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Modern Relations (part 06): Valentines Day Master

Alexandra pops the question to Kevin, will he be her master?
“I’m home,” Alex yelled as she closed the door.

“In the bedroom,” Kevin called distantly.

Alex put her briefcase down on the fourier table, then headed to join her future husband. She thumbed her engagement ring, loving the novelty of it.

Alex found Kevin toweling off his head leaving the rest of his lean muscular body wet. “Mm, dripping man. Just what I need,” she said, hugging his moist body from behind.

“Careful, you’ll ruin your suit,” Kevin cautioned.

“Casual Friday at work today, remember?” she asked. Alex began shucking off clothes, hoping to entice Kevin into a quickie.

“Yeah, I guess I’ve had other things on my...”

“Like planning tonight?” she finished. Kevin revealed no details of the night ahead, even after his premature proposal.

“No, like work,” he said seriously. “Tonight’s been planned for a month. I meant to propose, if you’ll remember, so nothing is unplanned tonight.” Turning around, Kevin sighed at the sight of his bride to be. He caught her kicking off jeans. The light blue T-shirt was already on the bed, next to a garment bag, leaving her in a black lace bra and lace panties. He sputtered, “I just have work on my mind is all.”

Free of her jeans, Alex reached for Kevin, pulling him in for a kiss with one hand as she grabbed his wet cock with the other. “ Mm , we have time for a quickie. It’ll focus you on tonight,” she tempted.

“Not so fast,” he said, pushing her away. “I’m saving myself for later.”

“We haven’t fucked since Monday night,” she pouted. “I’m starting to think you don’t find me attractive.” Kevin, grabbed her firmly, turned her to face the bed and pushed her forward. As Alex stepped up to the bed, he pressed his groin against her ass and pushed her shoulders forward. Alex took the command, letting him bend her at the waste onto the bed. She arched her back, pushing her sex into his.

Kevin pushed her head into the comforter with one hand and pulled her hips into his crotch with the other. She could feel his hard wet cock against her pantied pussy. They both moaned.

“What was that? I’m not attracted to you, you say?”

“No Master, I was kidding.” Alex suddenly felt another kind of thrill. The submissive side of her ached for more. He grabbed her hips and ground himself against her with force. “Clearly you are.”

“Please Master, show me how much.”

Smack! Kevin swatted her ass firmly, still grinding into her. Then he pushed off her.

“I’ll please myself and you when I like, slut,” he said. She heard hesitation. Kevin acclimated quickly to his new role, but he still feared impropriety. How long would it take him to learn safe words made propriety obsolete? She thought of the gift in her pants pocket. Maybe it would settle things down for him.

“Now, you have three hours to prepare for tonight. Wear the dress I got you.”

“Is that it in the garment bag?” she asked.

“That’s the coat. The dress is in the box over on the dresser,” he said. “It’s good for formal and clubbing. Prepared for both,” he said, walking away.

“Yes, master,” she quipped sarcastically. He slapped her exposed ass again and laughed.

“Frank picks us up is two hours,” he said. Kevin disengaged completely and walking into the closet, presumably to finish drying off and dressing. Frank was one of the regular drivers provided by a limo service Kevin sometimes used for nights on the town. If he planned to drink and relax, Kevin hired a service rather than deal with a possible DUI.

“Ok, then. I’m going for a quick swim to get my blood going.” Alex completely disrobed, then headed for the pool through the sliding door in their room. She dove in naked.


Ten minutes later Kevin walked out of the closet mostly clothed. He watched the love of his life do laps in the nude. Sleek as a porpoise, she slid through the blue water. As he buttoned his shirt Kevin contemplated the change in Alex since Sunday. The new Alex swam in the nude, exclusively it seemed.

“Now, that’s a change I like,” he said out loud. He liked all the changes, frankly. What’s more, he appreciated her dual character. Having a submissive lover was fun some of the time. Fortunately, Alex seemed to be a part time sub. At least he hoped so.

Alex slowed for two warm down laps. She exited the pool and quickly washed off at the outside shower, screaming and hissing in the freezing water. Kevin opened the sliding door for her as she ran tippytoed to the house, shivering with a comical look on her face. She kissed him as she ran by, “Thanks, Doorman!”

“Take your time,” he said, “I’m sure they’ll hold our reservation on the busiest weekend of the year.”

“ Ha , where are we going anyway?”

“Chez Panisse.” Kevin heard the shower turn on.

She whistled, “How did you get reservations for tonight?”

