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Modern Relations (part 08): It's Complicated

Kevin screws his mother-in-law and ends the engagement. Alex runs into Wendy’s open arms.

Wendy: 4:40 PM

“Okay, Okay, hold your damned horses,” Wendy yelled at the door. After ringing constantly for half a minute the door buzzer finally relented. Fresh out of the shower and dripping water all over her apartment, Wendy checked the time as she ran for the door. Andy was twenty minutes early. Wendy jabbed the intercom button, “that better not be you, Andy.” Jerking her finger off the button, she added, “because I’m getting tired of your fuck ups.”

“It’s me, can I come up?”

“Alex?” Wendy cheered up, it wasn’t Andy after all.

“Yeah, can you buzz me up?” asked Alex. She sounded weird.

“Have you been crying?” Wendy grimaced.

“Wen- dy !”

“Oh, right.” Chagrined, Wendy pressed the door button. She’d been living here for three years, but still didn’t know how long to hold the button down. She leaned on it for ten seconds, just for good measure. Andy only rated a one second push.

Wendy walked back to her bedroom to put something on. There was plenty time before Alex made it up, the building's geriatric elevators were on the critical list. But Alex banged on the door before Wendy could get more that her bra and panties on.

“Coming,” she yelled. Alex knocked again. “Jesus, Alex. Hold your damned horses,” Wendy said. Walking to the door, she threw it open.

Alex stood in the hallway huffing air exactly like she’d run up twelve flights of stairs at a sprint. Apparently she’d done it in four inch heels. Impressive. In addition to the strappy heels, Alex wore a choker and a chic collarless black leather coat cut short to reveal a mile of pale leg. Alex clutched the coat closed with both hands, preventing Wendy from seeing her dress. Tears distorted her heavy makeup.

“Wow,” said Wendy, “I don’t know whether to comfort you or lick you,” she teased. Alex teared up, looking pathetic.

“Aw, ba-by . Come here,” Wendy said, opening her arms.

Alex unclenched her coat as she ran into Wendy’s arms . Alex wasn’t sobbing, or heaving. The distraught woman simply held her friend in a death grip, pressing Wendy’s head against her chest. Alex’s bare chest, Wendy noticed. Even smothered, she could tell Alex was nude .

“Alex,” she asked, “are you naked?”

" Mhm ,” nodded Alex.

“I didn’t realize flesh tones were in vogue.”

“Ha ha,” said Alex. She sniffled. “I need a tissue.” Alex untangled herself from Wendy and walked to the kitchen for a paper towel. Wendy kicked the door closed absent-mindedly and tracked Alex’s movement, worried, but also unable to take eyes off her beautiful, upset friend.

“Nice jacket though,” said Wendy, softly. Alex came back out into the living room and sat on the loveseat with a huff. “Want to talk about it?”

“How about some wine?” asked her guest.

“Ok,” she said, going to the kitchen. Wendy opened a bottle of red and poured two huge glasses. This was no time for moderation. She sat down next to Alex, handing her one glass and drinking from the other. Wendy noticed the sparkle on Alex’s left hand.

“Oh, is that what I think it is?” She eyed the ring like it might bite.

“Yeah, he proposed.” Alex extended her arm and looked at the ring set with a green gem. Alex put down her glass and twisted off the ring, throwing it on the table.

“I can’t say I’m completely happy about that, “ confessed Wendy. “Aren’t you supposed to be thrilled, though?”

“I was until about an hour ago,” said Alex. Picking her glass back up, she took a heavy gulp.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know, honestly.”

“How can you not know?”

“Good wine,” Alex said, taking a sip, which she savored. “Thank you. He proposed last Saturday. Don’t be hurt I didn’t tell you earlier, you were in Boston and I wanted to tell you face to face.”

“It’s okay, Alex,” said Wendy bitterly. “Now tell me what happened after that.”

“Oh, there’s too much. But I told him everything about my sexual history...”

“Uh. Before or after the proposal?” Wendy asked, cautiously.

“Some before, some after. I told him the worst stuff this morning. Stuff you don’t even know about.” Wendy gave Alex a calculating look, certain she knew everything about Alex. “He didn’t seem to mind at the time. He fucked my brains out, in fact. But I don’t know. He went out and when he came back, everything went sideways.”

“Ok, but why are you here? In that,” she pointed to the coat.

“He came back. Said we couldn’t get married. There was lipstick on his cuff and what looked like a cum stain on his pants. He smelled like sex.” Alex teared up, “I just. I just ran out. I guess I grabbed a coat and the wrong car keys.”

Just then Wendy’s cell phone rang, playing I’m a woman .

“That’s your phone calling me. It must be Kevin,” Wendy said. Alex shook her head at the unasked question. The two friends sat looking at each other awkwardly as Peggy Lee extolled her virtues and the phone buzzed angrily around on the bar.

“I dread listening to that voice message,” said Wendy after phone stopped ringing.

“I’m a woman?” asked Alex with a smile. “My ring, is I’m a Woman?”

Wendy nodded, smiling. Unable to contain themselves, both women burst out laughing like they were back in college. The phone rang again. This time a generic ring.

“Ugh, I bet that’s Andy.” Wendy got the phone. She didn’t recognize the number, “Hello?”

“Wendy? This is Kevin.”

“Hi, Kevin,” said Wendy, looking to Alex for direction. “What’s up?”

“Is Alex OK?”

“Alex?” Alex shook her head violently. She didn’t want him knowing anything.

“I don’t know Kevin. We texted earlier today, but I haven’t heard from her since then.” Wendy rolled her eyes at Alex. This was juvenile.

“So she’s Ok, then?”

"I just said…”

“I know she’s there, Wendy,” he interrupted. “Just tell me if she’s okay.”

“Fine,” Wendy sighed, “she’s fine. Just a broken heart.”

“Um, can you... Look. Just, can you tell her I really want to talk to her? When she’s ready.”

“Yeah,” said Wendy, hanging up.

“You know, he’s awfully sweet for someone who just cheated on you. Good actor, I guess. Who knew?”

Alex leaned into her friend, hugging her.

“Why don’t you tell me about it, then we can plot a just revenge. Also, tell me about the streaking,” she said, pointing at Alex’s half nude body.

“The day started out great. Well, with great sex anyway. Amazing, spectacular sex.” She smiled.

“You made that clear already. It’s not the important part of the day.”

“Okay, I was asleep, after, I mean, when Kevin woke me…”

Alex: 10:15 AM

Kevin sat on the bed. His weight pinning Alex under the soft warm sheets. She sighed, content to stay in her pleasant dreamworld.

“I need to go out for a while,” he whispered. His warm breath tickled Alex’s ear. She wiggled against the covers, trying to burrow in further. “But I was wondering...”

