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How It All Began Ch.11

How It All Began Ch.11

Fay and Jack awaken Shelly's sexual desire for men and women.
Sat in the voluminous leather Chesterfield armchair, Jackwatched as Fay and Shelly danced provocatively for him. Using the dark mahogany pillars of the four-poster bed as impromptu dancing poles, Fay pulled up her own dress and exposed herself to him. Fay reached to pull up Shelly's dress hem to mid-thigh and they giggled at their revealing show.

As Shelly pulled herself tight to the bedpost, Fay pressed herself against her back. She reached around to cup Shelly pert breasts from behind and playfully - Shelly prized them away. As Shelly turned to lean against the bed, Fay exasperatedly pushed her onto it. In a gale of shrieks and squeals Fay chased Shelly in a lumbering crawl up to the carved heavy headboard. She straddled Shelly and wrestled her to down, pinning her by her wrists.

A ratcheting sound punctured the air and then there was a silent pause between the drunken giggles.

"Fuck!" exclaimed Shelly, her voice panicky.

Fay's hand dived under the pillow and pulled out another handcuff. The sound of ratcheting punctured the air again and Fay fastened her other wrist to the bedstead.

"What the?" squealed Shelly, "Fuck! Let me go!"

Fay was laughing loudly and its tone had changed from one of playfulness to one of intent. Leaning in to kiss her, Shelly wriggled, flailing her legs as Fay pressed her mouth hard against hers. With both legs, Shelly resorted to kicking outwards struggling to fend Fay away.

In an effort to tame her insurrection, Fay's hand disappeared up Shelly's dress and in a breathless groan, Shelly was suddenly still.

"Fuck! Fuck! Stop!... Stop!" croaked Shelly shaking her head from side to side.

Fay laughed again at Shelly predicament. Jack could feel his cock harden as the woman who spurned him almost a year ago lay prostrate on their hotel bed. After the flirting, aided and abetted by Jack, here she was. Many others had provided his education; now it was Shelly's turn because the pupils were now the teachers.

Fay rubbed her fingers over Shelly moist cunt, feeling the heat and warmth as Shelly resistance showed no signs of abating.

"Mmmm, you still like it don't you?" asked Fay firmly.

"No, no, I don't want to anymore," replied Shelly with more determination, "I don't. Stop it, stop it."

Jack's cock was hard in his jeans and the realisation that this was Fay's revenge made his cock flex hard. Jack rose and freed his cock from his jeans and underwear and in his urgency pulled his half unbuttoned shirt from his torso over his head. Shelly could see Jack's arousal and witnessing Jack's toned naked body, his shaved erect cock and tanned honey coloured skin it challenged her resolve. 

Shelly's thoughts turned to her fantasies, those times with her vibrator inside her, imagining herself submitting to a dominant couple played through her mind. The juxtaposition with reality snapped her back to her present situation. This was the office slut fingering her and her ex-boyfriend wanting to fuck her. She felt cheap and demeaned, not desired or wanted and the affront to her felt very real. Her need to feel revulsion contradicted her aroused body, her pussy was already wet and this betrayal felt so hideous that she had to fight.

"No, no, no... I don't ..." demanded Shelly and stopped in mid-flow.

Shelly's moans were muffled as her mouth filled with Jack's ample hard cock. She took it with growing enthusiasm, her limbs went limp and her mouth began to make more effort with his shaft. As his cock filled her mouth, Shelly wanted it more and more, it felt so warm and stiff. As Jack slowly fucked her mouth, Shelly's pussy wettened again to Fay's touch and her body relaxed as she softly moaned on his cock.

With her objections gone, Shelly wanted his hard cock and she wanted to see his slut of a girlfriend take it too. As the sensations from her cunt overwhelmed her , Shelly felt stupid for making her objections and she felt naïve and prissy. All the times she wanted this in secret, all those times she fantasised about it, now it was going to happen for real.

"Fuck me Jack, that was seriously brave," laughed Fay as Jack flashed a smile back at her, "but she's fucking soaking now."

Shelly hips moved slowly to Fay's slow finger fucking and Jack fucked her eager mouth. He gasped as he felt her tongue whirl around the swollen head of his cock. Jack showed Fay just how much Shelly wanted it before sliding it back into her mouth. Fay's fingers on one hand, limited in their movement by the fabric of Shelly's dress, slid slowly into her velvety folds. Fay found Shelly's hardening clit as her other hand slowly massaged her own cunt. Avidly watching Shelly captive on their bed sucking vigorously on Jack's hard cock, her own sex wettened easily.

