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Landing the Contract - The tales of Dana Jones - Part one

Dana Jones is ordered to secure the client for her boss using all means necessary.
Thursday afternoon 2.00 pm 

“Come on Mark, fuck me…get on with it…yes…yes…oooooh…that’s it, Mark, let me feel it deep inside me!” Dana moaned loudly as Mark’s searing hot flesh pierced her soaking wet pink hole. Her breathing was ragged as his huge, thick cock jack-hammered its way into her silky hot tunnel.

“Ooooohh, you fucking bastards,” she moaned as her head hung forward in a gesture of submission.

Dana Jones, 32, tall, lithe and devastatingly attractive, stood in front of her desk, skirt and panties lying discarded on the lush carpeted floor and her stocking-clad legs widely spread to give Mark easy access to her exposed sex.

Robert Cranton-Smith was sitting on top of Dana’s desk and his giant curved erection pointed upwards towards her cock hungry mouth like a rocket ready to blast off.

Her succulent lips were only inches away from Robert’s saliva covered cock and her hand moved up and down the thick fleshy staff rapidly in a skilled twisting motion, a motion guaranteed to make men cum. She bent forward and felt her breasts, hanging free from the confines of her bra, pressing against his muscular thighs, her erect nipples trying to pierce his skin.

Waves of pleasure rippled through her body and Dana couldn’t understand why she’d denied herself this feeling for so long. As Mark’s balls slammed against the back of her thighs, she returned her attention back to Robert’s huge prick. He watched with smug satisfaction as she encircled her perfectly made up lips around the engorged helmet and pushed her tongue into his little piss hole. Dana felt him shudder with delight but misread the reason why.

Robert was feeling triumphant because from the very moment he’d laid eyes on Dana months before, he knew instinctively that she was a hot-blooded woman, despite her best efforts to disguise herself behind the façade of an efficient corporate business lawyer.

He grabbed hold of her head and pushed it downwards, forcing more of his cock down Dana’s throat, knowing she wanted this almost as badly as he did. Dana opened her mouth wider to accommodate this delicious oral intrusion and used Robert’s strength to support herself whilst pushing her arse actively backwards to meet Mark’s vigorous pumping .

Mark Waterhouse had sweat running down his ruggedly handsome face as he stood behind Dana, his thick veiny manhood gliding swiftly between her swollen pussy lips. His Savile Row suit was hardly recognisable now. The jacket had been flung across the office and the expensive trousers were lying carelessly around his ankles. None of this was important at the moment; he was only aware of his own selfish pleasure.

He pounded his prick violently into Dana, his lust fuelled by both the sight of his prick disappearing between Dana’s buttocks and feeling how wet she was as she ground her backside against him.

With each thrust Mark’s manhood massaged her G-spot and she could feel the first ripples of pleasure breaking over her body. These ripples would become waves, each one getting bigger than the previous, each one triggering the next in the chain reaction that would lead to a mind shattering orgasm.

She was moaning loudly now as this sexual onslaught continued, teasing and tormenting her body. Her groans were muted by Robert’s cock stuffed greedily inside her mouth but even that couldn’t muffle her abandonment. As another shock-wave of lust shuddered through her frame, Dana ignored the feelings of guilt she had for her husband, Christopher.

Images of his kind, friendly face kept popping momentarily into her consciousness, confronting her, accusing her with this savage adultery; demanding that she stopped immediately, but before these feelings of remorse could bring Dana to her senses, rock hard cocks penetrated the mists of guilt and recalled her to the present. All thoughts of Christopher were banished into the darkest recesses of her mind time and time again by these two studs giving her what she had missed for sooo looong. Hubby no longer satisfied her, hadn’t done so for a very long time now. There was nothing he could do about that. Simply put, he just wasn’t equipped for the job. Compared to Robert and Mark, Christopher was just out-gunned; that was that and all there was to it.

Dana hadn’t planned on it being this way, hadn’t wanted it to happen like this and would have been content to carry on living a lie. In fact she had lived it so convincingly that nobody would have guessed that Dana was a sexually depraved wreck. Luckily for her destiny had given her a helping hand, presenting Dana with an opportunity she couldn’t deny herself and after having been held hostage in a sexual prison of banality for years she wanted liberating.

As her mind was being penetrated by emotions, just as her body was being penetrated by steely erections, Dana concentrated on her task at hand. Dana had finally come to terms with herself. She accepted what she was, what she needed and what she wanted and was determined to follow her true self. She had a mission, a goal and she was determined to reap the rewards that had been promised her.

The sheer physical enjoyment, the delicious knowledge of doing something forbidden, and with two men she had never even met prior to this afternoon's meeting. Her senses were heightened to a previously unknown level and she didn’t want this to end…ever! It was a long, long time ago that Dana had experienced what she was doing now and she knew she wouldn’t stop until she had received every last drop of creamy spunk from these two well hung studs.

Both men felt the subtle change as she responded to their exertions with renewed vigour.

‘Am I…a slut?’

Both men had called her one, but then again their view wasn’t entirely impartial, but if anybody else could see her now, impaled on not one but two hard cocks like a hog on a spit, they would be hard pushed to call her anything else. Secretly she knew the answer, Robert’s prick thrusting between her lips and Mark’s cock stretching her soaking wet cunt was just confirmation. She felt like a slut, she acted like a slut, therefore she was…

Dana wondered what had driven her to this. Was it, as she kidded herself, to help her career at Brady, Cooper & Davidson, Lawyers Incorporated, or was it something else…

“Come on you two, fuck me like the slut I am!” she screamed wantonly.

Tuesday Afternoon 5.55 pm

Dana Jones’s sexual downfall started when she was waiting by the coffee machine for her cappuccino to appear. Out the corner of her eye she saw Mr John Davidson walking towards her. His presence unsettled Dana for two reasons: Excitement and anxiety. The excitement she felt was caused by the way her body responded to the raw sexuality he radiated. How was it possible that one man could be so god-damned sexy? she wondered, fascinated as his strong muscular frame approached her.

