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Modern Relations (part 07): Alexandra’s Freshman Year

Alexandra majors in Pre-Law while getting a minor in prostitution.

“Breakfast is served. Everything a growing girl needs,” Kevin said, cheerfully walking in the bedroom with eggs, bacon, coffee and OJ..

Alex sat up sleepily and arranged her pillows. Kevin put the tray on her lap then kissed her gently on the cheek.

“Thank you,” she said. Then she stretched into a yawn, “Mmmm, What time is it?”

“Not quite Seven.”

She picked up a piece of bacon and waved it at him accusingly, “That’s a little early given the night we had don’t you think?” He looked on innocently. Alex waved the bacon strip across her plate, “Is this some sort of bribe.” She bit into the bacon.

“Bribe accepted I guess.”

“Well... Bacon,” she laughed “The bribe can’t be for waking me up. And I don’t recall you doing anything bad lately.” She tilted her head, “Naughty maybe...”

“Maybe it's a payment for a story. As I recall we agreed to one last night. I want to hear about the accidental whoring,” he said. Alex snorted, stuffing a bite of eggs into her mouth.

“You’re like a dog on a bone. Don’t you have any work to do?” He shook his head.

“Sure then, get me my laptop,” she pointed at the MacBook on her night stand. Kevin placed it next to her, lid open.

“Turn your head,” she commanded and slowly typed in her password with one finger while stuffing more bacon in her mouth. “Ok. Here, you drive while I eat. Go to ‘pics/freshman’, and come around here so I can see and you can be comfortable.”

Kevin came back around to his side of the bed and sat Yoga style at the head. Alex washed down the last of her eggs with OJ. A pleasant warmth radiated off Kevin as she sat next to him.

As Kevin opened a slide show, Alex relaxed back against the headboard and enjoyed some excellent coffee.

“These pics are from my Freshman year, as the folder name suggests. Mom got me a digital camera; she wanted to me to send her photos each week. I took a few and sent them on DVD each week for a while. These are the highlights.”

“Wow, is that Wendy! She’s so young,” Kevin exclaimed. His fascination and focus amused Alex. He clearly appreciated her best friend’s looks.

“And she’s a year my senior,” Alex said looking over at the screen. Wendy smiled back, filling the whole page. Rocking blue hair during the first week of classes had set the precedent for her remaining career at Georgetown as the hot artsy chick.

“Well, Asians look really young for their age...” he quipped.

“Bigot,” she punched his arm light heartedly. Wendy’s father was a Japanese diplomat type who married a British minor noble type. Lady Something-or-other, Wendy called her.

Seventeen year old Alex smiled back at them in the next slide. Alex examined her bespeckled teenage self. Twelve years added small crows feet and laugh lines. But now her face looked more sculpted and it was pimple free, so that was a win.

“You’re cute in glasses,” Kevin said softly.

“I usually wore contacts. Obviously this is before LASIK.” Kevin changed the slide.

“Who’s the Barbie?”

“That would be Fawn, my roommate.” Fawn looked like a blonde playmate complete with the All American smile and blue eyes.

“Christ, your room must have been a shrine for the male population.”

“Oh, yeah? How’s that?” Alex asked chewing her words with mock anger.

Kevin, laughed.

“Easy now...” He put a hand on his chest and said innocently, “I compliment. What I mean is, she’s the Playboy Bunny type and you’re the sexy librarian type. That covers 90% of male fantasies. Adding Wendy, the Asian hottie, and you’d have a trifecta.”

“Hah, we were roommates from Sophomore year on. Off campus, of course. We always got a fair bit of play but nothing Mecca-like. Fawn did get most of the attention. So she tended to be more flamboyant on top of being...” Alex waved her hand at Fawn’s sexy image, “...all that.”

“No shit? I would not expect that from someone named Fawn,” he deadpanned. Flipping through several more photos Kevin stopped at one of the three of them together and whistled. “Well, that is 100% of the male fetishes covered, and about 40% of the female. Jesus.”

“Halloween,” Alex said, nodding sagely, “good times.”

“I see your Mother’s rules at work on your costumes.” The three of them were super sexy. Fawn’s beleaguered top looked ready to burst.

“Wendy did it all, she’s really into Manga, if you remember. She made all the costumes, I helped some.” Alex shook her head, “It was weeks of work. Fawn was... Princess Sailor Moon, I think? I never can remember what Wendy or I were supposed to be.”

“It's just Sailor Moon (not the princess), Wendy is Rei Ayanami in battle gear and you are Major Kusanagi, a deadly cyborg in a bodysuit and combat boots,” Kevin rattled off absent mindedly.

“You should have been Rei . Wendy’s too busty for it, technically, but in that suit she looks like a million bucks. You make a beautiful Major but Rei suits your personality a bit better.”

“Why didn’t I know you were that into Manga?” Kevin shrugged noncommittally. He didn’t keep posters on the wall and he never rented it to watch. “Maybe you and Wendy should have hooked up,” she mused, “you seem to have a lot in common.”

“Ha, fetishizing Manga is hardly uncommon,” he said uncomfortably. Hm , maybe hooking up with Wendy appealed to him.

“Now, what do you mean about Rei?”

“You’d have to see Evangelion. I gather you haven’t?” She shook her head. “Well, I’m not saying you’re Rei, she’s pretty fucked up - even more than normal for manga, but she’s got a pretty submissive bent to her. The Major is scary and fucking sexy to look at. Like you at work.”

“Thank you sweetie.” Alex blushed with pleasure. “I never got Manga, I guess,” she sighed, “It’s all just cartoons, to me.”

“You just haven’t been introduced to it properly. You need your hand held, is all. Manga goes way back, before cartoons were invented. Rich history and tradition. The best stuff is amazing and the worst is puerile. Once you see the good stuff, it’s irresistible.”

“That’s basically what Wendy said freshman year. Like you’re in a cult or something. Creepy.” She gazed into the middle-distance, remembering, “Wendy never did get me into it, probably because we’d start necking before the title sequence would roll.”

“So you two were...” he bumped fists, suggestively.

“Not when that picture was taken. She was between women at the time. Wendy insisted we all wear these outfits to the big Halloween party. We agreed. And, like I said, I helped a bit.”

“Can I make some observations?” She shrugged, nodding. “Wendy was in love with you, or whatever it is, and threatened by Fawn.”

