Heidi's Naughty Checkup

By Texcycler

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A young woman visits the doctor for an unusual problem, and gets an unorthodox treatment
Heidi Prince sat nervously in the corner of Dr. Nadler's office wishing for the life of her that she was any place but there!

Momentarily lost in thought, she jumped a little when a man in scrubs burst into the room and offered, "You must be Heidi, I'm Mike Kean, and I'm Dr. Nadler's assistant, so, what can we do for you today, Heidi?"

Heidi was a little taken aback at Mike Kean's enthusiasm, but after finally regaining her bearings she replied softly, "Well, uh, it's a female problem."

"I see," the man replied while getting out his pen to make notes on Heidi's chart, "and what exactly are your symptoms?"

Heidi turned a bright shade of red, and while staring at the floor replied softly, "It's kinda embarrassing, can I just wait and tell the doctor about it?"

"Oh, come now, Miss Prince," Mike Kean replied with a little exasperation, "I've heard and seen just about everything in the book, so if you don't mind, please give me a brief description of your problem."

Heidi swallowed hard a couple of times, and then in a very quiet voice whispered, "Well, uh, you see, it's like this, about two years ago I was in serious training as a fencer, training for the Olympic team and well ya see, in order to make it I did some blood doping, you know, injected some EPO to boost my red blood cell count and boost my endurance, and I think it had some sort of adverse side affects."

Mike Kean stood patiently waiting for Heidi to continue until he finally prodded, "And, the side affect of the erythropoietin was what?"

With her whole chest and face now flushing bright red, Heidi stammered, "I-it's my vagina, I seem to get wet way more than normal, even after having quit taking the drugs!"

Mike Kean jotted down the pertinent information before asking quietly, "Is that all, the only side affect is that your vagina seems to produce excess lubricant?"

With tears forming in her eyes Heidi barely whispered, "No, no it's not."

"And what else is there, ma’am?" the assistant asked gently.

"I-I'm always aroused," Heidi replied in a hushed voice, "I mean sexually that is."

"Really," Mike asked, "like right now even?"

While wiping away her tears Heidi nodded and replied, "Especially now."

"Why now?" the assistant asked

"I-I'm not sure," Heidi replied, "maybe because I'll be exposing my vagina to you and the doctor, who knows for sure."

Mike Kean stood thoughtfully for a moment and then offered, "You know, Heidi, I've been a nurse for over five years now, and I've yet to observe a gynecological issue that is out of the ordinary as far as lubrication is concerned, so I think that the best thing is for you to remove your pantyhose and panties and hop up on the table so I can see exactly what we're up against."

“Oh, they’re not pantyhose,” Heidi replied as she stood up slowly, “I thought I should just wear thigh-highs to make it easier.”

“Very good, then please remove your panties.”

And while Mike Kean turned his back and filled in some more information on her form, she quickly slipped out of her underwear and hopped up on the examining table and after lying down on her back, carefully positioned her ankles in the cold steel stirrups.

"All set?" the nurse asked while turning back around, "now, let's have a look."

After turning on the powerful overhead adjustable lamp, Mike Kean lifted her skirt completely out of the way and gazed in at Heidi's crotch; after giving it a quick look, added, "Nothing looks abnormal, may I touch it, please?"

Heidi had her eyes closed tightly, while trying desperately to control her emotions, but in a small voice she whispered, "O-okay, go ahead!!!"

As he gingerly let his finger brush over the slightly distended head of her clitoris, evoking a sigh from his frightened patient, he asked softly, "Is it always like this, I mean all excited and everything?"

"N-no, not exactly," Heidi replied through clenched teeth, "but almost any time I’m around an attractive man."

"Oh my," Mike replied thickly, "thank you, I guess. And do you masturbate frequently?"

"At least once a day," Heidi replied with soft moan.

Mike continued lightly massaging her pussy with her index finger while commenting in hushed tones, "Your lips are engorged with blood and you do seem rather wet.”

Heidi was now sweating profusely, and as she began to reply to Mike's last question, her entire body was wracked by a tremor and she moaned involuntarily, “Uh, yes, it gets like this a lot.”

Mike Kean whispered while massaging the excited flesh, "do you have a boyfriend to help take care of you?"

"Oh no," Heidi replied sadly, "I haven’t had a serious boyfriend since I started serious training three years ago.”