Her anxiety was brought on because he was her boss. He had the power to hire or fire her if he pleased and had been known to do so indiscriminately. He could be as unreasonable as he could be charming and more than once a up and coming lawyer had found himself on the street, jobless, and wondering why he had incurred the wrath of Mr John Davidson.

Mr Davidson, from Brady, Cooper & Davidson, Lawyers Incorporated was a devilishly handsome, large Afro-American ex college ball player. He’d studied law during his football scholarship because he needed something academic to do but didn’t have any intention of really practising, because he was destined for the NFL. Because of this he missed lessons, ignored assignments and enjoyed the abundant female population. All this stopped abruptly when in his last year an injury to his shoulder shattered his sporting aspirations. Despite being bitterly angry, John crammed everything he’d missed throughout the previous years in the last semester before his finals and came away with an honours degree.

Dana knew that the other partners, Colin Brady and Joe Cooper, were considered the real legal whiz kids of the company but only a fool underestimated John. Colin and Joe had studied and graduated together but whereas John was considered a sport jock, they were known for their more intellectual approach. Being nerds didn’t mean they were stupid or lacking in ambition. Neither one of them relished working for a boss and they played around with the idea of forming their own company. Both men realised that without someone like John Davidson at their side the goal of becoming rich and powerful would be a lot more difficult to realise.

Determined to succeed they presented their case to John after inviting him to their club for an all-night drinking session. As the sun rose over the grounds of the Brentwood country club, one of Los Angeles most successful lawyers firms was established. Rumours claimed the partnership was sealed on a gentleman’s handshake, without one word being committed to paper but not one of the three would confirm or deny this fact.

Both Colin Brady and Joe Cooper could be persuasive, sharp and decisive; everything that up and coming lawyers needs to get ahead but when it came to looks, charm or charisma neither of them could compete with John Davidson. His handsome features emphasised his proud noble ancestry and was made more impressive by his dark ebony skin. Standing a little over six feet, the only fat on his frame came from the hamburgers he enjoyed now and again, otherwise it was all muscle and bone. Developed and kept in condition by years of football training, John treated his body as a temple, a temple dedicated to his two loves; Football and women. Everywhere he went he was surrounded by beautiful ladies all dying to bear his children but John was only interested in sex. Amazingly, other men instead of being threatened by John’s presence flocked around him trying to see if a little bit of his charisma would rub off on them, Brady and Cooper were no exceptions.

What many failed to realise was that John’s charm hid a cold hard ruthlessness. A ruthlessness that could have made Attila the Hun take pause for thought. So long as what he was doing was within the law John left no stone unturned, no line uncrossed and considered nothing sacrosanct when searching for the tiniest detail that could lead him to victory.

His reputation for tenacity and relentlessness became legendary amongst the L.A law fraternity and many an adversary, after hearing that John was the opposing lawyer advised their clients to settle as quickly and quietly as possible. All of them were realistic enough to know that if the conflict reached the courtroom, none of them could break his 100% success rate. Despite this fearsome prominence John Davidson enjoyed the respect and friendship of almost everybody he came into contact with.

Colin Brady and Joe Cooper watched fascinated as John, using his innate charm, exploited all and every opportunity that came his way. Business or personnel it didn’t matter to John and amazingly nobody ever seemed to mind. Whether it was the bank balance or bed, both were left empty as John moved effortlessly from one project, as he liked to call them to the next, John proved to be an invaluable asset to the company. The business grew impressively and now twenty years later they had a staff of eleven senior and fifteen junior partners and a continual stream of associates all trying to keep up with the punishing workload that never seemed to diminish.

Even now, John Davidson, older, wiser and infinitely more respectable than in his younger years, still led a bachelor's existence preferring to leave marital status to his two lifelong friends. He was constantly photographed by the paparazzi, exiting Los Angeles latest trendy nightclubs with a string of gorgeous models or actresses, before being whisked away by a chauffeur driven limousine, to his magnificent mansion situated in Beverly Hills.

Dana could hardly believe what she was seeing when she saw him approaching and her consternation was even bigger as she realised that he was heading directly for her.

“Jesus he’s still got it,” Dana Jones muttered to herself as he neared her like a giant predatory cat. Evan now his easy casual gait lured her into a false sense of security she found herself looking at his groin and wondering what he looked like naked. Lost in thought it took Dana a few seconds before she realised he had called her by name. Immediately all thoughts of naked black men vanished like smoke in the wind and a wave of panic surged through her body causing an uncomfortable crushing feeling in her chest.

Why was one of the founding partners seeking her out? What had she done wrong? she wondered fleetingly, her brain racing at lightning speed trying to remember everything she had done in the last month. She almost physically jumped when one of John's huge hands rested on her shoulder and she felt a shiver of apprehension run down her spine.

“Ah, Mrs Jones, there you are. I was just in your office but Susie told me you were here.”

Dana didn’t actually flinch under his touch but she could feel her temperature rise as his hand seemed to generate a warmth that radiated through her body. She could smell his expensive cologne tried averting her gaze from his face but try as she might she couldn’t relax in his presence.

He was just too fucking sexy. She could feel her nipples beginning to stiffen and Dana hoped that this encounter would end before her body could betrayed her secret desires.

“I’m sorry sir, I needed to check some details for the White Foundation case and because it’s going to take longer…” Dana realised that she was babbling but she was nervous “…Susie and myself are working late.” Seeing John Davidson look at her, smiling so friendly…no not friendly something else, flirtingly only made it worse. She was sure he was teasing her but she couldn’t help herself. “So we’ve ordered take-away and I decided to get some coffee for us both.”

John raised his other hand in an effort to staunch Dana’s monologue, his eyes sparkling with something more than amusement at her obvious discomfort.

“Excellent, Mrs Jones, excellent but I really need your help on another matter,” he informed her.

