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In the Beginning Jacqueline and Bob, the early days

Back to where it all started
It was a lovely warm spring evening, and I had organised to meet my new girlfriend Jacqueline for dinner at a restaurant in the local hills. We both agreed on meeting at around 7.00pm. I'd arrived a little earlier, as I was waiting in my car I had a look around the surrounding scenery. At what I estimated of being around a 150 metres away from the restaurant, was a lovely looking shelter with its opening facing away from the building.

It looked to be built from old river bed stones, with a corrugated roof. For some reason I felt I needed to take a mental note of this shelter. I then turned around just as Jacqueline pulled in alongside my car. She greeted me with one of her very sexy smiles, and as she was getting out of her car, I noticed she was wearing three quarter high black stockings, and what I believed to be a black dress.

I was completely wrong about the dress, as she came towards me, I realised it was a black buttoned long sleeve coat that went down to a little above her knees. Jacqueline always looked stunning in anything she wore, but tonight she had an exceptional sexy aura about her. I will mention at this point this was only our third date, and we already couldn’t seem to get enough of each other.

We embraced as we met, our lips locked, and we kissed passionately. The aroma of her perfume and her womanly scent was absolutely delicious, and soothing to my senses, all at the same time. I was beside myself with her beauty, and complimented her on how attractive, and how good she smelt this evening.

“Wait till you see the surprise I have underneath my coat for you,” Jacqueline said, very cheekily.

I took her hand, and we walk towards the entrance of the restaurant where we were greeted by the doorman who immediately escorted us to our reserved table. Our table was situated in the back corner of the restaurant, were the lighting was very dim and romantic. It was only a small table with one chair on each side. I pulled the chair out for Jacqueline, being the gentleman I am, and asked if she would like me to take her coat. She looked at me with a very mischievous look on her face.

“That's probably not a very good idea,” she said, very softly, seeming to not want anyone around to hear her.

By this point she had me very intrigued. What did Jacqueline have underneath that coat of hers? She sat down, and I seated myself on the opposite side of the table. The waiter approached, and asked if we wanted to order drinks while we looked over our menus. We both settled on a glass of red wine each while we decided on what we would like to have for dinner.

“Can you give us ten minutes please before bringing our drinks,” she asked the waiter.

He politely answered her with a yes. No longer had the waiter turned and walked away, Jacqueline ‘accidentally’ knocked her knife onto the floor, where it conveniently bounced under our table.

“Would you be a gentleman Bob, and pick my knife up for me please,” she asked, ever so politely.

I slid my chair back, lowered myself to my knees, and commenced to crawl under the table. I spotted the knife in between her feet. Jacqueline seductively parted her legs, while pulling her coat up. I wasn’t quite ready for this, but I now understand why Jacqueline didn’t want me to remove her coat. She had no underwear on, and I could see the glistening wetness of her pussy. This was obviously turning her on.

Jacqueline parted her pussy lips with one hand, and started rubbing her button with the other. I picked up the knife, and decide to watch her give me a show. She then slid two fingers into her wet hole, while still rubbing her clit. I could hear her fingers slurping, as they moved in and out of her pussy. This was giving me a raging hard on. If we weren’t in the restaurant, I would have dived straight in between her legs, licking every part of her moist love hole.

“What's taking you so long Bob,” Jacqueline asked, with such innocence in her voice, acting as if nothing was going on.

She then removed her fingers from her pussy, and closed her legs abruptly. I slowly backed out from underneath the table, and sat back in my chair trying to discreetly hide my erection in the process.

Jacqueline just smiled and said, “You know you have naughty Jacqueline out tonight, don’t you,” and she then placed her hand to my lips, and her fingers in my mouth.

I can’t believe how good she tasted. I was more than happy to suck her fingers clean of her sweet nectar. Just as Jacqueline removed her fingers from my mouth, the waiter approached with our drinks and we proceeded to order our meals. No longer had the waiter turned and left, Jacqueline got up and walked over to me, placed her hand on my lap, gently squeezing my hard on and whispered in my ear, “Mmm, I thought so, nice and hard. Am I the cause of that?”