“ Hm ?”

“Why did you stop?” he asked.

“Stop what?”

“Uh, Working for El,” he said.

“Mm, law school is hard,” she said. “Disbarment, not worth the risk.”

“Would you keep doing it if it was legal?”

“ Nuhuh ,” she shrugged lazily. “Trying to sleep,” she complained now.

“Okay, okay. I love you. I’ll be back in a before one.”

Perversely, Alex couldn’t make it back to unconsciousness once Kevin’s warm weight left the bed. She snuggled in under the covers, but sleep evaded her. It was a rare Saturday where Alex and Kevin had nothing scheduled.

“Fuck,” she said softly, getting up.

Alex rolled out of bed, looking at the clock. 10:21. She looked outside. Overcast and misty. No workout, then. Instead, she threw on a robe and walked to her office. About a hundred pages of patent filings waited to be reviewed.

At 1:45 she got a text from Wendy confirming their run tomorrow.

From Wendy: Back in town. Boston is freezing. On for 10 tomorrow?

To Wendy: Yup.

Alex put the phone down, picking up the filing. For a moment she looked back at the phone, considering. She grabbed it, texting:

To Wendy: And I have something to tell you.

From Wendy : Tell me now.

Alex smiled mischievously, not answering. Then she texted Kevin, he was almost an hour late.

To Kevin : Is it 1 already? I had no idea.

He replied almost instantaneously.

From Kevin : O shit. Sorry. omw .

The sort of banal exchange modern communications makes so convenient followed. Kevin would pick up food at their favorite Indian place in the City, if Alex would call it in. He would be home in an hour.

Alex made the order and picked up the filing to finish her review. Instead fidgeted with it, reading the same subsection over and over. She put the paper down and reclined, looking up at the ceiling. Absent-mindedly reaching under her robe, she rubbed her labia and clit gently, thinking about events of the last few days. But, her restlessness got the better of her.

She picked up the phone again.

To Kevin: You were on a roll this morning. 3 times in, like, twenty minutes.

From Kevin : Balls ache.

To Kevin : Blueballs ? I thought they were from too little sex.

From Kevin : hope not blue…

To Kevin : will check the color when you get here. Horny. Again.

From Kevin : Picking up the food now. See you in 40.

To Kevin : how about you? Horny?

From Kevin : Trying to drive here.

Alex shivered apprehensively. Kevin was being odd, something felt off. Or maybe he was just fucked out from the morning and needed some incentive.

Alex ambled into their walk in closet, rummaging for something to tease him with, but nothing was provocative enough to suit her. Her fetish gear, costumes, and whoring outfits were all packed in her mother’s attic. In the meantime, she had nothing to wear. Nothing . Alex smiled to herself.

After a shower, she spent time putting on heavy slutty makeup. Then she put on the stilettos and the choker from last Sunday. Alex appraised herself in the mirror, feeling deliciously slutty.

“Alex?” yelled Kevin from the kitchen. “Food.”

“Just in time,” she yelled from the closet. Walking out into the dining area, Alex’s stomach growled and her mouth watered at the savory aroma of chicken and spices.

“Mm, that smells good.”

Kevin, looking her over appreciatively but with a sober expression, “we need to talk. Probably before eating.”

Kevin leaned against the counter, as if for support, barefoot with windblown hair. He wore black slacks and a wrinkled, untucked white Oxford she had never seen before. The slacks also had wrinkles and by the looks of it, some small stains in the lap area, as if he’d spilled some cream and tried to wipe it off.

“Hey, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you look ‘just fucked’,” she said. “What have you been up to?”

Kevin blushed.

“Kevin?” Alex tittered nervously.

“We need to talk, Alex.” he said, glumly.


“We can’t get married,” he blurted.

The sour feeling welling up in Alex’s stomach matched the look on Kevin’s face. Alex closed the distance to him in three strides of her long legs.

“What do you mean…” Words failed her as she spotted and a smudge on his right sleeve cuff . She grabbed his arm, inspecting the smudge.

“Is that lipstick?” she asked. It was lipstick. Red. And she could smell perfume now. Something vaguely familiar, citrusy with notes of ginger. Not vanilla, like hers. “You smell like another woman. Is that why your balls hurt?”

“It’s complicated,” he dissembled. “Look, we need to talk first.”

“You keep saying that.” She turned and ran for the door, heels clicking furiously. “Fuck you, Kevin.”

Without thinking, Alex grabbed keys and a coat off the hook. She ran out, putting on the coat as she stumbled down the stairs, toward the carport. The brisk February wind did nothing to cool her anger. She ignored the young jogger, stopped dead in the street, gawking at her.

The handles of Kevin’s Model S extended, seductively inviting her in. She’d picked up the wrong keys. Alex turned, ready to go back to the house. But Kevin stood in the open doors, looking down with a bewildered expression. Alex raised her arm and extended her middle finger. She accepted the Tesla’s invitation.

The jogger stood, frozen directly in her path. She blared the horn and mashed the pedal. He dove to the right. Alex juked to the left to avoid him and sped off, the acceleration pinning her head back against the headrest.

She drove recklessly around traffic, pedestrians, and bicyclists and somehow managed to get to the top of Mount Tam. Alex pulled off at a fogged in scenic overlook and settled back, trying to collect her thoughts.

Her pert breasts peeked out from behind the coat’s lapels. The coat divided around her legs, exposing her pussy and legs to anyone who cared to look. Ordinarily, Alex would feel deliciously slutty, right now. If Kevin were here, she would crawl over the console and sit on him, letting him do whatever came to mind. A sob of grief escaped her.

Alex sat in the gray fog, feeling sorry for herself until an SUV pulled up. Not wanting to make a scene, she backed up the car and took off again, eventually finding her way to the city and Russian Hill.

Wendy 3:55 PM

“So he definitely cheated on you,” said Wendy.

“It sure looks like it,” replied Alex.

“I guess that’s why he called off the wedding?”

Alex rolled her eyes and bowed her head.


“Remember, I told him everything about my past.”


“So maybe I scared him away.”

“You told him about working with Fawn?” Wendy gulped.

“You knew?” Alex looked dumbfounded. Wendy nodded, pursing her lips guiltily. “How? I was so careful.”

“Yeah, but Fawn knew. So there is that,” Wendy sighed. “You can accuse Fawn of a lot of things, but being discrete? Nope.”

“Oh, come on. Even she didn’t talk about that, Wendy.”

“Well, I might have wheedled it out of her in the middle of a fight.”

“You fought?”