Dana blinked a couple of times in confusion at his statement. “My help, sir?” she interrupted him, her mind in turmoil, “Of course, sir. Anything, I’ll do anything you want me to…I mean…really…anything!” Dana stopped in mid-sentence after she realised that her last words could have been construed in an entirely different context than she had actually meant them to sound.

She realised she was prattling and shut up immediately. John Davidson looked at her with a knowing smile before continuing his narrative seemingly unperturbed by her interruption.

“Now, Mrs Jones, Dana isn’t it?” he asked pleasantly and saw her nodding vigorously. “I’ve got something for you.” He gestured to the legal brief in his hand. "This is something a bit unusual for our company really, because normally our clients do not choose who we assign to dossiers but considering he is one of our most prestigious clients and a very well-known and thought of person here in Los Angeles, we’re inclined to bend our company policy once in a while.” He smiled sympathetically at Dana. She just looked shell-shocked at him not really understanding what was going on at moment.

“He’s asked for you by name,” he informed her, business-like.

Dana raised her eyebrows quizzically and pointed at herself. John Davidson grinned, self-effacing, and nodded. “Actually considering your last employment, the client and the sensitive nature of the problem, we agree with him and think this is something that maybe you can help us with.”

Dana looked at him. Surprise and puzzlement altered her attractive features as she asked what the problem was. For an answer John handed Dana the file in his hand and started to explain.

“You’ve probably heard of Robert Cranton-Smith. Well he’s….” Dana slowly shook her head and it was John Davidson’s turn to be surprised. “You’ve never heard of Robe…” and suddenly a light bulb went off in his head. “Of course you don’t, you’re not from around here are you, Dana?” John checked his expensive Rolex and didn’t wait for an answer. “Now listen carefully while I explain.” John carried on smiling friendly to alleviate her fears. John’s smile was wasted on Dana because nerves had gotten the best of her.

Tuesday Afternoon 6.00 pm

“Robert Cranton-Smith is the CEO and whiz kid of Sunset Holdings, the financial money makers for the rich and famous. He started out as a hacker but after getting caught when he was nineteen he got smart. He turned it around and started using his brain to make money. First for himself but then word got around and his reputation grew. Being young and good looking definitely helps in this town and a lot of the younger Hollywood people, not knowing what to do with their sudden fame and fortune turned to someone they regarded as one of their own generation. He was different to all the other financial advisers they’d had, he was someone who’d bucked the system, given it to the man up the ass and although he’d been caught and punished that just boosted his street cred and now he was doing the same thing to the man but now doing it legally. That’s how it works here in LA and we’ve represented him for years now. His portfolio includes a long list of Hollywood A list names but he’s got clients from over the whole continent.”

Dana nodded impressed.

“Now he’s being accused of assault! ” Dana looked up at John with a look of resignation and saw fire in his eyes. “The charge is total nonsense of course, at least that’s what he tells me and since he’s not only a client but also a personal friend of mine I believe him.” Dana felt herself being gripped very tightly as John told her about Robert Cranton-Smith but as if waking up from a dream John realised where he was and immediately released her painful shoulder. “He’s asked for you and I’m going to trust his intuition besides it’s been a long time since I’ve practised criminal law.” Once more he smiled dazzlingly at Dana. “And that’s where you come in to play.”

Dana knew she should feel flattered but all she could see was the Sword of Damocles hanging over her head. “We’ve been re-negotiating with Cranton-Smith for almost a year now trying to retain his account and now this ridiculous accusation is threatening to blow the whole deal.” Dana listened intently hearing the frustration in his voice and waited for the horse's hair to snap.

“Seeing that your last employment was by Jensen & Jullianson the criminal defence firm in Chicago we offered Cranton-Smith the opportunity of using your expertise in this field to clear his name.” The sword came crashing down and Dana felt sick to her stomach. One of the reason’s she moved to LA was to make a new start and that included never ever defending scum-bags again no matter what the rewards. Being a corporate whilst being more stressful, and demanding was both more profitable and minder taxing on her consciousness.

“Mr Davidson, it’s not that I don’t want to help but I don’t see how I can help," Dana began her refusal, “I mean I don’t know anybody by the DA’s office, I don’t know any judges here in LA.”

John put his muscular arm around her and began walking down the corridor. All Dana could do was shuffle resignedly alongside her boss as he started his counter argument. She noticed he’d turned up the charm a few notches and his glistening white smile seemed even brighter.

“Dana, from what I understand it’s an open and shut case. Probably won’t even see the inside of a courtroom but just in case we’re wrong, all I’m asking is that you take a look at the details here.” His request sounded so easy and reasonable but she knew from experience that that she was stepping off a cliff into the unknown. She really didn’t want to displease both on a personal and professional level that she held out her hand for the folder and smiled weakly at her boss.

“I’ll do my best, Mr Davidson, but I’m not sure I’ll be much help,” she replied, and felt a huge weight land on her shoulders.

“That’s all I’m asking for, Dana. Look it over, talk to Mr Cranton-Smith and then report back to me. This is his deal breaker, Mrs Jones. If we settle this unfortunate business for him, he has promised to keep his account here and we will make millions from him. So just take a look okay.” His smile was turned mega wattage and her body was responding to the arm around her shoulders and her resistance crumbled.

“Now, clear your desk for this, Dana. Everything here is at your disposal and if you can’t find something don’t hesitate to come and ask me. From now on my door is open to you, so don’t be shy.” His enthusiasm was infectious and Dana began to feel a little bit more positive. “Don’t forget, girl, that Brady, Cooper & Davidson will be indebted to you and,” he gave Dana another knowing smile, “We pride ourselves in rewarding our people very well when they’ve earned it.” His expression said You know what you’re being offered and it’s up to you if you want it. 

