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Helping Cari, 1

Drew and Jen come over to help Cari pack and end up doing a lot more!
“Hello?” Cari answered the phone, mildly annoyed at being interrupted. She was in the middle of trying to pack up her apartment in preparation of moving to a different place next week. As a result, she was on her second drink, music blaring, with half-filled boxes strewn throughout the apartment.

“Hey,” answered Drew, Cari’s on-again-off-again boyfriend and consistent fuck buddy. “Me and Jen are downstairs. Come let us in, will you?” Jen was Drew’s friend and coworker, whom Cari had met a few times when she met up with Drew at various happy hours after work. She was 30, older than Cari’s 22, but easy to let loose around all the same. Cari and Jen had even gotten a bit too drunk one night a few weeks back and ended up doing some dirty dancing at one of the clubs they went to, culminating in a hot make out session. Drew had taken Cari home and bent her over the arm of her couch, pounding her dripping wet pussy without mercy as he told her how hot it was watching her with Jen and that she needed to be punished for being such a dirty little slut in public. Cari had cum screaming, begging him to fuck her harder, as he whispered in her ear that next time he wanted to see her pretty face buried in Jen’s hot cunt.

Cari flushed, thinking of last time, and looked down at herself. She was sloppily dressed in knee-length yoga pants and a tight purple tank, her hair swept up in a messy ponytail. “Um, what’s going on? I wasn’t planning on seeing you guys tonight…” she trailed off, slightly embarrassed at how flushed she was.

“You’re not really going to turn us away, are you? Let us in,” repeated Drew, firmly.

“Ok, ok, be right down.”

Cari dashed around her apartment, sloppily making her bed and checking that all her toys were hidden from sight. She ran down the two flights of stairs to let in her guests, nervous and excited and tingling with anticipation.

“Hi!” she said, too brightly, when she opened the door to let them in.

“Hi yourself,” said Jen, the older woman looking down at Cari, clearly amused by how flustered she was. She leaned in and gave her a warm hug. “Drew told me you were getting ready for a move. In exchange for letting us impose on you without warning, I thought it only fair to bring supplies.” She grinned and held up a bottle of wine and some duct tape.

Cari laughed, her tension easing a little. “How can I refuse that?” She gave Drew a one-armed hug as well and led the two of them back upstairs to her apartment.

Once in her apartment, Drew smiled to see that Cari had already had a drink sweating on a bare coffee table, her coasters already packed away in one of the boxes. He knew Cari was a cheap drunk; at 5’2” she was the definition of a light weight. “So, how can we help?”

“Um… I guess you guys can help in the bedroom.” Cari said, considering. “I have to pack up some kitchen stuff too, still, but I need to talk to my roommate about whose stuff is whose—I can’t remember anymore!”

“Oh, is she here?” Jen asked, exchanging a glance with Drew.

“No, no,” Cari said, still rummaging around one of the cupboards. “She’s over at her boyfriend’s place, she won’t be back til tomorrow, or maybe the day after.” Cari emerged from the cupboard, holding up a couple of mugs. “Sorry I don’t have the proper stemware, but it’s already packed away. We’ll have to make due with these.”

“Not a problem, I’m used to roughing it!” grinned Jen, taking the bottle of wine back from Cari and pouring it into the mugs. The trio clinked their glasses together and drank deeply.

“Well, shall we get started?” asked Jen, and Cari led them into her bedroom.

A couple of hours later, the three of them sat on the floor of Cari’s room, surrounded by boxes, well into their second bottle of wine.

“Ugh!” Cari said, slumping so she leaned against Jen’s arm, her head on her shoulder. “I don’t ever want to see another box or roll of duct tape again!”

“What?!” Jen asked playfully, “You mean you don’t appreciate my present?”

“No, no! Obviously we couldn’t have done all this without it!” Cari gestured half-heartedly at the boxes surrounding them. Besides the rug and the bed, the room had been stripped and packed neatly away. “Seriously, thank you, both of you. This was so much easier with extra hands, I thought it was gonna take me all night! I owe you one, for sure.”

Drew glanced at Jen and smiled. She smiled back. This was what they had been waiting for.

