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How It All Began Ch.07

How It All Began Ch.07

A holiday in Beziers and Fay unveils her inner slut.
In the days they had spent in Beziers, there was a welcome familiarity Jack and Fay felt with the place. The old town was almost a stereotype of provincial France and the people, unlike Parisians, were friendly and warm. Their French had improved markedly and whilst they would not be discussing Camus or Sartre in their mother tongue; it was passable. The weather was edging slowly towards autumn but even in early September, it was on par with a rare warm July day back in England.

Jack looked around, the local shops were closing for a few hours, and the sightseers were all fat and fed and beginning to disperse.

"Monsieur, l'addition s'il vous plait?" asked Jack.

Dressed in an open white linen shirt and washed out blue jeans, he looked relaxed and happy. Fay wanted him; she wanted to consume him again like she did on the beach in full sight of everyone only the day before.

"Are you looking forward to the housewarming party tonight?" asked Fay.

Jack looked at her through his dark sunglasses; the smallest crease of his lips gave out a mischievous smile.

"Yeah you are." sniggered Fay.

"Only because I've seen your outfit;" added Jack in a deadpan tone, "and your underwear."

"Well, it is black tie." replied Fay with a leering smile. "Us women have to look our best too."

The waiter returned with a slip of paper on a plate. Jack took one look and placed a fifty Euro note upon it weighed down with some coins.

"Pour vous." Jack added.

The waiter smiled, it was a generous tip; Jack liked it here.

"You are happy here aren't you?" asked Fay.

Jack looked up and smiled warmly. It was true, Beziers might be a large town but the old town had plenty of charm. Tanya's flat was located at its heart; it was a relaxing place to stay and belied its central location.

"I do, do you?" asked Jack taking up Fay's hand in his own.

"It would be nice to live here wouldn’t it?" responded Fay as an airy supposition.

"It would, numbers are numbers in any country. English is the main business language in accountancy." added Jack.

"That's very practical." added Fay.

"Shagging doesn't pay the bills." returned Jack with a wry smile, "Unless you are on the game."

"Would you like that Jack?" asked Fay pertly, "I'm sure I could pimp you out for a fair price."

Jack laughed.

"Accountancy or whoring?" replied Jack. "Tough choice."

Fay sniggered.

"Come on, let's siesta, the party starts at 9pm." said Fay. "In the meantime, let me help you work that one out."

Slotting her arm inside his, they walked back to the apartment. Looking at the other couples holding hands, arm in arm, the young and old; Fay felt safe and happy.


Jack groaned heavily, his breath rasping as Fay crashed on top of him. The tackiness of their flushed naked skin cooled in the air-conditioned atmosphere of the bedroom. Jack could feel her breasts crushed against him and her heart pounding. Their breathing rose and fell together in snatched gasps.

"Fuck, I love cumming with you." gasped Fay breathlessly.

"Well, whoring it is then." added Jack making Fay laugh, and he felt her muscles tensing as she did; his cock still wedged inside her.

As his cock eased from her, Fay groaned as the warmth of their congress spilled from her sex onto her and him. There they lay; they had not shared a word for what felt like an age. Enjoying that post-orgasmic glow, they softly and tenderly kissed each other; the kiss of love.

Jack pulled the fine cotton sheets over their bodies, it felt like luxurious silk as Fay lent into him, his arm cast protectively around her.

And drifted off to sleep.


With one eye open, then another, Jack could sense that the natural light had dimmed. It was dusky and with lazy bewilderment, Jack picked up his watch. It was almost seven. Feeling Fay nuzzled close beside him, he reached to softly kiss her hair. Jack stretched a little, his body felt weightless and elastic; there was no tension.

Fay stirred a little and looked up; Jack smiled at her bed hair as she blearily looked at the watch held up for her.

"Fuck, we've been out for three hours." she croaked.

"Shush, relax, isn't this the whole point of a holiday?" replied Jack also a little gruffly.

"It's you and that blasted cock of yours." Fay sniggered. "Mmm, and my cunt is still wet with you."

