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Miss Trottle After School

A high school teacher gets a little more than she bargained for when she tempts two seniors
Miss Trottle was a teacher in a high school in Bristol, Connecticut. It was the end of a particularly hard few weeks because as the summer holidays approach the workload for the teacher doubled, with parent’s evenings, thousands of reports, after school events and end of year exams Miss Trottle was glad of the fact that it was now Friday.

The school bell had rung for the last time before the summer holidays and as the sound of the bell echoed around the empty corridors and deserted grounds of the school Miss Trottle was alone in her classroom sorting out books and papers to take back with her. Miss Trottle was in her late 20s with shoulder length brown hair which curled as it touched her shoulders. The years (and college) had given her a few extra pounds but she still had the attractive figure of a real woman, slender legs leading to the soft curves of her shapely thighs and womanly hips.

The male members of all her older classes often noticed her figure; her round breasts which tended to look a size too big for her occasional choice of tops, her soft, full ass encased in slightly tight skirts, and especially her fabulous legs. She followed a couple easy steps to great looking legs, and it showed.

Of course, one of the oldest tricks in the book for adding height and creating a lean look starts with a great pair of high heel shoes. Heels certainly had Miss Trottle standing taller both literally and figuratively. Her sculpted heels lengthened her legs and accentuated her foot’s arch, helping to create a sexy, sculpted leg.

Hosiery helped create a smooth, even-toned leg. Miss Trottle wore pantyhose most of the time. First of all, they looked good; they evened out skin tone, hid marks, bruises, bumps, scrapes, scars, nicks, veins, pimples, wrinkles, sags, tan lines and a variety of other unsightly minor imperfections that most womens’ legs had. She also found that they felt good – especially after just shaving her legs and putting on a pair of silky pantyhose; she enjoyed the nice feel of them sliding up her legs.

Although they could be a little uncomfortable, especially in the summer, and the sheer fabric was prone to tears, Miss Trottle thought the benefits were well worth the occasional inconvenience.

One of the biggest reasons she wore them, of course, is that men like them. She got a lot more attention from men (and boys) if she was wearing a pair of pantyhose with a nice skirt and heels than when she went bare legged. It was obvious to her that most men liked the look. She didn’t know what was going on in their heads; she just knew it was true.

For a taste of that old Hollywood glamour, she would sometimes pull on a pencil skirt to showcase her legs. The undeniable classic put focus on her legs without revealing too much.

She was well aware of the attractiveness of her legs, and wasn’t afraid to show them off a little. It was no wonder she was one of the most popular teachers in the school among the older male students.

Secretly Miss Trottle liked the adolescent attention (as long as it didn’t distract too much from the lessons) and she always found it amusing trying to guess which one of the boys had got hard in class, also it didn’t do any harm when she needed a strong pair of hands to help as there were always plenty of eager volunteers. On a number of occasions Miss Trottle had seen a bulge in a boys trousers as she walked around the class collecting work, this always made her a little wet. More than once while sitting behind her desk, she had let her hand slip up her skirt in class after she had accidentally brushed against one of her students who was pitching a trouser tent.

Miss Trottle was about to close her bag and put her coat on when she heard some footsteps that sounded like they were coming from the end of her corridor. Miss Trottle stopped for a moment to listen, she had thought she was one of the last to leave and assumed it might be the janitor. The footsteps grew louder so Miss Trottle walked over to the door and pushed it open just enough to peer out down the corridor to see who was there.

Miss Trottle saw the shapes of two boys, the early evening sun shining from directly behind them through a large window at the end of the corridor. “What are you doing still in school? Haven’t you got homes to go to?” called Miss Trottle to the shapes.

“Oh… hello Miss T,” replied a slightly surprised voice. Apparently Miss Trottle had not been the only one to assume she was alone in that part of the building.

The boys approached Miss Trottle’s classroom door. She recognized them as 2 of her sixth period class, Steve Elmore and Rich Stubbs.

“Steve here lost his sports bag, its ok… he’d only left it in the changing room but we were half way to his house before he realized he hadn’t got it. He’s getting forgetful now that he’s old and leaving school,” said Rich in a playful mock tone.

“I actually hadn’t thought about this but we probably wont see you again now will we?” said Steve.

“I don’t expect so, well I’ll probably be around on results day,” Miss Trottle replied.

“Hey, schools ended, so you aren’t our teacher anymore – Rich has some beers in his bag, we were going to stop at the park and celebrate leaving school, u wanna….”