“Yeah, I was pissed at you. Jealous. You were out with some guy, I thought. Fawn defended you. She let it slip you were working. This was news to me, so I asked where. She wouldn’t say. But I wore her down. She confessed everything,” said Wendy. “She seemed relieved to get it off her chest.”

“She got a lot of things off on her chest,” cracked Alex, unable to resist the pun. Wendy groaned. “You never confronted me about it.”

“I figured you’d tell me when you wanted to,” said Wendy. “Honestly, right now I’m more pissed at Kevin for getting you to talk than about anything else.”

A loud knock on the door startled both women. Wendy checked the time. Minutes to Four.

“Fuck,” she whispered. “It’s gotta be Andy, picking me up. I’ll get rid of him.”

“Oh, no,” said Alex. “Don’t on my account. I’ll borrow some clothes and leave.”

“ Tsk ,” said Wendy. Leaving Alex on the couch, she walked to the door.

“Who’s there?” she said.

“Andy,” a voice announced through the door, “I tailgated in.”

Wendy opened the door. Andy held a red heart shaped box of chocolates. He wore jeans and a black T-shirt with ‘Marlboro’ written on it in a bold red font. Disappointed, Wendy kept her arm on the door, effectively blocking Andy’s view of Alex and preventing him from coming in.

“Wow, are you planning on wearing that?” he joked, looking Wendy’s underwear over. “I mean, they’re really nice underwear. But it’s a bit cold...”

“I’m downright overdressed compared to some,” Wendy laughed, looking over at Alex who grinned. “And it’s better than a T-shirt and jeans, don’t you think?” she said.

“I guess?” said Andy, looking down at himself.

“First you spaced the reservations, so I had to make them. Now you show up like you’re going to a kegger . I get the feeling you’re not taking this seriously at all.”

“Look, if we’re going to fight, can we at least not do it in the hallway?”

“No, I have a friend over. She’s had a bit of a day and I’m consoling her,” Wendy said. “Maybe we should fight later.”

“Friend over. Hm , now who’s not taking this seriously?” he asked. “Let me in.”

Wendy checked with Alex, who tilted her head and shrugged.

“Yeah,” said Wendy sharply, “you know what? Fuck it. Be my guest. Come on in.” She let go of the door and backed up. Andy walked in.

“Hi,” he said as he noticed Alex on the loveseat. Andy did a double take, his eyes scanning down her nude form. Like in the car, her breasts were hidden but her sex was bared for all to see. “Um, Hi. I’m Andy.”

“Alex,” said Alex, waving lamely. She opened her legs enjoying the look of delight and uncertainty on his face.

“Andy, this is Alex, my best friend,” explained Wendy, slamming the door. “She’s just found out Kevin, her fiance of one week, cheated on her and wants to call off the wedding. She’s a bit upset.”

“Uh,” said Andy, unable to fashion a response. Wendy had no such trouble.

“Tell Andy, Alex, did Kevin forget reservations for Valentine’s Day or go dressed like a frat boy?” Wendy crossed her arms and hitched her hip out.

“Nope. It was a limo to Chez Panisse. He wore Hugo Boss. We caught some Jazz and then danced at a club until two in the morning. He served me breakfast in bed and then fucked me like a proper slut. A regular one man gangbang,” she said. An evil grin spread across her face. “What did you have planned for Wendy, Andy?”

“Uh,” Andy had backed up, not able to process her frank aggression.

“Andy. Look at me,” admonished Wendy. Hesitantly, he pulled his gaze away from Alex.

“ Hm ?”

“When your girlfriend is standing in front of you, in her underwear no less, and you’re having a fight. You look at her. Not her friend.”

“But,” Andy pointed to Alex. “She’s naked, in your living room before our date.”

“I don’t care if she’s being gangbanged by triplet midgets. You look at me.”

Alex giggled, she couldn’t help herself. Andy’s expression was priceless. Wendy opened the door and waved for Andy to leave.

“This is over. I wasn’t so sure before. But, now I am.”

Andy helplessly walked through the door, turning back to Wendy in the hallway, clutching his red heart shaped box.

“You’re a great guy Andy. Good looking, for a ginger . Passable in bed. But a T-shirt ? Forgetting Valentines Day? Ogling my friends? You need to get your shit together, if you want a serious girlfriend at this age.”

“Passable?” he said.

“Bye,” she slammed the door. “Have a nice life, Andy,” she shouted through the door.

Wendy turned to her friend who sat wide eyed on the couch.

“Well, he’ll remember me for the rest of his life. Bet he thinks about what could have been with you and me and him on his honeymoon.”

“That was brutal, Wendy,” she said. “I’ve never seen you break up with someone. Is that how you normally do it?”

“Shoot!” said Wendy, ignoring her question. “I should have grabbed the chocolates.”

“ Heh , I could use the calories. Haven’t eaten since breakfast,” said Alex.



After Wendy ordered, the two friends sat around the kitchen bar and continued their talk.

“Sorry about the timing, Wendy,” said Alex. She put her nose in her wine glass and inhaled deeply, closing her eyes.

“ Sista , please!” she replied, flipping a hand. “You accelerated it. I would have decided to end it sometime over dinner. Then I would spend the rest of dinner deciding if I should fuck him one last time or release him back into the wild, right there on the spot.”

“ The wild . Is that where you caught him?”

“Craigslist, so yeah, wild enough.”

They chit chatted until the food arrived. Wendy put on a robe to fetch it from downstairs. They ate in silence. Alex devoured her Crispy Basil Chicken and Tom Yum, looking up only to sip wine. She waited silently while Wendy delicately consumed the last of her Spicy Green Beans and Chicken.

“That looked good,’ said Alex as Wendy swallowed the last bite.

“Mm hm ,” she confirmed.

“Let me taste some,” said Alex, leaning in to Wendy. They kissed tentatively, then Wendy leaned in, too. The two friends kissed like old lovers. Soft, deep and meaningful .

“It’s been too long,” said Alex.

“More than a year,” sighed Wendy. “But, is this a good idea? I mean right now?”

“You want me to leave?”

“No. Stay. As long as you want. You know that.” Wendy pointed at the engagement ring on the table. “That’s some serious hardware. And as much as I’m happy you’re here. I know he’s the best guy you’ve ever dated. He’s not that bad…”

“Except for the cheating and breaking off the engagement,” quipped Alex, “probably because he couldn’t handle that I’ve fucked several hundred men. Or a few women.”

Alex leaned in for another kiss. Wendy pulled back as Alex playfully bit her lower lip.

“Stop,” she said. “I want more than rebound sex.”

“This isn’t rebound,” said Alex. “It’s more, like, revenge. Or balance, maybe.”

“Hey!” Wendy slapped Alex hard enough to sting. Alex put a hand to her cheek, her lips making an ‘o’ of shock. “I’m not revenge.”

