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Glutton for Punishment

Kinky submissive is used and abused by his master
My heart was pounding. My skin was tingling, and I hadn’t even left the car yet. It was hot inside and unbearably stuffy, but I was too nervous to leave. This was only going to be the second time that I’d met Shaun in person. The first was at party, hosted by a mutual friend of ours. He approached me after finding out about my bi-sexuality. Even as he walked over I knew he was a man that I wanted to..., no, needed to be used by. It may sound cliché, but he was the embodiment of “Tall, Dark and Handsome”, as if heaven didn't manage to organise sending me Gerard Butler as I’d asked for and instead sent me the next best thing.

I’d had a few too many to drink. When combined with my desperation to impress this gorgeous man I found that the majority of my inhibitions being left behind at the bar. I felt his eyes all over my body, they would waver away from my eyes and down on to my lips and it was driving me crazy. I returned the favour....maybe I stared a little lower than his lips. Okay it was a lot lower than his lips, but if I would’ve returned home that night without at least catching a glimpse of his member bulging underneath his Levi’s, I would’ve been upset with myself.

“So, is there any chance I can buy you a drink? A Beer? Or maybe a mixer?”

Oh my he was perfect. The cheeky grin, that accompanied his question, ensured that I wouldn’t be able to say no. Normally I’m not a fan of men who are attractive but are completely aware of it. This was different, this was confidence.

“Erm....yeah sure, I’ll take a Budweiser...please.”

I always worry that I come across as too effeminate. I’m not someone who acts effeminate, but my slender figure isn’t exactly the height of masculinity. My soft, pale skin and shoulder length brown hair also may not help the situation. This is why I chose to ask for the Beer, instead the flavoured Cider I would usually drink. Shaun let out a little chuckle as he turned towards the bar. My cheeks flushed with a reddish hue.

“What!? What’s funny?”.

“You are, you’re cute.”

"Cute? What did I do? How did my attempt to seem a little more like one of the guys get me called cute?"

“The way you had to add ‘please’ on at the end there, I just found it cute.”

I’m panicking, I’m over thinking. I don’t want him to find me cute, I want him to find me hot. I want him to think about taking me home, pulling on my hair and massaging my prostate with his thick cock, not laying in front of the fire and stroking my hair while I purr in his lap. Although, that could work too I suppose.

“Well I’m sorry that my parents raised me with the correct manners."

“It’s okay, I was just teasing you, don’t worry yourself about it.”

He pulled two bottles from the bartender’s hands and handed him a note. He passed me one silently, leaning back to take a drink from his own. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the way his throat pulsated as he swallowed. Mmph. “Well, unless you’re trying to get me turned on.” What? My heart suddenly leapt into my throat, I didn’t expect him to be so forward about this.

“What do you mean? How could that possibly turn you on?”.

“Well, you’ve been checking me out all night.” Once again, blushing. “And don’t worry, I find you highly attractive.” Blushing so hard right now. “But if there’s one thing I like more than guys who are 5”10...5”11, with blue eyes and brown hair, great legs and an even better ass.” It’s official, nobody has ever blushed harder than this. “It’s guys who are submissive.”

So this is where we are now, we had exchanged numbers and spoken for a while and today is finally the day that we will meet again. However it wasn’t a meeting of friendship, I wasn’t going to his house to eat pizza and play video games.

He was going to fuck me.

I open the door, the breeze feels nice against my skin. I remove my bag from the back seat and exit.

I enter the driveway and approach the front door. He’s not in, just like we had planned. The key was underneath the large stone next to the door and I let myself into the house. It was beautiful, open plan, modern. It was a place I was praying to god that I would be spending a lot of time in, but this wasn’t time to dwindle on thinking about the future. I had a job to do.

I ascended the stairs and made my way into the bedroom. I turned on the light as the curtains were still closed and the king sized bed flashed into view. I had butterflies, I was going to get to pleasure Shaun on those sheets, and he was going to pleasure me. The cream covers and large pillows looked so enticing. I lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling, before finally turning my attention to the bag that I had brought with me. This was where things started to get exciting. This is where my transformation from a regular guy into a submissive slut began.

