Lesson in Lust

By Texcycler

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A student is 'counseled' on her dress code infraction
Penny is sitting in her last class of the day, looking out the window at the lovely spring weather, wishing school was over with for the year. It wasn’t that she disliked school, her classes were interesting for the most part, and her grades were high. But the warm weather of spring always made her feel a little wild, and being cooped up in school for the majority of the day was getting pretty tough as the weather improved.

Penny is just daydreaming and not listening to Mr. Corey’s explanation of the profound impact of gas lighting upon industry when she is jolted from her musings by the clang of the school bell, signaling the end of the day.

Penny gathers up her books and things, stuffing them quickly into her bookbag and prepares to leave; to rush home, take off her uniform, and enjoy the warm spring day. She is stopped at the front of the classroom by Mr. Corey. He asks her to wait a moment so he can talk to her.

The other students quickly file out of the classroom until she is alone with Mr. Corey. He goes to the door and shuts it, then turns to look at her. She feels a little nervous and excited, being alone in the room with the tall, broad-chested man. His blue eyes look over her body unashamedly. Her crotch tingles as his gaze travels over her bare legs.

“What is the regulation on how short a skirt can be, Ms. Krandall?” he asks her.

“Two inches above the top of the knee?” Penny answers, knowing that her answer is wrong. She hopes to feign ignorance to avoid getting in trouble for her skirt being a little too short.

“No, two inches above the crease in back of the knee,” Mr. Corey responds with a sigh.

She tries another tactic. “I’m sorry, this skirt fit me fine last year, but I forgot to get it adjusted with the rest of mine; I put it on accidentally this morning, and didn’t realize it was the wrong skirt ‘till class had started today.”

“And are you allowed to wear earrings, Penny?” He asks.

‘What?’ Her hand went up to touch the stud in her ear. Most of her friends wore earrings, as long as they were simple studs the teachers never said anything. Besides, starting next year she’d be allowed to wear them anyway. “They’re just studs,” she responds, “everyone wears them.”

“Penny, let’s go see Mr. Schroeder to see what he thinks about this,” says Mr. Corey.

Penny follows the teacher through the rapidly thinning groups of students in the hallway to the Vice-Principals office. She sits on a couch outside of the office while Mr. Corey goes in to talk to Mr. Schroeder.

Penny is thinking how unfair this whole situation is when Mr. Corey opens the Vice-Principal’s door and calls her in.

She walks into the office; it is a very nice office with thick carpet, bookshelves lining the walls, a large, dark-wood desk in front of the window, and several leather chairs.

Mr. Schroeder directs Penny to come forward and stand on a stool next to his desk.

Jenny steps up onto the stool. Even with the extra eighteen inches in height from the stool, she is still shorter than both of these men. Mr. Schroeder kneels down next to Jenny with a ruler and places a warm hand on her leg behind her knee. His touch is oddly exciting to the young girl and she realizes her mouth is dry.

Mr. Schroeder holds the ruler next to her leg and nods his head gravely.

He stands up in front of her. “Penny, what color panties are you wearing?” he asks her.

Penny is stunned. How can they know she isn’t wearing white cotton panties as prescribed in the dress code, rather pink nylon panties that she thinks are much prettier?

Before she can say anything, Mr. Schroeder holds up a hand. “Penny, this is your fourth disciplinary problem this semester.”

Penny wouldn’t call them problems, she was late to class once, she got in trouble for talking with Jessica once after being told to be quiet, she got in pretty big trouble for kicking Richy Dorney in the balls once, and now this.

“A fourth disciplinary infraction can result in a one week expulsion, young lady,” Mr. Schroeder explains gravely.

Penny’s stomach suddenly feels uneasy, her parents would kill her!

“Or you can accept a spanking instead.”

Penny is shocked by this, she never heard of any student ever being spanked. Was it legal? She wonders.

“You have one minute to decide, Penny. If you decide not to accept the spanking, I’ll call your mother for you to let her know you’ve been expelled,” says Mr. Schroeder.

“I’m sorry; I shouldn’t get expelled for this!” Penny pleads.

Neither man says anything. She notices Mr. Corey checking his watch.

“Okay, I’ll take the spanking,” she says.

Mr. Schroeder moves a lamp and a folder off of his large desk and instructs Penny to bend forward over the desk.

As she does this, she hears a click as Mr. Corey locks the Vice-Principals door.