Jack held her close for a moment as she squeezed her arms around him.

"Come on, we should at least start to get ready." added Jack.

"We've got loads of time." replied Fay sleepily.

"Come on, if we are a bit early, we could pop out for a couple of bracers before we get a cab?" suggested Jack.

"Mmm, sold." stated Fay slowly pulling the sheets from them.


"Here you are." said Fay offering Jack a small jiffy bag.

"What's this?" asked Jack fiddling with his shirt buttons.

"It came for us yesterday," stated Fay, "take a look, the theme of the party was a surprise, remember?"

Jack peered into the bag, there were two plain masks, one white, one black. Inspecting them more closely, they moulded to the upper half of the face. They looked expensively made with two silk taffeta ribbons either side of the mask to affix them.

"A masked ball, we knew it was black tie but still, isn't it exciting?" added Fay without a hint of sarcasm.

Jack threw Fay one of her now instantly recognisable looks – one of mock incredulity.

Fay giggled.

"You have the white one Jack, black matches my outfit." added Fay pulling at his cuff to fold it and thread a cufflink through.

Jack watched Fay fuss over his dress shirt, he liked it. Holding out a hand, he caressed her face and looking up, met her lips with his own.

"What was that for?" asked Fay a little perplexed.

"Do I have to have a reason?" replied Jack assertively.

Fay melted a little; she smiled and felt the click of the cufflink in her hand.

"There you are done. You aren't nervous are you?" asked Fay assuringly.

"No, just," returned Jack trying and failing to belie his nerves, "well masks, a bit kinky?"

Fay smiled again and nodded in vague acknowledgement,

"Listen, you fucked a total stranger in broad daylight yesterday." stated Fay warmly. "And then ate your lunch, had a beer and fucked me damn hard in broad daylight in the afternoon."

Jack beamed with pride.

"And you are nervous because you are wearing a face mask?" stated Fay this time with a hint of scepticism.

Jack still smiled and Fay could almost see the moment when the penny dropped.

"Erm, masks mean you are anonymous, right?" asked Fay "I'm more worried about what deviant things it would give you the courage to do."

Jack laughed. Fay's logic was incorruptible.

"And you. You dirty little hussy." replied Jack.

It was Fay's turn to smile.

"Maybe." she returned coyly. "Now, zip me up will you, and then I need to put my make up on."


Waiting at the front door, Jack could hear the click-clack of heels on the tiled floor. His anticipation was almost palpable and as Fay came into sight, a flush of pride welled inside him.

Her body was encased in finely tailored black silk, it was off the shoulder and the taut line of the dress hung from her pert broad cupped breasts. It had come alive from the dead pool of fabric that he had seen previously. It shimmered in the low light, its gossamer weight suspended perfectly from her lithe body and only cut above her hips by a broached ribbon. The sheerest of black stockings encased her curvaceous legs and lace black gloves covered her hands. Jack smiled as he saw those roman black patent heels he adored, slow to recognise their tell-tale sound.

"Jesus wept." murmured Jack with reverence. "You are a vision."

"You look like James Bond." sniggered Fay as she fiddled with his dicky-bow.

"And you look like a slutty Holly Golightly." replied Jack still in awe. "So that's what was in the box?"

"Yes, the box that Tanya sent to me." replied Fay as she straightened out his bow-tie. "That's better."

"It looks even more incredible on you." added Jack.

Jack smiled into Fay's eyes, her make-up was applied to create an aura of sophistication, it added years onto her to match his own.

"Jack?" asked Fay with an air of innocence.

"Yes?" replied Jack expecting one of Fay's trademark surprises.

"I'm not wearing any knickers." stated Fay biting her lower lip provocatively.

Jack sniggered.

"I'm not surprised anymore, you haven't worn any all the time we've been here." replied Jack calmly.

"I know darling." added Fay expectantly, waiting to deliver her coup-de-grace. "And I'm wearing that jewelled toy in my bottom that you like."

Fay smiled at the genuine look of surprise on Jack's face.

"It might be that kind of party." added Fay adding to the look of astonishment written across Jack's face.

