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Martha Visits the Glory Hole

Martha's first time at the Glory Hole results in multiple facials, two creampies and a footjob.
All Martha could think of as she drove along the highway was one thing and one thing only; today was finally going to be the day. She had hidden her fantasy for years, suppressing it beneath the façade of being the faithful, doting wife, but now she was free to pursue her sexual dreams. 'Free' was a hard concept for Martha to embrace. Her husband had died over a year ago. A tragic and untimely passing and in recent months she had fought through the guilt of moving on. She loved her husband, but the life they fell into was one of routine and whilst she had no regrets, she had to embrace the future.

As she drove she felt her pussy throbbing. Every bump in the road sent a jolt of pleasure through her. It was all Martha could do not to pull over and get herself off right there and then. She had done it before, pressing the bullet vibe she always kept in her purse against her clit through her stockings and panties. She would feel herself cumming within minutes, crying out, banging the steering wheel as she convulsed in the driver’s seat.

Today however was different. She was going to let the excitement build and there would be no touching of her sensitive pussy until she reached her destination. Martha’s mind swam with cocks and she could only imagine how many she would take tonight. She hoped for at least five and the bigger the better. But tonight wasn’t so much about size as it was about a variety of cocks. She planned on using all her experience to milk each one dry and to leave covered in sticky cum.

She drove on with cocks of all shapes and sizes orbiting around her mind and illuminated in the centre, the magic words, Glory Hole. How she loved those words. Glorious holes providing cum filled cocks and her own glorious holes to be filled with those cocks. Simply glorious!

With all this on Martha’s mind she almost missed the turning off the freeway, but a few minutes later she pulled into the car park of the Diamond Rhino Adult Store. For the past month Martha had been researching this store, and a bit of snooping around the internet had given her all the info she needed.

Taking a vanity mirror from her purse, she fixed her makeup. Martha applied Harlot red lipstick, black eyeliner and a nude eye shadow. A touch more foundation and brush of glitter blusher and her face literally sparkled.

She opened the door and swung both legs out. The sight for anyone watching her would have been two black 4” PVC open toe high heeled shoes, black lace trimmed nylon stockings with a seam running up the back and the tops of two creamy thighs exposed out of a grey overcoat. With poise befitting her class Martha stood, the coat now wrapping around her legs. She locked the door and walked to the store.

Martha walked in to the sex shop portraying confidence and gave a sideways glancing smile to the guy behind the counter. She strode forwards with her head held up, her hips swaying and she made her way to the booths at the back. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw a handful of guys milling around and it took all her strength to maintain her confident manner rather than running like an excited child to a pile of presents at Christmas!

Her research had told her where the booths would be, and thankfully, the array of dirty and sleazy comments she had found in the internet had been right on the money.

She walked through a saloon style door following a faux red velvet carpet with booths on either side. Martha could hear the moans from porn movies playing in a couple of the booths and her excitement grew. She reached the last of the booths and opened the door to the one on the right. Again Martha was thankful her research had proved correct, and she surveyed her booth for the evening.

A ripped, maroon leather chair faced a TV screen built into the wall with slots for money or a card, and there in the wall was what had consumed her fantasies. In reality it was an innocuous looking thing. A crudely carved hole, just wide enough for man’s arm to comfortably reach through, but to Martha it was the symbol of her most secret and erotic fantasies. It was the primary focus of countless masturbation sessions and now finally, she was going to experience it first-hand. It was the Glory Hole.

Coins rattled as Martha fed them into the slot then shook herself out of her coat. A porn movie right in the middle of a scene lit up the screen and the moaning of the porn stars filled the booth. She sat back in the chair, and looking down she smiled at her black lace peephole bra and her black lace panties with a pink bow on the front. She could smell that seedy mix of sweat and cum, and before she knew it her slender fingers were creeping over her panties, pressing into her wet folds.

On screen she watched a girl being pounded hard, one cock in her pussy and one in her ass. She continued to rub her pussy through her panties until she was so wet, the panties had moulded themselves around the folds of her labia. The wetness was spreading over her mound of thick pubes and down to the crotch of her panties.

