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Headmaster's Revenge - Chapter Two

Her punishment continues as she learns her lesson about good timekeeping.
Shooting pains seared down my arms right from the shoulders, down to where the cheap polyester tie still bound my wrists together behind my back. One side of my face was pressed to the cold floor and I could feel his cum drying and flaking on the exposed side of my face.

He was sat in his chair; head tilted back, leaning on the wall behind him with a look of utter bliss on his face. I pulled my legs closer to my chest, too exhausted and humiliated to bother trying to get up. The creaking of his chair aroused my attention but I was too slow to react to his movement.He hooked one of his muscular arms through mine and yanked me up, aggravating my already strained sore shoulders.
Though my legs were still shaking I managed to stand. Lessening the tension in his grip on me he roughly took my chin and turned my head so I was facing him.

“Twenty fucking years." He hissed. "Not a day has gone by I haven’t thought about the depraved things I want to do to you. How you'd repay me for not expelling you.”

“Please, sir…” His grip tightened on my chin and he pulled me even closer.

Through gritted teeth and deep breath came his response.

“Don’t. Fucking speak. Until spoken. To.”

As he said ‘to’ he unhooked his arm from behind me and dismissively pushed me away by my face. I fell, ass first, onto the cold floor again.

“It’s Friday now, no one will be here for days. Heavens knows, no one’s going to come looking for me. What about you Miss Jones?” He smirked as I cowered. “No, didn’t think so.”

Taking hold of the collar of my shirt he pulled me to my feet. As he did so the thin cotton of the shirt ripped along the seams cutting into my skin. His hands gently wrapped around my neck holding me upright. The other moved to the zipper at the side of my skirt. Almost delicately he undid the zipper, his eyes never leaving mine, letting the skirt fall to the floor in a heap by my feet.There was almost a feel of affection to his actions.

It was a fleeting moment. He was like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the kindness and affection vanished, replaced with a malice that had me clenching my abdominal muscles in fear. He cocked his head and sneered at me, grabbing at the shirt, this time from the other collar and he literally ripped it from my body. A shudder shook through me but my brain still seemed to be confused as to whether it was feeling pleasure or pain. An involuntary whimper came from my mouth.

“Remember you are supposed to be a big girl now. I think you played the naughty little girl to get exactly this reaction from me. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED? You naughty little bitch, you were probably late on purpose too.” He roared and continued his speech. "I think you've enjoyed yourself so far, haven't you? I want you to beg me for the rest of your punishment."

Standing in the Headmaster’s office, in my slutty red underwear, bound by my old school tie, cum still flaking off my face, being held up by my throat. I should have wanted to leave. Get as far away as possible from this man. All I could think about was his big dick. Words just came tumbling out of my mouth again.

“Sir, please sir, honestly I didn't meant to be late and I know I've done horrible things, and I am really sorry. F-for everything. I deserve to be punished. I want you to punish me, please.” My sexual urges had corrupted my rational thought, my body had almost detached itself and I felt mydefenseshad completely worn away.

I saw a twinkle in his eye as a satisfied smile spread across his face, he licked his lips and patted me on the cheek with his free hand.“Good girl, you are going to take your punishment like a big girl?”

He moved me over towards his desk, taking me by the wrists and the back of my neck deliberately moving my face onto the worn surface. Applying a gentle pressure to the back of my neck to keep me in place, he used his free hand to untie me. As the blood rushed back to my arms and hands I breathed a sigh of relief. It was short lived as he spun me around, pinning my arms above my head. His mouth moved to my breasts, biting, nibbling and teasing my already hardening nipple urging it out of my bra.

The tie appeared again as if from nowhere, one hand reached for my exposed tit. He started squeezing the nipple increasingly harder between his thumb and the knuckle of his forefinger, twisting it sharply from side to side. Taking a sharp, pleasure filled intake of breath my eyes widened as he pushed me back, binding my sore wrists together, attaching the material to some sort of hook on the wall above my head.

My rebellious streak kicked in from nowhere, and with a new found burst of energy I twisted and wrenched my body, kicking out my legs at him. I wanted to get out and home.

"Enough!" He shouted. The lust in his eyes intimidated me to my very soul as he gave a pitying laugh at my pathetic attempt of escape. Grabbing a large, sharp pair of scissors from his desk he moved towards me and I stopped still.