“What about less serious boyfriends? How often do you have intercourse?” Mike queried.

“I don’t allow myself to go out anymore, because I know I couldn’t control myself around a man on a date,” answered Heidi.

“Perhaps intercourse would help alleviate your condition,” Mike suggested, still caressing her moist pussy.

Both Heidi and Mike were now breathing quite shallowly, and in an extremely strained voice Heidi replied, "I don’t know, maybe it would.”

"Or perhaps or. . . oral sex?" Mike stammered while obviously in a state of extreme arousal.

"Mmmmmmm, yes," Heidi sighed, "I think that might help."

Mike was now so turned on, that without even asking, he bent his head forward and slid his tongue along the oozing slit of Heidi's trim young pussy. Just then the door burst open and in walked a stunned Dr. Nadler.

"Mike!" the doctor gasped, "what ever are you doing?"

Normally Mike would have been mortified being caught in such a position, but he was in such a state of sexual excitement that he merely glanced at the doctor before pressing her face into Heidi’s vagina, eliciting a loud moan.

"Mike," he snapped, "have you lost your mind? This is no way for a professional to act!"

With her pussy already dripping like a leaky faucet, Heidi pressed her pussy up against Mike’s face and said, “Please, Dr. Nadler, I need this so badly.”

Dr. Nadler sat down in stunned silence and picked up his assistant’s notes as Mike eagerly licked and tongued Heidi’s dripping gash.

“Oh good, eat me!” Heidi moaned, not caring about the doctor’s intrusion, even turned on by having another man watching her.

“Very interesting,” Dr. Nadler said softly as he stood up, still looking over the notes. He walked over to the young woman writhing in sexual arousal on the table.

Even though he knew it was wrong, he couldn't help pulling open her blouse and pulling down her bra to reveal her pert breasts. “Do you have increased sensitivity in your nipples also, Miss Prince?”

Before she could answer, he ran his tongue over a stiff nipple.

“Oh yes!” Heidi moaned.

“Mmmmmm,” Heidi groaned as Mike pressed his lips harder against her hungry pussy.

"Aaanngghhhhh!" Heidi moaned as his lips worked the swollen buttery petals of her pussy. "Ah! Oh, God!"

He ate her cunt slowly and skillfully. Heidi went into a slow burn, feeling her cunt pulse with fantastic new sexual excitement. Mike ate her the way Heidi had never been eaten before. He licked the slick inner walls of her slit with his long tongue, creating hot new sensations she never knew were there.

He gave her smoldering pussy a long agonizingly sweet French kiss, driving her to such heights of lust that she totally abandoned any hint of reluctance. He r own wild hands fluttered over her writhing body.

Heidi cupped her throbbing breasts, feeding them into Dr. Nadler’s thirsty mouth. Then her hands darted to Mike 's head, bobbing between her legs. Heidi caressed his hair, then pulled his head to her cunt.

"God, don't stop!" Heidi groaned, panting as his tongue toyed around the edges of her clit. "Don't stop, don't let it ever stop! Oh! Oh, God, suck me! Fuck me!"

Now that he knew Heidi were ready for anything, Dr. Nadler quickly undressed. Heidi arched her back, yielding totally to the undulating sensuality of her body. She moaned with unbearable pleasure as Mike 's tongue rooted in he r flowing pussy.

Heidi had never felt anything like it. His lips on her aching clit were indescribably gentle. He flicked it softly with his tongue, and she almost exploded on the spot. ‘God, how can I be so close already?’ Heidi wondered. Still, Heidi knew that one orgasm would only be followed by more and more stupendous ones.

"Ohhhhhhh, God, it's good!" Heidi panted, slowly rolling her pelvis in rhythm with the tongue-fucking he gave he r cunt.

Dr. Nadler was naked now, and he s traddled Heidi , rubbing his long stiff prick on her breast. Heidi looked down, relishing the sight of his swollen cock jabbing her excited nipples.

Dr. Nadler nestled it in the valley between her tits. Heidi pushed the two firm globes around it with he r hands. Then he began drawing the rigid member back and forth.

"Fuck me, oh, Doctor , fuck my breasts!" Heidi moaned, deliriously. "Cum all over my tits!"