Miss Trottle stepped out of the classroom and past the 2 boys to look around the corner, no one was there… she stopped for a second and listened…. Nothing.

Miss Trottle thought for a second, she could do with a drink, whenever she had a difficult day at school it was usually straight home for a glass of wine or a beer for her. Technically I’d be doing nothing wrong, the teacher thought while pondering the situation, the bell had rung and these boys were no longer her students, also she thought that one of them was probably 18 by now.

“Oh sure, I suppose I could have one, but be quiet. How much beer have you got in there?” she said, slightly surprised as the boys walked in to her empty classroom and started unpacking cans and bottles from a sports bag.

“I see why you walked all the way back to school to get this now, I was wondering why you were going to such lengths to get some sweaty rugby kit.”

The boys grinned, Steve tossed a beer to Rich a little over enthusiastically, Rich missed the catch and the beer landed on the floor after hitting a desk on the way. He picked it up and opened it just as Miss Trottle yelled “Don’t open that now!”

Fizzzzz! It was too late, Miss Trottle caught the full spray of the excited beer can and most of it went over her white top exposing the shape of a white bra and what Steve thought was the out line of her left nipple. Her blouse started to cling to her breasts so much so that the boys could see the color of her skin.

“Mong!” She said looking at Rich who could see the teacher wasn’t really upset as she was allowing a slightly mischievous grin to creep over her face.

“Sorry Miss T,” Rich replied in a sheepish tone, although he to was struggling to contain a grin as he, like Steve could not believe they were staring at their teacher with a wet white blouse clinging to her heaving breasts, leaving very little to the imagination.

Miss Trottle turned her back on the boys, and to their amazement, started to unbutton her blouse, slipping it down her back, her dark brown hair fell over the back of her shoulders as she tossed her hair and pulled her jacket on over her white bra. Hanging the blouse over a radiator she turned to look at the boys who had remained silent throughout.

“What’s wrong with you two?” asked Miss Trottlealthough she knew exactly what this must be doing to them.

“…..uh, nothing Miss T.” It was finally Steve who pulled himself together enough to speak.

Taking a large gulp from the can she was holding Miss Trottle subtly glanced at Steve’s trousers where she noticed a good amount of bulging which defiantly wasn’t there before. Smiling to herself, she sat on the edge of the teacher’s desk, crossing her legs and allowing her short skirt to ride even further up her thighs. Miss Trottle leant back on one arm while she used the other to continue to drink the beer.

Rich and Steve were now sitting at the front of the classroom; Rich was gulping away at a can of beer with his legs up on the desk. Rich was staring at her openly up on the desk. He was well built with short brown hair. Ever since Miss Trottle had been teaching at that school, Rich had always been the 1st to volunteer when something needed doing, he would even carry her things to her car on a regular basis and stay behind after class to help tidy.

Steve was quite stocky although very muscular; he had played Rugby for the school team and was recently invited to join the county youth team. He was generally polite but tended to be a little bit of a smartass in class. Even though, these two guys were defiantly among Miss Trottle’s favorites.

The conversation got gradually easier as more alcohol was consumed, covering all sorts of subjects; memories from school, what they all thought of some of the other teachers.

“....and you know what fell out when I picked up Mr. Brides prescription bag for him?? A month’s supply of Viagra” said Miss Trottle in a fit of laughter.

The three laughed and passed cutting comments about their principle as they continued to knock back the beer.

“Well…” said Miss T, “It’s about time to get out of here I think, my blouse is pretty much dry” she added, throwing an accusatory glance towards Rich who simply sat there with a stupid grin on his face.

She walked over to the radiator where her blouse was looking much less soggy. As she felt the fabric, she slipped her coat off and stood there for a second holding the blouse dressed only in her black skirt and white bra, her back to the boys.

She thought for a minute and instead of putting the blouse back on, slowly turned around and started walking towards her desk again. “On second thoughts, let’s have another drinky!” She said, “We have a good hour before the doors lock, and the last I saw of the janitor, he was heading to the bar down the road so we’ve got the place to ourselves.”

The boys sat perfectly still, looking at Miss Trottle resuming her place on her desk leaning over it but this time without her coat covering to cover her. Glancing at Rich who was the closest to her he noticed not only a marked change in the way he was sitting but also that he had become slightly flushed.

“What’s the matter Rich?” Miss Trottle asked coyly.

