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Modern Relations (part 02): Kevin Masters Alexandra

Kevin forces Alex to call him Master and then proposes.
After Kevin had painted her eyes shut, Alex had entered her own little dark world, getting wetter and wetter as first she sucked his cock and then as she sat passively while he took pictures of her cum covered face. Just giving him the camera had nearly brought her off. Each click of the camera increased her arousal. Pictures were proof and proof is power. Kevin now had pictures that could seriously damage her reputation. She felt small, helpless and… happy.

"Alex... who is M?" repeated Kevin sternly.

"Who?" she asked honestly.

"You keep starting to say someone's name... and then stopping."

She stilled for a moment. He sounded pissed. But about what?

"Well you keep saying, 'Yes, M...'," he must have seen her confusion. “Now who the fuck is that?”

"Oh," she exclaimed with relief, smiling. The answer was simple. But could she tell him? Would he look at her differently? If he did would it be to shun or accept? Would he become what Alex so badly wanted?

"It’s not like that," she interjected. “It’s a title, not a person.”


Alex wanted to see Kevin's face when she told him, so she opened her eyes through the goo. Eyelashes would keep it out of her eyes at least for a bit. She looked up at her lover. He looked doubtful.

"Master. Or Sir,” she confessed. “You kind of triggered my... uh ... bottom reflex.”

“Bottom reflex?”

“Yeah, like in bondage. There is a top and a bottom,” she explained. “You triggered some old habits.”

“So why didn’t you just say it then?” he asked. “Why hold back?”

“Well, I haven't been topped since law school." Her pussy absolutely flooded at the admission.

"What do you call what I just did to you then?"

"A good start?" she smirked. "But you are not my master. So..."

"Oh yeah, and how do I get that title?"

"You need to figure that out yourself.” Alex smiled. “Once you do we need to have a talk about it."


Kevin regarded his cum plastered lover. He laughed softly at the absurdity of the situation.

"It looks like you're used to looking up from that position," he said.

"Don't be mean," she said, frowning. Conservative Alex was talking now, not Sexbomb Alex.

"Oh, sweetie,” he said, kneeling down next to her. “I love you. And I liked whatever this is... I think. But I want to understand what this is for you," he said. He reached out and grabbed both shoulders for emphasis. "I wasn’t born yesterday, I know what a bottom is. Academically, at least. And I know a lot of people like it because they’re broken in some way.”

“I am quite whole,” she assured quietly.

“That’s good to hear,” he said. “But can I believe it?”

“You like being in charge,” she said. “You always take over. Like I started to go down on you and you pull me off and then its all about my orgasm. But this time…” She didn’t finish. Was that true. He reflected back on their sex life. Finally, she asked, “did you like it?”

“I did. And I guess you’re right about me taking over.” Then he added, “But isn’t that a good thing?”

"It's great, actually,” she said. “I want to do some pleasing too, you know."

"Why didn't you just tell me what you wanted? I mean we've been living together for a while and we've seen each other naked... a lot."

She collected her thoughts before answering. "You’re a great, considerate, confident lover."


"But I feel like there is a lot of pressure to be pleased. Sometimes, I’m okay with not cumming but still getting you off. That gives me pleasure too, and satisfaction. You know, that same satisfaction you get from making me climax two or three times with your tongue and fingers? Well I get the same thing from giving you head. I mean, today is the first time I’ve really gotten to do anything with my mouth but get things started. You know?”

Alex looked down suddenly shy.

“And to be honest, I've been more reserved than I want to be.” She shrugged, head still bowed. “I do that a lot with guys I really want to like me. Plus I... uh ... kind of follow, like a bottom does."

"Reserved? You’ve been acting like a Nun compared to today,” he said. “But seriously, I think I know what you mean about reserve . I do the same thing over and over. I find a girl I really like, and then I kind of..."

"... try not to offend her? Treat her like your parents are watching?" She completed.

"Oh, god that's a bad image. Ewww.” They both smiled. “But ...yeah, its kind of like I'm afraid she’ll... you 'll,” he corrected, “think I’m perverted or something. And when it gets serious, suddenly things get boring and soon they fall apart."

"Boring sucks. I want you, honey," she said. “And I accept all of you, unreserved.”

“Okay,” he said. “Same here.”