“Oh,” said Alex, looking down wide eyed, both cheeks turning red now. Tears welled up in her eyes. “Sorry, Wendy. I’m just mad and confused.”

Alex cupped Wendy’s face in both hands. She kissed her friend tentatively, delicately, with real emotion. Wendy’s kissed back, first timidly, then with matching passion. Alex pulled Wendy closer. The smaller woman wrapped her arms around Alex’s naked torso, caressing her back gently. The two women stood welded together, kissing, for quite a while.

“I’m not confused about you,” said Alex, coming up for air. “I’ve loved you forever. And you’ll always be my friend. I want you to be my lover, not just between boyfriends.”

“ O-kay ,” said Wendy, quietly blushing. “What about Kevin?”

“That’s the confusing part…” she began. “I feel the same way about him. I don’t know what’s going on with him. But he’s the love of my life. The other love.”

Confession complete, Alex searched her friend's face, looking for a response.


“That’s, incredible,” said Wendy softly. “I’ve always wanted to hear you say that. Well, half of that, anyway. I hold back with every woman because they don’t compare to you. I have so many regrets.” She sighed, straightened her back and looked directly in Alex’s eyes.

“I should have staked my claim years ago,” said Wendy. She retrieved the engagement ring and kneeled down in front of Alex, who looked on with wild eyed amazement.

“Alexandra Williams, will you marry me?” She offered Kevin’s ring.

Wendy held her breath as she watched joy, distress, wonder, anguish, guilt, fear and acceptance play across Alex’s beautiful face. Alex cleared her throat and smiled.

“Yes,” she said quietly. Wendy reverently put the ring on Alex’s hand and pulled her off the stool for a languid kiss . The two lovers kneeled next to each other kissing and hugging until Alex broke down crying.

“What a mess,” she said, sitting back down with a sigh. “ I can’t wait to tell Kevin . That’s the first thought I had after saying ‘yes’.”

Wendy frowned. “You need to talk to him. Resolve it or end it. You need choose .”

Alex nodded, looking heartbroken. Wendy dialed the phone.

“Alex wants to talk to you,” she said when he answered.

“Um, gimme an hour.”

She hung up.

“I guess he’ll figure out where my apartment is, on his own,” she shrugged. “In the mean time, I’ll remind you why you should pick me.”

Pulling her fiance close, Wendy kissed her fiercely. Forgetting about Kevin, for the moment, Alex responded in kind. At some point, kissing became forplay .

“Come on,” she pulled Alex’s arm.

Alex let Wendy lead her into the bedroom. Wendy pushed her nearly nude friend onto the bed, coat and all, then crawled up on top of her. She bent her head to kiss Alex, gently caressing her right breast. Alex melted into the kiss and pushed up against the hand on her breast. Wendy drove a leg between Alex’s knees until she could feel her lover’s hot, wet sex against her thigh.

Wendy humped her thigh against Alex’s sex, mashing softly down on her clit and labia, then rubbing up and down just enough for a pleasant friction without burning her friend’s delicate skin. She continued kissing, gently fondling Alex until her breathing turned ragged as she neared the peak.

“Cum, for me, Beautiful,” said Wendy.

“Oh,” Alex cried out, arching her back. Air hissed between her lips as she exhaled. “Ah, um,” She pushed back against Wendy’s silky thigh as her climax intensified and broke over her.

“Mm,” said Wendy, watching her friend come. “You are beautiful.”

“Hmm, thank you, Wendy. I was so tense,” sighed Alex, lying back down.

“Tension relief. Good reason to pick me,” said Wendy.

“You’re both good at that,” said Alex, smiling mischievously. “You’ll have to be more persuasive.”

“ Harumph , scoot up, then.” Alex did, shimmying out our of the coat, but leaving it under her.

“Here are two more reasons,” she said. Rising up to remove her robe, she unsnapped her bra, letting her large breasts loose with a sigh of relief.

“Those are persuasive,” said Alex.

Wendy dove, down between Alex’s long pale legs and kissed her clit. Then bit it playfully. Alex let out a hiss of alarm, still sensitive. Wendy changed tunes, gently licking her labia and nuzzling her cheeks up and down Alex’s thighs, stopping occasionally to kiss her friend’s soft skin.

“ Oo , no stubble,” said Alex.

“Hmm, that’s another one,” said Wendy. She kissed the hood of Alex’s clit reverently. “Let me show you a few more.”

Wendy pulled out all the stops.

Wendy vigorously sucked her clit until Alex cried out in orgasm and then in protest. Wendy switched focus, sticking two fingers in Alex’s pussy and licking her dainty labia gently. Wendy rubbed the crenellated roof of Alex’s vagina, sending waves of pleasure through her. Alex tensed her legs and sighed, “Oh, that’s… Oh.” Wendy flicked her tongue on Alex’s clit causing her to burst into a long moaning orgasm.

With fingers, lips, tongue and even her nose, Wendy kept Alex on the plateau of orgasm, pushing her over the edge into full climax every few minutes then switching technique, never letting her come down to rest.

“Ah, god, okay, okay. Please stop, babe. My brain is turning to mush,” said Alex.

Wendy let up, crawling up Alex’s body and lying beside her panting lover. She kissed Alex’s cheek and shoulder, then lay back. They stared at the ceiling.

“How many reasons was that?” asked Alex.

“Not sure. Enough?” asked Wendy with a smile.

“Maybe. Jesus. That was intense.”

Wendy rolled to rest her head on her lover. Alex put her arm under Wendy’s head and around to her shoulder. Wendy let out a content sigh, rubbing her hand up and down Alex’s smooth stomach.

“I love you,” she said, “who ever you choose.”

“How much time do you suppose we have before my other fiance barges in?”

“I don’t care,” said Wendy.

Alex rolled Wendy onto her back and got on top. She kissed Wendy, tasting herself. She lingered on Wendy’s mouth, tongues playfully dancing. Biting her lips gently, she kissed her way down Wendy’s body, spending ample time on her considerable breasts and sensitive dark nipples. Alex wasn’t the aficionado of cunnilingus that Wendy was, but once her underwear was removed , Wendy found herself floating in a sea of orgasms fast enough. She let Alex pilot her from one orgasm to another with the bittersweet knowledge that this might be the last time for them or maybe just the first as a real couple.

A distant knock on the door interrupted them.

“Already?” complained Wendy.

“God, I’m not ready for this.” Alex lay back with an explosive sigh. They just lay there until Kevin knocked again. “We’re going to fight. Do you want us to leave?”

“Do you want to leave?”

“I don’t know what I want.”

“Don’t you mean who?,” asked Wendy. Frowning, she added, “You have to decide. I’m sorry to do that to you.”