Penny bends forward over the cool, solid surface of the large desk, the right side of her face against the smooth surface. Mr. Schroeder walks behind her and lifts her skirt up to her back, exposing her pink panties. “Tsk, Tsk, naughty girl,” muses Mr. Schroeder shaking his head and sliding a hand softly over Penny’s panties. His hand tracing gently over her backside results in a momentary rush of pleasure for the young girl.

She feels his fingers curl around the waistband of her panties and he is pulling them down her thighs before she can object. Penny moves to pull up her panties, but is pushed back over the desk and a hand smacks firmly against her naked ass. Penny gasps in shock and pain. Mr. Schroeder’s hand descends again to Penny’s naked ass with a loud ‘Whack!’ Then another blow falls on the young girls sensitive backside, as the sting of the blows spreads across her naked backside.

Then Penny feels Mr. Schroeder’s warm hand rub gently over her tingling ass, she breathes a little easier, but another sharp blow makes her yelp in surprise.

Mr. Schroeder steps back, warning Penny not to move. Mr. Corey moves behind the young girl. Penny feels his hand smack firmly against her firm ass. “Stick your ass out so I can get a good shot at it,” commands Mr. Corey.

Penny is shocked, but forced to obey; she raises her hips slightly to present her ass for the handsome teacher. Another sharp slap, and then Penny feels Mr. Corey’s hand caressing her naked ass; touching her in ways she sometimes thinks about at night when she is alone in her bed.

“Damn, she’s got one hell of a beautiful ass, doesn’t she?” says Mr. Corey to Mr. Schroeder. “Very appealing, and lovely legs,” agrees Mr. Schroeder.

Penny is starting to feel really strange; this is wrong, but she is oddly, terribly excited by it.

Another stinging slap of her ass, the crack of flesh against flesh, her pale, naked backside starting to blush. Mr. Corey’s hands rub roughly over Penny’s naked ass, a finger slides down to stoke against her puckered asshole. She gasps, and then is slapped on the ass again. Again, Mr. Corey’s hands roam over her ass, caressing the firm globes of her young ass. Then he steps back.

“Your turn, Greg,” he says to Mr. Schroeder, who does not hesitate to take his place behind the bent, naked ass of the young student.

Penny grunts as her ass is stung twice more by Mr. Schroeder’s palm.

She sighs softly in momentary relaxation as she feels his large, warm hands knead her firm ass cheeks. Sound and movement draws her attention to the left. Penny gasps as Mr. Corey drops his pants to the floor. He’s not wearing underwear. She stares at his huge cock as he begins to stroke it while staring lustfully at the young girl bent over the Vice-Principal’s desk.

He moves forward towards her and Penny’s pussy tingles with fear and excitement. Another slap against her naked ass startles her.

Suddenly both men lift the young girl up and pull her onto the large, wooden desk, rolling her over onto her back. With Mr. Corey holding her arms, the Vice-Principle pulls Penny’s panties completely off her legs then moves forward against the desk, forcing her legs apart to expose the puffy, lightly-haired pussy of the excited young student. Suddenly Mr. Schroeder’s tongue and mouth are moving eagerly between Penny’s thighs. She cannot suppress a moan of surprise and pleasure as his tongue laps hungrily at her tender, juicy snatch.

The big Mr. Corey climbs onto the desk and straddles the young girl’s chest, his immense cock jutting out above her pretty face. He takes her head in his hands and presses his huge cock against her lips. “Suck it, you naughty girl. Suck my cock,” he demands. He forces his thick cock into Penny’s mouth and begins to fuck it. “Fuck me, you little slut.”

Suddenly Penny feels a new pressure against her excited pussy. As she realizes what it is, the vice-principal thrusts forward, skewering his thick cock into the young girls tight pussy. Penny gasps as the two man-cocks, one in her mouth and the other in her cunt, simultaneously begin to fuck her. Penny sucks and licks the huge dong of her teacher, while the vice-principals throbbing cock slides in and out of her steamy cunt.

“This is hard on the knees,” observes Mr. Schroeder, “let’s fuck her on the floor.”

Penny’s teacher pulls his cock from her sucking mouth and she is suddenly lifted off of the desk by the two men. They lay her down on the carpeted floor and roll her over.

“Get on your hand and knees, Penny,” instructs the vice-principal, dropping to his knees behind her.

She is a little dazed by everything and slow to do as instructed. It doesn’t matter, the two men lift her young body into the position they want. They will use her body however they want, she vaguely realizes.

