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Julie's Roadside Stop

A stop for speeding quickly strays from the routine
Once she'd left the limits of her small town, she hit the gas as hard as she dared. The road was a straight shot to the city from here, and it was a fairly deserted route, so she shouldn't have to worry about cops. As her Mazda whipped along the road, stirring up dust and fallen leaves in its wake, she sighed dismally and checked her watch again. There was no way in hell she was going to make it on time. Maybe if she'd been driving a Formula One racecar. Maybe.

Julie pressed down a little harder on the accelerator, watching it inch toward 95 mph. Twenty miles to go, and the meeting was due to begin in fifteen minutes. Maybe she'd be able to make it after all. She looked into the rearview mirror to adjust her hair and inspect her lipstick. As she brushed a stray hair away from her forehead, she noticed the flash of lights behind her. With a sinking heart, she realized that it was a state trooper. She was about to be pulled over for speeding.

Julie pulled the car to a stop alongside the road and waited for the officer to approach. It seemed to take forever for him to finish the paperwork, or radio call, or whatever he was doing. She looked at her watch; there was absolutely no possible way for her to make it to the presentation now. She glanced at the rearview mirror again, and noticed a pair of heads in the front of the vehicle. She wondered to herself why there were two officers in the vehicle – she was used to seeing a single officer when she noticed police cars.

Depending on how long this took, she might miss it entirely. For the first time, Julie realized the enormity of her situation. She'd been warned about tardiness just three weeks ago during her performance review, and there were no prospects in sight if she lost her job, and she was about to get her fourth speeding ticket of the year. She slumped down in her seat and sighed miserably.

Finally, the officer in the driver’s seat finished whatever he'd been doing and opened the door to his vehicle. Julie watched him approach in her side-view mirror. She rolled down her window and began fishing out her registration and . . . she realized with a sickening dread that she'd left her driver's license in her jacket that morning.­

“Excuse me, Miss. I need to see your license and registration, please.”

Julie drew a deep breath and began to explain that she'd forgotten her license at home, but would be more than happy to bring it to the station later that day . . .

“Miss, would you please step out of the car?”

The officer stepped back from the door to allow her to open it, and Julie stepped out of her car, standing to face him.

She noticed the other trooper getting out of the car. Standing back, observing.

The trooper by her vehicle gave her an appraising glance, and she realized that she must look somewhat brazen to an Iowa state trooper. She'd dressed for the office that morning -- professional but sexy. Her skirt was short, her blouse was low-cut, and her heels were high. She wished even more that she'd remembered her jacket that morning.

“Will you please turn and place your hands against the vehicle?”

Julie stared at him in bewilderment. This was a routine traffic stop and he was going to search her?

“Now, please, Miss.”

Julie knew that this wasn't standard procedure. She'd been pulled over enough times before so that she had an idea of what to expect. Maybe this was what they did to people who didn't have their licenses, though. At any rate, she didn't think she had any other choice than to follow the officer's instructions. She turned around and bent forward, placing her hands on the roof of the car.

“Now just stay exactly like that, Miss. I'm going back to my car to do a check on your license plate, and I don't want to see you move.”

He walked back to his car, opened the door, and half-sat inside, he said a couple words to the other officer and she thought she may have heard one of them chuckle. The trooper picked up his radio. The wind was picking up, putting Julie's skirt in danger of blowing up around her waist, but she was afraid to do anything about it since he had warned her not to move. She turned her head slightly and saw the second state trooper still standing beside his vehicle gazing at her intently as his partner made his call. Julie blushed, as she was acutely aware that her skirt was by now affording him an excellent view of the tops of her thigh-­highs and her silk panties. She tried to shake it back down by wriggling her hips a little, but that only made it worse.

After a few more minutes, the officer put back the radio and started back towards Julie.

“Ma'am, I'm afraid that you have four unpaid speeding tickets. You're going to have to come with us.”