I emptied the bag on to the bed and the contents scattered. My ballgag, my blindfold, my lingerie, my handcuffs, my makeup, some lubrication and some condoms. Everything that he had asked me to bring. I let my jeans slide along my legs, bunching up around my ankles, revealing my ass. I was already wearing my lace trim panties that I had recently treated myself to from Victoria’s Secret. I know I said I wasn’t effeminate, but cross-dressing is an extreme guilty pleasure of mine. Seeing them enhanced the feeling of the way the soft black material hugged my bum and made me feel so incredibly sexy.

I was shaking, I was so nervous, yet so excited. I sat down and placed my left foot into a nylon thigh high, sliding it along my smooth, shaved leg, doing the exact same with my right seconds later. I wrapped my corset around my torso after removing my shirt, the skeleton of the lingerie hugging my ribs. My hips looked so sexy in this corset, I was rock hard. I was so hard that it began to burn. I took the leather collar from the bed and placed it around my neck, leaving the lead unhooked for now.

I applied my make-up, the lip gloss causing my lips to become sticky and moist. I then slid the ball gag into my mouth, feeling it in between my teeth. I hadn’t used it before, it was a little bit harder than I expected it to be, a little bit more uncomfortable than I had hope. This turned me on like nothing else. I wasn’t supposed to be comfortable or treated with care. I am only here to be fucked, to be used to be came on, and to pleasure Shaun. Looking at myself in the mirror, wrapped in slutty black lingerie, gagged and collared. I had never felt so slutty in my entire life. I always felt as though I was a guy with some standards, but right now I felt as though I could just walk out into the street and let every passing man fuck my holes and fill me with as much cum as they wanted.

I hooked the leash onto my collar, turned off the light. With some awkward rolling around on the floor I managed to get my handcuffed wrists behind my back, and kneeled down in the darkness. I was instructed to wait here, like this, ready for Shaun as soon as he returned home. It wasn’t long until I heard the door open. I began salivating, like a dog waiting for his treat, I could feel the warm spit dripping down my chin, on to my legs. My erection throbbing hard.

The bedroom door opened, the light came on.

Shaun said nothing, nothing at all. Why isn’t he saying anything? I look up at him and immediately turn away, what if he doesn’t want the eye contact? I find myself blushing again. I look incredibly hot, slutty, and useable. I want to be used, I’m desperate to be used, and he isn’t saying a single word to me. I don’t think he has even looked at me. He takes off his shirt, revealing his toned body. Mmph, I need to be under that, I hope I get to be under that today. I want to press my chest against his chest and wrap my legs around those waists while he presses his tongue into my mouth. He removes his pants, this is it. This is it.

He walks passed me without saying a single word and slides onto to sheets. He rest his head on the pillow and turns on the television. What’s that image? Why is there an image of his bedroom on the television?

He’s video recording this isn’t he?

“Stand up.”

I stand immediately. He gets back up and paces over to me, methodically. He takes his hand and places on my cheek. My heart is about to fail, I want to tell him I love him and this is the second time we’ve ever met. I let out a whimper of pleasure.

“Hah”. He moves his palm to the back of my head and grips a large handful of my hair. It hurts quite a lot.

“In fact no, I want you to get back on your knees.”

I kneel immediately. Completely unaware that I was about to be face first into his crotch, I descended and found myself millimeters away from his erection underneath the Calvin Klein's he had on. Mmph, he smells so good, and he’s hard. He’s turned on, he finds me attractive. Suddenly there is a searing pain in my cheek and my head lurches to the left. My fringe covers my look of surprise. He has hit me. He has slapped me open palm, with quite a lot of force.