“Yes, you are,” I replied.

“Undo your pants for me,” she demanded.

At this point, I knew I would have done anything she would have asked of me. I was under her complete control. I undid my pants, releasing my throbbing cock from its restraints. Jacqueline grabbed my cock, and slowly stroked my full length, rubbing the tip with her thumb when her hand reached the top.

Jacqueline then whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait to have your cock in my mouth.”

Jacqueline released her grip on my harden member, walked back over to her chair and sat herself back down. I awkwardly placed my cock back into my pants before doing them back up. I looked at her completely astonished by what she had just done.

Our food had arrived, and I had found it extremely hard to concentrate on eating. My heart was beating fast, and I was feeling so horny from naughty Jacqueline’s antics this evening. I hadn't realised this earlier, but as I looked around I noticed there were only two other couples in the restaurant with us. We finished eating our meals, drank a couple more glasses of wine before they came and cleaned our table.

“I have to go to the men’s room. I will be back shortly.” I said, excusing myself from the table.

I entered the men's room, walked over to the cubicle, and as I undid my zip I heard someone else enter the room. I pulled my cock out, and began relieving myself.

I was about to put my flaccid member away, when I heard Jacqueline’s voice from behind me, “Would you like a hand?”

Jacqueline walked up from behind, grabbed my cock, and started kissing my neck. I became instantly hard in her hand. Once fully erect, she turned me around, got on her knees and took the full length of my cock into her delicious warm mouth. I almost lost my load instantly, obviously due to Jacqueline’s teasing through the evening. While Jacqueline was sucking my cock, she grabbed my balls and started pulling on them gently, occasionally lightly grazing her nails over them, sending shivers through my whole body. This made me even harder.

I placed my hands on her head, and begun to slowly thrust my cock in and out of her inviting mouth. I could feel Jacqueline’s moans on my cock getting more intense as I picked up my pace fucking her mouth. It seemed as if she was enjoying this just as much as I was. Even though we had only been seeing each other a few weeks, I had already got the impression she loved sex just as much as I did. The mouth fucking I was getting, and the vibrations of Jacqueline’s ever increasing moaning was more than enough to send me over the edge.

“I’m... I’m going tooo cuuum,” I warned her.

This only seemed to put her cock sucking into overdrive, and I couldn’t believe her moaning was even louder than mine; and Jacqueline’s mouth was full. I grabbed her head, and pushed my cock as far into her mouth as I could, letting myself release gushes of my cum down her throat. She took her time, and slowly backed of my cock. I could feel her tongue flicking around my shaft until she got to my knob, and she gave it one last suck before standing.

“Mmm, I had to get every last drop, you taste so good Bob,” she said, wiping the last remnants of my cum from her lips

I decided to return the favour. I slipped my hand in to her coat, and over her pussy. I then started rubbing it vigorously, it was very, very, wet. Jacqueline wrapped her arms around my neck, and begged me to put my fingers into her pussy. I pushed two fingers into her wet hole, and before I could start fucking her, Jacqueline had started riding my fingers on her own accord.

“Fuck me, please Bob, fuck me,” she pleaded.

I begun thrusting my fingers in to her soaking pussy. Jacqueline was meeting every one of my thrusts with her own. The harder I fucked her, the tighter her hold around my neck was becoming. Jacqueline’s juices now covered my fingers, and were running down my hand, making it easier to fuck her harder and faster. I inserted a third finger, this pushed her completely over the edge. I could feel her cumming on my fingers, her pussy tightened its grip, but I didn't stop fucking her.

“Uhh, uhh, ahh, ahhhhhhh,” she screamed.

I knew she was having one hell of an orgasm, by the flood of her juices running over my hand, and down my fore arm. I removed my fingers, and put them to our lips. We both licked and sucked her juices off, exchanging our tongues as we did.

“Let’s pay the bill, and go for a walk,” she panted, as she pulled her coat down over her dripping pussy.

