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Lonely Twenties: Surprise Visit

Fresh college graduates learn tough lessons about the real world.

"Uh fuck!" shouted Lisa in pain, covered in sweat which was raining from her body as she was getting fucked doggystyle on a Sunday night. This time he had done it to her, the whole night she was being thrown around and dominated but this thrust made her scream in pain. The pain was so sharp that her entire upper body collapsed but she was still getting fucked hard. Out of desperation, she tapped the mattress and screamed.

"Stop, please stop!" shouted Lisa, crying.

"Whoa, wait, what?" replied Avan, covered in sweat himself.

"You were fucking rough," replied Lisa, in tears, biting her lips.

"But the whole night," replied Avan.

"You fucking tossed me around like we were wrestling, motherfucker!" shouted Lisa, crying.

"Well if you can't handle it rough then don't get into it," replied Avan.

"Fuck you, you know that? We shouldn't even be fucking because of all the HR issues that are going to come up, but seriously Avan, one day you are going to learn to treat women like people," replied Lisa.

Avan and Lisa were coworkers and quite a good looking pair. Lisa was in her early twenties and originally from Texas; she had dark hair, blue eyes, a tan, and looked exactly like Megan Fox. Avan was approaching his late twenties; originally from Ohio, born to Indian immigrants, muscular, and looked exactly like Rohit Khandewal. The two worked at a big advertising firm in NYC and made good money, but the reality was that their performance was starting to slip and their department was cut-throat. 

"You know I love you," replied Avan.

"No one needs your fucking love," said Lisa, still gasping for air after crying a bit.

"I love you," said Avan, kissing Lisa on the neck.

"Fuck off," replied Lisa.

"Love you," replied Avan, kissing her on the cheeks and licking her.

"Filthy animal," replied Lisa.

"Love," replied Avan, kissing her behind the ears.

"You are so damn persistent," replied Lisa, smiling.

"So sexy," replied Avan, gently tickling her.

"Stop," replied Lisa, laughing.

"Muah," said Avan, gently nibbling on her ears and shoving his cock against her legs.

"You are so addicting," replied Lisa, laughing.

Just like that the mood was lightened in the room. Lisa stroked Avan's cock and then rode him cowgirl style to finish off the night. Avan laid back as Lisa put her hand on his muscular body and one hand over her head. She started to gently ride Avan and moaned before putting the other hand down on his body too.

"Oh love you, baby, I love you!" shouted Lisa.

"Come on Texas cowgirl, ride me!" shouted Avan, taking deep breaths.

"Fuck," replied Lisa, grinding on his body as his cock rested in her pussy.

"Come on Texas cowgirl, ride the rodeo!" said Avan, smacking her buttocks which were already red from the many smacks she took throughout the night.

"Oh fuck!" shouted Lisa, riding her man.

"Get it girl, woo!" shouted Avan.

"Ah baby, ya!" shouted Lisa, as Avan came inside of her pussy and she collapsed over him, the two laying in bed sweaty and naked.

"Almost midnight, we have to be in the office tomorrow at eight!" said Lisa, slightly worried.

"Relax, she is never really there herself," replied Avan, still having his hand over her pussy.

"Can't fucking relax, you know that, she can be there any fucking time," replied Lisa.

"Come here, give some sugar," said Avan, trying to get Lisa's attention away from their boss.

"That is cheesy," replied Lisa.

"Sugar," replied Avan.

"No," replied Lisa, smiling.

"Come give me some love," said Avan, shoving his face closer to hers.

"Persistent," replied Lisa, smiling as she closed her eyes and French kissed her lover.

The two locked lips and went to sleep together naked. Lisa laid on his musuclar body and would automatically stretch her body out in pleasure, going to sleep smiling. Hours passed as the two lovers laid on top of each other but something was different about this morning, the alarm did not wake them up but the sun did. 

"Fuck, it's seven-thirty!" shouted Lisa.

"Relax, she is not even in the fucking office, she never shows up Monday, most of the team does not get there by nine," replied Avan.

"Fuck you, I am going," replied Lisa, putting on her office clothes and immediately heading out without even taking a shower. Avan let her leave and took a shower.

Lisa missed a train and came into the office at close to eight-thirty in the morning. Immediately there was a surprise. The dark hair and professional dress meant one thing, Tara was in. Tara was the boss that the team reported to and after hearing of the slipped performance, she made a surprise visit. Originally from Australia and in her thirties, Tara had dark hair with blue eyes and looked exactly like the actress, Megan Gale. Unlike Lisa, Tara had pale skin and her build was closer to a volleyball player than a supermodel. Lisa tried to slip past her and be at her desk but she was caught.

"There goes the weasel, sneaky little thing," said Tara, in her Australian accent as she smiled while Lisa's face grew cold with fear.

"Come on, me and you, right now in this room," said Tara, as the team of eight looked in horror.

"I am sorry, Tara," replied Lisa, in a low tone.

"Come on!" said Tara, grabbing Lisa's shoulder and pushing her closer to her. 

