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Exceptional Room Service

A naked massage and a hot drilling in her hotel room made her day
Em was alone that day. She’d gone to the island on a holiday trip with her sisters and their children, without her husband Ambrose. It was her first visit and she’d found it very different to what she had expected. It had turned out to be somewhere, she thought, where you could have a six-star holiday at three-star expense.

But high finance wasn’t what was on her mind today. She’d begged off the family trip that day, pleading a mildly upset tummy. They would not be back until late in the evening as they were having dinner out somewhere before returning to the hotel.

It was true she had the collywobbles, she thought to herself with a smile. This was because she’d booked a very special in-room massage with a man she’d heard about the day before when she’d chatted with a woman of about her age at the pool.

The woman had told her she’d found a fabulous massage spa just up the street that would send therapists to the hotel for in-room service. She had had an in-room massage the previous day, when her husband had gone off with some friends to play golf.

“I went into the spa,” the woman told her. “They said they sent therapists on outcalls if guests wanted that. It’s a nice place. I’d had a massage there a couple of days before, with a nice Javanese masseuse.” She winked at Em. “But this time I wanted a male therapist, a masseur, and I wanted my massage in my hotel room.”

The woman had paused at this point. Em felt a stirring in her pussy and knew her nipples had hardened in her bikini top too. She hoped this wasn’t noticeable.

It was, apparently. The woman winked at her again and smiled. “I asked if they could send a man to my hotel room. They didn’t look surprised. They just asked straight out if I was looking for a hot massage. I said I was and they said they had two nice male therapists I could choose from and when did I want the massage?

“I said I’d like my massage at two o'clock and I wanted a two-hour massage. They said they could send a masseur to the hotel and showed me his photo. He looked like a bodybuilder. I said he would be just great.”

She smiled again. “He was,” she said. “I was a bit nervous. I’d never done it before. I mean had a hot massage. We’ve been married for eighteen years and I’ve had a couple of one-nighters, but never a sex massage. I’d read about them and girlfriends who travel had told me about them, but, well, I’d just never done it. “

She paused. “It doesn’t make you uncomfortable, talking like this?” she asked.

Em laughed. This was girl talk, the sort of thing husbands and other men never imagined took place. “No. I’m married too. For around the same time as you as it happens. But I do a lot of business travelling. Now and then I’ve had a little adventure."

“Sometimes, I tell my husband afterwards. Sometimes, I don’t. But, I love a hot massage. I didn’t expect to get one on this trip, though. I’m travelling with family.”

The woman winked again and said, “Yes. But not with your husband.”

“True,” Em said, feeling sudden extra hardness in her nipples. “So, how was this man?”

“He was fantastic,” the woman said. “We’re staying for two weeks and I’m getting a going-home treat before I leave.”

“Tell me what he does,” said Em, suddenly hot and moist between her legs as well.

“Let’s get another drink,” the woman said, summoning a waiter. “And I’ll tell you. And here’s his cell phone number.” She gave Em a card. “I have another. He works from the spa, but he told me he’s available for special ladies privately. You just need to give him a day’s notice. You’re going on that excursion with your family tomorrow aren’t you?”

“I was,” Em said. “But I think I might change my mind.”

“I should if I were you,” the woman said. “His massages beat a cultural tour any day.” She laughed.

The drinks came. They were both drinking vodka-based cocktails. Em was beginning to feel adventurous. She liked being adventurous from time to time.

“So, I’ll tell you all about it then,” the woman said.

“Oh yes, please,” Em said.

She listened enthralled and getting hotter by the minute as her new friend told her the story.

This is what she told Em:

“I went straight back to the hotel. It was noon. I had a quick bite to eat at the bar and then went to the room, feeling hot and naughty. I removed my shopping clothes and showered, then towelled myself only partly dry. It was 1.40pm.

“I perfumed my pussy. I put on a bikini string I keep to wear when I’m exciting myself. We all do something like that, don’t we? Over the top I put a sheer sarong, halved so it ended mid-thigh and loosely tied at the top just below the swell of my breasts.

“I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that with it and the other one at the head of the bed I’d be able to watch all the action as well as take part in it. I felt hotly sexy and also very nervous. It was now five to two. 

At two o'clock there was a knock at the door. She checked it was the masseur and then opened it. He appraised her body and apparently approved. He spoke very good English. He said: “You look hot. You’re wearing too much.” He undid the sarong and let it drop to the floor.

He appraised her again, now she was basically naked. He was wearing cycling gear. The bulge in his Lycra shorts got suddenly bigger. She went very wet between her legs.

He told her to lie on the bed face-down but to keep her little string on. “You will enjoy how I remove that later,” he said.

She did, she said. It had been incredibly sexy and very arousing.

He gave her a very professionally practised full-body massage, paying great attention to her feet and legs. She had moved her legs slightly apart. But the masseur spread them wide and his hands went right up to and into her pussy hair while he was massaging her inside thighs.

She murmured and then moaned. He said, "Time to take off that sexy little string,” and untied it both sides, then pushed both hands between her legs, into her trimmed little bush. “Very nice,” he said when his fingers tangled with her hair. He pulled her little bikini pants away very slowly, right through her hotly wet and open pussy. She shouted then and came, for the first time.

He stopped then and said, “One moment.” She opened her eyes and looked at the mirror. He was stripping naked. He was fully erect and very long. Her pussy gushed.

Then he said, “Now turn over.”

Em's new friend paused for a moment, obviously remembering the moment. She smiled and licked her lips.

Then she went on with her story. This is how it went:

She turned over as instructed. The masseur spread her legs wide apart again, pushed three hot fingers gently into her vagina. found her clit and excited it enormously.

Then he said: “With beautiful hot women such as you, I like to give the front massage sixty-nine style, mostly with my tongue. Would you like that? I would like to feel your lips around my cock.”

“Oh god yes,” she said.

“Good,” he replied. “We have forty-five minutes for this part of the massage. Then I shall fuck you for thirty minutes and if you don’t want me come in your vagina I will pull out and come between your breasts. Would you like that too?”

“Oh god yes,” she said. “But I want it all the way. Don’t pull out until you’re actually coming.”

Then the masseur sank his mouth onto her pussy. She in turn took his slick, smooth, hot eight inches into her mouth. He got bigger and bigger in her mouth while down below his tongue pushed further and further and ever more urgently into her vagina.

She came. He shouted, his cock suddenly harder than ever in her mouth. He fucked her mouth quicker and deeper than ever. Then he made going-to-come noises, shouted loudly, pulled out and shot his hot cum over her breasts and belly in six ecstatic spasms.

“It was fantastic,” the woman told Em. “But I thought that was it, that he'd finished.”

She smiled. “But he hadn't. He licked my pussy for five minutes and then he put a pillow under my hips, spread my legs wider than I ever thought possible, and fucked me hard and very quickly and I went to heaven. He came again, this time on my mound.”

The woman laughed and looked at Em. “It was the hottest sex I’ve ever had. You really should give it a try.”

Em said, “I certainly will.”

An hour later, Em rang the masseur's cell phone and booked for two o'clock next day.

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