With that, the officer grabbed hold of her arms so rapidly she didn’t have an opportunity to resist, and locked her wrists behind her back in a pair of handcuffs. Shocked, she turned around to face him and gasped out, “What do you think you're doing!”

“Miss, as I said, you'll have to come with us. With that many speeding tickets on your record, the state can legally impound your car and hold you until you post the amount of the fines.”

Julie was shocked and terrified. She'd never heard of such a rule before, and for God's sake, they were only speeding tickets. She’d meant to pay them, but forgot about them with the press of other demands; and they had never even bothered to send her any reminders.

There was no way she could lose her car, and she absolutely could NOT be held in jail. She needed her car, probably to search for a new job, and she worried about an arrest going on her record, that would make it tough to get hired anywhere.

“Please; Officer, can't I Just pay you now? I mean I really can't he taken into custody, I have my job to think about and I really don't think I did that much wrong, I mean there must he something you can do . . .”

Realizing that she was babbling, Julie trailed off. The officer was just staring at her, with absolutely no emotion in his face. He took a few steps forward, so that he was nearly touching Julie, who was leaning forward against the side of the car.

“W . . . what are you doing, sir?”

The trooper who was at least six inches taller than Julie and outweighed her by about sixty pounds, advanced toward her until she was trapped against the car, her hands cuffed behind her. “Miss, you drive out here dressed like some kind of high-toned slut.”

Julie gasped out loud and flushed in embarrasment.

“. . . and then expect us to give you some kind of break. Well, Miss, you've broken the law one too many times, and you're not going to get away with it with just your good looks.”

“Please, Officer, you don't understand--”

The trooper cut her off, mid-sentence. “Oh . . . I understand well enough. I understand that you dress up like that to tease men, make them hot and get them excited. I understand how you think you can drive like a maniac and not get punished because you're so good looking. I understand all of that. And you know what else I understand? Answer me, you know what else I understand?”

Julie shook her head mutely, terrified.

“I understand that you need to beat this ticket. Pretty bad for some reason.”

He was pressing so tightly against her now that Julie, horrified, could feel his erection start to build. She hadn't known before why he was behaving so strangely; now she did. He was going to want her to perform some kind of perverted act. A tear slipped down her cheek as she realized there was no getting out of this.

“Because of the way you are acting, we're going to have to search you. Make sure you don't have any weapons or drugs on you before I put you in the back of my cruiser.”

He was so close now that Julie could feel his hot breath against her ear.

Julie wished desperately that another car would come along the road, but she knew better. In six months of driving along this road to work every morning, she'd seen another vehicle on the road only a handful of times. She and these troopers were alone.

The man grinned at her discomfort and whispered into her ear again.

“I'm going to call my partner over here and we're going to make sure your not hiding anything under your skirt except those pretty legs of yours; and then we're going to check your bra to make sure they're holding nothing except your hot little breasts.”

Julie stared hack at him with wide, frightened eyes.

With a nod of his head he signaled his partner to approach. He was younger, muscled. with blond hair and blue eyes, a corn-fed Iowa boy.

“Watch her close while I check for weapons or contraband,” the man behind her instructed.

The blonde officer’s hand pressed between her shoulder blades, keeping her over the side of the car. The other officer stepped back and she felt his hands on her ankles. “Now aren't these some sexy ‘fuck-me shoes’?” he asked his partner, “I love that sexy strap around the ankle.”

His hands traveled slowly up her stocking-clad legs. She gasped when his hands moved over her skin at the top of her thighs and over the silk panties covering her ass.

“Spread your legs,” he ordered.

She hesitated, unwilling to expose her crotch to his searching hands.

“Spread `em now or we'll have to add ‘resisting arrest,’ and might even have to rough you up a bit.”

She spread her feet slightly, feeling defeated and helpless.

His hand moved between her legs against her crotch. Julie gasped, shocked; and squirmed helplessly, held firmly against the side of the car. She felt him pull her panties down and press his hand against her. His hand continued to move between her legs for a moment, and then pulled back.

“She shaves it nice and-neat,” he informed his partner.

