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He Dropped in for a Quickie

He said he’d come to surprise her. He did.
Em was wearing her long freshwater pearl necklace, a bracelet and her wedding and engagement rings. She was also wearing an expression that denoted surprised pleasure, approaching ecstasy, and a keen anticipation of even hotter things to follow. 

She was doing these three things on the sofa in her hotel suite.

The first was because she was audibly enjoying being fucked by the very thick, very long, very hard and very strong cock that had very recently and very powerfully pushed apart her pussy lips and penetrated her.

The second was because the owner of the cock had come to her room without notice and had instantly stripped her naked.

The third was because the sofa, which now had a big wet patch, was where he had placed her with her legs wide apart. He had done this very soon after he removed her shoes, her ochre-toned buttoned blouse and her bra, and then her panties.

Em was also hotly enjoying watching the big, hard cock fuck her. It was doing this very quickly and she could tell it would soon shoot several hot ejaculations of cum into her. This was because its owner, who was wearing only a black tee shirt, an intriguingly trimmed thicket of public hair and passion-glazed eyes, was now gasping for breath. He had also begun making very loud man noises. 

She had just felt his cock super-size itself and begin pumping her faster and faster. Her pussy, which only five minutes before had itself been respectably enclosed in the little crimson panties now lying discarded and rumpled on the floor along with her bra, was very wet, very open and very hot. It was about to climax in a major way on the frisson and friction of surprise cock. Getting it illicitly in surprising circumstances was always something that made Em very noisy. 

Her hugely erect and pebble-hard nipples, which until very recently had also been respectably enclosed in the little crimson bra also lying on the floor where he had thrown it after he ripped it off, had the hot buzz of approaching orgasm. She was looking forward to screaming.

She had chatted to the owner of the big hard cock that was now fucking her on her sofa, over lunch in the hotel restaurant downstairs. They had been at a business lunch, with others.

Em had appraised him, she would admit that. She had liked what she saw. She even thought at the time that it would be really hot to see a lot more, but she hadn’t said so. In turn, he had appraised her. Em had noticed that in an instant. She wasn’t contemplating any action however, not with her schedule. She had a late check out from the hotel organized and would be leaving immediately after the last session of the conference they were attending. Tonight she would be sleeping in her own bed, at home with Ambrose. 

That morning she had given a short presentation at the conference. She had worn a charcoal business suit, knee-length skirt and jacket, with a tightly cut ochre-toned blouse, open to the third button, sheer black stay-ups and her favourite black, patent leather stilettos.

To complement this corporate ensemble she had worn ice-pink lipstick, pearl stud earrings, and the other jewellery she was still wearing. Along with this she had worn a liberal splash of the perfume she’d brought along on the trip, her currently favoured, Poison. Underneath her corporate exterior, because she always liked to feel sexy when she was going to be talking to a roomful of people, she had selected very brief underwear. 

Em knew very well that most men, even if they were actually there to listen to what she had to say, would also muse (if only briefly) about what she would be like to undress and what delights they would find under her corporate exterior if she let them undress her. It always thrilled her to think of her hidden treasures thrilling them in turn. It always amused her to think that none of them would ever know what she had on underneath. 

She had arrived late at the lunch, from her suite where she had been making minor repairs to her appearance, and had apologized and sat down at her name-card place, placing her suite key card on the table next to her mobile phone. She had found herself sitting next to a rather tall, nicely built and youngish man, on her left. In the protocol of the dining table she had chatted with him over the first course. Em knew that over the main course she was bound by good manners to talk to the man on her right. She felt sure he was very nice too, but he was definitely not her type. 

The younger man’s name was Damon, apparently someone new on the business circuit that Em currently inhabited. He was dressed expensively well, smelled of cologne, and had a lovely laugh. She had made a mental note to cultivate him for later and they had exchanged business cards. They had chatted again over dessert and Em decided he really was rather dishy. It was a pity, she found herself thinking, that he was staying on for the conference dinner that evening and that she was not. 

“Never mind,” she thought to herself. “We’ll run into each other again.”

The lunch ended. There was a good hour before conference sessions began again. Em gathered up her phone, room key and handbag, smiled her corporate smile at her fellow diners, and said, “See you there shortly.” She walked to the lifts and went up to the thirtieth floor, where the suites were. She entered her suite and checked her phone. Good, a full sixty minutes before she had to be downstairs again. 

She had nothing to do. She’d organized a taxi to the airport for later and had paid the hotel account, including the discreet “bar service” charge that hid the cost of the pay channel movie she’d watched in bed last night, first in some little blue panties, later naked. It had been a rather spectacular hour-long episode, shot in delightful close up. 