“What? That’s crazy.”

“No, look.” He pointed to Fawn. “She dressed Fawn up as Sailor Moon, who is super cute and wholesome. Now, bless her, anyone like Fawn makes even the most wholesome character pornographic. So that backfired a bit for Wendy.”

“But the real story is you and Wendy,” he said pointing back and forth between the Major and Rei. “She had to know you’d make a better (well more authentic) Rei, physically I mean. Instead she made you into the iconic manga version of the fighting fuck- bot . And then herself into the ultimate mysterious object of desire.”

“That’s a lot to get out of a picture.” Alex blanched.

“In Manga, the subtext has subtext. There is a rich culture here and Wendy is from that culture. I doubt she missed it, though maybe she didn’t understand exactly how ironic she was being.”

“So what are you saying?”

“This event, Manga Halloween, is a declaration of love, or lust, and boundary for her. She is making Fawn less appealing, as much as she can. You are the powerful sexual hero and she is the submissive, alluring enigma. The reverse of reality. Anyway you look at it, Wendy is saying she wants you to be her major fuck- bot .”

“Wendy spent weeks making those costumes. It was an act of love. And she said as much late Halloween night. We hooked up a bit that night. But Fawn is no threat, that girl is 100% straight.”

“Kind of hooked up?”

“ Heh ,” she laughed, looking slyly at Kevin. “Yeah, the night was eventful.”

“Do tell!” he batted his eyes at her with mock enthusiasm to cover real curiosity. Kevin’s cute eagerness deserved some reward.

“I thought you wanted to know about other things,” she said coyly.

“I do. Can’t you do both?”

“I’ll think about it while you put this away.” Alex handed Kevin the tray with empty dishes.

“I need to clean up in the kitchen anyway,” he said.

Kevin departed agreeably, allowing Alex time to get up, brush her teeth, void, and take a quick, but thorough, shower. She returned to bed, sprawling wet and happy on top of the covers.

Kevin returned. She smiled playfully and stretched. Her pussy clenched at the sight of him in his robe.

“Ok, I’ll start with Wendy. I think it’ll give some background for Fawn too.

Alex and Wendy

I got to Georgetown early to get through registration and dorm assignment quicker. I lucked out getting Fawn for a roomie. Wendy settled in next door; our rooms shared a bathroom. I met Wendy first, Fawn showed up the day before class registration. We three hit it off immediately. Wendy’s roommate, on the other hand, we wanted to hit immediately.

Abigale, we called her ‘Crabby Abby’ behind her back, was a girl with little sense and many rules. Religious and right wing, of the homeschooled variety, Abby fumbled introductions, blundered into private conversations and judged common actions as if they were major crimes. And she had bad breath. Consequently Wendy would hang out in our room a lot and we three became fast friends.

Wendy announced her status as Bi from the start. I revealed nothing about my past. Fawn made it clear she liked men exclusively, without the stressed insistence of a phobic . She’d been fucking men since she “got these puppies” as she called her breasts.

I was Pre-Law, Wendy majored in Fine Arts and Communications while Fawn took PoliSci and Communications.

Like Mom, I obtained a stable of young men who appreciated sex, loathed commitment and took direction.

Wendy, dated a girl the first week and broke up with her the second. Then she started eating men. Soon enough, she went back to a new girl for a few weeks. And so on. It’s the same pattern now, but the relationships last longer.

Fawn had no discretion at all. She brought home men in a steady stream for a while, I rarely saw the same one. About a month in , she got a job as a hostess working late nights on the weekends. The stream of men slowed way down.


So, Halloween... a gazillion people packed into this big off campus party in some sort of warehouse. In contrast to my previous licentious Halloween, I had girlfriends to keep me company. Well, ‘girlfriend’ anyway. We lost Fawn immediately. She ended up at a Frat house.


“Nothing happened at ZBJ, I just got drunk and carried away,” she said when we asked her where she’d gone off to the following Monday.

“I heard a bunch guys in ZBJ gang fucked a girl,” said Wendy. Somehow she always knew the hot gossip. “No name, but she was blonde with big tits.”

“It wasn’t like that,” Fawn blushed. “They… they didn’t fuck me.”

Wendy and I both gasped. Neither thought it was her.

“I was horny and a guy took me to his room. He’s the only guy I fucked.” Fawn rolled her eyes in embarrassment. “The other guys just tit fucked me after he left.”

“How many?” I asked. She was too drunk to remember. I asked a bunch of other questions.

“Wow, Alex, are you jealous of her?,” asked Wendy.

“No, it’s just sexy is all. And I want to know what it was like.” I was really just comparing notes. I changed the subject as fast as I could.


Wendy and I had a great time. We danced for hours, drank liberally and ended up at a wild party at a professor’s apartment. By two in the morning, only ten of us could still stand. Wanting to steam things up, I suggested strip truth or dare. Original, I know. The professor overrode me, convincing everyone we should play strip “would you rather.” Idiot. We agreed.

The ‘strip’ twist involved a vote. If a majority agreed you lied then off came an article of the askers choice.

I demanded first question so I could set the tone for the night. I opened by asking Wendy if she’d rather lick my pussy or the very cute professor’s. She chose mine. To be honest I hadn’t expected that. The voters decided she lied. Harshly I made her strip out of the body suit. Right off the bat I had her wearing boots, gloves and nothing else.

Strangely, the most attractive people seemed to be liars and lost the most clothing. But nothing else happened because the game didn’t have an action component like truth or dare.

The professor finally changed the rules, the winner either had to make the loser do something or strip something, “winners” choice. Everyone agreed. Finally, things would get interesting.

“Would you rather lick my pussy or have Gale”, the professor, “fist fuck you?” asked Wendy.

A tension had been building between us all through the game and everyone felt it. Whatever I said, the vote would be that I lied just to see what Wendy would make me do. When I lost Wendy smiled smugly and spread her legs.

“I think you know what to do,” she said. I did.

I spent a good five minutes tonguing Wendy to heaven. As I worked, there was commentary from the peanut gallery. The other players concluded I’d gone down on a girl before. Wendy, knew for sure. I brought her to a rousing orgasm. Then I crawled up her prostrate form and planted a wet kiss on her. I bit her ear and sucked on her neck.

