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Her Hot Weekend Home Massage

She decided to try out the new local salon’s home outcall service
Em was at home alone that weekend. It was the middle of summer and very hot. So was she. Ambrose was away and she was at mid-point in an unusually long gap between business trips.

They kept a massage bed at home and in the summer it lived out on the shaded terrace at the back of the house, next to the swimming pool. They used it now and again, either themselves or very occasionally with a visiting masseuse or even more rarely a masseur.

Sometimes Ambrose massaged her out there in the afternoon or early evening. These sessions were always very sexy affairs. Em would be the naked client and Ambrose would be the nearly naked masseur. He liked to wear a little hip string with a short and very narrow strip of gold silk cloth at the front when they played their hot massage game.

She liked that. It reminded her of her favourite sex club in Hong Kong. She always got a beautiful hot ending there too with a masseuse or masseur, or sometimes both. All they ever wore were little tasselled hip strings.

Em would kill for hot ending at the moment. Her pussy had not been licked with a hot tongue or penetrated by a hot cock in ten days and she was horny.

She had no expectation that the new salon’s out call service would provide such benefits. It was a very straight operation and the therapists there she had used, both women and men, had been very professional.

Nevertheless, she thought she’d book a home massage. She would enjoy two hours relaxing on the massage couch while someone ironed out her stressed muscles. It might even lead to Vic the vibrator giving her one in bed tonight. That would be nice in the absence of the real thing. Vic was so very nearly real.

She rang the salon. They already knew her as a regular call-in client. She usually had a masseuse when she visited the salon. But this was an out call request and the woman at the other end of the line asked whether she wanted a masseur instead.

At that point her nipples firmed and her pussy moistened. She replied, after a moment’s hesitation, “A masseur, please.” She told them she wanted two hours and had a massage couch on the terrace at the back of the house, under cover, that she’d like to use.

The woman told her the massage fee and the call-out charge and added, “These services are confidential. You make your own arrangements with the masseur if you wish. His name is Damien. You’ve probably seen him at the salon. He’s tall and twenty-three.”

Em’s nipples rose and became rock-hard. She had indeed seen Damien at the salon and in fact once she had been massaged by him. She had become secretly hot when his hands went everywhere over her body except into her bikini pants. She had become especially hot when he had massaged her breasts.

He had noticed her nipples were hard and erect. They were difficult to miss. He had been pinching them gently as he rubbed massage oil into her breasts with firm strokes. He had noticed she liked that, too, and given her nipples a number of bonus tweaks.

That had been just two weeks ago at her usual Thursday evening appointment when her regular masseuse was unavailable. Afterwards Em had taken her panties off in her car in the car park and masturbated before going home.

Ambrose had sensed that she had recently come and had immediately led her to their bed and fucked her, very nicely. He was lovely like that.

Now she had been told she could get a hot massage by private arrangement with a hot twenty-three-year-old man. Her free hand slipped into the little string she was wearing (it was all she was wearing) and played with her pussy.

She said, “Thanks, I’ll see Damien at three o’clock then.”

Em had a swim and then a light lunch with a glass of slightly chilled pinot noir and coffee.

She debated what to wear for her massage. She imagined that Damien would arrive expecting to give her a hot one, but he mightn’t be clear just how hot she now wanted her massage to be.

A little sartorial guidance was in order. She decided on a tiny little pink string bikini that simply corralled her breasts but left them and their prominent nipples uncovered and which down below covered only her currently tiny triangle of hair and nothing else.

That should give him very clear direction on where and how far he could go. She didn’t expect the little top and tiny bottom would stay on her long. They hadn’t the last time she wore them, which had been on a boat trip in Thailand.

She had been with a man who had been totally entranced when she slipped off her sarong after they got under way and out of sight of the quay.

It was now nearly three. She put the little bikini on. Her nipples were huge and hard. She put on a sarong. The doorbell rang. She checked and it was Damien. God, he did look hot. He was wearing jeans and a tank top and would look glorious naked later.

She opened the door to let him in. She closed it while he appreciated her with his eyes. She said, “We’ll go through to the terrace. I’m all set up there. There’s cold water and juice in the bar fridge. Help yourself to whatever you want.”

On the terrace, by the pool, Em slipped out of the sarong. Damien, she noticed, got an instant bulge. She repeated her previous statement. “Help yourself to whatever you want.”

She lay face down on the couch, conscious that her hard nipples were pressing into the fabric of the cushion. She opened her legs a little. The back of her bikini string hid nothing at all when she did that.

