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Georgia Road Trip Mishap Part II

Husband and wife continue to pay for their infractions at the Sheriff's jail
I could hear my husband moaning and whimpering in the next room as I was bent over the Sheriff’s desk. My pussy was dripping as I imagined what the two Sheriffs’ Deputies were doing to him. I found myself completely aroused imagining each of them taking turns running their cocks into my husband’s ass. Something happened to me that day as we became semi captive prisoners of that county’s Sheriff’s Department. I felt myself becoming incredibly excited at being at the mercy of these horny dirty men.

The Sheriff’s huge cock head pushed between my wet pussy lips. I wanted to push back on his waiting shaft but he held me down against his desk. He was teasing my pussy with just his hard velvety cock tip but pulling it and rubbing up and down my slit. He asked me if the sound of my husband was turning me on. I groaned in approval as he held my ass cheeks apart. I felt even more degraded as the Sheriff spit down onto my asshole. I was nervous as he used his cock head to smear his saliva around my puckered hole. I was preparing myself for the extreme pain I imagined I would feel if was to slide his cock into my tight asshole. My husband had only fucked my ass a few times over the years with the help of me being drunk on champagne.

I clinched my fists as I felt my anal ring pried open with what felt like the Sheriff’s thumb. Hot flashes hit my body as his wet thumb fully pushed into my ass. I let out a yelp loudly as the Sheriff pushed his cock into my spread cunt. The sensation of both my holes being probed made me groan out again and I was sure my husband could hear me just as I could hear him. The Sheriff’s round belly slammed against me as he fucked for a few minutes. I cooed as I felt his thumb pull out of my asshole.

Not that I had a choice in what the Sheriff was going to do to me, but he asked me if I wanted to feel what my husband was feeling. Like I said, I had no real choice in the matter as his cock withdrew from my pussy and pressed against my ass. He told me my moans and whimpers only made him harder as he pushed his cock into me with one fluid motion. I did in fact scream out as his thick cock impaled my dirty hole. I saw stars and nearly blacked out from the pain. I lay still on his desk as I listened to his primal grunts and the sound of our flesh colliding. The Sheriff continued to ass fuck me, and my screams melted into soft groans. He told me I had the tightest ass he had fucked in a long time.

The pain was gone, and my body was tingling. His shaft was steadily sawing in and out of my dirty asshole as he squeezed my creamy white ass cheeks. My moans grew in volume and intensity while my pussy began to moisten again. The Sheriff felt me as I clamped down on his invading cock. He groaned and told me how good my dirty ass felt. My body was on the edge of orgasm again, and I begged for him to cum. My tits were smashed between me and the desk as the Sheriff pushed harder against my body. His hips were then plowing deeper inside me. He was close to climax, and I begged him again to cum inside me.

With his hands on my hips, the Sheriff pulled me back onto his aching dick. I was fully impaled on his shaft when I felt his enormous load of cum explode inside me. The first two jets of his seed vibrated deep in my bowels. His moans were load and followed each stream of his sperm that splashed against my anal walls. I was cumming again just from the feeling of his cream surging deep inside my unprotected ass. I felt the Sheriff let go of my body and slowly pull his still throbbing cock from my dirty asshole. I felt so empty as my ass was left gaping wide open. His cream trickled out and ran down my inner thighs.

The Sheriff wasn’t done with me quite yet, and he turned me around and pushed me down to my knees. He ordered me to clean his cum and ass covered cock so his wife wouldn’t know. I was reluctant as the off white streaks of mixed juices coated his dick. My hair was pulled and his cock was slapped on the side of my face and across my lips. I could smell my own ass and the strong scent of semen as the Sheriff continued to force his cock on me. I relented and opened my mouth grimacing as his dirty dick slid between my lips.

The kinky mixed flavors filled my mouth as the strong smells filled my nose. I felt so dirty that the taste did not repulse me. I felt a tingle deep in my body again as I began to comply with the dirty Sheriff’s demand. I took his cock in my hand and began licking the sides of his shaft collecting the juices. I loved tasting my own ass mixed with the salty cum. I licked more and more of his cock making sure I included his balls. I took his cock into my mouth and with a few long hard sucks I completely cleaned the taboo juices off.

The Sheriff pulled me to my feet after he pulled up his pants. I was taken back to the holding cell area to join my husband. My weak legs moved slowly as the Sheriff pushed me ahead. My eyes met with my husband’s as the Deputy Hall was cumming in his asshole. The Sheriff turned me over to the two Deputies and seeing that Deputy Hall had just finished fucking my husband, he told Hall that I loved ass to mouth. Deputy Hall was more than happy to take me from the Sheriff and put me on my knees next to were my husband was still bent over moaning.

Just as I did for the Sheriff, I did for Deputy Hall. I didn’t even bother to resist as I had the urge deep inside me to suck his dirty cock. My husband turned his head to me and watched as I sucked that cock that had just been up his ass and shot a heavy load. While sucking the Deputy’s cock I noticed a pool of white pearly cum on the floor below my husband. I moaned and smiled while sucking that cock knowing my husband had cum several times from another man’s cock in his ass.

The deputies put us both in the same cell and threw us some orange gowns to wear. They left my husband and I alone to get us lunch. My husband was looking at my stretched asshole that was still leaking cum. He asked me if it hurt and I moaned yes and told him that I loved feeling the Sheriff fucking me. My husband moaned with me and he knelt down and kissed my dirty open ass. I was sore but loved feeling his tongue scope the globs of seed from my ass. I let him lick my dirty ass for a few more minutes before I begged him to fuck my pussy.

My husband sat on the jail cell bed with his cock sticking straight up. I straddled his lap and sank down on his hard dick. We kissed and shared the cum from my ass as I slowly bounced on his aching dick. I told him I loved him and was so turned on hearing him being fucked by two dirty men then seeing him bent over with Deputy Hall cumming inside him. He admitted he was always curious and was so happy I understood. I kept riding my husband’s cock, and before I came I told him the Sheriff was keeping us locked up until the next morning. He said he had two more Deputies coming on shift later, one of which was a woman. My husband shot what cum was left in his balls up inside me as he devoured my neck. I couldn’t wait for the next shift of Sheriff’s Deputies to take over.

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