“I think I love you Alexandra,” she whispered in my ear. My cunt squirmed with delight. I’d never been loved before.

I could tell, for her, the game was over. She wanted to take me home right then. But I didn’t want to be her next two week fling. It would get awkward.

“I love you too, Wendy,” I said. “But I want to stay and have fun.”

We stayed. I got naked soon enough. Wendy and I both fucked a couple of guys each.

Participants blacked out or coupled off until just me and Wendy remained up. We collected our clothes and put them back on as best we could. Then the Major and Rei went home.

“Did you mean that back there,” Wendy asked on the way.

“Yes,” I nodded. “But you don’t stay with girls and I really like my men. So I think we shouldn’t try to get serious.”

“Ok, so what are we going to do?”

“We continue as good friends.”

“I want you badly,” she said, desperately.

“I didn’t say we couldn’t have fun,” she brightened at my words. “But neither of us can be exclusive. Ok?”

“Ok,” she nodded. “ Wanna make out in my room?”

We did, much to Abby’s disgust.

Alex and Kevin

“So that’s the basic story with Wendy and me,” explained Alex. “Since then, Wendy’s been trying to convince me to stay with her permanently. We do love each other. It's complicated, I guess.”

“Did you believe Fawn’s story about the Frat house?”

“ Hm ,” Alex considered it, “I remember being incredulous. I mean why wouldn’t she fuck them too?”

“Maybe she liked being tit fucked,” he said.

“Yeah, well. I wouldn’t know about that,” she cupped her small breasts.

“Ouch, I didn't mean it like that.” He laughed. “Am I going to have to keep reminding you how much I like your breasts?”

“Yes, yes you are,” she said. In response Kevin leaned in and licked each nipple, making Alex squirm.

“That’s one story,” he said, looking up at her. “What about the other?”

“I’ll tell you the story if you want,” she sighed.

“I’m sensing some hesitation,” he said.

“It’s got some dirty stuff in it. I’m worried you’ll hate me.”

“Dirtier than Halloween?”

“Yeah, either one of them,” she nodded.

“It’s worse than the glory hole or fucking your Mom?”

“I think so, maybe,” Alex nodded. “At least it's different.” Grinning she scooted her ass to the edge of the bed. “I need to know you’re into it,” she said. Lifting her legs and spreading them, she pointed at her pussy, “I need you in here the whole time tell it. If you go soft, I’ll stop.”

Kevin obliged, pulling off his robe and standing between her legs. Hard already, he rubbed the head against her pussy, lubricating it, then slipped in fully, in a long lunge.

“Anything else?”

“No,” she gasped. “I see you’re quite ready to hear things.” She fixed him with a serious look. “You’re about to find out what a whore I really am. Are you sure you want to know about this?”

His cock twitched inside her, getting even harder, if such a thing were possible. She gushed onto him, making it easier for him to spear her.

“Ok, it starts, believe it or not, with Fawn’s frat party hijinks,” she said.

Alex, the Accidental Whore

Fawn lay off the men for a while after the frat incident. She got real serious about her classes and work. She claimed to have a steady boyfriend. I never saw him, but I did see the occasional love bite or bruise on my roommate and she acquired a lot of lingerie. So she was fucking someone. Probably from work. Her job kept her out really late on Friday and Saturdays. And she would sleep in late, after.

At the time I suspected she was playing with a coworker before coming home. Little did I know.

Late one Thursday night as we lay in the dark ready to sleep, Fawn brought up the Frat party. Actually, she brought up my interest in it.

“Alex,” said out of the blue, “did you believe me about the frat party? I got the feeling you didn’t.”

“Um,” I blinked sleepiness out of my brain, “I never thought about it, Fawn. Why wouldn’t I believe you?”

“Well, you just asked a lot of pointed questions. You know, how it started and everything. Like a lawyer making a case,” she said.

“I sounded like a lawyer?” I asked, flattered.

“Yes, so I’m wondering if you believed me.”

“I did,” I said. She said nothing after that. I thought maybe she would go to sleep.

“What would you think of me if I did fuck all those guys?”

I shrugged. When I remembered she couldn’t see that in the dark, I said. “I’d ask if you liked it.”

“Well,” she began. I expected her to confess. “I told my… boyfriend. And he didn’t believe me. He thinks I fucked those other five guys.”

“Wow,” I said. “What a dick.”

“The thing is. He’s begging me to do it for real. Fuck a bunch of guys I mean.”

“Uhm, okay.” I muttered, not knowing what to say.

“He has a bunch of firemen friends…” she let it trail off.

“So what did you say?” I asked neutrally. I was picturing about Fawn fucking a bunch of firemen.

“Well, at first I said no. And we fought about whether or not I’d been fucked or just tit fucked. But yesterday I agreed to do it.”

“Wow,” I repeated.

“So he set it up for Tomorrow night.”

“Fawn, why are you telling me this?”

“Because I’m scared,” she admitted. “He showed them pictures of me. They don’t just want to tit fuck me.”

“ Woah . Well, tell him you changed your mind.”

“I can’t,” she whispered. “I… I just can’t say no. Not now. He set it up and the guys are all expecting it and they’ll be furious with him.” Her words made it sound like her boyfriend would be in trouble but the tone made it clear she was afraid.

“Fawn, are you asking me to help you?”

“Yes,” she said with obvious relief. “Would you do that for me?”

“Sure, I’ll back you up.”

“Alex, I knew you wouldn’t be judgmental. Thank you,” she said emphatically. Then she said something that threw me for a loop. “So, can you be ready by eight tomorrow?”

“Wait,” I said. “I’m confused. What am I getting ready for?”

“To help me,” she said.

“Help you tell tell your boyfriend off?”

“Oh,” she got quiet.

“Fawn?” I spoke into the silence.

“I thought you said you’d help me with the guys,” she said in a small voice.

“Oh,” I said. Again silence filled the room.

“How many?” I asked finally.

“How many what?”

“How many guys?”

“Ten.” I whistled. I tried to picture the two of us dealing with ten men. I squirmed and humped my hand quietly.

“So let me get this straight,” I said as seriously as I could. “You won’t tell your boyfriend to go fuck himself, but you will ask me to get fucked?”

“I guess so,” she said forcing a small laugh.

“So what do I wear to that sort of thing?” I asked.

