Holy Hollie's School of Purity

By pixiedust65

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Alicia arrives at Holy Hollie's School of Purity
Alicia had never been as mortified as she had been when her father had walked in on her having sex with a classmate from her high school. She had always been very promiscuous, but had always succeeded in keeping her indiscretions a secret from her highly religious parents. Her father had caught her with the boy pounding her from behind, and her father's temper had quickly overtaken the situation.

The eighteen year old had been terrified, and had covered herself up quickly. Her parents had scolded her, yet things got worse after that. They had also discovered her diary, detailing her whole sordid sexual history. The diary had told them about the two football players behind the bleachers at a game. It told them about the stranger she met and fucked after sneaking out one night. Her parents had no clue as to what they could do, so they had called the pastor of their church.

"Sometimes, as her parents you cannot deal with someone this impure" she heard Reverend Jack tell her parents as she listened from the stairs.

"We have no idea what to do with her" her mother managed to choke out.

"There is a school, Holy Hollie's School of Purity, that you could try if you are willing," Jack told them, handing them a small brochure. "It's in a small secluded town in Wyoming, and a lot of people have had amazing success sending their daughters there."

"You know of others that have gone there?" her father asked, flipping through the pamphlet the Reverend had handed him.

"Yes, I have sent others. You need a recommendation that I would be more than happy to write for you."

"Thank you Reverend," her father said as her parents stood up. "How long before you think she can go?"

"About a week, I will set everything up."

The last week at home for Alicia was horrible to say the least. She argued, fought, and pleaded with her parents to not send her to the school. Throughout the week her parents miraculously managed to stand their ground, and finally the time had come for her to leave. She woke up early that morning and stomped through the house getting ready. The drive to the airport was quiet, and their goodbyes somber. Finally, Alicia boarded the plane.

The plane ride was long, and Alicia slept most of the way. When she landed, a small car was waiting for her. The driver quickly threw her luggage into the trunk of the car, and ushered her into the back seat. They drove for two hours and the air in the car was heavy. The driver remained silent, ignoring her requests asking him to roll down his window. Finally, they turned into a long driveway. Alicia looked ahead, taking the school in for the first time. It looked nothing like the brochure the Reverend had left with her parents. The vines covering the outer walls were overgrown, and the lawn was overgrown with weeds.

The driver parked the car in front of the entrance and got out, taking her bags out of the trunk. Alicia followed him into the school, the entrance way was dim and her eyes needed to adjust after being outside in the sun. She followed him down the hall and as they passed what was the kitchen, she saw two girls in skin tight dresses in the kitchen. At the end of the hall the driver opened a door on the left side, ushering her inside and closing the door behind her.

"Alicia Marshall?" a woman's voice asked from behind a rather large desk.

"Yes," Alicia stammered, trying to peak around the chair to see who was addressing her.

The chair turned and Alicia watched the woman. She had long blonde hair, and was middle aged. Her large breasts were in a tight suit, her eyes pierced Alicia's aggressively.

"Sit down please," she asked, watching as Alicia took a seat in the chair across her desk. " My name is Miss. Hollie, you will refer to me with this name at all times. Your parents contacted me asking for help. They have stated that you are promiscuous and that they are unable to handle you at this time," the woman paused, looking at a file with Alicia's name on the front.

"It states here," she continued " that you have had sexual intercourse with at least seven partners, two of which were females. This kind of behavior for a lady of your age is unacceptable. During your stay here we will get rid of these urges in a safe environment, do you understand?"

"Not really" Alicia replied, watching the woman's gaze.

"During the first stint of your stay, we will attempt to rid you of these urges. You will have class twice a day, morning and evening. Each class shall be an hour long and you will stay until the end of each class, there will be no leaving early. Before we begin though, we need to do an examination to better fit you with a teacher, in order to do this I am going to need you to remove your clothes."

Alicia stared at her. 'This woman is fucking nuts!' Alicia thought to herself. She continued watching her, and when she saw no sign of this being a sick joke, she stood up and began to take off her clothes. She pulled off her shirt, then took off her bra. The room was cold, and her nipples stiffened as she removed the rest of her clothing.

"I want you to stand by the wall, legs spread like you are having a police officer search you" Miss. Hollie told her, putting on a pair of latex gloves and picking up a clipboard.

The examination was quite extensive. Miss. Hollie first started by taking Alicia's measurements, writing them down as she went. She fondled her nipples, again writing a note on her clipboard. The woman continued to examine Alicia who moaned when the exam became quite extensive.

"Okay, that's it you may get dressed" Miss. Hollie told her, taking a seat back behind her desk and writing some more. "You will have your first lesson today. I will show you to your room, and this will be your bedroom as well as your classroom. Each day you will have two lessons. These lessons will consist of your teacher coming to your room, and you will have intercourse with him.."

