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Jenna and the guys

I knew I was about to get fucked hard, and I loved the idea.

This is the sequel to "My best friend Jenna" so if you haven't read that one, I recommend you do.

"Well, you know, we still have something to take care of," she said, pointing over to the guys, who were all standing there grinning like idiots. "It looks like they liked what they just saw."

"Yeah, alright boys, your turn now!" I yelled. Unashamed of the fact I'm going to get fucked hard after what they just went through in the last half hour or so.

Jenna and I both got on our knees a few feet apart from each other and got ready for the flood of dicks. The guys divided themselves up evenly, not wanting be left out. They formed a semi circle around us, each wanting to get his cock sucked first.

I didn't know whose cock I sucked into my mouth and I didn't care either. After some fumbling around looking for two other cocks to rub, I found them. Just the thought of me, sucking on one and jerking two at the same time was a huge turn on. 

Shoving my head forward, the guy's cock slid right down into my throat. I was pretty good at deepthroating because I've practiced on my dildo many times.

Suddenly, the guy I was sucking on pulled out of my mouth and his cock was instantly replaced, by the fourth guy who was determined not to be left out.

The one who I wasn't sucking anymore move behind me and stuck his fingers into my pussy. "Guys, this bitch is fucking wet!" I think that was Jake, but I'm not sure.

I turned my head slightly and saw that Brett was buried balls deep in Jenna's pussy. Then the guy I was sucking off and the guy on my right switched places. Now I was sucking on David's cock.

I knew it was him because I made a mental note earlier that he was the only one who shaved his cock and balls completely. David grabbed my head in both hands and started ramming his cock in and out of my throat. I had spittle dripping off my chin and I was starting to run out of air. Then David pulled out and switched places with the guy on the left this time.

Jake, the guy who was indeed behind me now stuck his cock into my hungry pussy and without hesitation or a moments notice, started fucking my love tunnel hard. His thighs slapping hard into my sweet ass.

I don't know who David switched with but, this new guy has got a nice big cock, about eight inches in length and nice and thick. He grabbed grabbed a couple handfuls of hair. He pulled my head forward, sinking his fuck stick in my throat. Pulling his cock out to the head, he allowed me to take a big lungful of air. Once was satisfied I had enough, he rammed his cock back in and started to facefuck me just like David did. At first he was slower and gentler about it then he really started to pick up speed. I could feel his cock glide past every little ripple in my throat. He bottomed out one last time, his balls rested on my chin, he just held my head. Not allowing any movement. He held my head for what felt like forever. With tears running down my cheeks I gagged and coughed, I thought he was going to try and make me pass out. Thankfully though, he finally pulled out so I could breath. He was about to slam his cock down my throat again but I clamped my mouth shut, stopping him.

I lurched forward onto my hands and caught myself just before I hit the ground. Coughing and breathing heavily, sucking in as much air as I could. I hadn't even noticed that Jake had pulled out of my pussy and stopped fucking me while I recovered.

I looked up through teary eyes to see Josh, who was so rough with me, too rough. Holding up my hand, all I could manage was a soft little "Don't" to which he nodded and apologized.

I wiped my eyes and looked over to Jenna to see how she was doing. She was still sucking off one guy, jerking off two and had the fourth pounding away at her pussy.

Having gathered myself up, I got back into my previous position and started sucking away again. Only beating off one person this time though. I felt somebody, I don't know who, start to lick my asshole and finger my pussy. It felt so good, I just had to let a moan out and the guy I was sucking really seemed to like it. He picked up his pace. His breathing got heavier and he became less coordinated. Then I felt him tense up and stream after stream of his hot cum erupted into my mouth. It was salty and I liked it so I swallowed it eagerly. He pulled out of my mouth trailing a string of spit.

The guy licking my ass stopped when I told him to. I directed him to lay down on his back. He complied, and I stopped jerking Jake and David then moved over to Daniel, who was licking my asshole. I lowered my pussy down until his cock was buried deep inside the depths of my body. I faced away from his head, straddling him. He might have only been six inches long but he was pretty thick, and I needed a few seconds to adjust.