It was in this state that Martha felt her orgasm about to hit, so taking a deep breath and biting her lip she forced herself to pull her fingers away from her panties. She wanted to tease her cunt, and it was time to do what she came here to do.

She looked down at the hole in the wall, her heart beating in her chest and she dropped to her knees. She knew that if she stuck two fingers through the hole she should be rewarded with a nice cock to suck. She tried to peer through the hole but didn’t see much in the darkness so Martha popped two fingers through the hole, curling them back towards her, beckoning whatever lurked through there to come.

Within seconds, Martha heard someone standing, and then she felt the flesh of a hard cock push onto her fingers. Withdrawing them through the hole they were followed by a thick 6” white cock. Without a moments hesitation, Martha’s lips took the tip into her mouth, sucking his purple bell. She pulled his foreskin back and flicked her tongue into the slit at the tip of his cock. She heard a moan and felt the cock being pushed further into her mouth so was reassured he must be liking it as much as she was.

Martha inched her lips along his shaft sucking him harder, working her mouth back and forth. She felt him match her rhythm with small thrusts through the hole, his cock grazing her throat. One of her hands found its way inside her panties and she began rubbing her clit. She was willing him to explode so she could take her first cum shot, so she brought her mouth to the tip of his cock and focused on sucking the top two inches. With her other hand she gripped the base of his shaft and her hand a blur, she wanked him hard.

Martha was so focused on milking this cock, she almost didn’t acknowledge the quick knock on the wall. Before she knew it, the cock was twitching in her mouth, and from the tip jets of thick warm cum exploded out. His cum coated her tongue and filled her mouth. After the first couple of salty jets she pulled her mouth back and the final thick spurt hit her lips and chin.

Breathing heavily, Martha squeezed the last few drops out of the cock and then swallowed her first glorious mouthful of cum. The cock began to withdraw so Martha gave the tip a quick kiss and purred a thank you.

Loving the feel of the cum streaked on her chin, Martha licked her lips ready for more. Just as she reached to the glory hole to entice her next cock, a hand reached through groping for her body. Martha guided it to her 32b tits encased in her lacy peephole bra and leaned back as the rough hand pawed at her. He kneaded them and pinched her nipples through the slit making Martha moan softly. Reaching behind she unclipped her bra, letting it fall to the dirty floor of the booth. The hand that groped her tits then took a grasp of her nipple and drew her to the hole. Martha almost fell forward as she pressed her tit into the hole, then felt the wet mouth of the stranger suckling at her. His teeth bit into her erect nipple, and he dribbled down her tit. When he took his mouth away, her wet nipple stiffened even more, an aching bullet on her pert breast.

Martha felt the tip of a thick cock smearing pre cum on her tit and she leaned back. A cock came through the hole and her hand wrapped around it. She began to jerk him off, spitting on his cock as her hand worked up and down. She heard moaning, and she loved how this cut cock glistened with her spit in the flickering light from the TV.

She rotated her hand around the shaft back and forth and her mouth closed on the tip. She held him tightly between her lips and then employed a trick she learnt from her first boyfriend. He taught her to use her tongue to quickly flick over the tip as she suckled his cock with her lips. After only a minute the guy was banging on the wall, and for the second time Martha’s mouth was filled with cum. This time it was a looser, wetter cum than the thick ropes of the last guy, but Martha drank it down all the same, continuing to wank him hard. She thought of what her boyfriend who had taught her that trick would think seeing her now and giggled, causing a little cum to escape out of the corner of her mouth.

She swallowed the salty cum with a smile, proud that she made him cum so quickly. When she released the cock it disappeared through the hole and Martha sat back up on the leather chair. She ran her tongue over her teeth, feeling incredibly turned on, and she gave her now throbbing clit a rub through the panties. Bolts of lightning ran through her, but again she deprived herself of an orgasm and she fell to her knees on the floor. As she placed her right knee down, she felt moisture through her stockings, and looking down, she saw she had knelt in a thick glob of cum. She laughed, loving how slutty she must look kneeling in cum and she popped her fingers through the hole again.