“Now are you going to listen to me?” I was too busy admiring his cock, his smell, to even notice that he was talking to me. I find my head being yanked back into position with his hand in my hair once again. What’s going on? Why am I finding this so fucking hot? I let out another moan, this one sounds more like a mid fuck moan though. I hear it, the way it is muffled by the ball gag makes Shaun’s cock twitch with anticipation.

“As I was saying. If at any point during this you want to stop, give me a thumbs down sign okay? It’s very important you remember this. I am going to fuck you, I am going to hit you, I am going to call you disrespectful names and do disrespectful things to you.” What have I gotten myself into?

“But I want you to know that I mean none of this, it is merely sexual enjoyment. I think that you are gorgeous, sexy, smart, a pleasure to be around. I’m extremely glad that I’ve met you, and when this is done, I want to take you out for dinner and a drink, my treat.” This is all now definitely worth it. “It’s the last thing I can do for a gorgeous guy who turns himself into a little slut like this for me, you’ve even leashed yourself.” I knew he’d like that extra little touch.

“So from now on, remember, thumbs down okay? If you wanna stop, thumbs down......good.”

He lurched forward, I closed my eyes, flinching. I thought he was going to hit me again, I really wanted him to hit me again. Something was on my face, it was warm and wet. My face was coated in his spit, it was incredibly hot. I wanted to stand up and look in the mirror to see how much of I mess I looked, how slutty I looked.

“That’s just to let you know where you stand from here on out okay?” Another slap, my left cheek was now stinging, it was warm. I could feel it throbbing. I still couldn’t understand why exactly I found this such a turn on, but the inches of my cock protruding from above my pants proved I was definitely hot for this. I felt the spit that remained on my cheeks sliding down on to my chin, then off on to the floor. I felt something else make contact with my cheeks.

Shaun was kissing me. His lips pursed onto my skin, then my neck. I whimpered, I writhed as his tongue slid along my flesh. I was moaning into the ball gag, my teeth clamped onto the plastic hard and I continued to writhe as his hands explored my body. I wanted to take my hands from behind my back but I was still cuffed. I wanted to grab onto his member and force every inch down my throat and swallow his cum, but I was still gagged.

My skin was on fire, I was sweating and breathing heavily, we hadn’t even really started and I was already more turned on than I had ever been in my life. I don’t even know what came over me when I thought it was a good idea to lean my head in to try and kiss him. I still had my ball gag in, why was that something I thought was a good idea? I was so turned on I was losing my mind.

“What do you think you’re doing?” My god, his green eyes and his five o’clock shadow were making my stomach do back flips. His strong jaw-line was making me want to be his little slut.

“Mmmhmm.” I attempted to reply but instead just released more spit from inside my mouth, my tongue searched around behind my lips for somewhere to rest.

“You want to kiss me? Is that it?” he questioned forcefully. I don’t know if I’m allowed to answer, will I be punished? Fuck it, I really want to be punished.

“Mmmmm.” I moaned as I nodded my head.

“Okay then. I’ll take this ball gag out, and I will let you kiss me. You’ve just misbehaved, but I think because you went to the extra effort to turn up looking like an expensive whore, you deserve a treat.” Oh god, my heart is pounding again, I want to tell him to shut up and kiss me already. I want his spit in my mouth, I want him to slide his tongue along me. “But it’s going to cost you afterwards, okay?.”

“Mhhhm, mmmphm, mmmm!” Yes, anything. Just please let me kiss you.

“Alright then, you said it.”

He unbuckled the ball gag from around my face. My jaw rested back into its normal position. I’d lost a large amount of the lip gloss on the ball itself, that and the fact that I had been secreting spit from in-between my lips the entire time.

