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Modern Relations (part 01): Alexandra breaks a rule

Kevin scratches Alex’s itch for rough sex.
Alexandra and Kevin made a point taking a break from their busy careers and social lives one Sunday of each month. Kevin called it Lazy Sunday. In typical fashion Kevin declared rules for this special day. He had a thing about rules Alex learned soon after they started dating. There were lots of rules in his place. Alex didn’t mind since most were sensible.

Lazy Sundays had a special set of rules. Rule number one? No TV. So they typically spent the occasion reading, sunning, working out, eating and making love. Abstinence was most certainly not a Lazy Sunday rule.

On this particular Sunday, Alex found herself unusually bored and more than a little bit sexually frustrated. Lately their sex lives had become a bit rote. Kissing, petting, disrobing, cunnilingus to orgasm, missionary to orgasm, doggy to orgasm and finally his orgasm. Yeah, okay, it didn’t suck that much. But even a good routine is still routine .

If she jumped Kevin now, Alex knew gentle loving and pleasant sex would follow. With confident assurance, Kevin would take over. Then kissing, petting, yada, yada. Kevin had at least one tacit rule concerning making love. She had to enjoy herself then he could enjoy himself.

Right now Kevin sat reading on the sectional, minding his own business. What would he say if she asked him to pull her out of her lounger, strip off her yoga pants, bend her over the sectional and fuck her mercilessly? The image of being ridden hard and put up wet played through her mind. Mmm .

The last time she’d been unapologetically fucked was immediately after her last serious relationship with a ‘nice’ guy. Sick of vanilla sex, she'd instigated a thrilling one night stand at a conference. Alex couldn't even remember the guy's name but vividly recalled getting fucked first quickly in the alley outside a bar and then for hours in his hotel room. Once she'd made it clear what she wanted in the bar, the man had dispensed with all pretense of being gentlemanly. She hadn't been so thoroughly or unsentimentally fucked since.

A natural submissive, Alex tended to gravitate to men who took a dominant role. And those men tended to suck at everything else. Nice guys, of course, tended to bore. Kevin didn’t suck at anything, nor did he bore. But he didn’t scratch her every itch either. Kevin was confident in bed and a rule maker out of it. By rights he should be a natural dominant. But… nothing. Maybe his considerate nature masked a deeper need to dominate.

Maybe she should do the same here with Kevin as she’d done with that last one night stand. But somehow propositioning a handsome stranger at a bar for rough sex was easier than asking someone you love for the same.

Alex surreptitiously pressed a hand against her aching pussy, trying not to squirm too much in her lounge chair. This train of thought was making her wetter. Christ, she needed a distraction. Better yet, she needed to draw Kevin to the wilder side without asking for it.

She glared at the TV. She could see a smaller, darker version of Kevin reflected in the shiny black monolith. If only she could fuck that darker version of Kevin.

Alex glanced over at Kevin out on the chase end of the sectional. How content would he be if she broke a rule? Broke the shit out a rule. Maybe she could manipulate circumstances so he would go to the dark side.

Kevin hated-hated-hated the sound of the vacuum. And there was a rule about not doing housework on Lazy Sunday. Perfect.


Alex abruptly arose from the lounger to walk out. Kevin admired her receding form. God bless the inventor of yoga pants. Today she had on a black pair combined with a bright orange cropped top that left her midriff exposed. He gazed quickly from her legs and ass, past her narrow waist and over her strong shoulders to her beautiful expressive face. Alex had a strong but fine boned jaw, a long ruler straight nose, high wide cheek bones that framed intelligent green eyes looking out from under sharp black eyebrows. She looked determined as she scampered away on graceful feet. Something was up.

Kevin considered following her, but inertia returned him to his Kindle. The anti-hero of his story was flogging the blindfolded and bound heroin in front of a small, all male audience in a magic ritual meant to gain power. Flogging was a bit of a turn off. But dominance, control and anticipation provided tension in this chapter. What would our hero do after the ceremony? What did he need to do to complete it? Would he sodomize her? Would he humiliate her in some way? Or would he give her over to the men to use as they wanted? How would she react? What would she think of her lover?