Dana could hardly believe her ears. She had just been offered a junior partnership if she succeeded. She blinked a couple of times. Mr Davidson released her shoulders and continued walking away. Before turning the corner he stopped and smiled. Pointing his finger at her like a drawn pistol Mr Davidson looked at her as if she was the star player and said encouragingly, “Go get him, Dana, make us proud,” and then he disappeared from sight. Almost forgetting the coffees Dana Jones was in a daze as she made her way back to her office where Susie, her secretary was waiting impatiently.

Wednesday Morning 10.45 am

Dana Jones sat behind her desk tapping her manicured nails on the polished wood whilst waiting impatiently for the telephone to be answered. She had asked Susie for a private outside line and had dialled the number herself. She decided to call Mr Robert Cranton-Smith herself and make an appointment because Susie was still in the dark about her secret assignment. Besides she was kept busy with all the extra paperwork on the White Foundation takeover.

Some idiot had decided to move the date forward by a week so it was all hands on deck to get everything ready for tomorrow. The irritating tone of an unanswered line was getting to her but she tried calming herself down because she had to make this call before she forgot it in all the madness today.

Luckily Dana’s lowly stance in the company meant her presence at the conference table wasn’t required which would allow her to concentrate her attention on the Robert Cranton-Smith’s case but she mused was for tomorrow.

At this rate they’d all be lucky to get home at a reasonable hour today before everything was ready for the takeover. The Cranton file was still lying in her attaché case and she’d used the company’s administration records to get his number.

“Hello, darling, who am I speaking to?” Dana jumped at the sudden sound of a hard gravelly voice in her ear when it started speaking without any warning. After her heart started beating normally again she felt her body responding strangely. She started blushing, something she hadn’t done since high school. Then she recalled the words being spoken and bristled at being called ‘darling’, especially by a complete stranger. Even though the familiarity irritated Dana couldn’t help herself becoming, hypnotised into a very relaxed state of mind by quiet rough sounding West Coast accent, and she found it increasingly hard to stay annoyed.

Dana began in a business-like manner, “Good Morning, Mr Smith. I’m Mrs Jones from…” She didn’t get any further because Robert Cranton-Smith casually interrupted her.

“Hey, hey, foxy mama, let's cool down and relax. No need to be so formal, Miss Jones.” Dana couldn’t see the smile on the other end of the line, but she heard it all the same and Robert Cranton-Smith’s voice sounded like he was having a huge amount of fun. “Please call me Robert or Bob, whichever one takes your fancy.”

Dana looked at the phone incredulously, hardly believing the old fashioned language being spoken and wondered what the fuck was going on.

“That’s the name all my friends use and if this thing works out…” A slight pause was heard. “...well like I think it will, then you and I will be very good friends, in fact more than just friends if you get my drift!”

Dana was taken aback at Cranton-Smith’s insinuation and desperately wanted to stamp her authority on this conversation, but before she could talk he spoke again, once more his voice teasing her.

“Now I know who you are and I know why you’re calling me. Lord knows I’ve been sitting here since eight o’clock this morning for you. Why, I was beginning to think you disliked me and that hurts me deeply.”

Dana was flabbergasted. Who did this Mr Fucking Robert Cranton-Smith think he was? she wondered, fuming at his arrogance.

“Anyway, Miss Jones, I really don’t have any more time to discuss this matter today so why don’t we agree to meet up? Maybe dinner at my place? Friday evening is good for me, and after dinner we can enjoy drinks and relax together and have some fun. Maybe we can play lawyer and criminal, you know for background information. You’ll insist on knowing the naked truth down to the last detail and I’ll come clean and show you everything I’ve got. I’ll hide nothing and I’ll give you my full co-operation. You’ll only leave after you’ve sucked me dry and used me to fill in all the holes you’ve got, if you know what I mean.”

Dana was fuming, all she wanted to do was slam the phone down on the sorry son of a bitch’s blatant juvenile sexual innuendos but acting professionally she took a deep breath and tried to remain calm.

“So what do you think of my suggestion, Miss Jones? Or may I call you Dana?”

Her reply was uttered through clenched teeth. “Firstly, Mr Smith,” she deliberately forgot the hyphenated Cranton-Smith, “It’s Mrs Jones to you! And secondly there’s no way in hell I’m going to meet with you alone for dinner Friday evening or any other evening for that matter and thirdly,” she paused to catch her breath, “There’s no fucking way on earth we’ll be playing any games you can think of together, kinky or otherwise, so maybe before we go any further, you should…how can I put it,” and now she paused for effect, “Well…maybe you should just grow up!” Her voice was full of disdain now. Disdain for him because he’d treated this call like some sort of adolescent sexual fantasy and for herself because she’d allowed herself to be baited so well. The teasing voice smoothly interrupted her again.

“Hey stay cool, Mrs Jones." The laugh in his voice was clearly audible now. “We’re all just having some innocent fun here, no need for the heavy attitude girl.” Cranton-Smith waited for Dana to speak again but she was immersed in her own misery. She had handled this all wrong, she knew that now but in the heat of the moment he’d pushed all her buttons and she’d responded accordingly. He was just flirting harmlessly with her and as she read his personal details on the computer she groaned inwardly.

The screen told her he was everything she wanted to know about him; His estimated income, his tax revenues, the addresses of his various homes including one in Aspen Colorado and his marital status, single but the one detail that stuck in her mind was his age. Twenty-three years old, almost ten years younger than herself she realised in dismay. As she looked blankly at the screen she knew there was nothing there that could help her get out of this embarrassing situation.

Dana gathered her wits about her and decided to act as if nothing was the matter. “Mr Cranton-Smith, we need to meet to discuss your case details and I propose that you come here.” Her heart was beating faster now for some unknown reason. “To my office on Thursday morning and we can hear your side of the story. I must confess I myself haven’t had a chance to go through everything but as soon as I’ve finished what I’m doing today I’ll get right on to it.” Her heart rate had subsided now and she sounded in control. “So I will see you Thursday morning,” she added authoritatively.