"What are you Fay?" asked Jack smiling at the prospect that it might.

"Your dirty little slut." added Fay coquettishly, rubbing Jack's groin with the palm of her hand.


With their masks tied to their faces, their third glass of champagne was delivering its warming giddiness. The canapés and finger food were delicious and sated their appetite as the perfect counter to the alcohol.

Placing his empty glass on a silver tray, the red-haired waitress smiled at Jack as he chose another full glass. She was incredibly delicate, demure even; her flame-red hair and pale skin gave her an ethereal appearance that was deeply attractive. It was her smile that lingered a little bit too much, a smile that was a little more than friendly. Even through the black and white chequered mask, her eyes smiled as well as her mouth.

"Steady tiger." laughed Fay noticing Jack's attention had been diverted.

Jack turned to Fay as the waitress had moved along, and looked quizzically at his lover.

"What was that about?" asked a bewildered Jack.

"She was giving you the come on." stated Fay sarcastically to Jack's naivety. "You sexy beast."

Jack shook his head in disbelief as Fay laughed.

Fay stood close to Jack as his hand rested covetously on her delicate hip. The guests were effusive in their warmth towards them and happy to speak in English. It was an eclectic mix of people, Tanya greeted Jack and Fay to her treasured friends as her 'special guests'. The guests were a little older, more Tanya's age with a little variance either way. Within only a few moments, this almost generational difference felt immaterial. The mystique of the masks created an air of excitement and novelty; Jack and Fay were enjoying themselves greatly.

The only people close to Fay's age were the girls attending to the guests as serving staff. Each of them was immaculately presented in black pencil dresses, utilitarian in their style with a white piping on the short sleeves. Each of them smiled demurely and occasionally they engaged in frothy conversation with the guests. The only way to tell them apart was the pattern on their masks and their uniform attire.

The villa looked magnificent, as Tanya gave them a tour through it; it had been painstakingly restored to its glory. It shimmered with chrome; its whitewashed curves were punctuated with period ceramic and glass decoration. The interior softened by reproduction printed fabrics and artworks. Built as an Art Deco masterpiece, it truly was once more.

Tanya had even lent herself to the style of the building, presenting herself in the razor sharp couture of the period with black bobbed hair and a flowing backless dress of black silk. Geometric diamond teardrop ear-rings and Egyptian-themed diamond and precious stone accessories screamed out that she was the Cleopatra of this party.

The guests were the epitome of relaxed elegance and sophistication too. Jack admired the grace and attractiveness of the women. Fay did too and they reciprocated the attention bestowed on them with a nod of the head, a raised glasses and a smile

As the evening wore on, in a gap between chatting with some of the guests, Jack looked at his watch.

"Is it me, or are the guests thinning out?" asked Jack to Fay.

Fay looked around; a number of waitresses seemed to have disappeared too. Seeing the large doors to the outside open, Fay concluded that the party had spread out to take advantage of the warm evening air.

"Hmm, let's have a wander then." concluded Fay with a detached air of puzzlement. "First, I just need to, erm, powder my nose."

Jack smiled as she pecked his cheek.

"I have to use that loo upstairs, it's beautiful." she added.

He smiled as some of the male guests paused to watch her make her way through the throng, and as she demurely walked up the sweeping staircase.

"Bonsoir, Jack." came an eerily familiar voice from his blind side.

Jack froze as his recollection fired through the relaxed stupor of his mind. Turning to face the direction of the voice, there was a tall, masked woman standing next to him. A man of equal height, stood next to her, handsome with streaks of distinguished grey hair pressed against the tied ribbons of his mask.

One kiss on one cheek and then the other left him somewhat cold; Jack was grateful that his mask concealed his look of muted dread.

It was Anita, dressed in a tight fitting black dress that pressed against her womanly curves. Somewhat helpless, Jack saw the substantial diamond pendant held around her neck suspended by a thick jewelled choker. Her décolletage revealed her generous breasts pressed firmly together as Jack squeezed a brave smile onto his face.