Tara took Lisa into a room that did not have windows and was a private conference room with a couch, some chairs, and a table. Lisa was trembling even on the walk there before Tara sat on the chair. A worried Lisa had followed her so far that she did not even sit across from her, only standing next to her as she sat. Tara shut the blinds and looked at Lisa with a sinister smile on her face.

"Whew! Darling, you smell like you just had a workout," said Tara, putting her pale hands on Lisa's legs.

"I mean it is hot outside, and, and, and," said Lisa, shaking.

"And," replied Tara, in a mean tone.

"And I was in a rush because my alarm and," said Lisa, gasping for air.

"This smell," said Tara, sniffing the air and bringing her face closer to Lisa's skirt as she ran her hands up her legs.

"And, and, and, and," said Lisa, legs shaking.

"Lisa, come on, sit on this table, I have a suspicion," replied Tara, looking at her and smiling.

"No Tara, I swear it isn't what you think," said Lisa, sitting on the table.

"And what do you think my suspicion is?" asked Tara, as Lisa went still and froze.

"Come on, tell me," said Tara, her hands now grabbing Lisa's inner thighs.

"Tara, I am sorry" said Lisa, gasping for air as if she was almost about to cry.

"Lisa, I missed breakfast because of you," said Tara, laughing.

"I'll pay for your breakfast," replied Lisa.

"Oh you will, come on, lets see what's going on here," said Tara, smiling as she grabbed Lisa's camel-toe.

"Tara, I swear," said Lisa.

"Lisa baby, just pull down that skirt, take those panties off, relax and let me help you calm this down," said Tara.

Lisa was under a spell somehow, Tara might have been beautiful but she was scary. Somehow, Lisa readily gave in and pulled down her shirt and panties. She was feeling extremely aroused as her legs now rested on Tara's shoulders.

"Whew, these are wet and so arousing!" said Tara, smelling Lisa's sweaty underwear as she closed her eyes, rubbing them over her face.

"Now you're the breakfast," said Tara, looking up at her with a devious smile.

Tara closed her eyes, pushed her face against Lisa's crotch and shoved her tongue inside of Lisa's pussy. As Tara's tongue mercilessly beat her labia, she moaned and her heart raced out of control. Lisa could hear loud beating noises of her heart as her ears went deaf. Tara kissed, put her mouth over the pussy and then spit on it while gently tapping it with her fingers. Lisa started to moan but was immediately met by a piercing stare of Tara's blue eyes as they looked up while her mouth munched of Lisa's pussy. The powerful Tara took one of her hands and put it over Lisa's mouth.

Lisa's head shot back in arousal, her body going crazy as her legs kicked around. She put her hand over Tara's head and tried to finger her pussy as Tara's tongue violently moved through it, her mouth occasionally sucking on the labia. Tara used her other hand to grab Lisa's hand and tightly hold it, making Lisa feel as if her hand was being held by a chimpanzee. A little bit of saliva from Lisa's mouth poured down on to Tara's hand which was over it, making it easier for Tara who now took her hand off of Lisa's mouth.

"Uh huh, rah," said Lisa, slurred speech as her head collapsed on the table.

Tara closed her eyes and smiled while sucking on Lisa's pussy as her other hand went deep inside of Lisa's anus, violently vibrating. The way Tara ate the pussy was almost surgical, she had Lisa under a very arousing spell. Lisa could hear the noises of her pussy occasionally being sucked on as the finger in her anus kept her in place. Now she was really feeling it, her lower body vibrating even more as her legs kicked around.

A highly aroused Lisa's stare turned intense as her legs shot up in the air. She put both of her hands in-between Tara's mouth to break free but it was tough, Tara was stuck on her pussy like glue. Both of Lisa's legs kicked up in the air and the intensity made Tara realize what was going on, finally taking her mouth off the pussy as fluids dripped from her own lips having done some serious eating.

"Whoa, easy girl, ya!" said Tara, in her Australian accent as she started to gently finger Lisa.

"Oh fuck, fuck. fuck, uh," said Lisa, trying to catch every breath as the fingers merciless.

"There it is!" said Tara, smiling as Lisa had an orgasm which made her open her mouth wide as her head violently moved around now.

"Juicy eh!" said Tara, smiling as she sucked on the wet pussy, even more slurping sounds coming.

Lisa lay back in exhausted, defeated much worse than the night before and it did not even take a dick to do it. All it took from Tara were nicely placed tongue movements, good work with the fingers and powerful mind games to control Lisa. The finger still vibrated inside of Lisa's ass as she moaned. Out of mercy, Tara pulled her middle finger out of Lisa's anus and gave it a sniff before licking it.

After licking her finger, Tara closed her eyes and stuffed her tongue inside of Lisa's anus, a feeling she was not used to. Lisa had her ass eaten before but the guy was usually nervous and not neary this precise with his tongue placement, Tara's was just natural. The scary part to Lisa was how calm and happy Tara's face looked as she ate her ass, beating her tongue in it. For Lisa, getting her ass licked meant that she was in control but not in this situation. Tara was loving the action while Lisa felt controlled. 

"That is some good booty," said Tara, sniffing the anus after having licked it and licking it again as Lisa attempted to crawl away.