“Magic!” he yelled over the shower. Reservations at Chez Panisse required true planning fortitude just for a regular Friday. Valentines required both planning and luck.

“I’ll give you privacy,” he said, leaving the room.


And hour later Alexandra walked into the living room and posed for Kevin. “Do you approve?” she vogued .

This time Kevin whistled. To his relief the dress fit, and quite spectacularly.

“Yes, I do. Do you like the dress?”

“Yeah, its a little black dress, but red,” she cooed with delight. The deep red form fitting sleeveless dress had a bandage effect. Bandage “strips” created lines to accent curves and draw the eyes up and down her form. Two inch straps held up the dress exposing large areas her of chest and back. The short dress stopped just about mid-thigh. High enough to be sexy without being trashy. Alex wore black velvet four inch pumps which had the effect of grounding the flirty red dress.

“The side zipper is unusual,” she commented.

Kevin stood and held Alex, caressing her ass and kissing her cheek.

“Let’s get our coats and head out. Frank texted. He should be pulling up any minute now.” He pushed her toward the bedroom.

Kevin watched Alex fawned over the long jacket as she put it on and looked in the mirror. He saw it covered just a bit more leg than her short dress. Perfect. Collarless and cut in a chic modern fashion with no buttons or zipper, the jacket’s design caught the eye and imagination but did little to protect its wearer from the elements. Kevin rather liked the lines on Alex, especially in the back, where it accented her spectacular ass.

Kevin put on his own jacket - chic and synthetic with rolled back cuffs - while Alex fetched a black clutch. Together, the handsome couple departed.


“Thank you, Kevin. This is really amazing, and somehow, simple,” said Alex as she lifted her last bite of lamb and potato to her mouth. She savored the flavor with eyes closed. The mundane main course, consisting essentially of meat and potatoes, was elevated into the fantastic by the quality of the ingredients and degree of craftsmanship.

“Yeah, I like this place for that quality alone. Other eateries try to amaze with pomp and pizazz. And they do! But this place just serves the best possible version of any food.” Kevin waved at the room and then pointed with both hands to his plate, “The food always sounds simple, like ‘lamb cooked in a fireplace with bearnaise sauce, potatoes and greens,’ but the taste knocks you out.”

“I imagine that rat chef in Ratatouille made food like this for the snobby critic.”

“Ha! Exactly,” Kevin exclaimed. Then he looked at Alex conspiratorially and whispered, “Ixnay on the atray .” Alex smiled.

“Dessert is next. A good time for a proposal...” She looked at him appraisingly, “when were you planning on popping the question?” She wondered when she would present her gift.

“Mm, that I didn’t plan.” Kevin mumbled into his wine glass, “some things should be spontaneous.”

“Let me know when a good time would have been for you. I’m curious...” she arched an eyebrow, “...and I’ll make it worth your trouble.” She glanced at her clutch on the table, hiding her gift. The time didn’t feel right, it would have to wait.


Dinner concluded with a delicious flourless chocolate cake. From there Frank drove them to Yoshi’s for a night of jazz. Alex confessed the show tired her. Jazz hits or misses that way. Kevin didn’t take it personally. They left early to club in the city, inevitably ending up at The End Up. Alex took advantage of the driver service, leaving her jacket and clutch in the car.

At around 2 am, sweaty and buzzed, the happy couple piled back into the town car.

“Frank, take us home, please. Maybe, by way of the Embarcadero and the Marina?” Kevin looked at Alex for agreement. She nodded.

“Ok, sir, though the Wharf or over Bay.”

“Bay, I think.”

Alex liked this car, though she didn’t know its brand or model. Two sleek leather bucket recliners filled the back, with a good four feet of legroom before the privacy screen. She reclined back in her seat, legs sprawled - on display.

Heavy tinted windows allowed passengers to look out without being seen from the darkened cabin. As they pulled away Alex suddenly felt the urge to play. Kevin had been gentlemanly all night, touching familiarly and with affection but without lust, frustrating the horny wife to be.

“We’re voyeurs,” she said, looking at the crowd on the sidewalk as they pulled away. “We’re safely behind this mirror looking out on the lives of others.” She spread her feet apart, keeping them bent with high heels digging into the carpet, toes pointed. Leaned back with hands resting to the side, she played at docility, leaving her body open to his gaze and touch. Alex hoped Kevin saw her invitation.