Damien took off his tank-top. He had a six-pack that Em instantly visualized rippling as he fucked her. He said, “You’re a very hot lady. And you want it very hot. That’s good. I want to give it to you very hot.”

Em said, “Oh yes please!”

He ran his hands up the insides of her legs and into her pussy. Em gasped. He said, “How many times have you had this incredible little bikini taken off you?”

While he was saying this he undid the bikini top and put a hand under her, brushing against her nipples, and pulled it off. He unclipped the bottom string. He put a hand under her and into the string and ruffled her little triangle of hair.

Then he ripped the bikini bottom off through her pussy and spread her legs wide. Em pushed her pussy into the cushion, murmured “Ohhh!” and whispered “Twice now.”

Damien put a hand in her wet pussy and two fingers into her entrance and said, “I bet the first time was extra hot too. Tell me about it.”

He began to massage her pussy with one hand. With the other he both finger-fucked her and disturbed the hair on her mound.

“You certainly had sex the first time it was taken off you, didn’t you?” he said. Em was now making hot little noises. “Yes,” she said.

“Where was this?” Damien asked, increasing the pace of his finger-fucking. “Who was it with? Not your husband, obviously. It would have been a very hot and highly illicit fuck, I’m sure. Your second experience of sex with your incredible little bikini won’t be with your husband either.”

Em was now panting with pleasure. She said, “It was on a speed boat in Thailand when I was there on business last month. A man had asked me out on it.

“I knew why and I’d dressed accordingly.” Damien increased the depth and speed of his exploratory fingers and Em shouted “Aah!” Then she said, “It was very hot.”

She shouted again. Damien had added a third finger to his fucking routine.

“You are a very hot lady Em,” he said. “Can I call you Em? I think I should. I am going to fuck your brains out very soon, after all.”

Em came, wetly, noisily and bucking her hips.

Damien slid a slick finger into her ass, lifted her hips off the couch and bent down and licked her slit right through to her hair. He did that several times. Em kept coming for quite a while.

When she had stopped shouting and bucking, Damien said, “And was that the only time he fucked you, Em?”

Em said, “Aaaahh!” Damien had recommenced his three-finger fucking routine.

“No. I was there for three days more.”

Damien said, “You can tell me about that later. Soon I’m going to roll you over and then I’m going to give you a full, deep pussy-licking. You need to come twice more before you get to see my cock. Do you like having your pussy licked as much as men must like licking it?”

Em made more little noises and murmured, “I love it. I love eating cock too, Damien.”

He took her hand and guided it into his still clothed groin. Em ran her hand along the length of the bulge in his jeans. It seemed to go on forever.

She said, “Oh god, that’s going to be beautiful.” She felt his cock pulse under her hand when she said that.

Damien turned Em over and moved her legs wide apart. She made a little more noise because that meant the time when she would feel his thick hard cock penetrating her was getting closer.

He grasped her breasts and began to massage them. He pinched her nipples. Em sighed with delight and gave herself over to the upcoming delight of hot illicit sex.

Damien whispered, “So do you have many foreign adventures? Tell me about Thailand.”

Em was hot throughout her body. Her nipples and her pussy were singing, or so it seemed. Inside, the top of her vagina was buzzing with heat.

She knew that telling this twenty-three-year-old stud about her little adventures as a mid-thirties married woman would lengthen his cock, heighten his lust, and make him give it to her hotter than ever.

“I have a lot of a foreign adventures Damien,” she said.

She went on, “He stopped the boat behind a deserted little island, out of sight of the harbour, and tore my bikini off me. He fucked me on the stern seat. His cock was huge and urgent and he came very quickly, but not before I did.”

Damien increased the pace of his breast massage. Em moved her legs even more widely apart and let them hang over the side of the massage bed.

“He fucked me again on the little sandy beach on another island, and again on the boat going back to port later. He was very strong,” she said.

“We met for dinner the next two nights and he fucked me both times. The first time was on the bed in my villa and the second was in the plunge pool.

“He took me to the airport on my last morning there and drove down a little beach track on the way there and stripped me naked in his car and fucked me again. He said he was keeping my panties as a memento.

“It was divine flying home naked under my skirt but by the time we arrived I’d forgotten I had lost my panties and my husband got a flash of pussy when I got into his car at the airport. He smiled at me and said, ‘Did you do it just before you left or on the plane, Em?’

“I said it was just before I left and he said I’d be doing it again as soon as we got home. He fucked me very hotly. It was a lovely homecoming.”

Damien kept up the breast massage while he lowered his mouth to Em’s pussy and ate it hungrily.