“Hmm, you do owe us one," Drew started, teasingly. “I wonder what you could do to repay us?” His tone was suggestive, and Cari blushed. Last time she had ‘owed him one’ he’d gotten her to strip, cook him dinner, then go under the table and suck him off while he ate. After he had shot his load all over her face and breasts, he had helped her up from under the table and sat her on his lap, tugging gently on her nipples. He looked at her fondly, called her a full-service slut, slapped her ass and told her to go do the dishes. Cari had alternated between horny and furious for the next hour until finally Drew had tired of teasing her and pinned her against the wall with her arms over her head and fingered her tight cunt until she came, moaning against his mouth, her pussy gushing onto his hand. He had smirked at her and had her lick her own juices off his fingers like a good whore before spinning her around and shoving them in her ass, making her squeal and then moan. All the while he was laughing, making sure she knew what a dumb little slut she was, so desperate for his cock that she would do anything for it. Cari had been too busy moaning to agree, but she knew it was true. He could call her anything, treat her like a cheap whore, and it only made her wetter. She was addicted to how he made her feel. How he filled her slutty little holes and owned them, owned her, by how hard he could make her come.

“Look, she’s blushing!” Jen teased, delighted. “What were you thinking of, dirty girl?”

Drew smiled too, having a good idea of what Cari had been thinking of. “Well? Got an idea of how to repay us?”

Cari blushed more and tried to brush them off, but they persisted. Finally, pitying the younger girl, Jen suggested massages.

“Oh, perfect!” Cari agreed in relief, “I have some massage oils, hang on!” She jumped up and went to go find them, returning to find that Jen had already stripped and Drew had his shirt off. Jen was lying face down on Cari’s bed, her smooth back and thick, juicy ass completely exposed. Drew had been sitting beside her, running his hand down her back.

“Oh!” Cari was surprised, but decided to go with it. She could tell her inhibitions were lower than usual because not only was she turned on, but she also didn’t feel the need to ask questions. They were just having fun, messing around. If things went further than expected, well, she’d be open to that. It’s not like she had never had this fantasy before. Resolving her weak doubts, Cari hastily took another large gulp of wine. Leaning forward, she drizzled some of the massage oil onto Jen’s back.

“Mmm,” the older woman purred as Cari began to rub her back in long strokes. “That feels nice.”

“Maybe you should straddle her," Drew said, watching the two women with a glint in his eye. “It’ll be easier that way. You’ll be able to really get in there deep.”

“That’s ok,” Cari was already feeling flushed again, just from innocently touching Jen’s creamy smooth back. “I don’t want to get oil on my clothes.”

“Well why don’t you take them off, silly?” said Jen, laughing. “You’re not going to get away without a massage too, you know! No point in being shy about it now.”

Cari seemed a little confused by this, but eventually agreed due to their gentle prodding. Drew watched eagerly as Cari stripped, exposing her large, firm tits, fat ass, and neatly trimmed pussy. Jen squirmed a little underneath her as Cari straddled her. At first, Cari tried to keep from touching the other woman with more than her hands, but as she grew more comfortable eventually she rested her full weight on Jen’s ample ass, rubbing against it every time she leaned forward.

“How does that feel?” Cari asked Jen, leaning closer. She shivered slightly as her nipples grazed along the other woman’s back, sending a jolt straight to her pussy.

“Decadent. I haven’t had a full body massage in quite a while,” said the older woman. “You’re very good with your hands. Drew is a lucky guy.”

Cari laughed, flattered.

Drew, meanwhile, was staying uncharacteristically silent, just watching the two women. He watched Cari’s nipples get even harder as she brushed them against Jen’s back again, this time deliberately, and he smiled. “Jen, you look like you’re going to melt, you’re so relaxed. Maybe you should switch places and let Cari have a turn.”

Jen smiled and agreed. The two women switched places. Cari noticed for the first time that Jen had silver barbells in her nipples and felt herself get wetter, looking at them. Jen swung a leg over Cari’s back and leaned down to whisper in her ear. “You like them? I think you’d look really hot with a pair too, you know.”

Cari shivered, thinking about it. Jen drizzled massage oil all over the younger girl’s back, letting it drip down her sides and pool at the very base of her spine.

“Oops," said the older woman, unconvincingly. “Hang on, let me take care of that.”

