilling my fantasy.”

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