“That’s poetic and true.” Kevin replied. Alex changed her posture and position to accentuate her opened legs, he noticed. She looked relaxed, eyes lidded. He could simply lean over and reach between her legs and fondle her sex. His cock responded to the thought.

“Now,” he said with finality. “I would have proposed now.” Alex said nothing, fidgeting with her clutch instead.

“Is that ‘the’ clutch from Halloween?” he asked.

“This?” she lifted it. “No, that poor thing died a long time ago. But it is a lot like it,” she said helpfully. Alex offered it to him. He took it from her while she closed the privacy screen. Interesting , he thought. Frank was about to turn onto the Embarcadero from Brannan.

Kevin opened the clutch, wondering why she closed the privacy screen. Inside it looked a lot like the clutch she’d described from the Halloween story.

“No condoms,” he wagged eyebrows at her, “but I see you have ID, credit, cash, lube and physical protection. You still carry a scalpel?”

“Yeah, never had to use it though.” She paused looking into the purse and then up at him with a cryptic expression. “There should be something else in there,” she stated, suggesting he should look.

Kevin searched. He finally found a small black velvet envelope hiding in a corner of the small black purse.

“This?” he asked, holding it up.

Alex grabbed the small envelope with a smile. Fishing a shiny object and palming it, his lover leaned forward to grab his left hand. Alex looked directly into Kevin’s eyes and asked, “Kevin, I want to be your wife. But will you agree to be my master?” She opened her palm, displaying a ring.

From the side it looked like two silver rings sandwiching a thick black ring. The silvery-gray tungsten band was inlaid with some sort of black metal. Four diamonds mounted flush into the black band at the cardinal points declared it an engagement ring. It managed to be beautiful and masculine.

Kevin could appreciate the reversal here. Sunday, he’d proposed spontaneously forcing her to answer after some mind blowing sex and light bondage play. Today, he had a question to answer.

“I have questions before I answer yours,” he said. Did she like normal sex? Would she lose respect for him as a master, if he did something wrong?


He noticed they were passing the ferry building. “Will you always be submissive?” he asked.

She shook her head, “No I like submitting... I need it from time to time. I’ve been looking for someone to give me both kinds of sex.” They’d already discussed this, but it bared repeating.

“So you enjoy normal sex? It doesn’t bore you?” he clarified.

“Oh, yeah,” she said emphatically, touching his arm. “You’re a great lay and showing signs of being an equal master to my submissive . We’re compatible in a lot of ways.” She smiled.

“The last master, how did he break your trust?” He held up a palm. “No details, just the basics.”

“He tried to barter me for influence. He gave me to someone else for a night, proving he was neither trustworthy nor master,” she looked down as she said it. There was more to it but that was the gist of it.

“I’m worried I’ll fail as a master and damage our relationship,” he admitted, finally.

“Kevin, this is our relationship.” Alex shook her head adamantly, “you can’t offend me or damage me. I have safe words for when, or if, you ever go too far or say/do something I don’t like.” She held out the ring showing him two words engraved on the inner band: Leviticus and Migraine. Her safe words.

“If I’m your husband and master, what will you be?”

“I’ll be your slut…” she said. Kevin could see Alex’s eyes dilate. “Your whore. Your wife. All those things you never did but wanted to, you can do with me,” she added quietly.

Kevin’s heart nearly broke with joy. And his cock responded in kind. Fully erect Kevin instinctively knew how answer her proposal.

“Slut, I am your master,” she said. Holding out his left hand with fingers extended, he continued, “Show me it’s true, Alex.”

“Yes, Kevin,” she said as she slid the ring onto her master’s finger. She leaned forward and kissed the ring reverently.

“Wow, that was strangely erotic. Makes me wonder about the Pope.” A lame joke, he thought. But the mood needed to be lightened.

Alex barked a laugh, “Let’s not bring that bastard into this.” She cut the air with her hand, “Total buzz kill.”

“I have a raging erection, nobody’s killing that.”

“Is there something you’d like me to do, Master?” she said, getting back into form.

“Yes, but first...” he leaned in and kissed her passionately. Trying to convey in a kiss how much he was present and how much he felt for her. He pulled back.

“I love you Alexandra, and I accept your proposal in full.” He gazed seriously into her eyes, “Yes, I will be your husband and you master.” She smiled demurely. “And anything you have left on your bucket list, we’ll do together.”

“Ok, now, lean back and drop the privacy screen. It’s time you were seen.” She did as he asked.

Kevin leaned forward and kissed Alex firmly on the lips again as he reached into the purse and pulled out the scalpel.