“Oh my god Shaun you are so fucking hot.” I couldn’t contain myself. This was a completely surreal situation. Here I was, a normal guy who plays sports and hangs out and socialises with normal people, on my knees in lingerie made to feel like Shaun’s personal sex toy. He pulled me by my collar to a standing position and then fell back onto the bed. He pulled my leash so I fell on top of him, I spread my legs above his abs, I could feel his throbbing cock pressing against my ass through his briefs and my panties. My arms were still handcuffed behind my back but it didn’t stop me from leaning forward and pressing my lips against his. It was sloppy and messy, our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. We found ourselves breathing heavily, I moaned into his lips. His hands caressed my ass, he was so much broader than I thought he was, in this position I truly felt quite small in comparison to him. I grinding my ass into his member and he inhaled sharply with the pleasure it caused. Upon this I felt my hair being pulled once again, my face was yanked sharply away from his.

My face was still covered in spit, my lips were drenched in drool. Some of it dripped onto Shaun’s lip, he licked it off and gave me an evil grin.

“Now for your punishment.”

I was visibly excited; the pre cum leaking from my cock had caused a wet patch in my panties.

He bit my shoulder hard.

“Aaaaaahhhhhmmmmpphhhh, fuck Shaun. Ohhhhmmmm.” I scrunched my face into a ball hard to try and contain how painful it was. He pushed me to one side and arose from the bed. What? He better not be leaving, I need his cock inside me. I haven’t even seen his cock yet, this can’t be it.

He removed his boxers.

Revealing 7 and a half inches of throbbing, uncut, smooth, erect cock. My mouth was watering. He came back to where I was laying and un-cuffed me with key he’d just picked up.

“Lie on your back, with your head dangling off the side of the bed.”

I slid into position. “Like this Shaun?”

“Good boy, I’m guessing you already know where this is going then?” I knew exactly what he was going to do to me. I was about to let him fuck my throat. Luckily for me this is something I had done before; my gag reflex is almost non-existent. My ex used to say that my svelte figure and lack of gag reflex made me, “The Perfect Bottom.” but I always thought that was just code for, “If I compliment you, I’m expecting you to let me cum directly into your throat.”

“Yes Shaun.” I didn’t even register that I was ending each of my sentences with his name. It was almost as though I was his slave and he was my master.

Well, that’s kind of exactly what it was I suppose.

“Open wide, slut.”

His smell was intoxicating. I opened my mouth and felt his head being pressed into my tongue. It was smooth, yet firm. Inch after inch slowly passed into my mouth, filling me. I let his hot cock touch the back of my throat, preparing myself for him to press it further into me. Instead he placed his hands on my ribs and pulled out again, repeating this for a few seconds while I writhed on the bed. I enjoyed sucking cock; I enjoyed the feeling of empowerment that came from being able to make a guy cum all over your tongue with nothing but your lips, having total control over him. This time it was completely different. He was going to fuck my throat, he was going to use me and there was nothing I could do about it.

Soon enough I found him fucking my lips, bucking into my throat, panting and sweating. My hands were placed around his thighs to stop him from breaking my windpipe if he started fucking too hard. What would too hard be anyway? I could already feel my throat distending, the pressure against my collar really re-enforced just how good this must have felt for him. The squelching noise it was making every time his head forced its way into me was disgusting. It was such a turn on. My hands were finally free as well, so I removed one from his legs and placed it on my cock.

Bad move.

He thrust forward. Completely filling me with his entire length, all the way into my throat. My eyes began to water as my body tried to flood my mouth with spit, his balls were pressed into my face. I gagged once, then twice, then I clamped my nails into the back of his thighs. Everything started to fade a little, but this felt so good, being completely full, I wanted him to cum like this. I wanted him to cum on my face. I wanted him to cum on my tongue so I could play with it. I wanted cum.

He pulled out. I gasped for air after spitting out a ton of phlegm all over my face. I coughed a little, but the strings of spit connecting my tongue to his shaft made it all worth it. It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen personally. I grabbed onto his legs and pulled his cock back inside my mouth. He laughed for a little at how desperate I was but I didn’t care, I wanted him to use me.

He stopped rather quickly this time. He only entered my throat three or four times before pulling out entirely.

“What’s wrong Shaun?”

