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It Had Been One of Those Days

A Good Old Fasioned Fuck
It had been one of those days; I was frustrated, aggravated, and almost mad. I texted my wife and told her that I was in the mood for a fuck. Not making love, not sex, but a hair pulling, forceful, rough fuck.

Just a few minutes later, I hearf my phone buzz. I looked at the screen and there was a picture of my naked wife. She texted back, "Sounds good to me."

I told her to have a few drinks, to loosen up and I would be home shortly.

An hour later, I walked in the door. I went straight to our bedroom and found her lying on the bed, wearing one of my shirts barely buttoned and a pair of red, lacy cheeky’s.

There was a near empty bottle of wine on our nightstand, and by her attitude she was feeling good.

I took off my clothes and pulled open the shirt to expose her tits. I grabbed them hard and began squeezing her nipples as she arched her back in pleasure and a little pain.

With my right hand, I pulled on one of her nipple rings; she loved this, and with my left grabbed her by the hair of her head forcing her face to my throbbing stiff cock. She opened wide as I began pushing and pulling her mouth on and off my cock.

I released her head and slid my hands down to her hips pulling her towards me. I pulled aside her panties, penetrated her wetness with one finger, then two, three and finally four as she pushed herself onto my hand up to my thumb. Her hips were gyrating and pushing back and forth as she moaned. I could tell she was about to cum, but it wasn’t time.

I removed my hand from between her dripping wet lips and positioned my mouth over her hot, soaking pussy. I started sucking, licking and pulling her clit and lips with all the force my mouth could make. She writhed, thrust, and almost screamed as her orgasm drenched my face.

I stood back off the bed, once again grabbing her hair and fucking her face. I drenched two of my fingers in her juices and started circling her rear hole. She pushed her ass against my fingers as I entered her pumping in and out while circling. I grabbed her, rolled her over and squirted some lube on my engorged cock. I latched on to her hips and slid my cock in her ass as she buried her head into the pillow. She wiggled and pushed as I worked in and out. I could feel my cock swelling but I wasn’t going to cum yet.

I pulled out, climbed off the bed, grabbing her hair and pulling her onto the floor. I told her to get on her knees. She did and grabbed my cock shoving it in her mouth. I pumped furiously holding both sides of her head thrusting into the back of her throat.

My cock was tightening, and I could feel my cum rising. I pushed her head back and shot cum all over her face and mouth. She reached up scrapping each bit into her mouth and then plunged back down on my cock licking and slurping the last remnants of my orgasm down her throat.

She leaned back on her knees and feet, looked up at me and asked if I felt better.

“Amazing” I said.

She told me she was glad that she could brighten my day and lower my blood pressure.

I told her I loved her and was glad she allowed me to ravage her sometimes.

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