Going Rogue

By pixiedust65

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Lisa goes rogue.
Lisa Forrester looked like the typical woman working a nine to five job. She was a secretary for Josh Rogue, an up-scale Manhattan real estate lawyer and she loved her job. She looked like your average beauty, long brown hair that fell in waves around her face and stopped just below her shoulders, and bright brown eyes that looked into you instead of at you. She was quite petite, standing at five feet even and weighing one hundred and twenty pounds. Even though she looked it, she was anything but typical

Lisa was having a relationship with Josh. Josh Rogue was a man that knew how to take charge. With his large body, and good looks, being a lawyer suited him perfectly. Josh had decided two years ago when Lisa began working for him that he wanted her, and he always got what he wanted. He had made his move at an office party, and the pair had not looked back since. Josh and Lisa were made for each other, each filling a sexual need in the other that had remained empty up until that point.

The day started normal for Lisa. She went to work as she usually did, and things were relatively smooth that day. She spent the morning filing papers and sending e-mails to clients about their assorted court cases. Before lunch, she straightened up her desk, and made a few phone calls to other lawyers representing people pertaining to Mr. Rogue's clients. At lunch time, she went and found Annie the front desk secretary to go out for lunch with each other.

The girls went to a small coffee shop and ordered their food. They decided to eat outside and get some fresh air. They made small talk about the cases of the week, and ate their food peacefully while enjoying the sun on their skin. When finished, the girls made the short walk back to the office building and resumed their places at their desks and continued the work Josh had left on their desks for the day.

At three in the afternoon Lisa's phone rang. She checked the display and realized it was Annie calling from the front desk.

"Yes Annie," Lisa said distractedly.

"Sorry to bother you, but you have a package at the front desk. There is no address so I am not sure what it's about," Annie told her.

"Oh. Give me a second and I will come out to get it," Lisa hung up the phone.

Five minutes later she had the package and was walking back to her desk, noticing the light was on in Rogue's office . He must have arrived back from court while she was gone. She felt a slight flutter in her chest. She walked over to her desk, wondering what was inside the little box. She pulled the card off the package and opened it and read.

" For you, my slut. Wear these until our meeting later. Don't bother looking for the remote, I have it.

. "

Lisa looked over at his office, and noticed him standing in the doorway of his office. His chiseled face stared at her, watching to see if she would succumb to his demands. She looked back down at the package, and opened it. Inside, she found a pair of black lace panties. She looked back up at him, and smiled. She lifted herself up, sliding the ones she was wearing down from her hips and down over her feet. She pulled on the ones from the package, replacing her worn ones inside. Looking back up at Rogue, he nodded his approval then disappeared from the door.

The rest of the day continued as normal until four thirty. Most of the office had gone home, and Lisa was rushing through the rest of her work in anticipation for the events of their meeting that night. She was just finishing up an email, when her panties began vibrating.

"What the..." Lisa jumped, gasping in surprise.

She looked over to see Rogue smiling, and holding up a tiny black remote. Her cheeks flushed from the vibrations on her sensitive lower lips. She did not want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he was controlling her right now, so she continued to work. Five minutes later, the vibrations got stronger. She let a soft moan escape her lips and pushed down into her chair, trying to force the vibrations onto her neglected pink button.

The minutes slowly went by, and with each one that passed the vibrations intensified. Her little pink lips were swollen, and her panties soaked. Little beads of sweat had formed in the cleavage between her breasts, and her breathing was raspy and quickened. Finally, at two minutes to five, the vibrations stopped. A small whimper of appreciation escaped her lips. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and looked up to see Rogue motioning for her to come into his office.

She shakily walked to his office door and entered, closing it behind her.

"So, how was your afternoon?" he asked her, grinning.

"Well up to your little assault, it was fine," she told him, scowling.

"You know," he said, standing up and walking towards her, " you could have taken them off at any point in time yet you didn't, did you?"

Lisa lowered her gaze. He walked closer to her, pressing his body into hers. He grabbed her chin, and forced her to look up at him.

"You didn't because you like me taking control of that little pussy," he said before kissing her hard.

His tongue forcefully made it's way into her mouth and began swirling around hers . His hand skillfully slipped up her shirt and under her bra, and began pinching her erect nipples roughly. Lisa moaned through the kiss and pushed herself into him, feeling his rod already hard through his suit. Finally Rogue broke the kiss. He went and sat behind his desk, eyeing her subtle curves through her clothes.

"I think you should take those off. A slut like you does not wear clothes in the presence of a man" he said grinning.