“Nothing, you’re being a very good boy. I just want to admire your body for a second”. I had to wipe some of the spit and dripping mascara away from my eyes. I’d completely forgotten about the make-up. Mmph, what a dirty though. I was so concentrated on the cock inside me, and pleasing Shaun, that I’d forgotten about my lingerie. I rubbed my legs together while I lay there to feel the stockings against my skin.



“May I touch myself?” My cock was on fire, I couldn’t take it any longer. “Or how about you fuck me? Please Shaun. I need you to fuck me.” I don’t know what happened. One minute I was content with being used, pleasuring him. Suddenly, now I’ve realised how horny I am, how much of a slut I am, I desperately need some form of pleasure myself.

“..........get on your hands and knees, present your ass to me.” He commanded. He was so gorgeous, so masculine. I was contemplating giving him a snog again. It would’ve been out of line but I wanted to run my hands through that dark hair of his once again.

“Okay Shaun.” I got into position and he mounted the bed too. Why isn’t he getting the condoms? Where’s the lube?

“Press your face into the covers, bite on to them. Don’t take them from out of your mouth until I say.”

“Yes Shaun.” I don’t think I’m ready for him to go in dry. I don’t want to offend him but I always practice safe sex, we need to get the condom.

My worry was completely broken when I heard a loud snapping sound. My left ass check was on fire. Oh god it felt good. So this is where my life had come to. Lying face down, ass up, in a corset and stockings, covered in my own spit, being spanked.

No complaints from me.

Spank, after, spank, after spank, after spank. Oh god it hurt so good. I moaned into the covers.

“Who do you think you are? You don’t beg, you’re MY slut. You hear me? I say when you can touch yourself? Okay?” Another spank.

“Mmmpph.” I liked the sound of my muffled moaning. If only he would gag me again.

“I decide when it’s time for me to fuck you.” The spanking continued. I regressed into my mind.

Oh god Shaun.


Please fuck me.

MMMPMPH, oh my god that hu-MMPPH, hurts.

Shaun. Fill me. I ne-MMMMMM. I...Shaun.

MMMMPH........MMMPPPH. Hit me agai-MMMMMPPH.

It fe-MMPH, feels so fucking good.

The spanking stopped and I was thrown on to my back.

My legs were forced open and I felt something warm and wet press into my asshole. I gasped in ecstasy. Looking down between my legs, Shaun was orally pleasuring me. I looked over the corset and stockings. This was the sexiest I had ever looked, the dry spit on my face made everything smell like sex. I didn’t question why this was going on, I didn’t want him to stop and so I just lay back, squirming on the quilt, letting out frequent little whorish gasps of sound.

Next I felt something cold penetrate me. It was slimier than the tongue had been yet felt rigid, then a second similar object stretched my anus and entered me. I took a sharp intake of breath. He was fingering me. I felt his first set of knuckles enter, and then his second. It hurt a little but I didn’t care. I was being fingered, and this made me feel like a complete slut. A third finger opened me wider; I shuddered a little as I felt a cold streak of lube flow into my body. I heard a squelching noise as he pulled his fingers out, and then a similar one as he thrust them into my body. The pain had subsided now, I’m no amateur to anal. I’ve been fucked in the ass before so I know the key is to relax, I just really hope Shaun enjoys himself. I hope I’m good for him.

“Oooommmmmyyygod”. My nails dig into the mattress as I let out a loud moan of pleasure. He’s directly on my prostate. I can hear him laughing and look down between my legs to see his handsome face staring directly back at me, he’s watching me getting off. My body begins to become tense as he motors his fingers in and out of my tight hole, fucking my prostate as he does so. I’m being so loud, holy fuck this is loud.

It crosses my mind that this is all being video recorded. Turning my head to the side I see the image of myself lying on a bed being finger fucked in lingerie. Shaun’s pleasuring me with one hand, and covering his cock with lube with the one he has free.

“You don’t mind if I go in without a condom? You trust me right?”.