“Nothing,” came the rather breathy reply.

“Grab another beer for me will you then,” she said with that mischievous grin starting to creep across her face again as Rich slowly stood up.

“Oooh my,” exclaimed Miss Trottle as she saw a huge bulge in Rich's trousers as he walked towards her with a can.

Rich bent over slightly to hide what was trying to escape from his trousers but it didn’t do much good. Steve remained seated not even bothering to stifle his laughter now that he had a few drinks inside.

As Miss Trottle took the can from Rich she let her finger quickly run up his arm to the top of his chest then let it slowly fall down brushing along the bulge in his trousers before she withdrew it.

“Looks uncomfortable,” said Miss Trottle with a false look of concern, “Wouldn’t that feel much better if you took off your trousers?” she asked.

“I can’t do that,” replied Rich in what he meant to be a joking voice but ended up sounding positively shocked.

“How about you take off your skirt,” suggested Steve, “and we’ll take off our pants.”

Miss Trottle sat up on the desk and started to slide the zip down on the side of her black skirt as the boys mouths fell open and their eyes bugged out in excited amazement.

She stopped with a giggle and stood back up off the desk, zipping her skirt back up.

“Stand up Steve, lets see if you have an abnormal growth anywhere,” she said gesturing towards his desk.

Steve slowly came over and stood directly in front of Rich and Miss Trottle.

As Miss Trottle looked Steve over, she saw that he was getting hard and sporting a sizable trouser bulge for her as well.

Miss Trottle smiled to herself.

“Ok, boys, I have had a lovely afternoon, but it’s probably time for you two to head home.” She reached over to put her blouse back on.

Rich and Steve both looked a little confused by this.

"So you think this can just end whenever it’s convenient for you?" Steve said suddenly, surprising all of them and sounding a lot more mature than Rich had seconds earlier. "You think you just play with us and walk away when you’ve had enough?"

Miss Trottle shivered slightly. "Steve, listen..." She couldn’t force herself to speak any louder than just an elevated whisper.

"No, you listen, you tease!" Steve snapped back at her. "I don’t like girls who think they are too good for us, you know?"

"I... I..." the words were not there. Not at the moment.

"No, really. You think you can just parade in front of us like that, eh? You dress like that to turn on all the boys in class like some hotty, and when somebody calls you on it, you can just say no thanks? That’s not a good attitude, ma’am; what are you; just a no good cock-tease?"

“I am not a cock-tease,” Miss Trottle said, trying to sound forceful, but instead it came out as a weak petition.

“I think you are,” said Steve, stepping closer to her. “Why don’t you show us what you’ve got under those sexy skirts you’re always wearing with your fuck-me heels.”

“Wha-, Now?” Asked Miss Trottle. She could see the lust burning in the eyes of both boys, fueled by the alcohol and her own flirtations and it scared her, but excited her at the same time.

Grabbing her shoulders Steve turned her away from him and pushed her over the edge of the desk. “Show us you’re not a prick-tease, Miss T,” said Rich, “Or maybe we’ll just have to see for ourselves. Hold her down Rich,” he ordered as Rich quickly complied.

Bending down he placed his hands on his teacher’s warm nyloned calves and ran his hands slowly up her legs, scooting up her skirt.

“Damn, you’ve got some fine legs.” Steve murmured as his hands reached the top of her thighs and her skirt bunched up, preventing him from rubbing higher. “I used to jack off thinking about you opening your sexy legs for me. I always thought maybe you wore garter belts and stockings.”

Miss Trottle, swallowed heavily. She did, in fact, sometimes wear a garter and stockings when she was feeling particularly bold and sexy; but she wasn’t going to mention this to anybody.

“I’m more of a boob-man,” leered Rich, “I always wanted to see those tits of yours.”

“Wait, boys. Don’t you think you should slow down?” Miss Trottle suggested.

“Oh, we’re not going to slow down now. You got our motors all spun up, Miss T.” said Steve as he reached up to tug down the zipper of her skirt. “It’s time you deliver on what you’ve been advertising.” He pulled her skirt down to the floor, exposing the full lengths of her high-heeled, pantyhose-covered legs and ass.

“Fuck; your ass looks fine in those pantyhose,” said Steve, running his hands up her legs and over her bent ass. “Just like I dreamed it would. And your black thong is sexy underneath your pantyhose.”

“Let’s get her blouse off,” Rich urged his buddy, “I want to see her tits.”