Lisa slowly unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her covered breasts. She let it fall to the floor, and then did the same with her skirt. She stood for a moment, allowing him to take in the sight of her body before continuing. She reached back and undid her bra allowing her perfectly round breasts to be seen. They stayed high on her chest, her tiny brown nipples still fully erect. She reached down and pulled off her panties, exposing her sex.

Rogue drank it all in before gesturing for her to come to him. She swiftly moved over and stood before him. Rogue undid his shirt, taking it off and setting it on the floor. His abs were tight, and the tie looked amazing on his bare skin. He smiled at her eyeing him, and slipped the tie off and over her head. He grabbed her hands and pulled her onto her knees in front of him.

She looked up at him seductively, and began rubbing his thighs. When she reached his middle, she undid his pants and his cock sprang forth. She rubbed it, and then leaned down and closed her mouth over it. Rogue growled as she began to suck him. She went deeper as she tasted the salty pre cum that oozed from his long shaft.

"Oh yeah, suck my cock you little whore," Rogue growled. He took his hands and gathered her hair, forcing her mouth onto his cock. He began thrusting up to meet her mouth causing Lisa to gag, spit leaking out from the sides of her mouth and down his cock.

"That's right baby, get that cock wet," he told her, forcing his cock into her throat.

Rogue continued fucking her throat, momentarily pulling out allowing her to gasp for air before plunging back in to her sweet little mouth. He was just about to cum when he roughly pulled her off, leaving her gasping for air. He stood up, and roughly pushed her back onto the floor. He kicked off his pants, and positioned himself above her face. She greedily took his balls into her mouth, sucking each one getting them wet with her spit.

Rogue pulled away, positioning himself on all fours above her. He leaned down and began biting her neck before moving to her nipples, pulling on them with his teeth roughly. Lisa moaned, pushing herself up towards him.

" Look at you," Rogue smiled, "trying to get my cock inside you like a little slut"

He moved down her stomach, and stopped so that his face was even with her pussy. Her lips were swollen, and it glistened with her juices. He leaned in and breathed, taking in her smell. He slowly inserted two fingers inside her, and began fucking her tight hole. She moaned, and he leaned in and started licking her clit roughly.

"Oh god!" Lisa yelled, pushing her hips into his face.

Rogue continued fucking her with his fingers, moving his face away from her clit.

"Look at you lying there like a little slut, letting me take what I want from you."

Lisa moaned at the assault. Her nectar was leaking from her pussy and down to her tight little asshole. Rogue would bring her almost to climax, then teasingly stopping making her whimper. He pulled his fingers out and they were soaked. He reached up and offered them to her and she cleaned them off, moaning in appreciation.

"Flip over and show me that sweet little ass of yours," he ordered.

Lisa quickly flipped over onto all fours so that he had a nice view of both her pussy and ass. She felt two swift smacks on each cheek, followed by a tongue licking her pussy. He moved up towards the tiny hole between her cheeks, licking there too. She moaned, pushing her ass back into his face. His tongue explored her, licking the folds of her pussy then moving back towards her tight little hole.

" Mmm , look at that little pussy," he said, smacking her on the ass again and causing her cheek to turn a bright pink.

Lisa moaned as she felt him begin rubbing the head of his cock along her slit. He pushed the head into her before ramming into her, causing her to lurch forward. He began fucking her roughly, his balls slapping off her clit. He gave her another smack on the ass, followed by a gentle rub where it had turned pink. He moved his hands to her hips and gripped her tightly, leaving marks where he held her.

"Oh shit!" she yelled, as she reached back and began rubbing her clit.

He could feel her walls quickly begin to contract around his shaft as she began to shake with her orgasm. She attempted to move away, and he reached around and grabbed the tie around her neck that he had placed there for this purpose. He gripped it tightly, pulling her back into him with each thrust. He wet his finger, inserting it into her puckered ass. She moaned loudly as he began to push his finger in, twistingand turning it as he did. He could feel his own orgasm approaching quickly as his balls tightened, begging for release.

"I am going to cum," he said, withdrawing from her sopping canal.

Lisa quickly turned around, taking his rod in her mouth and sucking. Rogue reached down and pushed her mouth deeper as his load shot into her mouth. She held it there as she stood up, kissing him and sharing his load with him. Afterwards, they broke apart and Lisa licked the salty liquid off his lips.

They straightened up his office, and kissed before leaving each other to head to their respective homes. Lisa could not wait until the next time she would go rogue.