Once I was adequately adjusted, I leaned forward, raising my ass. I slammed it down, bouncing on Daniel's cock. David and Jake moved in front of me again, still expecting to get jacked off. I didn't want to disappoint them so I grab their cocks and started to pump, up and down, up and down. Their cocks we nicely lubed up by spit and their precum and my hands slid over them making a sort of wet, squishy noise.

I looked around for my fourth guy, Josh. I saw him. He was sitting on the edge of the blanket. I couldn't tell for sure but I think he was giving himself a time out for what he did.

"Ok, Jenna, don't let them cum. I have an idea!" I yell over to her.

All I got was a muffled response. Her mouth is still clearly filled with man meat. I could feel Daniel spreading my ass cheeks apart even more than they already are and spank me a few times. Then he stuck a finger into my ass. I clenched a little bit from the unexpectedness of it and I also moaned loudly, not ready for the pleasure I got from it. Fucking Daniel's cock and finger at the same time felt so good to me. I need more!

"Ok, Daniel, trade places with David," I said as I got up and fixed my messy hair.

With David now laying on the ground I straddled him, sliding down his long eight and half inch shaft until only his balls were visible. I leaned forward a few inches and told David to fuck away. Looking Daniel straight in the face and told him that when he gets my ass all lubed up. He could fuck it. That was all the encouragement he needed because he dove right in and started to eat out my ass like he'd been starving.

Between David ramming his cock home in my pussy and Daniel eating my asshole I was getting pretty close to cumming again. I waved Josh over, he was going to get a second chance.

Now with Josh fucking my face again, David fucking my pussy and Daniel doing a superb job eating out my ass. I started doing all I could for Jake, which was just jerking his cock. I felt kind of bad but I was doing my best after all and this was only my first time getting a real cock.

"Fuck I'm gonna cum soon!" David yelled. He quickly lifted me up so he wouldn't. Earlier I told them not to come because I had a surprise and I was pretty pleased that he was following orders.

"Ok, keep yourself on the verge until everybody else is done." I told him. He looked slightly disappointed but he wasn't about to let me down now.

Since David was now out of the picture, Jake took his place and my asshole felt as loose as it was going to get. I let Daniel know, he looked so excited. So ready. Jake stopped fucking to let Daniel get to it and Josh pulled our of my mouth so I could relax a bit more and help guide him in for the next little bit.

"Are you ready, Jasmine?" Daniel asked holding his fat six inch cock just a couple inches from my anus. I gave him a quick nod.

Daniel started to ever so slowly push his cock into my tight little ass. He was really good about it. He stopped when I told him to so I could adjust. And then he was all the way in. His fat cock was buried balls deep in my asshole. He was frozen there, in pleasure, savoring the moment of taking a girl's anal virginity. Jake continued to fuck my pussy and Josh was driving his cock down my throat again. Then Daniel started pumping in and out of my ass with long slow strokes, slowly picking up speed until he was ramming his cock into me as fast as he could.

Feeling two cocks being buried deep inside me with alternating strokes really started to get me all worked up inside, and I was getting really close to cumming for the second time today. I could feel all the pressure build up again and then it just released in a huge flood of pleasure and pussy juice. Wave after wave of amazing amounts of pleasure coursed through my body. That orgasm was almost as good as the one Jenna gave me earlier.

I could hear Jake and Daniel groaning and trying not to cum. I pulled Josh's cock put of my mouth and told them to stop and go wait with David. They complied, obviously eager to see what I had in store.

I took the next few seconds to see how Jenna was doing. It appeared she had her four boys under control too seeing as two of them were sitting with Jake, David and Daniel keeping themselves primed and ready to blow. Good boys. Just like I said.

The other two, Brett, the blond one, and Bobby, I think his name was, were currently pounding away at her pussy and face. They looked like they were getting close to the edge too.

I looked back behind me at Josh who was patiently waiting to fuck me doggystyle. I slapped my ass and wiggled it, signaling for him to pick a hole and fuck away. He waisted no time picking. My swollen asshole was his goal. He pushed his cock in, lightly at first then a bit harder. Getting that big thick cock of his into my ass was going to be somewhat difficult.