Kevin's cock throbbed frustratingly against his jeans. He badly wanted to do naughty things to Alexandra. But he was sure his strong willed and somewhat straight laced lawyer would slap him at the mere suggestion.

He'd had that type of fun with women in the past but only when they asked for it and only with inconsequential women. Alexandra was not one of those women. Hidden in his sock drawer was the engagement ring he bought last week. Soon, she’d be his only woman.

Noises in the back of the house distracted Kevin from his reverie and the book. It sounded like Alex was dragging something around. What the fuck? Presently, she entered the living, Miele in tow. Kevin's jaw dropped open in disbelief as she plugged it into the far wall. Then she reached down to switch it on.

“Enough,” yelled Kevin.

"What?" she asked innocently, while still bent over with her hand on the switch.

"What do you think you are doing? There is no housework on Lazy Sunday,” he said indignantly. “That's like rule three or something and you know I especially hate that infernal machine," he said pointing at the sleek red canister.

"I'm bored and I want to do something and this room needs it," she shrugged. "Besides, this is the quietest vacuum on the market."

"It’ll totally kill my bliss."

She raised an eyebrow in challenge. "What are you going to do about it?"

Kevin admired her ass while she was bent over. But vacuuming was unacceptable. He hated the sound. What was she thinking?

She remained bent over, hand on the switch, just looking at him. She'd been patiently frozen in place for something like a minute. The vacuum switch was foot activated. Why use her hands? Why bend over like that? Was Alex playing? Conservative Alex?

"Hmm," he said muttered . Instinctively he added, "New rule three, I guess. Housework can be done on Lazy Sunday..." She straightened up to face him. Was she looking disappointed? He swallowed hard before continuing "...but only in high heels." He smiled sheepishly waiting for her wrath. It was a small titillation, maybe she wouldn’t mind.


Alex presented her ass invitingly, hoping for a punishment scenario. His hand on her ass. Walking around in heels would be a bit less playful, but it was a start. She'd roll with it for now.

"Ok, but you'll look silly loading the dishwasher later," she smirked looking down at him. Alex turned and left without a word.

Once in her closet Alex selected a pair of strappy stiletto sandals with clear stems. She examined herself in the full length mirror. Her beautiful legs looked even longer in high heels but she looked a bit cheap in yoga pants.


To Kevin’s great surprise, Alex walked back in wearing heels and bent back over to throw the switch to her infernal machine. The heels were sexy, indeed they made her bend even further. What a delicious view.

"Stop, stop," he said again with swagger he didn’t feel. She did immediately, once again frozen bent over the vacuum.

"Great heels,” he said.


“But, they make the yoga pants look silly." He steeled himself and continued. "I think the rule should be you can wear heels." She stood back up looking confused.

"Just the heels. Nothing else," he concluded searching her face for reaction . Her eyes flared for a second in disbelief as she stood back up.

She crossed her arms. "Are you sure you want to go there?"


Alex watched Kevin slowly nod twice making strong unblinking eye contact, as if he were afraid she’d disappear if he blinked. She waited before responding, unsmiling. She enjoyed watching him squirm.

"Okay," she said. "The proper wording would be 'Housework permitted but in only high heels," she said as she walked out.


"Fuck!" Kevin swore under his breath. He leaned back into the couch in disgust. She hadn't been playing and he'd misread her. "Damnit." Unlike some previous lovers Alex did not parade around in the nude. She was always modest outside the bedroom. Had he pushed against some prudish part of her upbringing?

“How long should I wait before I go after her and apologize,” he muttered to himself.


Alex wore a huge grin as she slid into the bedroom. Finally something different was happening. Whatever this was, Kevin pushed a boundary. She hadn't been this giddy in weeks.

She undressed completely and put the sandals back on then regarded herself in the full length mirror. She spent a few minutes getting a medium amount of makeup on. Her lips were red, her eyes accented and her pale skin smoothed.

Looking down she confirmed the foliage was trimmed. The little patch of black hair above her clit was well trimmed and everything else baby smooth. She turned and looked over her shoulder to inspect her rear. Everything looked a okay.

Next she grinned widely into the mirror. Nothing was stuck in her teeth. She sniffed her pits. She smelled clean but Alex put a dab of perfume between her thighs, over her clit and in the dimples on her back.