“Now, sweetie,” she said. “This is going to get in my eyes. I'd love it if you'd get me a towel or something." She closed her eyes.

"In a sec,” he delayed. “Back to the whole topping thing. How did you get topped before if you can't tell someone how? You can't set up rules ahead of time. That seems like a chicken and egg type thing . All the stories I’ve read usually start after that part of the relationship is established."


“Um, yeah. I read. Sometimes there is some of that in it.” She smiled at him.

"I've only had one top, Matthew. I sought him out deliberately through a network. Strictly business. I interviewed him, and others, for the job. I did it because I needed to find something out about myself . We were together for maybe six months when I broke off the arrangement."

“The job?”

“I didn’t pay him. But we weren’t dating either. It was strictly… professional. I guess.”

"I hope you don’t want the same now."

"God no. That’s just what I learned. I want more. I want to be loved and mastered. A lover and a slut,” Alex blushed.

"You didn’t find that with Matthew?"

"No, I found out I like submission," she said softly. "God, I do. I need it... from time to time. Or I get a little backed up. I’m not a slave, though," she concluded with finality.

"Your career choice doesn't allow a lot of submitting, you know," he snorted.

"Perverse, I know. I am good at my job."

"Mmmm. So... why did you break off the arrangement with him?"

"Pffffft. Long story," she said. "In the end he... well , he treated me like property. A slave." She shook her head. "Also, he was weak," she said weak like other people say scum.

"Weak," he repeated.

"I’m my own person. But I also want to be... um ..." she stopped at a loss for words. "I want to experience all of this sort of thing.” She waved her arms between them indicating their state of undress, her position and vulnerability.


The cum on her face was itching, now. She reached for his jeans to wipe it off.

"Stop," he said, grabbing her arm before she could wipe her face. "I bet 'Masters' don't ask for the title," he said rhetorically.

Ding ding ding ding. We have a winner. She shook her head slowly.

"Kevin, I really need to clean up."

"Not going to happen," he said. He grabbed the jeans from her. "Stand up."

Alex could hear him putting his jeans back on as she stood on wobbly legs. He was clothed and sighted. She was naked and blind. Thrilling.

"You have me at a disadvantage, sir," she said with an accent. Oops, he wasn't a sir yet.

"Sir?" Hm , he’d caught that.

"Just being a proper English lady," she demurred.

"The choker might be ladylike, but everything else is pure slut." Alex gushed warmly at the name. It laid her bare.

"You have no idea," she said bravely, chin up and spine straight with sluttish pride. Her pussy flushed at the implied admission. Could she cum just from confessing dirty secrets? An aural orgasm?

"Harumph , come with me. It's time for lunch." He grabbed her hand and lead her on.


Kevin saw Alex turn beet red when he called her a slut. It looked like embarrassment, but then the conservative lawyer’s spine straightened proudly when she hinted she was more. What did he not know? His cock hardened at the possibilities.

He pulled Alex into the kitchen, positioning her about two feet from the kitchen table.

"Stand at ease... slut," he said. No blush this time. And clear no embarrassment. She spread her legs and assumed the position with practiced ease. Kevin dragged all but one of the chairs away from the table and cleared some papers off its surface.

"I'll be back, say here and don't move."

Kevin rented "9 1/2 Weeks" with a girlfriend once. Mickie was just starting to feed Kim from the fridge, when his date jumped him. He never did see the end of that movie. It was kind of cheesy anyway. But Kevin had an idea Alex might like being fed, plus he was hungry himself.

He opened the fridge, madly pulling out a variety of items and placing them on plastic trays and Tupperware. He made a point of peeling three quarters of a large cucumber and couple of smaller carrots.

When done, Kevin examined the space, including Alexandra. She stood two feet from one end of the table. Food, condiments, and utensils were piled on the far end, leaving most of it bare for... activities . He’d left one chair near the table.

Lunch was ready to serve. But first Kevin needed her to call him 'master', to hear her say the word and mean it. It had never crossed his mind to want or need that kind of confirmation. But now it was top priority. The engagement ring he’d bought for Valentine’s day would stay in the drawer if he failed. Instinctively Kevin knew Alex would say ‘yes’ only after her slutty side called him ‘master.’

"You are standing, nude, in the middle of the kitchen with my cum all over your face," he said firmly. "What do you have to say about that?"