He ran his free hand lightly right up the inside of my thigh. The look of menace in his eyes mixed with the softness of his touch made my knees start to tremble. His fingers traced a delicate line upwards and I could feel my pussy lips swelling. Reaching the side of my panties he opened the blades of the scissors and in one big snip he cut the red material sideways across my pubic bone. I held my breath as they fell off exposing my shaved pussy. My mouth opened, but no sound came out.

Licking his lips, he purposefully moved his mouth to my breasts before tracing his fingers up, circling slowly round my breasts, then up to my swollen nipple. He swiftly snipped through the strap and side of the bra. Putting the scissors down on the table he freed my breasts from the destroyed underwear leaving the remains hanging off one shoulder.

He put his thumb in my mouth and rubbed it around as he sharply pinched and roughly twisted one of my nipples. I squealed biting down on his thumb but the harder I bit the harder he twisted. My clit was starting to twitch again and I felt a small trickle of wetness again from my pussy I hoped he couldn't see. I relaxed my jaw and he released my nipple, quickly plunging his thumb up and into my wet, waiting pussy towards my g-spot.

As quickly as it had entered me the thumb was out, coated in my hot, wet juices. He smeared them up to my swollen clit and started alternating between circling it and pinching it. I was in another world, completely unaware of what noises I was making or anything other than the intense pleasure that the pain and humiliation were bringing me. Then it all just stopped, I opened up my eyes to see him taking a step back. A low mean laugh filled the room.

“Look at you. Dripping on my floor like a dirty little slut. You can’t wait for me to fuck you like the little spiteful bitch you are, can you?”

I’d never felt more vulnerable in my life. I couldn’t even cry. I imagined him trying to redeem himself after my prank. The sustained emotional abuse and torment I caused him. Turning his back to me he started digging about at the desk, turning around I could see in each hand, bulldog clips.

“Sir, no plea…” My voice was muffled as I found my shredded red, damp panties being crammed into my mouth. The tears came back streaming down my face as he started snapping the clips open and closed as he advanced towards me in a way I could see he was finding comical. I howled when he snapped them on me simultaneously. I couldn’t help but look and between the metal clamps, my nipples standing so erect, the pain burned with an intensity I had never felt before. When he knelt down and ran his wet, warm tongue up my thigh before sticking two fingers deep into my pussy without any warning, my back arched and head flung back. I moaned through my panties as he thrust in and out a couple of times before getting up and taking a step back to look at me.

That smile spread across his face again. “If only you could see yourself, why don’t I set up a little camera, I could burn you a nice copy. You could keep it as a little souvenir, reminder that you have paid your penance?” Wiping his brow, he shrugged off his tweed jacket, tossing it over a chair and began unbuttoning his shirt. He went to a corner and as if from nowhere pulled a tripod and camera and set it up to face me.

I heard the sound of his trousers falling, belt buckle clattering on the floor. I hear the rustling of material and from the shadows he appeared wielding his belt. By now the pain in my nipples was unbearable. My muffled protests were answered and he pulled the panties out of my mouth so I could speak. “Yes sir, but please take the clips off.” I sobbed. “I can’t take the pain anymore.”

He unclamped one replacing the cold metal with his warm mouth. As he sucked my breast into my mouth I couldn’t help but moan. He repeated the process, removing the other clamp and sucking and kissing my other breast, the contrast in sensation was too much. It was only when he stopped I realised I had been in some sort of trance, only the pain preventing me from exploding into a body shaking screaming orgasm.

My breathing was deep and rugged, and I was almost pushing my breasts towards his mouth subconsciously imploring him to continue. Blinking to clear my vision I saw him again stood back just staring at me in my state his erection clearly visible through his white briefs. It looked desperate and determined to get out. One hand held the belt, he pulled out the other and began to slowly stroke his dick.

For the first time I took in his formidable body and wondered how I could have underestimated this man. How I could have been so cruel. His build was athletic and wide. His muscles weren’t cut but he was immense – not a hair on his body. I leaned forward in my ties wanting to taste him. He advanced again.

“Now let’s talk about your timekeeping young lady.” He flourished the belt in front of me holding the buckle he used the other to slowly stretch out the soft but firm brown leather. “7:09PM I made it. That’s one whipping for each minute I think.”