“No pressure, then,” she quipped. She sighed. “I don’t want to lose you, Wendy.”

“I’ll always be your friend Alexandra. But I think we need to be adults about, you know, the shenanigans,” she joked. She added more seriously, “my heart can only take so much. I need to move on, with you, preferably.”

Tears came to Alex’s eyes. “What if you could share me. Equally?”

“Yeah,” Wendy laughed, “like that would work.”

There was another knock. Not louder or softer than the last. But confident.

“Go,” said Wendy. Her heart broke a little to let her friend go, possibly forever. “And good luck. Do what’s right for you.”

Alex hugged Wendy and left.

Kevin and Alex 6:30PM

Alex answered the door nude, still wearing heels. Alex wasn’t sure if she preferred titillating Kevin or torturing him. He looked good, standing there with damp, windblown hair in jeans and a fleece. He’d taken the ferry then. Alex could imagine him standing near the prow squinting into the cold spray.

Kevin pursed his lips when he saw her, “that reminds me, Mick sends his regards.”

“Who?” said Alex, completely caught off guard.

“The jogger you nearly made a hood ornament of? His name is Mick,” he said. “I checked, he doesn’t want to sue. But you have a new fan. You can expect him to be jogging by on a regular basis.”

“Who says I’ll be there to notice?” she asked. Kevin’s expression softened. He extended his hand, offering her the gym bag he carried.

“Come in,” she said, taking it from him. Alex walked to the loveseat, sitting down with the bag on her lap. She could hear Kevin close the door and walk to her. She couldn’t bring herself to look at him directly, but tracked him out of the corner of her eye while she rummaged through the bag. Cosmetics, her Pill dispenser, toothbrush, running clothes and shoes, jeans, a T-shirt , a fleece, and a sports bra. No panties. Was that an accident?

“Who looks freshly fucked, now? I guess you and Wendy...” he probed. Alex snapped her head of up look at her fiance. He showed no anger, playing it cool.

“It’s complicated,” she said, bitterly. Kevin sighed as he took a seat in the armchair.

The two lovers sat across from each other in silence. Alex measured up her lover. He sat forward, elbows on knees, watching her attentively. Straight backed and clear eyed, he showed no remorse or apprehension and he offered nothing by way of comment or apology.

Alex needed to turn it up a notch. Pushing herself back into the corner of the loveseat, she splayed herself out in front of him, throwing one leg up on the seat and leaving the other planted on the floor. Leaning back, she spread out her arms, one on the armrest and the other along the seat back . All she needed was a slave to feed her grapes. Alex left no doubt who had the upper hand. And Kevin couldn’t avoid seeing her wet sex. She was freshly fucked, and completely in charge of who got to do the fucking.

“Well?” said Alex, imperiously.

“I have so much to say, I can’t decide what to start with,” he said.

“Start with why you don’t want to marry me. Then I want to know about the cheating.” She dug the point of her heel between the cushions of Wendy’s loveseat, pointing and unpointing her toes. It didn’t distract Kevin as much as Alex wanted.

“I said ‘We can’t marry.’ As a lawyer I thought you’d pick up on that.”

“You’re blaming me for misunderstanding? You bastard. I just bared my soul to you. Then you say something like that. Of course I wasn't going to hear it that way.”

“Ok, fair enough,” he said.

“What do you mean can’t?” she shook her head, not understanding.

“I think this will explain it faster.” He pulled out his iPhone. The one with compromising pictures of her, she remembered with regret. If they broke up, would he post them? He fiddled with the screen.

“You’re breaking up with me. Is there’s an app that?”

Despite himself, Kevin smiled at her sarcasm.

“Probably there is. But this is just a picture.” He handed her the phone. It was an older picture of Kevin.

“You. In college?” she said uncertainly, shaking her head in confusion.

“Zoom out,” he made pinching motions. She did.

“ O , my. Guh . Oh, fucking hell.” A shiver ran down her back. It wasn’t a picture of Kevin, but rather of the five men who impregnated her mother. One looked just like Kevin.

“Yeah,” said Kevin. “That was more or less my reaction.”

Alex hadn’t seen that photo in years, not since she scanned it and tried to track down her real dad. She’d left it on her SD card where Kevin must have found it earlier today.

“Is there any chance this is just a massive coincidence?” she asked. “I mean Mom never mentioned having twins.”

“But she did,” said Kevin, shaking his head. “My father’s name is Brian.”

“Mine’s Angus,” she said, pointing to the red head. She got her pale skin and green eyes from him.

“The perfume, no wonder it was familiar,” she said. “I smelled Mom on you. You went to see, Mom.” she said, it all fell into place. Kevin nodded. “We can’t get married,” she added, looking at her half-brother and now ex-fiance.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to explain,” he said simply. “It’s complicated.”

“ Woah ,” Alex slouched back, putting her legs together, no longer concerned with projecting sexual power. “That’s a lot to take in.”

“Maybe you should talk to Cynthia, take your time to think...”

“God,” said Alex, bringing both hands to her face and wiping them downward. “No amount of time is going to fix this, Kevin.”

“I’ll leave,” said Kevin quietly. He looked like someone had run over his puppy. “You can get your things when you want. I’ll stay out of the way.” Tears rolled down his face.

“Wait,” she said, sitting back up to grab his hand. It was so cold. ”That’s not what I meant.”

He looked down at her, piteously hopeful.

“I...,” she began. “Look. Do want me?”

“Yes.” The answer was immediate and crystal clear.

“ This changes nothing for me,” she said, glancing at the door to Wendy’s room.

“But it’s complicated,” she added.

“Look, what happened with Cynthia...”

“I’m talking about Wendy,” she said waving his apology away before it registered.

“Oh,” said Kevin, looking confused. “Care to explain?”

“Wait, what about Cynthia?” she backtracked.

“I had to see Cynthia once I found the image in a folder on your SD card. I knew something was odd about it the moment it flashed on the screen. When I saw Brian I had an epiphany. It all fit together. We’re born one day apart. But near midnight, right? We come from the same area of the country. I’m adopted and you have no actual father. I needed to be sure. But I had to be sure...” He threw his hands up. “Things got out of hand.”

“Tell me…” she said.

Kevin 10:30 AM

Parking near Cynthia’s house was easy this time of day, most local residents were leaving for their day of adventure or whatever. As Kevin approached her stoop, he saw a tall, handsome black man descending the stairs. Kevin met him at the bottom.

“Are you here to see Cynthia?” he asked.

“Uh, yeah,” said Kevin. “You are?”

“Oh, My bad. Clayton Thayor , Professor. Stanford. Old friend of the family,” he said, offering his hand affably.