She believed she could hear Cranton-Smith smile on the other end of the line, obviously not believing a word she said.

“I’m afraid Thursday morning I’m busy but I could come after lunch, say about one o’clock,” he replied relaxed, playing the game as he wanted to. “Does suit you, Mrs Jones?” he added as if he cared what she wanted.

“I look forward to seeing you then,” she lied convincingly.

She heard a chuckle and then his reply, “I know you will, Dana Jones, I know you will.” There was a click as the line was broken.

Wednesday Evening 9.35 pm

Dana flopped down onto the couch after taking a very long steaming hot shower. Dressed only in bikini panties and a large red T-shirt, her long hair still felt damp as she rubbed the back of her neck trying to wind down after a day of hell. Lying on the coffee table in front of her was a file that John Davidson had shoved on top of all the others she was carrying when the chaos at work seemed to reach its zenith.

“Hello, Dana, here is a file that our investigators have put together for you. It’s not much young lady, but maybe it will help you.” He gave her his famous smile. She looked firstly at the stack of files in her hands and then at him uncomprehendingly, her mind working at breakneck speed over the White Foundation case. Had they made a big mistake, had she missed something and was this going to cost Brady, Cooper & Davidson, Lawyers Incorporated a huge sum of money.

“I’m sorry, Mr Davidson,” she began stuttering, “But I thought we had everything for the White Foundation, I’m sure...”

Now it was John’s turn to look puzzled. He studied her for a moment and then realised they were on different levels. He began laughing at the confusion. “Ah, Mrs Jones, I see I’ve caught you at a busy moment.” She looked nonplussed. “This file is for the Cranton-Smith case. Now I don’t know what’s in here but I’m sure it’s just the usual background information, you know the accused, accuser, police records that sort of thing. Nothing you’re not familiar with, right?” He raised an eyebrow at her questioningly. A light flickered in a dark recesses of her mind and she began nodding her head acknowledging him as she finally understood what on earth he was talking about.

“Good, good, good,” he murmured whilst tapping the files absently. John Davidson looked at his watch, checking to see he wouldn’t be late leaving the office, and without showing the smallest grain of pity for the huge workload the young associates had on their shoulders, he smiled his goodbye at her and turned and walked away. Once more just before he disappeared from sight he pointed his fingers at her like they were a pistol, a gesture he regarded as encouraging and told her he had every faith in her.

Dana stood there speechless, her hands full, and slowly counted to ten before moving off to her office. Before everybody had gone home tempers had been lost, anger and frustration had been vented, and everyone had been at each other’s throats because no-one could understand why the court date had been rescheduled. There was no apparent reason for it that anyone could understand, and why had they been given just one day's notice. How could they adequately prepare everything on time?

After leaving the office a lot later than usual, Dana was now trying to relax, even though her head thumped with a ball breaker of a headache. She was too tired and exhausted and the file on the table looked at her accusingly. She picked up the map and regarded it unenthusiastically. Her favourite series was on television and she wanted to watch it, or at least the last twenty minutes that remained and she almost threw the file back onto the table.

Her instinctive professionalism wouldn’t allow her to go into a meeting unprepared so she flicked open the cover and began reading. Inside the beige cardboard map were police photos of both Cranton-Smith and his alleged victim, Angela Martin, preliminary police reports, based on the statements made by both Cranton and Angela, another smaller file and a couple of CDs.

The reports gave a detailed account of what had happened after the emergency services received the first 911 call. Agents had driven to the address that had been given tearfully over the telephone and had found the victim lying naked on the couch next to the phone crying her eyes out.

The agents assuming the house belonged to Angela Martin and that the perpetrator had long since vanished tried comforting her whilst waiting for a female colleague to arrive to take her statement. It was only when Cranton-Smith, having assumed that Angela had long since gone home, walked into his living room wearing only a towel around his waist after taking a shower upstairs, that the cops realised this house actually belonged to the so called accused and wasn’t this turning out to be a nice and easy case. Cranton-Smith could hardly believe it when he found himself being handcuffed and booked for assault .

When 911 receive a complaint as serious as assault , a gigantic bureaucratic wheel begins to roll and once it’s rolling it is very hard to stop. Both Angela and Cranton-Smith were taken down to the station and statements were made.

Dana ignored those for the time being and opened the smaller file. Looking at the photos of Cranton-Smith and Angela Martin, Dana could see why they sought each other out. Calling Cranton-Smith a good looking man is like saying Mercedes Benz is a good car. Looking not unlike Brad Pitt in his younger years, his attractive features held crystal blue eyes that seemed to laugh at everything, high cheekbones and a smiling mouth. He had good teeth and a strong chin made him look respectable but his short hair was uncontrollable. Looking at him quickly one would think he had a habit of sticking his fingers in an electric socket to get this unruly design.

Miss Martin on the other hand was a long tall shapely model which lingerie and beachwear companies found so appealing. Dana wondered why she looked so familiar, she had seen her before, she was sure of it. Messer’s Brady, Cooper & Davidson had included back ground material on Miss Martin and Dana saw that Angela modelled for among others home order catalogues.

Dana used several of them herself to buy clothes on-line. However Angela wasn’t particular for who she worked so she modelled for anybody willing to pay. Dana turned over the photos that displayed Angela in bikinis and lingerie until she came across photos aimed at a completely different sort of market. Of late Miss Martin was busy building a career in Hollywood’s adult film industry.

These photos were taken from a recent porn shoot and showed Angela and female another model in extremely compromising situations. There was more. Her company was determined to show Angela in the worst possible light and had sought every sordid, seedy photo they could find. Dana tried looking at them objectively but couldn’t help admitting that Angela did look extremely sexy and more to the point she seemed to be making a name for herself by only working with well-endowed actors.