These two grown men are so much larger than her, and in their sexually aroused state, they wouldn’t take no for an answer. If she resisted these two men now, they would easily overpower her young body and rape her. But Penny doesn’t even think of resisting.

She is on her hands and knees now, between the kneeling men. Mr. Corey’s huge cock is right in front of her face. Looking at the massive, blood-engorged prick of her handsome teacher right in front of her, she realizes that she wants it in her mouth again; she wants to feel his thick, warm shaft fill her mouth; she wants badly to suck on her teacher’s magnificent hard cock.

Behind her, Mr. Schroeder holds his stiff cock in his fist as he flips her skirt back up to reveal her naked, young backside. He moves forward and places the head of his erect prick against her tight, steamy cunt and thrusts it into her, all the way to the hilt. Penny moans as her pussy is again stretched around the thrusting width of his full-sized cock.

As her mouth opens with her gasp, Mr. Corey guides his thick cock forcefully between her lips, forcing her mouth open even wider to accommodate his large shaft. “Suck my cock, you naughty little girl,” he commands as he fucks her face with his immense dong.

“Oh God, her pussy feels so good!” exclaims Mr. Schroeder as he fucks his cock into Penny’s cunt.

“Suck my cock, you hot little bitch, harder!” orders Mr. Corey as he fucks Penny’s mouth.

Their nasty language makes Penny even hotter, the verbal assault combined with the physical one is really turning her on. She has fantasized about her teacher before, but nothing as wild as this. Penny has even secretly wondered what it would be like to have two men kissing and rubbing her body, and now she is growing wild with excitement, enjoying her predicament.

Penny grasps Mr. Corey’s huge cock with one hand as she moves down to lick his balls, then she sucks, drawing his balls into her sucking mouth as she jacks his huge cock with her hand. Sucking this beautiful, immense cock of her handsome teacher is really exciting her. The vice-principals thrusting cock combining to push her deeper and deeper into carnal extremity.

Mr. Schroeder slips a finger down to his crotch, moistening it with the young girl’s secretions. When it is wet and slippery, he continues to fuck her tight pussy while placing the tip of his finger against the tight, puckered opening of her asshole. Carefully, he twists it back and forth while applying firm, constant inward pressure against the closed hole. Little by little, the opening begins to give way, and the tip of his finger breaks through the elastic circle of muscle and into tightness of her behind. He begins to slowly work it into her tight ass as he fucks her. With his finger about half way up her asshole, he stops thrusting his cock into her and continues to twist his finger slowly back and forth, creating hot pressure against the walls of her hot little asshole.

Penny hardly feels the finger at first, and then, though shocked, she enjoys the added stimulation. As the finger slides into her ass, she gasps in surprise and pleasure; the fact that it is ‘dirty’ and that she is being forced excite her tremendously.

Mr. Schroeder pushes his finger into her ass a little farther, and the young girl lets out a loud groan around the hard cock filling her mouth as the larger knuckle of his finger enters her butt opening. Pulling it out again, he begins to slowly move the shaft in and out of her asshole, letting the larger knuckle slip in and out through the tight anal opening. Each time it moves within her, another small groan comes from her mouth. Back and forth his finger slowly moves, finger-fucking the sexy young girl in the ass as his cock soaks in the incredible moist, heat of her tight pussy.

He glances up and watches the schoolgirl's head move back and forth as she sucks on Ben Corey’s huge cock. With his finger still slowly slipping in and out of her asshole, he begins to thrust his cock slowly in and out of her pussy again as the sexual tension builds rapidly.

“Oh yeah, suck my cock, you little bitch,” groans Mr. Corey. “Such a good little cocksucker!”

Penny is becoming more and more excited, approaching climax as she is filled with hard cock from both ends.

Mr. Schroeder looks down and marvels at the erotic sight of this young girl; her smooth, tight ass bent before him, her tender, young pussy clasped around his cock and his finger wedged in her tight, puckered asshole. He rotates his finger back and forth several times, teasing her and enjoying the warm, tight feel of the walls of her butt around his finger, then slowly draws it out. His hands grasp her hips as he thrusts fast and hard into her.

“Oh fuck! What a pussy!” groans Mr. Schroeder, thrusting frantically, “I’m going to fill your pussy with my cum, slut!”

Penny gasps and then moans loudly around the cock in her mouth as she cums in a thunderous orgasm, bucking back against the vice-principal’s hard cock as he shoots streams of hot jism deep into her cunt.