She backed up, looking in the mirror considering the overall package. On a lark, she grabbed a stretchy black velvet choker and clasped it around her neck.



Kevin could hear Alex’s heels click- clopping back to the living room. He should have gone and apologized. Now he braced himself for a fight.

Seeing her as she walked in stopped all thought. Nude and in heels Alexandra looked like heaven. She'd added that black choker. She looked like a sex kitten from a boyhood fantasy. Nothing real could be this sexy. She’d left a normal good looking girl and returned as a sex doll.

She managed to switch on the device before he could say peep.

He sat open mouthed as she began to work. Alex deliberately kept her legs and back straight bending at the hips with legs spread for balance. Working around the room, she kept her backside to Kevin. Frankly she spent longer than called for on her hands and knees vacuuming under furniture. Was she wiggling her ass on purpose? He completely forgot to be upset at the infernal noise of that damned contraption. There was nothing domestic about her work. This was like a professional striptease. Kevin wasn't complaining. His cock twitched every time her bald pussy peaked between her spread legs.

After five minutes, Alex brutally twisted off the power attachment and dropped it on the floor, leaving just the flexible tube and curved adapter in her hand. She began vacuuming up cobwebs in the corners of the low ceiling. With the handle shortened she had to stretch up, lean against walls or extend a leg for balance. She was definitely putting on a show.

What happened to conservative little Alexandra?

Kevin grinned ear to ear as she finally leaned over him, stretching her entire naked length to vacuum some unseen cobweb over his head. The view was fantastic. He noticed the makeup. She looked... like sex. He could just reach up and pull her down to him. But resisting the urge to maul her was sending throbs of pleasure through his cock, so he held back. While stretched over him, Alex made eye contact then salaciously looked down to his crotch. " Hmmmm " she hummed then turned away to switch off the vacuum.

"Stop," he said as the vacuum wound down.

Obediently Alex froze in place bent over, hand on switch , facing away from him. He took time to admire the view. Alex's pussy was visible between her long parted legs. He loved the small dents her pussy made between her thighs and ass cheeks as it peeked out. His cock throbbed with need. It was everything he could do not to stand up and shove right in her.

Kevin wondered how far she would take the game.

"That was quite a show." He cut to the chase. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Yes," she admitted. "How about you?"

"I might have liked it. Now, stand up and turn around." Miraculously she did. It felt natural to command and thrilling to be obeyed.

"Stand here, facing me." He pointed to his feet. She walked to the end of the chase.

"Spread your legs." He scooted down the sectional pushing his legs over the edge between hers. His face was right at pussy level. He could see she was wet. And he could smell her perfume mixing with her natural scent.

Alexandra gave him a frank look. He reclined back onto the sectional so he was lying flat with his legs bent at the knees over the end.

"Take off my jeans," he finally commanded. Moving slowly she unbuckled him then unsnapped the fly. He lifted up to help her move the jeans over his hips and ass. His erection popped out, happy to be free. She pulled first one then the other leg off and dropped the jeans.

"I love that you go commando," she said.

Time to push things more. How far could he command her?

"Lock hands behind your back." She did it. She stood tall in front of him, arms behind her back, breasts pushed out and head held high looking down at his prone form. "Hmm, that makes your breasts stand out. Nice."

"Well they need all the help they can get," she complained.

"I love your breasts. They are bouncy happy people."

“That’s cute,” she said.

“So are your breasts.” Suddenly he loved her very much. His heart ached at her beauty and open display of sexuality.

He hoped he was doing this right. He cleared his throat.

“You’ve done this sort of thing before…”

“I’m not sure I know what this is just yet,” she replied. “So, it's hard to know.”

"Let me make it clear then,” he said. “Keep your legs straight and your hands locked behind you... and suck my cock."

She arched an eyebrow at him but bent over, knees locked. With her mouth just over the head of his cock she looked up and smiled. Then she slowly extended her tongue and licked his head. Kevin let go of a breath he did not know we was holding.

Maybe serious women are as kinky as everyone else.