She hesitated then straightened her posture, "I... I like it."

"You like it what?"

"I like it a lot," she teased. “And I can’t wait to see what you do next.” She understood the game. What fun would it be to give in so soon? Her pussy flushed warmly with anticipation. Maybe she could get him to punish her after all.

"Bend forward and grab the table."

Oh, here it comes, she thought. He was starting right! "Okay, whatever you say," she said in a sing song voice.

Alex bent forward blindly, careful to maintain balance without moving her feet. Miraculously the table edge was right where it should be. She grabbed it with both hands, fingers under the top, thumbs on top parallel to the edge. Then she leaned forward on locked arms until her shoulders were directly over her hands and her ass was slightly forward of her toes. Arching her lower back down presented her ass invitingly. She knew the overall effect of this pose.

"Christ," muttered Kevin. "You look like... do you know what you look like?"

Yup, that was the effect.

“I can’t see, remember?”

"You look like a prize mare posing for show." Alex heard the click of the phone’s camera. Muscles deep in her body spasmed.

“I’m trying not to whinny,” she giggled.

Kevin stopped making noise... no more camera clicks, no breathing. Silence filled the room. She had a vague sense of where he was. As the silence grew Alex felt the irrational need to speak. To confess her past. What would he think of her?

"You’re almost perfect. Do you know what's missing?"

"A bridle?" she quipped.

Alex was unprepared for the loud smack and blooming pain as her lover’s open palm made contact with her buttock. She swayed with the impact, stinging pain spreading. His hand remained on her, gently soothing her. Had he done this before or was it instinctive?

“I said, do you know what's missing?"


"No, what?" he whispered menacingly in her ear making her wetter.

"No, I don't know what’s missing," she teased. The next smack came swiftly on her right cheek. The burn spread quickly, mitigated by his rubbing hand.

"Say it."

"Say what?" Smack. Back on the left cheek.

"Say it, whore!" he said with a quiet sexy voice. She felt an orgasm was coming on, impossibly, just from the situation.

"I don't understand..." The slap was delayed but harder than before. His hand did not linger on her cheek this time. Alex felt hot fingers on her drenched pussy. She felt a thumb in her vagina, pushing down on the roof while fingers rubbed her slick labia and clit.

"You're soaking. Do you like being called a whore or being spanked?"

"Yes, M...?" She nearly let it slip again. Smack. This time it was the right cheek with the other hand. He never stopped rubbing her cunt with the left. She was getting close.

"Yes, what? Say it or I'll stop before you cum."

"Yes, I like being called 'whore' or 'slut' or any dirty thing you want to call me." Smack. “And yes, mm , I like being spanked,” she added trying to hide her impending climax, to cheat him of victory.

"You must," he said and emphasized it with another smack.

"Am I being a bad little bottom," she simpered. Smack.

"Do you love me?"

"God yes," she confessed. He kissed the small of her back. The intimate subject and change of pace steamed her up even more. It wouldn't be long now.

"Do you trust me?"

"Yes, I do." Smack. Any second now she would come. She felt it flowering inside her. She could tell, it would devastate her.

Kevin pulled away abruptly, leaving her bereft.

"O god, you bastard, what are you doing? Don't stop. I am right there!"


Kevin was beside himself with need. It tore him up to stop, but he needed her to submit. He smacked her again for the ‘bastard’ comment. Alex's ass, normally pale, was an alarming shade of red and blotchy pink. He hoped she gave in soon.

"I can get you there, but you have to say it." She said nothing. He waited. Then smacked her ass again, just near the thigh. She resisted. He smacked her ass again. And again.

"Oh, god. Okay, " she said. Finally. “What do you want me to say?”

“You know.” Smack.

“Yes, yes, okay. Yes, master. I know.” She sagged, bowing her head, “Please, master. Finish me.”


No more teasing. Kevin ripped his fly open and fished out his cock. He grabbed Alex’s hips and, unguided, speared into her wet womb to the hilt.

"Oh, fuck me!" He pushed her forward so she collapsed chest first onto the table. Pulling out and pushing back in, Kevin could feel Alex's orgasmic contractions she came. He thrust in her as the contractions built. She pushed back using the edge of the table as leverage.