Breathing heavily, Mr. Schroeder pulls his cock from Penny’s pussy. “Ben, you have got to fuck her, this has got to be the hottest cunny in the whole damn school.”

“Oh, I’m definitely going to fuck her; I’ve had my eye on this hot little filly for a while now.” responds Mr. Corey, pulling his huge cock from Penny’s mouth.

Despite having just experienced such an intense, draining climax, Penny feels a sexual thrill to hear her handsome teacher admit to a lust for her. She wants to fuck him, to feel his huge cock inside her.

Both men stand up, and as Penny remains on hands and knees on the carpet, they switch places. Mr. Corey moving behind the young girl, and Mr. Schroeder moving around to her front.

Mr. Schroeder kneels before the schoolgirl, holding his semi-erect cock in his hand before her face. Pressing it to her mouth he says, “Show me what a good little cocksucker you are; suck it!”

Penny opens her mouth, tasting an odd, but exciting mixture of juices on his prick as she begins to suck the vice-principal’s cock.

Mr. Corey kneels behind the schoolgirl with his immense, blood-engorged cock in one hand and moves forward to her dampened crotch. Penny feels one of Mr. Corey’s large, warm hands against her hip as he moves up behind her; she goes still, wanting what she knows is coming.

Mr. Corey points his cockhead at the slickened entrance to the schoolgirl’s vagina. The bulbous head of his cock presses against her warm, wet lips, spreading them as he pushes forward. Her pussy grudgingly opens to allow the fat cockhead to push into her tight, young opening. Mr. Corey moans in pleasure as the tip of his cock slides slowly into the constricted, heated, moistened channel of his beautiful young student.

Penny gasps in pleasure as she feels her teacher’s inflamed cock push apart her vaginal lips and press forward to stretch her passage around his intruding girth.

Mr. Corey presses his hips forward, slowly burying his entire enormous cock in the steamy cunt of his horny, young student.

Penny’s gasp becomes a moan and then almost a scream, the pain is overshadowed by the pleasure as her teacher’s huge prick sliding into her stretched pussy, filling her with hot, hard, man-meat.

Penny sucks hard at the smooth, engorged cockhead of Mr. Schroeder, rapidly bringing him to his previous excited, fully erect state. Penny moans softly around the vice-principals cock as she feels Mr. Corey pull back his hips and thrust his huge cock forward into her boiling pussy.

Mr. Corey begins to fuck young Penny with long, slow strokes; pulling his cock back to the tip, and then thrusting his full length deep into the young girl’s snug cunt. Mr. Schroeder is actively thrusting his hard prick into the schoolgirl’s eagerly sucking mouth as Penny’s excitement builds.

Mr. Corey thrusts his cock harder, into the kneeling young girl. The force of his thrusts making Penny grunt with surprise and pleasure.

“Take my big cock, you hot little slut,” her teacher grunts as he thrusts his huge cock deeper and faster into her tight cunt. “Yeah, take it good, you hot-assed, pricktease. Take your teacher’s cock!”

Penny groans around Mr. Schroeder’s stiff cock as he grabs her hair with his hands. “Keep sucking, you little tramp! Suck me ‘till I cum,” he demands, thrusting his rigid cock into her mouth.

Mr. Corey pulls his cock from the delightful confines of her young, juicy pussy and pauses a moment, looking down at the wonderful view of the little girl's great ass and pussy. The folds of her cunt are pulled slightly apart, the long, pink opening glistening with her girl moisture in the summer afternoon sunlight that streams in through the office window. Down through the narrow crack of her smooth, flawless ass he can see the pink ring of her asshole.

With his hands on Penny’s hips, he runs his slippery cock up and down through the deep crevasse between the two inviting globes of her little-girl behind. He looks down and watches the reddened tip of his cock slither up and down through the crack of her ass as he boldly pumps his hips back and forth. ‘God, even though Penny isn't quite a woman yet, she’s such a sexy girl and this feels so good.’ he thinks.

“Such a beautiful ass, I’ve got to fuck it,” says Mr. Corey looking down at the schoolgirl, her pink asshole waiting to be penetrated with a cock for the first time. A shiver runs through his body as he imagines, for an instant, the exquisite sensations that her tightly gripping butt hole are going to create on his hard, throbbing shaft.