"That's enough of that for now. Tell Fay what you want," commanded Jack pulling his cock from her mouth.

Shelly's shallow breathing had replaced any semblance of resistance as Fay kept rubbing on her clit. Fay looked into Shelly's eyes seeing they too betrayed her arousal and it was clear a defiant contempt lingered in them. As moments passed, Shelly wouldn't talk and she clung to her stubborn pride. Fay smiled and Shelly's obvious helplessness as her hips began to rise and fall.

"I think she's been struck dumb Jack. Shall I tell her what I want to do to her?" asked Fay with an assertive tone borrowed straight from her aunt.

"I think so," replied Jack with an air of amusement.

"Well, I think once I've made her cum like this. I think we're going to eat each other's cunts and then I'm going to show her how women fuck," stated Fay nonchalantly.

Shelly groaned, her helplessness had deeply aroused her, the fear transformed into heady exhilaration as she embraced her plight and felt her orgasm begin to build. 

"And once we've turned her into a gibbering fucked out ragdoll. You're going to fuck the shit out of her," laughed Fay wickedly.

Shelly's hips began to undulate as Fay's fingers remorsely found their target over and over again.

"Mmm, sounds good to me." replied Jack.

As Shelly's mind raced, her pride had only made it worse for her. She liked being prone and vulnerable like this, she liked being told what to do. She liked the idea of getting a hard, hard fucking. No-one had ever done that to her, no-one had dared. As Fay's fingers kept rubbing on her sensitive clit, the thought of her helplessness made her pussy flood. Shelly looked at Jack's cock to see Fay eagerly sucking on his fat length. She remembered that it always left her sore and after all that time, she missed the ache it left behind. Submitting to her body, she yearned to be fucked hard like that and it was hopeless to fight it any longer.

Watching Fay sucking his cock and Fay's fingers relentlessly rubbing her now engorged clit, her body began to tremble. Her climax felt so familiar, it was so personal and as she watched that slut's mouth take that cock, she groaned heavily. Closing her eyes, Shelly shared her most intimate pleasure with them and let it wash over her in tribute of her helplessness.

As she tensed hard, Fay's words of encouragement only validated her intent.

"Yes, that's it, take it, take it, " soothed Fay tenderly. "Good girl. Good girl."

Behind her eyelids a riot of colour exploded and with the one guttural cry that left her, she gorged herself on the sensations as if starved of food. It felt decadent, sublime and beyond any kind of sexual relief she'd ever experienced. It was spiced by its sheer nasty grubbiness and that only amplified the crashing sensation that tore through her body. She thrashed with an amplitude that made her cuffed limbs lift from the bed, extend, tremble and then fall. She felt all the muscles in her legs stiffen and then release as she sucked in for air again and again. As her abdomen spasmed violently for a last time could she mouth the only word her breathless body could manage.


Jack and Fay smiled at each other as Jack slid his cock back into Shelly's mouth. They watched as she hungrily sucked on him accompanied by hisses and whistles of air taken in and out through her nose.

"Mmm, good girl, that's it." said Fay soothingly as she stroked Shelly's crumpled hair. "That's going in you soon enough so keep him hard."

Lifting up Shelly's prone body to her side, Fay pulled down the elegant, teardrop shaped zipper. She freed Shelly from her strapless dress pulling it over her hips. Shelly sucked softly on Jack's hard cock as he surveyed her naked form. Only her holds up remained and Shelly felt his cock spasm in her mouth. Jack's initial thoughts were that Shelly's frame had become more womanly. Her breasts were fuller and her curves deeper; it suited her and gauging her strength on his cock, she was stronger with it too.

Fay released her bonds and Shelly's hand immediately found Jack's heavy balls squeezing them to feel their tight smoothness. Fay guided Shelly's other hand to her own wet cunt and Shelly needed no demands or ultimatums now. Fay gasped as two of Shelly's delicate fingers slid inside her. Shelly's own body tingled with excitement, Fay's hot pussy felt so wet and sensuous. The very act of fingering another woman's cunt deeply aroused her. Her new found sexual confidence and her inebriated state loosened her inhibitions; she wanted more from them. She revelled in her need and the liberation of her own suppressed sexuality. Her relief at the destruction of her own web of lies was palpable.

Giving Jack a passionate kiss, Fay pulled back as she straddled Shelly, leaving Jack to watch as the two women top to tail dipped their tongues in each other's sex. What Shelly lacked in experience, Fay appreciated in her eagerness.