I never agreed to do it. And she never asked for confirmation. Not outright anyway. But we worked out the logistics there in the dark.

I went to sleep, completely oblivious to just how well I’d been played.


I wore the school girl outfit from last Halloween. I’d brought it with me from home, like a good slut. Fawn dressed like a cowgirl.

“Why don’t we just go in jeans and strip down?” I asked. Fawn shrugged off my question and applied more lipstick.

I didn’t even question it when a town car, driven by a big bodybuilder type black dude, pulled up to the curb in front of our dorm.

“Hi, I’m Trish. And you must be Fawn’s boyfriend...” I said to him as we got in the back.

“Norman. And I’m just your driver,” he said helpfully.

A small kernel of doubt entered my head at that point.

“Jack’s meeting us at the firehouse,” Fawn explained. I hadn’t known her boyfriends name until that point.

Anyway, Norman drove us to Rockville. The new-ish firehouse reflected the values of the upper income neighborhood it served. Tax dollars well spent. Norman escorted us into the place and stood by me while Fawn talked to Jack privately.

While not bad looking, Jack was fortyish , balding, and sported a small potbelly. He seemed a bit old for her, frankly. I noticed their interaction seemed cordial, even professional, but not intimate.

That kernel of doubt was growing, but I got distracted. I’d been thinking about this all day, barely paying attention in class. Now it was about to happen and I was excited, my pussy soaked. And there was Fawn in her cowgirl outfit and the facts of what we were about to do were very real.

“I was just discussing the rules with Nikki here, Trish,” said Jack. I’d said I wanted to use a fake name last night, Fawn immediately chose Nikki as hers.

“What are they?” I asked. We went over them. I said no to cameras and Fawn said no to anal. We both agreed the guys didn’t need to use condoms for oral.

“Well, I’ll go tell the boys the rules. Um, Can you girls put on a show before hand?” asked Jack. “You know, to warm things up,” he added as he walked away.

“Show?” I looked at Fawn for direction.

“He means a strip tease, of course.”

“I don’t know anything about stripping. How is that going to go over.” I only knew how to dance at clubs. The thought of stripping enticingly to an audience mortified me.

“You’re about to get gangbanged but you mind stripping?” She snorted. Norman gave me a look.

“No, I already know how to fuck. But I’m worried about looking stupid trying to tease them. Look, why don’t we just make out in front of them?”

“What kind of show is that?”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me. You’re about to fuck ten guys but you don’t know guys love watching girls making out?” Norman chortled at that.

“I wouldn’t know what to do,” she insisted apparently as mortified by sex play as I was at stripping.

“Let me handle it,” I said. Was I taking charge?

“First we need to prepare.” I had her take off her shirt and just wear the vest which barely covered her nipples. Then we both removed our thongs. I didn’t plan on doing much stripping.

“The guys are ready and know the rules,” Jack told us when he came back. He led us to a gym area with a bunch of expensive new looking equipment. I counted eleven muscular young firefighters standing around apprehensively at one end of the gym. They cheered when we entered. With Jack, that made twelve men. Shit.

My mind reeled but my body was all for it, my pussy getting wetter by the second.

“Before we start, gentlemen,” Jack announced. I couldn’t believe it, he was speechmaking. “I want to congratulate you all on graduating. As a celebration, I brought you Nikki and Trish.” He paused while they cheered. “These two whores have agreed to fuck you all for the next hour or two. But first, they’re going to give you a show.”

Everyone cheered. I’d never been called a whore before. I checked on Fawn, she didn’t seem to mind what Jack called her.

Everyone fell silent waiting for the show. Adrenaline flowed through me as they watched us expectantly. I felt alive in a way that’s hard to describe. It fed my desire.

Jack pushed a button on a remote and music poured out of hidden speakers. The song was “My Sharona.” I hate that fucking song.

Fawn gave me a worried look. Worse, she was starting to move to the music.

Before she could get going I pushed her to the center of the room near a bench., Then I turned her around for a fierce kiss. Cheers broke out. Fawn kissed back after a second. We did this for maybe fifteen seconds. She wasn’t very into it.

I pulled her vest down around her arms pinning them behind her. Whispering, “follow my lead.” in her ear, I spun her around, arms still pinned, so she presented her breasts, unobstructed to the crowd. Everyone cheered.

“Keep your face pointing to the crown no matter what happens next,” I said, with growing confidence. As the cheers died down I pushed Fawn forward so she leaned over the bench with straight arms. She dropped her head down, forgetting to look at the crowd. So I yanked her up by the hair and smacked her ass. “Look at the crowd Nikki,” I said, “I want them to see how much you enjoy this next part.”

I got behind Nikki, flipping up her denim skirt, and put my face in her vagina. Fawn claimed to be 100% straight, but her pussy sure didn’t care who licked it. She gushed onto my tongue immediately. In about a minute I had her moaning in orgasm to the appreciative cheers of our twelve member audience.

“Does anyone want to take my place?” I asked out loud, after she came down. Three men raised hands, waiting for me to pick them, instead of rushing in. How cute! I stripped off my top and bent over right beside Fawn looking up at the men.

“Well come on, our pussies aren’t going to fuck themselves.”

That got a few laughs and the ball rolling.

Inside a minute, a guy had his cock inside Fawn’s wet pussy. A cock in her mouth cut off her moans as the guy bottomed out in her well lubricated cunt. No one got to me for a second, so I watched. She used the hand blocking technique, and it looked toothy. With all her experience, I expected more. Another guy played with her tits. I noticed most men gravitated to Fawn. Blondes have all the fun.

I soon forgot about ‘Nikki’ as a mouth worked on my slick pussy. I moaned encouragement. Seconds later a cock pressed against my lips. I opened my mouth to let it in, suckling the head and getting it wet. The guy seemed happy to have just the tip in. I decided to pace myself and not take him all the way. Soon the mouth on my pussy brought me to a head. I came, moaning around the cock in my mouth, which started spewing. I tried to catch all of it, but its owner jerked around spastically spraying cum all over my mouth and chin.

I’m sure there is a fireman joke in there somewhere.

The guys moved Fawn to another bench. She ended up on her back with a guy straddling her chest. She held her breasts together for him. While he fucked his shaft between the huge globes, Fawn worked the head with her mouth.