Alexandra loved Kevin's cock. It was longer than average and not too fat with a slight bend in the middle. She licked it a few times getting saliva going before taking the head in her mouth. Kevin let out a sigh as she tongued the underside and applied suction. She was careful to keep her teeth from scraping. It was not easy sucking cock in this position. She'd never done it quite like this before. The novelty and her open submission to him was getting her wet.

Alex wanted to show him something new and reward him for taking some control. She extended her tongue, tightened her throat muscles and leaned further down, taking more and more of his long shaft into her mouth and then throat. She bobbed up and down, lubricating more and more of the shaft and taking more and more into her throat.

"Oh good god," he gasped after she finally bottomed out.

She extended her tongue back and forth across the bottom of his shaft while working her throat muscles on his cock. He groaned. She was running out of air but Alex knew Kevin wouldn't last another fifteen seconds.

She had never swallowed his cum before. Nor had she taken him in her throat. This was completely new territory for them and Alex was thrilled. Feeling him tense up, she prepared to take his load. Her pussy ached suddenly with need.

"Stop!" he said pushing her head off his cock.

“Woah, dizzy,” she said hoarsely as she stood back up, panting for air.

"Wow, just wow. I don't want to cum yet and not in your mouth." What did he have against cumming in her mouth, she wondered? "When did you learn that?"

"In high school," she said. "My first boyfriend really liked to do that."

"And you? Did you like it?" he asked. She nodded slowly. Warmth spread through her pussy at the frank admission. She blushed.

"Remind me to send him a thank you note."


Kevin couldn't believe how easily she took all of him. He made a mental note to test that again sometime when he didn't mind cumming instantly. In the meantime he wanted her to cum. A lot.

"Ok, turn around," he declared.

"Yes Muh.." She chopped off her response but did as instructed, hands still behind her back. Was he hearing things or did she almost say another man’s name?

"Bend over, let's see how wet you are." She bent over, knees locked, back arched so her breasts jutted downward sharply. Gently he placed the thumb of his right hand on her labia and pushed it in firmly but slowly into her. She was soaking . His thumb was completely lubricated.

"Very wet... I guess you are enjoying this." He heard her exhale in pleasure as he bobbed his thumb in and out.

"Yes Muh.., I like pleasing you." She'd edited her response again. He noticed it but instead of asking about it Kevin pulled his thumb out and placed it against the hood of her clit then inserted the middle and index fingers of the same hand into her warm wet center. She groaned as Kevin began rhythmically circling her clit and pistoning his fingers in her .

He wanted to make her suffer, to overwhelm her with pleasure. He applied pressure downward with his fingers and quickened the circling pace of his thumb on her clit. Alex's groans and breathing quickened until she was close to orgasm. "Cum for me baby," he said. He mashed her clit gently pulsing his thumb like a heartbeat.

Her thighs and calves suddenly bunched up in contraction. Alex started cumming , groaning and calling out while she did.

"Oh, don't stop. Oh, I'm there." A litany of "O"s and pleading commands spewed from her red lips. Christ she was sexy. His cock lurched in need. Kevin leaned his forehead against her left ass cheek and kissed the top of her thigh. He replaced his thumb with his tongue and nibbling teeth. Her orgasm escalated. She lost it when he bit down gently on her clit causing a long shrieking, shuddering climax.


Alex couldn't take any more. Unclasping her locked hands she fell forward onto her knees, into an obscene genuflect with chest and cheek resting on the refreshingly cool marble floor. Her arms flopped like noodles to the side. Kevin's fingers were still in her. They felt wonderful as she clamped them in the last spasms of orgasm. When she caught her breath she opened her eyes and looked back at him.

"My pussy needs your cock. Now," she said commandingly.

Kevin, still sporting an erection, was gentleman enough to oblige. He plunged his cock all the way in her without ceremony. Alex closed her eyes and groaned as he filled her.

"Oh, thank you."

She could feel her muscles clamp around his whole length. Every part felt good. She loved his cock. Kevin began a slow back and forth motion with his hips gently pulling out and pushing in up to the hilt. She could feel a vaginal orgasm building.