Enjoying a few moments together, Fay was satisfied that Shelly's sex was ready. She straddled Shelly's face to give her the easiest approach to her cunt. Wrapping her arms around Fay's thighs was all the enthusiasm Fay needed for now and she gestured to Jack to penetrate Shelly with his cock.

Silently, Jack positioned himself between her thighs and Shelly flexed her hips allowing Jack to rub the swollen head of his cock up and down her slit. As he penetrated her, Fay and Jack's eyes never wavered from each other. As Jack filled her, Shelly's groans led to more vigour from her tongue on Fay's cunt.

"Mmm, that's it, taste mem" soothed Fay as she watched Jack's cock fully impale her sex.

"Shit! Gentle!" exclaimed Shelly in alarm making Fay laugh.

Jack pressed on, Fay's arms wrapped around his neck, leaning in to kiss his neck and suck gently on his ear.

"Fuck her slowly Jack for now, I'll make her cum again," commanded Fay.

Jack slowed to languid sets of long and then shorter strokes to keep Shelly focussed on eating Fay's pussy. Whatever Shelly was doing to her pussy and it was working, Fay's expression was racked with pleasure as she started to rub her cunt more urgently onto Shelly's mouth.

Knowing what to do, Jack leant forwards to suck on her sensitive nipples and it tipped Fay over the edge. Her body helplessly trembled and then a deep grunt accompanied by a series of gasps followed. Fay's body shuddered as she took her orgasm, she savoured it willingly and rocking her hips offering Shelly her Mons and slit to lick and suck.

"Hmmm, Shelly, are you sure you haven't done this before?" purred Fay.

Of course, Shelly had done this before, only once and very drunk into the bargain at a University party some years ago. She had spent the night with another girl; they had eaten, licked and fingered each other. 

As her faded past feelings of guilt stung Shelly, they were weak enough to let go. She embraced what pleasure she could remember from it and Shelly's cunt wetten further. She felt Jack's cock take her easily now, those memories had always aroused her. Now, she felt pride that she had brought Fay to her orgasm so effortlessly. Jack felt the lack of friction inside her as he gave her harder, more deliberate thrusts into her cunt. Pulling his cock from her cunt, Fay grasped his greasy shaft and sucked on the head of it tasting Shelly's pussy juices.

"Put his cock back in me," appealed Shelly, "please?"

Holding Jack's cock, Fay guided it back into Shelly and watched her body stiffen rigid for a moment as her tight cunt accommodated to his sizable girth. Watching her lover fucking Shelly was intensely arousing, she felt soaking wet as she fingered herself. Jack knew what to do, tease her pussy close to its opening as Fay got to work on sucking Shelly's clit.

Shelly soon began to gasp and moan and responded by sticking two fingers into Fay's cunt making her moan in appreciation. 

Alternating his penetration of Shelly, Jack's cock plundered her deeper forcing her to start writhing and the sensations started to overwhelm her attention of Fay's sex. As he gave her a more violent forceful fucking, in that moment Shelly felt sexually alive for the first time in her life. Fay's more frenetic wanking of her clit was pushing her towards a sexual delirium that she wanted so badly. 

Shelly always wanted to lose control, to become so single-minded that her sexual gratification was the only thing that mattered. She harboured that dirty shameful secret of wanting to be dominated for so long, to be used as a sexual plaything and then left aching, sore and gratified. She wanted it so badly, so urgently that she gave herself there and then to them both.

Her body arched again and this time Jack drove his cock deeply into her without remorse. Again and again he gave it to her, each time as deep animal grunt left Shelly's mouth. Jack felt her convulsing pussy walls ripple and grasp over his meat.

This one was more violent than the last and Shelly cried out, her body paralysed but for tiny spasms throughout her torso, stomach and legs. The loss of control snatched her initial fear from her as wave after wave of uncontrollable convulsions took hold of her body. She sobbed for air as Jack continued giving her convulsing sex a hard pounding.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh... fuck..." Shelly whispered breathlessly, her chest rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath.

Her body tensed and trembled on the bed as a sound rattled from her mouth, Jack continued with the relentless force of his cock inside her tight, climaxing sex. As Shelly thrashed on the bed, Fay pulled at her hard nipples and the seering pain shot streaming bolts of colour onto the backs of her eyelids.

Shelly collapsed into the bed, her pubic bone rising and falling automatically as Jack withdrew his fiercely hard cock.

