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I'll lead

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She's lost her keys - and he has the spare.
She fumbled for her key. It was definitely in here, she knewit. Where the fuck? If she’d lost it she’d need to call him and that was the last thing on her mind after the day she’d had. Before long, though, she knew it. It was gone, he had the spare and that was that. She shook her bag a little to level the contents, then slung it over her shoulder and sighed loudly.

She spent the next 45 minutes walking around town, trying to figure out a way of getting into her flat, tracing her steps to track down where she might have dropped her keys, and then gave up. She lifted her mobile out of her back and looked up his number. As she dialled she took a deep breath, but as she put it to her ear she heard the answer phone. He’d turned it off… ‘Oh, fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.’ She muttered under her breath. She’d have to walk there.

After another hour of walking, her feet tired in her heels, she found herself on his doorstep. Reluctantly, she knocked twice and waited for the glow of the hall light, and it wasn’t long before it came. He opened the door without even a hint of curiosity in his eyes and immediately asked “What are you doing here? You’re not due.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, I lost my key.” She responded, her face dropping a little.

“And I am supposed to care?”

“Well you have the spare, Sir. Maybe you’d give it to me?”

“No.” He slammed the door in her face and walked back inside.

She turned around and sat on the cold doorstep, her bare thighs slowly growing numb against the stone, and she waited. Her mind began to wander – what if she got trapped outside on a Saturday night? Where else could she go, and how would she get another key? What if she ended up stuck with some drunks? She started to shiver uncontrollably.

While she considered knocking on the door again a shaft of incandescent light illuminated the spot on which she sat. He stared through a split in the curtains for a second, and then pulled the window open. “Hands and knees. Alexandra!” he said, loudly enough to draw the attention of a dog walker across the street. She half smiled at the fact she was to be let in from the cold and half panicked at what he had asked.

As the passers-by left her sight she turned around on the door step, knelt with her hands between her thighs and waited. As he opened the door she noticed something in his hand – a collar. It was black, leather and studded, with a D-ring. Alexandra’s eyes widened as he gently reached behind her head, carefully adjusting her hair so it didn’t get trapped. He tightened it perfectly. It was tight enough to be felt and loose enough to be comfortable.

Comfortable, that was, until he clipped on a chain lead and tugged firmly. She stumbled forward, righting herself with her palms against the dirty step, and tried to stand. “Stop. You’re to crawl, Alexandra. You need to learn obedience. You’re not supposed to come unannounced.” She placed her palms on the floor and followed him.

She was embarrassed, but as she felt herself blush she knew she was getting wet. She shuffled forward, her knees hot from the friction of running along the wooden floor, as he pulled her forward to the stairs. As he reached the bottom of the staircase he turned to face her, staring down at her as she peered up at him through her messy red hair.

He didn’t smile as he unbuckled his belt, pulling out his thick cock, dropping his jeans to his ankles. “Lick.” He commanded, wrapping his hand around his cock and aiming it upwards, out of reach. He presented his balls directly in front of her mouth and waited for her. She reluctantly ran her cute, tiny pink tongue over his balls, gliding the tip of it over them, watching him wriggle a little.

She still wasn’t sure about the collar wrapped around her neck though, and he detected her self-consciousness. He stepped back out of the bundle of his clothes and she looked a little lost for a second, as though she had done wrong, but her expression quickly changed when he yanked the lead to set her walking up the stairs behind him. She followed slowly as he walked into the second room on the landing. That room…

She’d wondered about it. He’d never opened the door nor mentioned it, and she knew not to ask. She had pictured all manner of things, from a neatly presented spare bedroom to a sordid dungeon, and so had no idea what to expect. The reality was more spartan than anything she’d pictured.

There was no carpet, just simple a simple, plain grey linoleum floor covering. In the middle of the room was a wooden gymnastics vaulting box with a soft, PVC wrapped pad on its top, and threaded under it were four cuffs on straps. There were a few bags, neatly stacked in the corner of the room, which was illuminated by a single bulb. The walls were white, with no pictures. It was clinical and unwelcoming – a room with one purpose in mind, and she was about to find out what that purpose was.

He stood in front of her and she stared at him as he unbuttoned his shirt. He was completely naked, his smooth, toned body an irresistible picture. Her fear waned as he stepped forward again, and this time he didn’t need to demand. She wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and started, gradually, to take it deeper into her mouth. She started slow, running her tongue over it, tasting it and trying to let it into her throat.

He let out a quiet moan. “Good girl. You’re a greedy, aren’t you?” She nodded as she carried on, and he tugged her lead, holding her head in place as he started to thrust, slowly at first, gently fucking her mouth, but gradually building speed. As he sped up he tugged the lead tighter, giving her nowhere to escape as he held her in place and built up to a crescendo, pumping her harder as he watched her eyes redden.

She writhed, trying to pull back but he kept on, “You like that, don’t you? You like having your mouth fucked, you little slut?” He pulled out to let her speak and she gasped for air, panting, before nodding and spluttering out “Yes! I love it. I love when you fuck my mouth, and my cunt and my ass.” He grinned at her response and tugged her lead again, pulling her to the centre of the room.

Her face was red and her makeup streaked down her cheeks, which made him even harder. “Shoes, skirt and top, off. Now.” He stood and stroked himself as she undid her white shirt, revealing a purple, lace trimmed bra. She kicked off her black heels and tugged her skirt down over her knees, without getting up, and knelt wearing her knee-high socks, bra and mismatched girl boxers.