"I'm going to cum again," she said after it built for a while. Finally she reached climax. This one was quiet but intense rolling in like and ocean tide, her breathing ragged. The orgasm seemed to go on forever. After a time she started coming down. Kevin considerately slowed his thrusts until finally he stopped with his cock buried to the hilt as she milked him with post-orgasmic muscle spasms. His cock filled her completely.

For the first time in a long time, Alex was completely satisfied. Recovering, Alex rose on her hands into a classic doggy pose.

"I really needed that," she said. And she meant it. He was still hard, still hilt deep in her pussy and he still hadn't cum. She looked over her shoulder at him. He looked back at her smugly.

"Your turn," she said wiggling her ass feeling naughty talking to him while he mounted her like a stallion.


Kevin admired the shape of Alexandra's amazing ass from above. She had a sexy bubble butt below a pair of deep dimples, like depressions for buttons on a plush leather chair. He grabbed her hips placing his thumbs in the dimples so his palms rested on the rise of her ass. His fingers reached around and hooked her hip bones for grip. He pulled her hips in, burying himself further in her. He kept pulling with his arms and pushing in with hips enjoying the stretching tension. Alex milked him with strong muscles. Her pussy was amazing. She always seemed to be able to stimulate the full length of his cock. It was a unique ability. And it was getting him close. He groaned with pleasure and need. A few thrusts in and out and he'd blow.

But he felt great and he wanted to prolong this.

"I don't want to cum in you yet," he said almost to himself. He stood pulling out of her abruptly. She groaned at the loss.

"Turn around, on your knees, hands behind your back again."


Alex moved to obey his command languidly, like a cat rising from a sunny spot. Now it seemed he wanted her mouth. Her knees would get sore in that position. So she pulled his jeans over for makeshift knee pads. Getting into the position Kevin commanded, put her mouth just below his glistening erection. She sat back on her heels looking up into his eyes.

"I am ready, M.." she said. Oops she almost called him Master again. Old conditioning dies hard. And his behavior triggered her conditioning like crazy. But he hadn't earned the right to the title yet.

A Master would grab her head and start fucking her face. But Kevin hesitated. She wanted him to really enjoy himself. To let go. To use her for his pleasure. She tried to imagine what was stopping him from fucking her face and cumming down her throat. While he had been commanding before now he was moving slower than she cared for. She needed to force the issue.

Eye to eye with his cock, Alex leaned forward with open mouth taking his entire length. She could taste herself on him and was glad for it. Her slickness now lubricated his cock as it slid into her throat. She kept his cock buried to the hilt and stopped. She was determined not to back off his cock for air. Her face would get redder and redder as she ran out of air. He would need to take over to reach an orgasm or to allow her to breath.


Kevin had been pleasantly surprised when she engulfed him. But something was different. She wasn't working his cock with her tongue. His cock was merely ensconced in her beautiful face, useless as a sword in a scabbard. Nothing was happening. Well, her face was getting pink. And her eyes were tearing. Never the less he saw a challenging gleam in them.

Kevin waited to see what she was going to do. After another half minute it became apparent she was going to make herself pass-out on his cock.

He grabbed a fist full of her short black hair and pushed her off his cock. She explosively exhaled and breathed new air, looking up at him with teary relief. After a few breaths she pushed forward again trying to take his cock back in her mouth. He stopped her with a straight arm.

Kevin looked deep into Alex's fully dilated eyes. Big black circles inside brilliant green rings. He’d never seen them this green before. He understood tacitly, she wanted him to truly let go on her.

Her breathing normalized so he grabbed a second hand full of hair and pushed her beautiful face back onto his cock. She didn’t resist in the slightest as he entered her throat. He kept light pressure on the back of her head. Forcing her to stay there for nearly half a minute. Then he pulled her off his cock and let her breathe. Drool ran in strings off his cock to her red lips.

Once she recovered he pushed gently back into her throat again pinning her to him . This time she massaged his cock with throat and tongue. They began a rhythm. Fifteen seconds on, fifteen off. It was exhilarating.

Eye contact, nods and blinks were the only communication. He informed her with a head shake to slow down her effort. He wanted this to last. So she worked his cock slower with her throat, or just with her tongue. With a push of her head she challenged him to go deeper. He started to push farther. He got so deep she finally started to gag with an alarming guttural sound. He backed off but she kept pushing onto him, indicating he should continue. Controlling the gag reflex made her tear up and drool more. She was a wet mess. But her eyes never left his except to blink away tears.

