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Ella Part 1

Ella gets a surprise she wasn't quite ready for...
Finally, it was 3am and time for me to go home and leave this mess. The bar was always crowded on Saturday nights but this particular night was more hell than usual. The crowds were wild and one uh, gentleman, was quite a handful and as usual, I got no help from the bouncers. I know I bring some of it on myself but hey, I’m not going to get any tips wearing a turtleneck and sweatpants. Although I guess any man will tip if you get him drunk enough. Anyway, despite my easy appearance, I take pride in the way I look and I have a boyfriend, Chase, whom I love dearly.

My go to outfit for tonight was a sexy shirt, short skirt, and my favorite fuck me heels. The shirt I had on was black and it showed off my curves perfectly. It highlighted my cleavage just enough to be noticed, but not so much that people would think I was a slut. Well some might but who cares. It came down far enough just so the bottom of my belly button ring that I just adored so much, showed. I wore my favorite one tonight. It was silver with rhinestones that dangled and shimmered with my every move. My skirt was a simple, short, denim skirt but guys, especially Chase, loved it. Now to my favorite part of the outfit, my heels. They were 5-inch pumps and they were hot as hell. They were black and they made me feel oh so sexy. Those heels had been through a lot. Every time I wore them in front of Chase it was all he could do to not pounce on me and fuck my brains out, and when we were in private, that’s exactly what he did.

I couldn’t help but smile as I left the bar, walked to my car, and thought of the last time Chase had bent me over the kitchen counter and fucked me in these heels. That was a good memory indeed. Hmm…maybe I’ll have to wear these heels soon at home.

I got to my car and groped around my purse for my keys. When I heard what sounded like a heavy footstep I stopped what I was doing and looked around. I didn’t see anything so I shrugged it off and went back to searching for my always elusive keys. I finally found my keys when I heard what were definitely several footsteps. They were coming steadily towards me with a definite purpose. My heart began to pound. My fingers were shaking as I tried desperately to get in my car, lock the doors, and speed away, but I wasn’t fast enough.

Before my brain could register what was going on and I could react, my hands were behind my back, my mouth was gagged, and a blindfold was over my eyes. There was definitely more than one assailant and they definitely had had practice. I was scared but something inside me told me that I just needed to relax and everything was going to be ok.

“Now miss,” said the man on my left, “Boss wants to see you. He has a uh…test for you. If you pass, then he has an offer. He knows you well and hopes you cooperate with us. However, if you are at all uncomfortable with what is going on just use the safe word. That safe word is ‘red’. Do you understand?”

With surprisingly little thought, I quickly and maybe a little too eagerly shook my head yes and my gag was removed, but now I was confused. He knows me? What kind of test? What kind of offer? Boss of what? The more I thought about it the more excited I got.

“Good! Very good!” Said the man to my left.

As I was being led away by two of the men I heard a third behind me pick up my keys, put them in my purse, and zip my purse up. Well that was kind of him…I think.

“I got her purse and keys just like Boss asked.”

“Good. You keep them up front with you and I’ll ride with her in the back.” The man on my left said.

“Remember boys,” started the man on my right, “Boss said we have to be gentle with this one. We can’t hurt her.”

Hmm…so I was VIP. I was beginning to like this!

I was put into the back of a van along with the man on my left. He sat on my left and put his hand on my thigh. Strangely I was not uncomfortable. I wanted more…I needed more… Maybe this was part of the test?

I could feel the familiar warmth of wetness between my legs as I thought about this mans hand and as we bounced along down the road. Each bounce felt like a shockwave to my clit making me a little wetter each time.

Then I got to thinking, how awful was I sitting here in this van getting turned on by a strangers hand on my thigh and the bouncing of the road while poor Chase is at home soon to be worrying sick over me? However, that thought didn’t last long. I was too excited to see what this “Boss” had to offer. Besides, I’d make it up to Chase later.

About 20 minutes had gone by since we left the bar parking lot and the van finally came to a permanent halt.

“OK, you two wait here and I’ll go tell Boss we’ve got her”, said the man who drove.

It wasn’t long before he came back with news that made me tingle with excitement.

“Boss is pleased, boys! We’re going to be having some fun tonight!” He said with a laugh. I wasn’t sure what kind of “fun” he was talking about but it was probably part of the test.

“Give me her purse, I’ll give it to Boss, and you two take her in through the back.”

The man who sat next to me removed his hand from my thigh, much to my dismay, and helped me get out of the van. He went to my left side again and the man who rode in the passenger seat and picked up my purse led me from my right side.

It wasn’t a long walk to the building and before we walked in I could hear the beat of music coming from inside.

“Good evening gentleman”, a deep voiced man said who I’m assuming was a bouncer. “Boss is very pleased with you three. He has been smiling more than usual tonight.”

This “Boss” must have had quite the operation, whatever that was, but nonetheless I was looking forward to meeting him and passing his test.

I was led through the now open door, which slammed behind me once I was through. Once inside my available senses were assaulted. The air was heavy and the scent of sex filled my nostrils with my first breath. It was overpowering at first but alluring at the same time. I could hear the music more clearly now but I could also hear the moans and screams of girls being pleasured and tortured. That scared me a bit for I was not one for BDSM. I swallowed hard as the two men led me through the room and then what I think was a long hallway with individual rooms branching off. We got to the end of the hallway and the man on my left knocked 3 times on the door ahead of us.