Now I understood why she wasn’t proficient at blowjobs . The guy pumped a few times before he shouted and sprayed her face and chest with cum. Behind him another guy pumped his cock into her pussy comically using her legs as a shield to avoid touching his friend. Sex is funny stuff sometimes.

I giggled a little before the next guy pushed a cock into my face. The mouth on my pussy was replaced by a cock. I tried to concentrate on coming again. But two cocks sawing into you with different rhythms makes the big-O unlikely. So I worked on getting them off faster. I tongued the cock in my mouth, he soon realized I could take more and pushed into my throat with a “whoop” of delight.

“I ’m in this whore’s throat, guys! O god, that feels amazing.”

That got some attention. The guy fucked my face to the cheers of his fellows. I worked the cock as well as I could, he finally pulled out and sprayed my face, whooping once more.

“Ah, take it on the face, bitch.”

The cock in my pussy pulled out. I couldn’t tell if he’d cum or not. The room filled with chatter now as the men became more comfortable.

“Hey, let’s see how deep she can take it,” someone said. “Who's got the longest dick?” After a brief discussion with much boasting, it was decided Jack had the longest cock.

Lucky Fawn , I thought cluelessly. I changed my mind when I saw what dangled between his thighs. The monster had to be ten inches long.

“Think you can take it?” he asked.

“I don’t know. Get some lube and lets try,” I said earnestly.

I sat on the bench and he handed me some lube. Cherry flavored. I worked up and down his shaft, getting it hard. I did a show for my audience, giving the head a kiss and then licking my way down the shaft to his balls. I licked each of them lewdly as I crouched down on my knees.

“Look at that, his cock is longer than her face,” someone said.

“She’s never going to swallow that thing.”

Bets were made at that point. One brave guy bet I would take it all. Looking up the shaft from my position below him, I wondered.

I sat back up on the bench and put Jack’s cock in my mouth. Soon I had half his cherry flavored branch in. I stuck out my tongue and straightened my throat as much as I could. His cock bent up a little, making it difficult. Everyone stopped to watch. I could see Fawn watching from outside the crowd, cum dripping all over her face and breasts.

I got it about three fifths of the way in. It wouldn’t go further even though I controlled my gag reflex. Finally I pulled back.

A few men cheered prematurely, thinking I surrendered.

“Jack, I think this will work better upside down. But please be careful. If I push back please back off.”

He nodded.

I lay down on the bench with my head over the end and waved Jack over. The position extends my throat. When Jack moved to my mouth to push his cock in, I put my hands against his thighs. He pushed in and out guided by my hands. As I got comfortable with it, I allowed Jack to fuck more of his long cock in.

Losing patience, Jack just pushed in to the hilt, immediately pulling back out to let me gag.

“O my god, did you see that?”

“You can see it bulging her throat out. It’s like a snake swallowing another snake!” Everyone laughed at the comment. Jack set up a rhythm with me. Eventually his whole length filled my throat on each thrust, to the whoops and cheers of his comrades.

Jack fucked me like that for the longest five minutes of my life, as I tried to suppress my gag reflex and breathe. Finally, he pulled out all the way and wanked a surprisingly small load onto my forehead. After that everyone took a turn at my mouth. It was easy after Jack.

One nice guy thoughtfully licked me to an orgasm while I took a few loads in the face. Then I had a steady stream of men fucking my pussy and mouth, together. Most pulled out before they came and went to play Fawn.

After a while I took a break and watched Fawn getting fucked. It seemed everyone wanted to “ titty fuck Nikki.” Her face and breasts were plastered with cum. The guys kept her her on the bench, holding her head and fucking her mouth and breasts. When one guy finished with her chest the guy fucking her pussy would drop her legs and straddle her chest.

Two of the guys wanted to DP me. I didn’t actually know the acronym at the time. That got some laughs.

The first guy lay back on the bench and I sat back on his lubed and condomed cock, taking a minute or two to get all the way on it. Then his friend pushed a rather large cock into my pussy. The guy beneath me held me up and soon they had a rhythm. I reached down to my clit and stroked myself to an orgasm. After a minute I felt another deeper one building. I moaned as it approached.

Heaven couldn’t be better. The guy in my pussy came . Another replaced him and soon they had the rhythm built up again. My orgasms continued as I moaned and screamed and spewed profanities without restraint.

Three guys fucked my pussy before the guy in my ass declared he wanted to cum on my face. I lifted off him and kneeled. He stood over me, pumping. This must have been his first time because the load was huge. He hosed my face and hair down like it was on fire.

After he was done, I looked around. Only half the men were present. Those who remained were standing or sitting around talking among themselves, fully clothed. Nikki had one last guy on her chest. Soon he pulled up and sprayed her face.

I looked at the clock. Indications were we’d fucked all the guys cumless in just under an hour. I walked over to Fawn.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

She sat up and nodded. “I’ve been titty fucked before but never like that, Jesus.”

“You don’t sound thrilled,” I whispered.

“Well, that’s cause I’m not. I thought it would be different, boy... was I wrong,” she whispered back. Then she looked at me conspiratorially, “I faked all the moaning and orgasms.”

“Even when I went down on you?” I asked disbelieving.

She blushed deep red , “Well , no,” she smiled, “with twelve cocks around, it’s really funny only your mouth was fun!”

“What about Halloween?” I asked. Fawn shook her head. Was I a weirdo for liking this? “So, why are you even here?”

“You wouldn’t understand,” she said, despondently.

“Am I as big a mess as you are?” I asked, changing the subject. She nodded, and giggled. I looked into the mirrored wall across the gym, Fawn and I were indeed a mess. Topless and drenched in cum. The white material really stood out in my black hair.

“Hey, why don’t you two clean each other up?” someone asked.

Several of the men came to stand around us. I shrugged at Fawn. She nodded. I pulled her up to a seated position and straddled the bench so we were knee to knee, legs spread. I leaned in to lick her cum covered right nipple.

“Wow, what a pair of sluts,” someone said. The cat calls and comments trailed off as we got into it.

Fawn put an arm on my leg for support and pulled me in to lick my cheek. Then she kissed me open mouthed so I could taste it. Back and forth we went like that. Licking clear white blobs of cum off each other’s face and chest and sharing.

I reached down and massaged her to another orgasm. I felt a bit guilty about having a better time than her.