Laying alongside her, Fay wanted to kiss her and to share her cum juices, to soothe her as her orgasm subsided. Instead, she took advantage of her helplessness and embraced her assertively. Shelly gave herself to Fay readily as they kissed deeply. Forcing one of her legs between Shelly's, Fay pressed her cunt against Shelly toned, firm thigh and rubbed it hard against her. Holding her body on top of Shelly, Fay used her hips to grind her cunt against Shelly's thigh again as Shelly tried to respond.

"That's it, push back, mash your cunt against my leg, " demanded Fay.

Shelly reciprocated nervously at first and as their bodies undulated sporadically at first in search of mutual pleasure; a fluidity in her movements developed. Each of them replicating the precision of the last, it was rhythmic and it was uniquely feminine. Each of their wet cunts pressed hard against each other driving themselves on, one leg between another in a sapphic embrace. Jack watched avidly as beads of perspiration broke out on Shelly's brow and Fay's sinews strained to contain Shelly's body against her own.

"I'm going to…" gasped Shelly until Fay silenced her with another frantic, deep, longing kiss.

"Holy shit ladies!" laughed Jack, his cock throbbing as he idly wanked it.

Shelly revelled in the sensation of Fay smooth silky pussy sliding up her thigh and on the down-stroke she pressed her own soaking wet sex against Fay in reply. Exhilarated in the strength of each of their bodies driving the other one to push back, Shelly felt another climax building inside her. Fay's breathing sounded familiar to her's now, it had the same ragged timbre and she pressed on knowing that her teacher was close to her climax. Fay squeezed Shelly's breasts firmly with the flat of her hands and Shelly groaned at the stimulation from her hard erect nipples. 

The movements were becoming more forced and coarser as Fay jolted suddenly. Silently Fay came first, her body leaden by her orgasm and unable to continue the well-oiled rhythm. She could see the racked expression on Fay's face and she struggled to cling to Shelly's body; she bore down with one more hard-pressed grind on Fay's thigh. In the release of pleasure combined with the proximity of being so close to Fay - it tipped Shelly over the edge.

"I'm.. I'm... I'm c...." gasped Shelly.

As Shelly spasmed in a robotic mechanic series of jerks, they both clung to each other as another deep pulsating set of spasms ripped through them both. They felt each other tremble and quiver in their own gratification as they clung to each other tightly in orgasm. Their mouths locked together again to devour the sensation as Fay slid her tongue into her mouth. Shelly submitted readily as Fay asserted her sexuality upon her pliant and enthusiastic student.

Fay, pushing Shelly to one side, rolled over onto her back and splayed her legs with urgency, Jack knew that she wanted his cock and duly filled her slicked cunt with his cock. Shelly sat kneeling on the bed, still feeling her pussy quivering and aided Fay's plight by instinctively sucking on Fay's nipples. 

"Fucking do me you cunt!" squealed Fay, her body still quivering.

Impaling his stiff meat into Fay, Jack knew what she wanted and after only a dozen or so pumps, Fay shuddered again violently. Her mouth gasped and sought air as her pussy seeped her juices around Jack's cock. Shelly watched spellbound as Fay's deep, paralysing vaginal orgasm tore through her body ending in a deep, jagged groan rattling through her body. As if a sustained course of electricity riddled through Fay's body, she shook from every limb and groaning heavily. In submission to her own body's design, she was deeply impaled on her lover hard, thick cock stretching her cunt lips around it.

Withdrawing his cock, Fay shuddered again, until rolling into a foetal position still trembling. Shelly took Jack's cock into her mouth tasting Fay's now familiar juices as she felt Jack's swollen cock spasm again. Shelly sucked the head of his cock and flicking her tongue around his fat cock head, she looked into his eyes obediently.

"Suck it like that, yes, that's it." confirmed Jack as Shelly eagerly took more of his cock into her delicate mouth.

Looking to his right, Fay's body was taking in deep lungfuls of air and still recovering from such a direct assault to her senses. Jack knew it would only enflame her to do more and be more provocative. As Shelly slowly sucked on Jack's cock, Jack enjoyed the view of Shelly naked lying flat on her back and enjoying a recovery of her own. Jack could see that Fay had moved from the bed, fitting the stubby bulbous head of her strap-on cock inside her sopping wet sex and placing the straps around her wais. The purposeful shaft of her strap-on cock stood proud in front of her. Spitting copiously on the shaft, Fay knelt between Shelly's splayed legs and speared it remorsely into Shelly's cunt.

"Fucking hell!" squealed Shelly as if electrocuted.

Fay showed little mercy driving the cock into her again as she coated in with her slick juices, withdrew it and then pushed it purposefully into her cunt for a second time.