“I bet you like to show it off, that's why it's shaved so nice,” he said in her ear. '

“Now my partner is going to take a look and make sure I didn't miss anything,” he said as his hands pressed down on her back.

Now she felt the other man's hands travel up her legs. His hands traveled slowly up her legs to the band of her thigh-highs, then they slowly slid back down to her ankles.

Julie knew she should say something, but couldn't think what to say; besides there was nothing she could really do. These men were police officers, they had power over her. It wasn't just her and two men, these were police officers and they could do just about as they pleased unless someone else came along to help her.

The officer’s hands slid back up her nyloned legs, over her lowered panties to squeeze her bare ass. His hand slid between her legs and back to her ass. The hands cupped her ass, pulling her buns apart, exposing her pink, puckered asshole. She felt a finger trace lightly over her sensitive asshole. Then the hands slid back down her legs.

The man behind her stood up.

“Now we're going to have to check your bra,” whispered the first man in her ear.

They stood her up and she felt their hands caress her back, her sides, her stomach, her breasts. Hands unbuttoning her blouse, her blouse pulled down off her shoulders, exposing her. Hands on her back, her bra, undone . . . Suddenly her breasts were exposed and being rubbed and squeezed: roughly, eagerly. Fingers closed tightly around a nipple as she sucked in a sharp breath.

“Nothing bad there,” the officer said, “Nothing bad at all . . .” His last sentence trailed off as he began nibling at her ear and neck, still pinning her against the car with his body. Julie gazed straight forward, her breath coming rapidly and her body tense. The man's bites grew harder and more insistent as he moved up and down her neck, causing Julie to moan helplessly.

“Please, you're hurting me!”

“Get on your knees, now! Before I change my mind and decide to bring you in for arrest, sweetheart.”

Julie, now despaired of escaping this situation, slid down the side of the car and managed to kneel down in front of the men without falling over. It was a struggle, since she was still wearing the handcuffs. She'd hoped they would take them off her, giving her a chance for escape, but they only watched her struggles with amusement.

Both men quickly undid their belts, unfastened their pants, and opened their boxers to reveal their excitement.

“All right, lover, I want to see you work that beautiful mouth. Now do it, because we don't have all day.”

She hesitated for a minute, until one swung his hot, hard penis against her cheek.

There were two erect penises in front of her face, the one with the blonde pubic hair was incredibly long, the other was short, but very thick.

As she hesitated, her hair was grabbed, guiding her head. Her head was moved in closer to the throbbing penises and she began sliding her nose and cheeks along them, nuzzling them with her face.

“That's it, lover. You got it.”

She did this for several minutes, almost forgetting where she was. Part of it reminded her of Richard, how the smell of him had always excited her and made her wet between the legs. Even at the end of their relation, when he was insistent upon having her act out his perverse fantasies, she'd been excited by him. She couldn't help it; her body betrayed her. And another part of her, a dark, sinful part, had sometimes fantasized about two men, two hard cocks to pleasure her, to fill her.

“All right, lover, time for the next step.”

She remembered with a start where she was, kneeling on an Iowa country roadside.

“Now, don't start sucking on them yet. I want you to lick them, just like you would a popsicle or a lollipop. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top. You use your tongue like it's a musical instrument, you got it?”

Julie took her tongue and did as she was told, beginning to stroke one penis with long, firm strokes of her tongue. When she reached the top, she swirled her tongue around the tip a bit and continued back down. Then she did the same to the other.

“Yeah, lick it all, sweetheart.”

She followed the instructions almost without thinking, sliding her tongue up and down all over the cocks, teasing them with the tip of her tongue and stroking them with the entire length of her tongue, from their testicles all the way to the tips, over and over and over again. Both men pressed their swollen cocks against her mouth and face. Without realizing it, Julie had begun to moan as she licked at the troopers.

“Like that, huh, sweetheart? Yeah, I like it too. . you got it just right. You got a nice touch, honey. I knew that mouth was gonna be good to us.”