I was vaguely aware of the action around me as we kissed and fondled. One or two of the guys pulled out hard cocks and pumped them at us. Fawn pulled one guy over and we both sucked on his cock.

“Oh, god, that’s awesome,” he said just before spewing all over Fawn’s tongue.

We blew two of three more guys like that. Finally everyone was spent.

Jack came over and pointed us in the direction of the showers. Fawn and I dropped our skirts and shoes in the gym. Walking around a firehouse completely nude, got my motor running again.

Norman followed us in and watched us shower, which I thought was weird. But it got me hotter. Cleaned and toweled off, we made our way back at the gym and back into our slut uniforms. Jack escorted us out.

“I want to thank you both. You were quite professional. What’s more I appreciate a whore who likes her job.” Jack’s matter of fact tone blew me away. Job?

He pulled out three white envelopes handing one to Norman, one to Fawn and finally one to me. “I accounted for the two extra. And Trish,” he looked at me, “Mat, the fellow who won the bet, decided to add some onto yours,” Jack said. With a wink Jack added, “thanks for that, by the way. Not even my wife can do that and she’s been trying for years.” He shook his head, “we never tried upside down like that, though.”

I nodded and smiled dumbly.

Fawn made a point of looking everywhere but at me. She managed to thank Jack. I did the same. Business concluded, we got back in the car. I sat in a daze for a few minutes just taking it in, trying to understand what happened.

I opened the envelope. It contained 52 twenty dollar bills. All but ten of them were crisp, like they came directly from the mint. I calculated in my head. I got $70 a head assuming the ten used twenties were from “Mat”. That was a hell of a bet he made.

I couldn’t even look at Fawn.

“Norman, are you Fawn’s pimp?” I asked with an even voice.

“No Ma’am, I’m just the driver and bodyguard.”

“I see. And that envelope contains your pay?”

“No ma’am, it contains my employer’s take of the night's proceeds.”

“What’s the cut?” I asked sounding more sophisticated than I was.

“Thirty percent. It’s a hundred dollars a head per girl per hour, for that sort of work.”

I did a quick calculation, and whistled silently at the employer’s take. Not fucking bad for doing and risking nothing.

“Norman, how much are you paid for this?”

“60 an hour, ma’am.”

“Well that seems like a small amount to pay the bodyguard of women like Nikki , here.” I said.

“She didn’t tell you, did she?” Norman, smiled.

Fawn bent her head in shameful confirmation.

“It's her first time too. She was supposed to go with Candice but Candice landed a big fish. El didn’t have a replacement so Nikki was going to go it alone. El wouldn’t let Nikki back out. So I guess she recruited you.”

“Fawn, you bitch,” I said. “I can’t believe you.”

“Don’t be mad at her, young lady . You had to know what you were getting into with or without the pay. You can’t be that mad at her. I mean you were willing to fuck all those guys for free,” he said sagely.

“That still doesn’t make it right,” I said, still in a rage. Fuck if Norman didn’t make sense.

“I don’t know ma’am. But to answer your earlier question, I get tipped by the ladies for the bodyguard work.”

“Oh yeah, what kind of tip?”

“The green kind. 100. Each.”

“That seems fair, given how this could have gone down.” I smacked Fawns arm, “pay him.” She looked at me, dumbly. “Pay him, now,” I said. “And you should give him a blow job as well.”

Norman laughed as she began counting out twenties.

Fawn mopped around for two weeks before I finally let her out of the dog house. In the end, I was mostly mad because she led me into a situation with legal repercussions were I didn’t know all the facts. But I did have fun and the fact was, I wanted to do it to begin with. The pay was just a bonus.

Alex and Kevin

Relaxed after her confession, Alex lay splayed out wantonly on the bed with Kevin’s rampant cock still buried deep in her wet pussy. Her legs wrapped around him loosely, heels on his buttocks. She looked up at her future husband gauging his thoughts.

Kevin’s eyes were as dilated as his cock was hard.

“So, that’s how I became an accidental whore,” she said the word with relish. Alex sighed and pulled him with her heels. She gasped in delight, feeling him bore deeper into her core.

“How do you feel about marrying a whore,” she asked.

“Kevin, say something. You’re killing me here. I’m laid bare before you in every way that matters,” she pulled him in for emphasis. “It's making me all soft and gushy inside, please…”

Kevin answered without words, grabbing her hips and pumping deeper into her. Grunting like an animal, he fucked her mercilessly for several minutes until they both screamed in ecstasy. Alex cried out with emotional relief.

As he pumped a white river into her, Kevin pulled Alex up to him and kissed her brutally. He picked her off the bed and pumped into her a few more times as she wrapped legs and arms around him, cumming all over his cock.

Kevin threw Alex back on the bed. She shivered as her lover grabbed both slender ankles and pulled them down the bed, twisting her roughly over onto her stomach. He pulled her until she lay completely stretched out, arms above her head and legs off the edge.

Kevin dropped her legs and grabbed her hips. Alex felt pressure on her pink star.

“O christ , be careful,” she hoped he ignored her. She could take it.

Without mercy Kevin shoved his slick cock into her ass in one fast painful motion, grunting as he bottomed out in her.

“ Owww !” she yelled, meaning it. He ignored her, pulling back out and shoving back in to the hilt.

“ Ow !” she said again. The pain diminished, she squeezed his cock. He pulled out and pushed in again.

“ Ow !” she cried softly.

Again and again Kevin pumped into her mashing against her as if trying to get further into her core. On each plunge, Alex cried out with a soft ‘Ow’ even when it started feeling good. Kevin seemed emboldened by her cries of pain. He pumped faster. He fucked her ass harder, and she clenched him. The seeds of an orgasm bloomed, flowering deep inside her. She could feel it coming on quickly.

Kevin grabbed a handful of hair for leverage and began fiercely pumping into her. This spurred her on to. Soon they were both screaming a crescendo of moaning sounds as they climaxed.

Stars exploded behind Alex’s closed eyes. She felt the orgasm rip up her spine and down her legs. She gripped the mattress, holding on as Kevin bellowed, pumping cum deep in her bowel. He thrust into her one last time and stayed in. She could feel him spasm twice unloading more cum into her. Then he pulled back out and shoved back in hard, bottoming out for another two pumps, setting off mini orgasms in Alex. A third time and he was finished. Alex couldn’t stop her muscles from clenching orgasmically around his softening cock.