Kneeling down again he put his head between my legs, moving my pussy lips apart with one hand he went straight to my engorged clit sucking it long and hard before grazing his teeth over it. As he stood up he lightly slapped my pussy two times, grabbing the tie just above my wrist he turned me round by my hips. Using his knee he separated my legs before adjusting my hips so that my spine was arched and sticking out exposing my juicy, glistening pussy fully to the camera.

“Are you ready for the belt my naughty little one?”

“Yes.” I realised my mistake the exact moment the stinging slap of his palm stung the neat curve between my buttocks and thigh.

“I mean, yes SIR!”

The whoosh of air was the only warning before I felt the belt contact my skin, as if in slow motion I could feel every singlemillimeterof leather stinging as it connected with skin across both my toned round cheeks.

“One.” He said, as a ragged cry came from my throat. Taking advantage of my vulnerable position he stood behind me. His cock felt burning hot and hard yet at the same time beautifully velvet soft against my whipped and spanked ass. He ran his solid erection up and down my moist lips, stopping the tip just at the entrance to my pussy.

I wanted his cock so bad, I tried to lean back, my body trying to literally consume him. I heard him chuckle again before the sound was replaced my own tortured moans. The second whip stretched diagonally right across my back ending on my shoulder. His cock still teasing me. My brain and body completely out of sync.

I heard him spitting and the next thing I knew his fingers were grasping for my clit, pulling it down, flicking it and massaging it till I was moaning again and my whole body started to shake. He moved away, my hips gyrating in the air trying to seek him out.

“Three!” The belt struck me mid-thigh. Just the tip leaving a bruising welt forming.

“Four!” Another short sharp hit, just the same but on the other leg.

He spun me round and shoved his tongue straight into my mouth hungrily exploring it, I could do nothing but let him. Moving away his teeth remained, lightly clasping my bottom lip pulling away slowly letting it drag through his teeth. I was still half crying from the pain of the whipping but as he started to lick and suck at my tits again my body started melting back towards orgasm.

“Five!” The fifth sweeping lashing came as a back handed shot and landed in the delicate inches of skin between my belly button and pussy. I sobbed as I looked down and saw the angry red mark forming on my white flesh. Grabbing me by the neck squeezing lightly he reminded me. “You’re supposed to be a good girl remember? You should be thanking me for each of these not crying like a little pussy.”

“Th-thank-you s-sir. Please, please can I have more?”

Rubbing my cheek almost affectionately he continued. “See, naughty girls NEED to be punished. Tell me exactly what you want me to do.”

“Sir, I want you to hurt me, hurt me like I hurt you. I want you to whip me with your belt, because being late is wrong. And. And Ishouldn'thave done it.”

His eyes glazed over and in quick succession six, seven, eight and nine rained down in short, sharp little bursts on alternate breasts. Immediately after he had finished my whipping he thrust two fingers deep into my pussy, furiously stroking in and out. Juices were running down my legs and my clit felt like it was on fire even though my breasts were throbbing in pain. My screams alternated between pain and pleasure and my knees gave way to an orgasm so intense I momentarily saw white lights. Almost all that was holding me up was the cheap polyester tie grating against my skin.

Putting his arm around my waist and unhooking my arms from the wall he placed me back on the floor and grabbed my nowdisheveledhair pulling me level with his long solid cock.

"If you weren't such a bad girl, I'd fuck you with this now, but I don't think you deserve it." I hung my head low and did my best to look remorseful. Taking his cock firmly in his hand he began to stroke it, taking me by the back of the neck he fed its expansive length into my mouth. I felt up his thighs with my bound hands and began to gently cup and knead his swollen testicles. Rocking his hips so that his cock thrust in and out of my mouth he suddenly grunted, both his hands grabbing handfuls of hair on either side of my head so I couldn't move it as he came again. It came so thick and fast, I could hardly swallow it. Hot semen was dribbling down my chin from the corner of my mouth as he let go of my hair.

"I'm satisfied you have learned your lessons about uniform and time keeping Miss Jones." He sighed. "It's the big matter of learning not to mess up other peoples lives we need to deal with now."

Exhausted and naked I shivered in anticipation of what was still to come.


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