He stopped briefly and said, “Tell me more about your adventures Em. How often do you travel? Do you get it every time?”

His tongue returned to ploughing her furrow very wetly and sexily. Em felt the heat rising further inside her, fuelled by his tongue and his interest in her sex life, and shouted, “Oh god! Aah!”

Then she told him, yes, she got it just about every time she travelled. She travelled regularly, two or three times a month at home and three or four times a year overseas.

She really got hot for in room massages. On her overseas trips she usually also had dinner and sex with a man or two and sometimes a woman.

Damien inserted his long tongue far into her vagina. His fingers excited her clit. Em came, thrashing on the massage couch and shouting loudly.

Then he resumed the massage, this time with long hand strokes from her ankles to her nipples, firmly up the insides of her legs, through her pussy, over her mound, and finally up across her tummy to her breasts.

While he was doing this he said, “So tell me about when, where and how you got naked last with someone who is not your husband.”

Em got hot immediately, thinking about that. It had been on an overnight trip to another city

“It was ten days ago,” she said. “I had to go to a business dinner. They’re very boring generally. This one was and there was no one there that I fancied.

“So when I got back to my room I rang up an out call service and booked a two-hour visit. I’d used it before. It’s for women.”

Em paused to make more little moaning noises because Damien’s ankle-to-nipple massage was exciting her tremendously. She had remained very close to coming ever since the previous orgasm.

“This time I wanted a man. When I’d booked before I’d asked for a woman.”

Damien briefly broke off his hot body massage routine and thrust his tongue briefly but deeply into her vagina. Em squirmed hotly with pleasure and made more noise.

“I can imagine you with a woman,” he said. “I’d like to watch you getting it like that.”

He added, “Then I would like to fuck you both.”

Em came.

When she had finished, Damien said, “That’s your third. Now I can fuck you, but it would be nice if you told me another of your little adventures first.”

Em smiled at him with her smoky eyes. “You are a hot number Damien,” she said. “You’re an incredibly sexy young man. So I’ll tell you a very hot little story. It’s from long ago and it’s about a man who used to come to my house every week and give me a hot naked massage on my bed.”

Damien licked her pussy again.

“We were living overseas at the time,” Em said. “We were both working at the same place then, but I always had Thursday afternoons off. We’d met this man at a club. He was a masseur. Several of my girlfriends had told me he was very good.

“I like a massage, a therapeutic massage I mean, so eventually I booked him for a Thursday afternoon. I wore a sensible bikini for the massage and when he arrived I took him through to the games room, where we kept a massage couch.”

She paused to say “Aah!” again. Damien had resumed his body massage routine, but slower now. The anticipation this caused her, as his hands crept up her legs heading for her pussy, and then later up her torso to her nipples, was distracting in quite a fundamental way.

“We had to pass the main bedroom. He glanced into it and said ‘That’s a lovely big bed’ and I got an immediate buzz that moistened my pussy and hardened my nipples. I think he noticed the sudden bumps in my bikini top.

“We went through to the games room. As soon as I lay down on the massage couch he undid my bikini top and bottom and pulled them off. He said, ‘I think you’d like it better naked. You have an extremely hot ass.’

“I said I was sure I would. That’s when he spread my legs and massaged my pussy.”

Damien said, “Yum, what a lovely surprise for you.” He began massaging her pussy yet again. Em started murmuring “Oh god, Oh god, Oh god!” and then started shouting. Damien didn’t stop until she came for the fourth time.

He whispered to her, “You still have a very hot ass. What happened at that massage then?”

Em said, “He said he’d like to see my pussy spread on the big bed. I had a full beaver in those days. I said I certainly thought he should see my pussy spread on the big bed. He carried me there and showed me his big cock and fucked me senseless twice.

“He was a regular Thursday afternoon appointment from then on, for the next two years.”

Damien briefly inserted the tip of his tongue into her wet entrance, exciting her hotly, and said, “I think I should fuck you on your bed.”

Em moaned and said, “Yes. Take me there now. Throw me on the bed and show me your cock and fuck me with it very quickly. I need it very quickly.”

Damien did as he was told. Em liked it very much indeed and shouted her approval throughout. He performed like a piston and shot steam-hot cum into her and she came in a buzzing pink cloud.

Afterwards she took him in her mouth and masturbated his long, rock-hard cock with her tightly clenched teeth until he came again. When he came he was shouting her name very loudly. His copious cum was super hot and tasted very salty.

She had him regularly after that, for more than a year.

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