Both lovers lay prone on the bed, Kevin on top of Alex and still inside her. She enjoyed his relaxed weight on her slightly smaller body.

“Wow. That was wonderful,” she said. Her ass still spasmed .

“Christ Alex. You fucked twelve guys…”

“And I was handsomely paid for it.” She wiggled her ass playfully.

“I want to fuck your throat like that.”

“Now, Master?” Her pussy contracted. Alex reached for his left hand. Finding it, she brought it to her mouth, kissing the ring like she’d done last night.

Kevin hugged her. She could feel his cock getting harder in her gaping ass. Alex pushed up and rolled Kevin off and out of her.

“I guess you can now,” she said holding his hardening cock.

He lay there, his glazed eyes looking into hers. She slid down to his stiffening cock and took it in her mouth. They both moaned. She worked the cock with her tongue until it was completely hard and lubricated.

Then Alex turned over to lay with her back down on the bed and her head over the side.

“Master, fuck my throat.” Kevin’s cock wasn’t nearly a foot long, she was thankful for that, but it was nicely sized, perfectly even, and would take work.

He rose and stood above her looking down. Rather than put her hands out to block his hips she reached down with both hands between her wantonly splayed legs to masturbate.

“I’m trusting you not to hurt me,” she said.

He put the tip against her lips. She kissed it.

“Please, fuck me,” she said.

Kevin pushed his cock into her mouth working it slowly in. Soon he was at the back of her throat. Kevin pushed into it with a gasp. “O my god,” he said. He bottomed out on her, his balls on her nose. “That is crazy hot. It really does bulge out.”

“Does it hurt?” He pulled out to let me answer.

“A little. And its scary, you could choke me,” she said. Kevin looked like someone had popped his balloon. “But it really makes me hot. I like knowing what it does for you,” she said.

He still looked glum. “I’ll say the word if something is really bad. Otherwise, you can bet I’m enjoying it in some way. Okay?”

He nodded.

“Now, please, fuck my face.”

He fucked it tentatively in and out a few times, watching the bulge. Alex brought a hand up to his hip and pulled him in harder. He could really fuck her if he wanted.

“Alex, you are an amazing whore,” he said.

“ Mmff ,” was all she could manage.

Kevin fucked her throat some more then pulled out all the way to check on her.

“My god, you are a mess,” he said. Drool and tears covered her well fucked face.

“You made it, Master,” she said roughly.

He shoved back in and spent the next ten minutes fucking her throat. Giving her breaks to breathe between thrusts.

Alex concentrated on not gagging, breathing and masturbation. Somehow, she managed to cum. Kevin lost it when she did, emptying himself directly into her throat. She had difficulty swallowing it, through her own orgasm.

Kevin pulled out of her and fell next to her on the bed, panting. Alex to panted for air. She swallowed once, her throat would be sore. But she lay there, covered in drool and tears, smiling up at the ceiling.

“Wow, that was intense,” she said. “Nice hat trick, by the way.”

Kevin said nothing, already asleep. Alex cleaned herself up and joined her husband to be.


An hour later Kevin nudged Alex. “Wake up, I want to see the rest of your photos from school. Put in your password.”

“Ok, ok, you put it in,” Alex said. “It’s ‘ kevinhasabeautifulcock ’.”

Amazed, he typed it in. “Ok, you’re bullshiting me.”

“Uh, how did you spell ‘beautiful’, it’s an easy one to misspell.”

“I got it right,”

“Spell it out,” she said. He did.

“Well that’s your problem, I spell it ‘t’ ‘ I ’ ‘n’ ‘y’”, she said around a smile.

Kevin smacked her ass playfully, “Very funny.”

Alex giggled pleasantly then pulled up and typed in the password slowly with one finger, so he could see it.

“I saw what you typed,” he said.

“What do you think you’ll find on there I haven’t already told you?” she said.

“Hmm, good point. But seriously, there are a lot of folders here. Anything I should avoid?”

“You should definitely look at ‘Fawn’,” she said, ignoring his caution. “You’ll get a kick out of it, if you liked her bunny looks.”

Kevin navigated to the folder and selected slide show.

“I’d rather see Wendy nude… Wow. Well. Okay, then,” Kevin exclaimed.

On the first slide Fawn looked up out of the screen smiling with cum all over her cheeks and chin - an all-American girl. The next slides were a series of grainy nude shots of her on stage dancing with a pole.” Kevin whistled.

Alex shifted her head over onto his lap, her ear pressing down his cock, so she could look at the screen too. Absently she played with her right nipple.

“She started stripping. That’s what the job was, not hostessing at a restaurant. She did it for the tuition money of course. And she kept on doing it right through to graduation. She had been an escort too, of course. High end clients, mostly. Or at least high dollar clients.”

Alex reached down with her other hand and to play with her clit and labia while she intently watched the slideshow of her old roommate. She continued to fondle her nipple which hardened into a nub.

“Remind me to pay more attention to your nipples,” he said.

“Yes, Master.”

“So that’s it?” he asked distractedly trying to watch the screen and his lover at the same time.

The slideshow displayed a set of glam shots of Fawn with her face conspicuously hidden.

“Well, I met her boss, El,” she admitted. “These pictures are from the shoot they made for the call girl service. Clients would choose the girl by looking at her from the neck down.”

“You met him?” he asked, trying to play it cool.

“Her. El. Short for Elisabeth. She offered me a job.”

“Did you accept,” Kevin asked.

“Oh, this stuff gets really hot now.” The slideshow got back to rated-x content. Fawn smiled up into the camera with a cock between her huge breasts.

“Did you take it?”

“No, her boyfriends did for the most part. She really got off on seeing herself nude and just-fucked. Digital camera’s really made it easy to capture the moment.”

“I meant the job. Did you take it?” he asked.

Alex turned her head looking directly up at him. She flopped over completely onto her back, legs splayed, hands still caressing her pussy and nipple. Kevin’s breath caught in his throat at her wanton display. She blinked sensually, masturbating. They locked eyes.

“Oh,” she cried softly.

“Alex,” he said quietly. “Answer the question.”

“ Uhm , what was the question?” she stretched languidly still playing with her pussy and nipple.

“Did you take the job?”