Immersed in her task and enjoying it she hadn’t heard footsteps approaching her from behind and before she could shut the file, Chris dressed in his pyjamas having finished his own shower quickly leant over to kiss her but was side tracked by the filth that he saw. Angela Martin was looking wantonly at the camera sitting astride a massive cock, whilst another was being pushed greedily between her lips. Dana was studying the picture intently but her reasons were not for research. That was something she couldn’t tell Chris.

“Jesus Dana that’s pornographic,” stating the obvious “And it’s disgusting” he continued his eyes flaring angrily and his voice taking his habitual accusing tone. Chris was a devout Christian and as straight as the proverbial arrow and when they first met he was exactly what she was looking for. Strong, independent and above all trustworthy, he seemed like the perfect man when she first got to know him but he was extremely old fashioned. His views were on everything were conservative and especially about sex. Wasn’t very good at it, didn’t want to talk about it and considered anything other than the missionary position to be positively evil. Dana sighed heavily. She found herself disagreeing with him on a great many things lately, it was a constant source of tension in the house and they’d had many arguments over their different points of view but Dana who enjoyed looking at porn, only doing it when Chris was away on business, wasn’t in the mood for another confrontation.

“I know darling but I was asked by one of the senior partners and I promised him that I’d take a look and you know I how I feel about breaking my word. Anyway it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, especially compared to what we used to see in Chicago and if I do a good job on this case and everything goes according to plan then maybe I’ll make junior partner next year,” she offered as consolation.

Dana saw Chris sulking as he walked to the kitchen, knowing that what she had said made sense but it still irked him and like a young child who had lost an argument he had to have the last word “Well I don’t care for it, Dana, it’s disgusting, wrong and immoral and can only lead to no good.” Dana sighed again as Chris carried on muttering in the kitchen.

Wednesday Evening 9.45 pm

Looking at the photos brought back long forgotten memories for Dana. During university Dana being away from home for the first time, rebelled from her strict church upbringing and soon became known as a wild party girl. Dana’s sexual rampage knew no bounds, weekends and spring break were a free for all. Together with her best friend Monique Schneider, Dana engaged in an orgy of sex, drugs and rock and roll. The drink and drugs helped them lose all inhibitions, but also impaired their judgement.

At one such party a guy was filming everyone and everything. Dana didn’t think anything of it until a few months later when Monique called her to say she had seen them on the internet. Dana logged on, and bit her nails whilst waiting for what seemed like an eternity for the film to download. She was totally dumbfounded. As she watched herself being fucked by multiple guys she almost threw up. Her memory was patchy to say the least, and it seemed fun at the time but this was so confrontational and worse was to come.

Monique, driven by her own shame at having allowed herself to be filmed participating in such debauchery, had not only confessed to her parents but had also informed Dana’s family. After Dana’s father had searched and found the film on the internet, he watched disgusted while his little girl, seemingly enthusiastically performed acts that he regarded as the devil's work.

Her father wanted to turn the filth off but was compelled to watch it to the bitter end. The sight of his daughter covered in sperm, smiling hungrily, wantonly at the camera and demanding even more was the last straw for him. Outraged by his daughter's depraved behaviour and fearing that he would be disgraced within his church community, he banished her from the family.

Dana couldn’t deny what had happened but hadn’t reckoned on her parents seeing the film and was distraught at being banished. After realising her father was not going to back down from his position. Dana wanted retribution but was informed by high priced attorneys that she had signed a consent form and even though she was high on drink and drugs at the time, a long drawn out and most importantly expensive court case would only prolong the suffering and there was no guarantee that she would win. Reluctantly she decided that retreat was the better part of valour and after long nights crying herself asleep. Luckily it hadn’t cost her anything financially but emotionally the damage had been done.

Dana wanting and needing forgiveness had sought comfort by her local priest, who explained in a fatherly manner that we were all sinners in the eyes of God but because God was all forgiving, he welcomed everybody who repented. Dana, feeling low and lonely, threw herself into her new-found faith and with the help of Father Michaels even managed to repair her relationship with her parents. Through the church Dana met Chris, a small wiry man who was a building contractor, and they started dating. Chris didn’t believe in sex before marriage and Dana who had never told Chris what had happened in her past led him to believe that she felt the same way. What he didn’t know couldn’t hurt him was how Dana regarded the whole affair and she was glad she had found someone to love.

After finally graduating and finding work at a firm specialising in legal defence, they both decided to finally tie the knot. Moving to LA had been Chris’s idea. He was fed up with the cold winters in Chicago and figured that he could make more money in a sunnier climate. Dana agreed with him, hoping a new start in a more relaxing climate would give their union a new impulse. She had one condition of her own; she wasn’t going to be a defence attorney anymore. and had used the move to LA as a chance to build a new life.

Wednesday Evening 9.45 pm

“Babe, I have to drive up to Glendale tomorrow so I need an early night. Can I get you something to drink ‘fore I go to bed.” Dana looked up absent-mindedly before realising that Chris was waiting for an answer.

“That’s okay, honey, you go on up I’ll join you as soon as I’ve finished looking at this file.”

Chris came and kissed her. “Sleep tight, darling,” he murmured before heading up the stairs.

“You too," Dana replied perfunctory, looking at the CD case holding two disks and packed the small envelope attached by sticky tape. Inside there was a sheet of paper which had a few line typed on it.


One of these two CDs contain copies of the 911 call and the other disk has evidence that could maybe prove Cranton-Smith is innocent (at least that’s what I’ve been informed) I haven’t had a look at it myself, but I’m relying on your good judgement. Let us know if this helps our case.

Yours Sincerely,

John Davidson .

Dana got up resignedly and packed her laptop before collapsing back on the couch again. She placed the first CD in the player and waited. Soon she heard the professional voice of the 911 operator taking the call whilst Angela Martin could be heard crying, claiming that she had been assault ed and that the police must come and rescue her immediately. The operator succeeded in calming Angela down enough to extract the address from the tearful actress and assured her that the police would arrive in minutes. Dana had heard many such phone calls in the past and this one was no different than the rest. Sighing resignedly Dana ejected the first CD and replaced it with the second one and waited. If first CD had been an audio file the second she realised was a DVD with a film fragment.