"Master... I am coming. Oh god." He could feel her pussy get hotter and, impossibly, wetter. He wanted desperately to lose control and finish in her. But he kept an even pace as the huge orgasm washed over her, then slowed as she came down off the high. Eventually he stopped pumping, still hard inside her.

“That was amazing, Kevin,” she said between panting breaths. “I mean it." It seemed she was suddenly Alex again and not the submissive slut.

"What do I call you when you are... not being Alex?"

“There are lots of names,” she chuckled. “What do you feel like calling me?”

"I like slut and whore… and Alex.”

“Hm , you can call me anything you want," she said. “But I don't like bitch or slave.”

Kevin was inexplicably happy. Alex submitted but remained unbroken.

"Time to eat," he said. Pulling out with a groan and pulling up his jeans, he sat down in the chair and adjusted it so he was even with her face. "Get onto your back in the middle of the table. Ass just off the edge."

Blindly, she straightened back up, turned around and put her ass against the table. She lay back, but her legs dangled uncomfortably off the table's end, so she pulled her knees up into a sort of fetal position.

Kevin noticed she kept her shapely feet pointed.

"You’re posing," he mused.

"It just happens out of habit," Alex shrugged.

"Let's play a game for now, I’ll ask you about your habits later,” he said.


Alex was completely exposed, vulnerable, as she lay on the table, arms to her side, knees adjacent her breasts, her pussy and her sore red ass completely available to Kevin. Kevin, who was quite good at mastering her. After serially dating man after man looking for a combined master and partner, her search finally seemed at an end. This put her once again in a blissful post orgasmic haze.

“The game is: I feed you something, you guess what it is. If you get enough right I'll reward you with another orgasm."

"Deal," she agreed.

He began with something sweet and sticky on his pinky. She sucked and tongued it sensually, like a little cock.

“Honey,” she said. She opened her mouth, waiting for more.

He put in something cold, salty and firm, the contrast to honey shocked her tongue.

“Mmm, olive, wow.”

The pattern followed: taste, swallow, open mouth, taste, swallow, open mouth and so on.


Alex's reactions to the different foods were fun to watch. The eroticism of feeding her wasn’t lost on him but it wasn’t making him hot, either. So after feeding Alex a series of fruits, breads, vegetables, cheeses, and even marmalade and olive mashed together, Kevin presented her with something different.

"Just taste this one, no biting," he said as he put the peeled tip of a cucumber in her open mouth. She instinctively closed her mouth around it like a cock. Kevin could see her apply suction. He pushed it further in and watched as her tongue peeked out between lips and green shaft on the underside.

"Jesus, you're a natural born cock sucker," he said, pulling it out of her mouth.

"Cucumber," she said.

"Correct. It's fatter than me and longer by about half a foot." It was a beast of a cucumber.

“You taste better though,” she smiled. "And.. I'm not a natural born anything. It takes hard work and practice," now she grinned.

"Oh, really," he said. He put the peeled tip of the cucumber against her exposed labia and pushed it in slowly.

"Ooh, that is cold," she squeaked, wiggling her legs.

He continued pushing, waiting for her to stop him, but she said nothing. Finally, he stopped with a quarter of the phallus remaining exposed.

"That’s... filling," she hissed.

Gently he thrust it in and out. With his left hand he picked up a strawberry and put it to her lips to taste. Then he fed her a two more. He followed them up with an olive dipped in honey. Alex calmly accepted morsels between her plump lips as he pistoned the makeshift dildo between her other lips.

"Now hold the cucumber in for me," he commanded. Alex put both hands between her legs, one taking over the cucumber and the other playing idly with her clit. She kept the same pace he’d set automatically, Kevin noticed.

"You never masturbated in front of me before. Do you like playing with yourself, slut?"

Alex blushed. "Yes, master."

"Have you ever wanted to masturbate in front of me, but stopped?"

Hesitation. "Yes," she said quietly.

“Have you ever done it in this house?”

“All the time. I did it this morning before my shower.”

Kevin picked up both carrots and smeared them with butter. He placed one against her lips, "Don't bite, just taste and tell me what it is."

She sucked on the end. "I don't know. It's buttery and hard and cold."

"It is a carrot. Why would it be buttery?" he asked putting it back in her mouth before she could answer.