“Kevin Shiply, CTO. Stealth startup ne Stanford.” Kevin silently added probably part of the family . Clayton’s hand shake was powerful but not dominating. “Alex has nothing but good things to say about you, Clayton. But she didn’t tell me you were a professor now. Math?”

“Ah, Physics. I’m at a loss here,” he said. “How do you know Alexandra?”

“We’re engaged. Just recently.”

“That explains the ring,” he pointed, nodding. “Alex is special. You sure you can handle her?”

“No,” he said, smiling warmly at the taller man.

“Ah hahah ,” Clayton laughed bombastically, “good man.” He leaned in closer and whispered, “I like Alex. Love her, in fact. Don’t hurt her. Or I’ll point a particle accelerator at your car. Boom.” He made an exploding motion with his hands.

“I can see you’re still protective ,” said Kevin. “Good. And, thank you for everything.”

“What did she tell you about that?” he asked disarmingly.

“Were you here to see Cynthia or Cindy?” he answered with a question. Cindy was Alex’s nickname for her mother when she was in slut mode. Kevin was letting Clayton know he knew about their threesomes.

“I guess she told you everything , then,” he said. Clayton rocked back at that, looking impressed. “Well, I hope you’re here to see Cynthia.”

“Definitely. To tell her about the engagement,” he fibbed. “And some other stuff. It’s complicated.”

“Yeah, well. The Williams women are complicated,” he said, shaking his head. “Good luck.”

They shook hands again then separated, Kevin walking up to the house and Clayton to his car.

Kevin knocked on her door.

After a minute, he could see Cynthia approach through the glass door. She wore a white terry cloth robe, her hair messed up but her makeup in good order. It looked suspiciously fresh. She grimaced at him.

“Hello, Kevin,” she said, opening the door. “What brings you here alone?”

“Hi, Mom!” Kevin waited for her reaction. She was stone faced. He had no idea what she was thinking. The woman could win a poker tournament with that face.

“Come in, Son ,” she said. She walked away from him, down the hall, through the dining room and into the kitchen at the back of the house. Kevin entered, closed the door, and followed his biological mother.

“How did you find out.” she asked, pouring herself coffee. She held up the pot and raised her eyebrows, silently offering him a cup.

“No thanks,” Kevin said, holding up his hands. “Alex has a JPEG of your five sperm donors. She explained her parentage to me, so when I saw the picture, I knew.”

“Does she know?”

“No, I guess it's been years since she’s looked at it. Way before we met. But she’ll find out, even if I don’t tell her.”

“So you were snooping on her computer?” She poured a glass of water and handed it to him. He took a sip just to be polite. She sat down at the table, next to Kevin.

“Not without her consent,” he said. Cynthia was asking the questions, trying to maintain the high ground. It would not do. “So, you put me out for adoption?”

“Yes,” she said. Without even a flinch, she confirmed the unimaginable. Kevin was engaged to his half-sister.

“Did you recognize who I was when you first saw me?”

“Of course. It was like seeing Brian’s ghost. And before you ask. You and Alex were already going at if by that time, so I kept my mouth shut. But, yes. I knew you were out of me.”

“You sound like a horse breeder.” He took another sip of water.

She shrugged, looking back at him as if to say, “is that the best you can do?”

“You feel no remorse, take no responsibility?” asked Kevin, his bile rising.

“What have I done?” she asked rhetorically.

“I didn’t expect twins. But I got them. I couldn’t deal with two. And I didn’t want a boy. The adoption was blind but I made sure your adoptive parents were affluent, well educated and non-religious. I haven’t met them, but Alex tells me they ’ ve got , what, three PhDs between them? And they 're retired at sixty? Plus, they dote on you. And look at you, CTO at 27. Your genes, the environment you grew up in, I’m responsible for that.”

“As for you and Alexandra. God, it was too late by the time I met you. And she was so in love. I figured, I hoped, you wouldn’t be the one to tame her.” She pointed to his new ring. “She proposed?”

“Yes,” he said, twisting the ring. “But, I never tried to tame her.”

“Well, cheers to you,” she said, raising her mug, “for figuring that one out. But don’t give yourself too much credit. The GSA had more to do with it.”


“Genetic Sexual Attraction. We are attracted to people that look like us. Our relatives, in many cases.”

“That makes no sense,” Kevin thought about it. “Wouldn’t everybody be, you know…”

“West Virginian?”

“Well that’s cliche, but sure.”

“No. The Westermarck effect counters GSA. It’s a controversial subject, with not much research. The idea is kids raised in the same peer group, related or not, will not form sexual bonds later in life so inbreeding doesn’t become a problem.”

“Oh, that explains, why…” Kevin began.

“... why you are attracted to me?” Cynthia completed for him. She nodded. “Not only do I look like an older version of your lovely half-sister, but some part of you recognizes your own genetic material. So attraction happens. Subconsciously, if you’re Freudian . But I would say instinctively.”

He considered his mother. Indeed she looked like an older version of Alex if you discounted the eye color and hair style. And of course there were her breasts, larger by far than Alex’s B cups. Kevin shifted in the hard wooden chair, as his cock swelled uncomfortably.

“It explains why I was so strongly attracted to Alex. Like no one else, ever. She knocked me over. I think the same is true with her. But it’s more than attraction . More than instinct.”

“Well,” shrugged Cynthia.

“Is the reverse true?” asked Kevin. “Are you attracted to me?”

“You look like Brian,” she said. “Your father was my favorite of the five. Amazing in the sack. Imaginative. Curious about everything. Industrious. Open. He’s one of only two men I’ve ever seriously considered for a mate.”

Cynthia shrugged, “to answer your question. Yes, I find you attractive.” She looked down, fidgeting, winding the terry cloth belt around her fingers.

“So why the stink eye?”

“Pardon me?” she looked up.

“When Alex isn’t looking, you give me the stink eye, as if I’m a troll.”

“Well, of course,” she said. “I want Alex to leave you. She doesn’t deserve these kinds of complications. Neither do you. And it’s hard for me to see you, standing there like Brian.”

“Get used to it. I love her,” he said. “And not like a sister.”

“Kevin, in the next five to ten years, genetic testing is going to be as routine as cholesterol tests are now. If you have kids…” She shook her head. “If one curious lab technician decides to compare screens, you’re cooked. In twenty years it will probably be a computer that spots it.”

Kevin rocked back by the truth of that. He knew something about that side of the equation. The NSA monitored all aspects of communications right now. It would be logical to monitor genetics. Checks for predisposition to violence or religious extremism would be the first step. But checks for one marker would lead to checks for others and eventually to genealogy.

“We can’t get married,” he shook his head. “Or have kids.”