"Wait just a minute!" Alicia exclaimed, buttoning the top of her shorts. " I may not want to fucking be here, but I thought this place was meant to make me not be a slut"

"It is, and that's what it will do. Your urges will be taken care of and you will leave here knowing how to handle them discreetly. I will be outside the room, and I will be listening. If I hear you, that is not being discreet."

Alicia stared at her wondering what kind of drug she had taken and where she could get some. Her pastor, and her parents obviously had no clue this was the kind of establishment that she had been sent to. Could she really do this? She thought for a moment, considering calling her parents to tell them what kind of place this was. After a moment, she came to an amazing realization. This was exactly what she wanted. She wanted to be able to have sex, and now she could do it without fear of being caught.

"All I need from you is a signature stating you agree with all that was explained to you today, and then we may begin your first class" Miss. Hollie told her, interrupting her thoughts.

She pushed a rather thick contract towards Alicia, and she signed it four times on the lines quickly.

"Alright," Miss. Hollie said, standing up " follow me."

She led Alicia back up the hallway, taking her up a large staircase and down another hallway to the right. The two stopped at the third door on the left, and Alicia entered the room. There was a nightstand with a lamp on it, and a small bed. The rest of the room was empty and bland.

"Your teacher will be in in a moment" Miss. Hollie told her, leaving the room and shutting the door behind her.

Alicia set her bags on the floor beside the bed and sat down. Her palms were sweating and she was nervous. This would be the second time having sex with a stranger, yet she knew that Hollie would be listening outside the door. She could hear heavy footsteps down the hall way, and they stopped outside her door. She heard Miss. Hollie talking to someone, and she could tell from the deep voice it was a male. Suddenly, the door opened and she saw her teacher for the first time.

He was tall, and had rather large muscles. His hair was dark, and his eyes brown. He shut the door behind him, and looked Alicia up and down. He watched her for a moment before his mouth turned into a sneer.

"I am your teacher, as I am sure you have guessed. If you were smart enough to read that contract you signed, you will know that you are to do whatever I tell you" the man told her as he began loosening his belt.

He walked towards her and pushed her against the wall, rubbing her through her shorts. She let a moan escape her lips and pushed herself into his hand. His other hand was wandering up her stomach towards her breast, and he slipped roughly under her bra and began rubbing her breast with his calloused hands. He kissed her hard, and she could taste nicotine on his breath.

"Take your clothes off" he growled, breaking the kiss and undoing his pants.

Alicia quickly took her clothes off, standing naked in front of him. He dropped his pants and his rather large rod sprung forth. He was already fully hard, and he pushed her to her knees. He took his cock, rubbing it along her lips before forcing into her. He fucked her mouth roughly, spit running down her chin. His cock forcefully fucked her mouth, his hands pushing her head down to meet his thrusting hips.

Finally he pulled away, leaving her gasping for air. He grabbed her arms and pulled her onto the bed. Kneeling slightly he thrust into her, causing her to moan loudly. His thrusts were skillfully fast, and his rhythm was steady. His rough hands roamed her young body, and he pinched her nipples playfully. She could feel her own orgasm approaching quickly at the naughtiness of the encounter and she reached down to rub her clit.

"Oh god I am going to cum!" she yelled.

Her body shook violently and he could feel the tight walls of her pussy contract on his hard cock. Her moans gradually grew quiet as her orgasm finished. Her teacher finally pulled out, gesturing for her to flip over. Once she was on all fours he plunged into her again, bottoming out in her warm, silky canal. He slapped her ass hard, causing her to cry out again. The element of taboo of fucking someone she just met turned her on so much, also knowing that her teacher could hear everything that was happening outside the door.

His thrusts continued at a hard and fast pace, going balls deep with each thrust. She could feel his fingers nearing her tight puckered asshole, and suddenly felt one slide inside. He fucked her hard and fast, fingering her tight hole and bringing her quickly to another orgasm. He was merciless on his attack, her cries egging him on. He began to slow, working her ass for what was coming. Withdrawing from both her holes, he slid himself into her tight ass.

"Oh god!" she yelled at the pain also combined with immense pleasure.

She reached underneath herself, feverishly rubbing her clit. She moaned loudly, his shaft loosening her with each thrust. She brought herself to orgasm after orgasm, until finally the man could feel his nuts tighten with his approaching orgasm. She could feel his load hit her inner walls as he pushed deeper. When he pulled out, his cum leaked out of her and down her thigh. The teacher began putting his pants back on as the door to her room opened.

"How was the first class?" Miss. Hollie asked, looking at the teacher with interest.

"She was good, but as you heard she was awfully loud" he told her, pulling his shirt over his head.

"You have been put down for two classes a day Alicia. I want you to shower, and get ready for supper. Your next class is in six hours. Your next student is waiting Dave," Miss. Hollie said, looking from Alicia to the teacher.

Miss. Hollie and Dave left Alicia alone in her room. Her mind was on fire with all her thoughts. She could not believe all that had transpired that day, and for how long it would continue. One thing was for sure though, her stay at Holy Hollie's School of Purity was going to be a stay to remember.