"This is how you cum with a cock inside you." menaced Fay.

Shelly wanted to pass out as she closed her eyes, squeezing them shut as she saw beams of light under her eyelids, there was no pressure on her clit. As the plastic cock filled inside her, it filled her and each time it grazed against her pussy walls in and then out. Shelly could feel a sensual cramp building inside her and it wasn't relenting in the pause between strokes. Hearing Shelly's breathing fracture into a series of croaks and moans, she revelled in the sheer perversion of being fucked by another woman. A sensation like butterflies was pushing down into her lions and she felt the urgent need to pee. 

The smallest of strokes inside her was impossibly pleasurable and ratcheted up the delirium inside her. Shelly let out a small gasp and tried to shout harder but the sensations were too much now. The pleasure that Fay felt with each thrust was her reward for fuck Shelly with vigour and Shelly's gasps were now replaced by an involuntary soft grunt. Knowing that Shelly reacted to her assertive words, Fay wanted them to be the trigger to release her climax as she fucked her creaming cunt. Fay was happy to let the pressure build and pulling on Shelly hips, she lifted herself up. Jack pushed a heavy pillow under Shelly's body giving Fay the perfect angle to fuck her. The intensity of the sensations in her body kept increasing relentlessly and Shelly groaned again, her head felt light and her limbs numb and limp.

"Now who likes a good fucking huh?" sniggered Fay, increasing the tempo of her thrusts into the prostrate and helpless Shelly. "Cum, you dirty fucking bitch! Cum on my cock!"

Jack pushed his cock into the hapless Shelly's mouth, it felt hot in her mouth as Shelly fought with it to get enough air to breathe. The thrusts in and out of her pussy had created a plateau of incredible, unfamiliar sensations inside her. As she felt air brush over her sweat sheened body, Shelly felt cold on the bed for the first time as her skin tingled to the air of the room. Still, she kept groaning and as Fay pushed her cock into her harder still, the sweet violence of the cock inside her made her feel as if her body was slipping away from her.

Her mouth felt free to breathe deeply, her body tried to roll to one side but being impaled like this made it impossible as she embraced Fay's cock tightly with her cunt. With one heavy groan, her body slammed into a brick wall in her mind. She shook suddenly and violently as every nerve ending in her body released a torrent of electricity. Shelly groaned heavily with each deep breath in and out as body quivered uncontrollably.

Feeling one last deep hard thrust from Fay, it threw Shelly over the edge into an unknown abyss. Fighting for control of any of her muscles, she clumsily pushed at the cock, she had to expel it urgently and the need to bear down was too much. The intensity of the sensations crashing from her intensified, her voice returned as if coming up for air as she shook more violently this time. 

She wanted to roll over and as the room turned upside down; her body wretched again. Feeling an natural urge to bear down into her cunt, another wave of explosive vibrations sent her reeling. Mouthing anything she could muster, her body shook again as she felt this great force expelled from her in a constant, unrelenting flow and then another crescendo built In her forcing her to bear down on it. Only with the next wave, did any cognitive power return to measure it as weaker than the last. 

Slowly, Shelly's senses returned to her, slowly, her recognition of her own body came back into focus and she could feel her tits pressed against the comforting softness of the bed. Shelly could feel lips kissing her on her shoulders and fingers cupping her sex and caressing her soaking wet inner thigh.

Regaining a blurred vision, she felt Jack's hard cock rubbing up and down her throbbing pussy slit.

"Did you enjoy that?" leered Fay, "You soaked the fucking bed, you dirty fucking bitch!"

Managing only a breathless moan, Shelly yielded only two words, "Enough, Enough."

Fay laughed mockingly.

"No, not enough." sniggered Fay.

She felt her legs being pulled apart and firm hands pulling on her thighs to make her bend her legs and lift her arse into the air. As Fay watched, Shelly's eyes became as wide as saucers as she felt her cunt being filled again, it felt hot and slid inside her wider and deeper and then wider and deeper still, filling her more than the strap-on cock. 

As she embraced Jack's cock inside her, despite the sensitivity of her cunt and her alarm at the power of her last orgasm, Shelly wanted him, she was alarmed that she yearned to cum again as before with his powerful shaft inside her.

"Come on Shelly," commanded Fay, "you take that cock on your hands and knees."