Julie just moaned as she worked her tongue over the two large penises, which were beginning to drip a clear liquid from the tips. She was throbbing between her legs as well, now, and she had trouble remembering why she'd been so upset a few minutes ago. It had been so long since she'd been with a man . . .

And she'd never been with two men, except in fantasy.

“Next, lover. Now you start sucking. 1 don't want to feel your teeth, and I want you to suck hard, you got it? Move your mouth back and forth, use your tongue a little . . . oh yeah, that's it . . .”

He trailed off into a groan as Julie began doing exactly as he'd said. She took his entire length into her mouth, gagging a little as it hit the back of her throat. She didn't care by now, though, and she began sucking at him as he'd told her. She slid her lips around as she sucked, and teased him with her tongue, tracing around the tip and feeling it move inside her mouth, sliding from cheek to cheek. The other hard cock sliding against her cheek, demanding attention.

She turned her head slightly, letting the one cock slide from her lips and opening her mouth to accept another cock.

They stood her up again, though by this point she was more than content to keep sucking, to make love to the two hard cocks with her mouth.

The first officer sat on her drivers seat, his legs out of the car, his trousers at his knees. His cock, thick and erect, glistened with her saliva.

Still standing, she was bent over at the waist, her hands still cuffed behind her back Her face was pressed into the troopers lap. He held her head and positioned her mouth over his fat cock.

Julie took his cock deep into her mouth, tasting its entire length and holding it there for a moment. Behind her, the other trooper had slid her skirt over her waist, her panties still around her thighs, exposing her now dripping pussy.

She felt the hot, hard cock slide against her naked thighs. With a sudden thrust, it spread her moist lips and was buried deep in her pussy.

She moaned loudly around the cock filling her mouth as the other cock filled her pussy with its hardness.

He began to fuck her fast, driving his cock hard and deep, causing her to moan and gasp as the other man used her hair to force her mouth up and down the length of his cock.

Julie's eyes were watering and she began to gag a little, but she wouldn't stop sucking him. His hips began to move as he thrust forward, fucking her mouth. She could tell he was close to orgasm, so was she.

She wrapped her lips tightly around the cock in her mouth and sucked as hard as she could, just like he'd told her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, that's RIGHT, that's RIGHT, you SLUT, you WHORE, you LOVE it, you NEED it, oh yes oh YES you SUCK it you SUCK it . . .”

He punctuated his moans with thrusts, as he held Julie's head tight and thrust into her mouth.

Julie's moans became higher-pitched and she began to shudder. She had never been so excited before, a hard cock filling her mouth, fucking it. Another cock, plunging hard and deep into her wet, excited pussy. Being taken by these two men by the side of the road. It was all too much. Then she felt pressure against her asshole, and a finger slid into her unprotected ass.

She screamed in pleasure as orgasm wracked her body.

Warm and sticky jism hit the back of her throat and she automatically began to swallow, barely aware of what she was doing, overwhelmed with sensations. The other cock continued thrusting hard into her pussy, jerking and pulsing as it flooded her already dripping pussy with hot cock-cream.

It was several minutes before his spasms stopped, and by then she had cum dripping down her mouth and onto her chin. And out of her pussy, down her thighs.

Julie, her eyes watering, slumped her upper body down and let her head rest against the trooper's legs as she caught her breath.

She groaned softly as the big cock vacated her pussy.

The other officer looked down at her.

“You liked that, didn't you?”

Julie nodded helplessly, desperately ashamed of herself.

“Well, honey, that was the best blowjob I ever got from anyone, so congratulations.”

They helped her stand up against the car again, brushing the dirt and gravel off her skirt; pulling her blouse up.

The officer smiled at her as he unlocked the handcuffs from behind her. They pulled up their trousers and fastened their belts as Julie stood by, feeling confused and awkward. She reached down to pull up her panties.

He winked and got in his car, the other officer was already waiting. Julie couldn't move, still tingling and out of breath, as she leaned against her car and watched them drive away.

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