After a couple of strokes between her sexy ass-cheeks he stops, backs away a step, and grabs his cock with his right hand. He bends the shaft down a little until the red, sculpted head presses against the entrance to her asshole. Mr. Corey presses his hips forward, the weight of his body pushing his prick against the opening of her behind with a firm pressure as he holds the tip of his cock securely against the entrance to her butt.

Penny likes the feel of the man's huge cock running up and down through the crack of her ass, the friction between her butt cheeks feeling especially warm and sexy. She doesn’t really register what her teacher has said, but when she feels Mr. Corey stop and put the tip of his cock against her asshole, and begin to push against her, she freezes in uncertainty and fear. His huge cock had stretched her pussy wonderfully but it will surely tear her open if he drives it into her ass!

For an instant he thinks that he’s not going to be able to do it, to get his cock into the schoolgirl who kneels so eagerly before him, her shapely little ass perched so inviting in the air. But soon the pressure increases as he leans more of his body into it. Slowly, the teacher begins to feel the tightly-closed muscles of the opening give way as the head of his prick begin to push aside the tight, elastic muscles of the young girl's anal opening.

The added force has the desired effect, and the thick, mushroom head of the teacher's cock suddenly pops through the tight outer ring of muscle and slips into the little girl's butt.

At first there was nothing, then the head seems to pop into her asshole and the pain lances through her. She cries out and shuts her eyes and fights the tears.

When they feel the initial penetration, they both pause a minute, a little surprised that this thing was actually happening. Penny gritting her teeth as her opening stretches painfully wide around the thick tip of her teacher’s cock-shaft; she desperately hopes he won’t push forward hard, she doesn’t think she can do this. His cock is so big, and her ass; Mr. Schroeder’s finger had felt nice, but Mr. Corey’s huge prick?

Mr. Corey looks down at the girl who kneels before him, the head of his cock squeezed tightly by the grip of the ring of muscles around her asshole. He wants to be gentle for her, doesn’t want to hurt the beautiful young girl. But a darker part of him wants to force his cock quickly and deeply into the schoolgirl’s ass; to make her howl with pain; to brutally rape the young girl’s ass with his huge cock.

He holds his cockhead there for a long time, letting it twitch and pulse inside her asshole. His fingers that had supported his cock move to her pussy and he begins massaging and touching her again. He leans further into her and his cock begins to move deeper. The fatness of his shaft feels like it is splitting her apart and she cries out again.

"Please, take it out, please, it's too big," Penny whimpers. "It hurts, sir, it hurts!"

But he keeps pushing it in further. Gradually he forces more and more of his huge cock up this young schoolgirl’s incredibly tight ass. “Oh god! What a tight ass!” he groans.

The pain is intense and she is holding her breath as he urges his cock deeper into her anal chute. She feels him stop and he bends over her and kisses her neck.

He begins to move again. She feels his cock going deeper inside her, slowly easing in past her tight anus and though the pain doesn't intensify, she suddenly feels extremely full. His hips touch her ass and she knows he is buried completely in her anus. She can feel his cock deep inside her and it seems as if it were nestled in her stomach. Through the pain, she feels a spasm of pleasure at being so deeply penetrated.

After giving her a moment to relax, Mr. Corey begins to gently and rhythmically push forward with his hips; moving into her in very short strokes, slipping his cock back and forth slightly, barely even moving in her tightly clenching sphincter. The pain began again as his shaft began drawing back and forth against her orifice.

His strokes begin to lengthen as she becomes more relaxed and lubricated. As his cock pulled its length from her young ass, Penny begins to feel a tingling rush of pleasure. Then he pushes into her again and she can feel it even in her pussy somehow as the cock head rubs against her chute. The fullness is wonderful. Through it all, there is still pain but she kind of expects it, being a virgin there.

As the initial discomfort gradually fades, Penny thinks it feels kinda weird, kinda strange, but she likes it. It seems so sexy, so dirty, and it hardly hurts now.

“I didn’t say you could stop sucking, bitch!” says Mr. Schroeder, holding the schoolgirls head by her hair as he forces his blood-engorged cock between Penny’s lips.

Mr. Schroeder begins to pump his cock in and out of the cute schoolgirl’s sucking mouth; he can’t believe Ben is pushing his massive erection into the little girl’s tight ass, and she’s taking it! She actually seems to like it; Mr. Schroeder thinks to himself that he’ll have to find more excuses to call this hot schoolgirl into his office! ‘Damn, she really gets into her cocksucking’ he thinks as she sucks on his balls while her hand grasps his stiff shaft. “Yeah,” he encourages, “suck my balls, you filthy little tramp!”