A woman had apparently been abandoned for the day by her husband at their holiday hotel. She had been separated from her little yellow string bikini right in the middle of their king-size bed. This had been done by the very virile and well endowed young man who had come to her room to massage her.

First, the young man had massaged the woman very fully in the traditional fashion, with his hands, including in her deliciously furry slit. This was something over which the woman had become very audible. During the first part of the procedure the young man had stripped both the woman and himself naked.

Em had become warmly aroused by this and had removed her bra and played with her hardened nipples.

Then the young man had massaged the woman very fully with his tongue. This had also included her deliciously furry slit. Em had become aroused by this and had taken off her panties. She fantasized that the actions of her own fingers, in her own pussy, were those of a very hot and wet tongue.

Then the very virile and well endowed young man had fucked the woman twice on the bed, once doggy, once missionary. Em had got very hot as she watched the young man’s naked cock plunging urgently into the woman’s wet, furry slit from the back and from the front.

She had become even hotter when each fuck went all the way and the woman thrashed around and screamed in ecstasy when the young man shot her full of his hot cum. Em had recruited Vic the vibrator to make her come too. As always, he had performed extremely well. (Em always made sure his batteries were fully charged.) 

Now, after lunch the next day and before she had to go back downstairs, Em took off her jacket and sat on the sofa. She planned to check her phone messages. She was interrupted by the doorbell. She put the mobile phone on the nearby table, stood up and smoothed down her skirt, and walked to the door. She said through the intercom, “Who is this?” 

A voice came back. “It’s Damon. We met at lunch.”

Em was uncharacteristically taken aback. “Oh,” she said, “What are you here for?”

The voice responded, “I rather think I’m here for you.”

Em's mouth went dry. She opened the door. “You’d better come in then,” she said, her nipples hardening and her pussy getting moist. He entered the room and closed the door behind him, then took her hand and led her to the sofa.

“Forgive me,” he said. “You have the air of a woman who would enjoy a surprise. You won’t be here for the dinner tonight, which is otherwise when I would have suggested that I should surprise you. So I would like to fuck you now.”

Em felt her nipples trying to break out of her little crimson bra and was aware she was suddenly wet between her upper thighs. She laughed and put a hand up to his face and said, “Oh god! You’d better do that then.”

He stripped her quickly of her shoes, blouse, skirt and stay-ups. It was his turn to invoke the deity. “Oh god!” he said. “You were wearing that little crimson string and that little crimson bra this morning when you spoke to us?”

Em said, “I was. I like feeling sexy in a room full of men.”

Damon slid a hand into her little crimson bra and severely pinched both the hard nipples, he was evidently very pleased to find within it. Em undid his belt and the zipper on his well-tailored pants and slid a hand into his briefs. She squeezed his long hard cock.

She said, “Sometime, though perhaps not this trip, I would like to bite that.” She felt his cock pulse when she said this and was aware that a fresh little drop of pre-cum had wetted her fingers. She ruffled his pubic hair, establishing that it was neatly tailored too.

“I’d like to eat that too,” she said. “Sometime, perhaps after I’ve ruffled it with my hands while you’re fucking me.” His cock pulsed again and delivered another hot little dollop of pre-cum into Em’s cupped palm. 

He uttered a sound (a grunt that came out like “Gurk!”) and ripped off her bra. He licked and bit her nipples while he was positioning her carefully and gently on the sofa. When he did this he ripped off her panties and threw her legs wide apart. He looked with hot lust at her wet, pink pussy lips and at the hot, dark and wet little hole that was opening before his eyes. 

Then he tore off his own clothes. Em saw his cock. It was good eight inches, she thought to herself, liking that idea very much. She liked the big balls swinging beneath it too. She moved her legs even more widely apart. His long cock was also very thick. Above it, his dark brown pubic hair was tailored into a thick neat square the same width as his hugely engorged tumescence. 

She shouted, “Oh god! Oh god! Fuck me now!”

He leaned over Em. He plunged his big strong cock straight into her, filling her entire vagina, and fucked her very rapidly. They came together noisily, after shouting at each other for two minutes. 

There was just time, afterwards, for him to fuck her again. For this one he stripped off his tee shirt and allowed Em to bite his nipples in the big mat of hair on his chest while he buried his tongue in her salty pussy. Then he fucked her doggy-style, over one end of the sofa. Em had her legs spread so widely for him that she felt she was nearly doing the splits. It was delicious when she felt his big cock slide into her again.

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