Alex lay back enjoying slowing fucking herself with the cucumber. Only this morning she’d been shy about openly sexual acts in front of Kevin. Now she was fucking herself with a fruit. He didn't seem to be judgmental at all.

"Do you have a safe word, Alex?" he asked, pulling the carrot back out of her suckling mouth.

"Hamburger," she said. “You’ve done this before, if you know about safe words.” She felt even more relaxed, now.

"No, I’m just well read,” he answered. “Now, was that your word with that guy?"

"Yes, master."

"Pick another one."

"Leviticus." She said it immediately. “I’ve been saving Leviticus for years.”

"Ironic, considering you’re wearing two kinds of cloth," he plucked her choker to indicate what he meant, "committing onanism and mixing dairy and meat. No tattoos, though."

"Yeah, and I've fucked a few girls." She let it slip, she couldn’t help herself.

"What!" his exclamation cut her off.

"Whoops! I guess that pussy’s out of the bag,” she laughed. “I wish I could see your face . Are you okay with that?"

"Are you kidding? Please tell me you've fucked Wendy."

"Why did you jump immediately to her?" Wendy was her best friend from freshman year in college. They worked near each other now and saw each other almost daily. Wait a second...

"Well she is hot. You’d look great together."

"You ’ve thought about this before. Have you been checking out my girlfriends?" Alex said with mock outrage.

"Have you been checking out mine?"

She laughed. "Yes. Chuck is pretty fine. I'd fuck his wife Karen too." Chuck and Karen lived a few streets over and down the hill and they often came over to grill and drink wine.

"Um... before you ask, I don't cheat. I might say I'd fuck someone but I don't mean I would really do it."

"What if master asked you to fuck someone."

"Are you asking Alex or your whore." This was getting deep fast.

"Answer for both."

"Well.. safe words were made for situations like that. It’s not a slut's place to tell her master what to do."

"So it's the same answer for both. I guess we’ll find out our limits as we go."

She nearly came. He understood completely.

Just then she felt a cold intrusion pushing at her pink asshole and another into her mouth. He had two carrots! She tasted butter with a hint of carrot. There was a pleasant pressure as Kevin worked one into her ass. Alex resumed pumping the cucumber into herself and playing idly with her clit, enjoying the variety of slutty sensations.

Perversely, she felt totally in command of herself. Strong, even while submitting to Kevin’s will.

"I take it you've also violated the sodomy clause in Leviticus?" he asked changing subjects.

He pulled the mouth carrot out.

"Yes, master... but you are the first person to fill all my holes at once,” she said. “Are you going to take my ass?"

"Not yet," he said. She pouted her lips in response. Her ass acclimated to the intruding root. She could take his huge cock.

He fed her a slice of apple with honey on it, then one with peanut butter. After a few more bites, he stopped and pulled the carrot out of her ass.

"Taste this," he said.

Alex opened her mouth and tasted something cold, hard and buttery. Which carrot was it? Suddenly she had a tiny hiccuping orgasm at the dirty thought. He pulled it out when she'd settled down.

Again she felt cold pressure against her ass as he shoved one of the carrots in and pumped it. Which one was is? Alex had a series of small orgasms as Kevin switched from ass to mouth. Just how naughty was he being? Was he mixing the carrots? Finally he left the carrot in her mouth as she heard him move around behind her.

"Are you ready," he asked.

“Yes, master.”

“You are such a sight right now,” he said.

She was blind, clothed only in heels and a choker with a carrot in her mouth, a huge cucumber in her vagina and a cock ready to push into her pretty pink ass. Alex felt pressure on her tender hole as he pushed in.

“This is the first time for me,” he admitted.


Kevin had greased up with more butter from the butter bell. He knew to push in slow and steady. Which he did. After several inches of penetration he realized he couldn't feel much. Her asshole was unexpectedly spongy. The cucumber hit his belly but he continued pushing, causing the green fruit to shove further into her womb.

Alex hissed, "Shhhhh, Oh, Kevin, please stop. The cucumber is really going to hurt me."

Kevin pulled out immediately. He wanted to keep the cucumber. Getting a knife from the block on the counter, he castrated all but an inch of the unpeeled end, then resumed pushing into her.