It took a minute or so of Martha wiggling her fingers, but soon enough a cock was presented to her through the hole. This time a thick 8” black cock was thrust through, and Martha accepted it straight into her mouth. She set about sucking this black monster as she wanked him from the base. Martha had taken a black cock before, but never one this big and she was relishing the challenge of sucking it as deep as she could.

She took it into her throat before pulling off, gasping for air. Her spit dangled from her lips to the tip of the cock, then she gobbled it all back up again. She was working this cock as best she could, using all her experience to take and keep it in her throat. He began to fuck her mouth through the hole, and the sloppy sounds of Martha gagging on the cock bounced off the walls of the booth.

He suddenly pulled it back and a voice at the hole, gruff and deep said, “Let me fuck your pussy bitch.”

Martha’s cunt almost exploded at the thought. She quickly stood and peeled her panties off her pussy. She pulled them halfway down her thighs and bent over as she backed up to the hole. She felt between her legs for the cock, and when she felt it slip into her palm she guided it to the entrance of her pussy. She noticed the lack of a condom and for a moment she hesitated, but then her insatiable desire took over and she rubbed her swollen lips with this black cock, getting it nice and wet.

As she sank back onto it Martha cried out in pleasure, all the nerve endings on her sensitive lips firing as inch after inch entered her pussy. She began to rock back and forth on this cock as he plunged into her, and she reached out with one hand to grab the arm of the chair to steady herself. She fucked the black cock, savouring every thrust as he grew more forceful and she could hear his guttural groans through the hole. Fucking him harder, losing herself in the pleasure, she felt her orgasm building.

Just as she was reaching the point of her climax it was cruelly deprived from her again as the cock selfishly withdrew out of her pussy. She heard the quick knock on the wall and responded by quickly turning then lowering her head and began to wank him. She was eager to take her third load of the night, and the deprivation of her orgasm reaffirmed to Martha just what she was here for. She was here to service these cocks like a true cum slut.

Her mouth opened just in time as this monster cock spewed its hot, thick cum all over her face. Strand after strand erupted from the tip, landing in her hair, on her forehead, over her eyes, over her nose and on her lips.

It was the biggest facial Martha had ever taken and she jerked her head up as another big strand fell on her nose and mouth. With her eyes closed, she sucked the tip of the cock and drained him of the last of his cum.

She methodically scooped it up and pushed it into her mouth, loving every salty drop. She had no idea how to deal with the strands over her eyes, and when she tried to open them she felt the sting of the salty cum. She ran her fingers over her eyes, pulling the cum to the sides of her face, and she felt her eye makeup smearing. When she opened her eyes again, it was blurry, but despite the stinging and her lashes heavy with cum she could just about view her surroundings. Martha blinked, and as she did, she could see strands of cum stretching between her lashes. She imagined she must have looked just like all those cum loving sluts she had seen in porn clips, and she made a point of capturing this mental image of herself.

She rubbed the remaining cum into her face, happy to let it dry there, and she breathed deeply. Oh how good that fuck had been, and if only he had carried on just a minute longer, she would have finally had the sweet release of her orgasm.

With her panties still around her thighs Martha put her fingers through the hole for a fourth time. This time, rather than feeling a cock against her fingers, she was surprised to feel a mouth on them. This stranger was worshipping her slender fingers and manicured nails and she enjoyed this new sensation. Her fingers were still laced with salty cum so she knew the guy through the hole must have been tasting it, but he continued none the less and Martha joined him sucking the fingers of her other hand. When he had finished she pulled her hand back through expecting his cock to follow, but instead his mouth appeared and he asked in a feeble voice,

“Can I taste you?”

Martha guessed this was an older white guy, much more the cuckold type than the black stud she had just fucked, and this variety turned her on even more.

She stood and pulled off her wet panties. She held them to the hole, and the guy began to eagerly suck them. She deliberately presented the crotch to him, and he sucked it around her fingers. Martha was enjoying this little moment of power, and so she whispered for him to take her panties and said he could keep them.