We paid our bill, continued outside, and I grabbed her by her hand leading her towards the shelter I had noticed when I first arrived. We approached the front of the shelter, and noticed that in the middle it had a solid wooden table surrounded by two secured bench seats. The shelter was facing away from the restaurant, and the open side, facing a cluster of gum trees.

I guided Jacqueline up and onto the table, where she sat and her feet rested on the seat. I grabbed her knees, parted her legs, hastily undid her buttons and then pulled open her jacket. Jacqueline had absolutely nothing on what so ever, she was completely naked. There was just enough moonlight shining on her body that I could make out her erect nipples, and the glistening of her pussy. I leant into her, kissing her passionately, and fondling her harden nipples. Jacqueline undid my pants pushed them down as far as she could and started stroking my cock.

“I want you inside me now Bob, I want you to fuck me, fuck me hard,” she pleaded.

Without wasting any more time, I grabbed both her legs, lifted them up high as I kneelt on the seat, and forcefully entered her dripping pussy. No sooner had I begun to enter Jacqueline she let out a guttural moan from deep inside, and kept moaning the deeper my cock went. I started slow, and Jacqueline was pulling me in as deep as I would go.

“Just give it to me, I want you to fuck me hard,” she demanded.

I’m not one to disappoint a woman in need, so I fucked her as hard as I possible could. All I could hear now was our moaning and the sound of my balls slapping on her arse. Jacqueline was getting louder with every thrust I was giving her. I could feel the inevitable tingle in my cock, warning me I was about to explode my cock juice deep inside her. Jacqueline obviously sensed my eruption getting closer.

“I want you’re cum in my mouth. If not, you will have to lick it from my puuusssy,” She screamed as her grip on my cock tightened.

That was all I needed, was for Jacqueline to have an orgasm. I lost complete control and filled her with my own cum. I stayed completely still, with my cock deep in her for a while as we both recovered from our joint orgasm. Jacqueline then whispered in my ear, “You didn't cum in my mouth, you do know what you have to do don’t you?”

I removed my dripping cock, and rubbed it along her sensitive clit. Her body began trembling as she was overcome with another orgasm. I kneelt between her legs spreading them wide, I could see our combined juices flowing down between her arse cheeks. I started licking around Jacqueline’s tight rear hole and up to her delicious pussy, then back down to her arse. I spread her outer lips, and started licking up as much of our combined juices as I could. Jacqueline started to rub her clit, so I decided to push a finger into her well lubricated arse.

“Mmm. Oh yes, more please,” she asked, so I obliged by sticking a second finger into her tight rear hole.

Jacqueline was grinding into my fingers, and pushing her pussy hard onto my face. She stopped rubbing her clit, so I started licking and sucking on it. She was now grinding herself with even more force than before in to my face. I didn’t know at this early time in my life that a woman could cum so much. Jacqueline’s body began shaking with another orgasm. This brought my cock back to life.

No use wasting such a good hard on. I grabbed her by the waist and turned her around, lifted her coat, exposing her beautiful arse. I pushed my cock slowly all the way in to her tight hole. It welcomed my cock, like it was waiting all night to be penetrated. I started with long slow thrusts, letting the tip of my cock almost come out of her lovely arse. She was moaning with every thrust I gave her. I then grabbed hold of her shoulders, fucking her, faster and faster.

‘Yes, oh, yes, oh, yes, fuck my arse, fuck it good,” she was screaming, “Cum in me… please, I want to feel your cum inside meeeeee.”

That's all the encouragement I needed, and with a couple more thrusts, I filled her arse with my cock juice, just like she asked. We stayed in that position for a few minutes to catch our breath. I then slowly removed myself, and pulled up my pants. Jacqueline composed herself, and buttoned up her jacket. I sat close to her, putting my arm around her, and giving her a long hard kiss.

“I think we should go out for dinner more often,” Jacqueline said to me, with a very cheeky smile.

I agreed, and was very excited about the future adventures I could possibly have with this wonderful woman……

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