Shelly could only blink her eyes and weakly nod her head in compliance. As she lifted her body as Fay had ordered; Jack's assertive fucking was shaking her limp body. He was not going to fuck her delicate pussy gently, it was mechanical, each thrust hit her sensitive cunt hard. Each thrust send another ominous electric shock into her that radiated throughout her body. Involuntarily, it made the muscle walls of her sex contract around him. Fay sat at the head of the bed and reclined to present Shelly with her pink, glossy cunt. Spreading her legs, Fay pushed Shelly 's head into her cunt making Fay gasp wantonly as Shelly eased her tongue inside her.

Shelly groaned again as she savoured Fay's juices groaning as she did so to Jack's increased tempo.

"Yes, Yes, eat my cunt," demanded Fay.

Another twinge of electricity shot through Shelly's sensitive sex again, Jack's cock was stirring that flooding sensation in her once more. Shelly knew it was building and breathlessly she let Fay and Jack both know, whispering just one word of encouragement to Jack. 


Squeezing her eyes shut, Shelly's tongue explored Fay's body, her body wracked with incredible sensations radiating from her cunt, her mind filled with a myriad of deviant, dirty thoughts as her libido had taken full control. Using her finger, she teased Fay's slit and then to reward her and wickedly to see her reaction, she pushed it against her puckered arsehole.

"Fucking hell, you filthy bitch!" moaned Fay in delight, "Fuck it!"

The response rewarded Shelly immensely and renewing her effort, she could hear Fay's delight. Fingering her arse was dirty, it was something she would never imagining lowering herself to do but to listen to her moaning now in pleasure, it felt perfect.

Not to be outdone, Jack pressed his thumb against Shelly's arse, spitting on it to slick it up as he pressed it into her arse. Squealing in surprise, Fay looked back to see Shelly's shocked expression and using one hand pulled her hair to push her into her sex. As Jack's thumb filled her tight arse, Shelly's wet sex slopped in response to each determined thrust from Jack, she was being properly fucked now - relentless, remorseless fucking.

Shelly had never been fucked hard, she'd never felt a hard cock inside her like this before, it was swollen rock hard and it felt much bigger than before. She could feel Jack's fingers taking it in turns to impaling her arse. It made it burn a little which only aroused her more. Her mind turned to what it would be like feeling Jack's cock in her arse with a mix of eager curiosity to adverse revulsion. The burning sensation of her tight sphincter muscles began to compliment the delirious pleasure of his cock inside her pussy.

Jack's tempo was now relentless and so forceful it pushed her face harder into Fay's pussy, Shelly knew her cunt muscles were engorged and swollen, her muscles no longer contracted and released, they were jammed hard against his cock.

Squeezing her eyes shut again, her cunt tightened further and as Jack gasped, Shelly's body writhed vigorously without any warning.

"Shit!" croaked Shelly as her body began to shake harder.

"Fucking cum on him." ordered Fay firmly.

The convulsions from her body were become more and more pronounced, she wanted to hold on, to make her cum even harder than before. She could feel Jack's cock was thumping into her now, it didn't hurt but she knew it should. 

Limp and passive, her arse pushed up in the air, Shelly felt each thrust taking her body further and further away from the fucking Fay gave her. Her breathing was laboured, shallow and with each exhalation was a groan. Her breathlessness and writhing of her body only spurred Jack's cock on in fucking her sensitive, gorged cunt. In a slamming frenzy of strength and determination, he took her as her fingered arse added incredible sensations she had never felt before.

For Jack, this was his revenge, this was her lost opportunity and Jack wanted Shelly to know what being truly fucked really meant and with each cannoning fuck from his rock hard shaft, Shelly was lost in a place she had never been to. As that sexual delirium engulfed her for a second time; she revelled in the incredible sensations exploding throughout her muscles, she relaxed now, and she knew she was cumming.

"Fucking give it to the slut," gasped Fay.

Shelly looked to Fay, through blurry eyes and her wracked body, she focussed on Fay's legs spread wide apart, showing Shelly she was fingering her own arse now and rubbing on her wet cunt. The sight of Fay's lewdness drove Shelly over the edge . Her arms gave out and as her knees trembled, she felt Jack's body weight lean over her. With his bodily weight on top of her, he pushed her into the bed, pounding her cunt harder than before. 

Weighed down, Shelly's body had no freedom to contort as her orgasm took hold, feeling Jack's merciless fucking she wailed deeply as she felt her cunt tighten on his cock to a tension she had never felt before. She felt it would stop him, but his strength only made each stabbing sensation from his cock even more incredible to her. 