Jen slowly began rubbing the oil into Cari’s skin, making sure to massage the sides of her breasts where the oil had slid down. After a short while, she moved to the oil pooled on Cari’s lower back, and began massaging her ass with it. She spread Cari’s cheeks wide, making sure the oil got everywhere, grinning as the younger girl squirmed.

“You have such a nice juicy ass, Cari,” Jen murmured, massaging it. She ran a finger between her ass cheeks, pausing to circle the younger girl’s rosebud. “And such a nice little asshole.”

Cari gasped, both from Jen’s words and her touch. She didn’t know what to do, didn’t know whether she should move or not. She couldn’t believe what Jen was doing, but she couldn’t deny it was making her pussy even wetter.

Before Cari could make up her mind, Drew interjected. “You know, she loves having it played with,” he told Jen, nodding at Cari’s ass. “Isn’t that right, slut?”

Cari gasped again, but didn’t have time to say anything before Jen had pushed her finger, slick with massage oil, deep into Cari’s ass. She moaned, loudly. Drew and Jen both laughed as Jen pumped her finger in and out of the younger woman’s ass. “Mmm, she does like that,” said Jen, wickedly as Cari moaned even louder. “Maybe you ought to fill her mouth with something,” she said to Drew, her eyes glinting. “Don’t want the neighbors complaining.”

Drew smiled back at Jen, his eyes filled with lust. “My thoughts exactly.” He pulled down his jeans and boxers, revealing his thick cock that was already hard and dripping with precum. He tapped it lightly against Cari’s face. “Open wide, little one.”

Cari and Drew looked at each other, and Cari was reassured by the love she saw in her partner’s eyes. She knew he had planned this for her to help her keep stretching her limits and that she could stop it if she wanted. She considered what she wanted for a split second, than opened her mouth wide for his cock. She felt the last of her hesitation melt away as she made her choice, and felt herself get even wetter knowing how much she wanted this.

“Yesss…” Drew hissed as he felt Cari’s lips close around the tip of his cock. “You are a good little slut, aren’t you?”

Cari swirled her tongue around the head of his cock in answer, savoring his salty flavor.

Jen was not about to be outdone. Keeping her finger in Cari’s ass, she motioned to Drew and they helped get Cari up onto her hands and knees.

Jen laughed at the younger girl. “What an obedient whore you have, Drew! She’s already dripping and we’ve barely touched her.” Cari flushed in embarrassment, but felt herself getting even wetter with her words.

“Yeah, I know. She tries, but she just can’t help herself. She’s a natural-born slut.” Cari moaned around his dick as he continued to fuck her face. “See what I mean?” he laughed.

“Such a pretty little pussy,” Jen licked her lips, positioning herself so that Cari could feel her hot breath on her inner thighs. Gently, she spread the younger girl’s lips apart so that she could see every detail. Slowly, Jen licked up her slit, curling her tongue into Cari’s pussy so she could taste all of her. “Mmm, don’t you taste good.”

Cari gasped, causing Drew’s cock to go further down her throat than she had expected, causing her to choke. He backed off to let her catch her breath, but quickly resumed thrusting into her hot wet mouth. “It looks like we’re going to have to practice so you don’t gag. I know you a stupid little slut like you wouldn’t want to be subpar at sucking cock, since sucking and fucking are all you’re good for.” Cari moaned and felt herself gush at his words.

Jen noticed it too and pointed it out to Drew gleefully. “The dirtier you talk to her, the wetter she gets! God, she is just a dumb bitch.” Jen began pumping her two of her fingers into Cari’s dripping pussy, curling them so they hit her g-spot perfectly. At the same time, she bent her head and began delicately flicking the sensitive skin around Cari’s asshole with her nimble tongue. Finally she felt girl beginning to tremble, and she thrust her tongue deep into Cari’s ass, wiggling it feverishly, while at the same time sliding a third finger into her pussy and pumping faster.

“Oh, OH!” Cari gasped around Drew’s cock, shuddering as she came onto Jen’s deft fingers, collapsing onto the bed.

Smiling, Jen withdrew her fingers from Cari’s pussy and smeared them across the younger girl’s lips before bringing them up to her own mouth and licking them clean.

“Don’t get too comfortable,” she said, with a wicked glint in her eye. “The night isn’t over yet.”

Jen and Drew looked at each other and smiled as Cari looked up at them, flushed and panting. Cari shivered, not sure if she should be afraid of or eager for what was coming next.

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