“What job?” she asked breathlessly. She scissored her legs back and forth.

“The job El offered you, did you take it?” he asked again, voice mouse quiet.

“Oh, almost,” she breathed in and sighed deeply. Stretching, catlike.

“So you didn’t take it,” he said with relief and regret.

“No, I mean… I’m almost there.” She straightened her legs and pointed her toes, “So close.”


“Yes,” she said. “I’m really close now.”

“So you took it?” He could see her quads flexing under her soft skin and she stretched more. Her fingers blurred on her pussy.

“No. I meant, ‘Yes I’m close’,” she answered quietly.

“Bah,” he bellowed, “tell me. Now.”

“Yes,” she said, then a deep moan, “ uhhh .”

“You took it? So you’re...”

“A whore ,” she hissed. She looked up into his eyes, mouth open as she came with a sigh. Her back arched and legs spasmed strongly. “I’m coming Kevin.” Alex squeaked and moaned more kicking her legs roughly.

“Oh, Kevin. I was a real whore.” She had both hands on her pussy now. One pumped fingers in and one rubbed her clit furiously.

“I’ve never told anyone.” She swallowed and moaned more.

Kevin ignored the slide show. He had eyes only for Alex as she peaked powerfully and then rode down from it, moaning, spasming and crying out in delight.

“Wow,” he said when she’d calmed down. “That was amazing.”

“Thank you,” she said shyly. Then she asked, “do you mind?”

“Mind what?” he asked.

“Any of it,” she said. “That I masturbate,” she looked away, “that I was a whore.”

“The first is hot and the second is… sizzling.”

“Really?” she asked with excitement.

He nodded.

“It is always like that when you do it by yourself?”

She shook her head. “That was the best orgasm of my life, I think.”

“Confessional?” he asked. She nodded once.

“ Exhibitive , too.” she said.

“So how did it happen? With El I mean.”

Alex gave Kevin a searching look, making sure he wanted to know. He returned her gaze levelly. She shrugged and resumed playing with her pussy. Lightly now.

“Norman told El about me,” she began. “And she called me for a meeting to offer me a job. I refused. She didn’t look happy about it. Said she had a similar situation with a group that Norman thought I would be perfect for. And there weren’t a lot of girls who would do that type of work.”

“I asked her a question. Guess what it was.” Alex opened her mouth, breathing in rapidly. Getting excited.

“You asked how many,” he said.

Alex closed her eyes, nodding. She licked her lips and opened her eyes to him again, saying softly, “five men.” Clearly nearing another crushing orgasm her whole body was moving in slow lazy waves as she humped her hand.

“And you took the job?” Alex shook her head.

“I raised the price, just to see if she would do it.” Alex rocked back and forth pleasuring herself more. “I got her up to 80. Then I told her I was seventeen and that was worth another 20. She agreed.”

“And then you took the job.” Kevin asked rhetorically.

Alex’s head rocked across his lap as she humped herself harder. Her hands moved faster and with increased pressure. She closed her eyes and nodded, biting her lower lip. A small moan escaped from them.

“How many times did you whore yourself out, Alex?” he asked sternly.

Alex opened her green eyes to look at Kevin again.

“Dozens each year,” Alex answered quickly, in a high pitch. “Always groups. Never one guy.”

“How many guys have fucked you, Alex?” Kevin spoke softly.

“I lost track of how many.” She sighed. Her back was arching now, humping her hand harder. “A couple of hundred, I guess.” She shook with impending orgasm.

“Did you do it for the money?” he asked. Alex swallowed and shook her head, eyes completely dilated.

Kevin’s hardening cock bent excruciatingly against the back of Alex’s head.

“You are so beautiful when you do that. So open,” he said. She moaned. With one hand he cupped her face and with the other he stroked her closest nipple.

“Alex, you perfect slut,” he said softly, “cum for me.”

She let go, lifting her ass up off the bed with her legs, arching her back, moaning and hissing through a deep orgasm. Her head pushed back painfully into his hard cock. When she looked to be at the peak Kevin, pinched her nipple hard, holding on like a snapping turtle. Alex shrieked, in pleasure or pain, he couldn’t tell. She dropped her hips back down onto the bed then arched them back up and into a deep thrust. She did this several more times and if she had a cock and was fucking the air with it in exaggerated thrusts.

Alex breathed raggedly through her open mouth as she calmed down and dropped back down to the bed. She sighed.

“Now you know every last little thing,” she sighed.

“That looked amazing,” Kevin said feeling lame.

“It felt amazing. Telling you the story, masturbating like that, admitted everything…” she stretched languidly, “I don’t think I’ve ever come like that.”

“Well can you take more?”

She opened her eyes, looking up at him sweetly, ‘Yes, master.”

He lifted her head and moved out from under it, then mounted her where she lay. They made love slowly, taking time for passionate kisses, talking and laughter.

Kevin pulled out, sore and unable to cum a fourth time in the same morning.


An hour later, Kevin sat back against the headboard looking at slideshows while Alex lay in deep sleep under the covers. Sadly there were no nude shots of Wendy. There were a few of Alex and too many of Fawn to view in a single sitting.

Kevin eventually found a folder called “the five.” It contained one jpeg . Curious, he opened it. Five young men in members only jacket’s and too many pastels, stood shoulder to shoulder, smiling for the camera. These were Alex’s five possible fathers. She’d digitized the picture in her Mom’s closet.

Kevin studied the faces, starting with the one redhead and continuing to the right.

He sat up straight. Kevin’s attention lazered in on the the third guy. Black haired and smiling, he looked on top of the world. And why shouldn’t he? Number Three would soon be a father without the responsibility. At this angle Kevin’s own reflection superimposed itself on the shiny screen, distorting parts of the photo. He compared the similarities between his reflection and Number Three.

Kevin looked at his sleeping lover. Searched the picture for her father. The redhead had greener eyes than Alexandra. Kevin googled ‘green eyes recessive’. Green wouldn’t win out against brown . The other men all had dark eyes. Cynthia, Alex’s mother, was hazel eyed. So the ginger had to be Alex’s father.

Kevin looked for other similarities. The nose, maybe. None of the other men had any traits in common with Alex. But Kevin saw number three every morning in the mirror.

“Shit,” he swore quietly. “I need to talk to Cynthia.”

---- to be continued.
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