The film started and Dana saw a large expensively decorated room appear on her screen. Dana’s laptop had started playing the movie on the small media player viewer but because she was squinting at the screen she quickly switched to the full screen version. Despite the quality, which was very good indeed, Dana admitted to herself, she was sure she was watching a home movie because whoever was holding the camera didn’t have a very steady hand.

Whoever the owner was he or she did have money and more surprisingly Dana realised good taste, something that didn’t automatically go together, she knew van past experiences. The camera continued filming from left to right stopping only when it saw Angela Martin standing by a white leather couch in the middle of the room.

She was wearing in a very short, chic summer's dress, that accentuated her very shapely feminine curves and high heels which displayed her long legs in all their glory. Her long blond hair was swaying from side to side as she danced rhythmically to the rock music being played in the background, and Dana could see from Angela’s erect nipples that she was quite turned on. Dana heard Cranton-Smith’s gravelly Californian accent from behind the camera telling Angela to do a sexy striptease for him.

After giggling girlishly, Angela informed Cranton-Smith that it was only because he was a dirty kinky bastard, and that she liked that in a man. That’s why she was going to give him the sexiest show he’d ever seen. Both Cranton-Smith and Dana were treated to delightful show given by Angela. As she gyrated her hips to the steady beat of the music, Angela kept raising her dress above her hips, teasingly revealing her body before covering herself again before starting all over again. Angela really knew how to show off her body and was a real exhibitionist.

Dana was engrossed in the film. Her mouth was dry waiting to see what would happen next. It had been a quite a few years since Dana had enjoyed making love to another girl, and she found herself getting all tingly as she watched Angela’s perfect body move sensually on the screen. Dana watched Angela playfully remove the last strap holding up her dress and slowly revealed her firm breasts to the camera. Angela’s cherry red nipples were large and erect and it was obvious how turned on she was as she bent her head down and tried licking them.

“That’s it babe, show papa how bad you are,” crooned Cranton-Smith. “Go on, finger yourself, I want to watch you,” he suggested eagerly.

One of Angela’s hands moved down her flat stomach and gently pulled the hem up over her waist. Moments later Dana watched excitedly as Angela Martin fingered herself. Her fingers clearly visible though the sheer panties she was wearing. Her moaning was clearly audible on film, and Dana wondered what this was all leading up to. Angela stood up and removed her dress leaving her standing there provocatively in her panties and high heels when she started to approach Cranton-Smith.

“Okay, daddy man, does papa want to fuck me?” Angela teased as she moved towards the cameraman. “I’m so hot, daddy,” she cooed. “I want to get fucked right now,” she informed the camera. Cranton-Smith could be heard chuckling.

“Oh I’ll fuck you darling but first my cock needs to be made nice and slippery.” He continued laughing. “So you just get on your knees and suck my dick, just like daddy likes,” Cranton-Smith ordered hungrily.

“But my pussy’s already nice and wet, daddy,” Angela pouted like a girl being deprived of her favourite sweetie before laughing out loud, enjoying the game immensely. “It don’t need nothing else, I’m sure you can slide that big cock of yours right on up inside,” she cooed persuasively.

“Now, now darling,” Cranton-Smith replied, “You just use that exquisite mouth of yours for something better than talking, something that daddy wants very badly.” The camera then watched as Angela sank to her knees and opened her mouth willingly while reaching her hand to grab Cranton-Smith’s dick. Dana’s throat was dry and her breathing was restrained as the camera then panned further downwards revealing one of the biggest erections Dana had ever seen for a very long time. Dana whistled softly in appreciation, her eyes glued to this monster cock on her computer screen as Angela, showing no inhibitions engulfed the huge piece of meat down her throat as if her life depended on it.

Wednesday Evening 10.05 pm

Trying to keep her opinion objective was getting increasingly difficult because Dana was getting hugely turned on as she watched the film. Her erect nipples poked from under the T-shirt and she could feel her knickers getting wet and sticky. Dana was watching mesmerized as Angela kept trying to deep throat Cranton-Smith but each time she ended up nearly choking on that huge piece of manhood.

Amateur, thought Dana mockingly, disgusted at the futile attempts from the so called porn star.

“Relax your throat honey,” Dana urged the actress on silently but Angela had given up her attempts and went back to sucking and licking what she could actually handle. Whilst the action on the screen was getting hotter, Dana without actually realizing what she was doing, had slid her fingers down between her legs and started gently rubbing her wiry mound.

After a few moments she gently pulled the gusset from her panties aside and placed her fingertips between her moist folds. Her scent of arousal rose and penetrated her nostrils and Dana’s fingers moved to her clitoris and started rubbing softly in small circles applying pressure on her sensitive button.

“Mmmm that feels sooo good,” she murmured as the pressure increased. On screen Angela had stopped sucking his cock and started moving backwards towards the couch, beckoning him to follow her with her finger. As she reached the couch Angela let herself fall and at the same time spread her legs revealing her excited womanhood to the camera. Pushing two fingers between her pussy lips, Angela finger fucked herself while she waited for Cranton-Smith to approach her.

“Come on daddy, I’m so wet and I need a big cock to fill my pussy!” she begged. Dana watched entranced as the huge prick moved across the room and placed itself between Angela’s firm thighs. Rubbing his helmet repeatedly over Angela’s clit, Cranton-Smith was teasing the young actress before gently but determinedly pushing past her juicy lips and entering her silky tunnel.

Dana heard the actress gasp in shock as she was penetrated, Cranton-Smith’s size obviously surprising her but soon she was moaning softly as the camera moved alternately between Angela’s face, contorted in pleasure and lust, and her pussy being pounded by this huge prick.