Yet, Jack knew he was captivated again by her presence; her assertiveness was a very powerful aphrodisiac. Lars' warm smile was pleasant enough; his was a happy smile, an encouraging smile. His demeanour and countenance was open and it was clear to Jack that whatever Anita wanted, he wanted.

Their brazen interest in Jack was not a case of "Anita knows something Lars doesn't know". It was more of a case of "we both know and you know we both know". It threw Jack, not completely; it was just new and unfamiliar to him. To see such openness with another couple was to see a reflection of his openness with Fay; it would just take a little getting used to.

"This is my husband, Lars." added Anita with that seductive soft lilt.

Jack held out his hand as they exchanged a formal greeting, a moderately firm handshake.

"Pleased to meet you at last." returned Lars knowingly. "This is a fantastic party."

"It is." returned Jack somewhat dumbfounded. "You know Tanya?"

"Indeed, we have been friends for a very long time, Anita and Tanya go way back." added Lars.

"You are looking, erm, very dashing." stated Anita. "Fay is a very lucky young woman."

Jack tried not to choke on his nervously gulped Champagne. Fighting to keep his composure, he swallowed it without finesse. He remembered that they did not share names, just bodily fluids yesterday. Fay's reputation either preceded her; or someone had already introduced themselves.

Or something else, they were voyeurs to their performance with Tanya and that poleaxed Jack inside.

"Thank you, although, I think it is me that is the lucky one." returned Jack congratulating himself a little on his air of calm repose.

"Indeed." replied Lars. "Fay is very beautiful."

"Before she left, we were wondering where some of the guests had gone." added Jack, eager to throw an open-ended question into the conversation.

Anita smiled; Jack could see her expression had a hint of knowledge despite the camouflage of her white mask.

Lars was looking at the stairs; Jack looked over to see Fay was slowly threading her way down the staircase.

"Oh, there is she now." said Jack with too much of an air of relief to his voice.

Fay even by her broad minded standards looked somewhat diffident; Jack wondered what she had seen. She returned to his side and picked up another glass of champagne from an attending waitress.

"Well, I think I've found out where some of the guests have gone." added Fay.

Anita and Lars laughed a little.

"Oh, pardon my manners." interjected Jack. "Fay, this is Lars and Anita."

Fay's grip of the proceedings was perfectly weighted, with a kiss on each cheek for Lars and for Anita too; they exchanged greetings. Fay looked to Lars; he was far more handsome than Tanya had told her. Tall, athletic in build and his piercing blue Nordic eyes were evident through the mask. Anita looked knowingly to Lars again.

"So, the guests?" asked Anita.

"Oh, they are upstairs." replied Fay vaguely, "Fucking."

As their attention was diverted to Fay; Jack stole a loutish swig of his Champagne. As he suspected, the party was in full swing – literally.

"It would be terrible to miss out, don't you think?" asked Anita.

"Yes, it would and I don't think we need to go upstairs either." Fay added gesturing to what was happening behind Jack.

Jack looked behind him; a woman clad only in stockings was enjoying one of the waitresses also naked, and kissing her deeply. A man stood next to the waitress and Jack could see that she had his hard cock in hand – stroking it slowly.

In Jack's mind, Fay's favourite word rang through his brain – "Surprise!"

It was Fay's innuendo, the hints and her attitude that had prepared him for this one. Jack smiled, he was enjoying this, he was horny too and excited at the prospect of being watched again too.

Anita and Lars looked to Jack absorbed in what was unfolding around him and they could tell he was enjoying this. Their enclave on the ground floor was perhaps the last place where only a handful of guests were clothed. Clearly, these were the voyeurs enjoying the canapés and champagne, and here to watch as others partook in adventures of the flesh.

Lars' hand patted Fay on the bottom, letting it linger, Fay pushed against it. Moving his hand delicately, he felt the jewelled toy between the cheeks of her derriere.

Leaning over as they watched the guests, Fay asked, "Do you want to see me being a dirty slut?"

Jack leant over and whispered back huskily, "You give it your best shot, you dirty whore."