Shelly pushed him away enough with her arm to feel his cock finally leave her pulsating cock. The blessed relief consumed her and her wretched body exploded with the full force of a deep, all-consuming orgasm. Groaning deeply and loudly, her body shuddered hard, deaf to the sounds around her as body screamed inside for release. Bearing down with all her physical might she vented her own unbearable climax in an uncontrollable delivery of spasms through her body. Wave after wave passed through her throbbing, tensing cunt and her body unleashed an epic delivery of contortions and spasms in a giant tsunami of sexual release.

Watching Shelly begin to take her second hard climax, Fay was overcome with her own self-induced orgasm using the image of Shelly thrashing on the bed to send her crashing over the edge.

"Holy fuck!" hissed Jack, as unaware to Shelly, he witnessed her cunt vent a jet of fluid.

Screaming now, Shelly's body smashed wave after wave of convulsions through her legs and torso, she reeled on the bed, her hand instinctively moving to her cunt to feel herself venting another stream of liquid.

"Shit! Shit!" squealed Shelly in a mix of terror and paralysing ecstasy. 

Lurching on the bed, she rolled over onto her back as her legs shook again, her face contorted in pleasure as she arched her back. Stretching her tits over her tight curvaceous frame, her nipples hard and her skin stained scarlet, another wave hit her again hard. Fearing another release of fluid she plugged her cunt with her own fingers feeling her cunt slosh with another less forceful ejection of more fluid over her hand.

Jack avidly watched her cumming, the white cotton sheets showing a splashed grey pattern of liquid as it soaked in. His cock still fiercely hard, he approached Shelly, holding her legs by her ankles he held them firmly as he squared up his cock to her well fingered arse.

He looked at Shelly, still trembling from this sexual overload to her senses, he pushed the head of his cock to her tightest opening, their eyes met as she bucked her hips in compliance to meet his cock.

"Fuck her arse!" directed Fay in delight.

As Jack pushed hard to defeat her opening, Shelly winced, squealed a little and then pulled him closer by clasping the backs of his thighs. Jack gently fed his well-slicked cock deeper inside her, pausing for a few moments and then pushing some more. Shelly groaned again as she fingered her well-fucked greasy cunt, rubbing on her sensitive clit sending deep shots of pleasure into her body.

"Yes, do it, fuck me like a whore." groaned Shelly, gasping out the final word as Jack fully penetrated her arse.

In several languid strokes, Jack was slowly fucking her tight arse. As Shelly struggled to adapt to his cock deep inside her, Fay offered her cunt to Shelly. Certain that her arse had adapted to his cock, Jack eased it from her and folded her legs to the side to roll her over. Moving slowly into a spoons position behind her, Shelly took as assurance that this would not be such a fierce hard fucking. Reciprocating, she used the position to place her mouth softly onto Fay's sopping wet sex again. 

Each deliberate rhythmic thrust from Jack was met with searching fingers rubbing on her tightly stretched, swollen clit. Desperately sensitive, it kept Shelly on a delicious, addictive sexual plateau. More thrusts impaled her onto Jack's cock and his own breathing was becoming laboured; she'd taken his cock in all her holes in a fucking she had never had before from any man. 

To Jack, her body had been desecrated in ways that he'd always wanted to. The swell of pleasure he felt that tonight would be seered into her mind was combined with the fact that they had turned her into a whore. Whatever she did and whoever she did it with – this would always be her sexual awakening. 

And with their revenge complete, the tightness of Shelly's arse and the sensations of fingers pressed deeply into her cunt, provided all the friction he needed to release. With only three more gentle thrusts, Jack groaning sounded familiar to Fay, she knew he was getting close.

"Cum Jack, pull it out, cum on me." demanded Fay.

Jack moved swiftly, Fay grasped his cock and looked into his eyes as she wanked him. He grunted hard as he sprayed his seed all over his slut lover. Rope after rope of spunk splashed over her face, in her mouth and over her chin and breasts. 

Shelly admiringly watched Jack's heavy balls give up their load and watched his cum jetting onto Fay's beautiful body. Shelly was not finished and as she consumed Fay's pussy again, Jack released the last vestiges of his spunk over Fay's stomach watching it run in fat droplets down her abdomen. Licking over her smooth Mons and lower abdomen, Fay and Jack gasped as Shelly licked up Jack's spunk, from her cunt first and up her body.

"Yes, that's it, come and share it with me," purred Fay.

Scooping his spunk up with her fingers, Fay took it into her mouth and as she held Shelly's chin to guide her lips to hers, she transferred more of Jack's essence into her.