She stood, and pressed her swollen, wet pussy to the hole. She heard a murmured thanks before an eager tongue began licking her clit, lapping at it like a cat. She laughed and moaned. The guy was obviously eager if not the most skilled, but she let him lick her for a few minutes as she enjoyed the sensation and hadn’t thought she would get her pussy licked tonight.

The feeling was good but she wasn’t going to cum from his over eager attempts, so she dropped to her knees again, and like a good boy he slipped through his hard cock. It wasn’t the biggest but wasn’t tiny and she enjoyed working it in her mouth. It was easier to suck and roll her tongue over than the previous cocks, and she was sure he would be cumming within in minutes.

Right on cue, she heard a quick knock and the cock began to spurt. Martha easily accepted this load on her tongue and she swallowed it all, giving him an extra suck as his cock was already softening in her mouth.

Given how eager he had been, she expected him to thank her, but she opened her mouth and quick as a flash he withdrew. She heard him scurrying away and supposed that’s how it was in here with these guys, get off and get out. Martha was certainly fine to help them out with that.

She thought she heard someone enter the booth so she quickly stuck her two fingers through, and her second black dick, fifth cock of the night came through the hole. Martha’s eyes opened wide. It was maybe an inch bigger than the last black cock with bulging veins and a thick girth. Martha began to explore every inch with her tongue, working it in and out of her mouth.

This was her favourite cock so far; she loved the thick shaft and fat head. She loved the length, the way the slit would open when her tongue pressed into it and particularly the weight of it on her face, as she tickled the underside with her tongue.

She desperately wanted to feel it inside her. She knew she would be cumming all over this cock in seconds but she was unsure if she could initiate this or if it had to be him. Martha carried on sucking, her hand following her mouth up and down as she became more and more frantic. She couldn’t take it anymore and with one final long suck leaving this perfect cock slick with spit, she stood up.

She turned, gripped the cock between her legs and working her hips backwards she slipped it into her wet pussy. She rode up and down his shaft as she felt him begin to fuck her hard. The guy grunted in pleasure and he levered his cock into her through the hole making the most of all the space he could.

Martha was crying out in pleasure, and her pussy began to spasm. Finally her orgasm hit, and wave after wave of pleasure flooded through her. She was lost in her orgasm, screaming out, and through it all he relentlessly fucked her cunt. Her hand again gripped the arm of the chair and her nails dug into the leather as her stretched pussy lips clutched his mammoth cock.

Martha continued to fuck as best she could with her orgasm pulsing through her. Not wanting to stop but feeling progressively weaker at the knees, she half wanted collapse into a quivering heap and half wanted to fuck this monster dick harder.

Luckily for the guy the half that wanted to keep fucking won out in her mind, and despite her shaking knees, she managed to steady herself. Martha settled into a quick rhythm until she heard her new favourite sound, the knock on the wall. She knew she should probably pull off and take him in her mouth, however her pussy was tingling in pleasure and she was desperate for him to cum inside her.

His cock didn’t pull out, just kept on thrusting, and Martha let out the loudest and longest moan of the night. Her hand began to furiously rub her clit, and she brought herself back to the heights of pleasure with a fast intense orgasm. As this orgasm smashed through her like a tidal wave, the black dick erupted inside her. 

Martha made short, loud moans as she came, and she felt the gushing of cum fill her womb. The cock twitched violently inside her pussy and she slowed to a stop. Martha, bent over with the biggest dick she had ever taken buried inside her and a pussy full of cum, savoured this moment.

She groaned in protest as the black snake slithered back out of her, and with a very wet plop she felt it withdraw completely. A dribble of cum leaked out of her pussy falling onto the floor, and a second dribbled down her thigh. Not wanting to lose another drop, she reached under herself, scooped it up and caught more cum dripping from her pussy. She massaged it into her well fucked cunt, and the cum matted in her thick pubes.

She brought her hand to her mouth and wiggled her fingers, making a webbing out of the thick jizz. She slipped each finger into her mouth and licked them clean of every strand of cum.