“Mmmmphyyessss, mmm, mmmm.” You know what, fuck what I normally say. I want his cock inside me now.

“Good, now I want you to ride me.”

I find myself straddling him, we’re kissing again and it’s just as sloppy as before. My asshole is dripping with lube. I grab his thick cock and press it into my ready hole. I feel inch after inch after mmmpphhh, go inside me, massaging my prostate. My entire system is on fire. Underneath me is Shaun, the chiselled and well toned master of my body.

I begin to grind his cock into my ass. My stockings are sliding along his skin. He places his hands on my hips and I feel the bones of the corset hug my ribs. Shaun’s eyes close and he begins to pant a little and I do the same. There are beads of sweat dripping from my hairline, I’ve really been used up well today.

It’s disgustingly sloppy sex, the noises that are coming from my drenched asshole are enough to send me over the edge already. I may make myself cum before I have a chance to make Shaun released his hot, milky load inside me.

He would definitely punish me for that.

I wouldn’t mind if he punished for that.....

I really want him to hit me again. What’s wrong with me?

I really begin to bounce on it now. All seven and a half inches penetrating my body and making me moan.

He wraps his arms around my body and pulls me towards him, thrusting his face into my neck. He begins to pound into me from below with my corset pressed against his body. He bites into my shoulder again and it hurts like hell. The skin tears a little, it’s too hard.

“Aaaaaagh fuck! Stop!” I think I can see blood. I think I’m bleeding. “Shaun! Fucking hell!” He releases his arms around me for long enough for me to push him away. He’s still thrusting his cock into my ass, it feels so fucking good. But...

There’s a look of anger in his eyes.

I’m in serious shit now.

I curl my hand into a ball and give the thumbs down.

He stops thrusting, the change of pace really emphasizes the feeling of his member filling my body and I let out one last moan, clawing my nails into his abs.

“What’s up?”

“My shoulder, you were biting really fucking hard.” Shaun’s face is completely washed of that furious, controlling demeanour he’d worn about five seconds prior. There was sincerity in his eyes now.

“I’m really sorry; I guess I got a little carried away.” He pulled me towards him again. “Let me see that.” He examined the wound, there wasn’t any blood but it had already begun to bruise.

“It’s fine, just next time, you’ve gotta stop. I know we have signs and shit but, I think it’s obvious that I wasn’t enjoying it then......but then again I guess that’s the whole point...”

“Hey...” He kissed me, deeply and passionately. He caressed my face as he did so. I had butterflies, what was this? He held on to me tightly. “Just because you’re the submissive one doesn’t mean you’re not meant to be enjoying it.”

I nodded a little, blushing.

“Want me to pull out?”

“Are you insane?” I replied, and we shared a laugh together. This made me realise that I still had seven and a half inches worth of cock inside me.

“Well what do you want to do?”

“Oh! What happened to Mr. Dominance? Huh?”

“Well, Mr, Dominance or whatever you’re calling me now is letting you choose what you want to do next. My treat, just this once.” He winked at me. I think winking is the cheesiest thing that any man can do, but this just made me want to fuck him even more.

How about you hit me again Shaun? I’d fucking love it.

“How about you hi......ermmm”

How about you slap me, and spit in my face, and tie me up and fuck my throat again Shaun? I’d fucking love it.

“You could erm.....actually nahhh”.

“How about you let your thick, hot white cum loose onto my tongue after you fuck me while I’m face down, ass up on the bed for you Shaun? I’d fucking love it.”


The slapping of Shaun’s hips against my ass was almost as loud as the sound of us moaning. I felt slutty. He pulled my hair and my back arched.

“You’re so gorgeous.” He said as he pumped his member into my body.

I tried to reply with a ‘thank you’ but all he got was me moaning even louder into the mattress instead. I was working my cock with a free head and eventually the pleasure became too much to take.

“Shaun, I’m gunna fucking cum. Oh my god.”