“You’re wearing too much, I think.” With two quick motions Kevin cut the straps of her dress. Alex bit off a protest at the loss. It was his dress, he could ruin it if we wanted. He replaced the scalpel.

Alex looked down with an eyebrow arched, “ looks like I’m still wearing a lot here.”

“Not for long.” Kevin unzipped her dress all the way down the side then peeled it over, exposing her frilly black lingerie. He could see Alex’s eyes were still dilated. Roughly he unsnapped the demi-bra and pulled it off her. Then he sat back, watching her.

Alex relaxed in a supine position, legs still apart. She caught Frank spying on her from the rearview mirror. Kevin could see the moment they made eye contact. Her nipples hardened visibly.

“Now, about that thong ,” he quipped. Kevin pulled the blade back out and cut each side of her thong with a snick. He roughly pulled them off by the gusset.

“That’s better,” he said reclining back tossing the trashed thong onto the floorboard. Alex now reclined submissively on her ruined dress, opened legged and available. She humped her pelvis slightly with need, her exposed pussy glistened with dew.

Kevin casually looked out the windows, as they moved down Bay into the Marina. He relaxed more, saying nothing, waiting.


Alex breathed in short, shallow, silent gasps as she tried to calm the excitement coursing through her. She couldn’t believe Kevin ruined the dress. He’d dumbfounded her when he stripped the clothes off her all together. Things were certainly real now. Someone else knew their secret.

Now he ignored her, looking pensively out the window. The Marina was mostly dead at this time of night. None of the day time bustle of tourists and joggers existed to block what little traffic there was. Consequently, Frank had time to gaze back at her. He even adjusted the rear view mirror. Her pussy spasmed each time they made eye contact. She recalled feeling somewhat like this that Halloween night when she first arrived at the party in slutty school girl attire. But now she had a partner with her to enjoy and play with.

It appeared Frank and Kevin tacitly agreed to tease her. Frank, at least knew what to do with the opportunity. He’d always been professional with her, looking her in the eyes when they spoke. Now, for the first time, he was looking at her body. His gaze lacked the fire of lust, but there was a glimmer of humor in it. Alex suspected Frank was simply extending his professionalism to aid the kink of his employer, and enjoying the view as a side benefit. She imagined it was more common than anyone suspected. Maybe it bored him.

Kevin said quietly, “Mom and Dad want us to visit in the Spring.” This was out of the blue, as if Kevin wanted to normalize the situation with something banal. She’d play with that.

“Taos in spring is still cold, why don’t they come out here?” she said. Casually, she reached up and caressed on breast, looking to see if either man noticed.

“They’re 800 years old, changing routines is tough, I think,” Kevin said, ignoring her actions. “Besides, we can go see your Grand Parents in Santa Fe.” Kevin and Alex grew up in nearly the same area of New Mexico. Alex’s grandparents were scientists at Los Alamos but retired to Santa Fe while Kevin’s adoptive parents had been movers and shakers in Taos. It would make visiting easier.

“ Heh , maybe we can go and celebrate our birthdays with them and announce our engagement, too,” Alex suggested. Alex was a day older than Kevin. It made remembering his birthday a lot easier.

She caught Frank looking back again. He smiled as she fondled her own small breasts. Alex upped the ante, now pinching one nipple while caressing the other. She splayed her legs a bit farther apart.

“You think we should wait that long to tell them? I thought we’d tell your Mom Sunday at brunch.” He speculated calmly, “I bet it's less than thirty minutes before Ava and Henry learn about it.” Kevin called Alex’s grandparents by their first names, though they hadn’t met.

Experimentally, Alex pulled her legs together to see if her master was dead below the neck. Kevin nonchalantly grabbed her knee and pulled them back apart. He slapped her inner thigh lightly.

“Play with yourself; but don’t come,” her master commanded. She blushed, thrilled with the idea of pleasing herself in strange company. Keeping one hand on her nipple, Alex pushed the other into her drenched pussy, fingering herself but leaving her engorged clit untouched.

Quietly, the town car slipped out of the Marina, through the glaring lights of the new tunnel and onto the Golden Gate. A deep fog had rolled in, obscuring nearly everything. Alex imaged they were in a large cloudy blanket as she masturbated for her audience. Kevin maintained the light chit chat.

