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Nighttime Cavern part 1

Kimmy knows how to make her boyfriend, James, tick and turn feral. Did she go too far this time?
Chapter one

It was nighttime, and I had just gotten back from swimming in the sea. It can't really be called swimming, since I was just splashing around near the shore. Skinny dipping would be a good word for it though. Water dripped off my glorious wet naked body. I looked down at myself, seeing perky C- cups and an overall curvaceous body. I turned my head and looked at my voluptuous behind.

My boyfriend was still at dinner, but he knew very well what I was doing. As I had told him, a dark look had crossed his face, indicating that I was going to pay for leaving him behind with my family while I went skinny dipping. Oh I hoped he would think of a good punishment for me.

Just imagining the things James would do to me made my pussy gush my fluids. I closed my eyes and lay down in the sand near the shore. Occasionally the ocean's waves would reach out far enough and tickle my back as it slid down underneath me, making the sand soft and letting me sink further into it. With my eyes closed, my hand crept down my slim figure and played with my clit.

I groaned, imagining James' hands running up and down my body, a seductively angry expression playing across his face for leaving him behind to suffer. I bit my lip and inserted an already wet finger into my tight hole. I let out another low moan.

"Abandoning me to go swim naked on this hot night, and now masturbating without even waiting for me. Two strikes, Kimmy, two punishments," I heard the dark voice above me, and with a loud gasp my eyelids fluttered open. I stared up into James' angry face. It made my legs turn to jelly and I was glad that I was lying down. Shit, maybe making him angry hadn't been such a smart idea after all...

The urge to flee overrode my body and in a second I was on my feet, portraying my body beautifully to my boyfriend. His gaze slid down my body appreciatively, and he licked his lips hungrily. Fear and excitement won out my inner battle and I took off racing down the shoreline, heading towards the end of the beach, where a large rock mountain with caves lay. I thought I was fast, until I felt his hand slip around my waist securing a hold on me and his other hand grabbing my bare breasts.

I slowed down a little bit, distracted suddenly by my pussy throbbing even more now. Chase gave me a thrill, but getting caught was my true satisfaction. We reached the caves just as he tweaked my nipples, and lust took over. I fell to my knees in front of the cave just as James stood over me, facing me now. I looked up at his menacingly towering form and almost gave up the fight. I then realized that James also stood naked and glowering. I was face to face with his large dick. I looked up.

"Suck," he ordered. I was his to command. I took him in my mouth without hesitation, letting my mouth do all the work. I took the rest of him with my hand, and sucked hard, speeding up my head and making my mouth as tight as possible for him. He groaned and flexed his hips once. It gave me satisfaction that I could do that to him. He was all mine, just as I was his.

"No, I want to savor this," he said and took himself out of my wanting mouth.

I was about to protest, but he roughly pushed me back, causing me to lose my position on my knees and fall back onto my back. My legs untangled below me, and I was disoriented for a few seconds in which time James had gotten down on his knees and was already pushing my knees apart roughly. I was panting before his face even was near my pussy. I moaned as he started kissing my inner thighs gently, like little butterflies landing closer and closer to my sex. I was overtaken by my lust by then and I couldn't see straight. I needed his mouth sucking and playing with my clit. The kisses stopped just before he reached my soaking pussy. I moaned in agony.

James knew exactly how to torture me. Frustration built up, and my eyes opened to see him looking at me, face inches from my sex. A cruel smile played at his lips.

"Please," I moaned. My voice choked up with emotion. I was just about ready. He had me exactly where he wanted me. The smile remained, but his face lowered, and I felt his heavy breathing on my wet pussy. He blew on it once, causing me to groan loudly.

"Quietly now," he warned. "Or I might just have to make you be quiet," The threat was genuine, but it excited me even more. Then he finally felt like he had enough of torturing me, and his tongue slipped up the entire length of my pussy. I released a strangled cry and received a harsh slap on my ass for it which I relished and I wanted another one. I heard James chuckle and then he assaulted me with his tongue.

He pushed his tongue into my tight hole and explored the walls of it, probing, licking, teasing while his thumb rubbed circles and tweaked my clit. My breathing was ragged and I couldn't keep from moaning loudly again.

Then suddenly it all went away and my eyes opened again to see James glaring at me with his smoldering gaze. Pure rage was displayed on his face and I knew I would suffer his wrath shortly. I gulped in fright but for some reason it made me all the hornier.

"I told you to be quiet or I would make you be quiet." He shook his head, pinning me down with his gaze. In a sudden movement he swooped down and picked me up, carrying me limply into the mouth of the cave. It was warmer, and the air was moist, just like me. The sand was soft under James' feet and while he carried me deeper in, his fingers toyed with my erect nipples.

"Just fuck me please," I implored. I heard his chuckle in response, but it was evil. I knew James in this mood. There was no stopping him. He'd have his way, and it was my fault after all for angering him. My lower regions were on fire, wishing his mouth to be back on my clit, his fingers inside of me. With no warning, James dropped me. I cried out in surprise but landed on an old mattress. I gazed up at James questioningly before I noticed our surroundings.