“Boss says bring her in”, said the man who drove us from behind the door.

The door opened and the three of us walked through. The room was silent and the door slammed behind us causing me to jump.

“Boss says relax miss”, said the man to my left. I liked the man to my left. Whoever he was, he seemed kind.

I was led to what I think was the middle of the room and was instructed to get on my knees and spread my legs.

The man who drove us spoke, “Boss says I can untie your hands but under no circumstances can you move or talk without permission or you will be punished. The only time you may speak is when you are asked a question or you wish to use the safe word. Understood?”

I nodded my head yes and was as still as possible while he untied my hands. I didn’t like this man as much at all. He gave me the creeps but I was going to do what he said. No way was I going to fail this test.

“Stand up”. I did as I was told. “Good. Now take off your skirt.”

I hesitated a moment and quickly regretted my decision. I was flogged once, but hard across the ass, which brought tears to my eyes. I thought about using the safe word but quickly decided otherwise. Instead, I figured I had better do what I was told, when I was told because who knows what else they would do to me and I wanted to pass the test.

My ass was still stinging but I took off my skirt and let it fall to my feet. I was standing as still as possible and was clearly tense.

“Relax miss”, said the man who had always been on my left. My shoulders relaxed a little but I didn’t dare move.

“Take off your shirt”, said the driver. I did this promptly and let my shirt fall beside me. “Good girl. Now turn around.” I did as he said once again. “Boss says its such a shame you have to have a mark on that pretty little ass of yours. He thought you were a good girl.”

This made my blood boil. I was Chase’s good girl and his girl only. Not this asshole’s they called “Boss”. I felt like crying but for fear of being flogged again I bit my tongue and tried to relax.

There was no turning back now. I was not giving in and I was passing this test dammit. I wanted to beat his game, no matter what it took.

“Boss wants you to bend over and take off your panties.” I did as I was told and stood back up again. I was flogged once more, which again sent tears to my eyes but also a shock to my pussy. “I didn’t tell you to stand up now did I?” I bent back over and found myself once more fighting to relax. “Good girl, now you may stand up.” I did as I was told. “Turn around, take off your bra, and show Boss those beautiful breasts of yours.” I did as I was told and decided from that moment on I was going to own this test like the sexy slut I knew I was.

“Damn!” Said the man who sat in the passenger seat. “She’s got some sexy tits!”

“Yea she’s real fine Boss!” Said the man who was always to my left.

Most girls I knew would be cringing that strangers would be looking them over like this and making such comments. Not me! My chest swelled with pride and a smile spread wide on my face.

The driver spoke again, “Take two steps forward, get on your knees, and spread your legs.” The heels I had on made it easy for me to take two very sexy, hip swaying steps before I dropped to my knees, spread my legs, held my head high, and pushed my breasts forward.

“Boss seems to think you’re getting more comfortable. That’s good.” I braced as I waited for him to flog me again but it didn’t happen.

There was a minute or so of silence before I heard the man who was always on my left and the man who rode in the passenger seat come towards me.

“Boss is quite pleased with us”, said the man who was always on my left, “so he has decided he wants to watch as we have our way with you.”

“Oh yea, and you aren’t allowed to cum”, said the man who rode in the passenger seat with a chuckle.

I didn’t have much time to process before I felt hands kneading my breasts and a cock at my lips. I opened my mouth as a rather large cock was shoved down my throat. I gagged a little at first but quickly adjusted to the man down my throat. I noticed that the wetness between my legs was increasing as the man on my breasts started to pinch and twist my nipples. I began to moan against the cock down my throat. Not long after I felt fingers in my pussy and a tongue around my clit. Damn it felt wonderful! The third man began to lick around my ass before finally licking around my tight pink hole. Chase and I had only tried this a few times before and I was definitely open to trying it again. Whichever man this was lubed up my hole with his tongue and began to shove his cock in just as the man on my pussy began to do the same. Both men shoved in at the same time causing me to moan in pleasure. My ass and pussy were painfully full but deep down I loved the feeling.

All three men were thrusting in and out of me in unison and it was hard not to let my body climax. I never knew what it was like to have all three holes deliciously full but I had always wanted to try. It felt better than I could have ever imagined. I wanted to obey the “no cum rule” so I thought of Chase and how disappointed he’d be in me if he saw me. The thought almost brought me to tears so it quickly brought my mind and body off trying to climax.

After a few minutes of thrusting and grunting all three men came in me at once. I swallowed as much as I could of the man in my throat but I failed to swallow it all. The three men pulled out of me at once and left cum dripping out of both my holes and down my face. I was still on my knees and didn’t dare move as I tried to catch my breath.

“Boss seems to think you enjoyed that you little slut. Did you?” Smirked the driver.

“Yes” I panted. Partly for the sake of not wanting to argue and not wanting to get flogged again, but also because deep down, I really did love it.

“Boss thinks you’ve deserved your eyesight back.” Said the man always on my left.

Thank god. I wanted to see this “Boss” of theirs.

The blindfold was removed from my eyes. I blinked a few times and when I finally looked up I couldn’t believe what I saw…

Stay tuned for “Ella Part 2” coming soon…

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