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Janet's Encounter

Janet's Encounter

Janet get a surprise fuck at work.
Janet was late for work again, her cell alarm had failed to wake her and as a result she was rushing toward the elevator after crashing through her apartment to get ready. She had a bagel in her mouth, her messenger bag slung haphazardly over her shoulder, and a sealed cup of coffee in her hand. She pushed the elevator button repeatedly as though that would have the magic effect of making it open and took a bite of her bagel. She heard the familiar ding and finally the doors opened. 

She hurried into the elevator with barely a glance trying to brush the crumbs of bagel off her silk shirt that she realized too late was unbuttoned almost to her navel. She stomped her foot in frustration, and set the coffee cup down on the floor balancing the bagel on top of it. It was then that she noticed the gleaming pair of men’s business shoes in the corner of the lift. Her eyes slowly gazed up from the shoes and saw the charcoal grey pinstriped trousers above the shoes, on to a sharp custom looking suit jacket, crisp white shirt beneath and finally up into the face of the man wearing it all. He was seated in a wheelchair in the corner.

Janet practically choked on her bagel as she looked into the man’s face. His eyes were beautiful and he had a nicely trimmed goatee. She stared as she took in his brown bedroom dreamy eyes and noted a devilish twinkle there. Then she remembered her state of undress and quickly clutched at her shirt. 

“Don’t do that on my account.” He said in a deep timbered voice. He smiled at her then and she felt her sex go def-con 4. His smile was amazing, she simply gawked. 

The man appraised her appreciatively, and obviously. He let his eyes linger on her beautifully exposed cleavage noting the lace of her bra peeking out. Her bosom was clearly ample and he resisted a sudden primal urge to just open her silky red shirt completely. He noted that her nipples were getting quite peaked under his gaze. This woman who practically fell into the lift was hot. Her skirt was just over her knees but clung to her in a most provocative way. He looked down and damn near started to drool when he saw her 4 inch platform stiletto heels bright fire engine red like her shirt.

He quickly shifted his gaze back to her face and saw her staring at him. Her eyes were an amazing. Her mouth was perfect with an adorable crooked grin, her lashes were thick and long. All together she was very alluring. He felt his cock twitch in his trousers. He couldn’t use his legs, but his cock was always ready.

Janet finally shook her head slightly trying to regain her equilibrium and some sort of dignity. She buttoned her shirt and smoothed her skirt in an attempt to distract herself from staring at his face. Her eyes had a mind of there own however, and zeroed in on the alarmingly large bulge in his pants. Oh my dear god, she thought to herself as she felt a blush grow from her toes to the top of her head. She tried to tear her eyes away from the enticing sight before her and managed, just barely. 

“I’m Jason,” he said clearing his throat a little and put his hand out for her to shake. The other hand he laid over his lap in an attempt to disguise his growing erection. She took his hand into her own sweaty one and managed to squeak, “I’m Janet.” 

When their hands touched it was as if the temperature rose and caused an electrical storm crackling within the elevator. Jason held her hand in his and thought to himself, OH the things I could do to you, baby. Janet felt the heat of his skin against her palm and felt the electric crackle go from her hand straight to her throbbing clitoris. The next thing they knew the elevator dinged at the garage level. Janet’s eyes flew open realizing that all this heat and combustion and exchange had happened in just a few moments. Her stomach clenched as she looked at this intriguing man. Jason gave a start as well when the reality of the situation dawned on him. 

They both laughed a little nervously as he bent to pick up her coffee for her and gave a sweep of his arm to indicate for her to exit first. Janet’s mind raced and her pulse thrummed as she exited the elevator and stepped into the parking garage. Jason couldn’t keep his eyes off her ass in her clingy skirt as she walked in front of him. His bulging cock got even bigger.

Jason wheeled out of the elevator and handed Janet her coffee and bagel, making sure his hand touched hers. Janet felt the crackle again as their skin met. She looked at him from beneath her long lashes seductively, completely forgetting about being late for work and everything else as she gazed at him. She felt a tingle way down low in her wetness. There was something a very erotic about this man, and the bulge in his lap let her know that he was fully functional, despite the wheelchair. 

Jason looked into her eyes and felt his erection jerk in his trousers. He wanted this sexy creature more than he cared to admit to himself…and that look she was giving him was driving him to the edge of insanity. Their hands were still touching when she suddenly dropped the bagel and coffee as he tightened his grip on her hand. 

“Where’s your car?” he rasped as his cock practically leaped out of his pants. 

“Uh, over there, the Ford Expedition,” She felt her insides turn to jelly as he headed to her vehicle. Her large pink nipples tightened into the hardest peaks she had ever experienced and she could feel her pussy get even wetter. Her mind was reeling with thoughts of the bulge see noticed moments ago and she was thankful for all the wetness knowing he was going to be huge in her tight little sex hole. 