Alex sighed with relief as Frank pulled up to the house twenty minutes later. Kevin leaned forward, “Frank, just pull up in front of the steps, no need to get this beast tangled in that driveway. Kevin’s house sat on a hillside, a steep windy driveway and separate stairs provided access for car and pedestrians alike. Frank pulled out of the narrow one lane road up to the stairs. The headlights illuminated a tiny mailbox affixed to a low concrete wall. Landscaped plants lurked in shadow behind the low wall.

Ordinarily, Frank would get out and open her door. This time however, he simply killed the engine. “I hope the two of you had a good evening,” he said neutrally.

“Thank you, Frank.” Kevin said, popping open his door. Alex sat passively waiting for a command, letting Frank get an eye full unencumbered by the need to drive. Kevin picked up her coat and purse then exited the car. The trip to the house would be interesting if he didn’t give her the coat.

“Thank you for driving us, Frank. As always, you were great,” she said. He tipped his cap at her, in acknowledgement.

“Come on Alex,” Kevin said bending into the car to offer her his hand. She sat up and took it. Crawling across his seat to get out, her pussy flushed with the knowledge she’d just mooned Frank. She sat on the edge of Kevin’s seat and swung her long legs out of the car. Kevin released her, placing his freed hand on the door. He now stood hand on the door and the car, blocking her path. She stood up in the space available, penned in by the door, car and lover.

“Are you gonna make me walk to the house nude or give me the jacket?” Alex’s nipples hardened even more in the cold night air. Pleasant goose bumps dotted her arms, legs, and abdomen.

“Nude, definitely,” he said. Kevin kissed Alex passionately for a minute, not caring that Frank could see her entire posterior from the driver's seat. He whispered into her ear, “before we go up, I need to see how much like your slutty mother you are.”

Alex looked into his eyes for a moment, confused. Then she remembered, her mother getting out of Maggie’s car that night. Kevin wanted her to walk nude up to the house with his semen dripping from her face. He pussy flushed, Frank would know and see everything.

“I understand,” she said demurely.

Like a good slut, Alex decided to put on a show. She unzipped Kevin’s trousers and fished out his hardening cock. Using it as a lever, she maneuvered him so his back was against the door, giving him something to lean on while also giving Frank an unimpeded view of the action. Naked, she squatted on her heels. With her left arm propped against the car. After a glance in Frank’s direction, she pulled herself on Kevin’s cock.

“Take your time sweetie,” Kevin commanded. And she did. She spent a minute suckling just the head, building up lubrication on it and in her mouth. Once the head was covered she began licking the long shaft. Alex brazenly stared at Frank as he watched her lick the underside of her master’s cock. Each time she glanced in his direction, her pussy flushed hotter. When she had his cock lubed enough, Alex took the head into her mouth and pushed her face onto in until her nose touched cloth. Frank gasped audibly. Kevin moaned.

“You love sucking cock and you’re so very good at it,” Kevin said. Alex flushed with excitement. Without being touched she climbed toward her own satisfaction.

Alex used her tongue and throat to please Kevin, pulling off to breathe occasionally. While catching her breath she would suckle the head and look over at Frank. She was a complete slut, tonight. Will master offer me to Frank? she wondered.

After about five minutes, she could see Kevin nearing release. She was too. Alex pushed herself onto his cock and remained there. He took the hint after half a minute, grabbing her hair and pulling her off so she could suck in oxygen. As soon as she caught her breath, Kevin pushed her back onto to his cock, burying it in her throat. He began to fuck her mouth.

“Cum on my face, Master,” she said the next time he let her come up for air. Saying the words out loud, in that position, in front of Frank nearly put Alex over the edge.

Kevin fucked her mouth again for a few seconds, desperately plunging into her throat in rapid spastic thrusts. He groaned, pulling out of her and fisting his cock at her face. Alex looked up at him and smiled as he unloaded on her. She closed her eyes after the first volley, just on the edge of orgasm herself. Stream after stream of cum splashed against her face and even on her chest. She felt some on her ear. Kevin certainly had been saving up. When he stopped she opened her mouth slighting, inviting him to clean up. He pushed the spongy head against her lips and she parted them suckling the head clean of cum.

Miraculously, one eye remained unglazed in cum. She opened it, looking first at her Master and then at Frank. Alex reached down to massage her clit. Staring, one eyed, at Frank with Kevin’s cock in her mouth, Alex masturbated to a crushing orgasm. She closed her eyes and moaned around Kevin’s cock, enjoying the fullness of suckling him in her mouth while her empty cunt clenched in orgasm.

Satisfied with herself, Alex opened her one good eye again. Frank watched her silently, a smirk on his mouth. She hoped he enjoyed the show.