Fay gasped; she loved being addressed like that.

Jack nudged Fay to where he was looking; Tanya was sat amongst the bodies in the sunken mezzanine. Her naked body was reclined save for her stockings and suspender belt. Tanya's sex was cleaved by the skilful ministrations of one of the waitresses on all fours. In the low light, they could make out a man kneeling behind the waitress driving his cock in and out of her snatch.

Fay gasped as she felt Lars' hands slide up her leg; it gripped, twisted and removed the jewelled toy. Fay's hand reached behind her and grazed against Lars crotch; he was hard and ready. Jack turned to see Fay's wanton look of sexual need. She looked to him submissively as he gave her a delicate kiss onto her pouting lips. That was all the permission he needed to give to her and she smiled in return.

"He wants my arse." she murmured seductively, "I want them to see me being fucked."

"Then let him have it." Jack returned lasciviously.

Jack saw her black dress fall from her revealing her bare naked body and only her hold-ups remained. Jack pulled playfully on Fay's hard nipples yielding a deep moan. She smiled at Jack and looked lustfully into his eyes. Her eyes widened at the sensation of being impaled on Lars' hard cock. Witnessing her reaction to being violated made Jack stiffen fully. Lars' hands squeezed Fay's shoulders and using them for purchase, Fay groaned again as he began to fuck her arse.

A hand turned his head, it was Anita, her dress was gone and the half-cups of her basque showed off her considerable breasts; providing support yet exposing her hard nipples. Breathing lustfully through her nostrils, Fay watched Anita kiss Jack passionately. Anita's hands pulled at his trousers and slid into them, grasping his hard cock.

Hands embraced Jack from behind, his jacket and dress shirt were removed easily. As they wrestled with the rest of his clothes to free his burgeoning cock, Fay had placed her hands onto Jack's naked shoulders. Locking her elbows for support, Jack could see the look of sexual pleasure etched on her face.

"Oh fuck, he's good." moaned Fay as Anita toyed with one of her nipples making her gasp louder.

Jack was naked and groaned heavily as a hot mouth engulfed his hard cock. Looking down, his eyes met those of the red-haired waitress again. She was naked and on her knees feeding his veiny hard meat in and out her painted mouth. Her eyes pleaded with him to continue as Jack's face revealed his own approval of her attention. His cock throbbed fully hard easily as she squeezed his tight balls tenderly.

Fay gasped at the youthful mouth attending to her lover, it turned into a panting groan as Lars found Fay's arse more accommodating to his cock. Looking into Jack's eyes, she groaned at his wide-eyed expression as he felt his own arse cheeks parted and Anita's tongue rimming his arse.

"Shit!" Jack hissed feeling his cock spasm at the attention he was receiving.

Their attention on his cock continues and Anita's tongue flicked and teased at him. Jack's spatial awareness narrowed as he concentrated on the delicious sensations he felt. What was clear was a small group of voyeurs were watching the five of them as they fucked and teased each other.

A zephyr breeze cooled his ardent cock as Jack looked to see Anita pulling the hand of the flame-haired waitress to help her up. With their legs entwined, Anita pressed her naked pubic bone against the lean, tall waitress. Reciprocating, they kissed and pressed their bodies against each other creating a sensual friction for them both to enjoy.

"I want you in me too." groaned Fay, "I want two cocks fucking me."

Jack smiled, he wanted that too.

Looking to Fay and then Jack's rigid cock, Anita smiled. "Put your cock in her Jack, I want to see you both fuck her too."

Lars looked at Jack and smiled, using his strength, he wrapped his arms around Fay's torso. Lifting her legs from the floor, Jack held her thighs and she wrapped them around his hips. The flame-haired waitress guided his Jack's cock against Fay's sex and he pushed into her.

Fay squealed excitedly in lust as she was now doubly impaled to two hard cocks. Jack felt the malicious tightness of Fay's sex and through a thin membrane; Lars' cock inside her.

"Fuck my holes, you bastards!" squealed Fay loudly.