He grinned. Usually she would dress for the occasion, but today he had her by surprise. This was the real Alexandra, and he was turned on just as much. “Up on the box, on your front.” She snaked forward, her hips gyrating a little as she clambered onto the cold, vinyl covered box. It was firm, but not uncomfortable. She settled into the feeling of cold against her chest and stomach, her legs and arms at either side.

The box was high enough that her legs didn’t reach the floor, instead hanging to the sides, like her arms. She was quite aware of the fact her arse was high up, as high as his stomach. Before she could think about what might happen she felt the tightness of a strap on her ankle, then the other. He tugged the straps, pulling them tight. She couldn’t move, she was stuck on top of the box, completely at his mercy.

He ran the palm of his hand up her thigh, letting the tips of his fingers creep into the hem of her shorts, creeping up her buttock a little, before he pulled it back down and started again on the other leg. Next he ran his tongue gently around the bottom of her shorts, tasting the sweet saltiness that had escaped and wet the fabric, and then gently tugged the top of her knickers down, gently exposing her buttocks.

He spat onto it, letting it run down onto her asshole, and then he gently pushed a finger in, easing her open. He pulled out and walked to her front, offering her a taste of herself. She obliged, smiling as she sucked his finger. He pulled it out and walked to one of the bags, carrying it off behind her. She couldn’t see what was in it or what he was doing until she felt the cold tingle of lube, pouring over her arse.

He pumped it onto her until she felt it running in streams into her knickers and then rushing down her thighs, soaking into her socks. He wanted her wet… and when she felt the cold firmness of something at her hole she knew why. “You do it.” He said, and let her reach back. She felt the soft, rubbery texture of a plug. It was simple, but a decent size – wider and longer than the average cock. She eased it, slowly, into her hole, letting it gradually fill her up.

As it popped in she let out a moan, and he firmly smacked her across her buttock. “You’re a filthy girl, aren’t you?” he said, firmly. “Yes sir, the filthiest…”

“What kind of nasty girl are you?” he demanded

“A dirty little anal whore, Sir. A horrible, depraved, disgusting little cum slut.”

He smiled, proud of how well she was trained, and smacked her again, before tugging her knickers down entirely. They dropped to her feet, tangling awkwardly in the mess of restraints. He tugged her back, unsticking her skin from the PVC coated cushioning, and bent forward to wrap his lips around her now soaking wet cunt. She let out a gasp as his warm tongue flicked into her slit and probed into her cunt, tight from how full her arse was.

He stood and walked to her front again, kissing her with an open mouth to let her have another taste, and then looked her in the eyes. “Are you ready?” he asked. She nodded, not knowing what she was ready for, but she didn’t care. He undid the collar from around her neck and moved it to her mouth, re-tightening it as a makeshift gag, and then tied her hands to the other two straps, tightening them so she was completely unable to move.

She looked at him, her eyes a wide mixture of fear and expectance, but before he gave her any kind of acknowledgement he was behind her again. She closed her eyes and before long she felt another cold, firm toy, this time at the entrance of her cunt. As he inched it in she winced a little, writhing. She was completely full, and when she felt like that she needed to cum. He was about to let her.

He tugged her back a little more, making room for himself under her, and then set to work licking her clit, expertly flicking his tongue over it, sucking it just enough to push her to the edge, and then stopping momentarily, letting it build in her stomach over and over until he pushed her to the point of ecstasy, but as she writhed and tried to escape he carried on, knowing she was bound, making her endure the agony of orgasm for longer than she thought she ever could, her body shaking and shuddering uncontrollably.

After what felt like eternity he let up. She took a deep, exhausted breath and closed her eyes, passing out, overwhelmed. He stood up and took a second to look at her, bound and unconscious, before pulling out her lost keys from the black bag of toys, where he’d hidden them. He had them all along… he edged downstairs and dropped the keyring into her bag, and then came back to find her bleary eyed, but awake. He smiled and tugged the toys out of her holes, painfully, and then unstrapped her. She stayed where she was, exhausted.

He started towards the door, but as he placed his hand on the door handle he heard her speak. She was muffled by the collar in her mouth, but she audibly whispered,… “No. Not yet. I need you to cum.” He smiled to himself before turning around. “Really? Where?” She looked at him and said nothing, so he walked back over and helped her down. She felt faint, and he could tell by how limp and heavy she was. Lethargically she lay on her front.

He felt guilty all of a sudden. “Are you sure?” he asked. It wasn’t like him to be concerned. She looked around slowly before hauling herself to her knees and undoing the collar. He expected her to put it to one side, but instead she did it up on her neck and passed the lead, still hanging from the D-ring, back to him. He took it, and as he did she smiled to herself, her eagerness coming back.

He pulled on it and then edged forward on his knees, pressing the tip of his dick against her still soaking, lubed and stretched arsehole, and pushed in. It didn’t offer much resistance, so he kept pushing until it was balls deep, using the lead to pull her back against him, inching ever deeper, and then he set to work.

He didn’t bother to go slow, she was already open wide, so he gave it his all, pounding her hard, harder than her ever had before. With every thrust she felt her whole body shake, her back arched. He kept at it, faster and faster until he burst deep inside her, pumping hot streams of cum deep in her arsehole. As he unleashed she let out a deep gasp “Oh fuck, mmm… that’s what I need. I need hot cum in my ass like the dirty little cumslut I am.”

He pulled out, letting his cum drip sloppily out onto the floor. Before he’d even had a chance to say anything she shuffled back and started slurping the dirty puddle that had formed. She turned to face him, swallowing before learning in to kiss him. He accepted, and then got to his feet. She took one last glance, and then dropped back to the floor, still exhausted. He walked out of the room and flicked off the light switch, letting her sleep… 

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