Steve pressed up against Miss Trottle, who was still bent over the desk, and helped Rich pull off her white blouse.

“Careful!” Miss Trottle warned, “That’s a delicate blouse.”

“Oh yeah, we’ll be careful.” Steve promised. “As long as you treat us nice.”

“Yeah, really nice,” urged Rich. “Like Steve said, show us you’re not a prick-tease. Show us you want it, that’s why you were drinking beers with us and parading around in your bra and getting our cocks all hard. You wanted to get our cocks hard, and now you’re going to take care of ‘em for us, aren’t you.”

“I . . . well, maybe I did, but that doesn’t mean you can rip up my clothes.” Miss Trottle declared.

“Sorry about that. Now let’s see them pretty titties,” urged Rich as Steve unclasped the bra around her back.

As soon as Steve released the clip of her bra, Rich pulled it off exposing her firm tits and large pink nipples. He licked his lips in hungry anticipation.

“Well now,” said Rich, “It’s time you get your wish; we’re going to take our pants off. Be a good girl and stay right there, so we can both take our pants off like you wanted.”

Steve didn’t give her the chance, keeping her pinned against the desk while Rich unbuckled his belt and slid his pants and underwear off to expose his throbbing erection as Miss Trottle watched in anxious consideration.

She couldn’t suppress a rush of pleasure and sexual excitement at seeing his sturdy young cock standing erect and eager for her.

As soon as Rich had his pants off, he moved forward to grasp her shoulders against the desk while Steve pulled back from behind her to shuck off his own trousers.

Miss Trottle didn’t turn to look, but seconds later she felt Steve’s warm, hard cock press against her nylon-covered ass.

Steve caressed her hips and slid his hard cock against the soft, nylon-encased, asscheeks of his sexy teacher. “Oh, Miss T; that’s nice,” he groaned.

Rich was eagerly caressing her breasts and toying with her nipples which were hard and erect with excitement.

Steve reached around to pinch her nipples while grinding his hard cock against her ass as Rich stepped back to watch and stroke his cock.

“She looks pretty hot in her heels and hose with you rubbing your cock up her backside,” Rich said while stroking his hard cock. “How about you stick your cock in her and we make her suck my cock?”

“I can’t fuck her through her pantyhose,” said Steve, “But I don’t want to go through the trouble of taking off her shoes and hose, besides, she looks pretty damn hot like that. Hand me those scissors.”

Rich handed Steve some scissors from the desk.

Steve stepped back and slid his hands up her legs to the crotch of her pantyhose so he could cut them open with the scissors. But paused, and said, “Damn Rich, she’s fucking wet; I guess she wants it from both of us.”

Miss Trottle had to suppress a little giggle. Of course it was true, she was quite wet. She had gotten excited showing off her bra-encased breasts to the boys and seeing their bulges. And she found herself getting wetter as they held her down and pulled out their hard cocks and played with her body.

Steve cut open the gusset of her pantyhose and slid his hand against her thong-covered pussy mound. “You want it, don’t you Miss T?”

“Uh-huh,” was her breathless reply.

“You’re going to finish what you started, aren’t you Miss T,” continued Steve, “if we let you go, you’ll take care of us real good, won’t you?”

“You know I will,” Miss Trottle promised sexily.

“Hot damn!” said Rich eagerly stroking his hard cock.

Steve stepped back from behind Miss Trottle, and without a word, she slipped to her knees as the boys released her and turned to face them.

She slowly reached out her hand to slip down the front of Rich’s shorts and gently stroke his cock before wrapping her hand around it and guiding it to her lips.

She gently kissed the swollen head while massaging the shaft with her hand.

Steve was behind Miss Trottle and he started kissing her neck and back while his hands slid around her to cup and massage her shapely breasts.

The teacher was now letting the head of Rich’s cock slip in and out of her mouth, pausing every so often to kiss and run her tongue around the tip while her left hand ran up and down the shaft with a slight twisting motion each time. Rich’s breathing had become very heavy and he started to tilt his head back every time she took his cock into her soft warm mouth. Steve was still kneeling behind Miss Trottle letting his erect cock brush against her nyloned ass while kissing her shoulders and neck. She shuddered with pleasure every time his fingers brushed against her now erect nipples. He leant round and gently lowered his head and started kissing Miss Trottle’s soft breasts, finally running his tongue around her excited right nipple and kissing it as Miss Trottle lay back on the floor.