Eventually, after a couple minutes of pushing and pulling I felt his balls resting against my pussy lips. He pulled out slowly then rammed back in as hard as he could, repeating the motion a few times until he changed tempo and just started pounding his cock into me, trying to fuck me stupid. It felt really good having a big dick up my ass it felt like his head was being pushed up into my stomach. I started moaning really loudly and leaned back, trying to get Josh's cock into me deeper.

He reached around my body, grabbing both of my tits and started to gently squeeze them. Sending little electric shocks across my body. I reached down and started to rub my clit to get the ultimate feeling of pleasure.

I closed my eyes just for a few seconds, enjoying getting butt-fucked and then I felt a soft hand caress my face. My eyes snapped open and I realized it was Jenna's hand. Brett and Bobby must have finished. Jenna leaned in and planted a kiss on my lips again. Our tongues fought for dominance.

Seeing the woman he was fucking up the ass in a heavy makeout session with another must have been a bit too much for Josh because he started to moan and lose timing in his thrusts. He loudly announced he was about to cum and pulled out, leaving my ass feeling suddenly empty. I felt the cold air rush in to fill the space left in his cock's wake.

Jenna moved behind me to inspect my ass. "Fuck, too bad you can't see you asshole, it's gaping so much you could drive a truck through!" Grabbing my doughy ass cheeks, she spread them as much as she could and stuck her tongue as far into my ass as she could and swirled it around making me moan again.

"Alright boys, come on over here and blow your loads on our faces and tits," I said. Jenna clapped her hands in excitement and the guys came strutting over.

David was first since he was the first one to be cut off. He blew a fair sized load, five nice thick streams all over my face. The next guy, Bobby, blew six thick streams all over Jenna's face. Man number three, Jake shot six streams too, spread evenly over the two of us.

Josh walked up to me next. He rubbed his cock slowly, making sure he got the most pleasurable experience he could. He looked so sexy, standing there stroking his nice thick cock. I leaned forward slightly, opening my mouth and stuck my tongue out. I shaped it like a spoon. Josh grunted and placed the head of his large penis on the tip of my tongue. Still rubbing away, he closed his eyes and put his head back. I felt a salty drop of precum slide onto my tongue. Then, with my big brown eyes starring right up at him, I saw his stomach clench, felt his cock pulse, and heard his cum shoot to the back of my throat. Shot after shot of his man juice flew into my mouth. He came so much I thought he was never going to stop. His cum filled my mouth and flowed over my lips, dribble down my chin and landed on my tits.

After Josh stopped cumming, I looked at Jenna and waved her over. We locked lips, and she sucked the cum out of my mouth.

The next guy to cum on us was Daniel. The rest followed suit, shooting their loads on our tits. When Brett's turn came up. I grabbed onto his cock and started jacking him off. I marveled at the size of his cock. Earlier I thought it was only nine inches but I see now it's a fair size longer, maybe ten inches and oh boy was it thick, I couldn't even get my hand around it. And his ball were fucking huge too! Dangling a minimum of four inches below his cock.

Suddenly he grabbed his cock and started furiously stroking it, then he closed his eyes and groaned. The huge tip of his cock flared and his cum burst forth and blasted across Jenna's face. The first four jets of cum were really big and thick. He shifted and pointed his cock at me and blew three more streams equal to the last all over my face, covering it, then he unleashed four or five more jets of cum onto my tits, covering them too.

"Oh wow, I guess that's what not cumming for two weeks and fucking for a couple hours will get you!" He laughed.

I looked down and saw that my tits were totally covered, and since I was holding them up, a nice little puddle of cum had formed in my cleavage. I looked over at Jenna and saw that she was wiping the cum off her face and eating it, so I offered her my little puddle of cum. She just dove right in and slurped it all up then she proceeded to clean off my face.

When she was satisfied with he cleaning job she'd done we went and joined the guys, who had since gone and jumped into the water to get cleaned up. After more pleasantries were exchanged Jenna and I decided it was time to go back home.

In the car on the way back home Jenna and I were busy talking about how much fun we had in the last few hours.

"But you know what," she said "I've never taken a cock up the ass before, I'll have to try it sometime."

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