But even though Heidi would love it to happen, Dr. Nadler wasn't going to do that, at least not yet. We had only started to fuck her breasts . He didn’t want to spoil it by cumming too soon.

He looked down into he r face as he fucked her between her breasts. "Do you like it?" he asked.

"God, yesssss!" Heidi moaned.

"Do you want us to fuck you now?"

"Yes! Ohhhhh, yes! Can't you see I'm dying for it?"

Dr. Nadler glanced over my shoulder at Mike , who was still licking he r wet pussy with skill and passion, bringing he r ever closer to the brink of a climax.

Heidi realized that this was it. She trembled half with fear and half with incredible sexual excitement. There was no backing down now. They were going to fuck her , both of them .

Almost before Heidi knew what was happening, they hoisted he r high-heeled legs straight up in the air. Mike knel t by her head and held he r legs up by the ankles while Dr. Nadler lodged his thick cock in the wet lips of her pussy, driving it home.

"Ummmggphhh!" Heidi gasped, feeling the ramrod of his prick pierce her abruptly. "Ohhhhnnnn!"

Dr. Nadler began fucking Heidi slowly and steadily, his swollen cock inching in and out of her pussy. Heidi opened her eyes and saw Mike 's huge erect prick jutting out over her half-parted lips. Completely obedient to both their wishes, she opened her mouth and took it in.

It swelled and stiffened even more as Heidi sucked it lovingly. Mike 's hands went to he r quivering breasts. He squeezed and rolled them, pinching the nipples. It drove her wild. She wished he could suck her nipples while she w as sucking his cock.

He r sexual excitement became more and more frenzied. Heidi bucked he r cunt up into Dr. Nadler’s thrusts, feeling his massive stalk ride deep into her . She took Mike 's prick as far into her mouth as it would go, clinging to it with her wet lips as he withdrew it.

Heidi lost all track of everything but the joy of being fucked like this, by two men at once. She didn't know how she could have waited so long. It felt so good! Her writhing body streamed and coursed with hot pleasures.

"Ohhhhhnnnnn fuck me, fuck me fast, fuck me hard!" Heidi moaned to them as Mike removed his cock from her mouth.

Now Dr. Nadler held her legs, up and apart while he continued to sink his thick cock slowly and thoroughly in her tight cunt. He ran his hands up and down her legs as he fucked her , obviously enjoying the feel of he r sheer nylons beneath his hands. She w as delirious with pleasure, but she missed Mike ’s attention. She wanted both of them to be fucking her , and when she opened he r eyes to look for him, she saw him swabbing his stiff prick with lubricating jelly.

Mesmerized, Heidi watched the huge pole of twitching flesh grow shiny and slick from the lubrication. It quickly dawned on her what he intended to do. There could only be one reason for him to grease his cock like that. He was planning to stick it one place where it wouldn't easily go.

"Ohhhhh, God," Heidi whimpered, half-sighing with faint resignation.

She realized there wasn't any way to prevent it. She even wondered why she would want to prevent it. His cock just seemed so huge and stiff, that was all. And both of them at the same time! They would rip her apart!

As if they sensed that she might try to change her mind, Dr. Nadler rolled her body onto her side and Mike helped push her up so she was straddling Dr. Nadler almost before she realized what was happening. Then Heidi felt Mike's hands parting her round asscheeks.

"Now hold still, Miss Prince," Mike panted. "I'm gonna try a new technique to address your problem."

Dr. Nadler held her upper body tightly in his arms. His fat cock was still embedded deep in her steaming pussy. Heidi felt the swollen head of Mike's cock nudge the tight ring of her asshole. Then involuntary tears squirted from her eyes as she felt it invade her rectum.

"Aaaoowwwnnnngggg!" Heidi moaned.

Her body writhed uncontrollably. Mike's wanton, extremely stiff cock slid all the way into her ass, lubricated by the grease. Now Heidi was impaled and skewered on both of their cocks, pinned between them.

Heidi panted and moaned and cried. The sensations in her body were so intense that she could not distinguish pleasure from pain. The wild pulsating spasms rippled through her straining hot flesh.

"Ohhhnnnggggg, God, God!" Heidi cried out. "It . . . It feels so good!"

They both began to fuck her, as Heidi had known they would from the first. She gritted her teeth and shuddered with intense pleasure as she felt the two stiff ramrods thrusting slowly in and out of her cunt and her asshole. She could feel their long, engorged stalks rubbing together through the membrane that separated their two havens.