He wheeled over to her vehicle quickly, practically making her run to keep up, noting that she was coming with him eagerly with no hesitation. She was parked to where the vehicle would hide them from view. He smiled, nothing like a fuck in public. He turned and looked at Janet, even in the crappy yellowish lights of the parking garage she was sexy, and he wanted her badly. 

Janet was amazed at how fucking much she wanted this guy to just slam her onto his lap and fuck her like an animal. She didn’t have to wait long because he suddenly grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down into his lap. She hooked her legs over the arms of his chair. He took her face in his hands and devoured her mouth, his tongue swirling and exploring all the sweetness of her tongue. Janet gasped in surprise and desire. She responded to his kiss with all the heat and desire she was feeling….damn he tastes good, what a great kisser, and his hard on is solid as a rock! she thought. 

Jason slid his hands down her neck to her chest and let his mouth follow. He looked up at her for a moment her mouth slightly open and her breath coming in shallow gasps, then took her shirt in his hands and ripped it open, the buttons pinged hollowly on the concrete. She moaned as his large hands slid down to her thighs as he bit at her nipples through the fabric of her bra. He slid her skirt up high on her thighs and she scooted up so he could push it up even further. Jason felt the top of her stockings, damn he loved stockings, and shoved her skirt up to her waist.

She felt his hands on her quivering legs and oh my, she felt about to explode on contact. Jason looked down at her smooth thighs and noticed that her panties were the same lacy material as her bra, except very, very wet. He reached down and stroked her through the material, feeling her heat and juices through the sheer laciness. He grabbed a hold of the crotch of the undies and tore them off her, revealing the most glorious pussy he had ever seen. The sweet pink lips seemed to smile at him as he trailed his finger on first one lip then the other. Janet moaned under his touch and felt her nipples harden even more. She reached up and squeezed her breasts to relieve the ache a little. He was destroying her clothes but damned if she didn’t think that was hot as fuck.

She felt him slide his fingers between her smooth wet pink lips and gasped. She felt like she was going to explode right then and there. 

“That feel good baby?” he asked huskily.

“Oh mmmmm” was all she could muster in reply. She felt him slide his fingers into her tight wet tunnel and nearly came unhinged. He stroked the front wall of her throbbing hole finding her g-spot with expert skill. She bucked on his fingers, “Oh god yes, more, don’t stop!” she gasped as she felt herself tighten around his fingers. He slid two more fingers into her all the while stroking her g-spot. She felt all of her muscles constrict at once in an earth shattering orgasm and she howled in climax. 

Jason watched her writhing on his fingers, felt her muscles gripping them like a vice. Her wiggles were torturing his hard cock. When she came and shuddered all over he said, “I am gonna fuck you now baby, really hard. Are you ready?” She moaned in response as he tipped her back a bit and freed his enormous hard on from his pants. He grabbed her hips and pushed her a bit further back in his lap, grabbing his cock and rubbing it all around her pink lips, down to her ass and back again. Janet tried to rock onto him, impatient for penetration. He positioned his throbbing cock at her tight wet opening and slid her down onto his cock. She moaned and wriggled her pelvis in need. 

“Fuck me Jason. NOW. Hard!” she practically screamed at him.

Jason dug his fingers into her hips and in one hard thrust rammed himself into her tight box. Oh my god he’s huge, she thought as he filled her and stretched her beyond what she thought she was capable of enduring. Then he started to pump his throbbing cock into her, pulling her hips, plunging in deeply over and over again. He growled deep in his throat as he fought against the orgasm he felt building. 

“Oh yes! Fuck! Oh god!” Janet cried out in pleasure as she felt herself building to orgasm once again. 

“Damn you are so fucking tight and hot!” Jason growled at her, stroking in and out of her faster now…he wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer. 

Janet reached out and grabbed his forearms digging her nails into his flesh, holding on as she spun into a mind blowing orgasm. She cried out, clutching his cock with her inner muscles, bucking wildly. Jason couldn’t take anymore, feeling her tighten around him as she came, he thrust into her hard a fast one last time as he shuddered, growled and moaned in orgasm. His whole body convulsed as his release continued. He lowered his head down to her chest breathing heavily. After a few minutes he gently eased his still semi hard cock out of her.

“Wow Janet you are amazing, that was fucking hot,” he said dazedly. He took a step back and put his damp, happy dick back in his pants.

“Back at ‘cha,” Janet said smiling. She stood up and smoothed her skirt. “Hey what do you think you’re doing?” She asked him as he sorted himself. “I’d like to lick you clean,” she licked her lips and gazed up at him. 

Jason’s mind reeled with the idea of her mouth on his dick and he felt his member twitch in response. “Why don’t we head back to my place and finish this, I have a pair of handcuffs that would look fantastic on you,” he winked devilishly at her. Oh yes! Janet thought giddily and smiled at him. She loved a dominant man. “I will follow you.” 

Jason smiled as he thought of Janet cuffed and naked in his bed as they headed back to the elevator. Oh, they were going to have lots and lots of fun. And they did.

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