Kevin took his time to bottom out in her, so to speak. Alex hissed in pleasure when he pushed against the cropped cucumber. But there still wasn't any definition for him. He'd expected a tight ring based on everything he'd read. Experimentally, he pumped in and out a few times.

She spat out the carrot. “Oh, god.” Well, Alex was having fun.

"Honey, please don't take this the wrong way, but... umm ... you 're kind of loose back here. I thought this would feel a lot better. But it’s kind of like... fucking a sponge."

"I’m ‘kinda loose’, you say?” She laughed causing her ass to clamp down on his cock. “‘Fucking a sponge!’ Boy, you sure know how to make a girl feel special.” She stopped laughing but her ass still gripped him tight. "Try pumping my loose whore’s ass now," she said.

Wow, she was really into the dirty talk. His cock twitched. But he pumped in and out. It was completely different. It felt like a tight mouth, a ring of pleasant pressure, moving up and down his cock.

"Wow, that is much better. It’s like you're milking me with your ass."

“So I ’m not too loose then?”

“No, just fine,” he grunted.

Kevin grabbed Alex's forearms to use as leverage and started pumping deeply into her ass, hips slapping against her cheeks, driving his cock and the cucumber deeply on each thrust.

Alex cried out. "Oh god. It's like having two cocks in me. Oh God. I'm going to cum."

"Like? Does that mean you’ve had two guys in you at once?"

She hissed but kept silent.

"Answer me, slut."

"Please. I'm so close."

He stopped pumping halfway in. Her ass spasmed around his cock. She tried to pull her arms away from him. He pulled out another inch, taking all pressure off the veggie dildo.

"Oh, god please, no. Fuck me…”

He did nothing, letting stillness speak for him.

“Yes, okay? I’ve been with more than one guy. Now please, fuck my ass,” she pleaded.

Kevin’s cock twitched. Alex wasn’t acting, she really was a slut. He had to know more.

More than one is not two. How many was it?”


Kevin couldn’t hold back anymore, slammed into her. She shrieked, exploding into orgasm, incoherently panting and hissing. He continued plowing her without consideration, his climax getting nearer as he watched her calming down.

"I'd never wanted to fuck anyone's ass until I met you." He emphasized 'you' with a hard thrust. "Then I was too shy about it, didn't think a nice girl like you would do that sort of thing." He thrust into her feverishly. “Now I see you’re a slut with a loose ass.”

She moaned and milked him harder.

"I am going to cum in your beautiful ass, slut."

"Thank you master. I am your slut. And you can cum anywhere you want. Forever," she added solemnly.

Kevin smiled at her words. He had her completely.

On impulse, Kevin pulled out of her hot ass and jerked Alex up off the table. He pushed his pliable slut down into a squat.

Pulling slowed his climax momentarily giving Kevin time to look down at his butter greased cock pointed at Alex's beautiful cum glazed face. Her dry crusted eyes were open, looking up at him. Slowly, with a mischievous gleam in her eye, Alex made a wolfish opened mouthed smile. Her pink tongue jetted out just over her bottom row of teeth. She looked possessed. And hot.

Alex giggled sexily. “Did you keep the carrots separate?”

He had, but Kevin wasn’t going to tell her. Still holding her arms Kevin used them to pull her face onto his cock. She hummed wickedly, closing her eyes with pleasure.

Kevin let go of her arms to grab her head. He fucked into her mouth and throat in quick motions careful not to bottom out on her. Her hands dropped and she immediately began fucking the cucumber in rhythm with his thrusts. She reached the other hand around her back. Suddenly Kevin, realized she was fingering her own ass. Alex’s tongue began working the underside of his cock, her moans if climax muffled by his cock.

Pushing his soiled cock into her mouth was the nastiest thing Kevin had ever done to anyone. And Alex's reaction was a smiling orgasm.

Kevin lost it.

"Take my cum, slut!" He growled and groaned as he came, jerking spasmodically into her throat, holding her head down on his cock.

"Oh, god that is the best feeling." After pumping a few spurts into her throat, he popped it out and pumped the remaining load onto her face again. She looked up at him unblinkingly has he sprayed her face and tongue.


Alex took the tip back into her mouth, cleaning it. Then she proceeded to lick and clean the whole length of his softening cock. When she was satisfied she stood up, throwing the cucumber absentmindedly on the table behind her.