Heidi couldn't believe how beautiful the two jerking cocks felt slipping and sliding around inside her. She thought she could feel them rubbing together inside her, kindling a fire that seemed to be melting her insides. Her cunt clutched at Dr. Nadler’s cock while her asshole held his assistant's organ in a viselike grip. The two men bucked harder and harder. She rocked back and forth in rhythm with the two plunging cocks, bringing all of them closer and closer to a wild orgasm.

"She's great, isn’t she, Mike!" Dr. Nadler rasped as he fucked her pussy. “How is that ass?”

"The fuckin' greatest!" Mike groaned as he shoved his pecker in and out of her asshole.

Heidi had never known such pleasure was possible. Their hands stroked her shuddering body as they fucked her. Dr. Nadler’s hands squeezed her ass, parting her cheeks, then pushing them together around Mike's plunging cock. Mike reached around her and caressed her breasts, squeezing and twisting them more roughly as the fucking tempo increased with their heightening passions.

Now the three of them were locked together and fucking like crazy. Pinned between their hard striving bodies, Heidi panted and groaned, impaled on the two plunging cocks. Far off she could feel the sharp knife of her orgasm hurtling toward her. She gritted her teeth, instinctively knowing that it would tear her to pieces.

The thought of having the two men making love to her at once was driving her toward a whirlwind of cyclonic lust. It seemed to go on forever, and yet she wanted to go on and on and never stop. The freedom, the mounting erotic bliss of it, the hands, two mens' hands clutching and gripping at her, making her know that she was desired and lusted after more than she'd ever felt before. She was completely and helplessly impaled from above and below, her brain reeling. Nothing mattered but the tremendous sensation of subliminal ecstasy about to explode within her.

Both men were close, too. They fucked her now with rough violence. Their hands and mouths mauled her quivering flesh. The rigid poles of their long pricks speared her asshole and pussy fiercely, without mercy. They ripped and tore at her pulsating, writhing body. And Heidi whimpered and moaned, clawing with delirious pleasure at each fresh penetration.

"Aanngghh! Ongh! Ohhnnnn! Agghh! Ahhnnnnngggg!" She grunted and coughed as the fiendishly hard pricks probed her deeply.

Closer and closer hurtled the knife-like feelings. ‘God, I'm going to cum so hard, it's going to kill me!’ Heidi thought wildly. Frantically she began pushing her groin down onto their rearing cocks.

"Oh, God! Oh, God..."

Suddenly the knife split her in two. She was scalded and wrenched by a torrent of cumming. The orgasm pulverized her with excruciating spasms.


Her body thrashed and squirmed between Mike and Dr. Nadler, who still pinned her tightly and fucked her fiercely. Both of them were about to cum, too. Mike ripped his gigantic monster of a cock deep into her rectum. The violence of his thrust sent her over the edge again. A fresh hot bolt of cumming ruptured her.

"AANNGGGHHHH! OOHHNNN! AAAANNNGGHHIIEEEEE!" Heidi wailed, whinnying helplessly as the unbearable pleasure wracked her body.

And the wild spasming of her cunt and asshole seemed to draw the cum right out of their cocks as well. They groaned, their bodies clenched powerfully. Suddenly she felt the hot rocketing spurts flying into her.

"Ohhnnnn! Oh, God... oh, God!" Heidi moaned, smiling as she felt the two enormous cocks empty themselves into her ass and pussy.

Heidi lost track of the minutes and seconds as the three of them were welded together in an incandescent eternity of agonizing pleasure. But finally she noticed that all of their bodies had slackened. They lay loosely together now, gasping and panting, their flesh tingling.

Heidi herself felt exhausted and plundered. On the other hand, she had to admit that she had never known physical pleasure could be so intense.

When everyone was dressed and their blood pressures had returned to normal, Dr. Nadler opined, "I think we may have to run some additional tests on your problem, Miss Prince.”

Heidi thought about it moment and replied, "Well, maybe I could stop in periodically for more "treatments", what do you think?"

The doctor looked seriously at his assistant and replied, "That's a good idea; mark Miss Prince down for two sessions a week."

"For how long, doctor?" Mike asked.

"For as long as it takes," he replied with a small smile.