When she turned she was surprised to see the cock was still there and bending over, she gave the tip a final loving suck, savouring the taste of her pussy and his cum. He withdrew his cock but a card was offered through. It was blank except for a phone number, so Martha took it and with that he disappeared. Placing it on top of her coat, she knew that was one number she would definitely be calling in the near future.

Martha collapsed back on the floor, sitting with her legs open and spread wide. She ran her fingers down through her damp pubes, loving how the cum clumped them together. She twisted her dark hairs together, pulled them up, and moaned at the sensation as she lifted her pussy lips. Her fingers explored her folds, slick with pussy juice and cum, making their way down to the entrance of her pussy.

With a deep breath she curled two fingers inside herself and moaned, as she began to finger fuck her cunt. She could feel how engorged her pussy walls had become and she could feel the gooey cum inside her. Her fingers began to move faster, in and out, curling and twisting until they landed on that rough bit of skin that she knew was her g spot. She ran her fingers up and down and she began to shake, as her body shuddered into another orgasm. She cried out as her pussy clung to her fingers, and she clamped her thighs together bringing as much pressure as she could to her red hot sex.

As she slowly withdrew her fingers, she saw they were white with the cum that had seeped out of her as she fingered herself. She brought them to her mouth, running them along her lips and lovingly sucked them. The salty flavour mingled with her own, and Martha delighted at the taste.

When she finally opened her eyes, she looked at the glory hole and saw an eye looking back at her. Someone had obviously been enjoying her show.

“Well hi there sexy,” Martha teased.

There was no answer from the hole, but the eye was quickly replaced by an uncut white cock. Rather than kneeling to suck this cock, she decided to shuffle forward and try something a bit different. She kicked her shoes off then pressed the bridges of her stocking covered feet into the hard cock. She began to stroke it up and down, the cock slipping between the arches of her feet. She was having fun giving this cock a foot job, and she then slipped her left foot under the cock so it rested over her toes, and with the right she rubbed the cock more aggressively.

The tip of the cock was already slick with pre cum from him watching Martha’s solo show, and as she jerked him, more liquid seeped from the tip of his dick, spreading over her nylons and into her toes. He had obviously been wanking hard when he watched her. His cock was rigid between her feet. She continued working her feet around his cock and wondered if it would be enough to make him cum. After a few minutes, Martha got her answer when the guy gave the wall a quick double knock.

Increasing the pace of her foot job she rubbed her right foot over his cock. She willed him to cum and was rewarded with a stream of hot jizz that landed up her leg. The cum settled on her nylons, a streak of white on the black material. After coaxing the last of the cumshot out of his cock she took her feet away and he withdrew. Martha rubbed her legs together, relishing the friction of the nylon and the wet cum against her cool, smooth skin. She ran each foot over the other, her toes tracing the arch of her foot, and she walked her toes around her heels. She adored the feel of the nylon material, and having her feet and legs splattered with cum exponentially added to the eroticism of the experience.

Martha lifted herself up and perched on the edge of the chair. She had no idea how long she had been in this booth, but this first visit had surpassed her expectations in every way. She found her high heels and slipped her feet back in them. The nylon of her stockings was still damp with cum, and it pressed into her skin as her feet slotted into the shoes. She laughed as she thought about how much they had cost her, how long she had shopped for just the right pair, and now she was loving slipping cum covered feet into them.

She stood, picked up her coat, and saw the card from the big black cock fall to the floor. With a smile she collected it up with her bra and slipped both into her pocket. Martha tied the coat loosely around her waist, enough to cover her pussy and tits, but there would be no disguising what she had just been up to in the booth.

With a sigh, she looked at the hole and debated looking for one more cock, but decided enough was enough for tonight. She turned the handle of the booth, opened it and gasped.

Standing at the door was the guy she had seen behind the desk when she walked in. He had a dirty smile and smelt of whiskey. He was not the type of man Martha had ever fantasised about fucking and yet standing there, wanting to be serviced, there was no doubt what would happen next. Martha took a step back, and without a word he entered the booth. Martha closed the door behind them, and he sat down on the leather chair.

“It looks like you have had fun in here?” He asked with a chuckle.