“I’m sorry, Kevin,” she looked heartbroken. “I really am. This sucks for both of you. I would be proud to call you my son-in-law.”

“But not your , son. Gee, thanks, Mom,” he looked down at his hands, palms up in his lap. Tears welled up in his eyes. He scrunched his face. “I really love her. We hadn’t talked about it, but I want her kids.”

“Aw, sweetheart, come here,” Cynthia stood and opened her arms. Kevin stood and accepted the hug crying into his mother’s arms for the first time in his life. They hugged, clutching each other as Kevin was wracked with grief.

Calming down, Kevin became painfully aware of Cynthia’s firm breasts pushing against his chest. Things stirred .

“Is that a rabbit in your pocket?” she quipped.

“ Heh ,” Kevin laughed. They parted awkwardly. Looking at her seriously, with anger he couldn’t rationally explain or even justify, Kevin said. “I’m not sure if I should hug you, slap you, or fuck you.”

“Are you angry?” she asked demurely, almost submissively. Kevin’s cock twitched hard against his slacks. Somehow asking made him angrier, couldn’t she tell?

“Yeah, I’m livid.”

“Oh,” she looked up at him sweetly. As if daring him to slap her. Or to fuck her. His palms itched. “Alex told you.”

“Yes,” he said. Thinking about Clayton fucking Cynthia and Alex made Kevin’s cock press pleasantly against his slacks. Cynthia’s eyes dilated, probably on the same train of thought, herself. He made a logical leap.

“Is Clayton the other guy?”

“What other guy?”

“The other man you considered as a mate.” She nodded.

“Clayton dominates you, right?” She nodded, her hands stilled.

“And Brian, my father, dominated you.” She nodded, she let the terry cloth belt go.

“Clayton just walked out of here. He fucked you, didn’t he?” Another nod.

“Where?” he asked.

“All over,” she said timidly looking down. Kevin pulled the belt on her robe, opening it. He peeled the robe back off her shoulders. She let it fall to the floor. Her breasts were large, firm and teardrop shaped. And covered in dried cum. So were her thighs, lower belly, and bald pussy. She had a flat stomach, with good muscle definition. This slut took care of herself. Just like her daughter.

“Not bad for having twins,” he said.

“We shouldn’t be like this,” she said, not looking up.

“Ha, too late for that. We’re all ruined now,” he said bitterly. He swallowed his bile, adding, “you could have had two beautiful smart children grow up together and have kids, with other people, and you’d be this really hot grandmother. A big happy dynasty. Now, it’s just ruins.”

Cynthia seemed to shrink at that. He almost felt sorry for her.

“Does he come by often? Clayton, I mean.”

“Yes, since the new year when he moved back to the West Coast,” she said.

“He uses you well, doesn't he Cindy?” he asked to see how passive she would be.

She nodded.

“Well, Cindy, You haven’t been used enough,” he said. “Get on your knees.”

She dropped down immediately, quick to do as he commanded despite her earlier, weak protest. He didn’t have to ask, Cindy unzipped his fly, pulling out his rampant cock.

“Oh,” she said. She had no ambivalence to his cock.

“Suck it, slut,” said Kevin. “Let’s see if you’re as big a whore as your daughter is.”

Cindy was already putting him in her mouth. She suckled the head with gusto, clearly loving it.

Kevin had pumped three loads into her daughter just hours ago. It would take a miracle for him to get off. But he relished watching Cindy, his mother, try her best. Her technique was similar to her daughter’s.

“You suck cock like Alex,” he groaned. “She loves doing it. Sucking cock. My cock. Can you deep throat, too?” He knew the answer.

She slurped a bit up and down his cock, getting him wet then she pushed her head onto the shaft and down. She worked her way down further, one head bob at a time. Losing patience, Kevin grabbed her long black mane for leverage and thrust his hips, pushing his cock into her throat.

She gagged. But her hands remained passive against his thighs, accepting his abuse without struggle. When he was sure she could handle it, he began fucking Cindy’s face. With her hands, she pushed and pulled his legs in rhythm with his thrusts.

“Oh, god. Your throat makes an amazing cunt, Cindy.” he said, looking up at the ceiling. She made a snorting sound and moaned. After ten or twenty long pleasurable thrusts into her throat, Kevin pulled back out of her mouth.

She looked up at him through teary eyes, panting for breath. Drool dripped out of her mouth in strands, one was attached to his cock, which was just inches away from her beautiful face.

“You weren’t expecting this to be easy were you?” he asked. She blinked, panting for air, unable to speak. “I want to hurt you and I want fuck you. I’m gonna do both.”

He pulled her roughly up by her hair, turned her around and shoved her forward so she sprawled out onto the kitchen table.

“Ask for it slut,” he commanded.

“Fuck me,” she said, still panting. “Take it out on my cunt.”

Grabbing her hips, he plunged into her soaking cunt in one thrust. Kevin grabbed two handfuls of Cindy’s hair and used them as leverage, pulling her head back as he thrust into her again and again.

“Ah, Brian,” she cried. Cindy moaned as he continued thrusting into her. She arched her back to get the best angle for penetration. It felt amazing. Kevin looked down between his arms. He could see her asshole, cute and pink as her daughter’s, winking at him.

He pulled out, put his cock against her asshole. When she didn’t protest, he thrust in as hard as he could.

“Oh, goddamn ,” she screamed. Holding onto the table with one arm, Cindy put the other under her. Kevin could feel her fingernails scrape his balls as she stuffed three fingers into her contracting pussy. Her ass spasmed around his cock as her orgasm hit.

Cindy jerked around on the table like a fish on a line. Kevin held on, enjoying the clenching sensation around his cock while he brutally shoved in and out of her bowel. Cindy finally settled down. Passively arching her back, to present her ass to him, but otherwise just laying there on the table as he pounded her.

“Was that good for you, whore?” he asked. She nodded.

“I came in your slutty daughter a few times already today,” he said. He let go of her and pulled out. “I’m just not going to cum again for a while, I guess.” She lay there on the table, panting.

“Well, slut,” he said, “what are you waiting for, clean me up.”

“You bastard,” she said.

But she pushed herself off the table and down onto the ground. Without another comment, she spun around and took his cock in her mouth, putting her hands on his thighs again. He let her clean him, slobbering all over his cock, before he once again thrust into her face, fucking her throat repeatedly. But still he couldn’t get off.

“ Gah ,” he said, pulling out. “I guess I’m not going to have the satisfaction of cuming all over your face, Mom. But, you deserve it. And worse.”

“Yes...” she panted timidly.

“Yes what?”

“I deserve it. Please, do worse,” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“Brian. He liked to pee on me,” she said.