“Hmmmm Steve…” she moaned, “please let me feel that tongue some more”. She pushed Steve’s head gently towards her thin black panties and ran her finger along one side of them inviting him to pull them aside. Rich repositioned himself on the floor on the side of Miss Trottle and fed his teacher his hard cock while enjoying playing with her soft breasts and erect nipples.

Steve had pulled aside her black thong through the cut open crotch of her pantyhose to expose a perfect shaven pussy. Her clit was becoming more and more swollen as her pussy became wetter and more excited. Steve let his tongue run round Miss Trottle’s eager clit in circular motions stopping to kiss and suck for a couple of seconds..

Miss Trottle's whole body started shaking as her excited student began licking and lapping avidly, nibbling her smooth cuntlips and even digging his tongue deep inside her buttery cunt-slit. The horny teacher dropped her hands to his head, pulling her student's hair, forcing his wonderful mouth onto her cunt as she lazily humped her ass up off the floor.

"Unnngghhhhh, Steve! Yesssss!" moaned Miss Trottle ecstatically, taking her mouth off Rich’s cock. "Lick my cunt, honey! Oh, that feels so good, darling."

Rich stroked his cock as he watched his friend eat out their sexy teacher, who seemed to have lost all of her previous reluctance.

Steve hungrily licked and sucked, sluicing his tongue up and down between the juicy folds of his teacher's musky pussy. He made little kissing, slurping sounds as he tongued up her fuck-juice, loving the taste of his teacher's hot, dripping cunt. Miss Trottle thrust her right hand under his forehead, opening her pussy-slit wide with her fingertips.

"Steve, ohhhh fuck, please lick my clit!" she gasped, unable to stand the irresistable sensations of her throbbing pleasure-bud. "Please, baby, it's so hot and swollen. My little clit's throbbing, Steve. Please suck it for me. Oh, fuck, oh, please, I need to cum so much!"

Steve moved his lapping tongue higher up his teacher's pussy-slit, thrusting it experimentally onto her erect clit. Miss Trottle bucked as if she'd been shot, her pretty face contorting with pleasure as she dug the fingernails of her left hand into the back of his neck.

"Oh, fuck, lick it!" she hissed. "Lick my fuckin' clit! Oh, yes, oh, fuck! Ohhhhhhh, fuuuuuuck!"

Steve licked his teacher's clit, laving it, covering it with saliva, flicking it teasingly with his probing tongue. Miss Trottle's cunt began to twitch and spasm, and she knew she was on the verge of a very hard cum.

She forced her trembling ass to remain still on the floor, so that her student could keep his tongue on her clit. She held her pussy-lips wide open with her right hand while the fingernails of her left hand dug into Steve's neck hard enough to leave red welts on the skin as she forced his open sucking mouth into her quivering cunt.

"Suck it!" she gasped, her voice quavering with lust. "Ooooooh, yessssss, suck my clit! Lick my my cunt, Steve! Unnngggghhhhh! I'm gonna cum so hard! I'm gonna cum any second!"

Steve wrapped his lips around his teacher's burning, tingling clit, sucking gently but forcefully, tugging on it with his mouth as his tongue massaged the underside. He pushed two fingers up her pussy and started finger-fucking her cunt forcefully, pumping his knuckles against the puffy, hairy outer lips of her pussy. Miss Trottle clawed his neck, arched her back and screamed.

"I'm cumming! Uuuuuunhhhh! Unngggghhh! Suck me hard, Steve! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, I'm cumming now! Suck me, suck my's hot pussy! GOD! I'M CUUUMMMMIIINNNGGG!"

She came hard for a long time, even harder than she'd cum in a long, long time.

The very thought that it was one of her own handsome young students sucking her pussy to orgasm intensified her pleasure enormously. Steve's fingers were dripping with oozing cunt-juice as he kept fucking them into her spasming, throbbing pussy, at the same time sucking hungrily on her engorged clit.

"Ohhhhhhh, Steve!" Miss Trottle shuddered, finally pushing his head away from her pussy. "God, baby, you made Me feel so good!"

Steve sat up on his knees, blushing as he licked his teacher's fuck-juice from his mouth.

Miss Trottle moaned as she looked down at his crotch. His young cock pulsed and jerked so violently that the horny teacher was afraid he might shoot off before she had a chance to even fuck his gorgeous prick.