As Jack felt that warm post-coital embrace through his muscles, he collapsed onto the bed, surveying Shelly and Fay softly kissing each other. With his cum smeared all over their bodies, they embraced each other in a soft sapphic embrace. Giggles of laughter rippled through the room as Shelly smiled affectionately into Fay's eyes, pausing to tenderly kiss Fay's pillowy lips once more.

Propping herself on her elbows as Fay lifted herself from her, Shelly knelt on the bed, they both looked to Jack who smiled in return.

"You like that then?" asked Jack.

"Yes, yes I did,", replied Shelly smiling, "now I know what I've been missing out on."

"There's a slut in everyone screaming to get out," added Fay.

"No hard feelings?" inquired Jack and looking to his loins. "Well, it's not hard at the moment."

Shelly giggled.

"No, none at all," assured Shelly with a wider smile, "honestly, I always knew deep down that's what I wanted. I never imagined it would be you two to do that to me."

"You were amazing," added Fay softly kissing Shelly again on the lips.

"And you are an incredible couple, even if you were the office slut." added Shelly with another infectious giggle making Fay laugh too.

Showering to wash off the sweat, cunt juice, spunk and hard labour from their bodies; Fay and Shelly enjoyed the warm frothy water. Jack watched in the commodious bathroom as they soaped and washed each other's bodies. Opting to watch in the bathroom in his robe, his freshly washed body was still recovering from his efforts and feeling his cock stiffen again; he worked hard to imprint those images in his mind. Towelling dry, interspersed with soft tender kisses, Fay wrapped a towel around Shelly.

"Would you like to stay here tonight?" asked Fay.

"Promise we'll be good," added Jack, "at least until morning."

"I'd best get back," replied Shelly, "do the walk of shame."

Shelly let out a small giggle, cut short by a keen sense of trepidation.

"Ok, if you are sure," said Fay, "and if it helps it's only 3am. Night is still young."

Shelly smiled, that wouldn't be so bad.

Fay helped Shelly straighten herself out and even offered her some of her make-up to provide some discretion to any casual observer. As Shelly readied herself to go, she reached for her clutch bag, spraying herself with scent and primping her hair. Only her lack of underwear meant that her well-fucked cunt was still moist with her juices and as she bore down on her well fucked pussy, it ached.

Shelly smiled to herself in the mirror at the nagging tenderness of her sex and arse.

Finishing her drink, now warm and devoid of ice, Shelly smiled in the knowledge that tomorrow, she would spend the day aware that she had been well fucked. Fay wonder if in an idle moment, Shelly might daydream of the possibilities open to her to fulfil her needs.

Jack placed the phone receiver down.

"The night porter says your cab is at reception." informed Jack.

"Well," replied Shelly with a little sigh, "I guess this is goodbye?"

"I guess so," replied Fay, "still, you never know, we might be back."

Shelly looked to them both with a look that didn't need words, they all knew that was very unlikely.

And with a soft, tender kiss for Fay and then Jack, that was that.

"Thank you," whispered Shelly.

She turned her back to them, opened the hotel door and thoughtfully held the door close it quietly; she was gone.

In a corridor mirror, Shelly quickly double checked her appearance, she was confident that only she would know what had happened tonight. It was early enough to be able to go home without any embarrassment and more importantly; without her boyfriend at home knowing what she had been doing.

Her smile broadened that she knew that she would need a bigger cock in her life and someone open to the idea of her exploring her bisexuality.

"Not bad for the office slut." she whispered under her breath as she opened the door to the hotel reception. Head held high unabashed with a smile of contentment on her face, she knew that inside, she was also a whore and she liked that.

"Taxi for Shelly?" she asked as the cab driver as he nodded in return.

Fay and Jack lay in bed, the lights fully dimmed, both of them sated for now and drifting between peaceful sleep and the last vestiges of wakefulness. Fay deeply ensconced with her head on Jack's chest, his strong arm around her, felt her leaden eyes close happy in the security of Jack's embrace.

"Goodnight lover, hope you enjoyed your revenge." she whispered airily.

"Goodnight sexy, I did," Jack whispered drowsily.

Several hundred miles away, a woman walked up to her desk and saw a dark image from that familiar hotel room. Smiling, she shut down her computer and idly ran a finger between her legs and felt that contented wetness from her smooth pussy.

"Goodnight Jack, Fay and stranger." whispered Tanya.

As she made her way to her bedroom, she afforded herself a moment of quiet congratulation, her pupils had now become teachers and she looked forward to their next adventure. She knew she had just the right student for them both; it was only a question of arranging the right time and right place.

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