The in-out rhythm went on for four or five minutes. Looking down into her eyes Kevin suddenly understood this was about more than sex and pleasure. It was about trust. She was showing her trust and love with submission. Her hands were trustingly, voluntarily, locked behind her back. She remained relaxed and pliable, never pulling away and working diligently to pleasure him at a pace he set, while he firmly and frequently cut off her air supply with his cock. His chest filled with love even as his cock pulsed with need.

"I'm going to cum," he announced. He pulled her off his cock and let her hair go. She tried to push back onto his cock but he stopped her, grabbing a handful of her hair and fisting his cock wetly at her face.


Alex took it he wanted to cum on her face instead of in her mouth. Her first boyfriend had spent a lot of the summer before college spraying her face with his cum. Several other lovers had enjoyed the practice. Some had wanted to take pictures. She never allowed that. But she didn't mind the act itself. And she loved the men’s response. This was the first time for Kevin, though so it needed to be special.

"Hold off a sec," she pleaded. She grabbed his jeans and blotted her eyes and face dry as best she could. Then she looked up at him sitting back on her heels. She placed her hands behind her back again, relaxed her face, opened her mouth slightly, and closed her eyes. She could hear him fisting his cock slowly.

"Say it," he said.

She opened her eyes and looked up into his. "Say what?"

"Say what you want." Oh boy. She thought about how to phrase it without sounding reluctant or like a complete whore.

"Mmmm ... Please cum on my well fucked face." Saying it out loud made her flush. Her pussy spasmed with embarrassment and need. She closed her eyes in anticipation.


Kevin could not believe Alex. She was calm as a porn star about this. As if she had expected it. As if she wanted it. As if she had done this before. A lot. That thought almost brought him over.

"You look beautiful."

"I'll look better with your load all over my face."

Well that did it.

He let go with a huge mind shattering orgasm spewing rope after rope of cum on her upturned angelically calm face. Alex took his cum like it was water from a shower head, mouth closed with the edges turned up by a Mona Lisa smile.

The first shot landed on the her left eyebrow, crossing down the eyelid to her cheek and onto the corner of her mouth. The second landed next to the first, bisecting her face from the top of her forehead down her delicate nose and onto her red upper lip. She licked the cum off her lip as the third shot landed on her right eye and cheek. Kevin leaned forward and aimed the final smaller spurts directly between her closed eyes causing a pool to form. He pushed the head against her lips so she could clean him up. Alex delicately parted her lips, licking and sucking the remaining cum off and out of his sensitive cock.

Kevin felt complete physical satisfaction as he looked down at Alex's upturned face. Cum dripped off the end of her nose and down her cheeks. Her shuttered eyes were completely soaked in a thick layer of cum. There was even some cum in her hair. He had made a happy mess of her.

Alex continued to suckle the end of his cock with her mouth. Her pouty red lips worked wetly onto and off of the very tip of his cock like it was a Tootsie pop. Christ, he was staying hard if she kept that up. Maybe that’s what she wanted. But for now she seemed to be in a relaxed almost hypnotic state, absentmindedly pleasuring his tip.

"You look fantastic," he said.

She sat back and smiled, eyes still glued shut. She pawed around blindly for his jeans. Kevin was afraid she was going to use them to clean herself up. Instead she fumbled around in the pockets and pulled out his iPhone. She offered it up with another Mona Lisa smile.

"Take pictures, I trust you...."

Wow. He accepted the phone. She replaced her arms behind her back and tilted her face back up.

"I love you," she said as he began taking pictures.

"I love you to Alexandra," he replied.

He took his time. Taking them from different angles, up close, far away and even from below. For minutes she sat calmly, hands clasped in the "at ease" position with her head tilted back and cum dripping down her face as he took snap after snap. He particularly liked the shots from directly over her head while he stood behind her.

Finally, he turned the camera to video and asked her a burning question as he recorded her.

"Alex... you keep almost saying someone’s name. Who is ‘M’?"

-- To be continued.

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