Angela was definitely an active sexual partner because the camera showed how she was watching Cranton-Smith’s prick penetrate her cunt as deep as he could, while she pushed her hips forward to meet his thrusts. Angela’s moaning was drowning out the music by now and was only interrupted by her shouting obscenities at Cranton-Smith, urging him on.

Dana watched fascinated as Robert Cranton-Smith once more pointed the camera towards where all the action was and Dana was treated to another viewing of how his rock hard prick, glistening now it was covered in Angela’s cunt juices, was sliding effortlessly in and out of Angela’s soaking wet sex. Dana witnessed how Angela reached down between her legs and held her pussy lips open whilst begging him to fuck her deeper. Dana; completely engrossed by this raunchy explicit home video, was now openly fingering herself, she could even hear squelching noises as her fingers moved rapidly between her own juicy lips.

Dana’s objectivity was gone, she secretly wished she was on the receiving end of such a monstrous cock. That thought shocked her a little. It wasn’t just that she was completely dissatisfied with Chris’s five inch prick, or his totally unimaginative, boring lovemaking, but suddenly realised how much she had missed her wild college days. She had had a few big dicks back then, when she enjoyed a much more exciting love life than she had now. Cranton-Smith’s nine inch specimen looked like something special, and from what Dana had seen, he knew how to use it as well.

Just then Cranton-Smith pulled his slick manhood from Angela’s swollen cunt and moved it up to her greedy mouth. Angela sucked him clean whilst masturbating him trying to coax his sperm out from his balls all the while urging him to “Give it to me, spunk on my tits darling, I want to see you cum.”

Robert was enjoying the Angela’s expertise but ignored her pleas and decided to take things further. Removing his cock from her mouth he told her to turn around and get on all fours because: “I’m gonna fuck you like the bitch you are, darling,” he promised.

Angela, who gleefully did what she was told, looked over her shoulder in anticipation, waiting for Cranton-Smith’s next move. He placed the camera on a table so that he now had both hands free. Dana watched as Cranton-Smith, his enormous prick curling slightly upwards approached Angela, who was grinning at him over her shoulder whilst holding her arse cheeks apart, from behind. Instead of kneeling behind her and entering her like Dana expected him to do, Cranton-Smith stood above Angela and placed his member over her arse and literally thrust his whole dick deep inside her. Angela let out a loud “Oooohh God” as his huge prick penetrated her, driving it up to the hilt.

Dana was biting her lip to keep herself quiet as an orgasmic spasm raced through her body. As her eyelids fluttered open and shut she saw how Cranton-Smith was wildly pounding Angela from behind. Dana couldn't help it, she wished it was she who was getting stuffed by that gorgeous thick prick.

Wednesday Evening 10.20 pm

This went on for a few minutes and then Cranton-Smith ordered Angela to stay put whilst he retrieved the video camera. The screen moved wildly as he walked back towards Angela and the next shot showed a close up of Cranton-Smiths’s erection sliding between Angela’s eager gaping lips. Moments later his thumb appeared in the picture, lubricating Angela’s arsehole with KY jelly.

Dana guessed what Cranton-Smith wanted to do and the thought excited her so much that she followed his example. Reaching down with her other hand she used her own juices as lubrication for her fingers and fervently explored her own anal knot.

Dana watched excitedly how Cranton-Smith had his thumb deep inside Angela’s anal cavity and mimicking his actions she stretched her own hole and stuck a second finger inside. On film Angela was writhing in pleasure, moaning, groaning begging for more.

Dana could feel her juices flowing freely now and the tops of her thighs were sticky but that didn't stop her. She wanted the release she knew was coming and concentrated on reaching her orgasm. It felt like Dana’s arsehole was on fire now as she fingered herself frantically with two fingers, whilst her other hand was desperately rubbing her clit.

She felt her orgasm approaching, and didn’t dare stop. She was close now, she could feel her body beginning to tense and her insides were ready to burst. Somewhere in the distance she heard anther voice shouting and screaming but Dana, right on the edge now was concentrating on her own needs.

“Oh my God,” she murmured. Her body began to shake and spasm violently now, “Ooooohh nooo. Oooooo God” Clenching her jaws tightly Dana stifled the scream that filled her throat in case Chris heard her upstairs and came down to investigate, and let her orgasm wash over her like never ending tsunami. Her muscles cramped up and Dana had trouble breathing. Her nerve ends tingled all over and her body shook fiercely and as her pussy gushed and Dana felt her juices running down her thighs. Her skin went all tingly and she still had her fingers jammed as far up her arse as she could and her anal muscle gripped her digits as she contracted in another spasm.

Wednesday Evening 10.30 pm

As Dana’s body recovered from the glorious climax she had just reached, she felt a deep shame at her own desires. Sitting on the couch she still had her eyes closed and her body experienced small aftershocks but she knew she would never be able to tell anyone about her desires. If Chris ever discovered her past, how Dana had spent her younger years or discovered what she secretly wanted then he would feel so disgusted and betrayed that he would kick her out on her ass and she would lose everything.

“Get a grip, girl,” she commanded herself. Returning to her senses, Dana looked at her laptop and realised that something was wrong. The screen was all black but the progress bar was still moving forward, which meant the film was still running.

Dana was intrigued and moved the bar backwards until she saw moving pictures. Letting the film run again Dana paused at the moment the film went black. The last seconds of the film made it obvious to her what had happened but didn’t make her case for Robert Cranton-Smith or Brady, Cooper & Davidson, Lawyers Incorporated any easier.

Dana knew enough now and after cleaning the couch from her leaked cum juices, she placed everything she needed for the following day’s meeting on the table and headed up to bed. Silently she climbed into bed and lay in the dark, next to Chris who was sleeping soundly.

Staring at the ceiling Dana tried to sleep but she couldn’t erase the mental pictures fleeting through her head. Eventually her eyes closed, but she experienced a fitful sleep filled with dreams mainly consisting of huge cocks fucking her.

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