Mr. Corey pauses with his hard cock shoved up Penny’s asshole. He is surprised that she is still sucking Mr. Schroeder’s cock, eagerly sucking it at that! Then he is shocked to feel the young girl push back against him.

Almost in disbelief, Mr. Corey feels the girl pressing her ass back against his shaft, wanting more, and with his hands on her slender hips, he thrusts his hips forward and pulls back on her body at the same time. Looking down, he watches his thick, slimy prick slide slowly in a little deeper through the pink opening of her asshole. Bit by bit the length of his long, thick cock begins to disappear as it moves into the incredibly hot tightness of the little girl's sexy behind.

She is enjoying it more and more as his hands grasp her hips, kneading her flesh under his strong fingers. Jenny gasps around Mr. Schroeder’s hard cock, her ass is burning; it still hurts a little, but it feels deliciously dirty and she feels so full of cock; Penny doesn’t want to stop now. She wants to go on - to be ass-fucked by her handsome teacher.

Ass-fucking is something mentioned occasionally in hushed tones by the girls in her school; even the most promiscuous of her friend’s have never talked of doing it. It is vulgar and obscene; an insult to suggest that somebody regularly participates in the lewd act. It is so dirty, so smutty, so delightfully naughty and forbidden. And Penny wants it, eagerly wants to perform the most raunchy and pornographic act she can imagine with these teachers. She is eager to feel his shaft sinking into her place of forbidden pleasure.

Mr. Corey knows this must be somewhat painful for her, but it is such a turn-on, he can’t imagine stopping. He works his cock slowly and gently, deeper and deeper into the incredibly tight confines of Penny’s ass. He can feel the walls of her asshole surround and grip his cock as it slips farther and farther up the young girl's behind. God, it feels so good, so hot, so sexy, that he has to fuck her. He pauses though, letting her grow more accustomed to the huge cock stretching her ass wide.

“That’s it Penny, take him all the way up your ass, you naughty little girl,” encourages the vice-principal as he fucks her mouth, her head held tightly between his hands.

Still holding her slender hips, he pulls back slightly, sliding a little of his enormous, hard prick out of her. Immediately, he pushes back in again, this time fucking nearly all the way into her butt hole. Slowly in and out he moves, the entire length of his shaft slipping through the little schoolgirl's tight ass opening.

Penny moans in excitement, still pushing herself back against him, joyfully impaling her behind on his slippery sex shaft. After several times they begin to set up a nice, easy rhythm as Penny is butt-fucked for the very first time.

The muscles around the small, elastic opening of the young girl's asshole create a painfully delicious ring of pleasure around the teacher's thick prick, while the friction of his cock sliding into her butt creates a horny warm wetness between Penny's legs. Their bodies move slowly together, back and forth, Penny pushing back slightly against Mr. Corey's penetrating shaft, then rocking forward to let it slide out before starting the process again, all the while keeping her mouth around the hard shaft of the man in front of her.

Mr. Corey has his hands around Penny's slender waist as he pulls out until just the tip is still inside her, then slips back in, sinking nearly all the way up to the base. The teacher can't believe how good it feels, how hot and tight. It even feels better than the girl's incredible pussy.

As Mr. Corey fucks her in the ass, Penny feels a warm glow building between her legs. The surprisingly delightful feeling of the man's cock slipping in and out of her asshole makes her pussy itchy and wetter. Mr. Corey likes it, too, she knows when she hears the man moan quietly behind her as their bodies make their sensual rhythmic movement together.

Mr. Corey's huge cock now moves easier in and out of the little girl's slimy asshole and increases the rhythm and force of his thrusts. ‘God, it feels good,’ thinks Mr. Corey, like a tight, elastic ring surrounding his shaft and pulling at it each time he slips his prick in and out of her, almost as if her asshole is milking his cock. It feels like a girl jacking him off with her fingers, though the grip is much tighter, much hotter, much better. Their bodies move apart as his shaft pulls out of her, then press together again as his cock penetrates deeper into her ass with each thrust.

Penny is fucked from both ends by the two men. Her teacher thrusting his cock into her ass, the vice-principal fucking her mouth with his hard prick. She is buffeted between the two excited men, engulfed in a flood of rising, rampant lust. They hold her tightly as they use her young, schoolgirl body to satisfy their wanton sexual urges.

Penny's ass rubs up against the front of Mr. Corey's thighs as he deeply penetrates his young student’s asshole over and over again.