In only moments of their combined attention, Fay was groaning heavily in panting breaths in time with either Jack or Lars pushing into her. Jack heard a gasp from one of the voyeurs as they violated both of her holes. With her legs splayed, Fay brazenly displayed herself to the small crowd and the thrusts of two hard cocks taking it in turns to fill her.

The excitement at being viewed as such a dirty whore excited Fay immensely. The idea that she was on display to arouse and titillate rumbled through her imagination like a runaway train. It was the pinnacle of her fantasies, a slut with a cock in her arse and cunt on display for others to view her and judge her as a dirty whore.

"Yes, fuck me, fucking stuff me!" hissed Fay loudly demanding attention.

With their eyes locked together, the rapturous expression of Fay's half-concealed face carried a thousand words. As Jack watched her begin to orgasm, he smiled into her eyes as her noisy panting suddenly stopped. Her breathing stuttered with a freakish hard series of shudders and Jack gripped her body firmly to take her powerful first orgasm.

"Fuck! FUCK!" squealed Fay as she dug her nails into Jack's shoulders making him growl as she came.

Jack and Lars held Fay's ragdoll body up as she lolled limply. A rolling series of spasms held her hostage to their cocks as they slid in and out of her holes. Gasping at the severity of the spasms on their cocks, she bore down hard on both of them inside her. Beads of sweat were forming on Lars' brow and he slowed to avoid the urge to cum.

Relentlessly, they continued as Anita was rubbing her hands over Lars' nipples.

"Mmm, darling, isn't she such a delicious tramp?" purred Anita.

Lars grunted in agreement as he felt his own climax edging closer. His pace slowed again but as his cock swelled in readiness, Fay groaned that he felt so big.

Anita leaned against Fay and placed her mouth to her ear.

"I've denied him any relief since I fucked your boyfriend." purred Anita, "He'll soon unleash himself into my mouth."

Fay groaned as another orgasm began to build inside her. Lars could no longer keep thrusting with such force so Jack took over. Feeling the sensation of being full, in her arse and pussy, Jack's cock pressed against the most sensitive parts of her cunt with a new fierce repetitiveness.

"God, please, please stop." Fay pleaded weakly as her body being to contort again.

The spasms rippling through her body hadn't just overwhelmed her; they were merciless in their severity and amplitude. This was a build-up to an orgasm that appalled her and exhilarated her in equal measure.

She was impaled on Lars, and Jack kept grazing that spongy area inside her and only her toys could find it with such regularity. She had no such control this time and the angle of Jack's assault into her, and the demeaning nature of her public exhibition overwhelmed her again. Confronting a violent shudder, Fay begged her body to climax but it was slow to come. Then another wave hit her, then another. Sobbing huge quantities of air, she felt as if she was being crushed by a huge weight. Her ears rang and blocked out any sound and then it thundered into her.

Her ability to speak left her as she slurred a few syllables and then groaned heavily, the shuddering of her body increased in amplitude again.

Jack pushed himself deeply inside her and the undulating series constrictions took his breath away. Fay groaned to a bellowing crescendo as she convulsed frantically. Her cunt and arse had nowhere to release the muscular seizures of her body. Lars and Jack gripped her firmly as she began to flail and she pushed at Jack to expel his cock. His cock cleared her entrance; the head of it rubbed up the juiced slit of her sex and grazed the hardened nub of her clit.

With an explosion of white light behind her closed eyelids and with another deep bellow; Fay came hard. She used her legs around Jack's waist for leverage and her body sheened with sweat flinched and shook helplessly. She squeezed and gripped Lars cock violently as the contractions shook through her body.

Lars groaned loudly as the sensations overwhelmed him and he hurriedly tipped Fay into Jack's arms to support his petite waif. On her knees, Anita locked her mouth around his cock and sucking forcefully; he erupted into her. His body shook as a palpable relief gasped its way from his lungs.

Fay's shaky legs made it to the ground and embracing Jack as she trembled; Fay watched as Anita took his load.

"Fucking hell." whispered Jack into Fay's ear, as she leant against him for support. Her breath was random, her body still shaking with tiny vibrations as she clung to him for support.