"Oh, Steve, you've really got a hard-on now, haven't you, darling?" Miss Trottle purred. Teasingly she dropped her foot to his crotch, rubbing his bulging prick with her nyloned foot. "It's really throbbing hard now, isn't it, baby? Would you like to fuck me now?"

Steve gulped and nodded swiftly.

“Hold up,” said Rich, still stroking his hard cock. “I think it’s my turn for some service.”

Smiling at the horny boy, Miss Trottle had him sit in a chair as she got on her knees and slid her fist to the pulsing root of his cock. Holding it tightly, she dropped her head into his crotch, whimpering shamelessly as she thrust the first several inches of the boy's long, throbbing hard-on between her lips.

His cock was huge and it tasted good. Miss Trottle closed her eyes, breathing heavily through her nose as she compressed her stretched lips in a wet, ovaled circle around the veined stiffness of Rich's hot young prick. Then she started sucking him hard, puckering her full cheeks to increase the pressure around his cock-shaft.

"Oh, fuck, I can't believe this!" Rich gazed down at his nearly naked teacher in a trance, shocked but excited by the sight of Miss Trottle's lips stretched around his cock.

"Suck it, Mrs. T!" He clutched her head and hunched his ass off the chair, fucking his big cock between her lips. "Oh, shit, that feels so good! Yeahhhh! Suck it hard! Suck the cum out of my prick!"

Miss Trottle forced her face farther down into his hairy young crotch, wanting to suck in as much of his wonderful cock as she could take without choking. Her hungry mouth made obscene slurping, smacking sounds as she worked on the boy's throbbing erection. Miss Trottle eagerly swirled her tongue around the puffy knob.

Face flushed and breathing heavily, the naked teacher started sucking and jacking on Rich's prick much harder, rhythmically alternating between puckering and bellowing her cheeks around his pulsing cock. Her tongue laved and swirled around his cockhead, digging into his piss-slit.

"Oh, shit!" Rich was pulling her hair now, humping his ass urgently off the chair. "Suck harder, Mrs. T! Oh, fuck, you're gonna make me blow! Yeahh! Yeahhh! Harder, make me cum in your hot fuckin' mouth!"

Miss Trottle sucked the boy's huge cock as hard as she could, her breath whistling loudly through her nostrils as she sucked. Her right hand tightened around the rigid shaft as she jacked her fist up and down the portion of Rich's cock that wouldn't fit into her mouth. His seemed to swell suddenly as she jerked on the shaft and sucked the bloated, purple head to a to a hard, heavy rhythm. He's going to cum! Miss Trottle thought happily, moving her left hand between his trembling thighs, she cupped the warm hairy sac of his young balls and squeezed them gently.

"God! Fuck, I'm almost there!" Rich moaned. "Suck it, Mrs. T! Suck it, please suck it, suck my fucking prick! Ahhhh, shit, I'm cumming! Ahhhhhhhhh! Godddddd, yesssssss!"

His pulsing cock swelled to an incredible, bucking stiffness between her lips, before suddenly erupting in a series of powerful, creamy spurts that filled Miss Trottle's mouth to overflowing. She whimpered around Rich's erupting prick and sucked and jacked it even harder, determined to get every drop of his tasty young fuck-cream.

She had to swallow rapidly to gulp down all of his load, but she never missed a drop. In fact, her pumping fist kept coaxing more prick-juice out of his balls, until she'd finally lapped up the last traces of his jism. Even after Rich had stopped ejaculating, Miss Trottle nursed lovingly on his cock, sucking out the last of it. She had never been so hungry for a man's cum before.

After a minute or two, Rich's cock began to deflate in her mouth, but Miss Trottle kept up a gentle, insistent sucking action that soon stopped that. His virile young prick began to swell again and within minutes, it was almost as hard as before.

Miss Trottle smiled and got up to move back to her desk. She was completely naked except for her black thong, torn pantyhose, and high heels; her soft skin glistening with tiny beads of sweat as the temperature rose; she sat on the desk and beckoned Steve over.

He walked over to stand before her and she leant forward and pulled Steve’s cock towards her as she leant back slightly on the desk. She started to run the tip of his cock around her swollen clit, stopping to slap it a few times against her pussy. Steve started to moan with pleasure as he felt his teacher’s warm pussy on the tip of his cock. Rich resumed his position, standing now at Miss Trottle’s side. She stroked Rich’s cock with her hand as she wrapped her legs around Steve’s waist and pulled ho closer to her.