Mr. Corey’s hands clutch at Penny’s hips, sliding low until they catch at her thighs. He begins pulling her harder into him and his cock seems to go deeper inside her. He is thrusting hard now, pulling the entire length of his cock out of her and then thrusting it back in. She feels his hips slapping against her naked ass and hears the sound rising about their moans. His balls are thumping against her pussy as he fucks his cock into her asshole.

That wonderful itch between her legs is growing so much that Penny instinctively reaches back with her left hand and runs her hand underneath her body and touches her pussy. She is truly on fire again, her pussy was oozing with lubrication. Her fingers scoop her juices up over her clit and she massages it rapidly, feeling her body shiver with pleasure. She is suddenly feeling wonderful, so much so that the pain is almost drowned out. She can literally feel pleasure shooting from her anus as her teacher's cock rubs against its tight muscle.

She is loving it. It feels really wonderful. She makes up my mind to do this many more times. "God, this feels soooo . . . good." she murmurs; momentarily taking her mouth off Mr. Schroeder’s stiff prick to look back at her large, bearded instructor; her eyes glazed with youthful, wanton lust, as she watches her handsome teacher fuck into her ass. "Oh, yeah . . . oh, yeah, fuck me harder . . . fuck my ass harder."

“I’ll give you harder,” says Mr. Corey, driving his fat cock hard and deep into the student bent before him. Only the vice-principal’s body before her keeps her from falling forward. Mr. Corey’s large hands grasp her hips firmer, almost lifting her off the ground as he pulls back on her small body as he thrusts his large body forward again. His cock skewers even deeper into Penny’s ass, his balls slapping forward against her cunt. “How’s that, you little slut?” With a loud ‘Smack!’ his large hand connects with her tight ass, eliciting a startled gasp from the young girl.

“Keep sucking, bitch,” demands Mr. Schroeder, slapping his warm, swollen cock against Penny’s face, “Suck me good or I’ll find another hole to stick this in!”

Mr. Corey slaps her ass with his hand as he drills his mammoth, aching fuck pole through the stretched ring of her tight shitter. He knows he is going to cum soon.

“Spank the slut!” encourages the Mr. Schroeder as he fucks Penny’s mouth with his cock-lance. “Yeah, fuck her ass! Give the little whore what she deserves.”

Mr. Corey is squeezing her ass tightly under his big hands. His thumbs dig into her flesh and his fingers jerk her back against his thrusting cock. She can feel his heavy balls slapping against her hand as her fingers toy with her dripping pussy. As Mr. Corey's prick plunges into her ass again and again, she masturbates, her experienced fingers finding her clit and rubbing over the little button in quick, hard little circles. She pushes a finger inside her as far as it will go. She swirls it around inside her and she can feel the outline of her teacher's cock thrusting into her ass through the thin membrane that separates her pussy from her ass.

The warm glow between her legs immediately grows even more intense and seems to spread through her body. She knows, from experience, that she is going to climax. She knows it going to be a big, hard one. She sucks eagerly on the hot cock filling her mouth, pressing her hips back to take the big pole up her ass as her fingers dig into her dripping cuntslit.

Mr. Corey is going to shoot, too. He can feel the contraction in his balls begin as his orgasm approaches.

“You naughty girl!” grunts her teacher as he fucks into Penny’s ass with his swollen cock, “You’re going to make me cum with your ass!” He is trying to hold back, trying to make this incredible feeling last as long as he can. But it feels too good, “Oh God! Oh Fuck! Make me cum! Oh God I’m cumming!” and he pulls her hips back, plunging his cock all the way into the schoolgirl's butt as the first hard spasms of his prick send jets of white cream into the young girl's bowels.

He cums hard, very hard. All of the sexual tensions that had been building in his loins releases in a gigantic flood of sweet sex cream. Through a sexual fog he hears himself groan several times at the tremendously intense sensations jolting his large body. His cock jerks and pulses repeatedly inside the little girl's behind, filling her with warm juice, each spasm sending new waves of wonderful pleasure exploding in his head.

Penny feels the throbbing sensation as Mr. Corey's cock shoots off inside her butt. She feels her rubbery ass tunnel being showered with warm, sticky cream. The exquisitely obscene feeling sends her over the edge as the sensation of her teacher's cock in her ass and the actions of her fingers in her cunt makes her climax. As her orgasm hits her, her head snaps back and her body goes rigid, the wonderful, indescribable feeling of sexual climax rippling through her body.