"Oh no you don't! I'll have mercy but that is a beautiful pussy and sexy ass," said Tara, breathing over it before sucking it again.

"It is so nice and pretty, tastes good too, ya," said Tara, licking and sucking it again.

"It has been fucked though, I can tell, who is the lucky chap?" asked Tara, gently smacking the pussy.

"Uh fuck, Tara please have mercy, Tara please," said Lisa, moaning, more arousal would have made her lose consciousness.

"Its that fucking Indian boy, isn't it?" asked Tara.

"Tara, no," replied Lisa, scared.

"Careful! I can tell if you are lying just by observing how this kitty reacts to me asking the question. So kitty, was Avan's cock inside of ya?" asked Tara, sniffing the pussy while gently tapping it.

"Tara, please," said Lisa, crying.

"Kitty, tell the truth, kitty!" said Tara, smiling as her taps got more violent.

"Kitty, be good, don't make me eat you again now," said Tara, in a deeper tone giving the pussy a long violent lick. Tara was a psycho and Lisa was feeling it.

"Tara," said Lisa, almost crying.

"Kitty, yes or no?" asked Tara, licking the pussy again.

"Yes or no?" asked Tara, now sucking hard on the pussy as she shook her head.

"Okay, okay I'll tell the truth, I promise," said Lisa.

"Nice kitty, I'll stop eating you now, that was a delicious breakfast though, Lisa, more than made up for the breakfast you made me miss" said Tara, staring at her and smiling as fluids dripped from her mouth. A hand was still over Lisa's wet pussy though, and Tara's piercing blue eyes dug into Lisa's soul as Lisa was in total fear.

"So, what happened?" asked Tara, making eye contact with Lisa with a devious look.

"It was nothing serious I promise," said Lisa, trying to catch her breath as Tara's hand tightly rubbed against her pussy.

"Tell one more lie and well, you know, I mean I can eat this pussy all day. I had mercy on this nice tight little asshole of yours but don't take advantage of my kind heart!" replied Tara, a fierce look on her face.

"Okay, I promise, can I please just catch my breath? Please Tara," begged Lisa.

"Go ahead, take a nice deep breath," said Tara, as her pale hands held the tanned beauty in place.

"You have a really beautiful tan, much better than my pasty ass," said Tara, laughing.

"He thought so too, I mean I have a tan and he had a sexier color, we're young and it happened. Sometimes I can use a little exotic spice in my life, there you go, fire me, do whatever," said Lisa.

"Fire you?" asked Tara, laughing.

"Sexy face, I am not firing you or Mr. Spice, this is fun. I would be a fool to fire either one of you. In fact, I just found out why the team isn't hitting their numbers now, we're not firing anyone yet, I just have more of a reason to come to the office now. But how about you keep it quiet from ol boy and I will take care of it, the biggest event is in a week," said Tara, laughing hard.

Lisa's face started sweating more as her heart violently raced for a breath. Fear consumed her, Tara was pure evil and a sociopath. Lisa knew that she needed the job and Avan had crossed someone he would likely regret crossing for the rest of his life. Tara was not only powerful but also very strategic, she had a way for getting inside of someone's head and controlling them. Lisa found out first-hand the amount of damage Tara could do while hardly breaking a sweat. Men had given out their backs and failed to give Lisa an orgasm while Tara did it with ease.

"Gonna be needing these, skipping lunch since this has me full," said Tara, smiling as she got up and tossed Lisa's panties in her face.

"Gonna need some towels! Hurry up, wouldn't want others to see you in your natural state," said Tara, getting up and smacking Lisa's pussy a few times before walking out.

Tara spit in the trash can, a lot of it was fluids that got in her mouth after eating Lisa out. In a subtle and gentle manner, Tara opened the door and closed it. Lisa was in total shock, and as soon as she got up she fell down. Her heart raced and she looked like she saw a ghost, the most arousing experience of her life happened and the woman who did that to her was so casual about it all. As Tara walked out, she saw Avan at his desk and had a sinister smile on her own face.

"Hard at work, boy," said Tara, in her Australian accent.

"Yes mam," replied Avan.

"Great," replied Tara, a sinister smile on her face.

Avan's gut told him something was wrong, Lisa was not around and Tara had a sinister smile on her face. He knew the type, the sociopath who was well calculated and waiting to strike but he wondered what she was up to. Whether it was going to be getting fired or worse, Avan's heart was beating. He did not know Tara was in the office. 

Tara planned the whole ordeal in advance, commanding the entire team that if Avan and Lisa come in, let them find out for themselves. The mind games Tara played are what helped her rise so far in the corportate ladder and among a team of people in their twenties, she was just toying with her prey. Avan noticed that sinister smile on Tara's face and could only wonder what was to come, it was certain that he had angered a sociopath of the highest degree.

Lisa crawled out of the room after having put her clothes on. But it was not a pretty sight, she looked like a mess. Walking out, it seemed like Lisa had been through a great deal of mental stress that had taken its toll on her, as if she had been possessed and seen the demon herself. Tara may as well have been a demonic figure, eitherways, the coming weeks would tell a lot.

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