Kevin put his cock away and fixed his pants. After days of abstaining he’d blown a huge load.

“Thank you sweetie. Now go stand at the stairs, I have to give Frank his tip, then I’ll be right there.”

“Master, are you sure Frank wouldn’t want a different tip?” she asked directly, looking back and forth between Frank and Kevin. Kevin couldn’t help finding that humorous. Was she seriously proposing whoring herself out for a tip? His instinct was to balk. Instead he chose the more interesting option. Would she go through with it if he allowed it?

“Well, what do you say Frank. Which kind of tip would you like?” he asked.

Frank cleared his throat. “Err, while I appreciate the offer, It’s Valentines Day. A night for couples, for sure,” he said. “I’ll just stick to the usual, sir. No disrespect ma’am.”

Alex actually pouted for a second before she smiled at Frank.

“You’re a real gentleman, Frank.” She stood carefully and walked around Kevin to the steps.

Kevin closed his the door and opened the front door. He sat down next to Frank. Alex stood facing away from the car, nude in the headlights. Her legs and ass displayed spectacularly. His cock twitched with returning desire. The two men settled up as if nothing unusual had occurred and a leggy naked woman wasn’t standing in front of the car. Kevin wondered if Frank would take her as a tip on any night. Two hundred dollars was a lot for a blow job.

Kevin closed the car door, fishing her coat and purse off the roof as Frank started the car back up. He walked up to Alex opening the coat and putting it over her shoulders. Together, the couple walked slowly up the stairs. Kevin gave a thought to his the neighbors. Did anyone see her standing in the headlights? Hell, it was Marin, land of naked hot tubbing . Probably nobody cared.

“What if Frank hadn’t been a gentleman?” he asked.

“Well... I’d probably have two loads on my face now and you’d have to lead me like the blind,” she chuckled.

“So.. you don’t have a problem with the transactional nature of that offer?” he joked.

“No, it’s not the first...” she cut off suddenly. “I’m really drunker than I thought,” she said.

“Don’t change the subject,” he said quickly. “Not the first what?” Did he really want to know?

She considered for a moment then spoke with a small voice, ”Not the first time I’ve been in a transactional situation.” Kevin couldn’t believe his ears.

“You've taken money for...?” he asked incredulously.

“Yes, accidentally , sort of, and then... Nevermind ,” she stuttered with a smaller voice. “Are you upset with me?”

“Well, my cock isn’t.” Indeed, it suddenly made walking uncomfortable. “Just how do you accidentally whore yourself out?”

Alex sighed, sagging a bit in her coat. “Please don’t say that word like it's a bad thing. Judgmentally, I mean,” she said seriously. Slut Alex had vanished just like that and conservative Alex was back.

“Ok, sorry,” he said, meaning it. “But answer the question.”

“That is one long story.” They arrived at the house. Kevin fished the keys out and opened the door. He killed the alarm and turned to Alex as she walked into their house, coat open exposing her entire front. She looked apprehensive behind a mask of cum.

“Did you want to tip Frank?” he asked.

Alex straightened and lifted her chin defiantly, “Yes, Master I did. It’s been years since I had two cocks at once. I wanted to suck his long cock into my throat and mix his load with yours.”

The truth was, he didn’t care about Alex’s past except as fuel for their mutual pleasure. Just thinking about her getting paid for sex got Kevin hard again.

“Are you as hot as I am right now?” he asked. She nodded silently, smiling.

Kevin showed her his new ring, “Thank you, my slut. I love you and I think I’m going to love being your master.” He kissed her long and deeply, tasting some of his own cum on her lips. When he pulled back she looked more relaxed and happy.

“I had a really great time. Thanks, for planning everything.”

“Let’s go to bed, I want you to clean up and tell me all about how you’re an accidental whore,” he said, smiling disarmingly.

“Much better, you can call me whore anytime, if you say it like that.”


They took a long shower together. Less time was spent washing and more bending Alex over, first for a tongue bath and then to fill her pussy with his cock and sperm. The clock chimed Four before Kevin settled down in bed.

“I want to get something from my office, just a sec ,” said Alex as she left the room.

“ Mhmm ,” was all she heard from her lover.

Alex rummaged through her desk drawer for an older SD card. Once she found it, she popped into her MacBook Air.

As she walked into the bedroom, notebook in hand, Alex found Kevin fast asleep. “I guess we can wait till tomorrow,” she said to her sleeping partner.

--- to be continued.
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