Alex was only an inch or so shorter than Kevin. In heels she looked slightly down at him. "I love that you’re confident enough for me to wear heels," she said. Looking deep into his eyes, Alex pushed forward and gave Kevin a long kiss. He returned it, deeply.

“You gotta lot of e- splainin ’ to do, Lucy,” joked Kevin.

“What for?”

“Let's see. You said you ‘pose’ out of habit.” He raised a finger. “You said you learned to suck cock by practicing a lot.” A second finger went up. “You have ‘bottom’ habits. That doesn’t need explaining, but I definitely want to hear about.” He added another finger to the first two. “You’ve fucked girls.” Another finger. “And... Oh yeah,” he held up all his fingers and wiggled them, like jazz hands, “you fucked three dudes at once.”

“The first time.”


“I ‘fucked three dudes at once,’ the first time.” She hugged him closer. “I told you, you have no idea,” she whispered in his ear. “Also, I really need a shower.”

"Okay, don’t think we’re not talking about this later. In gory detail. Now, go take a shower," he said swatting her ass lightly. "I'll be in as soon as I put up the food."

In the shower, Kevin cleaned Alex's face delicately with a wash cloth. Somehow this simple intimate act became wildly erotic to both of them. Alex had to trust he would not damage her eyes. And Kevin understood how careful he needed to be and how trusting she was being.

After the shower they playfully toweled each other off and got in bed. The couple spent the remainder of the November day making love. Between bouts of lovemaking Alex and Kevin lay sprawled out, limb splayed over the limb, and shared details of their pasts in a frank way both had avoided before. Kevin had to assure Alex he wouldn’t judge her before she would reveal details.

Eventually, Alex told him about her first boyfriend who, as she put it, 'saved my soul' during a dark part of her past. She briefly spoke about her time with Matthew, the top, and hinted at some shocking group sex hijinks before and in college. He learned her freshman roommate was a stripper, a slut and liked having her picture taken and that Wendy, who was slightly less slutty, liked girls more than boys. Wendy was usually there to ‘help’ Alex rebound after breakups.

Kevin’s sex life bored by comparison. There was one time when he had sex with two girls in one day, but not at the same time. Even his the stories he’d read, in total, were less interesting than his lover’s actual sex life. Alex had been an unabashed slut before graduating law school. Kevin got the impression she was more conservative now because of professional habit than real inclination.

During the long hours of the afternoon, the two forged bonds that would bring them closer together. But eventually it exhausted them, mentally from sharing and physically from fucking. At dusk, Kevin announced what he planned for dinner and set about making it. Alex went to swim a few laps in the pool.


In the kitchen Kevin opened a Howell Mountain cabernet he’d been saving for years. This night demanded something special. He decided on panko encrusted chicken in an apricot glaze with a Greek salad and some baguette for filler. Organic chocolate ice cream was desert.

Kevin's modern house overlooking the Bay with views of the Golden Gate and the City. The kitchen, living room and two bedrooms all faced this spectacular view so the architect built the walls of these rooms out of glass.

As he went about making supper Kevin spotted Alex walking nude to the edge of the pool. They saw each other through the kitchen wall. Alex waved. She swam laps almost daily but Kevin had never seen her do it nude. Swimming naked was indescribable, he knew.

“Walking around nude is knew for our conservative lawyer,” he said to the empty kitchen.

Kevin busied himself with dinner as Alex made her laps. She completed about twenty. After a few warm down laps she walked out of the steaming pool into the cold air. Feeling playful, Alex made a point of washing up at the outdoor shower in as lewd a manner as possible. She spent a lot of time washing her chest and pussy. She washed her feet by bending all the way over, facing away from the house.

Kevin stopped setting the table to watch the show. Alex must have learned a few moves from her stripper college roommate. She was just too good and posing in the best position for admiration.

He slid open the kitchen door and said, "Dress for dinner. Ready in fifteen."

Alex waved, smiled and ran quickly over cold concrete into the bedroom which, like the kitchen, had its own sliding glass door.


Kevin got up from his seat automatically when Alex waltzed in for dinner. He froze in amazement at her outfit, but quickly recovered, pulling out her chair politely. She walked to him for a hug and a playful kiss, pulling on his ear with her teeth. "I see you like my outfit." she whispered, patting a hand on his hardening bulge.