My body seized up as I started to climax. My asshole tightened around Shaun’s dick as he continued to fuck me through my orgasm. I squirmed and writhed and moaned and arched my back and quivered and came for what seems like a life time, catching all of it in my hand. Not a single drop was spilt on the sheets. Shaun continued to fuck me.

“ wait....Shau-mmmm, Shaun wait.”

“What is it baby?”

Mmmph, he called me baby. Anyway, time to show him my ‘party trick’.

I pulled his cock out of me, oh god it was so long. The lube dripped from my asshole and onto the sheets.

“See, what do you do with your cum when you finish up masturbating?”

“What?” He replied, looking slightly confused.

“Like, when you cum, where does it go?”

“Erm, I normally just cum into a tissue and then throw it away, how come?”

I revealed my cum filled hand to him. A perverted smile across my face.

“When I’m done cumming, I always think it’s a waste to just, throw it away.” I kissed him deeply. “So, I put it in my mouth and I play with it.”

It’s no secret that I love cum. I’ve had a few ex’s, and each one of them can tell you how much I crave the stuff. The texture of it is what gets me. The taste isn’t ever amazing, but that’s what makes it so dirty. The fact that you’re letting a guy release a load into one of your most private areas. The texture however, is amazing. So any chance I get to feel that sticky, gooey, stringy fluid in my mouth, swirling around my tongue, sticking to my teeth and lips, I take it.

I take the load in my hand and slide it into my mouth. Shaun bites his lip, he’s jacking off to the sight of me playing with cum. He’s looking at my body, my hips and my legs. The lingerie I’m wearing. Then it’s back to the creamy white substance that’s spilling out on to my lips, I open my mouth and show him how it’s completely covered my tongue. It’s warm, sloppy, and I don’t ever want to swallow it. It’s very rare that I get a load this big, I’m going to savour every moment of it.

“That’ hot. Mmmm.” Said Shaun, he looked as though he was finally starting to reach his climax too. “Do you want this one in your mouth too?”

I close my mouth and nodding pleadingly. I desperately want him to cum all over my tongue, the idea of two loads in there at the same time is making me incredibly hard, so I get on my knees in front of him as he uses his hands to pleasure himself.

“Oh my god, I’m gunna cum”.

I can’t let it end like this, I can’t let him make himself cum. I open my mouth, a little bit of cum dribbles from my lip and on to my chest. Without hesitation I take the whole member into my mouth and down into my throat. He places his hand on the back of my head and forces me into places.

“Oh shit!”

I’m trying to move my tongue into a more comfortable position, but this is just massaging his shaft and causing him to twitch. More cum starts to dribble out of my mouth and I release a moan. Never before I have ever been this turned on. He releases his orgasm into me. He starts thrusting slightly, I can feel his member pulsating in between my lips as he ejaculates over and over. My mouth is now holding in the two biggest loads I have ever seen in my life. All that warm, smooth semen is pushing my cheeks out a little due to the sheer volume.

“Mmmmmmm.....let me see you swallow it”.

I obey. I take one large gulp, I feel it slide into my throat, it tastes bad but the act of doing so is getting me off. It’s not enough, I have to take another, and a final one. There’s still a lot on my chin and tongue, but Shaun manages to clean that up himself with his mouth.

I lay down on the bed, he lies next to me and I put my arms around him. I feel so safe, like I could spend the rest of my life here and it would be absolutely perfect. We kiss in the silence, feeling each other’s bodies and faces and lips.

“Shaun, that was could’ve hit me a few more times though.” We shared a laugh and I turned around and pressed my back against his chest. He spooned me for a while, my dripping ass and his lube and spit soaked cock pressed against each other one more.

Then from within the silence, Shaun speaks.

“Okay then........go and tie yourself back up again. Make sure you use the gag...”


“Yeah, did you think I was done with you? I was just about to get some clothes on and go to the store for some new things for us to try out, you didn’t think I was just gunna make you cum and then you were gunna leave did you?.....”


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