“Well, isn’t that the point?” Martha joked back.

“Yeah I suppose it is. So, take that coat off and come and suck my dick.”

Like a trained cock slave, Martha untied her coat and let it drop to the floor. She stood between his legs and dropped to her knees. She opened his belt and could smell sweat from his crotch but was beyond caring about such things. She pulled down his jeans to reveal a limp 3” dick, and taking it between her thumb and fore finger she began to work his foreskin up and down. She felt him start to stiffen and she brought her mouth down, consuming his cock. He was soon fully engorged on her tongue and Martha worked her mouth up and down a nice sized 6” cock.

She felt his hands in her hair, stroking then gathering it. He held it tightly in an improvised bun, and using this, he regulated her sucking, slowing her down, moaning how he wanted to enjoy this and not cum too soon. She settled into this more gentle rhythm, her moist lips running up and down his cock. His breathing was heavy, causing his torso to rise and fall, and as Martha’s mouth plunged down his cock again, he held her there with her lips at the base. She kept him in her throat as he gave sharp upward thrusts. She began to struggle with her breathing but still he held her there. She began to gag, her cheeks puffing out and her nails dug into his thighs. He pulled her up and Martha gasped for air. She smiled at him and he grinned back, as long strands of spit dangled from her mouth to his cock.

Reaching forward he rubbed the spit into her face, then holding Martha by the chin, he guided her to stand up. She was held her by the hips and then he explored her body, cupping her tits in his hands and pinching her nipples. He gave them a playful slap, loving how they hung on her slim frame, and she gave sexy cry. He turned her around, and Martha bent forward slightly as he opened her ass cheeks, seeing the dark pubes running to her pussy. He slid forward in the chair and pulled Martha down, as her pussy was entered again.

Bouncing up and down on the cock, she felt a sting as he slapped her ass hard. Martha groaned her pleasure at being spanked, and she rolled her hips as she fucked him. In this position between his legs her thighs were kept together, and as she bounced, she squeezed his cock which compensated nicely for its relative lack of girth. He spanked her again, this time with both hands simultaneously on her ass. Martha cried out in pleasure and felt her ass cheeks hot from the spank. Without warning, Martha suddenly felt herself stood up as from beneath her he rose, and then pushed her to the ground.

She found herself on her back and when she spread her legs, he was instantly at her pussy. He thrust his cock inside her with one pronounced movement, and gathering up her legs he began to fuck her hard. With her legs picked up and pushed back he pounded into her and Martha’s tits bounced up her chest. 

He let her legs fall down and he buried his hands in her hair. He pulled her back and forth as he ground into her, grunting into her ear. Martha moaned loudly, running her nails up and down his back. She wrapped her legs around his waist drawing him into her tighter. She lost herself in the pleasure of being properly fucked, of feeling a man between her legs, and she thought about each of the cocks she had serviced throughout the evening. She could feel his forehead rubbing into her face, and he let out an animalistic groan into her ear. His cock started to spasm and again her pussy was filled with cum. She felt his legs twitching, and she stroked his head contracting her pelvic muscles as he pumped the last drops inside her.

After a few moments of lying like this, he withdrew from her, and Martha lay on the floor gazing up at him. He pulled his pants back up, smiled, and stepped over her, opening the door and leaving her laying there. For a few minutes more, Martha couldn’t move. Both hands massaged her pussy and she allowed herself to drift, to absorb everything that she had done and had done to her during this incredible experience.

Martha eventually dragged herself out of this exhaustive state and stood, feeling completely satisfied. Her feet, legs, thighs, pussy, pubes, hands, tits, chest, face and hair were stained with cum, and she couldn’t stop her hand from continually rubbing and playing with her sensitive clit.

Her hand finally dropped from her pussy and she gathered up her coat. She slipped it on, loosely tied it and walked out of the booth. The shop was empty apart from the guy behind the counter and so she walked past, giving him a cheeky wink.

Martha opened the door, stepped out into the fresh air, breathed deeply and smiled. She floated back to her car and every pore of her body tingled.
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