“Oh my god,” he said. “And how did you feel about it?”.

She shrugged, smiling.

“Tell me, slut” he commanded.

“I liked it,” she said. “I would kneel under him and hold my breasts up and he would piss all over me and call me a dirty slut. And I loved it.”

“Show me,” he said. Cindy kneeled on the floor, with her legs spread to expose her soaking pussy, and cupped her large breasts. Each was bigger than the hand that cupped it. She lifted them up and looked up at Kevin. She left her mouth slightly open, inviting all kinds of bad ideas.

“Hold it right there, like that,” said Kevin, stroking his cock at her face. He could feel the spark of orgasm forming at the base. He needed more. “Tell me why?”

“I loved him,” she said. Kevin jacked his cock at her face harder now. “He asked me how much one day. I said I would do anything. I meant in bed. So he stood above me and pissed on me. I started laughing, he pissed in my open mouth.”

That did it. The orgasm hit Kevin like a truck. Not as copious as his earlier efforts, but forceful. He managed to get three spurts onto CIndy’s upturned face. She smiled taking it like a champ.

“God, Cindy,” he said. “That was hot.” his overused cock began to deflate immediately. Cindy made to stand up.

“Stay down there, slut,” he said. “I ’ m not done yet. Present yourself.”

“Here in the kitchen?” she protested.

“Shut up, slut,” he said. “I still need satisfaction.”

She settled back down obediently, cupped her breasts and looked up. The first spurt of pee came out of his cock like a shot of cum, a direct hit on her upturned, cum splashed face.

“ Oo ,” she said, jerking back. She closed her eyes but kept her mouth open.

Several more spurts followed, hitting her cheeks, chin and neck, until finally, he had a steady stream. Kevin pointed the stream of pee at her offered breasts, soaking each as she tweaked her own nipples lewdly. Then he aimed it up her neck to her mouth, filling it quickly. When it overflowed, he aimed higher, washing the cum off her nose. He made his way to her forehead.

Cindy, dropped a hand to play with her pussy as she received her golden facial. Kevin laughed, really enjoying himself. He continued pissing on Cindy, over her closed eyes, down her nose and back into her mouth. The slut just let it stream in, the overflow making a satisfying gurgling sound. He kept the stream pointed in the hollow made by her mouth.

A pool formed on the linoleum floor below Cindy. Kevin backed up to avoid it, still pissing at his beautiful target. He missed her completely as the stream waved back and forth with his steps.

Cindy, moaned just as his stream sputtered to an end. She came, fingering herself as the last of his warm pissed washed down her body over her hand and pussy. Kevin flicked his cock clean and put it away. Cindy continued to masturbate, covered in cum and urine.

“Christ,” he chuckled. Taking out his phone he snapped a picture of her. She opened her eyes in alarm. He took another one. Cindy, closed her eyes again and moaned, obviously coming harder, knowing he had pictures of her.

“Well, slut,” he said. “Family dinners are going to be awkward now.”

Her eyes snapped open again. “You said you couldn’t get married.”

“We can’t,” he said, “but I love her. No way am I giving her up. Not if she’ll have me.”

Turning to leave he said, “sorry about the mess Cynthia. Consider it payback for all the messes I didn’t get to make growing up.”

He left Cynthia’s and walked around the Castro for several hours in a daze.

Kevin and Alex 6:45PM

“You peed on Mom?” Alex raised a hand to cover her mouth in astonishment.

Kevin nodded. Swiping his finger on the iPhone, he handed it to her. On the screen was a picture of Cynthia in her kitchen. She was naked, kneeling and wet.

“Wow, you are a dick,”

“I’m sorry,” he said, looking sheepish.

“You should be, I can’t believe you peed on her before you peed on me,” she said.

“What?,” he coughed. “I thought you’d be mad because...” He made a fist pumping motion.

“Oh please. You’re like the tenth guy Mom and I have shared. And..”

“And, you may be a little crazy,” interrupted Kevin.

“Too crazy to marry?” she asked.

“We can’t, you said it yourself. Crime equals disbarment.”

“But you want to be with me?” she asked, fidgeting with her ring.

“Yes,” he said emphatically, “and you’re still wearing the ring, so…”.

“I took it off actually,” she said.

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah,” she said, glancing back in Wendy’s direction , “Wendy put it back on. When she asked me to marry her.”

“Uh,” Kevin opened and closed his mouth several times. He blinked and shook his head, “what did do say to her?”

“Yes,” she said. “I said, yes.”

“I’m completely at a loss. What does this mean?”

“I love you both,” she said. “Wendy doesn’t want to be the rebound girl. She wants to be married or be friends. Just friends.”

“I see,” said Kevin weakly.

“It’s complicated.”

“I’m starting to hate that phrase,” he said. “Maybe you should marry her. Ride off into the sunset together.”

“In a perfect world, I could marry both of you. Who cares what adults do?”

“ Hahaha ,” Kevin laughed, hugging her to him. “I don’t see either Wendy or me being third wheels.”

“Well, don’t look at it that way. You can be the axle and Wendy and I would be the wheels,” she said. “Anatomically, it makes sense anyway.”

“Yeah, it does, we’re both in love with you. You’re the axle.”

“Maybe you two can fall for each other too. Love two people at once. I do, why can’t you?”

“Being a couple is hard. Being a triple? It would go horribly wrong.”

“Worse than losing her, or you?” she said. Kevin shrugged, unsure.

“Think about having two confirmed bisexual sluts living with you.” Maybe a different track would work.

“One slut is probably more than I can handle.”

“You had two today,” she countered.

“ Gah .” said Kevin. His cock swelling at the thought. Kevin held up his hands, conceding.

“Victory,” said Alex. “Now I just need to…”

“...get your head examined.” interjected Wendy.

Kevin and Alex turned as one. Wendy stood, arms crossed, sternly looking down at the two of them.

“Don’t act like this is all resolved,” she said.

“Oh,” said Alex, “How much have you heard.”

“Enough to know you to sick twists are trying to ruin my life,” she said. “Kevin, you win. Now get out of my place.”

Wendy turned and ran into her room, slamming the door.

Alex sighed, looking back to Kevin. “That’s bad. Look, Kevin, are you willing to try?”

“Try what?”

“The three of us,” she said.

“It will be a disaster. I barely know her, but… I refuse to lose you. So, yes, I guess,” he said.

“Ok, I’ll talk her off the ledge. Go home. I’ll take the ferry in the morning, after our run.”

They kissed and parted. Alex told Kevin where she’d left the Tesla as she walked him to the door. When he was gone, Alex poured the remaining wine. Carrying two glasses, she peeked into Wendy’s room.

“Wendy?” she asked softly.

-- to be continued.

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