I looked around and saw that we were in a large circular cavern, embedded within the cave walls. It was an echo-y room and everything was damp. I saw a little trunk in the only thing that resembled a corner in the circular room. Realization dawned on me that James had had this thing planned for much longer than tonight's revenge.

I looked up at him, pussy pulsating and fear ripening. Without a word James opened the trunk and took out something that looked like a blindfold. I gulped and scooted back on the mattress. He smirked at me and tssk tssk-ed. He waved his finger and came closer to me. His fingers found their way to inside of me, and my eyelids fluttered. I moaned loudly as the fingers sped up. My moan was cut off though when James skillfully tied the blindfold around my mouth.

His fingers continued speeding up though, and my sexual frustration had been pent up for so long that it all came gushing out. My orgasm ripped through my body, sending vibrations down my spine and through my whole body. I cried out, the cry futile against my gag.

"Fuuuck," I tried to say but failed. Black dots appeared in my vision and the orgasm finally ceased, leaving me panting for air and James snickering but shaking his head.

"Oh baby. Don't tell me you're worn out already. This was just the beginning," He promised but threatened at the same time. A thrill ran through me and my eyes begged James to fuck me. His eyes darkened when he read my "fuck me" facial expression.

"I'm going to draw it out. Torture you like you did to me." Anger rose in his voice, and he efficiently flipped me over onto my belly and pulled my arms behind my back. With some unseen bond, he tied my wrists together, making me immobile.

The material was silky, and I guessed it was the tie he had worn at dinner this evening. "You got your dad talking about a subject on which he could drone on for forever." He spanked my ass once, the sound resonating through the cavern. I moaned happily.

"Ass up in the air," he ordered. I gladly complied and did my best to raise my ass into the air. "Then you got me heavily involved in the conversation, which means it would have been rude for me to just leave." Another slap on my other ass cheek had me whining needily. I shook my ass around hoping for another spank.

"Don't move!" he commanded and spanked me twice fast. My eyes fluttered and I felt close to another orgasm. "Then you made some excuse about feeling sick to your family while telling me exactly what you were going to do." James' voice quavered with controlled rage. "That was cruel. I'm going to be cruel now, too, sweet little Kimmy."

My ass received another two slaps and then, all of a sudden, he shoved two fingers inside of me, having me already lubricated.

"Oh baby, you're so wet still. Does this turn you on?" He asked and smacked my ass again, making me cry out in pleasure. James knew very well that I loved spanking. I nodded as best as I could. His tongue inserted itself into my hole again and I cried out loudly, the gag barely muffling it, but still echoing in the cavern. Without missing a beat James slapped my red scrumptious ass.

His fingers pinched my clit, sending me over the edge. I screamed James's name, and the sound resonated through the entire cavern along with the rest of my screams of pleasure. How could I think that the second orgasm would be any less than the first? This one collapsed on top of me like a tidal wave, sending spasms of pleasure over every pore of my body. I didn't even notice that James had the head of his dick pressed against my opening until he pushed against the resistance of my tightness.

"Fuck me!" I wanted to yell, but couldn't. This was getting uncomfortable, though and James knew it. He flipped me over onto my back and unbound my hands. I was right, it had been his tie. He spread my legs and gently pushed himself into my tight opening. I moaned, ripping at the gag on my mouth. Big mistake.

James immediately pulled out of me and pinched my nipple hard. The pleasure and pain mixed to make the sensation even better.

"Don't do anything I didn't command you to do, little Kimmy." He warned angrily and roughly thrust himself into me. I mewled and pushed against him with animal passion.

"Fuck me hard!" I managed to yell at him before he bound the gag back around my mouth, more tightly this time. He slapped my ass hard.

"You don't get to command me!" And pumped himself into me until he had filled me up completely. He savored the moment and then pulled almost out and thrust back in. He started speeding up, and I pushed back against him to make him go deeper in. A moment before his and my orgasm, he flipped me over onto my stomach and told me to get on all fours.

I obliged quickly, with him still in me, roughly gripping my hips. He had a better hold on me and could force himself even deeper into me. I screamed, and he grunted as we both came together. I slumped onto the floor; the third orgasm had ripped through my body again like a knife. I was tired as hell, but definitely didn't regret making James mad. I shut my eyes. I was exhausted. I was just about to doze off like that, spunk oozing out of me and naked with James still hard, but he didn't let me sleep.

"Oh you don't think I'd let you sleep just before I give you round two? After which comes round three. I've got a few more things planned for you my dear Kimmy. I'm nowhere near satisfied." I gazed back up at him sleepily. Shit, he meant it. What crazy shit did he have planned next? I watched him retrieve two things from the chest. I saw him carrying leg cuffs and handcuffs. The third thing attached the two things together.

I felt my loins stir as he said "Sit up. Time for round two."

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