Mr. Schroeder furiously fists his cock in front of the orgasming schoolgirl, “Take my load, you butt-fucking little slut!” His cock spasming out wad after wad of cream to splash against Penny’s face and onto the carpet before him.

The two men dress quickly and toss Penny her clothes, warning her not to violate the dress-code again.

As Penny leaves, she wonders if any other students have ever received this ‘punishment.’


The next couple of days are routine, then on Wednesday on her way out of class, Mr. Corey asks her to stay for a moment. Her heart races, a little nervous, yet very excited. Mr. Corey then pulls out a quiz paper from the previous day and asks her to clarify an answer where she had answered correctly except for mistakenly noting Jaques Necker as Minister of Trade instead of Minister of the Treasury. She leaves feeling strangely disappointed.

On Friday, Penny finds herself unable to concentrate. Not only is she wearing the same short skirt that got her in trouble a week ago, she is also wearing sheer nylons on her long, cute legs. Mrs. Beel from Chemistry asks her to stay a moment after class to remind her that nude pantyhose are not supposed to be worn with the school uniform, only white or blue tights. Penny lies, saying that she was getting picked up right after school to go to a wedding and didn’t want to rush at the last minute to get ready. Mrs. Beel shakes her head slowly, giving Penny a look that she doesn’t believe her, but just says not to let it happen again. Several of her friends had made comments, warning her that she might get in trouble. Since Chemistry and French were the only classes with assigned seating, she made it a point to sit in the back, and none of the other teachers had noticed, or at least said anything.

For her last class, American History, Penny sits in the front row in the middle of the room, unlike her customary spot on the left side of the room by the window. She finds it difficult to concentrate during class, continually crossing and re-crossing her legs as her pussy moistens in naughty anticipation of Mr. Corey’s response.

After class, Mr. Corey asks Penny to stay after. She stays at her desk as all the other students leave. Mr. Corey straightens up the room and cleans off the blackboard without saying anything to Penny. Finally, after five minutes that seem like thirty, Mr. Corey says “Ms. Krandall, come with me, Mr. Schroeder should be expecting us.”

Penny grabs her bookbag and follows the large teacher down the hall, her heart beating loudly in her chest and her pussy leaking juices into her crotch.

Mr. Corey tells her to wait in the outer office while he talks with the vice-principal, telling her it will be about five or ten minutes. As he closes the door to the office, Penny opens up her bookbag, heart racing. She was going to ask to use the bathroom, but since he gave her some time, she can do it here.

She is nervous and excited, anticipating what is coming. She pulls a small make-up case from her bookbag to quickly apply some eyeliner and some blush to her young face. Next she pulls out a tube of red lipstick and darkens her lips. Then she pulls the last special item from her bag, a pair of white high-heels she has gotten earlier in the year before an actual wedding. Taking the black flats off her feet, she straps on the sexy heels, adjusts herself, undoes another button on her blouse and waits. She is already excited about being ‘in trouble,’ and she really hopes to surprise the two men, even shock them, adding to her excitement.

Mr. Corey opens the door, pausing a moment, his eyes widening slightly when he sees how Penny is dressed.

She suppresses a smile, pleased to have elicited a reaction.

Mr. Corey clears his throat, and then says, “Ms. Krandall, since this is your second dress-code infraction in just over a week, we’ve found it necessary to take additional steps to insure repeat transgressions are kept to a minimum. Please come into the office.”

Penny practically struts into the vice-principal’s office in her high heels, her pussy virtually dripping with moisture in anticipation of another ‘punishment’ session. She hasn’t worn panties today, and the cotton gusset of the pantyhose are wet with her excitement. A small part of her brain is left wondering what her teacher meant by ‘additional steps’ as he follows her in, closing and latching the door behind them.

Penny pauses a moment, her eyes adjusting from the bright florescent lights of the outer office, to the vice principal’s darker office. The window blinds are shut and the only light comes from a floor lamp in one corner and another small lamp besides Mr. Schroeder’s desk. She looks over to Mr. Schroeder’s desk, hoping to catch a surprised look on his face.

Instead, Penny is the one gasping in surprise. She is expecting just the two men, and is caught by surprise to see a third man. In the leather chair beside the vice-principle’s large, wooden desk, Penny is shocked to see her handsome stepfather in a gray suit. Both Mr. Schroeder and her stepfather stand up and look sternly at her . . .