As Miss Trottle pulled Steve closer she guided his hard cock into her, it slowly slipped inside her wet pussy and he let out a short moan as her pussy lips slipped over the head and along the shaft of his hard cock. Steve ran his hands down Miss Trottle’s legs which were still wrapped around his waist. Miss Trottle took Rich’s left hand and wrapped her lips around his finger, rolling her tongue round it as she had done his cock then she guided his hand towards her clit and held on to it supervising the same circular motion she had enjoyed from Steve’s tongue.

Steve was caressing Miss Trottle’s nylon-covered legs as he began to thrust his swollen cock in and out of her dripping pussy. “Damn, Miss T, I love having your legs around me.”

Miss Trottle started humping as soon as he had his cock inside her, eagerly pumping her gooey little pussy onto his long, hard teenage fuckshaft. Steve continued to stroke her long legs wrapped around his waist, enjoying the feel of the sheer fabric against him as he worked his cock in her. Deeper and deeper and deeper, his huge prick pushed, until the horny teacher thought she could feel it all the way up her belly. Steve wiggled his hips, making his hard-on spear to the depths of the woman's gaping fuckhole. Finally it was fully stuffed up her clinging, throbbing cunt, every inch of his young cock impaled in her hungry cunt-slit.

"Oooooooh, Steve!" Miss Trottle moaned, humping her ass off the desk like a bitch in heat. "I love it, baby! Your big cock is making me so horny! Unh, unh, unh! Fuck my cunt, lover, fuck my hot cunt! Do it hard, Steve! Do it just as hard as you can!"

Miss Trottle started to scream in pleasure as Steve started to get faster, thrusting his hard cock all the way into her pussy and Rich was still teasing her clit with his moist finger. Miss Trottle’s pussy felt so wonderful with Steve’s huge teenage cock inside her that she started to think that she should make this into a habit.

Now fully leant back over the desk, she let her head fall back while Steve continued to thrust his cock into her sweet wet pussy, she looked at Rich and gently guided his cock into her mouth and he held onto her head while he pushed his cock into her mouth and down her throat.

“Fuck my mouth” she said. Rich pushed his hard cock into Miss Trottle’s warm mouth. Her moist lips were stretched around the boy’s cock tightly, but still she pushed her mouth towards him, taking his cock all the way in. He started to fuck her mouth as Steve continued to thrust his cock in and out of Miss Trottle’s now soaking cunt.

Steve feverishly started humping and grinding as he stroked his long, hard prick in and out of her juicy cunt. Miss Trottle's pussy was so wet that she could hear the frothy fuck-hole squishing audibly around his fuckshaft, sucking hungrily on the pumping length of his prick. Steve clenched his ass muscles as the woman's tight, clinging fuckhole milked the pulsing hardness of his young cock. He slid his hands down, caressing the nylon-covered sides of her humping ass-globes. He started fucking into her burning pussy faster and deeper, ramming her ass onto the desk with every pelvis-jarring stroke of his big, throbbing prick.

The whole time she kept her mouth firmly glued to Rich’s hard cock in her mouth, licking and stroking it while Steve fucked her pussy.

As Steve started to moan Miss Trottle gave Rich a shove. “Fuck me now Rich; I want to feel you in me.”

Steve and Rich switched places and Miss Trottle grabbed his cock and gently started to jack him off while Rich gently made love to Miss Trottle, running his fingers up and down her body which responded as she arched her back and shivered slightly. She began to sit up.

Her legs were now wrapped around Rich as he pushed his throbbing cock in and out of her soaking pussy. Steve’s cock glistened with Miss Trottle’s pussy juice as she carried on pumping his cock back and forth.

Rich’s left hand held onto Miss Trottle’s waist while his right hand ran up and down her front, stopping to run his hands over those breasts which he had fantasized about many times while lying in bed. Her tits were now bouncing back and forth to the pace of his thrusts.

"Unggghhh! Oh, fuck!" gasped Miss Trottle, eagerly humping her sopping wet pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of her student's eager prick. "You like that, don't you, Rich! Uuuuunnnnggghhhh! God, yes!... You like fucking your teacher, don't you? I this what you wanted all along?"

"Ooouuhhh! Shit, yeah," Rich sighed. "It sure is, Miss T!"

He slid his hands over her bobbing breasts, holding on tightly as he fucked his teacher’s hot, gooey cunt with every inch of his cock, jamming his prick to the hilt in the juice-spewing tightness of his teacher's wonderfully tight little cunt.