"Mmhmm, I do. Odd definition for 'dressed’, but I’m not complaining," he admitted, kissing her cheek and patting her shapely, and quite bare, buttock.

Alex had on heavy go-clubbing-to-pick-up-guys makeup, accessorized with a pair of black suede leather thigh-high boots with sharp four inch heels. She wore nothing else.

"The boots are new," he commented.

"No sweetie, I've just kept them in a drawer and you, apparently, are a gentleman who doesn’t snoop in my drawers."

"Neither do you, apparently," he said, thinking of the ring in his sock drawer.

"Why would I? Men keep all their secrets on laptops these days,” she said, missing his slip up. “Browser. History," she said with an ominous voice. "Now, I'm starving. Let’s eat."

They sat, both together at one corner of the table which seated for eight. Alex sat a bit away from the table with her legs spread open and facing Kevin just a slightly. She smiled when he noticed then picked up her wine glass and put her nose in it, deeply smelling the bouquet.

"Mm, a toast... to new, deeper love," she said, pushing her glass toward her lover.

Kevin picked up his glass. "To new, deeper love." Clink.

They sipped, savoring the flavor. Then Alex looked him in the eye again and said, "to my master," her voice soft and an octave lower.

Kevin added roughly, "To my lovely slut." Clink.

Alex picked up a fork and speared a piece of chicken.

“Mm, thish ish good. Sho hungry.”

Kevin was beside himself. Now was the perfect time to propose.

"Please wait," he said. “I need to get something to make this perfect.”

She stopped mid stabb and swallowed. “How could you improve on red wine with apricot chicken after an afternoon of mind blowing sex and pillow talk?”

Kevin held up a finger and jogged into the bedroom on bare feet. He retrieved the ring from its box in the drawer and walked back out. Beside Alex, Kevin got down on one knee holding out the ring. Alexandra’s eye flared wide at the sight of the shiny object in his hands.

"Alexandra Williams, I love you. Will you marry me?" The words just popped out naturally without thought. They felt right.

His possible wife-to-be looked down at him without expression. His heart stopped. With her serious expression, straight posture, and planted feet Alex was imperious, despite being naked. Sweat broke out down Kevin’s back. He couldn’t read the thoughts behind that mask.

Alexandra was in shock, but she managed to pull a poker face. She concentrated on the ring to escape the gravity of the situation. The gold band had a modern design, geometric but feminine, set with a clear emerald, their shared birthstone. The rock would set off her eyes nicely. She'd bet it was his design, it looked custom.

This was completely unexpected. Was he doing this now because of what happened today? No, custom rings take time to make. He must have planned this a month or more ago. Was he capable of rational thought after a day like today? Would he regret it later?

No, the question was asked of her and it was for her to answer. He asked the most intimate question possible. Do you love him, and do you want him forever? She knew the answer.

"Kevin Shipley," she said seriously. She could not resist pausing. Kevin, turned green, squirming, waiting on her. "I love you. I respect you. I accept who you are." He looked suddenly more hopeful. It was really cute. She held out her left hand to him. "Yes, I will marry you." He slid the ring on then quickly let it go, as if she might take it back.

Alex sat up and pushed Kevin gently onto the hard tile floor, straddling his thighs as he lay back passively. She extended her arm, looking at the ring sparkling on her finger. She showed it to him.

From his reclined position, Alexandra looked like a conquering queen to Kevin. Who was the top here? He pulled her outstretched arm to his mouth and kissed it over the ring, acknowledging his own submission. Alex leaned down and kissed him deeply. Then, still kissing him, she fumbled with the fly of his jeans. Suddenly, desperate with need, they each frantically worked his pants open and down. She mounted him and sat completely down on his shaft with one motion. They moaned in relief.

Alex burst out crying, laying fully onto Kevin's chest. They hugged and cried and kissed and finally made deep passionate love. Later, as they lay together, Alex on Kevin’s, her stomach let out a loud growl. They laughed, mundane needs calling them back to reality.

Back at the table, Alex stabbed her fork fiercely into the salad.

"No carrots... but plenty of cucumbers,” she observed. “Honey, you know where this cucumber has been?"

Kevin smiled wickedly.

-- The end, for now.

-- Alex and Kevin's story will continue in other novellas.

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