As the crowd around them diffused a little, one figure came forward. The flame-haired woman slowly walked towards them. Her youthful body swayed slowly and seductively towards them. For the first time, Jack saw her naked. Her slight frame was adorned by sculpted teardrop breasts that flared just wide of her ribcage. Her waist pinched slightly to present a delicate curve to her hips. Her china-white skin adorned with only the hair on her head and two pink nipples.

Fay and the flame-haired woman exchanged a warm smile.

"I am Avril." she said softly.

"Well, I am Fay, this is Jack and I think he likes you." returned Fay still slightly breathless holding his cock in her closed hand.

Avril moved closer to Fay and tilted her head. Fay reciprocated as she placed a soft, tender kiss from her pillow lips onto Fay's pout.

"I like you too." she returned tenderly.

Jack placed his hand gently upon her silken skin, and pressed it against her taut breast capped with a hard nipple. Taking Jack's hand, Avril guided it to her sex; she was wet and gasped audibly as Jack pushed a finger inside her.

Jack quickly scanned the room, bodies writhed as people watched. He could see Lars slumped onto one of the leather sofas in the sunken mezzanine, he looked spent and happy. Anita used the arm of another sofa to lean on; her knee half knelt on the cushion as a man's hands gripped her hips and plunged his cock into her. Seeing Lars smile, Jack's attention was broken to feel that now familiar mouth on his cock again.

As the redhead tasted her juices on Jack's cock; Fay purred her approval. Jack threw his head up as she slowly slid his now aching cock deeper into her velvety mouth.

Fay leant over to Jack's ear, "Fuck her and cum in my mouth."

"God, I need to fuck you both." hissed Jack.

Fay placed a solitary finger against his lips to silence him, this was his time now.

"You will Jack, you will." Fay returned. "Let them watch you fuck us."

She knew that Avril had to experience his fat cock in her tight young cunt. They would make her cum hard many times all for the guests pleasure. She wanted him to cum as they enjoyed a sixty-nine; emptying his balls into Fay's waiting mouth and Avril eating her cunt.

Fay felt a yearning twinge from her pussy; she was recovered now for more.

"Darlings!" came a voice alongside Jack, it was Tanya. She was naked save for her stockings, and flushed around her collarbone. She seductively kissed Jack who readily reciprocated.

"I see you have met Avril?" she asked quietly. "You do not want to know whose daughter she is – very important."

Tanya sniggered as Avril stood and blew a cheeky kiss at her.

"And a complete slut too." Tanya added blowing a kiss back at her.

Looking to Jack, Avril wrapped one leg around his thigh and an arm around his shoulder. Holding his cock, Avril rubbed it against her wet sex. Jack gasped suddenly and Fay pressed her own naked body against her back, softly kissing her neck. Fay cupped her breasts and gently pulled at her nipples whilst dispensing more soft tender kisses.

Jack instinctively pushed his cock into her wet folds, splaying her cunt and he gasped at her heat. Avril responded with a soft groan staring into Jack's eyes as she clasped her hands around his neck. Tanya stood for a moment to watch – enjoying their hunger for her. Jack smiled into her eyes as she felt his cock inside her for the first time, he moved slowly to have her savour every inch as he pushed more inside her.

Summoning her composure, Avril unclasped her hands and placed a wagging finger in front of Jack's face – tutting seductively. She reached to withdraw his cock as Fay stopped to giggle at her bravado. In Fay's mind, she was only making it worse for herself.

"Come. Come to this part of the room and show them how you fuck." instructed Tanya taking Jack's hand. "Show Avril how a man fucks."

Kissing Fay tenderly again, Avril took her hand to follow Tanya to the sunken mezzanine.

As Fay watched Tanya lead Jack, she knew they would watch him do it; they would see how Jack could really fuck. After all, Fay knew that was what they were there to see – those anonymous faces. There were many others here tonight they would experience eventually; Jack's reward for now was Avril.

And Fay was sure he would earn many more rewards.

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