Jesus! I'm fucking my own students, Miss Trottle thought dazedly. The obscenity of the realization made her pussy start throbbing even harder, and a hot blush of shame coursed into her cheeks. She didn't know what she was doing now. It could have all been a dream. She thought she was going to faint. The horny teacher whimpered in ecstasy.

"Fuck me, Rich!" she gasped, her voice a wail of passion. "You've got such a nice cock, honey! Oh, yes, fuck my pussy as hard as you want!"

Encouraged and aroused by the spluttered litany of obscenities coming from his sexy teacher's mouth, Rich started ramming his cock in and out of her cunt furiously.

Miss Trottle's pussy itched and burned, convulsively sucking the hammering length of her student's fuck-tool. Her clit was swollen and throbbing, stimulated intensely by every smashing thrust of his young cock, and in no time at all, she was close to cumming.

“Oh my god, Rich, stop and switch again, please,” Miss Trottle moaned.

Rich reluctantly pulled his cock from her pussy.

“Steve, are you ready to make me cum?” asked Miss Trottle in a half whisper. Steve and Rich swapped places and Steve thrust his cock into Miss Trottle’s pussy; it was so wet now but still felt tight around the shaft of Steve’s cock. As she wrapped her legs around Steve’s back she encouraged him to go faster and faster. She now had Rich’s cock in her hand and was pounding it hard while desperately sucking the end for lubrication as she jacked him off faster and faster.

"Fuck my cunt, Steve! Unggghh! Harder, lover, harder, fuck my horny little cunt!"

Miss Trottle's pretty face was now very red, and her lips were pulled back to bare her teeth. She humped her ass as fast as she could, groaning obscenely every time she hunched her impaled pussy to the very root of the boy's cock.

"Is my pussy tight enough for you, baby?" she panted, humping faster and faster. "Is it, Steve? Am I as tight as your little teenage girlfriends?"

"Ooooh, yeahhh!" Steve moaned.

"Then fuck me faster, lover!" Miss Trottle cried, her voice rising into a wail. "I want to cum, Steve! Unnnggghhhh, please, fuck me hard! Faster, Steve, faster, fuck my little pussy just as hard as you can!"

The sweat beaded on the horny youth's forehead. He gripped her ass tightly, ramming his cum-laden cock into her gooey pussy as fast as he could. Miss Trottle humped to meet his strokes, again hearing her drippy fuck-slit sucking wetly around his cockshaft. Then she felt the spasming start deep inside her cunt, and she knew she was on the verge of another hard cum.

"Fuck it! Fuck, my pussy.....uuuuhhnnhh...ram that cock in there... fuck my horny pussy!" she gasped, blubbering out the words. "God! Jesus, I'm cumming, Steve! Ahhh, shit, cumming, cummiiinnngggg!"

Steve kept ramming his huge cock into her, shuddering as the jism bloated up in his balls.

She loosened the grip of her legs and Steve pulled out; only a second afterwards cum started to spurt out of his cock as he took it in his hand.

“Yes, Steve! Cum for me! Cum on my legs! Cum all over me! You want it, don’t you?”

His cock pulsed against her leg as the cum spurted. The first warm spurt landed on her stomach. Then her leg moved up and his next contraction jetted against her leg – she could feel the liquid warmth of his cum through her nylons against her thigh. Steve held his cock against her nyloned thigh and Miss Trottle felt his cock pulse repeatedly as the final, weaker, and smaller spurts erupted from his throbbing cockhead.

She gently slid her leg against his deflating cock, smearing the warm cum around his crotch as he finally slumped back with a happy grin, drained.

“Oh yes… hmmmmm” moaned Miss Trottle as she let Rich take his cock in his own hand. Her fingers were now furiously running around her swollen clit and she was moaning and writhing around on the desk….

Cum on my tits Rich,” she said in a breathless voice. Her face was now flushed and her breathing rapid. She started to scream as she bought herself to another climax.

The sound of Miss Trottle cumming so hard turned Rich on so much he started exploding all over her breasts. Miss Trottle took Rich’s cock, still squirting hot cum and started to lick and kiss the head of his cock while he shot his final load.

As the two cum covered cocks started to deflate Miss Trottle licked and kissed both of them in turn, her muscles still contracting from the climax and her whole body shivering slightly. Her sweaty body dripping with cum from the two former students of hers, she hadn’t remembered feeling like this ever before. She collapsed on the desk in tired release.

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